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Ice Bath Calibration Guide for ThermoPro Meat Thermometer

thermopro ice bath calibration

Most food enthusiasts have a few tools in the kitchen that they can’t cook without. Some live and die by the crockpot. Others love to grill, and can’t host the perfect backyard party without the perfect barbecue. All of these chefs should have one thing in common – a great food thermometer. A ThermoPro Meat […]

How to Clean Your Gas Grill Burner

how to clean gas grill burner

If you’re trying to pull off a well-executed barbeque or a cookout, then keeping your grill burners and other grilling parts clean and in working order is an absolute must. Besides accurately measuring your food’s temperature with handy tools like the ThermoPro Food Thermometer, keeping a clean grill is another important to provide high-quality heat to […]

How to Use Ear Thermometer Correctly

how to use ear thermometer

Although mercury thermometers are the old reliable standbys to determine whether you or your child has a fever, many digital devices like the mercury-free oral thermometers, mercury-free rectal thermometers, and even ear thermometers have hit the market. The new types feature digital displays that make reading them a whole lot easier. But do you really […]