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Can a Meat Thermometer Stay in the Oven?

thermopro tp20 read temperature from probe in the oven

Do you like to cook steak, turkey, roast beef and other types of meat in your oven? If so, you know that keeping track of the temperature of the meat is very important to end up with a juicy entrée that’s cooked just right. Learning how to use a meat thermometer can help you with […]

How to Grill a Frozen Steak: Tips and Tricks

well done steak

Buying too many steaks is the definition of a first world problem, but it definitely happens! If you are planning for a party, you may get too many. At the end of the night, you may decide to freeze some of the leftover steaks instead of grilling them so that you can enjoy them at […]

Sous Vide Cooking: Everything You Want to Know

sousvide cooking steak

Sous Vide Introduction Sous vide was popularized by French chef Georges Pralus in the 1970s after he first used it to prepare foie gras that retains most of its weight and texture. The method proved more efficient than traditional cooking. Since then, most French families began using it as the preferred cooking method for foie […]

What Kind of Food Thermometer Do You Need – Types of Kitchen Thermometers

types of kitchen thermometers

Cooking food to the required internal temperature ensures that you aren’t consuming dangerous bacteria. When you want to know if the required internal temperature has been attained, you need a food thermometer. There are several food thermometer types. Each of these types has purposes for which it’s most suited. It, therefore, becomes essential to know […]

Everything you Need to Know about Grilling an Ultimate Hamburger

grill homemade burger

Foibles and Follies to Avoid for Grilling the Ultimate Hamburger Even well-seasoned home chefs are often puzzled about the ideal way to grill the ultimate sizzling, juicy and flavorful hamburger today. Although many a best burger grill guide can be found on the consumer market today to help you purchase a top quality grill and […]

Top 15 Common Grilling Mistakes You Should Avoid

outdoor grilling meat

Being able to break out your grill again finally is undoubtedly one of the best parts of summer. After all, few activities in life can be more enjoyable than having a backyard barbecue with your closest friends and family. Unfortunately, if you’re like many people, your grilling adventures don’t always turn out anywhere near as […]

Brief History of Thermometers


To appreciate the history of thermometers, we must begin with thermoscopes. Discussion of thermometers on wikis often starts with Philo Mechanicus, a Greek engineer who noted the expansion and contraction of air as the temperature rose and fell. In the 1500s, European scientists took this observation and created thermoscopes from it. These relatively simple devices […]

How to Use Food Thermometer Properly – 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to use food thermometer properly

When it comes to safely and properly prepare a variety of foods, using an accurate and useful food thermometer is an absolute must. Whether you need to check the doneness of a steak or need to see if a baked item has cooled down enough, a properly working food thermometer is essential. However, merely owning […]

The Best Candy Thermometers: What You Need to Know

Best Candy Thermometer

Although making candy is an art form, it requires some science to develop the chemical reaction that you need to get a chewy caramel or a translucent lollipop. Candy thermometers are used to check candy temperature so that you can ensure that the sugar has reached the correct stage for your recipe. Instant-read sugar thermometers […]