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How to use a Digital Meat Thermometer

use thermopro to check the steak temperature

Our digital meat thermometers all work in similar ways, but we’ll go through the process and use our products as an example: Instant-Read Thermometers Ensure that the batteries are inserted and the product is reading its surrounding temperature. Start cooking meat. Through this time periodically insert a probe into your meal and note the current […]

ThermoPro Reviews from Amazingribs.com

AmazingRibs.com ThermoPro TP11 Review

We recently sent off a bunch of products for review to a well-known BBQ community that boasts tons of product reviews on digital thermometer products. We’re happy to provide you with another third-party resource to help with your purchasing decision. Their comments about our TP-11 Remote Food Thermometer is below: On the plus side, the thermometer […]

IReviewGear.com ThermoPro TP-11 Review

iReviewGear ThermoPro TP-11 Review

Hello Readers, Today we’re proud to share a fantastic review from our friends at iReviewgear. These guys review all types of different gear, so don’t just stop at reading our thermometer review. Anyways, enough talk from us, check out this ThermoPro TP-11 Wireless Food Thermometer review here. Here is the story of the review writer […]

ThermoPro TP-11 Review from www.foodal.com

foodal review of thermopro TP11

Hello Readers, We are proud to be posting a great review from our friends at www.foodal.com about our TP-11, one of our top of the line digital thermometers. Officially, we have been placed in the top 5 best beef thermometers ranked by www.foodal.com, and we are pleased to be a part of this great community! […]

TP-08 iReviewGear.com Review

Hello Readers, Our associates at iReviewGear.com have given the Thermopro TP-08 a fantastic review on their website. We are honored that such a highly praised reviewing company would hold our products in such high regard. Visit the review here: http://ireviewgear.com/cool-gear/thermopro-tp-08-digital-wireless-thermometer-dual-temperature-review Stay tuned for an in depth video review from these guys on the TP-08 and […]

What is a hygrometer?

thermopro tp53 hygrometer thermometer humidity gauge

What measures humidity? In simple terms, a hygrometer is a device that uses a range of different variables to measure the humidity of the air, the first rough hygrometer being invented by Leonardo da Vinci in 1480. For example, some hygrometers use the current temperature and an electric current monitor to accurately calculate the current […]