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Delicious Turkey Recipe: 5 Simple Steps to Cook Juicy Turkey Meat

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Parties and events like thanksgiving usually mean that you have to cook for many people at once. This often translates to having to cook an entire turkey and finding an easy turkey recipe while at it, so that the meat can be enough for everyone. However, there are other situations which might call for a […]

Everything you Need to Know about Grilling an Ultimate Hamburger

grill homemade burger

Foibles and Follies to Avoid for Grilling the Ultimate Hamburger Even well-seasoned home chefs are often puzzled about the ideal way to grill the ultimate sizzling, juicy and flavorful hamburger today. Although many a best burger grill guide can be found on the consumer market today to help you purchase a top quality grill and […]

Simple Guidance for You to Make Smooth Silky Pumpkin Pie

Smooth Silky Pumpkin Pie

With fall fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to refresh your pumpkin pie recipe. Pumpkin pie is a staple in most households around Thanksgiving, but not every pumpkin pie is created equal. If it’s made incorrectly, you might find that your pie has the soggy crust or the filling gets overcooked and separates. There are […]

Top 15 Common Grilling Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Being able to break out your grill again finally is undoubtedly one of the best parts of summer. After all, few activities in life can be more enjoyable than having a backyard barbecue with your closest friends and family. Unfortunately, if you’re like many people, your grilling adventures don’t always turn out anywhere near as […]

Brief History of Thermometers


To appreciate the history of thermometers, we must begin with thermoscopes. Discussion of thermometers on wikis often starts with Philo Mechanicus, a Greek engineer who noted the expansion and contraction of air as the temperature rose and fell. In the 1500s, European scientists took this observation and created thermoscopes from it. These relatively simple devices […]

ThermoPro TP-11 Meat Thermometer Review from thermometerguru.com

Thermometerguru Review

Hello ThermoPro Blog Readers, We are proud to be posting a great review from our friends at thermometerguru about our TP-11, one of our top of the meat thermometers with probe. Officially, we have been placed in the top 1 best meat thermometers ranked by www.thermometerguru.com, and we are pleased to be a part of […]

How to Use Food Thermometer Properly – 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to use food thermometer properly

When it comes to safely and properly prepare a variety of foods, using an accurate and useful food thermometer is an absolute must. Whether you need to check the doneness of a steak or need to see if a baked item has cooled down enough, a properly working food thermometer is essential. However, merely owning […]

Top 10 Kitchen Tools Help You Become a Meat Cooking Master

Kitchen Tools

Maybe the male in your life is not quite the grill master he thinks he is, which is evident in his self-proclaimed world famous baby back ribs, which are harder to bite into than a rubber tire and even harder to swallow. Or perhaps you have been known to serve a dry bird or two […]

How to Grill the Perfect Lobster

grilled lobster

Cookouts are one of the best moments you could spend and enjoy with some company. A lot of people will crave for seafood especially lobsters at special occasions, typically such as during Memorial Day, or even at random times. As BBQ and grilling season begins, to grill lobster would perfectly be one of the nicest […]