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How to Use Ear Thermometer Correctly

Although mercury thermometers are the old reliable standbys to determine whether you or your child has a fever, many digital devices like the mercury-free oral thermometers, mercury-free rectal thermometers, and even ear thermometers have hit the market. The new types feature digital displays that make reading them a whole lot easier. But do you really […]

Ultimate Guide Of Checking Body Temperature

Warm-blooded mammals like humans, dogs, and elephants, for example, each maintain normal body temperature. While most people know how to take temperature, are aware of normal temperature limits and the point at which someone’s warmth enters the fever temperature threshold, they don’t know the various methods by which humans’ and other mammals’ body temperatures can […]

How to Get Delicious Results When You Sous Vide Without a Cooker

sous vide steak without cooker

Sous vide is currently one of the biggest trends in cooking right now. This method involves slowly cooking food in a bath of warm water at precise temperatures; usually, it requires home cooks to shell out for fancy sous-vide cooker or immersion circulator that can be very expensive. However, the reality is that you can […]