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10 Awesome Tools For The Turkey Grill Master

Kitchen Gadgets for Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you want to make sure you are prepared for the big day. This article will help you navigate the best 2019 thanksgiving tools. There are plenty of choices out there, but the following information can give you a place to start when deciding which 2019 turkey cooking tools you need.

The following is a list of 10 kitchen tools and gadgets to make your Thanksgiving a little less stressful.

ThermoPro Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Thermometer

ThermoPro TP21 300 Feet Remote Range

Even the best of cooks have had a roast turkey, chicken or other roasted meats look great on the outside, but once cut, realized that it needed more time, or even worse, had too much time.

ThermoPro Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Thermometer just changed that.

Prepare your turkey/ roast for the oven, insert the thermometer, select the perfect preset temperature and walk away. The digital, wireless monitor gives you a 300-foot range without being tied to the kitchen. The 6 ½ inch probe can be inserted deep into your roast for accuracy and food safety. The base and the remote are synched up for immediate use. It reads temps from 52 to 572 degrees with LCD temperature level changes in three colors. ThermoPro even gives you the batteries.

Whenever you have guests for holidays or special occasions, the interior temperature of your home can be overwhelming. Oven temperatures and the rush of a large crowd can throw even the “smartest” home off course! Enter the ThermoPro Hygrometer and Temperature Gauge.

View temperature and humidity levels of your home at a glance. Information updates every 10 seconds to allowing comfort level adjustment on the touchscreen. Attach to wall or fridge for easy reading. An ideal companion to keep a home humidifier humidity level just right.

The ThermoPro Hygrometer fits any décor. The large, easy-read display and optional backlit screen take the guesswork out of home comfort.

Tools for Side Dishes

glazing meat

Whether making stuffing, potatoes or an old family recipe, you still need some tools to help make them fabulous tasting and a snap to prepare.

Silicone Potato Masher

It never fails. When you need to have potatoes mashed perfectly, your masher just will not do it. The silicone potato masher from DreamFarm solves that problem. Your potatoes go from lumpy to silky with a unique spring coil that gets every lump every time. The design lets you get to the bottom of the bowl without scraping. Safe to use in temperatures up to 500 degrees, you will be “whipping up” your favorite spuds in no time.

Fat Separator

Separating fat from gravy can be a problem when you do it without the right tools. Try using a fat separator. This tool allows you to pour out all the delicious pan drippings you need for your best gravy, but none of the fat.

Look for one that can strain out large pieces and a stopper to hold the drippings. Once you lift the stopper, the turkey drippings are the only thing that goes into your antique gravy boat.

It should be heat resistant to 400 degrees to withstand piping hot pan juices straight from the oven and be able to hold at least 4 cups of drippings. Chicken, roast beef and roast pork drippings work great too.

Slow Cooker

There is never enough room in the kitchen when it comes to holiday cooking. Your oven space fills up, leaving no room for side dishes and the gravy.

This Thanksgiving, try using your slow cooker. Most of the available brands come in various sizes and price ranges to suit your cooking needs.

Prepare your sides or gravy. Have the slow cooker heating up and ready to go. Add your food and dial the setting to “low” or “slow”, and let the slow cooker do the rest. Food stays warm without scorching. Now you can concentrate on the rest of the meal and free up “premium” oven space.

Disposable Chafing Dishes

Disposable chafing dishes have been a “secret” for many cooks over the years. They keep food warm and save space.

They also allow you to serve any amount of main dishes, sides or sauces without extra serving pieces. There are a variety of configurations and pan sizes to handle just about any crowd. Buy separate pieces or a set with racks for food, warming pans and fuel. Your menu items remain fresh and hot for at least 2 hours.

Tools to Tackle Turkey

Turkey Baster

Having a moist turkey or other holiday roast is a breeze with the right tools. The old plastic baster that drips or quirts at the worst possible moment has met its match.

Stainless steel basters avoid cracks or melting spouts. Check to see that the baster you purchase has a release valve to dispense the liquid where you want it, when you want it.

Dishwasher safe is a must for the holidays, and removable pieces that are easy to clean will keep your baster in use all year.

Carving Knife and Fork Set

All the hard work is done, and your bird has rested; now you can carve the turkey. Carving it correctly is just as important as cooking it right.

A good carving set is a must. Make sure it includes a thin serrated blade with a large comfortable handle, and a carving fork with curved prongs to secure the meat. Check with your local department store or specialty food shop to see how and when to sharpen your knife.

If you use an electric carving knife, make sure it has at least a 100 horsepower motor and removable blades for cleaning. Look for manufacturers offering a one year warranty and the ability to purchase extra coverage.

Roasting Rack

Roasting rack

A roasting rack for your turkey or other holiday roasting meats is essential. It allows all-over browning and keeps your food from poaching while producing quality pan drippings.

Herbs, spices and basting liquids collect under the rack and can easily be removed for gravies or sauces.

Look for adjustable racks that fold flat for storage.

Tools that Earn Their “Just Desserts”

Desserts are a special part of any holiday meal. With the right equipment, life is sweet.

Perfect Pie Plate

Every home baker owns at least one glass or ceramic pie plate. They are “oldies but goodies”, and make wonderful pies. The holidays are the time to show off your skill and, the “Perfect Pie Plate” from Rose Levy Beranbaum fills the bill.

This beautiful ceramic plate, with an attractive ruffled edge creates the perfectly crimped pie crust. It is scratch free, dishwasher and broiler safe and can match any décor.

Swivel Peeler

Peeling apples requires a good peeler.

The swivel peeler adjusts any fruit or vegetable surface, getting more of the peel in one motion. Look for a peeler with a large rubber handle that is non-slip. Make sure the blade is stainless steel without an exposed cutting edge. Of course, dishwasher safe if a must, and a hole in the handle makes it easy to hang up and store.

We have now come to the end of our 2019 Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking Tools list. Remember, this list is just a guide to products available for making your holiday more comfortable.

Add a review of your cooking tools to your holiday planning. Check local store circulars for Fall sales on appliances and kitchen tools. You are sure to find a great deal on what you need.

One last tip: Make sure to have fun this Thanksgiving! Making good memories is just as important as making good food.

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