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5 Tips for ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometers

how to use ThermoPro indoor/outdoor thermometer

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Your ThermoPro indoor/outdoor hygro-thermometer is outfitted with many different features. If you’re wondering how to synchronize a ThermoPro indoor/outdoor hygro-thermometers, or if you want to learn how to set the time feature on your ThermoPro, we have five simple tips to help you out.

How to Synchronize ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometers

To synchronize your ThermoPro thermometer or hygrometer for the first time, please follow these basic setup instructions.

To begin, you’ll need to remove the battery covers on the display unit and the sensor unit. If you purchased multiple sensor units, you’ll have to remove the covers on all of them.

Next, remove the covers by using a small Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws holding each cover in place.

Now, place two AAA batteries into the display unit and each sensor. Replace the cover on the display unit and re-tighten the screws.

Following that, find the channel selector near the battery compartment on the sensor, and set it to channel one. Once you have selected the proper channel, you should notice that the sensor and the display unit have automatically synchronized. You can tell that they have synchronized by the flashing red light on the sensor and the radio signal on the display unit. They should both be visible and flashing.

Finally, you may now replace the battery cover on the sensor. If you would like to sync more sensors to the display unit, you will have to insert batteries into them, turn them onto an unused channel, and press the sync button.

Once your display unit is synchronized to your sensor, hang the sensor in the area that you want to monitor, and you should receive your first readings within a few moments.

Your ThermoPro thermometer and hygrometer will display the humidity and temperature of outdoor environments, and it will display the humidity and temperature of any indoor areas that you have sensors in.

If your ThermoPro loses its synchronization, you can reset it via the sensor unit’s reset button.

How to Change to Fahrenheit on ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometers

how to change to fahrenheit on ThermoPro indoor/outdoor thermometers

Being able to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements is easy with all ThermoPro indoor thermometers and hygrometers.

On models that include a touchscreen, there is a small tile that changes between the two measurement scales when pressed. This feature is mostly seen on the TP65 thermometer.

Conversely, other models have a button on the front that is labeled with Fahrenheit and Celsius symbols. To switch between the two, you just have to press the button. A good example of this is the TP60.

How to Change Comparison Modes on ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometers

ThermoPro thermometers include a recording feature. The recording feature can display all-time highs and lows, and it can display the temperatures recorded over the last 24 hours.

To switch between the two recording modes, you can simply press the all-time button. The button is located on the back of some older models. Once the button is pressed, it will automatically cycle between its recorded temperatures every few seconds. To switch from all-time mode to 24-hour mode, you simply have to press the button again.

On the other hand, newer models have a touchscreen. To cycle between recording modes on a TP65 or any other touchscreen model, you can simply press the time button on the touchscreen.

How to Reset ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometers

All ThermoPro indoor and outdoor thermometers include a reset button on the front or back of their sensor stations and display units.

With forward-facing reset buttons, you can simply press the button to reset them.

A model that has a reset button mounted on the back will have to be removed from your wall, and its back cover will have to be removed with a Phillips screwdriver to access its reset button. Some models have one next to their wall-hanger slot, and those don’t require a screwdriver to access the button.

The reset button resets your thermometer’s display, and it automatically displays the current readings for the area that the sensor is in.

How to Change Batteries on your ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer

You will need a small Phillips screwdriver to replace your ThermoPro product’s batteries.

how to change ThermoPro indoor/outdoor thermometer batteries

ThermoPro indoor and outdoor thermometers and hygrometers have four screws holding their battery covers in place, and each sensor you own has four screws, too.

To replace your batteries, begin by removing the screws on your display unit’s battery cover, and pop the battery cover out of the unit. Be careful not to remove the rubber seal that outlines the battery compartment.

Next, remove the batteries that are in the unit, and put in your new batteries. Make sure you match the positive ends of your batteries with the positive ends of the battery compartment.

Following that, put the battery cover onto the display unit, and screw each of the four screws back into their slots. Before tightening the cover, make sure the rubber seal is properly seated in its groove.

Finally, you’ll have to do the same thing for all of the sensors that you own. It’s the same process that you used for the display unit. You will need two AAA batteries for the display, and you’ll need two AAA batteries for each sensor.

Final Thoughts

Manipulating your ThermoPro’s settings is easy. Every function is mapped to a simple button scheme, and some models have a touchscreen to help you use their most vital functions without ever having to mess with the back of them.

We hope you enjoyed these five tips. Below, we have listed three of our best-selling wireless indoor/outdoor thermometers and hygrometers for you. Thank you for considering ThermoPro.

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