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How to Choose a Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Wireless Bluetooth Food Thermometer

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If you want to become a great barbecue, smoker or grill expert, I suggest that you don’t fall for the hype of “experts” who claim a natural gift for cooking meat. There’s nothing natural about judging food temperature; some cooks just use other methods of determining doneness. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to use the best equipment available for your family’s safety.

You wouldn’t trust your vehicle repair to a holistic healer; don’t trust your food’s flavor and food safety to vague recipes and uncertain instructions. Learning how to choose a wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer improves every cooking process to make you a real expert who uses the right tools for the job.

What Is a Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer?

Wireless Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometers rank as state-of-the-art ways to monitor food temperature while it cooks. The thermometer consists of a remote monitoring unit, transmitter and one of more food temperature probes. The probes are inserted into the meat, but they transmit temperature information by wireless technology – instead of cables. You don’t have to worry about burning the cables over the grill or opening oven doors, smokers and barbecue covers to check food temperatures – you can read them remotely.

How Does a Bluetooth Thermometer Work?

Bluetooth thermometers consist of temperature probes, transmitter and the thermometer monitoring unit. The thermometer and remote require batteries, but they’re usually rechargeable in the better brands. The base unit usually features an LCD screen that displays temperatures from one or more probes and connects to them using wireless technology.

Most brands offer some kind of connected app that provides important information about safe cooking temperatures and how to cook meat rare, medium or well done. You must keep the remote monitoring unit within range of the transmitter, but good wireless thermometers have a range up to 300 feet.

Why You Should Go for a Wireless Meat Thermometer

I believe that any kitchen equipment should perform multiple duties, and wireless thermometers are state-of-the-art multitaskers. Some brands can monitor the temperatures of multiple probes, and you can use a wireless thermometer in the kitchen, outdoors and at barbecue venues – if you like to show off your skills at cookoffs.

Wireless thermometers offer these benefits over other kinds of thermometers:

  1. No inconvenient cables to manipulate
  2. Ability to monitor the temperature without opening the oven door, barbecue cover or smoker
  3. Automated alerts if you move out of range
  4. Bluetooth probe technology, which is more accurate than other thermometer technology, and considered to be the next generation of food safety equipment
ThermoPro TP25 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Temperature Preset

Tips to choose a wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer:

  1. Choose a thermometer from a company that’s reliable and well regarded online.
  2. Check the warranty information – longer warranties usually indicate a better quality wireless thermometer.
  3. Find out whether the LCD screen is easy to read and whether you can connect the thermometer to your smartphone.
  4. Check the transmitter’s range
  5. Review how many presets the thermometer offers and whether they include the foods you cook most often.

Digital thermometers are marketed for outdoor grilling and smoking, but they can be extremely useful in your kitchen if you cook a lot or have a big family. Wireless thermometers are ideal for baking, roasting, grilling, smoking, candy-making, brewing and any other cooking process. That’s why I appreciate my “mom.” Digital thermometers are the ultimate multitasking gadgets for a range of cooking processes.

Benefits of the Bluetooth Thermometer

I probably get more benefits from my wireless thermometer than most people because I use it so much. I’ve retired from the restaurant business, but I stay active. I entertain lots of friends, cook at local festivals and events and hold cooking classes. I use my wireless thermometer so much that I call it “mom” for short. The benefits of using a Bluetooth thermometer include:

  1. Ability to monitor food in your kitchen while doing other things
  2. Easy access to information on proper food temperatures through a connected Bluetooth app
  3. Rechargeable battery
  4. Portability for any cooking job indoors or outdoors
  5. Digital accuracy
  6. Ability to use separate probes to prevent cross-contamination
  7. Superior performance on outdoor smokers, barbecue equipment and grills
ThermoPro TP25 Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer

What to Look for When Selecting a Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer

The most important criteria for choosing a brand of Bluetooth thermometer include price and temperature range, remote range and accuracy. The best digital wireless thermometers now offer artificial intelligence apps that automatically cook any meat to the USDA-recommended safe temperature, but you can always manually override the presets. Other crucial features to look for in a wireless thermometer include:

  1. Ability to monitor more than one temperature with separate probes
  2. Wire length and transmission range
  3. The Bluetooth range for monitoring temperature
  4. Whether the thermometer is easy to use
  5. Durable construction that resists water, wind, etc.
  6. Accurate temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

In general, the more probes your thermometer can handle, the more useful it will be. I like my “mom” unit, which is a ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer that includes four color-coded probes. I’ve experimented with a six-probe thermometer, but I found it difficult to keep track of six separate meat-cooking processes with the unit, which wasn’t as user-friendly as my ThermoPro “mom.”

Summary of How to Choose a Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

There are many brands and options to consider, but the best cost-value profile of features for the price is the ThermoPro meat thermometer, which monitors four cooking temperatures, has a remote range of 495 feet, displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and includes presets for beef, poultry, veal, pork, lamb, turkey, fish, ham and poultry.

The criteria for choosing a wireless thermometer are well satisfied by the ThermoPro Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer. You can monitor the temperatures of four different probes, and the thermometer comes with nine preset settings for different kinds of meat. You can easily use the thermometer in your kitchen, meat smoker, grill or outdoor barbecue, so I heartily give this thermometer my strongest endorsement. I consider the 3-year warranty to be a strong confirmation of the thermometer’s quality.

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