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How to Deal with Hot and Humid Weather?

how to deal with hot humid weather

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Humidity is the concentration of water vapor present in the air. High humidity in the air can have various effects on your body such as fatigue, dehydration, fainting, muscle cramps and heat stroke.

Heat stroke leads to rapid death in 10% to 50% of cases and therefore you should know how to deal with hot and humid weather to avoid these effects, whether you are indoor or outdoor.

Health Side Effects of High Humidity & Hot Temperature

You might now be wondering, what level of humidity is harmful to your health? According to experts in how to deal with hot humid weather, you should be comfortable in humidity levels between 35-60 percent. When the level goes beyond 60 percent, you will likely experience some health issues such as increased irritability, loss of concentration, inability to do mental tasks and loss of ability to do heavy work.

Humidity can affect your body directly, making it overheat or indirectly, by altering your environment. When the temperatures are too hot, your body will react to keep the internal temperatures steady by:

  1. Altering the blood circulation
  2. Sweating
  3. Increased respiration

As excess water and chemicals are lost during humid seasons through sweating, your body will start functioning improperly.

health effects of hot and humid climate

Apart from the above reactions, when the temperature and humidity are high, your heart works harder as more blood flows to the skin, requiring it to beat faster.

Symptoms of illnesses caused by Humidity

Of course, you don’t want to be a victim of heat stroke, do you? As you look for ways on how to deal with hot and humid weather home or away, understanding the signs related to illnesses caused by heat and humidity will be a step to the right direction, towards controlling the effects. Your body may experience the following symptoms during hot and humid weather:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Nausea
  3. Headache
  4. Dizziness
  5. Sweating
  6. Muscle cramps
  7. Rapid pulse
  8. Dark urine

In case you experience one or two of these symptoms, you should immediately seek medical attention. Indeed, heat can be a killer if you don’t take precaution.

Relief Tips for High Heat & Humidity Indoor and Outdoor

Understanding how to deal with hot and humid weather will be your first step towards surviving such weather conditions. To help you enjoy your life as usual, here are the survival tips you need to know:

Keep Down Your Body Heat

Keeping down your body heat will lower the health side effects of high humidity and hot temperature. The body heat can be lowered by:

Drinking plenty of water. How many glasses of water have you taken today? Health experts encourage us to drink up to three glasses per day. Hot and humid weather makes you sweat more and you will need to increase your rate of hydration. Drinking water helps in keeping your body temperature down

Jump in a cold shower. Well, it doesn’t have to be a shower. Provided you come across some cold water be it ice packs or wet towels that you can put on your body, it will bring you some relief. You can also place your feet in cold foot bath and soak them for that relaxing relief

Wear loose clothing with light colors. In this kind of weather, If your best is so tight, you will have to forgo it and wear the rest. The rest should be able to allow for circulation of air for you to feel cooler

Eat food high in water content. If you love watermelon then you should try strawberries and orange fruits, as they contain a lot of water. During hot and humid weather, Water rich foods should never miss in your diet as they can help keep down the body heat

Whenever your body heat is high, just follow the guidelines and you will feel better. This is one of the ways to avoid the extreme health side effects of humidity.

hot and humid climate impact for workout

Get Out of the House

Most of the morning and evening hours are always cool and less humid. This is therefore the best time for you to take a walk in the park or do other activities. During the hot hours, you can stay in the house and avoid the effects of the hot weather.

While outside, you can stick to the following measures:

  • Stay in a shade in case it is hot.
  • Wear sunglasses and caps to protect you from the sun rays.
  • Take part in activities like swimming that keeps you cool.
  • Do not do vigorous exercises in a high hot weather as it may lead to heat illnesses like heat cramps and heat exhaustion.

When you have heat exhaustion, your body temperature rises as high as 104F and you may experience vomiting and headache. This condition can worsen if not treated and lead to heatstroke

Your love for outdoor activities should not be compromised at all because of the weather. You should therefore plan your day accordingly.

Understand Your Medical Risks

Certain conditions and medications can trigger or increase your risk of getting a heat related illness. You should therefore take precautions on how to deal with hot humid weather.

You need to keep your body temperature in the range of 35.5 to 37.5°C as this protects your organs and allows the body to function normally

Eat Healthy and Fresh Food

When you are indoors and want to deal with the hot and humid weather, you have to keep cool with food. Try something like green salad or fruit to your diet.

Watch the Temperature

If you are planning for an outdoor activity, or just chilling at home, you should pay attention to the weather forecasts before making any decisions. This will also require you to understand the relationship between temperature and humidity and check the hot and humid weather index at home.

As high temperature increases, its relative humidity decreases. Temperature is therefore related to the amount of moisture the atmosphere can hold.

Keep Your House Cool

Apart from the weather, you should always ensure that all your electronics, bulbs or lamps are switched off. This is because electronics generate heat when not in use. Consider replacing them if you feel they might be adding to the heat.
A fan and and an air conditioner can cool a room significantly (be sure to close the doors and windows though!). Additionally, installing an Indoor Hygrometer from ThermoPro can help you control room temperatures accurately. It can keep a check on the humidity levels in your baby’s room and help you track a drop in humidity levels throughout the day.
What’s a ideal humidity level, you may ask? Anything between 40-50% is considered to be safe for you and your family.

How To Check The Hot and Humid Weather Index at Home

Hygrometers can be used to predict the weather. You should actually look for one to help you know when to put on that favorite pair of shoes or carry an umbrella. The instrument measures relative humidity indoors and outdoors.

indoor temperature and humidity monitor

High humidity makes hot air hotter while low humidity gives a stable temperature. The humidity in your house can affect cost of electricity as heat is generated and even dryness of your skin. Outdoor Hygrometers can help you in planning your outdoor activities.

Why You Should Buy Thermopro Indoor Thermometers Hygrometers

Now that you know how to deal with hot and humid weather, having the right instruments that can predict the weather for you is a step ahead in preventing  heat related illnesses.

With the ability to protect wooden instruments such as guitars and your old books in your library, buying these instruments can make your life easy as predicting the weather can help you decide on what to wear and where to go.

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