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How to Grill Philly Cheesesteak?

how to grill philly cheese steak

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It’s hard to find a meat eater willing to turn down a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. How can you go wrong with a roll topped with melted cheese on thinly sliced meat and vegetables? Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have a restaurant that serves quality philly cheesesteaks within reach. If you’re one of those people, you’ll greatly appreciate this recipe.

Usually, cheesesteaks are made indoors on a griddle. However, this recipe is for a grilled philly cheesesteak. When you grill meat, it’s common to heat the entire steak and shred it once it’s done cooking. However, this recipe calls for your steak to be thinly sliced to evenly cook on the grill. This means you’ll either need a flat grill or a skillet you can use in conjunction with your grill.

What is a Philly Cheesesteak?

Since it’s conception, this classic East Coast sandwich has many variations. On the West Coast, they’ve created a cheesesteak with bell peppers and mushrooms. However, if you’re making a traditional Philly cheesesteak, the only toppings you’ll need are steak, onions, and cheese. The original Philly cheesecake sandwich is also served on a roll.

What is the Best Steak and Cheese to Use?

When it comes to choosing the perfect steak, classic sandwich makers use ribeyes. Ribeye steaks are perfectly marbled, which means it has a nice balance of fat and beef. They also remain tender during the cooking process.

If you can’t get a ribeye steak, you can substitute it with flank steak. Just be sure to slice against the grain so it remains tender, especially since this sandwich uses thinly chopped pieces of steak.

Provolone is the best cheese for cheesesteaks. It’s mild enough to not overpower the flavors of the sandwich but flavorful enough to contribute to the flavor profile. If you only have aged provolone, use it in moderation. If you don’t have provolone cheese, you can use cheddar cheese sauce.

Preparation Tips for Cooking Philly Cheesesteak

There are a few preparation steps you need to do before you begin cooking. For one, you want your steak thinly sliced for your grilled philly cheesesteak sandwich. Therefore, you should freeze your steak for at least thirty minutes. Freeze a larger ribeye for forty minutes.

Once your steak is out of the freezer, it’s time to slice your meat. You want to slice your meat into one-inch pieces so it’ll cook quickly. Start by cutting off the larger pieces of fat and any silver skin. Make sure to cut against the grain. Slicing your meat before grilling it ensures it cooks evenly.

If you have trouble slicing meat, you can request your butcher thinly slice your steak for you. If you make your request early enough, they can put your ribeye in the freezer and have it sliced before you finish shopping for the rest of your groceries.

Put your sliced meat to the side and grab your vegetables. Traditional sandwiches only have onions, but it wouldn’t hurt to add some bell peppers. They’re especially good on the grill.

Start by cutting the core out of the center of your vegetables. They should look like rings. Cut those rings in half and thinly slice them like your steak. Once you’ve sliced both your peppers and onions, season both your steak and vegetables before setting them aside.

Now, the bread you use makes or breaks your cheesesteak sandwich. When choosing your bread, you’ll want the perfect balance of crispiness on the outside and chewiness on the inside. Rolls are the people’s choice when it comes to making this classic sandwich.

You’ll want a roll that’s long and thick enough to support meat, vegetables, and cheese. Steak rolls, which are commonly used for subs and hoagies, are perfect for this sandwich. If you don’t have sub rolls, substitute them for a kaiser roll.

You also need a few tools to create a perfect cheesecake. One of those tools include a meat thermometer. Meat thermometers guarantee your meat is cooked to the perfect temperature. For example, if you prefer your steak medium rare, you’d use your thermometer to check for a temperature between 127 and 133 degrees.

You’ll also want to preheat your grill to around 450 degrees. You want your steak to cook fast enough to cook through and get that partially crisped texture within a few minutes. Since your grill will be very hot, it’s wise to use tongs to rotate your meat and remove it from the grill.

If you prefer less crunch to your steak, you may also need aluminum foil to heat your meat and vegetables. It takes a bit longer, but you’ll end up with juicy grilled meat.

How to Make Grilled Cheesesteak?

How to Make Grilled Cheesesteak
  1. Step One: Make sure your grill is hot. Before you put your meat on the grill, make sure it’s reached the proper temperature. You want your meat to cook quickly and evenly. If your grill isn’t hot enough, your meat will stick.
  2. Step Two: Toss your vegetables in oil. Since your vegetables are also going on your grill, you’ll need to toss them in oil so they don’t stick. You’re going to cook them once to soften them and then reheat them once they’re in the sandwich.
  3. Step Three: Grill your ingredients. When you’re ready to grill your vegetables, you can either place them in the grill basket or directly onto the grill racks. You need to preheat your vegetables so they have time to caramelize. Once your onions appear translucent, remove the vegetables from the grill basket. When your vegetables are off the grill, it’s time to add your beef. Cook your beef to your preferred temperature (medium rare, well done etc.). The traditional Philly cheesesteak has a juicy, tender texture with crispy edges. Since you’re grilling your steak, it’s a good idea to grill to a little under your desired temperature, let your meat to rest, and add it to a skillet with your vegetables later for a bit of crisp.
  4. Step Four: Toast your roll. Place your grill-safe skillet onto the grill. Add some butter to the skillet and allow it to melt. Once melted, add your sliced roll into the pan. This adds flavor and a bit more texture to your sandwich. Once your bread is toasted, remove it from the skillet.
  5. Step Five: Add your cheese. Add your steak and vegetables into the skillet. Make sure you separate your ingredients into portions before adding your cheese. Lay your cheese slices on your steak and vegetables so they can melt.
  6. Step Six: Assemble. Lastly, place your roll on top of your cheesesteak sandwich ingredients. Scoop your steak, vegetables, and melted cheese into your bread and serve immediately.

Quick Philly Steak Tips

When you grill philly steak sandwiches, there’s a few tips that’ll make your sandwich taste great. For one, it’s a good idea to use a ThermoPro meat thermometer to avoid overcooking your steak. If you prefer cheese sauce, you can use your grill to melt cheese whiz.

  • You can also heat your sandwich ingredients in individual portions. To do this, separate your meat and vegetables into foils before putting them back on the grill. Add your slices of cheese and seal the foil. Take them from the grill after a couple of minutes and assemble your sandwiches.
  • To avoid over-grilling your meat, add some mayonnaise prior to putting it on the grill. Not only does mayo make it easier to remove the meat from your grill, it also keeps your steak from drying during the cooking process. You’ll still be able to achieve the crispiness without making your steak tough.
  • When you learn to grill Philly steak sandwiches, you’ll never have to go to Philadelphia or a restaurant to enjoy one. This step-by-step guide to making a cheesesteak is useful if you’re making one sandwich or dinner for your family.
  • Your grill is extremely hot, so take proper precautions to avoid burning yourself. Make sure an adult is always present to work the grill. It’s a good idea to invest in the ThermoPro thermometer for quality control. If you get burned, cool the area and apply necessary first aid.

Keep in mind, this recipe and cooking method is a blueprint for making a Philly steak. If you want to add ingredients like hot peppers or tomato slices, feel free to customize as you see fit.

Philly Cheesesteaks are steak sandwiches created by Pat and Harry Olivieri in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These sandwiches are made of thinly sliced ribeye steak topped with caramelized onions and melted cheese on a roll. This recipe puts a grilled spin on this East Coast classic with similar layers of flavor.

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