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How to Operate ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

ThermoPro digital kitchen timer

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When you cook or bake your favorite meal or treat, you want to ensure you do not overcook anything. If you forget to track the time, you may get distracted. To ensure your meals and desserts look and taste their best, consider learning how to set digital kitchen timer. You do not even have to restrict its usage to the kitchen. Use the timer during workouts, to monitor other activities or as a general alarm.

How to Set Two Timers Using ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

The ThermoPro TM02 model digital kitchen timer allows you to set two timers at once. Before you set the second timer, you need to set the first one. Follow the below steps:
How to Set Two Timers Using ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

  1. Slide the device to the “Timer” icon – this allows the digits to display.
  2. To adjust the settings, press “Timer.”
  3. To set an hour, press “HR/+.” For minutes, press “MIN/-.”
  4. If you need to increase or decrease any amount of time, simply hold down the needed button.
  5. Use the “HR/+” button to set the hour while in timer mode. Press the button and hold it down to increase the number.
  6. Use the “MIN/-” button to set minutes while in timer mode. Press and hold the button to decrease the number of minutes.
  7. To start or pause the timer, press “Start/Stop.”
  8. To reset the countdown back to zero, pause the timer and press the “HR/+” and “MIN/-” buttons at the same time.
  9. Once the device hits zero, you will hear the alarm beep for one minute. The timer flashes and counts back up.
  10. To set the second timer, press the “Timer 2” button. Follow the same steps as above.

How to Turn Off ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

Turning off any digital kitchen timer is easy. It only requires two steps. To learn how to turn off digital kitchen cooking timer, follow the below:

  1. On the back of the device, press the alarm symbol – you will find this under “Timer.”
  2. Turn the device back to the front and check to ensure you turned the timer off.

How to Adjust Volume on ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

ThermoPro digital kitchen timer makes it simple to adjust the volume. To change the volume:
How to Adjust Volume on ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

  1. Press the sound button and go through the four options – choose from off, low, medium and high.
  2. While you have the device in timer mode, the bell icon displays an “X” to indicate you turned the volume off. Otherwise, the volume setting looks similar to a mobile phone – one bar means low, two bars equals medium and three bars indicate the highest volume.

How to Calibrate ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

When you calibrate a timer, you compare the device under test and a standard of measurement. You measure the time interval, which is done as seconds or various subsets including hours, minutes and days – this equals the elapsed time between two events. The total amount of elapsed time refers to when you start the ThermoPro digital kitchen timer and when you stop the device.

Like any test, you need another variable. In addition to time, measured as units of seconds, you will look at the frequency – measured in hertz.

While three methods exist, you can eliminate two – the time-based method and the totalize method. Most people do not have access to lab equipment to use either of these methods. While you may use the time-based method with an object like an amplifier, it requires a specific algebraic equation.

This leaves the direct comparison method. This method is the most practical for home use. It remains the best choice to measure the requirements. To use the direct comparison method, follow the below steps:

  1. At the start of an hour, dial a phone number.
  2. Set the timer at the same start of the hour and write down the time.
  3. After the defined listening period, when you hear a beeping noise, stop the timer and write down the time.
  4. Subtract the start time from the stop time – this equals the time interval.
  5. Compare your time interval to what you see on the timer’s display.
  6. The time interval you wrote down needs to equal the time you see on the device.

Note – Repeat the above steps if the times do not match each other.

Basic Functions and Components of ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

In general, a ThermoPro digital kitchen timer works the opposite of a stopwatch. Instead of counting upward, it counts down from a set time interval. The components work together and rely on a power source. Below you find a breakdown of the components and how to operate them:

  • Display – Switch the selector to either show the dual timer or clock function. To display the clock icon, along with the digits, slide to “Clock Set.”
  • Dual timer and countdown – Time two events simultaneously. You may set the timer for up to 23 hours and 59 minutes. To see how to set digital kitchen timer to count down, press “Timer 1” to set a countdown for one item and then press “Timer 2” to set the other.
  • Clock/Date display – You may choose the 12-hour or 24-hour clock format. While in display mode, set the hour, minute, month and year. To toggle between the two clock formats, press “HR/+” and “MIN/-.”
  • To reset the clock – press the “Start/Stop” button.
  • Volume – Adjust the settings to either off, low, medium or high. Press the volume icon to go back and forth between the settings.
  • Backlight – The backlight feature makes the timer easier to see from most places in a room. Press down on any button for 10 seconds to activate.
  • Design – You may view the calendar mode when the timer is off. Mount the device on an item like a refrigerator using the magnetic back or use the tabletop stand.
  • Power source – The device comes with two AAA batteries. You will find the battery compartment below the volume setting. Open it, place the batteries into the compartment and close it.

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Take the Stress out of Monitoring with a Digital Kitchen Timer

A dual digital timer provides many benefits. Use the device when you need to track two events with different end times or as an overall monitoring tool. Even healthcare professionals can use this to time things ranging from physical therapy sessions to spa treatments. ThermoPro is very professional in manufacturing kitchen or home monitoring utilities such as ThermoPro indoor/outdoor thermometer & hygrometer, which could help you monitor the indoor/outdoor relative humidity all the time.

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