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How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

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This summer may prove one of the hottest on record when it comes to the sweltering heat. Although many people will rely on AC to beat the heat, there are other ways to stay cool without air conditioning.

This summer, take every opportunity to avoid the heat by following these great tips for staying cool this summer.

1. Limit light coming through your windows

Lower the interior temperature of your home by closing your blinds, curtains, and even your awnings if you have them. As much as 30% of the ambient heat that enters your home comes through your windows, meaning that it would be wise to limit your home’s exposure to sunlight.

This strategy is particularly effective with north- and west-facing windows. For best results, consider putting a reflective, heat-reducing film on your windows; this will not only keep heat out during the summer but also keep warm air in your home in the wintertime.

2. Create shade using plants and foliage

Use plants to your advantage by creating natural shade that can be used to cool your home during the summer. Plant trees or other plants outdoors for the future, or accommodate your current needs by putting large, potted plants in front of your windows.

3. Properly use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can really help cool your home during the summer season. And yet, ceiling fans need to be used properly in order to provide the right benefit.

Check to see that your ceiling fans are spinning counter-clockwise; this way, they will push air downwards and help air circulate through the room in which it is installed.

4. Close doors and gaps

Keep parts of your home closed off from each other in order to keep cool air where you need it.

5. Open up your home at night

Avoid the heat of the day and wait until the sun has gone down before opening up your windows and doors. This will promote a cross-breeze within your home, allowing cooler air to circulate at night.

At the same time, do take care to keep your home secure; close them at some point to avoid having your windows open all night.

6. Keep yourself cool

A great way to stay cool without air conditioning is to keep ourselves cool. There are many things we can do to keep ourselves cool in times of sweltering heat.

Stay hydrated by drinking cold drinks, putting a damp cloth on your neck, and taking cold showers as a refreshing way to cool down.

7. Upgrade your fan

Fans are an efficient way to cool down in the summer. To get the most out of your fan, try putting a bowl of ice or an icepack in front of it. This way, your fan will blow cool air which will greatly increase your comfort.

8. Choose cotton

Improve your comfort during the summer by using fabrics like cotton for your bedding and clothes. Avoid heavy fabrics like flannel that don’t breathe and will overheat you quickly.

9. Grill more

If you’ve got a backyard BBQ, you’ve got the right idea. By relocating your cooking outdoors, you’re not creating additional heat that can make your home feel hotter. Avoid using your stove and ovens during the summer, and get all the benefits that a grill/BBQ can provide!

10. Replace incandescent lightbulbs

Incandescent lightbulbs are often blamed for not being energy efficient. But an even better reason for replacing these old-fashioned lightbulbs is because they are inefficient and create lots of heat as a by-product. Keep your home cool during the summer by removing them from your home.


Stay cool without air conditioning: Final thoughts

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