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Instant Read

An instant read thermometer is a type of meat thermometer that allows you to quickly and accurately measure the internal temperature of your food. This makes it an essential tool for cooks, especially when cooking meat.


Instant read thermometers typically consist of a probe with a digital display on one end and a pointed tip at the other end. To take a reading, you simply insert the tip into your food and wait for a few seconds for the reading to appear on the screen. Some models also have buttons or levers that allow you to select what type of food you are cooking so that the temperature range shown on the screen automatically adjusts accordingly.

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Using an instant read thermometer is quick and easy, making it perfect for beginners who might be intimidated by more complicated methods of cooking. However, it also allows for greater accuracy and consistency in your food, which is especially important when cooking meat that can easily become under or overcooked. So if you’re looking to improve your cooking skills, an instant read thermometer is a great tool to add to your kitchen.

An instant read thermometer is only one type of meat thermometer out there. There’s also analog thermometers, probe thermometers, digital thermometers, and general cooking thermometers. To find the best instant read thermometer for you, you should be aware of the different types of instant read thermometers out there, as well as figure out what you need for your purposes.

Types of
instant read thermometers

There are several different types of instant read thermometers, including digital, infrared, and analog models. Each type has its own benefits, depending on what you’re looking for in a thermometer. For example, some people prefer the accuracy and consistency offered by digital models while others might prefer the traditional look and feel of an analog model. Additionally, some products offer additional features such as being able to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius or being able to hold your reading so that you don’t have to keep taking measurements. With so many options available on the market today, finding the right instant read thermometer is simply a matter of deciding what’s most important to you and your cooking style.


An analog thermometer provides a manual reading compared to digital thermometers. This is a type of probe thermometer which can measure a wide temperature range. You’ll find this most commonly used in candy making as it’s great for a quick temperature reading. Although technically not an instant read thermometer, this is great if you just need a rough idea of your cooking temperature or ambient temperature.


Another common type of thermometers are the probe thermometers. There’s many types of instant read thermometers that have probes. From the typical probe thermometer to remote probe thermometers, these are known for being an incredibly accurate thermometer. These are generally an instant read digital thermometer which provides an accurate temperature on a backlit screen. Compared to a not digital meat thermometer, these provide a much more accurate reading.


Of course you can also get a general food thermometer if you’re just looking for a rough estimate of cooking temperatures. However, if you’re looking for a precise temperature or perfectly cooked food, you might want to consider something that provides a more accurate temperature reading. There are various types of meat thermometers out there, some with rotating display, leave in probe thermometer, and other features to provide accurate temperature readings. Most instant read thermometers are perfect for home cooks even without all the fancy features.


Ultimately, an instant read thermometer is an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their cooking skills to the next level. Whether you’re new to the kitchen or a seasoned expert, having a thermometer on hand will allow you to cook food with greater accuracy, consistency, and ensure food safety. So if you haven’t already invested in one of these handy tools, now is definitely the time to think about it!

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Accurate internal
temperature readings

Regardless of what type of instant read thermometer you get, you’ll want it to provide accurate readings. This applies to not only internal temperature reading but also you’ll want to consider ambient cooking temperature as well. The best instant read thermometers will likely have some sort of calibration with ice water to ensure that you’re getting a steady reading.

If you really require an accurate reading, you’ll definitely want to pick a digital meat thermometer for an exact temperature. Not only do they have preset temperatures, they usually come with an easy to read display with a wide temperature range. The probe thermometer will be able to provide temperature readings with a much greater scope of accuracy than you could ever get with analog thermometers. You can also choose an instant read thermometer based on other factors such as battery life, whether it has a stainless steel probe or a backlit display, and so much more. But the best part about an instant read thermometer is ultimately that it takes just a few seconds to read internal temperatures of anything you’re cooking.

Ready to get
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If you’re ready to buy an instant read thermometer but don’t know where to start, don’t worry ThermoPro has you covered! Not only do we have a wide range of instant read thermometers from probe thermometers to a general meat thermometer, they work for a variety of purposes, whether you’re just boiling water, or deep frying or even using a hot grill; our meat thermometers have you covered.

If you’re just looking for something simple with a fold out probe for easy storage, we suggest the ThermoPro TP620 Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Thermocouple Sensor. With a rotating display, this is a good thermometer for a quick check when you open the grill lid.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more sophisticated, we suggest the ThermoPro TP28 Super Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer for Smoker BBQ Grill. Unlike most thermometers, this instant read thermometer comes with remote control, allowing you to monitor your final temperature from distances up to 500 ft away. The thin sensor wire also allows you to leave the probe thermometer inside the oven door, so that you can keep an eye on the internal temperature throughout the cooking process.

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