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10 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Pitmasters

10 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas for Pitmasters

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Everyone loves a good barbecue and grilling party, especially with family and friends. Having a meal outdoors as the smoke and aroma of grilled meat fill the backyard is a great experience.

And this holiday season, it’s when you can show your appreciation for their great food and their efforts. If you know someone who just can’t get enough  of grilling and loves a good BBQ party, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of thoughtful holiday gift ideas for pitmasters they will absolutely love.

What you should consider

As sophisticated as the flavorful grilled and smoked meat they always serve on table, pitmasters also have a keen taste when it comes to gifts. There are things you should consider first before buying them a gift.

1. Is it beneficial?

You need to know if the gift you are giving will improve their cooking experience. How can your gift make their lives better in the kitchen? When thinking of gifts, you need to know the benefits of having it with pitmasters as they grill and smoke dishes.

2. How often will it be useful?

Pitmasters will greatly appreciate a gift that is useful, especially in everyday circumstances. You wouldn’t want them to just use the gift once and then keep it in the cupboard forever. The gift should be a relevant item not only for the holidays but for all seasons.

3. Do they already have it?

Pitmasters usually have their own equipment when doing barbecues so they may already have the gift you’re eyeing to give them. If you are giving a gift to a friend or family member, ask around to know which one they have and you can avoid buying a duplicate.

Best gift ideas for pitmasters in your life

Make sure that steaks, ribs, and barbecues are cooked to perfection with instant-read food thermometers. Ensure the food is safe with digital instant-read thermometers. Pitmasters and kitchen enthusiasts alike will always need this in their homes, so you are sure you are gifting something versatile and highly-functional.

BBQ grill light

Let’s face it, many barbecue parties  are held outdoors, usually late afternoons and at night. One of the challenges in grilling is having to cook without an ample light source. You will never know if you are cooking the meat well or you’re already burning it, so having a BBQ grill light makes a huge difference.

Grill gloves

Put the basic mittens aside because pitmasters will love grill gloves as a present this holiday. Choose something that is both durable and flexible since gloves keep a griller’s hand safe from the extremely hot temperatures of grills. It could be used for baking and regular kitchen use as well.

Stainless grill basket

Gatherings can be a little rowdy, especially when you are cooking for many people in your party. Having a sturdy stainless grill basket makes it easier to grill shrimp, cubed meat, and grilled sides for your BBQ. It’s a great gift for those who are fond of family meals, picnics, and large gatherings.

Stainless steel smoker box

Boost the flavors of meat with a smoker box. Aside from the char of grilled meat, the additional smoky flavors you can get when you turn your grill into a smoker will elevate the outdoor dining experience.

Stuffed burger maker

Homemade burgers taste better when grilled at home. You can create leveled up hamburgers with this stuffed burger maker. Combine ground beef burger with other favorite ingredients faster and make the girlling game easier.

Pizza oven kit

Turn your charcoal grill into a blazing pizza oven with just a small upgrade on your grilling oven! All you need is a pizza oven kit that will cover your grill to suit baking pizza. The kit includes a stainless steel insert placed on top of your grate which creates an oven chamber that reaches temperatures up to 750°F.

Pizza stone with carry rack

Complete the pizza experience by gifting a pizza stone with a carry rack with it as well. Make your outdoor pizza party more lively with the pizza stone you can use for your griller-turned-pizza oven! Pizza stone is designed for a grill, making crispy, thin-crust pizzas since the stones are insulators of heat, they absorb the heat which keeps the pizza warm and crispy when served.

Kebab baskets

Pitmasters love grilling kebabs too! Take the hassle off grilling with these kebab baskets that can hold meat and vegetables with ease. Flipping is also easier with these kebab baskets. No skewers? No problem.

Portable grill

The best gift for grillers on-the-go, the portable grill takes outdoor barbecue to whole another level. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply dining outdoors, the portable grill will let you showcase your grilling skills! It’s lightweight and compact which makes it so easy to carry around.


Enjoying the warm and tender steaks and ribs is better in the holiday season, so make sure you are showing your gratitude by giving a thoughtful present for the wonderful pitmasters in your life. We hope this list of holiday gift ideas for pitmasters inspired you.

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