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8 Thermometer Applications You Likely Never Heard Of

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Most people think of food thermometer applications as being limited to the kitchen. After all, this device has a variety of practical uses that are commonly used to tell when meat is finished cooking. This device helps prevent food poisoning and the transmission of harmful bacteria. As well, it can help determine how well your food has been prepared. 

But did you know that this humble kitchen helper has a number of practical purposes outside the kitchen? In fact, this handy kitchen helper can measure many things that you’ve never considered before. 

Listed below are eight surprising applications that can help you complete many household tasks and chores.

1. Preparing pastries and ice cream

In addition to its regular duties, this device is a handy way to help prepare other foods such as desserts. For example, it can be used to gauge if pastries are ready to serve. When warming them up in the oven or microwave, simply use a ThermoPro TP-01A with your pastry, bread, or cake to determine if it is nice and toasty. 

As well, it can also be used when making ice cream-style treats. When cooking custard, use it to make sure you’ve reached the right temperature. The custard should cook at around 160°F to ensure it is free of harmful bacteria like salmonella. Once your custard is ready, you can then make ice cream after that!

2. Reheating leftovers in the microwave or oven

This device is commonly used to measure temperatures in meat and poultry dishes. However, you can also use it when reheating leftover food. This is used to show the internal temperature of the food and make sure it is well heated to avoid food poisoning.

Most reheated leftovers are fit for consumption at 165°F. On the other hand, processed foods need to be heated to a minimum temperature of at least 140°F.

3. Preparing baby food 

check baby food temp with thermometer

When preparing meals for your young one, you need to be extra careful. Food should not be too hot since babies are more prone to burns; and yet, it also needs to be hot enough to make it safe from food poisoning. To solve both of these problems, this device can ensure that your food is safe to consume by helping you determine its correct temperature. 

Instead of using the back of your hand, use this device as a more accurate way for checking food temperatures. It will prevent burns and helps eliminate harmful food-borne illnesses.

4. Preparing baths

The next application that you may not have considered before is for preparing baths. This kitchen device can be used to check bath water in a tub or a baby basin to ensure that it has reached the proper temperature. 

This is an efficient way to ensure your bath is adequately hot without scalding or burning you. Checking the temperature with your finger can be imprecise and impractical. By using this device, you can instantly find out if the bath is ready or not.

5. Checking the temperature of your fridge

Want to know the precise temperature of your chilled food? You can easily discover refrigeration temperatures by putting this device into a glass of milk or water in your fridge. 

By gauging the temperatures of commodities in your refrigerator, you will be able to better achieve the correct temperature of ingredients that need to be at room temperature. For example, when baking a cake, you’ll know when to remove milk and eggs from the fridge so they can warm up to room temperature. 

6. Checking your beverage 

This device can also let you know how hot a beverage is. This can be easily done by inserting it into your drink. Beverages that are too hot are unpleasant to drink, while those that are too cold can be unsatisfying. Use this device to find out when your drink is ready and suitable for consumption.

7. Monitoring your oven’s internal temperature

use thermopro to monitor oven temperature

There’s no need to use an imprecise device when there is a more precise method. One of these devices placed inside your oven can determine internal temperatures before putting your food to cook inside. This is called “preheating the oven.” Oven temperature monitoring can also be done when the meal is cooking. Thermometers with preset alarms can let you know when your food is ready with a beeping sound.

8. Cooking rice or eggs

The next application is to gauge the temperature of cooking water. Without assuming that the water is boiled, place the temperature-measuring device inside the boiling water, and if it’s at the desired temperature, you can cook the eggs or rice.

Checking your food with a food thermometer  

Of course, the best application is the one this device was designed for. By being so practical, this device makes for an essential part of your kitchen that is sure to become a part of your everyday lifestyle. 

Never again will you second guess yourself when it comes to cooking. Checking food without a temperature-measuring device won’t give you the desired accurate results. You can’t look at food and assume that it is ready with your bare eyes.

A temperature-measuring device displays temperature markings to help you gauge how much time the food will take to be ready. Many foods have a ‘danger zone.’ In most cases, the danger zone for most perishable foods ranges from 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If the food has been in the ‘danger zone’ for over 2 hrs, it’s not fit for consumption.

Every household should have this essential kitchen tool to avoid food poisoning. These devices have advanced technology and make it easy to know when your food is ready. They beep when the cooking is done. They also have animated voices used to alert you. 

To serve you better, ThermoPro products are built with the latest innovations that can efficiently check the temperature of your food. They are also affordable and of the best quality.

Final thoughts

These devices have been proven to do many things other than check the temperature of food. There are many possible applications for these devices, demonstrating their high versatility and practicality. 

Surprisingly, they have a variety of uses both in the kitchen and outside the kitchen. With this list, we hope you’ll have found new ways to incorporate this device into your home. Get the full benefit of this long-lasting, high-value product by purchasing one today

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