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Super Benefits of Using a Thermocouple Thermometer

product TP-18 )

When cooking different types of meals, it hard to keep up with varying times of cooking. Using color can be unreliable. Sometimes, the food might turn color too soon. Besides, the outer part of the food can cook nicely and the inside to remain uncooked. This challenge is common when preparing a large piece of meat, cake, and stuffed foodstuffs. You can use an instant read thermometer instead.

Some people also use texture to gauge doneness. This option can be misleading. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can use a ThermoPro TP-18. It is a food-grade thermocouple thermometer with an accuracy of +/-0.9°F.

In a kitchen setting, you can measure the temperatures of foodstuffs to determine doneness. Large chunks of meat, stuffed food items such as turkey, and other hard to cook foods are hard to determine doneness.

Chefs use the internal temperatures of the food to know doneness. All you need to know is the recommended safe internal temperatures of various foods. Food Safety keeps an updated list of safe cooking temperatures that you can use.

Introduction to Thermocouples

What is thermocouple?


A thermocouple is an electrical device that borrows its functionalities from the Seebeck effect. The Seebeck effect is the fact that when you combine two conductors that bear different temperatures through an electrical network, they generate electricity.

The higher the temperature differential, the higher the voltage produced. By measuring the electrical charge, you can accurately measure the temperature of an item. Thermocouples can be super small, too. They can detect small temperature variations between the different alloys.

The choice of the alloys determines the temperature range that the devices can accurately detect. Some metal alloys can detect a temperature range of up to 3000°C, which makes them appropriate for industrial applications.

What is thermocouple generally used for?

Thermocouples have widespread usage in the modern world. The most common use is that of a circuit breaker. An average HVAC uses a thermocouple to control burning fuel in a furnace or boiler.

HVAC thermocouple

Thermocouples also measure temperatures. You can measure the temperatures of different things and surfaces using thermocouple sensors.

Industrial manufacturers of thermocouples focus on sensitivity and accuracy. To increase the usability of the thermocouple, they add a sensitive probe. You can probe the meat or any other foodstuff that you want to check its readiness.

A sensitive probe has to have the least covering to enhance response. A TP-18 has the characteristics that make it super sensitive.

Why ThermoPro use thermocouple on TP-18?

What is the benefit?

  1. It can measure a wide range of temperatures

This thermocouple thermometer can measure up to 575°F. Most foodstuffs are ready when they reach internal temperatures of 160-170°F. The ThermoPro can read the temperatures of all foods.

You can cook the food at optimal temperatures, not too much and not too little. Proper cooking entails cooking at the right temperatures.

  1. They are super sensitive

Even when you measure a small temperature range, the thermocouple never disappoints. Super sensitivity is important for meat products that require a rest time once they hit the minimum internal temperatures. You want a thermometer that can detect any changes in the internal temperatures with accuracy.

  1. They are fast

You can generate accurate reading within seconds. People in the food industry need a fast-reading thermometer. This is because they cannot afford to wait for minutes to generate reliable readings. They only have a few seconds to decide food doneness. If you wait any longer, the food might end up overcooked.

Some reviews of ThermoPro TP-18

thermopro tp-18

According to one user, Kneide, ThermoPro is the real deal. He rated the product a perfect five star. He said:

Have only used product once. Work as advertised and matched another thermometer within a degree or two. Very quick on acquisition of temperature. Little bulkier than I thought, but very easy to operate and handle. Glad I bought this product. Will update if any changes pop up.

Another user Yuriko Ishii was equally generous with praise. Apart from the five-star rating, she identified the following advantages.

This is a nifty little cooking penetrative meat thermometer with a pop out prong making it very easy to store in the drawer or in your pocket while cooking outdoors.

All the basic functionality that you would expect from such a product is here including a F/C toggle, auto shutoff and easy to read LCD display. This product also has the unique Fast Calc feature which is basically an algorithmic method to determine the probable final heat reading before the thermometer actually measures it.

Fear not though, this feature can be toggled to a normal read but in most cases I found the Fast Calc reading to be fairly on the nose from the actual.

Good simple, easy to use functions and attractive, compact design makes this a great accessory for my home cooking needs.

Tips about using ThermoPro TP-18

How to use it

use thermopro tp-18 to temp meat

  1. Insert the batteries if it is the first time use
  2. Power the ThermoPro TP-18 on by pressing the power button
  3. Ensure it is reading the surrounding temperatures
  4. Insert the probe inside the cooking food.
  5. Read the temperatures of the food.
  6. If the correct temperatures are reached, remove the food from the source of heat
  7. For meats, ensure the right rest time is achieved
  8. Clean the probes after use.

The dos

  • Clean the thermometer with a wet cloth/sponge/towel after every use
  • Dry it after cleaning
  • Hold it in the hand when using it
  • Wipe it in between use
  • Ensure the probe reaches the central part of the meat

The don’ts

  • Do NOT immerse the thermometer in a liquid
  • Don’t put it in the dishwasher—covering it with water will short-circuit internal components
  • Do NOT place it inside an oven or any other cooking area
  • Don’t touch the probe after removing it from hot foods—you might get burnt
  • Do NOT overheat it—the plastic cover will melt
  • Don’t let kids use the thermometer


If you want to cook great meals as the pros do, you need the tools that pros often use to do their jobs well. A food-grade thermometer can fortify your cooking be ensuring that your meals attain the right levels of doneness.

A thermocouple thermometer such as ThermoPro TP-18 can work in the following situations

  • Candy making
  • Baking
  • Grilling
  • Cooking

The thermometer gives you confidence that your food is cooked optimally. Your guests can enjoy quality meals. ThermoPro gives you an instant-read advantage. You only wait for 4 seconds to get reliable readings. Even if you have to repeat the exercise several times, you can be sure to get accurate results every time.

The wide temperature range also allows you to measure virtually anything in the kitchen. The trick is to use the device as instructed. If you take care of it, it will serve you for a very long time.


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