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Can a Meat Thermometer Stay in the Oven?

thermopro tp20 read temperature from probe in the oven

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Do you like to cook steak, turkey, roast beef and other types of meat in your oven? If so, you know that keeping track of the temperature of the meat is very important to end up with a juicy entrée that’s cooked just right. Learning how to use a meat thermometer can help you with successfully grilling steaks, turkey, ham, fish and more. Find out what a meat thermometer is and get the facts about a meat thermometer guide. Also, discover the answer to the question: Can meat thermometer stay in the oven?

What’s a Meat Thermometer?

A meat thermometer is a tool that gauges the temperature of meat as it’s being cooked. Most meat thermometers have a metal probe that is stuck deep into the meat in order to get an accurate temperature. When you use a meat thermometer, you can determine if the layers of the meat are cooked thoroughly before taking it out of the oven.

thermopro tp16 digital meat thermometer read temperature in the oven

How to Use a Meat Thermometer

When using a meat thermometer, it’s best to check the thermometer guide to find the optimal temperature for whatever type of meat you’re cooking. If you’re cooking steak, you want to know what internal temperature it needs to reach in order to be fully cooked. The same goes for lamb, roast beef, steak, turkey, etc. The ThermoPro meat thermometer allows you to preset your temperature for whatever type of meat you’re cooking. This takes the guesswork out of whether the meat is entirely done or not. The meat thermometer should be pushed into the meat, so it runs through the thickest part. It should never touch the pan. The ThermoPro TP-20 meat thermometer helps you to find exactly where to place the thermometer so it can accurately monitor the meat’s temperature.

ThermoPro TP-06 digital meat thermometer

How to Calibrate a Meat Thermometer

Calibrating a meat thermometer before using it lets you know if it is working correctly. An easy way to calibrate your thermometer is to fill a bowl with ice water. Next, put the tip of the thermometer into the ice water. The thermometer’s reading should be 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Reset the meat thermometer if you’re getting a reading other than 32 degrees Fahrenheit and try the test again. You want to make sure your thermometer is working correctly before using it in the oven.

calibrate thermometer by ice bath

Can a Meat Thermometer Stay in the Oven?

Yes, most meat thermometers can stay in the oven throughout the cooking period. They are designed to work safely in the high temperatures within an oven.

What Kinds of Thermometers Can Stay in the Oven?

One specific example of a thermometer that can stay in the oven is the ThermoPro TP-20 Digital Meat Thermometer. It has an oven probe that goes into the meat to accurately measure its internal temperature. There is a small receiver that communicates with the probe letting you know the current temperature of the meat. As long as you stay within 300 feet of your oven, you can carry the receiver around with you as the meat cooks. This convenient feature allows you to do other things in your home as your meat is cooked thoroughly.

thermopro tp-20 receiver features

What Kinds of Thermometers Cannot Stay in the Oven?

A thermometer that is not specifically designed to stay in the oven while the appliance is on should not be used for measuring the temperature of meat (or any other food item). For instance, a medical thermometer is made to gauge a person’s body temperature. It should never be used in an oven.

ThermoPro tp121 digital Ear Thermometer Used for Testing Body Temperature

ThermoPro Digital Meat Thermometers Offer a Variety of Options

ThermoPro gives you the option of setting your meat temperature manually or choosing from a list of optimal temperatures for items such as beef, fish, lamb, poultry, etc. You can even choose how you want your meat cooked. Well done, medium and rare are just a few of the options.

ThermoPro TP-20 is Easy to Use

ThermoPro makes it easy to set up your thermometer for whatever type of meat you’re cooking. Touch a few buttons on the device, and you can have your meat cooked any way you want. The timer is even backlit, so you can see the numbers easily. When your meat reaches its optimal temperature, the receiver lets you know with beeps and flashes. The ThermoPro TP-20 is easy to clean and made for years of use outside with the barbecue or indoors in the oven.

Thoroughly cooking beef, fish or chicken is essential both for health reasons and taste. You always want to take the guesswork out of whether your dish is fully cooked. So, if you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to cook meat to perfection, ThermoPro TP-20 is your best solution.

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