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Ideal Applications for a Wireless Cooking Thermometer

The exciting new breakthrough in kitchen technology sees temperature probes lose their wires in favor of a wire-free connection. By using this cutting-edge innovation, you can measure the internal temperature of food without any physical connections by using a wireless cooking thermometer.

This upgrade from traditional wired temperature probes seems to be a slight improvement at best. After all, wired probe thermometers are products that already provide precise measurements and numerous features. And yet, the ability to go wire-free is an absolute necessity for three particular applications that simply can not be done any other way.

Use a wireless cooking thermometer as the perfect tool when you choose to do these cooking activities:

  1. Rotisserie BBQ
  2. BBQ Grill Seals

Wireless Cooking Thermometer Advantage #1: Rotisserie BBQ

A rotisserie setup is a great attachment for the home grill that elevates its value dramatically. With this add-on, you can ensure that your BBQ meat is evenly grilled. Configured as a constantly-rotating spit, the rotisserie automatically turns your food for you, saving you time and hassle. 

Unfortunately, the benefit of a rotisserie is saddled by its one major flaw. Because it is constantly rotating, it is impossible to use a wired cooking thermometer with a rotisserie BBQ. Instead, users will have to open the lid and recheck the temperature with an instant-read thermometer. In this way, this cancels out the convenience and hands-off operation that is the top benefit of rotisserie BBQ.

Fortunately, a wireless meat thermometer can remedy this. With its 100% wire-free operation, these thermometers don’t have any wires that can be tangled up. Simply insert the probe before cooking, and continually monitor it as you cook. 

grill griddle

Wireless Cooking Thermometer Advantage #2: BBQ Grill Seals

Lid up, lid down: It’s an age-old argument that brings out the best of BBQ culture. With both positions serving different functions, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that when the lid goes down, it’s supposed to stay there. That’s the objective with certain BBQ grills such as ceramic grills that are designed to reach and maintain very high temperatures. 

To achieve their goal, many of these high-temperature grills are constructed using a tight gasket that goes around the edge of the lid. Grills like the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe are designed with lids that provide very tight seals – so tight, in fact, that you shouldn’t be able to slip in a piece of paper when shut. Unfortunately, this design disallows the use of wired probe thermometers. By allowing the wire to get in the way of a shut lid, the grill will leak heat and become inefficient.

By choosing a wire-free thermometer, users can overcome this hurdle with ease. Simply insert the leave-in probe and monitor the cook on your smartphone, all while allowing your grill to reach maximum efficiency. 


Freedom provides the power of choice, mobility, and independence. With a wireless probe thermometer, you can achieve so much more in your kitchen than ever before. 

If you’re looking to invest in a brand new cooking thermometer or are looking for an upgrade for your traditional wired thermometer probe, consider adopting the next revolution in kitchen tools!


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