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Why Choose ThermoPro Products?

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ThermoPro products outsell the competition for good reason. We design, produce and stand behind every one of our professional quality meat thermometers. Many of our top-line models are considered indispensable tools in the foodservice industry. With sales averaging more than 150,000 units every month, we provide home and restaurant chefs with the very best meat thermometers available. ThermoPro is our brand from concept to your kitchen, and we put professional pride into every product.


Affordability Food Thermometer ThermoPro products and brands have no intermediary. We design, manufacture, sell and support our product line to maintain affordability for our customers, rather than outsourcing any function to another company. With this philosophy in mind, ThermoPro ensures you’re paying what you should be paying for a quality product. We aim to deliver the highest quality product while maintaining an affordable price.


Convenience Thermometer When you put one of our ThermoPro products to work, you have a cooking assistant who never lets you down and always lets you work faster or take a break. Our remote wireless meat thermometers maintain continual, accurate temperature readouts up to 300 feet away from your oven or backyard barbecue. You’re free to focus your culinary talents on other kitchen duties or relax with family and friends.


We do more than design, build and sell the best meat thermometers available. We back up every ThermoPro product with solid after-sales support. Do you like to watch and learn? We offer model-specific setup videos. Do you have questions about your ThermoPro meat thermometer? We’re here with phone, email and chat tech support. All that backup comes with our 3-year extended warranty on every ThermoPro product.


Safety Meat Thermometer Your safety is our highest priority. When you use our meat thermometers, you expect and deserve precise temperature readouts and safe product performance. All our ThermoPro meat thermometers are programmed or include preset USDA approved temperatures for cooking every type of protein. Whether you’re preparing beef, poultry, pork, lamb or fish, you never have to guess. With ThermoPro, you know you’re always on the mark with food safety.


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