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Introduction to ThermoPro

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Hello Readers! At ThermoPro we are dedicated to becoming the leader in digital thermometer technology, both as a distributor and a manufacturer. Below are a list of our three main types of products that make up our current ThermoPro line. Each product allows our users to experience some of the best cooking of their lives with our accurate and professional products. Our team looks forward to your input as we continue to strive to be the best in digital thermometer technology!

Digital Forks and Instant-Read Thermometers

If you are looking for a small device that quickly and accurately measures the temperature of your meat or other cooking process, our line of digital forks and instant-readers are for you! The digital fork acts as jack of all trades, enabling you to flip, move and apply pressure to your food as your get an accurate reading of the current temperature! Our instant-read thermometers act as a quick reading device that will allow you to accurately receive an instant reading of the current temperature of your food. These items are a key in the kitchen if you are looking for a small, affordable, easy to use and accurate solution when it comes to measuring food temperatures! To browse these type of products, click digital forks and instant-read thermometers.

Digital Thermometers

Our digital thermometer line contains the perfect products for those who would like focus on other food preparation tasks, while their meat is accurately monitored while it’s being cooked to your desired temperature. This line consists of thermometers that allow you to read the rising temperature of your food, while it’s either magnetized to your oven/BBQ or resting on your counter via the counter top stand. Stop opening up the oven to check on the meat, simply sit back and await the thermometer’s alarm to let you know your meal has been cooked to perfection. Click on the link to browse our digital thermometers with belt clip. Click on the link to browse our magnetized digital thermometers. Click on the link to browse our digital thermometers with pullout countertop stands.

Digital Wireless Thermometers

Our line of digital wireless thermometers allows our users to monitor the temperature of their food from a range of 300 yards away. Meaning, you can avoid the cold and monitor the progress of your cooking from the comfort of your home. Digital wireless thermometers are the ultimate multitasking product because it allows you to monitor an accurate second by second temperature reading from anywhere in the house, while you enjoy the rest of the big game or catching up your favorite show. Either use the belt clip and be completely portable, or utilize the flip out/pull out stand and rest it on the nearest table. Click on the link to browse our digital wireless thermometers with belt clip. Click on the link to browse our digital wireless thermometers with pullout countertop stands.


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