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Meat Cooking Temperatures: Fish Temperature

beautiful salmon meat and to choose from seeing its back
When learning to cook, or even as a veteran cook, there is always room for learning. Furthering your knowledge will only make yourself a better cook but furthering your knowledge of proper cook temps of a variety of meats is extremely valuable. That’s what we will cover with this blog series, the proper cooking temps of a variety meats at different doneness levels. Want to learn the proper cooking temperature of other meats? Click More Meat Cooking Temperatures.

Baked Fish Temperature

One of the most difficult meats to cook properly is fish. Why? Because you must be so precise to get the best cook, as the USDA only recommends one safe cooking temperature for a correctly cooked fish. What does this mean? This means that fish cannot be cooked at different doneness levels, there is no medium rare for fish. Simply put there is undercooked, cooked and overcooked. Sounds trick, but with a ThermoPro Thermometer in hand, this can be achieved with easy. So what is the correct temperature to cook fish? Under USDA guidelines, fish should be cooked at 145ºF/63ºC for the best tasting and textured cook. When cooking fish, there many different ways of seasoning your cook dependant on which fish you are cooking. For example, here is a quick lemon juice recipe you can use when cooking salmon: mix garlic, light olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and parsley in a bowl. This simple recipe will give you a delicious tasting citrus salmon.

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