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Meat Cooking Temperatures: Pork Cooking Temperature

pork cooking temperature

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When learning to cook, or even as a veteran cook, there is always room for learning. Furthering your knowledge will only make yourself a better cook but furthering your knowledge of proper cook temps of a variety of meats is extremely valuable.

That’s what we will cover with this blog series, the proper cooking temps of a variety meats at different doneness levels.

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Pork Cooking Temperature

A question we get a lot is, what is the temperature of cooked pork?

When cooking pork, the temperature will determine the best type of doneness suited for you or your guests’ desire. This can be difficult to achieve even if you are a seasoned cook, but here at ThermoPro, we like to educate our customers whenever and wherever we can. This is why we include USDA certified temperature presets in most of our manuals and even have preset USDA settings included in our units’ software settings, depending on your model of digital thermometer. Today, we will expand on the different cooking temps of pork you can expect to find in some of our informative manuals or reliable meat thermometers.

According to USDA, there are three types of doneness levels that the internal temp of pork can be safely cooked to, these are: Medium, Medium Well Done and Well Done.

Level 1: Medium

Cooking to the lowest pork done temp, will get you medium cooked pig. The USDA has approved the temperature of 160ºF/71ºC for a medium cook for pork. This will give you a pink/reddish cook that will be tender and juicy.

Level 2: Medium Well Done

The USDA approved pork cooking temperature for a medium well done pork cut is 165ºF/74ºC. Although only a few degrees cooking difference from medium, expect to see a tender and solid colored cook that is perfect for those who are not picky on which type of doneness they prefer.

Level 3: Well Done

The final level of USDA approved doneness is a well done cook. This cook will give you a tougher and dryer cook from medium well done but will still maintain the succulent and juiciness of your pork. Expect to see some dark spots on your pork if cooking on the BBQ, but not to worry, we’re only worried about the internal temperature, not the external look.


These three levels of doneness are represented by an easy to read doneness level chart in our ThermoPro manuals. At ThermoPro we want to give customers the best cooking experience possible with our digital technology so that you can improve your cooking skill. When trying to guess the pork cooking temperature of your cut, it is better to not guess at all. Follow the USDA approved temperatures with our reliable and accurate ThermoPro’s and expect the best results yet!

Instead of memorizing all these temps or checking back every time you cook, simply pick up a ThermoPro digital thermometer. Some models will have the settings programmed into their memory, while other models will have them written inside your owner’s manual.

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