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What is Temperature Danger Zone and How to Avoid?

food tgemperature danger zone

What is the Temperature Danger Zone and What it Should Mean to You? When it comes to cooking and cooling down food, it’s important to know the food temperature danger zone and how to avoid food exposure to this zone over over a certain time period. Avoiding the danger zone will limit the potential to […]

Best Meat Thermometer Review 2018

Best Meat Thermometer Review 2018

Whether you’re a professional chef, a self-proclaimed grill master or a home cook, food safety is a primary concern. Food must be carefully handled to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure that it is safe to eat. Under-cooked meat can cause serious health issues and can even lead to death. For this reason, a meat thermometer […]

How to Calibrate Food Thermometers for Accuracy

How to calibrate digital food thermometer

You should never assume that your food thermometer is always correct. Many times, people think that the problem is with their cooker when the temperature readings don’t make sense. Although the cooker might  be at fault sometimes, it is not always the case. For example, if you notice that the food temperature doesn’t go past […]