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How to Get the Most of an Electric Smoker

Thermopro Thermometer for Electric Smokers

Even if you are a novice cook, you can successfully use an electric smoker. This outdoor appliance will allow you to cook outdoors, and it is a lot more convenient than traditional smokers. However, there can be a learning curve to using one. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to figure out […]

Two Zone Fire Grilling

two zone fire grilling

A lot of amateur barbecue enthusiasts light up their entire grill before cooking everything directly over the flames. But did you know the two-zone fire grilling which allows you to grill at several Temperatures? If not, let’s follow me to know more about what a two-zone fire is in a moment, and we’ll go over […]

Hot Smoking Vs. Cold Smoking


Adding smoky flavor to any food creates a taste like no other, but did you know there’s more than one way to do it? What is the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking meat? How can these methods be used safely? Let’s follow me to know more about it! Hot and Cold Smoking Definition […]

Ultimate Temperature Guide for Medium Rare Hamburger

medium rare burgers

A delicious burger is something that every grill aficionado loves to make. However, there is a huge difference between a decent burger and a perfect burger. To make the perfect burger for any event, you have to be able to cook it medium-rare, and that requires you to get familiar with the timing involved, and […]

Full Guide for Digital Cooking Thermometer

digital cooking thermometer

Cooking with a digital cooking thermometer and/or a wireless cooking thermometer provides more precise heat control and greater food safety. You can cook meats to order and complex foods like hard candy-like the pros do. Using a thermometer for cooking is easy once you understand the process. Some cooks like to cook on the grill, […]

Filet Mignon Temperatures and Doneness

filet mignon doneness

Never use a steak’s appearance or touch to assume you correctly cooked it. Because leaner cuts like filet mignon contain less fat, always use a ThermoPro Meat Thermometer to ensure the internal temperature matches filet mignon medium rare temp, filet mignon medium temp or any other requested doneness. Filet Medium Temperature Knowledge Base A filet […]

How to Avoid Chicken Burnt Outside Raw Inside?

chicken burnt outside raw inside

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? Fried chicken brings back memories of childhood picnics, family dinners, and comfort food. Cooking the perfect fried chicken is an art. Too often fried chicken is chicken burnt outside raw inside or burnt outside uncooked inside. Fortunately, anyone can learn to fry chicken to perfection. There are a few important […]

ThermoPro TP19 Review – Easy to use Instant-Read Food Thermometer

TP 19

Have you ever been using a food thermometer, and the screen was simply too difficult to read? A lot of food thermometers have narrow view angles, dark displays, and slow read speeds. If you’re a left-handed individual, those problems are even worse. Most food thermometers are oriented for right-handed people, and lefties are typically forced […]