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How to Monitor Cellar Humidity and Temperature Effectively?

how to monitor cellar humidity and temperature

Since wine ages with grace, how well you store it determines the quality. Therefore, maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity is important. However, you have to monitor cellar humidity and temperature since the average room temperature and humidity levels are not ideal for your wine. The following tips will help you to create the ideal […]

How to Maintain Greenhouse Inside Humidity?

how to maintain greenhouse humidity

Depending on the season, temperatures can get quite high and in turn, increase moisture in greenhouses. Water will evaporate from leaves and the soil doubling the humidity levels in the greenhouse. Every plant requires certain levels of moisture for growth healthily. This causes the need to maintain humidity in greenhouse a priority. Before you think […]

How to Control Humidity for Musical Instruments?

how to control humidity for musical instruments

Musical instruments play important roles for most people. For some, they provide a calming effect and a sense of fulfillment. Checking the humidity level for musical instruments allows you to protect them. Humidity control is especially important if you have any instruments that are made of wood. This article will delve into all the different […]

What is the Best Humidity and Temperature for Cigars?

what is the best humidity and temperature for cigars

There are two types of cigar smokers, a casual smoker, and an aficionado. The latter might know everything about improving the quality of a cigar. Even as a casual smoker, you need to know the difference between a rapid, uneven burn and an enjoyable experience. Keeping your cigars fresh necessitates for you to understand everything […]

Ideal Indoor Humidity for Winter

ThermoPro Temperature and Humidity Monitor

When Jack Frost comes visiting this year, he’ll bring with him chilly toes and cold fingers. But that cold stranger may also bring hidden problems to your home in the form of low indoor humidity in winter. Low humidity can bring all sorts of issues that can negatively affect your health and your home. So […]

The Effects of Low Humidity and How to Deal With it

low humidity effects

Did you know that dry hair can damage your skin, eyes, and even respiratory tract? If you have been feeling sick lately, then it could simply be that you have decreased humidity in your home. With seasons changing, it can often be the dip in water vapor that causes you to feel like you have […]