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ThermoPro TempSpike Plus 600-ft Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer​

ThermoPro TempSpike Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer Features:

Bluetooth thermometer for smoker uses the latest Bluetooth technology to ping meat temperature info from up to 600FT away without obstacles, allowing you to keep tabs on your meal from anywhere and say goodbye to grilling-induced stress!

The TempSpike Plus probe is made thinner for meat of different sizes, even those little tiny cuts, ensure minimal loss of juices and preserve the original form at the greatest extent

The meat thermometer digital wireless is 100% wire-free, making it a versatile tool for rotisserie, air fryer, deep fryer, oven, grill, smoker, BBQ and more; Highly accurate internal & ambient readings help ensure your meat is cook to perfection everytime!

The wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking app equipped with customizable, temperature-triggered alerts and guidelines on USDA-recommended temperatures, helps you nail your cooks in the short term and master your grilling techniques in the long run

With IP67 waterproof and upgraded technique, the probe of this wireless meat thermometer can be rinsed under running water, making it incredibly convenient and time saving.

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TempSpike Plus Buy 1 Get 1 Free
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