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ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

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  • DUAL KITCHEN TIMER】Digital Dual Timer has a dual display to simutaneously set and monitor two timing events. The cooking timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it suitable for a variety of uses;
  • LARGE DIGITS TIMER WITH BACKLIT DISPLAY】With the clear display featuring large digits, you’ll only need a glance even from across the room to easily read the 2.6 inch LCD screen. 
  • Small, Loud Timer with Adjustable Volume】High/medium/low volume levels (70-105 DB) to be as loud as you want to ensure nothing is forgotten or quiet as you want to not disturb others! Unique mute mode reminds you silently without making any noise!
  • Calender Clock Mode & Multiple Placement Options】With a tabletop stand and magnetic back, this allows for ideal placement either on the counter or fridge to view the calender clock mode when the timer is not in use! Read the date and time anywhere you wish!
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY! 】REGISTER your magnetic kitchen timer after purchase and INCREASE YOUR WARRANTY COVERAGE FROM 1 YEAR TO 3 YEARS;
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ThermoPro Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

The ThermoPro TM02 is a multifunctional timer with the capability of setting two timers and displaying the date, and time all at the same time! This feature packed device ensures you never forget anything, be it those timed vegetables or your child’s soccer practice! Perfect for cooking, baking but can also be applied to other activates like exercise, homework, and controlling video game time! Monitor your time Like a Pro!

  • Display: Full LCD Backlight Display
  • Dual Countdown Timer
  • Clock and date function: 12/24-hour time format
  • Max countdown time:23hour 59 minutes
  • High/medium/low volume with quiet mode
ThermoPro Idea

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Kitchen Timer
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

Wirelessly Track Multiple Locations

Temperature and humidity gauge displays readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors that can as far as 200ft/60m away from the base station. With the long range, feel free to position your sensors anywhere that best suits your needs. (Additional sensors are available for purchase)

ThermoPro Timer Design

3 Volume Levels

WIth 3 volume settings & a silent mode, 70-105DB is loud enough even for people hard of hearing.

ThemoPro Timer 2-3

Calendar Clock Mode

This timer also has a builtin calender and clock mode to keep you aware of those important upcoming events!

ThermoPro Timer Placement

Multiple Placement Options

Place your digital timer and lock wherever it’s most suitable for your environment such as the countertop with the stand or magnetize to your fridge.


Q: Can each timer can countup?
A: No, you can only count down.


7 reviews for ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

  1. Mary Burch

    I bought this timer because unless I’m right in the kitchen seated near my smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven, I can’t hear the built in timer on the smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven go off when I’m in another room or when our 5 dogs barking at deer or wild turkeys who strut into our yard.

    I love the adjustable volume on this timer and I’m astounded by how loud it can get, loud enough to drown out the barking or howling of our 5 dogs and when any of our 28 grandchildren come for a visit! That’s loud! [Smile] Even the lowest volume is loud which is wonderful.

    The blue backlight is an awesome feature making it much easier to read the timer or clock or find out what today’s date is, and because it quickly turns off by itself, the light isn’t annoying at all.

    The magnets on the back hold this timer firmly onto our fridge when I’m cooking and the stand is very useful when I sit this timer on the table beside my recliner in the living room while I’m watching TV while I’m waiting for something to cook in my smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven.

    This timer is the perfect size to slip into the pocket of my pants if I want to sit outside on the deck briefly or if I want to know how long it takes me to walk down to the next street and back for anyone who asks because I’m unable to drive anymore.

    The stainless steel on this timer makes this a perfect addition to my kitchen with all stainless steel appliances including my smart oven, microwave oven and full size oven.

    The low cost for such a high quality timer really amazes me! I honestly wasn’t expecting this timer to be so fantastic and useful for things other than just cooking! Example: I set this timer for 3 minutes when my 15 year old granddaughter who I’m raising and I are brushing our teeth for example.

    I also love that when I’m not using one of the 2 timers, I keep it set as an accurate clock with the month, day, and year displayed!

  2. Joey Cono

    I have a oven thermometer by ThermoPro and because of the quality of that probe I purchased this timer. I made the right move as this priduct is of equal quality.
    Attractive, well made and very functional. Love the fact it has dual timers. My only criticism is that of clearing the timer to zero. Kind of awkward to do, but overall, the best.

  3. Mr. Mean John Polack

    Great timer and alarm, really loud alert and magnetized so you put it up just about anywhere in the kitchen where we use it. It also has a nice kickstand so you can sit it on the table or coffee table in the room where your sitting…

  4. Victoria L.

    Great timer, bought it for my Mom who is hard of hearing and burnt several batches of Christmas cookies because she didn’t hear her old timer. 🙂 Works perfectly. It took a few tries for her to become familiar with it, but I couldn’t have bought a more perfect timer for her.

  5. dexter

    I love it!!
    It doubles as a great clock ( especially for SENIOR CITIZENS! DATE AND TIME!!!!)
    Then we the switch goes to 2 timers!.
    Timers are not just for food, you know.
    Set a timer for a project you dread. Do 5 minutes on it. Or use the timer for childrens homework so they can break between sessions.

  6. Desert Dogs2

    Love these little timers! You can time two different things at once, they are very easy to set, and their ring is almost pleasant (adjustable volume). I have one for the garden to time when and what I am watering and one for the kitchen. Best timer I’ve ever had!

  7. Steve P. Paynter

    Love this timer. Nice feature that when timer goes off & you stop it, it resets to the same time you 1st set, which is nice say when your baking batches of cookies so you don’t have to reset timer after ea batch. Also nice & loud so no chance you’ll miss it when it goes off.

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