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ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

(454 customer reviews)

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  • DUAL KITCHEN TIMER】Digital Dual Timer has a dual display to simutaneously set and monitor two timing events; The cooking timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as cooking, exercise, control video game time, kids’ activities and meetings;
  • LARGE DIGITS TIMER WITH BACKLIT DISPLAY】With the clear display featuring large digits, you’ll only need a glance even from across the room to easily read the 2.6 inch LCD screen; The large display features a backlight fuction to ensure you can always read the display or adjust settings even in dim light conditions. 
  • Small, Loud Timer with Adjustable Volume】High/medium/low volume levels (70-105 DB) to be as loud as you want to ensure nothing is forgotten or quiet as you want to not disturb others; Unique mute mode reminds you silently without making any noise!
  • Calendar Clock Mode & Multiple Placement Options】With a tabletop stand and magnetic back, this allows for ideal placement either on the counter or fridge to view the calender clock mode when the timer is not in use; Read the date and time anywhere you wish!
  • User-friendly design memory program】Our digital kitchen timer restores the last timer date after the countdown finish. Convenient operation for multiple sets of the same countdown situation.
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ThermoPro Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

The ThermoPro TM02 is a multifunctional timer with the capability of setting two timers and displaying the date, and time all at the same time! This feature packed device ensures you never forget anything, be it those timed vegetables or your child’s soccer practice! Perfect for cooking, baking but can also be applied to other activates like exercise, homework, and controlling video game time! Monitor your time Like a Pro!

  • Display: Full LCD Backlight Display
  • Dual Countdown Timer
  • Clock and date function: 12/24-hour time format
  • Max countdown time:23hour 59 minutes
  • High/medium/low volume with quiet mode
ThermoPro Idea

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Kitchen Timer
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

Wirelessly Track Multiple Locations

Temperature and humidity gauge displays readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors that can as far as 200ft/60m away from the base station. With the long range, feel free to position your sensors anywhere that best suits your needs. (Additional sensors are available for purchase)

ThermoPro Timer Design

3 Volume Levels

WIth 3 volume settings & a silent mode, 70-105DB is loud enough even for people hard of hearing.

ThemoPro Timer 2-3

Calendar Clock Mode

This timer also has a builtin calender and clock mode to keep you aware of those important upcoming events!

ThermoPro Timer Placement

Multiple Placement Options

Place your digital timer and lock wherever it’s most suitable for your environment such as the countertop with the stand or magnetize to your fridge.


Q: Can each timer can countup?
A: No, you can only count down.


454 reviews for ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

  1. rcrostwrt

    We love all ThermoPro products – we have several. This dual kitchen timer is especially cool. The design is sleek and attractive, it’s easy to set and read, the magnet is plenty strong enough to hold it in place, and the volume adjustment is a real plus in a house the size of ours (big). Bottom line, it’s everything a kitchen timer should be.

  2. Mary Burch

    I bought this timer because unless I’m right in the kitchen seated near my smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven, I can’t hear the built in timer on the smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven go off when I’m in another room or when our 5 dogs barking at deer or wild turkeys who strut into our yard.

    I love the adjustable volume on this timer and I’m astounded by how loud it can get, loud enough to drown out the barking or howling of our 5 dogs and when any of our 28 grandchildren come for a visit! That’s loud! [Smile] Even the lowest volume is loud which is wonderful.

    The blue backlight is an awesome feature making it much easier to read the timer or clock or find out what today’s date is, and because it quickly turns off by itself, the light isn’t annoying at all.

    The magnets on the back hold this timer firmly onto our fridge when I’m cooking and the stand is very useful when I sit this timer on the table beside my recliner in the living room while I’m watching TV while I’m waiting for something to cook in my smart oven or microwave oven or full size oven.

    This timer is the perfect size to slip into the pocket of my pants if I want to sit outside on the deck briefly or if I want to know how long it takes me to walk down to the next street and back for anyone who asks because I’m unable to drive anymore.

    The stainless steel on this timer makes this a perfect addition to my kitchen with all stainless steel appliances including my smart oven, microwave oven and full size oven.

    The low cost for such a high quality timer really amazes me! I honestly wasn’t expecting this timer to be so fantastic and useful for things other than just cooking! Example: I set this timer for 3 minutes when my 15 year old granddaughter who I’m raising and I are brushing our teeth for example.

    I also love that when I’m not using one of the 2 timers, I keep it set as an accurate clock with the month, day, and year displayed!

  3. Joey Cono

    I have a oven thermometer by ThermoPro and because of the quality of that probe I purchased this timer. I made the right move as this priduct is of equal quality.
    Attractive, well made and very functional. Love the fact it has dual timers. My only criticism is that of clearing the timer to zero. Kind of awkward to do, but overall, the best.

  4. Mr. Mean John Polack

    Great timer and alarm, really loud alert and magnetized so you put it up just about anywhere in the kitchen where we use it. It also has a nice kickstand so you can sit it on the table or coffee table in the room where your sitting…

  5. Victoria L.

    Great timer, bought it for my Mom who is hard of hearing and burnt several batches of Christmas cookies because she didn’t hear her old timer. 🙂 Works perfectly. It took a few tries for her to become familiar with it, but I couldn’t have bought a more perfect timer for her.

  6. dexter

    I love it!!
    It doubles as a great clock ( especially for SENIOR CITIZENS! DATE AND TIME!!!!)
    Then we the switch goes to 2 timers!.
    Timers are not just for food, you know.
    Set a timer for a project you dread. Do 5 minutes on it. Or use the timer for childrens homework so they can break between sessions.

  7. Desert Dogs2

    Love these little timers! You can time two different things at once, they are very easy to set, and their ring is almost pleasant (adjustable volume). I have one for the garden to time when and what I am watering and one for the kitchen. Best timer I’ve ever had!

  8. Steve P. Paynter

    Love this timer. Nice feature that when timer goes off & you stop it, it resets to the same time you 1st set, which is nice say when your baking batches of cookies so you don’t have to reset timer after ea batch. Also nice & loud so no chance you’ll miss it when it goes off.

  9. Dmarie4near

    I love the look and feel of this timer. Very easy to read and set. The reason for only 4 stars is that within the first week one of the magnets fell off while it was hanging on the fridge.

  10. Long Island Jim


  11. KC Bugs

    I own several other ThermoPro products. But, somehow, had no idea they marketed timers too.
    Simply based on previous experience with ThermoPro customer service, this purchase was a no-brainer. They simply stand by their products.

    It looks and works great, is easy to use, read and program. And, has more functionality than simple timers found elsewhere.

  12. brenda

    It took me a while to master it, but I really like this timer. Once you understand how it works it is easy. You just have to check the back and make sure it is set for the proper function.

  13. NOLA User

    I love this timer. It allows me to time 2 separate events and it’s loud. I have no problem hearing it in another room.

  14. Kindle Customer

    Slightly difficult to program. Beeps when setting ti.er, or the time -very very loud…makes my dog bark

  15. Paula – Kindle Customer

    I finally found a timer that works and isn’t real tricky to use. I don’t understand why they stopped selling those that were even easier to use, made by Taylor. Hopefully I won’t regret this timer purchase like so many others.

  16. Brian R Zartman

    Large digital readouts

  17. GeneW

    Very attractive in stainless steel. Best multiple alarm I’ve seen (has two “easy to set” alarms). Adjustable, very loud alarm. Easy to read. Magnetic which is convenient to stick on frig, oven, etc. if it is steel. Very good quality and good value.

  18. M. C.

    I like writing when I find a good product. And though I have just received this, I did try it out right away. Out of teh box, it is easy to understand the instructions, and set it up — no problems at all, simple in fact. Easy to see, and I like that blue hue in the background when it is running. An alarm goes off when it reaches the end of the timer — loud enough, but not offensively loud. Worth the $$ — I’ll update if needed, but hoping that there are no issues going Forward as I really do like this timer. Better than any kitchen timer I have ever bought, so will use it in the kitchen too. I bought it for timing myself for presentations so I don’t overrun my time. Great device and easy to carry around.

  19. Papa Jerry

    I liked the digital screen with large numbers and adjustable alarm which could be adjusted loud enough to be heard from another room. Also has strong magnets on the back which makes it able to attach to the front of refrigerator door.

  20. Satisfied Customer

    Like the timer – our only dislike is the volume of even the lowest setting. The beeping to set the timer for even 20 minutes gets a little annoying.

  21. Carolyn Johnson

    The only problem I had at first was learning how to use it!!! The buttons on the right side were confusing till I kept using it and got the hang of it. Still do if I don’t concentrate, but really glad I got it!

  22. Geoffrey Geisz

    Easy to program, easy read and easy to cancel.

  23. dlahawaii shopper

    Love this timer! I would give it a 10 of I could. Looks great, has a great magnet. I love that it has two timers. It has been used so often already, very convenient. Just what I was looking for!

  24. Alfredo

    It’s great I loved

  25. L.F.

    This timer is great in the fact that I can time two things at once. I use it daily for going my sourdough and baking. However, the one thing I dislike about it is that you have to push a switch on the back to go from the clock to the timers. It would be super nice if that was a simple button option in the front maybe? Otherwise a good purchase!

  26. Avery’s Nana

    This timer ⏱I s easy to use, big numbers easy to see and the alarm is loud so you can hear over other noises. Also I love the magnet so I can keep up with it!

  27. JoyceAnn Pickett

    Easy to use and set timer!

  28. Rob

    It seems like a decent timer but the alarm noise reminded me of a smoke detector. I had to return it.

  29. Linda Morrison

    Easy to use and read. Sound is pleasant.
    Wish it stayed lit up longer

  30. ARl

    Like the timer. Timer is loud even on lowest setting.

  31. NL

    Great timer but unbelievably loud!!!

  32. Stanford Picker

    First timer I’ve had that is easy to use and can be heard.

  33. Kindle Customer

    Good timer

  34. karen

    Easy to use


    Love it. Beeper is just a bit to loud.

  36. Jim Schmidtlein

    Everything met my expectations.

  37. Jane E.

    I love the timer. It’s very smart looking and the sound alert is awesome. It’s loud…great!

  38. Romona Cetnar

    My husband is hard of hearing. He can hear this timer. It’s easy to use you can control the volume what’s not to like!

  39. Jimmy C. Snowden

    Easy to set dual timers

  40. Kevin Alford

    It is justvas described.

  41. Robert L. Willcox

    works as advertised

  42. Leanna Rominger

    Used for timed processes during brewing beers.

  43. Mike Ikeuchi

    Large read out,makes it easy to see when you are across the room

  44. John

    Just what i needed.


    Having two timers is a bug plus. Each can run independently.

  46. bg

    looks very nice works well

  47. haroldsson

    It’s fine

  48. Ron S.


  49. TC Wilson

    Great timer. I just bought a 2nd one for another area.

  50. Hiram Shaw


  51. JR

    Multifunctional display easy to read from a distance and having 2 timers is a plus if you are cooking multiple items.

  52. Artie Fletcher

    loud as can be, 2 different timers

  53. 2cortenfour

    I like the features – except if you’re going to include a clock function it would be more convenient to have the switch on the front of the timer so you don’t have to take it off the fridge to switch it back and forth

  54. G. Pealer

    Just as advertised. Wow, what a concept.

  55. Colin Ungaro

    Excellent countertop dual timer, clock that is easy to read and to hear. The back lighting is also very strong. Very satisfied with this product.

  56. Henry Lew

    great product, exactly what I needed

  57. J brock

    Very loud even on low no babies or parents not hearing this one looks nice

  58. John Perez

    Do what it’s supposed to do

  59. Matt L

    Works well. Loud alarm on it. Easy to read.

  60. Rachel Brophy

    Easy to use, great volume which is hard to ignore which is exactly what I needed!

  61. Dunwoody Bill

    It looks and feels like a quality timer. Easy to read. Easy to set.

  62. Kathleen A. Weaver

    beautiful instrument well suited for the amateur kitchen.

  63. LEROY

    I know it has magnets in the back but I put Velcro in the back too make sure its secure to a surface, looks like a solid device and loud adjustable alarm.

  64. Chef R

    amazing functionality for the price, compact but easy to see from across the kitchen. love the adjustable volume and 2-channel capability. I use it at work, it’s paid for itself many times over

  65. J. Gaylord

    Very good timer. Large clearly readable numbers. And, it is easy to use. I love the dual timer.

  66. Dave

    Very good***********
    Also it has a very lough sound it go’s from no sound till you can’t stand it.

  67. Blzr

    Easy to read & use!
    Great for the $$$

  68. Beverly Carol Tait

    I really like that I can time 2 things at once.

  69. Richard Ledington

    Very easy to use and read. The two timers are Sweet! The magnets on the back are strong enough to hold solidly in place. Just note that magnets do not work as well on stainless steel.

  70. Carolyn P. Campbell

    Have used it numerous times.
    Always works as expected

  71. Jon Quarles

    I really like the quality of this kitchen timer (see review title), it’s easy to use, simple learning curve after using two button single timer for last 10 years. Just buy it, you will not be disappointed.

  72. Jerome Walls

    Excellent kitchen tool. A “must have” for all the cooks in the house.

  73. Lee Mac

    Set up immediately. Didn’t need directions. Gave it a test run for a few minutes on each timer.
    Very satisfied.

  74. Critic

    Larger than most similar items, Makes it easier to read. Seems accurate.

  75. F Garry

    I really like this product, especially the 2 timers it has on it. You also can adjust the volume on the buzzer. So far so good,

  76. Louise

    I use this to time my bake goods, so I know when they are ready to come out of the oven

  77. Anne Wiser

    Easy to set click and date, year. But SUPPOSEDLY times two different thingd. Can not get #1 to work. #2 dies work.

  78. Fran W

    This is easy to read , easy to program , adjustable sound on the Alarm …

  79. Old Timer

    Well designed. Large buttons. Very readable. Strong magnet!

  80. Richard A. Neider

    I like the larger font size and ease of operation. 2 timers and clock work flawlessly. Hope lasts till I pass on!

  81. avidreader

    Love the dual timer function, large numbers, clock feature,
    Ilumimated dial when setting, plenty loud alarm. Easy to use

  82. Anne E

    The timer did more than I expected–included clock with date. Can use as magnet or with attached stand. Arrived early, well packaged.

  83. Jose L. Trevino

    This little gadget was inexpensive yet attractive and very easy to use. The sound is not too loud but loud enough. I just absolutely love this thing.thank you

  84. Matthew P.Howley

    I love this timer! Blue background, large & easy to read numbers, strong magnets and intuitive to use. Two separate timers put the cherry on top!

  85. MH

    We stuck it on the fridge, next to the oven. Having two timers on the one device lets us do more with it. It’s really good.

  86. SS

    It was certainly better to purchase this timer than to get the timer fixed on my oven. $400.00 vs. $20? No contest. But the bonus was that it works great. Easy to use with a nice, loud alarm. Good purchase.

  87. Warren

    This is a great timer for barbecuing and kitchen. It has nice large numbers that are easy to read. The fold out stand is very handy. I like having two timers is which I use frequently. When not in use I switch to clock mode and put on my refrigerator.

  88. gigi

    Easy to use. Large numbers. Backlit. Can soften alarm. What’s not to like? So many features. Strong magnets, too.

  89. JohnH

    Well made, very easy reading, magnets are excellent, it’ll really stick to your fridge. This is a
    really nice item. A good buy, I’m glad this is the one I chose.

  90. C. Salisbury

    I time everything. Cooking, water boiling. I don’t want to overcook anything. Plus, working at home, I don’t want to miss meetings, so I sometimes set a timer.

  91. Janice Angelini

    Not as large as photos made it appear – which is great! I thought it might be too big, but it’s a good size. The tone of the ‘beep’ is a bit sharp and loud, even on the lowest setting. I need a timer frequently for baking and the dual timers are great for that. Very pleased with this purchase.

  92. ROBERT

    A great timer. We have a Thermopro professioal timer also, that can be heard at the far end of a large house. This one is nearly as loud on the highest setting.

  93. K C

    Great timer, I love it. The adjustable alarm is really loud. Startling in fact! When the timer goes off, you WILL hear it! My only complaint…I wish that it wouldn’t beep so loud when you are setting the timer. Highly recommend.

  94. Kathleen L. Mizejewski

    Great Timer/Clock!! Love the strong magnets!! Put on my stove and stays perfectly. Love the clock option as the clock is broken on my stove. Easy to use!! Wish the timer /clock switch was on the front of unit!! Otherwise excellent and looks great!!

  95. djohns

    Clock and timer is very bright and easy to read. The alarm is loud and can be heard anywhere ion the house

  96. Julie

    I really like this timer. The fact that I can do two at the same time is awesome! And I can switch one over to a clock is extremely helpful.

  97. Peter Pav

    The timer is awesome. The only complaint I would have, and it’s not even a big deal, the “alarm” sound is super loud. Even on the lowest setting it is really loud. Otherthan that it’s great. Still give it 5 stars.

  98. Leland T.

    Works fine, easy to set and plenty loud. Let’s you set two timers for different times. The magnets hold it securely on the fridge. It’s also a digital clock.

  99. Tari Dowling

    I love it. It has time & date as well as a stopwatch & 2 timers. U can have the alarm soft or loud. It also has a kick out stand or u can use the magnets & it has a blue light 2 light up screen. I bought 2😁

  100. D. Lane

    I am a professional cook and use this timer in my kitchen. Easy to use and read, includes time and date display, can time 2 items simultaneously.

  101. BugDr

    Great 2 channel timer. Unlike many digital timers, this one is intuitive to use – no need to keep instructions nearby. It’s bright, easy to read, and attractive on the counter. My only criticism is that the lowest volume level is still too loud.

  102. Laurent S.

    Although it has a Clock/Date function that I will never use, the two timers are very beneficial. The magnets are strong. I have mine on the hood vent above the stove. There are three levels of volume for the beeper and any setting works great for me.

  103. Glorym

    Tested timer and set the clock. Needed this timer because the one on my range beeps much too low. This one can be heard outside of the kitchen. Hope it remains this way.

  104. Steven

    The ThermoPro TM02 was a good buy, everything about it shows of quality. I love the big digital numbers, the loud buzzer, it counts up and down, and it has a clock. So much for so little, and that’s saying a lot for such a small asking price. I just love it!

  105. Sharon

    I have had similar timers over the years. But NONE was as loud! I love hearing it because I love that I can hear it! I was able to set the time of day and use the timer with only a glance at the directions. I will buy this again as a gift and I will recommend this timer!

  106. David L. Ellis

    The timer is relatively easy to set. Clearing a setting is not quite as easy but acceptable. The time appears to be accurate enough for cooking. The clock appears to keep good time.

  107. blue10

    This timer is great for ease of use and readability. The one draw back is the ear piercing volume for the timer. Wow! We ended up placing tape over the alarm, muffling it enough to tolerste. It would be great for a noisy setting. I would definitely buy this again.

  108. paully_10

    I use this in my gym and for cooking this timer has a great alarm on it
    and the function buttons can be understood by any teenager or adult.
    I like the stand in the back and the price was fair and good enough to make
    a decision.

  109. Missileman

    Good timer with two settings. The negative is that the alarm is extremely loud even on the lowest level. If outside, can be heard 100 yards away. Stuck to a refrigerator is acceptable

  110. Loves Moose

    Because I have difficulty hearing, I needed a louder timer. This one one is definitely louder than what I had. Also the volume is adjustable. This one one has a memory & I like that feature as well. I am very pleased with my new timer.

  111. Marx Lives

    Funciona bien, la pantalla es clara. Toma un ratito aprender a usarlo ya que las instrucciones son pesimas, pero aprendes al toque. La alarma es bien alta, todavía no se como bajarlw el volumen .

  112. The Virginia Kid

    Well, my old timer had died of a good death after a long time of use. This is such a great modern timer that not only serves as a clock or a dual timer. It is easy to read and use and attaches to my refrigerator.

  113. Madlu

    I love that I can set the timer for two different times. That is a handy feature. I also love that it has a clock on it and often my eyes go right to it for the time. Great product and easy to read.

  114. Michael.S

    In order to switch from clock to timer, or back, one has to turn the unit over, put on your glasses and hold the unit to the light in order to see the small switch and smaller letters. Neither the clock nor the timer stops flashing, which needlessly drains the batteries. Otherwise nice to look at and quite functional.

  115. Mercedes B

    I just moved into a house with a gourmet kitchen and the microwave is hidden. There also isn’t a clock or timer on the stove, so I was using my phone to time things in the oven. I purchased this clock/timer and it’s perfect. Super small and clean looking. It is magnetic so I it stays on our fridge. I have it in clock mode most of the time and simply flip the switch on the back once I want to time something. Thumbs up, peeps

  116. Karen B Palmer

    the switch to control clock or timer is on the back. A bit awkward. I’m getting used to it.
    My biggest disappointment is that it only does hours and minutes and not seconds. I like to cook a soft boiled egg for 4min. and 30 sec. This is annoying.

  117. Spin’n my Wheels

    Looks good and easy to use. Nice clock function although you need to remember to switch it back from timer to clock if you need it. Magnets are strong. Very loud , even on low volume setting. Solved easily enough with a piece of duct tape over the speaker on the back.

  118. N. Greene

    Our new oven doesn’t have a clock or timer built-in, and this timer is the perfect addition. Easy to use, super effective, and fits nicely on the oven near the dials (where a clock/timer would typically be). One of the magnets wasn’t secure, but a spot of glue fixed that right up. Exactly what I was looking for!

  119. J.J. Egan

    I’ve tried them all, and this is the best timer ever! I needed a loud alarm tone and this one blares like a smoke alarm! I like that it lights up and while I didn’t think that I would use the dual timer function, I love it and use it all the time. Best buy I’ve made after trying a bunch of duds.

  120. Dennis Lish

    It’s very easy and quick to use. It’s easy to read and easy to hear. It’s important in that it gives you the tool to make sure you know how much time your recipe needs and no matter what you’re doing, it’s gets you to your food in time, so that it’s perfect and not dry and burnt. That’s why I bought it. One phone call and you can kill hours of work and waste lots of money on food and look like incompetent. I’ve already saved a few a things. No more embarrassing or disappointing moments.

  121. Jeff

    This timer really looks nice with the stainless look blending in well in the kitchen. The display is bright and easy to read. I wish there was a way that it wouldn’t reset to the existing time and would just start at zero without having to clear the time. It would have gotten five stars except for the alarm being so loud. There are three levels of loudness and the quietest is still way too loud.

  122. Neta Amit

    Overall this is a pretty good and useful product.
    I like the strong magnet, the large digits, and clear buttons. I also like the Repeat function which resets a timer to the previous value.
    For an apartment, the Low volume is way too high – I had to stick a cotton ball around the speaker. I’d like to have a much lower Low.
    I miss not having a Seconds button, as in my previous Oster timer.
    I wish there were separate tones, one (or several) for each timer.

  123. Steven P

    Love my new timer and the fact that it has two timers in the same timer. I didn’t know that it will also count up from 0:00 so you can see how long something has been cooking (no alarm). The countdown timer is easy to set and the alarm volume is loud but can also be adjusted lower.

  124. LEE C.

    What a great product! Sets up easily in less than 2 minutes, large digital viewing for easy reading, nice backlight, use as clock or timer, easily set up count down or count up timers simultaneously, adjustable alarm sound. This Therm Pro clock and timer is pure genius. I am ordering 2 more. Thank you Therm Pro!!

  125. Happy Customer

    I do a lot of pressure cooking and simmering on the stove. Often I cannot hear when kitchen appliances ‘beep’ This dual timer goes with me so I know when something in the kitchen is ready. Also, it is super convenient to time that occasional afternoon nap. Set it for the amount of time rather than setting a regular alarm clock Scalable volume is awesome too.

  126. Bob

    Ok, you can set the timer and clock features without reading the directions – but read the directions and it will take less time. Also, get used to pressing the HR, Start/Stop, and MIN buttons at the same time to get the alarm to stop beeping. Initial setting for the alarm is BEEPING!!!! Loud enough to scare the dog! There’s a tiny button on the back that lets you set the volume. Set to the lowest volume, dog no longer scared.

    These keep really accurate clock time, and it’s so nice to have four timers (2 devices), especially with multi-pot/pan efforts.

  127. J. Grantham

    Ordered this timer because the timer on my new oven could only be heard if one was standing right next to the oven. The ThermoPro timer is loud enough to be heard from other parts of the house. It was a little hard to figure out how to clear it after one had stopped the alarm. It also requires two hands to clear the timer. I like that it has two alarms since I have a double oven. I can set different times for different ovens. I would purchase this again.

  128. Tommie C Sisco

    Have been using this timer for over a month, while cooking with pellet grill & smoker. The setup is simple, one you understand the timer function is selected with a switch on the back. The double timer comes in handy when you smoking and the grilling or you have two different foods on the grill and different times are required when done. The magnet hold is very good, just be careful where you place it. Transfer of heat is the problem, not the device..

  129. Barbara Fox

    I love this timer! I like that I can set two different times on it so I don’t forget one thing I’m doing while I’m involved with another thing I’m doing (would I do that?). Very easy to read and with my aging eyesight this is a big plus. Can be set quickly, no muss no fuss. I also like that it’s magnetized on the back, I can stick it on the fridge (and it doesn’t slide off if I open the fridge/freezer door) while I’m fixing a meal and I won’t get it messy (would I do that?). Not too big, not too small, it’s just right!

  130. Gadget Lover

    This is an excellent product especially for the money. Comes with batteries and is easy to operate. The two timers are very handy in the kitchen. It seems well built, durable and has strong magnets to stick to the refrigerator or other surfaces. The only qualms I have is that switching between the timer and the clock function requires you to pull it off the refrigerator and throw a switch on the back. This should be a button on the front of the device. The other problem (albiet very small) the kickstand needs to be wider because when you stand it up to use on a counter it falls over pretty easily. These are minor issues.

  131. Okiejon

    Beautiful , functional economical timer. It times up or down for up to 24 hours. I think it was designed for a high noisy background industrial or commercial kitchen. It has 3 volume levels but I can’t tell they change the volume. It has an unpleasant high piercing smoke alarm type sound. Luckily there is a grove around the speaker opening that I could pack with cotton and put tape over it. It is still plenty loud but not unpleasant. I would recommend it but if it is for your residence, buy some cotton for it or your ears. I wish it would automatically switch to the time and date when not being used for a timer.

  132. M. Prieto

    If this were waterproof, you could use it on the water in your kayak to alert the authorities if you were in danger. This darn thing is so loud that the lowest setting actually still causes my ears to ring. I swear, my parents thought the house alarm has gone off the first time I set it! Mom was like “What’s going on? What’s that alarm?” It took a little bit to figure it out, but I now know how to clear it to zero. I set it to a lower setting which still lets me hear it across the house without making everyone think that the apocalypse is on us and God has chosen to enter our realm. If you need a LOUD timer and hate missing when food is ready – this will do it. Oh, the magnets are pretty darn strong as well. Size wise, you won’t misplace this one easily.

  133. Shervin

    (1) The fact that the screen doesn’t fade after a minute or two is a great design idea. Other timers simply fade after a period of manual operation such that they become hard to read from a distance so that they can save on battery.

    (2) The letters are big and easy to read. It also comes with a nice frame and sleek layout.

    (3) Option for desktop positioning via retractable support base as well as mounting it to a fridge or microwave via magnets are fantastic.

    (4) The volume can be adjusted which is nice if you find loud alerts bothersome. You have three choices from low to med to high. Only thing I wished there was an option to choose different alert sounds from the one it comes with.

    (5) Can dub as an alarm clock, a standalone clock with date and month and year or a two stream timer. Simply great for managing time per tasks, specially if you are inclined to get pulled into a task at hand, neglecting break time or other tasks. It helps to pace your day quite nicely.

    (6) It takes 3 AAA batteries. I use rechargeable ones. Would be nice to design a model that operates on solar and battery free.

  134. ElenaOH

    + With approximately 60 years of experience with various timers, this one tops the list. First, virtually every magnetic timer that I’ve purchased slides off the refrigerator as the magnet is so weak, leaving me to dig up an appropriate magnet and glue it on. Not with this timer! Its magnet almost has a force field of its own. Second, the backlight makes it easy to read. Unlike some other timers, it’s easy to set and clear, without accidentally losing one setting when both settings are in use. Also, the adjustable alarm is a real bonus. If it seems too loud, (I think it’s perfect) just turn it down, or attach to the fridge. (The ‘speaker’ is on the back, so the fridge muffles the sound a bit.) If you want the volume extra loud, pop out the cleverly-designed handy-dandy stand, set the timer on the counter, and the sound level increases considerably. So pleased with this timer’s features and performance that I just purchased a second one.

  135. Renee M Wand

    Numbers are bright and easy to read.

  136. Jennifer

    Given as gift & they love it!!

  137. Karen McDonough

    Keeps time well

  138. Genia

    Works great!!! I Love it! Very easy to use.. Love the dual timer as well.. So happy with my purchase.

  139. michael wiener

    Way better than any other kitchen timer. BTW Kitchen Aid is junk. all Kitchen Aid kitchen gadgets are junk!

  140. Keeta Beaubien

    easy to set up
    works fine
    easy to read

  141. Benjamin McCrae

    I like the timer function but the volume control isn’t very good. Only 3 settings and the lowest is still pretty loud.

  142. Linda

    I really like this timer however the reason it didn’t get 5 stars is because when the timer is turned off the only way to stop the timer from blinking is to flip the switch to clock and then back to timer. It’s really not a huge deal but it would be nice if it didn’t operate that way. Otherwise I am totally impressed with this and would highly recommend it.

  143. Paul R. Obermeyer

    Liked ease to use

  144. Lisa Webster

    i like it

  145. ny524

    Very good item♡

  146. John R. Robbins

    No seconds setting!!!

  147. Deborah Lamon

    Love it!

  148. Matthew Barnebey

    every function and order of function makes sense.

  149. WIN NAING

    So far so good !

  150. KAE

    Like that it has sand as well as magnet to attach to fridge or stove. Numbers are easy to read.

  151. Dale M. Zenner

    Bought it for my wife, and she absolutely loves it!!

  152. Warren Manley

    It is very easy to under stand how it works and easy to read

  153. Edwin A. Rodriguez

    Simple to setup and use.

  154. Juan rodriguez

    Es muy bueno. Tiene buen sonido de alarma y buena pantalla

  155. DAC

    Grilling timer

  156. Joyce S Ito

    Would like to have seen the clock timer switch on the front of the timer

  157. Mary Wicker


  158. virginia hartzell

    I like everything about this timer. I especially like the size because it is easy to read.

  159. Richard West

    Works great.cooking

  160. pinwoodtoymaker

    loudest I have found

  161. Cynthia Diane Stagnaro

    Love this product! Works great! Easy to read!

  162. Arnoldo Marquez

    Excelente compra, muy útil y fácil de usar

  163. Grafton

    Very nice!!! I love it

  164. Carlos Palomo

    Works great, but is a little loud.

  165. Cynthia McCormick

    Just what I wanted

  166. D.Mayfield

    Works great! Easy to set and read !

  167. rondall taylor

    I like it

  168. Sharon M.

    Very nice timer but its extremely loud.

  169. jaime Alvarado

    Work kitchen

  170. Curt Luthy

    The sound of the alarm is very loud and annoying. It is certainly hard to ignore! 🥴

  171. Lizbeth Thalheimer

    My only issue is that it is INCREDIBLY loud.

  172. M. Lenherr

    This timer is great. Packed full of features at a good price.

  173. LD

    Awesome timer!! I love that it has two timers and a loud beep! Would highly recommend.

  174. Kin w.

    The quality is good. It easy to use.

  175. Shauna Jensen

    Product is easy to use.

  176. Kurtis Budimier

    Replaced my oven timer that failed. A great cheap alternative.

  177. Debra Vereen

    I love the dual timer.

  178. Geri P

    magnetic and stand

  179. Joze

    It had big easy to see numbers and magnets were strong enough for my fridge

  180. Terri Thornton

    Easy to read

  181. Marco


  182. AJ

    works great,plenty of volime and well lit.

  183. Lisa D.

    Cool face, easy to read

  184. James Johnson

    The numbers are large and the beeper is loud.
    Love It.

  185. wirtzgirl

    Very nice, VERY LOUD timer. Great functionality, and looks great, too!

  186. Elizabeth

    So far so good

  187. Linda Carr

    Met expectations!

  188. John Vickers

    Easy to use and easy to read. Very accurate.

  189. Sweet Clover

    I really like my double timer, easy to use and read. Would buy again.

  190. Margaret

    Easy to use

  191. Kathryn Lacadie

    I like the size, the quality, large readout

  192. Roxanna

    Dual timers are very useful

  193. Lillian T.

    I use this for baking. Simple to use. I love it

  194. Larue Miller

    I like the ease of reading this timer. Unfortunately, I am having a small issue trying to set the timer. Learning curve!

  195. M. Harwood

    Very loud!

  196. Vernon Marlin

    I liked the product, it was easy to use.

    I use it to time food in the oven from another room.

  197. Sue A. Patterson

    i was unable to reset timer to zero……..yecchh

  198. Priscilla

    Excellent timer with a magnetic back so it attaches nicely to the fridge for handy use.

  199. Scott

    Actually functions as expected, easy to use.

  200. J.B

    One drop and its destroyed. This product is not durable.

  201. Kindle Customer

    Great with 2 timers

  202. John Mecke


  203. lauryn zanetti

    Perfect for use with a stove that has no digital display. Love the dual timers. Took a sec to figure out the reset function. Recommended.

  204. Robert Metell

    Easy to use, well built product and very accurate

  205. Lori

    I like this item.

  206. Kindle Customer

    Love it. Can hear the alarm real well now.

  207. Susan D. Murphy

    Love this timer! An added bonus is that it’s a clock, too. In that mode, it displays the time, date, and day of the week.

  208. F. Floyd

    I only wish i could have audible alarm but silent beeps for button press–maybe I’ll read up on it.

  209. Mary Hermida

    Amazing! Excelent!

  210. Caelie

    Works really well, the magnet loses its strength.

  211. Chrissy

    Love it. Just make sure you read directions first.

  212. Lyman Partin

    This is very user friendly.

  213. Darrick

    Works great, I can cook 2 different foods on 2 differnt timers.

  214. Robert D

    This timer is VERY loud even on its minimal volume setting. Still, with two timers on the one unit, it is very useful and easy to use.

  215. William R. Hayllar

    It is big numbers and loud sound to hear anywhere in the house!!!

  216. linda

    I love this timer…it’s so easy to use.

  217. Janna Gammon

    I Love It!! I use it for cooking and normally have Several things going at 1 time! Just what I Needed!!

  218. Joseph M Gergely

    works great

  219. John V

    Great timer. Multiple timers simultaneously, loud alarm, can set timer to the second.

  220. Jean A T

    It is easy to use with choice of volume regarding timer.

  221. Teresa A. Spangler

    Great item and loud

  222. Hugh

    Works great. well worth it

  223. Jesmies

    Good ítem, good Price

  224. javin dale salzer

    Good timer, however the magnet on the back will come off if you use it in a hot area. I just put I little glue on it and it was good!

  225. Diana Shinn

    Nice to be able to have a timer for 2 different things.

  226. Kimberly Deppe

    Works great and is also a clock.

  227. Thomas

    Dual timers is helpful in cooking main and side dishes.

  228. Gregory Green

    Awesome product. Nice size, easy to read, and the magnetic back is great for use both indoors or out.

  229. SNOOTYJ

    Works Great!!!!!

  230. Linda Faler

    Sound is adjustable!!! Works Great

  231. Mel P

    Excellent across the board.

  232. Martin Brescoach

    I don’t hear the best so I needed a loud alarm. This one works great. Took a min to figure out how to reset.

  233. Johnnie Hindsman

    I love this product I have brought 3 of them over the past year. One for myself and two as gifts.

  234. JOSEPH D.


  235. Amber A Butts

    This timer works well. The only thing I don’t like it is not very loud because the speaker is in the back. So when you have it on the fridge it is blocking the speaker.

  236. Bridget Haley

    This timer is great for when you’re cooking two dishes with different cook times. It is pretty loud when it goes off.

  237. Joseph Broski

    I am having good luck with this unit and would recommend.

  238. Orly

    Easy to operate and set up. Works GREAT !

  239. Daniele Roark

    Works great but wish there was a seconds choice

  240. Kindle Customer

    I do two timed workouts & this works perfectly for that. I never have to reset the timer as it reverts back to the original time when I stop it.

  241. EdSe

    I love it, but you to improve the glue for the magnets that keep in place with metal surfaces, because this the second one I have the same problem. Besides that is works great.

  242. Kenneth Niazi

    No dislikes. Great product.

  243. KAW

    Nice timer, exactly what I wanted. Easy to use, looks good and functions well. I use it for exercising as well as cooking. I will purchase another for myself and definitely give as a gift.



  245. Evelyn Wheeler

    very nice

  246. Joyce

    Thumb up

  247. Foxb

    The magnet on back of timer.

  248. Forbes R. Johnson

    Dual timers/clock & calendar

  249. Brenda Washington

    Used for baking

  250. Cassidy Steele

    I love all the features on this timer but it beeps so loud, even on the lowest setting. I just use the silent mode which of course makes me miss it sometimes.

  251. Donald Schreiber

    Love it

  252. JJK

    Works great… not really worth trying to save money on cheaper timers.

  253. cathy

    Love this because you can set the timer for up to 24 hours and it has 2 timers on it. Great product.

  254. Fred Schultz

    It nice as when not in use it is still useful because of the clock feature. It is also great that it has two timers as cooking normally requires two different times for the meal.

  255. Ron Czubernat

    I use this for cooking purposes. Very easy to use. Very nice product

  256. Samantha B

    Works perfect. I can set 2 seperate timers. It has stand or is magnetic.

  257. William♡Monica Decker

    Very super easy to use!!! The only thing is the magnets on the back came off in like the first week

  258. Victor E. Garcia

    Allows me to set two different timers while cooking two different items. Great for outdoor Barbeque cooking and indoor cooking. Timer is loud and can be adjusted. Magnet allows for mounting where convenient.

  259. patty

    Liked everything about it, ringing was loud, love the blue background, 2 timers in 1, plus clock. Price was right

  260. Douglas E Businger

    Can time up or down. Large digits. Could be carried in pocket for a walk/run/bike ride etc. Nice unit.

  261. MacLover

    Very loud alarm even on the lowest setting, easy to use, durable.

  262. norwichnana

    Having two separate timers as well as a clock setting makes this devise especially useful.

  263. M. Lee

    For the price, this timer is great! It has a clock function and two separate timers. The alarm sound is adjustable and VERY audible at any level.

  264. Vandon

    Dual timer and clock easy to set loud very loud

  265. Mary LaClair

    my one complaint is that even at the lowest volume this thing is still incredibly loud and i keep thinking it’s a fire alarm. if you are hard of hearing or don’t mind loud noises this is a great timer, if you do think of this as a warning. great timer great delivery speed.

  266. Cookie baker.

    It reminds him to take meds on time whether I am nearby or not!

  267. Wise Old Owl

    Works wonderfully. Highly recommend. The 2 timer function is great. Used many times. Great company and the best US customer service you could ask for. 5 Stars plus******************************************* !!!!!

  268. Roy

    Easy to use

  269. Shoreguy

    It has worked out great. The magnetic mounts keeps it handy and easy to find. Having two timers makes things much easier.

  270. Jeff – Minneapolis, MN

    Works great & easy to use

  271. superchill

    This is what I was looking for and works exactly as described.

  272. Sarah

    Best time ever. I do a lot of cooking and baking so having dual timer functions is awesome!

  273. ShawoodD

    Love the two timers function , but it’s cheaply made. It’s really loud, and the magnets have already fallen off.

  274. Lane F Salmela

    While the sounds are too shrill, this timer is easy to view. Also handy that there are two timers available.

  275. murdog

    The only issue is that it would be nice that it would switch between the timer and clock displays from buttons on the front instead of on the back. Not as intuitive and handy but not the end of the world.

  276. Marilyn Ceretto

    I love this timer. It sticks very well to my frig and I love the 2 timer option. I don’t know I lived without this product for so long. So very happy.

  277. Donald Cleveland

    easy setup and use 2 function

  278. Nicole

    Works great use in restaurant kitchen!

  279. Michael W Samuels

    The lowest volume setting could be even lower.

  280. J. Gustafson

    I wish it also would time seconds.,

  281. Karen M. Davis

    Only con, the alarm is EXTREMELY LOUD. Also LOUD when pushing any buttons. And this is the low volume.

  282. Prince Robair

    This is a great timer. I like the fact that it has two separate timers on it.

  283. Barry

    ordering was easy, timely delivery and good product.

  284. william coleman

    Nice timer and clock

  285. Judy Peters

    Dual timer shiny and classy in appearance; Had a little trouble understanding at first on how to use, however my son-in-law showed me how really easy it is (I was hitting the hours instead of the minutes-dah!!), Also, I just love the adjustable sound and can hear it with no problem at all. Only had it for 3 days, but so far, very happy!

  286. Ronald Westenbarger

    Everything that I gave a 5 star to is the reason I like the product.

  287. ar-dawg

    The quiet setting is loud..the louder setting might deafen you.

  288. Pam

    Heavier duty than it looks. Works like a charm. Liked it so well, I bought a second one.

  289. William T Davidson

    It’s just what I needed

  290. JEANNE 4 Golf

    I like taking this timer to other parts of our house where I can’t hear our stove timer!

  291. John H. Krueger

    Love this timer.

  292. John

    The only gripe (purely personal here) is that it was very loud. Other than that it is perfect

  293. TAN

    works well.

  294. ghow

    Works great

  295. Mack

    This thing is crazy loud and extremely easy to use. It feels durable and I think it will last for years.

  296. Bill Kressin

    Works well and survives it’s purposes

  297. Tanesha W

    You will definitely hear this timer any where in the house. Very sleek and functional.

  298. Rhonda M. Willsie

    The only thing I don’t like about this timer is how excessively LOUD it is. My goodness! My neighbors can hear it when it goes off.
    I do like that it has a clock as well as a timer as well as the other functions.
    Just wish there was an option to change the volume of the alarm.

  299. Erica

    Got this as a gift for my mother for Christmas. She loves that it has two timers so she can keep track of more than one thing at a time.

  300. M. Wolsh

    The cost is low and quite essential, while doing workouts that require multiple timers.

  301. Dennis Darst

    Very nice clock/timer. Loud enough to hear from just about anywhere in the house. Nice feature to be able to set sound at different levels.

  302. Teri

    I use this in my salon works great!

  303. Joseph Rodman

    Works great and I like the fact it’s two timers in one and the screen lights up. It also has magnets on the back as well as a stand, so there’s plenty of ways to place it so it’s within easy reach.

  304. norma caravella

    Accurate and attractive.

  305. Tom Dorris

    Easy to set the functions!!! Easy to use!!! Professional appearance!!!

  306. Alan horowitz

    Easy to use

  307. Chéramy family

    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Alarm sound is very alarming lol.

  308. John

    The low setting for the alarm is 70dB and it hurts my ears. Prolonged exposure to 70dB can cause hearing damage. I placed tape over speaker to muffle it and it no longer causes pain. Otherwise the ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer is great.

  309. sjosie

    Love double timer, large display

  310. Rob

    You can monitor two different products with this duel time. Did not know if i would like this or not, but this extra feature is handier than I realized.

  311. Sara L. Ternes

    This is very loud which i love. However, there is no on/off button. To turn it off, you have to remove the batteries which i do. If you don’t take the batteries out, it blinks continuously

  312. NMisra

    Love the accuracy and ease of use of this timer. Be aware though that even when volume is at the lowest setting, this timer is as LOUD as a smoke alarm! Issues the same LOUD beep for every minute added when setting the time. Think: 30 loud beeps just to set it for 30 min.

  313. Mr. Big

    It’s a timer. Works fine.

  314. GB

    Bought for someone else.

  315. Gabriela Garcia

    Timers work fine, but the glue that sticks the magnets on failed in both sides.

  316. CSM

    Easy to read, not easy to use. Going alternating between timer 1 to timer 2 was not easy. I baked lots of batches of cookies over the holidays using 2 ovens and found it inconvenient to keep trying to reset the timers over and over again. After frustration set in I ended up using my iPhone….

  317. Mina Mama

    I Absolutely love this timer. I’m able to set two different times at the same time. it also functions as a clock and shows the date which is pretty cool. Also it has magnets on the back so I keep my eyes on my refrigerator.

  318. Michael H.

    Works great. It can be kind of loud on lowest setting, but still worth buying, especially if you need 2 timers.

  319. Doug71

    This is an excellent alarm, almost too loud, but isn’t that its job

  320. Wizrnow

    It’s a kitchen timer and it works! Adjustable volume, but even on Low it’s very loud. It works for me, so I can hear the timer when I’m in another room.

  321. Jo

    Excellent timer just hard to figure out you have to be very good at instructions!

  322. G4X

    Easy to use, works as designed. Bright display. Magnets are strong. Easy to set.

  323. matt

    Easy-to-use. Very Very LOUD. You won’t miss the alarm.

  324. Rachel Wrangham

    I like the two timer because if the minimum time doesn’t work then I could just use the second timer to add a couple of extra minutes. I also like the fact that it tells the date and time which is very useful. This is a good timer to use when your stove and oven unit doesn’t go with a Clock or timer.

  325. Susie

    I wanted something simpler, but it’s fine.

  326. Devin Jarvis

    Excellent timer with a strong magnet on the back. Let’s you time two things at the same time. It has a clock I haven’t used and don’t intend to but it looks like u need to switch between timer and clock with the switch on the back

  327. Dojna Shearer

    This is a great timer. It’s very handy to have two timers in one, and I like that it displays the time and date and that it takes AAA batteries ins of a watch battery or something less convenient. My only complaint is that even the lowest volume setting (other than silent) is pretty loud.

  328. Randall R. Freisinger

    Have only used it once but so far it seems like a good timer. Instruction booklet was a tad brief. No complaints otherwise.

  329. Karen E.

    My boyfriend bought this timer and I used it at his house. I decided to buy one based upon my positive experience with it. The bell could be a bit louder.

  330. Big Guy

    Great for timing more than one item. Stylish matches brushed aluminum appliances. Easy to read and operate. My wife loves it!

  331. W. Sabater

    Just what the cook ordered. Very happy with the quality and perfomance.

  332. MA Mitchell

    My family uses it all the time. I like the double timer feature that allows you to time 2 dishes at once. I also like that the alarm is very loud so if I’m in another area of the house I don’t burn or over cook anything. My husband loves it as well. He sent pictures of it to his sisters. Thank you!

  333. Happy Camper

    I bought this for my GF, and she likes it. But, the damn thing is hugely loud, even at the lowest setting.

    If it were for me, I would have sent it back and ordered a different timer. But, as I said, my GF likes it.

  334. MiamiChristy

    Love it. Big & has 2 sets. I just don’t like the fact you have to change the mode to time & timer in the back. Oh yea, this thing is loud!!

  335. Lizzy

    My oven does not have a timer so this one has been very useful for cooking. I particularly like the 2 timers that allow for keeping track of multiple items at once, quite convenient!

  336. San Diego Sam-

    Timer alarm is quite loud. No way you can miss it when cooking.

  337. VRRMMM

    Great little timer. However, even on the lowest setting, the alarm is REALLY loud.

  338. CM.

    Nice product, well made, nice looking but takes awhile to get the instructions on use. I do really like it is a regular clock with date and time. And have ours set for regular time unless used as timer.

  339. Cher Cher

    Very well made and has a regular clock and more than one timer at a time

  340. SigmaSpace

    Not only great looks but also very functional. Wife loves it. Large display digits make timer readable from a distance. Recommend highly.

  341. Doug

    Finally a digital timer you can hear! I tried four other electronic timers and you couldn’t hear them. This one is louder than my old wind up timer! Great for an old hard of hearing grandpa!

  342. Denese

    So far so good. loud beep for alarms.

    Date/time nice features
    Magnet is strong

  343. Paul S. Gumbinner

    It does everything it should. I especially like that you can control the volume of the timer.

  344. Leonard P.

    Timer is excellent, accurate and easy to use, but…even on it’s lowest setting this thing is LOUD! That is my only complaint.

  345. Mike

    Volume control low to loud, looks good and works well. Dual timer works well for my needs.

  346. DShaw

    Pros: Two independent timers; both reset to last time value (rather than zero); seems to be well made.

    Cons: No ability (that I have discovered) to set seconds; clock mode choice only through switch on the back panel; beeper is too loud even on its quietest setting.

  347. Wendy

    Love the easy use of the timers as well as the fact you can set it as a clock when not in use as a timer. I only gave it four stars, though, because the magnets are so strong on mine that the first time I removed it from the refrigerator door, one of the magnets stayed on the door. It has stayed in place since I glued it in.

  348. Gordon Robertson

    LOUD! You can hear it on the other side of the house. Two separate timers. Time & date.

  349. Possums Ridge

    Does as purported, it works, arrived promptly. Would recommend the time to anyone in need of a dual time-for which I was, thanks.

  350. SgtRock

    This is handy when you want to time two different things simultaneously in the kitchen.

  351. Pamela Mara

    The timer is the reason I purchased. It is easy to use, great to have two timers in one unit. It has a volume control, and continues to beep until pushing the stop button. Good for those of us running around the house, I can hear it in another part of house.

  352. Chad Gibbs

    Bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas. She must have set a timer for 60 days… Because right after Valentine’s Day we broke up.

  353. Marylyn A Durie

    You need to read the directions but they’re not complicated. It’s a great timer. Used daily.

  354. Kindle Customer

    Works great. Nice timer, once I figured it out. I about had a heart attack the first time it went off, it was loud and I had forgot I had set it for 30 minutes.

  355. Pamela

    What’s not to like about this product? Compact size, yet has a two timer function and clock/calendar. Displays are large for easy reading. Batteries are included with the product. Set up is easy with clear directions. I also like that the timer has a built-in stand and magnets on the back to allow for versatility of usage.

  356. Valentin

    Excellent quality, everything works fine, what is holding on to the magnet is super.
    I recommend to everyone 🙂

  357. mycanoe

    and loud is good when you’re NOT in the kitchen where the time is.
    I love the back light, so much easier to see and read.

  358. Baker 1

    I loved I could time two different items at the same time. Very easy to use. Easy to read from across the room.

  359. Zosh

    No feeble squeaks from this guy. Now I don’t miss taking a pie out of the oven when time is up.
    Good product.

  360. Classicrocker

    Nice kitchen timer. Has 2 timers for multi use. The only draw back is the timer alarm. It’s range is loud, louder and loudest. Piercing.

  361. Kindle Customer

    Easy to read. Accurate. You’ll be sure to hear it when times up. Volume can be lowered but it’s still piercing. Maybe it’s just me? Would buy again.

  362. StarWoors

    I bought a second one, folks… These things look way more expensive than what you pay for it and it’s an EXCELLENT BUY! One is for cooking and the other one I bought for TIME MANAGEMENT… This works great for both!

  363. Deborah H.

    I love the feature, dual timers that makes my job as a baker so much easier. And the volume setting is so much nicer, especially for the hard-of-hearing. 😉

  364. Karen McMann

    Just recently bought a second one of these as we liked the first one so much. Buttons are very responsive to touch but are firmly in place in the timer. These units replaced a cheap 4 pack alarm that we bought last year but were terrible. This is a really nice cooking timer and dual timer feature is surprisingly useful.

  365. Jean M.

    As someone else mentioned it is noisy to set – haven’t found a way to shut off beeps! The one magnet has already come loose – the same thing happened with my Habor Timer – “regular” craft glue will not work. Minor complaints but enough to not give it 5 stars! It seems to keep correct time and be an accurate timer.

  366. Kindle Customer

    BUY IT!
    It works as advertised and yes, for us older folks, it is loud on the highest setting. I hane tossed 5 other timers that are advertised as being loud, say what? Send em all back except this one. Thanks ThermoPro!

  367. Suzie

    Timer works great but the alarm sound is way too loud even on the lowest setting. It sounds like a smoke alarm so very loud. Other than that it works great!

  368. bunny

    It was a gift for my elderly mother who was counting on her memory to time things. Now with this timer she can’t forget unless she forgets to press start

  369. Gail

    This is a good timer.
    Volume is adjustable, but I Iike it loud to hear it from another room. Or loud enough to wake you if you doze off. 👍🏻

  370. JAG

    The dual timers work great. The clock and calendar feature is an added bonus. I mount mine to refrigerator with built-in magnets but it can also stand on countertop.

  371. Colleen

    I was planning to use this to end appointments…making sure my clients knew time was running out…but it’s SO loud! It’s like smoke detector loud! The quietest setting is ridiculously obnoxious. I’ll go back to using my phone and maybe use this as a kitchen timer….

  372. Juli Wicinski

    Easy to use. With the magnet on the back, it attaches perfectly to my stove.

    I gave it 4 stars because even on the softest volume, it is way too loud; even when setting the time.

  373. Tucker Photos

    Finally got a modern looking timer to match my oven and fridge. Someone wrote they had problems with the magnet. They probably didn’t clean the surface 1st. Mine holds tight. Great value for the price.

  374. Pedro Rodriguez Jr.

    It works so well, kind loud even on the lowest setting, I wish they have the time also even small numbers on top, other than that two timers really good.

  375. Douglas H. Wilton

    Likes: Well built. Seems accurate. Two timers and a clock in one device.
    Concerns: Alarm is awfully loud, difficult to control. Operation is not immediately clear, but following instructions will overcome this concern.
    Overall: A very nice timer, with magnetic back, and multiple features for a reasonable price.

  376. Connie Brown

    I got this for my sister in an adult community. It is so loud her neighbors called to tell her to turn it down. Of course it does not have that option

  377. jo

    Big screen makes seeing time easy. I do wish it had a ‘keyboard’ so that you did not have to constantly hit the time
    button which beeps with each tap, when setting the time.

  378. Marita L. Anderson

    Not cheaply-made, loud beeper, strong magnet, this one has it all. I’m buying a couple more to replace the cheap ones around the house. I use the dual timers more often than I thought I would.

  379. Mike H.

    I bought this timer as the built in timer of the over is having an issue. I like the dual timer feature. I wish the clear operation can be done by pushing one button. As I use it by placing on the counter top, it is not easy to push two buttons to clear the time setting. And the alarm sound at the lowest level is too loud for my liking. I placed the tape over the speaker area which helped tame it. Other than that, I like this product.

  380. Johnnie L. Wood

    Works well. The two timers are a big plus when cooking several dishes that need different times. The volume is not as loud as I think it needs to be to hear in other room.

  381. Annette

    Glad that this has magnets on it so I can put it on the fridge. I also love that this has dual timers on it. For the price this is a good timer overall. The only item that I do not like about this is that the volume is still really loud even on the lowest setting. Also the controls seem to be a little confusing the 1st few times that you use the timer. But I’m still happy with this purchase.

  382. Greta Anderson

    This Timer is very well made and easy to set up and use. Bought this because it has a clock with date and it’s a good size. I can see the numbers! Has magnets that have good hold and also gives you the option to set on counter. I like that it has a volume button with low, med, high and mute. Great loud beeper even on low. Very happy with this purchase.

  383. Anthony M Mora

    What a great timer has two timer settings instead of using two timers. Plus you can set it as a clock when not using as a timer it is the loudest timer I ever owned. Overall just a great timer.

  384. Don

    My only criticism of this timer is that it doesn’t automatically advance or retard the clock for DST. Aside from that, it’s easy to use, discreet, and easy to read.

  385. Christopher Henry

    The magnets fell off after 3 weeks and therefore it could no longer stick onto the metal fridge.

    Crazy clue did the trick to stick them back on and everything is ok now.

  386. Mr. Leonard

    dual timers – how good is that – large #’s that are so easy to read from a distance – alarm has adjustable volume – got one for my wife to use so mine stays where I put it