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ThermoPro TP-11 Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

(259 customer reviews)


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  • 【Long Remote Range – 300FT】Wireless thermometer allows you to monitor your food from 300ft away and then receive an alert when your food is ready, watch TV or chat with your friends while cooking without worrying!
  • 【Smart Backlit LCD】BBQ thermometer with large LCD backlit display changes color during cooking process to inform you of the doneness of food visually, never overcook or undercook again
  • 【Intelligent USDA Preset Temps】Smoker thermometer has preset temperatures for 9 types of meat and 5 types of taste, you can also customize the temperature to suit your personal tastes
  • 【Multifunctional Timer】Kitchen thermometer features count up and countdown timer, never worry about overcooking the timed vegetables; Digital cooking timer can be used for homework, exercise, facial and games as well
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ThermoPro TP-11 Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP-11 digital wireless thermometer is designed to help you accurately measure your internal meat temperature while giving you 300 feet of freedom to do what you want to do while your meat cooks to perfection. Such as play games, spend time with your kids, or continue to entertain company.

If you are inexperienced in the kitchen,don’t worry as we programmed this unit with USDA approved temperatures for a variety of meats and their respective doneness levels. When your perfect cut of meat is at the optimal temperature that you set, you’ll be greeted a loud alarm. This device also features a visual aid to inform you what stage of the cooking process your meal is currently in. This visual aid is an LCD display that alternates color.

3 Different Colors Thermopro TP 11

World Class Customer Service – Phone, Email and Live Chat:

Not only do we provide a high quality, affordable device. We also provide the highest quality of after sales support, such as product setup videos, but technical support via phone, email, chat. Have questions about our products or unsure which system is right for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

ThermoPro TP-11 Features:

  • Large intelligent backlit LCD display that changes color during cooking (blue -> green -> red))
  • Program according to the temperature of different types of meat (ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb and fish) that the USDA has predetermined
  • Program through predetermined doneness levels of different types of meat (rare, medium rare, medium and well done) approved by the USDA
  • Set your own temperature manually
  • Pull-down probe tip design;Alarm
  • The transmitter cable can be hung on the oven door or used as a table support
  • Automatic receiver shut off for after 30 minutes if no signal is received from the transmitter, shut off will be disabled if timer is running

ThermoPro TP-11 Specifications:

  • Temperature Range: 16˚F to 482˚F (-9˚C to 250˚C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1˚C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Resolution: 1°
  • Probe Length: 6 ½” food grade stainless probe
  • Cable Length: 40″ stainless steel mesh cable
  • Remote Range: Up to 300 feet
  • Certifications: FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS, FDA approved probe
  • Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716˚F (380˚C)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature selector
ThermoPro TP11 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer Receiver
  • 1 x Digital Thermometer Transmitter
  • 1 x Food Temperature Probe
  • 4 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x Manual

ThermoPro TP-11 Introduction Video:

Thermopro TP-11 Manual

Instruction Manual

Receiver Features

  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)  Displays all icons, temperature and timer. The backlight will flash Blue once the temperature increases by 10 ºF from when cooking starts, then it will change to Green when the temperature is within 15 ºF of the set temperature and then it will turn Red when it reaches the set temperature. See LCD diagram for detailed information.
  • Stand – Swings out and allow you to stand the receiver on tabletop.
  • Battery compartment – Holds 2 AAA batteries.
    1. MODE – Press to select thermometer or timer mode. Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter Synchronization/Pairing mode.
    2. HR▲– In timer mode, press once to set hour. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the hours will increase by 10 hours per second. In thermometer mode, press once to increase the temperature value. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will increase by 10 degrees per second.
    3. ºF/ºC/ starter – Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the receiver ON or OFF. In thermometer mode, press once to select temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    4. MIN▼– In timer mode, press once to set minutes. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the minutes will increase by 10 minutes per second. In thermometer mode, press once to decrease the temperature value. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will decrease by 10 degrees per second.
    5. MEAT – In thermometer mode, press to select meat type, PROG (program), GBEEF (ground beef), GPOUL (ground poultry), BEEF, VEAL, CHCKE (chicken), PORK, POULT (poultry), LAMB & FISH. In Timer mode, press to switch between hour/minute timer to a minute/second timer and back.
    6. START/STOP – In timer mode, press to start or stop the timer.
    7. TASTE – In thermometer mode, press to select the meat taste level, RARE, MED RARE, MEDIUM, MED WELL and WELL DONE.



      Transmitter Features


      • Wire Stand – Allows you to stand the transmitter on tabletop or it can be reversed and used as a hanger.
      • Battery Compartment – holds 2 AAA batteries.
      • Sensor Socket Hole – plug in for stainless steel probe sensor.

        ºF/ºC/ starter – Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the transmitter ON or OFF. Press once to select temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

        Installing Batteries

        Open the battery compartment of the receiver and insert two “AAA” batteries with correct polarity. Open the battery compartment of the transmitter and insert two “AAA” batteries with correct polarity.

        Turn On/Off Unit
        • Press and hold ºF/ºC/ starter   button on the receiver for 2~3 seconds to turn it ON or OFF.
        • Press and hold ºF/ºC/ starter button on the transmitter for 2~3 seconds to turn it ON or OFF.

          Synchronize/Pair Transmitter and Receiver

          The transmitter and receiver need to be synchronized or paired before using. There are two ways to do so: Option 1:

          1. Insert the stainless steel probe into the plug in of the transmitter.
          2. Open the battery compartment of transmitter and insert two “AAA” batteries. The transmitter will show the current temperature on its LCD display and automatically keep sending the temperature reading to the receiver for synchronization/pairing.</li>rn
          3. Then open the battery compartment of receiver and insert two “AAA” batteries. The receiver will enter Synchronization mode which is indicated by flashing Reception Signal icon on the display. The synchronization mode will last for 60 seconds.
          4. Wait for a moment until the temperature reading shows on the receiver display, it means the synchronization/Pairing is complete. Your professional remote cooking thermometer is ready for use.

            Note: The transmitter and receiver are only required to be synchronized/ paired once whenever batteries of the receiver or transmitter are replaced.  If the batteries are already installed in the receiver and transmitter, you can use Option 2 to synchronize/pair them:

            1. Insert the stainless steel probe into the plug in of the transmitter.
            2. Turn on the transmitter by pressing and holding ºF/ºC/ starter button for 2~3 seconds. transmitter will show the current temperature on its LCD display and automatically keep sending the temperature reading to the receiver for synchronization/pairing.
            3. Turn on the receiver by pressing and holding ºF/ºC// starter button for 2~3 seconds.
            4. Press and hold Mode button for 2~3 seconds to enter the synchronization mode which will last for 60 seconds.
            5. Wait for a moment until the temperature reading shows on the receiver display, it means the synchronization/Pairing is complete. Your professional remote cooking thermometer is ready for use.

              Auto Off feature

              • The receiver will turn off automatically if it hasn’t received the temperature signal from the transmitter for more than 30 minutes ,A beep will sound for one minute before it shuts down. However, the Auto Off feature will be automatically disabled if the timer is running.
              • The transmitter will turn off automatically if the temperature measured is always lower than 122 ºF or 50 ºC in 120 minutes.


                • Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
                • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
                • Not Intended for using by Persons ages 12 and Under.
                • Clean the stainless steel probe and dry thoroughly after each and every use.
                • Do not immerse the probe or wire in water. use a damp, soapy cloth to clean.
                • Do not use the receiver or transmitter in the rain. They are not waterproof.
                • Do not expose the plug of the stainless steel probe or the plug in hole of the transmitter to water or any liquid. This will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
                • Do not expose the receiver or transmitter to direct heat or surface.
                • Do not use stainless steel probe in microwave oven.


                  • Always wear heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
                  • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
                  • Wash the metal probe tip with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the probe in water while cleaning.
                  • Wipe the transmitter and receiver with damp cloth. Do not immerse either in water.


Question: How to pair or synchronize the transmitter and receiver?
Answer: The transmitter and receiver need to be synchronized or paired before using. There are two ways to do so:

Question: How to take battery cover off transmitter?
Answer: Spin the footrest out of the way, then lift up on the little hinged door at the bottom edge. Mine is a bit difficult to lift. A thin blade can be inserted in the crack and be twisted to open it I used a thin metal spatula, without harming the housing.

Question: What is the maximum range for the transmitter and remote? will it reach from backyard to inside the house?
Answer: Yep that’s what it’s made for. I would put the receiver in the garage, about 30 feet and 3 walls away. Never any issues with range.

Question: thermometer be damaged. i would only use the meat probe not the grill probe?
Answer: Use both the meat probe and the frill probe. That way you know your cooking temp and internal meat temp as well. Should not hurt either probe.


259 reviews for ThermoPro TP-11 Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

  1. Jami Chunn

    This is the second one I have purchased. My first was destroyed in the Harvey floods in Texas. Do you ever get frustrated by those recipes that say cook for 35 or 40 min. or until the internal temperature is 165. Well this takes care of that. Stick it in the thickest part of the chicken breast set it for 165 and let it go. It will notify you when the temp reaches the desired level. Works great for beef and pork too. Lots of options on how to use it. Easy to set, and the only thing to wash up is the probe.

  2. Ellis Snowden

    Works like a charm!So handy to have the part we can bring inside while grilling/smoking.

  3. Shondra Schussler

    Works great! Makes using my smoker much easier as I can tell the temp of both the meat and the air around it. Way more accurate than the dome thermometer that came on my WSM.

  4. Jack Houlberg

    Works perfectly!!!

  5. Chieko Heitkamp

    Had it for a complete smoking season no problems.

  6. Wes Hollywood

    So far, so good

  7. Meridith Dorso

    I bought three of these meat thereaters as gifts. They were a great price and they came on time!!

  8. Anibal Weismiller

    I just wanted to say what great customer service the guys at iTronics have! I bought their TP11 remote meat thermometer a little over a year ago (late 2016) and I had no problems at all. I attempted to use it over the New Year weekend-2017 going into 2018- and the reading on the thermometer was very high instead of room temp like it should have been. I tried to reset it, new batteries, anything I could think of but nothing could get it to work right. I did some research and all signs pointed to the probe being defective.I emailed iTronics and even though I was past the one year covered warranty ( I guess it would have been longer if I registered but I must have forgotten to as I could not find any record that I did) they sent me out a brand new one all I had to do was verify my address! These guys went above and beyond and I could not be more satisfied with how I was taken care of. I usually do not leave reviews as I am a busy man but I had to after what they did for me. Thanks iTronics!!!!

  9. Hilaria Akbari

    Love this thermometer. Use it weekly. have had it for about a year and It is still working as it did the first day we got it.

  10. Tyrell Gierman

    I bought this as a present for my wife. She does a lot of cooking and was always stopping to take the core temp of the meat. Now she does not have to keep opening the over all the time. She loves it.

  11. Ceola Cappelletti

    I like this thermometer, a lot. I have been looking for one that is more intuitive than the one that I was using and the ThermoPro TP11 fits the bill. Unlike my other unit, I do not need to refer to the directions each time I use it. It is easy to use, accurate, and functions exactly the way I want it to. The quality is great and the price seems fair. I plan on purchasing two more units to use as Christmas gifts for my children.

  12. Darius Mceneny

    Update. Kudos to customer service. Sending a new probe. Despite very careful handling and care of probe one day it started providing erratic reading. Tried removing and reinsert but not working. Have tried to use since but cannot trust the reading. Hate to buy another just to get a new probe.Great product until then.

  13. Jane Bernecker


  14. Moises Mcclary

    This item was purchased as a gift for my wife who recently purchased an electric smoker she has not used the thermometer yet.

  15. Yuk Mustian

    Very accurate. Good product. I bought it in August this year, I have been used it every week end since them.

  16. Jon Ellout

    Great thermometer, simple to operate. The prob has a guarantee, but I have not had to replace it. Very professional service and it was packed well.

  17. Tangela Nieman

    I originally posted a poor product review. The manufacturers customer service contacted me immediately and sent a replacement product which works as expected.

  18. Fidel Grazioplene

    Fantastic. Just image, grilling outside in subzero temperatures and monitoring the temperature of what is on the grill from inside ! Every grill master needs one of these !!!

  19. Cinda Wavra

    I bought this as a Christmas gift but will have my son in law review after he used it. He chose this off Amazon and is a techy so I would say if he chose this product by the details it is most likely good.

  20. Raleigh Settle

    I bought this for my wife who is a founding member of BBQ-aholics! It is been a little cold lately but it did notstop her from smoking a chicken last weekend! We set it on the correct meat setting and temperature, worked like a charm!Started out blue, then green, then red as the beeper went off! No going outside to check the temp!Used less charcoal and wood because she did nothave to open the lid over the smoker end, just the firebox to add more wood and charcoal! Worked great! Highly recommend this product!

  21. Sallie Weingard

    Works great. Had two questions for customer service and they were very helpful. I recommend this product

  22. Clay Beuerle

    Worked very well. Makes smoking worry free.

  23. Camilla Apkin

    Used this product for the first time on my Komodo Grill. Not once did I have to open and poke with a thermometer and also let heat out and eventually ;guess.; I saw the simple & short video they offered and it worked as advertised. I left the grill and sat in TV room until it beeped. My dinner was cooked to perfection! I encourage others to the read about the care of the delicate thermowire.

  24. Norberto Krase

    Good unit and great idea. Only used once.

  25. Tamatha Seppelt

    Works very good.

  26. Elias Amparan

    I LOVE this! I have used it during the holidays and could not be happier. It was very easy to set up and it allowed me to do other things around the house without having to keep checking on my pork roast every 5 minutes.

  27. Lois Olney

    This thermal pro wireless remote does everything it is supposed to do it was exactly what I wanted when I ordered it and it performs flawlessly!

  28. Donny Harbus

    Nice product works great

  29. Renay Basil

    Excellent product. Very accurate and easy to read display

  30. Rafael Tiberi

    The batteries are good for one long smoke session, but replace them before the next one. Works great though!

  31. Sanjuanita Butremovic


  32. Reginald Brothern

    Have used it twice now and it works great. Was easy to get started as the instructions were clear. And what a surprise to get an email from the company to make sure all was going well! Good value.

  33. Ruby Kiesser

    just the thing for my smoker[ribs] and grill [steaks]= perfect

  34. Brenton Grattelo

    If you grill, bake , smoke anything you should have one of these, petiod.

  35. Nakita Casciano

    I have been using this thermometer for smoking and grilling meat almost weekly since purchasing in July (4 months ago). It has worked faithfully and only gone through one set of batteries in that time. Range is more than enough (grill sits about 20 feet from kitchen) for me and I like that I can set an alarm.The main reason I am writing this review is to comment on iTonics customer service.Last week I was grilling. Either I pinched the probe wire by not threading it by by BBQ lid carefully enough, or the sender unit was too close to the BBQ itself, but I kept getting an LLL reading (i.e. a below temp range reading). No amount of probe wire jiggling would fix it. The interwebs said it might just be a probe wire malfunction, but others said it was the unit itself. I also saw on the iTronics site that they offer free probe replacement if you (even if It is your own fault) damage the probe wire. I emailed them asking for a new probe. I figured Id see if that fixed it, and if not, it was on me to purchase a new thermometer.Well, to my surprise, they sent me a whole new unit (sender/receiver/probe). I am more than impressed by their customer service. Thanks!

  36. Carmen Politi

    Very useful item. Fun for the technology junkie that always wants more information about everything. Know the ambient temperature surrounding the food and the temperature of the food as well at all times during cooking. Great gadget.

  37. Louie Sternal

    Awesome product….received it in perfect condition

  38. Adrianna Levan

    Perfect for smoking! A great investment. Fast Shipping!

  39. Parker Belken

    Gave it as a gift and they were impressed on how well it works.If you love to grill this item is great, as you do not have to stand nextto your grill to watch the temperature.

  40. Nickole Fowlar

    Great thermometer! I have had it for a year and has worked flawlessly.Yesterday, I screwed up and submerged the whole probe in water which caused the thermometer to read wrong. I called the service number provided to order a new probe. Even though it was my own fault, the gentleman said he will ship me a new probe at no charge!Great customer service, highly recommended!Thank You

  41. Dalton Brumley

    Worked great until it did notwhich of course was Thanksgiving. I knew there was an issue with the meat probe when I put it into meat from the fridge and it read 74…the 98…then 86 and now is around 70. So I checked it with another thermometer and it read 38. Sigh….looks like I have to cook the old fashion way. Only had it since the summer and used it for large cuts of meat only so I expected a much longer life span. Very disappointing.Update: Customer service contacted me and sent a brand new one and quickly! Great customer service, that alone gets it 5 stars!!

  42. Ruthanne Sobery

    This Thermopro is an absolute necessity for my gormet meat smoking endeavors. I can be standing in my kitchen stirring sauces while keeping an eye on the temperature if my smoked venison outside in backyard with the remote sensing screen. I can set my target temp. And be alerted with a pleasant tone when the meat is ready. Wireless connectivity works perfectly at 100 feet away. Amazon shipped item quickly and as described. You really gotta love Amazon.

  43. Owen Gobel

    Update: In my review below, I had a an issue with the transmitter and a user interface frustration with the receiver. ThermoPro reached out to me to inform me of a product that exactly met my needs and also took care of the hardware issue. Quite impressive.I purchased this item because every other probe thermometer purchased in the last several years was inaccurate or the probe ceased to function after a few months.Accuracy seems good but the user interface is clunky at best. They should have surveyed a few users before releasing this product.To start, the transmitter on/off/function button is either faulty or suffers from poor software design. The unit does not respond to key presses in a consistent or predicable manner. It sometimes does not respond when I wish to power-on which forces me to remove/replace a battery to get the transmitter to work. It can go into the Celsius mode and takes several attempts to go back to Fahrenheit. Takes several more attempts to power down.Although the transmitter problem is likely a product defect, the receiver suffers from user interface problems. The top issues:1) When setting the food alert temp, there is no temp down option. The unit starts with a 160 degree alert and the adjust button only increases the set temp. This would be a minor annoyance except for the fact that it rolls up to the 500s and then down to 32 before you get a chance to hit a temp in the 150s. And do not miss your desired temp or It is round the horn again!2) The set temp does not stay on the display, even though there is a dedicated space for it. Common, designers, It is an LCD display! No additional battery usage to keep a few more segments on!3) Setting other functions is not intuitive. Take a look at their product video as an example.On the plus side, the temperature accuracy seems good based on my first two uses and they have a lifetime probe guarantee. Got to like that.In summary, I would probably buy this again but would not consider it as a gift for a technology challenged person. It would not take much of a change to make this a 5* product.

  44. Virgina Swantko

    Very satisfied with service received in a very timely manner work great!

  45. Philip Lust

    Very convenient and easy to use. Very satisfied.

  46. Ossie Farish

    Finally able to step away from the grill and receive accurate temps!

  47. Elmer Hemann

    nice product

  48. Farah Pesiri

    Gave it as a gift and the recipient could not be more thrilled! Says it works exactly as advertised, is durable, and accurate. Great price for a great product.

  49. Earle Galyen

    It is great not to have to open the oven all the time. The temp was accurate. Easy to baste around.

  50. Stefanie Weber

    Bought this for hubbys barbecuing. He Loves it! Says it works great!

  51. Fredrick Vagle

    Works great

  52. Lilly Tamura

    Very nice

  53. Frances Kahen

    I seldom write reviews, but for this item, I just had to do so. Whenever I cook a whole turkey, I use the grill. It always comes out reasonably well, but I never got the time right and I was never really sure of the temperature. Maybe the built in oven thermometer was not all that accurate? For this years Thanksgiving turkey, I bought the ThermoPro TP12 (recommended in Cooking Light). With one probe measuring the grill heat and the other measuring food temp, I thought Id have a better handle on things. I found out that the grills built in thermometer was over 100 degrees off! I was able to keep the heat steadier and closer to the correct temperature and I knew EXACTLY when the turkey hit 160 degrees internally. This was, without a doubt, the best turkey I have ever roasted. Beautifully moist, done perfectly. One of our college aged guests kept reaching for more. Her mom asked why, since she had never had seconds on turkey before. Her reply? ;I have never had turkey like this before!;Easy set up, automatic synchronization, and batteries ARE included. Only down-side was the holder for the oven probe – it was awkward. But I had also purchased the Cappec Universal Grill Meat Thermometer Holder which was very easy to use.

  54. Vasiliki Uyetake

    This is not the first thermometer of this type that I have purchased, but it is the first one from this manufacturer. It is also the first one that always gives me the exact same temperature for both probes when they are in the environment. The other ones were always close, but never exactly the same.Addendum 2/5 I ran into a problem today and the Customer service rep was very helpful in resolving my problem promptly. I was happy before and happier now.

  55. Norris Vonstein

    Used it for the Thanksgiving turkey,,, worked great!

  56. Jason Carby

    So far this digital thermometer has worked great !!!!!!

  57. Olive Hauch

    Works great!!!

  58. Earnest Sovereign

    I had a issue with the transmitter and I emailed them and they took care of it for me. Thanks. Works great for me .

  59. Leilani Renkes

    Great choice for someone new to remote temp monitoring. Range is shorter than I would prefer it to be, I get roughly 25 feet line of sight, 15 through garage door. Temp probe is accurate, tested with boiling water and found it to be consistent with other thermometers as well. Would have appreciated a repeat countdown timer; every time the timer finishes it must be set again (not a huge deal, but for basting it would be more convenient). Seems to be pretty efficient with batteries, have used several times over several months on a single charge of Eneloop batteries.

  60. Jerald Hussong

    I have used my smoker the old fashion way checking every 15-20 minutes. This made it so easy.

  61. Daysi Frisk

    Arrived in time to monitor turkey being roasted. Opening the battery compartment on the transmitter was a bit difficult but once that was done both units powered up and paired with one another. Changed the receiver to the poultry setting and carried on. Looking forward to using the units on the grill.

  62. Elroy Standford

    Great product & customer service cant go wrong purchasing this unit

  63. Drew Brissey

    Bought for Thanksgiving turkey cooking on a green egg. Batteries were completely dead… not the best on Thanksgiving!! Once we found some, it worked well. Seems that the temp reads a little on the low side. All in all- good unit, takes some practice to get it perfected

  64. Michael Pereira

    Good product,Outstanding customer service,

  65. Gregory Benezra

    Use this set constantly! Great product. I do reverse sear trip tip. pulled pork roast and brisketts and they all come out perfectly. I no loger care about minutes per pound. The meat is done when ThermoPro says It is done.

  66. Edwardo Deshazer

    I bought this for my husband to use when he cooks in his smoker. I normally hate the smell from the smoker that gets in the house from him going in & out all day to check the temperature. Now with this we can leave the garage door shut while he cooks in the smoker. Happy wife!

  67. Toshiko Steckline

    Works as advertised. Saves a ton of time running back and forth from the house to the smoker, especially in the colder weather.

  68. Norris Ahne

    Works well. Decent range.

  69. Darci Gantewood

    Flawless for our needs

  70. Rich Dietl

    Works as expected.

  71. Ernestine Slosser

    Works great!!!

  72. Allan Muzio

    Good unit

  73. Eulah Jimmerson

    The product worked perfectly and my smoked turkey came out juicy because I was able to monitor the temperature with thw ThermoPro.

  74. Hilario Civil

    I purchased a TP 12 for my Son as a Birthday present. He loved it. In fact some much he bought me one for Christmas. We decided to smoke a brisket and ribs for my Birthday in February. First time for me to use it. It would not sync, although we followed all the directions. I called ThermoPro and explained the issue. THEY ARE SENDING ME A NEW ONE!!!This is the Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer to buy!!

  75. Hans Zoquier

    product manual reads very well. I have not had the opportunity to try this product.

  76. Dian Madura

    After using this several times, this seems to be a very accurate thermometer. Well built unit, So far I am pleased with this purchase

  77. Kiera Beadle

    I have now used this ThermoPro TP12 a couple times and am very happy with the results. I have used this to smoke ribs and tri tip on the grill. I knew the thermometer on the grill was off and this unit helped me keep a consistent smoke temp in the grill and the meat without opening the lid and loosing heat. Good product and easy to use the basic functions. More bells and whistles that I have used so far. Better range than expected on the remote.

  78. Raymundo Ghoston

    A little short on detailed instructions to setup but I managed and used it. Quite nice and took the guess work out of knowing if bird was done.

  79. Tammie Hayden

    This is a really good digital thermometer, it has great range and is accurate!! Every now and then you need to press the light button or it will beep, but it has saved me time running back and forth, smoke a pork butt for 8 hours, once I got the temp to where I wanted it gave me an in between rating to where I ould stay inside while monitoring it.. Love it!!!

  80. Philip Ingole


  81. Michel Genett

    Product worked fine other than the batteries that were shipped with it. An hour into cooking my turkey it went dead on me. Luckily I had replacement batteries on hand.

  82. Dana Trauth

    I used this all last summer on my charcoal smoker. It worked very well on the grill surface to monitor cooking temperature. I do wish the temp was easier to program , and a high/low alarm could be set, but It is not made for what I use it for, so It is fine. Very good remote range, gets 100ft easily outdoors.

  83. Joleen Mcnease

    Works great! Just what we wanted!

  84. Timothy States

    Easy to operate and accurate.

  85. Eartha Ahearn

    Works great. Easy to use.

  86. Carmen Polumbo

    My husband loves this product. He uses it weekly and especially likes the fact it has a remote temperature device. Fast shipping.

  87. Eladia Arellanes

    Worked as expected. We used this and another similar device to perfectly cook two turkey breasts with confidence to exactly the correct temperature.

  88. Lowell Muranaka

    This accurate, high quality instrument is a lot of bang for the buck! It worked perfectly right out of the box. The transmit distance is good also. It works from downstairs up to my recliner in the living room on the second floor of our house. Aahh, life is good!

  89. Leann Mohre

    Works great! Love it! I can monitor the status of the meat in my smoker from my recliner.

  90. Elvin Tandon

    Used this for Thanksgiving dinner, and the turkey turned out perfectly!

  91. Tula Ache

    It easy to use

  92. Augustine Dunkin

    Just smoked my first brisket ever and because of this thermometer it turned out perfectly!! Looking forward to many more hammock and smoker days thanks to this handy device!

  93. Fatima Ponte

    It works great. Love it.

  94. Esteban Himmel

    Great purchase. A must for folks with smokers. Nice to have for barbecuing too.. particularly chicken. I use a charcoal weber with coals on one side.. chicken legs on the other.. slow cook about 350f to 165 f meat temp. Comes out perfect. Sit and watch the game instead of the grill!

  95. Mia Samuels

    Seems to be a decent unit. Had some difficulty pairing the units but once paired all works well. I am a little disappointed in the range. The advertised 300 feet must be ideal conditions. Mine looses communication between the front porch and the kitchen…probably 30 feet apart. That being said, It is still way better than the Maverick ET-73 that it replaces.

  96. Dillon Lagonia

    Works well. Like the convenience of keeping track of the temp from indoors.

  97. Ashely Galayda

    used it for first time last week end .it operated as training video said. I would recommend it. easy to use.

  98. Fernando Aloy

    Since receiving this product, weve used it 3 times already!!! We love it!!! My husband has been looking for something like this for a long time!!! It is prefect because we do not have to constantly check the temperature manually or wonder what the temperature is!! I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

  99. Beverlee Ethridge

    BEAUTIFULLY made and performs EXACTLY as stated — Had a slight problem, contacted customer service and they responded VERY quickly. Problem is resolved and I am back to ;remote controlled; grilling! Recommend this item to those who want continuous cooking information and predictable (delicious) outcomes !!

  100. Gregg Lebaron

    Love it… we now own 2 for grill outs and for our trailer

  101. Stephan Ferone

    Good product. Works great. I now have my grilling and smoking down to a science

  102. Doria Scharte

    Works great while it works. Used for a few month but the food probe temps 20 to 30 degrees higher than it should be. I tried ordering a replacement probe but apparently the one that I ordered is not compatible with this device.

  103. Leroy Mahomly

    very nice product, received fast

  104. Heidi Evelo

    Just have used for a short period of time. It is easy to use and has really improved our ability to control on how "done" we want our meat and fish. Reduce the amount the time of hovering over the grill with the thermometer. Highly recommend it.

  105. Daniel Mauriello

    This product was easy to use and worked perfectly. I used it with my smoker while smoking a turkey. This took the worry out of making sure the temperature was perfect on the inside

  106. Danielle Servan

    Best little invention I have bought. It works GREAT. The meats come out perfect now.

  107. Marjorie Stucki

    looking forward to using it for the 1st time, there was a slight bit of confusion overwhich port on the transmitter was for food and which was for oven.

  108. Rodolfo Stehr

    I used it for Thanksgiving turkey and it worked just fine.

  109. Jasmine Manaker

    I bought this as a gift for my husband after we got our smoker. He loves it! Says it is one of the best gifts he ever received.

  110. Quinn Saborio

    bought it for my first attempt at brisket on the Traeger. It worked perfectly. I trust the ThermoPro more than the other gauges. Definitely would recommend this product

  111. Ngan Klez

    This works quite well and has good range through at least one wall.

  112. Erasmo Maeda

    Works great! Used it to monitor temp while frying wings. The flexible cord is great and the stand/clip it has makes it easy to monitor the temp. I would buy again

  113. Zoe Curcio

    Update to my previous review. They are sending a new unit, fantastic customer service!Accurate temp readings but the remote receiver constantly loses signal. Even when I am sitting within 10 feet of the smoker the signal drops and it starts beeping annoyingly.

  114. Granville Liscomb

    I can not give a personal review only because I bought this for my wife for Christmas and Christmas is a month away.My son recommended this as a present for his mom because he said cooking meat without it was a crap shoot. Now there is a reason to buy one.

  115. Rosita Union

    This product does the job as promised. however it is pretty flimsy and needs to be handled with care.

  116. Anton Iman

    Fantastic product and excellent company! We use the thermometer all the time and it works so well. No more running back-and-forth checking whether the meat is done. We had a minor issue with one of the products and the company was very quick to send a replacement part

  117. Hae Steiner

    I had been waiting to write a review since I wanted to try out first and this thermoPro is such a big help!! We first used when cooking a drunken chicken and with the help of the wireless remote it was so easy to know when chicken was ready in smoker and not dry out!! We also tried it with a brisket on the smoker for a little get together and knowing the temp on a brisket is so important or it will be too tough, but it came out perfect and nothing but compliments and not much leftover so worked out great

  118. Brendon Whitinger

    Works Great

  119. Lakeesha Zoller

    Works just like it suppose to!

  120. Freddy Rehmert

    I had it sent to my Ranch a couple hours drive away. Will not be able to test it until the weekend before Christmas. I have read the reviews and they were all good. So I believe I will be very happy.

  121. Debora Flewelling

    Was a gift

  122. Edison Reinbolt

    So far really good, goes through batteries really fast, I learned to remove them after using and reinserting every time, but works great on Treager smoker… others in the past the probe broke after about 3 uses, this one guarantees the probe…

  123. Candance Libbee

    Gift for son- in- law. It is wrapped and under the tree.

  124. Manuel Lawton

    Works great. Like the wireless remote feature.

  125. Avery Latko

    Love this little unit for use with my smoker! Makes it much easier to manage the smoker temps with the dual probe and wireless feature. Had an issue with the unit once I purchased it, but the companys customer service dept. really stepped up and sent a replacement after helping me resolve the issue. Highly recommend!

  126. Douglass Jeffs

    Probe stopped reading correct temp. Only 4-5 months old.

  127. Slyvia Rigerman

    Works as advertised.

  128. Derick Gros

    Works great very happy !!!

  129. Vania Sladick

    Prompt delivery and worked as advertise. Easy to set up. Grilled the Thanksgiving Turkey to perfection!!

  130. Henry Kempker

    It is so helpful to finally have a food thermometer give me a reading within seconds of being placed in the meat. It is also nice that I will notmiss when to remove the meat from the oven because of the mobile reader. Nothing to complain about so far.

  131. Mabelle Marchant

    UPDATED 9/22 – ITronics responded quickly to my review, and promptly shipped me out a new unit (no questions asked). I will update further once I have a chance to use itMy first attempt with it today with a hamburger and it fails to register the correct temperature. It was initially registering really low, and then – after poking the burger repeatedly – finally gave me a reading of 165, which was too done at that point. Visually, I kind of thought that, but… was looking for the thermometer to tell me for sure. Perhaps the included battery is junk?? Not sure. I will update this review once I have had the chance to use it more.

  132. Dave Teagarden

    It arrived on time witch was great because i was preparing the smoker as it arrived. What can i say other then it works great. Seems to be reliable and accurate. I am happy thanks.

  133. Catherin Severo

    Great product, easy to use

  134. Alvaro Naraine

    Not the best range but very helpful

  135. Merri Vassil

    Love it!

  136. Robbie Parmalee

    Good value. Works well. Probe cord is a bit stiff

  137. Ned Bodor

    Replaced my maverick 732 with this and am very happy with the quality

  138. Dyan Corneluis

    This was my first cooking thermometer and it has helped me to stop burning the food! I bought it to use on the smoker but found I use it all the time.There is a quick reference for meats so I do not need to guess what it should be. I had an issue with the probe after 2 years and they replaced it at no charge so the service is great. I highly recommend.

  139. Marlon Billips

    Fantastic thermometer! I use it when smoking meats and it performs fantastic. I highly recommend this product.

  140. Sharen Ghebremicael

    It is great. Smoked a pork butt – perfection

  141. Buster Nalls


  142. Dean Vanwart

    I use it to set the temperature on your oven you can not read then knob

  143. Ernesto Cinalli

    Works great, but the range is more like 75 feet. Still its really a good feature.

  144. Wilhelmina Fujimura

    This was purchased as a gift, so am unable to leave comments about how it works. Seems to have arrived safely in the mail. Will be presenting as a Christmas gift.

  145. Long Tesauro

    This thermometer works very well. Temperature is correct on it and keeps my husband from lifting the lis on the grill to check the temperature of the meat. Highly recommend

  146. Meagan Hogberg

    After looking into these devices, and seeing first hand how some of the competitors products worked, we decided to go with the ThermoPro TP11. We have absolutely no regrets. It arrived well packaged, and with batteries. The instructions are clear and well written and explain how to pair the 2 devices together. They paired immediately and started working as described.Weve only used it once, and so far, so good. We had the receiver about 200 feet from the grill and it worked flawlessly.The company is very proactive, sending instructional emails as well as making it clear that the temperature probe is covered for life!We will follow-up should anything change. Highly recommended.**Update**Over the New years holiday, our stove died leaving us with a $35.00 prime rib and no way to cook it. After thinking about it, we decided to cook the meat on our gas grill, even though it was 2 degrees F outside. I set the temperature in the grill, and used this thermometer while we watched football and had some wine! We watched the meat cook without ever leaving the house. Once the thermometer turned from blinking blue to green, we knew the meat was approaching our desired doneness (sp), opened the grill and was shocked at how perfect it looked. Brought it inside and had the best prime rib weve ever cooked at home!We like the ThermoPro so much we bought another one as a gift to a friend who was thrilled to receive it! This product really works. Thanks!

  147. Trenton Starks

    Very nice product

  148. Natashia Wipprecht

    Love it, it works better than the one a had

  149. Damion Bosell

    It was a gift for someone and he loved it

  150. Cleta Newton

    Very handy , do not have to open the oven and check the reading on the termometer any more and is nice to know when is close to be done .

  151. Andres Lazares

    Great thermometer

  152. Jocelyn Northwood

    Works great! With a barrel smoker It is imperative that the oven chamber stays a steady temperature… this thermometer helps do just that. Used it twice so far with no mishaps. Little tricky at first when programming it but instructions are clear.

  153. Lucien Bravard

    Great product! Great price!

  154. Zita Catucci

    Love this thing… I have never cooked Steaks and Chicken to perfect before. this unit is amazing and by far the best product that I have bought this year. Great service and good price.. I highly recommend this product.. I think I will go cook another steak 🙂

  155. Phillip Denbow

    have not use the temp gage yet but what I wanted except now looking back I should have bought a temp gage with 2 probes.

  156. Janae Almand

    I purchased this BBQ Thermometer because the temperature probe came with a braided metal cable with a higher temperature rating. Seems to be well made. Came with all of the batteries required and has a life time warranty on the probe both of which are a big plus.

  157. Cesar Halgas

    Great thermometer. Easy to set up and use.

  158. Dulce Machia

    Works great. First time using it on the smoker. Made meat loaf. Came out great

  159. Keneth Kimminau

    This is a Christmas gift so unable to give an opinion

  160. Joe Castorena

    works awesome i love it

  161. Jc Tarvin

    Item works great, well satisfied.

  162. Cristina Hartshorn

    Used it the first time this past weekend to make fudge. Fudge turned out perfect. The only issue I had was, when I first got it and put the batteries in, the remote did not turn itself off and the batteries completely died, within a few days. An auto off would be a nice addition to the remote to prevent that from happening. -1 star due to the battery issue.

  163. Mariano Swogger

    This is a great product.The color changing display makes it easy to see how close you are to being done. It has decent range.

  164. Katharine Mullennix

    Its great being able to watch the grill and meat temperatures from in the house. I must admit I have not used the alarms yet. But the transmitter, receiver, and probes seem to be high quality and should last a long time.

  165. Fredrick Rewakowski

    It works and is user friendly so I can stay happy while cooking!

  166. Odilia Gober

    Performs as advertised. No fuss to get it synced. Very accurate.

  167. Sharice Rhine

    This is a very good product that works over a good distance. It even worked in the refrigerator with the sending unit sitting next to the meat showing the cool down rate until the batteries got cold and shut down. When things warmed up I had to pull a battery out of the receiving unit to reboot like when you change the batteries. There are a few quirks that take a little getting use to and a dedicated on/off button would be nice. I used it to smoke meat in a wood fired pizza oven and it worked perfectly.

  168. Bennett Bellendir

    Excellent product, excellent customer service.

  169. Casandra Waltmann

    I love this thermometer! I have a gas grill that is pretty far away from my kitchen, so it was always hard to run back and forth when grilling. Now I just plug the probe, turn on the monitor and I can see what is happening from inside my kitchen. No more guessing. It is also great for oven use. Plug it in and bring the remote read out with to another room.

  170. Monte Kitsmiller

    This unit made smoking 2 pork butts way easier. It kept an accurate temp reading for the 12 hrs of smoking. I had to contact customer service with a small problem and they were very fast at resolving the problem. The first unit the temp readings worked just fine but it would not stay in sync and they replaced it free of charge. It is good to see a company that cares about customers and making things right.Great customer service

  171. Jenni Isam

    Great product.

  172. Alfonzo Sawtell

    I bought this for my son for a birthday gift. He has not used it yet so I really can not leave an honest review yet.

  173. Myrle Sperger

    Works great for me and love the dual temps.

  174. Larry Plumadore

    This thing is great. I have another one that was using. Thankfully it broke so I bought this one just as a quick replacement for Christmas this year. I had planned to get the expensive again, but I have to say it worked perfectly fine. I am always using my smoker and getting up to check the meat temp. This remote thing allowed me to sit with family AND keep track of what is going on outside. If you need one this is it.

  175. Nichol Scivally

    Works as advised, it is very helpful to cook stake right as everybody liked it!

  176. Bud Golightley

    I am very happy with it. It was not expensive, it functions as advertised and provides temperatures and alarms as temps are reached and it iseasy to use.

  177. Rea Bellocchio

    I love my ThermoPro! In fact, this was an order for a second one…to be used as a gift. Certainly to qualify as gift-worthy it had to meet the requirements of high-quality with great reliability.

  178. Rickey Helfgott

    Great product for the price. Have really enjoyed using now frequently for 8 months. Reasonable wireless range. Now I nail the done-ness. Great customer service. Have 2 units and one the probe broke. Replaced for me without issue.

  179. Su Curd

    Used it for first time today, and it worked great!

  180. Donte Sulkowski

    Easy to use worked perfectly

  181. Rosamond Snarr

    Excellent wireless thermometer. I purchased this one to replace my old one. I would recommend this one to others that are looking for a solid accurate wireless bbq/oven thermometer.

  182. Frederick Paulis

    Works great

  183. Thi Schons

    Love this thing! Have used on the grill and we used it for our Turkey at Thanksgiving!

  184. Isaac Basel

    We have really come to rely on our ThermoPro meat thermometer in order to get our meat cooked just right. It is much easier to make sure the meat is done to a safe level and then not over cook it so it is dry.Our unit stopped working so I contacted Itronics and let them know. I thought they would just send the metal probe but they sent an entire new unit. I was also able to register our new one so it will have a 3 year warranty. What a great way to treat a customer.We are very pleased with Itronics and our ThermoPro thermometer.

  185. Gerardo Farha

    took a while to figure out how to use it, like hold down a button for 3 seconds instead of just clicking it on/off, but I really like it now, and use it always when smoking fish or meat.

  186. Dyan Boening

    Used Thermo Pro for first time for our Christmas Dinner which was a fantastic Beef Tenderloin. It performed perfectly and meat was done to perfection.

  187. Matt Ringwood

    Solid product, no complaints. Great customer service. Bought it last summer and when I went to use it last week for the first spring use on my smoker the probe would not read anything. Requested a new one and iTronics replaces it for free no questions asked. I buy from them again!

  188. Marva Delvalle

    Brings smoking to a whole new level! Only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is it sometimes looses signal from unit to monitor devise when inside less than 65ft away. Claims it has a 300ft radius but I guess sheet rock and insulation put a little stress on the signal. Using on char griller akorn

  189. Pablo Eisnaugle

    Great product. We use it with our smoker. Easy to use

  190. Bonita Scheffer

    I have one of these that I have used for several months. It works well.

  191. Byron Hardgrove

    On time and good product.

  192. Paulette Vittitow

    Works great! I could read the temperature while inside the house so I did not have to run back outside to check it.

  193. Mickey Drayton

    This is great for cooking steaks on the grill. Prevents overcooking by letting you set an alarm when it reaches the desired temperature. Best steaks I have ever cooked. Unfortunately after 3 months it started giving bad readings. I read in their manual that this can be caused by wires being damaged in the probe. I contacted the seller (i-Tronics) and was able to submit a warranty claim. They honored the warranty with no questions asked (except my order number from Amazon). I expected them to send a new probe but I just now received a whole new unit. Pretty fast, too. I am concerned about the durability of the unit since the first one went out so quick. They do caution not to run the probe cord over open flame but with a grill it is not easy to avoid doing that. But really, I like it so much that if it went bad again after another 3 months, and I could not warranty it again, I think I would buy it again.

  194. Albert Waychowsky

    This is a fantastic thermometer. I tested both probes and they were both reading within a degree of each other in boiling water. Helps me keep my smoker at the perfect temp for some fantastic pork butts!

  195. Raymundo Hammang

    Have only used it a few times but am very pleased with it. Seems to be accurate and is easy to use.

  196. Milagro Furman

    Works every time

  197. Wilson Meginnis

    Excellent product. Had a probe that was defective and ThermoPro IMMEDIATELY a replacement. Fastest replacement I have ever experienced. Product works well under extremely high temperature environment. Well engineered product. Will buy more from this company!!

  198. Elvera Myerson

    I now use this for cooking almost everything. Improved my cooking skills ten fold.

  199. Warner Linkert

    Bought for my pitboss pellet grill works great , price is good also.

  200. Charlene Tegeler

    Awesome product. I use it all the time when I am grilling. Led screen melted when it was out in the sun.

  201. Isreal Better

    I bought this thing prior to Thanksgiving and it got It is first trial when smoking a turkey on my charcoal grill. I love the alarm settings! No more running out to the grill every few minutes to make sure the coals are notgetting too hot. Just sit and watch the football game until the alarm sounds! Easy to set both upper and lower temperature limits for the barbecue, so you can control it to your own personal OCD level.

  202. Mindi Westberry

    I liked the changing colors as the temp was reached

  203. Hai Giulian

    This works great with our traegar.

  204. Angelena Harms

    Easy to use. Love having dual sensors to use in a smoker

  205. Kennith Toca

    I like the split between Barbecue and Food and the basic design principle, HOWEVER, I find it unnecessarily complicated to operate. Hunt and peck is very frustrating.

  206. Beverly Klepacz

    I just finished using it for the third time. It works perfectly as advertised, and setup is a breeze.

  207. Hilton Manquero

    This is a great product which help make my Christmas Eve prime rib outstanding! Furthermore, the customer support I received when I had a question was also excellent. Enjoy!

  208. Dale Vasquez

    Love using this product for many different things, grilling, smoking, checking oven temps. Wireless feature let us you be mobile while longer cooking items do not need to be checked in on. Must have for any avid cook!

  209. Willis Guarracino

    It works great! I purchased it for my husband and I he said It is great!

  210. Yer Fonner

    We were trying a last minute decision to cook a standing roast for Christmas. Required a remote temp probe. You guys saved the day sending one just in time for the perfectly cooked rib roast. It worked great.

  211. Olen Bickle

    Simple, basic, works great. Company offers lifetime warranty on the probes and they stand by it. Ours was not working (put in boiling water and did notread 212) and they were very fast and friendly through email correspondence and willingly sent replacements.

  212. Latisha Stavrou

    This is a quality product and worked well the first time

  213. Refugio Soriano

    Very nice thermostat. Helped us make an awesome 12 pound prime rib for Christmas. Love the lifetime replacement of sensor policy. Very very reliable and easy to use product.

  214. Shavonda Susi

    I really love this thing. It works well for me and I use it all the time. It recently started malfunctioning (probably because I use it so much) and requested a replacement probe from the seller. They sent a new unit over immediately without any questions and now It is back to working perfectly. I will occasionally compare this with the other two thermometers I have, but It is always been within a couple degrees of my other ones.

  215. Darrel Wilderson

    The product was wonderful and performed just as we wanted

  216. Evangelina Lerwick

    Sweet product easy to use

  217. Everette Kistler

    This thing was a little hard to set up, as I kept getting HHH on it. Finally I took the batteries out and put them back in and it has worked like a charm since.

  218. Manda Bauerlein

    Straight forward function keys, works well.

  219. Gilbert Hawke

    I have tried your product Several times now, and it is working great I give it 5 stars!

  220. Raven Delduca

    I have unpacked and set up the unit and figured out how it works. I am really looking forward to being able to sit in my recliner and keep track of the temperature of the food being cooked. I have not actually used it yet but if it performs as expected I will be very happy with it.

  221. Corey Terrano

    This unit is awesome! It connects from my grill on my side yard all the way to my living room coffee table!!!

  222. Gwen Devon

    It was a gift for my husband. He loves it. Great product and service.

  223. Caleb Hannon

    Works great, I did not have to get off the couch while meat was cooking

  224. Elena Shappell

    Love that i no longer have to open the door to my smoker and lose precious heat to check the temperature of my meat!

  225. Junior Athearn

    It works well. It is a bit tricky to place the barbeque sensor so that it does not touch any of the metal in the grill.

  226. Justa Solarski

    Good product. I purchased one and it worked great so I bought another one for a friend as a gift.

  227. Shane George

    I was having an issue with this thermometer and brought it to the attention of the seller. They promptly sent out a replacement, and now everything is workign fine. Thank you ThermoPro for being so responsive and dedicated to service.

  228. Amparo Podratz


  229. Damien Falis

    works well

  230. Zonia Slotemaker

    A really useful item. I use it on a smoker. I can easily monitor the food and smoker temp. Nice.

  231. Kraig Shilleh

    Handy to have a digital readout in the house when using the smoker.

  232. Krystal Cabiya

    Good OEM replacement

  233. Vince Starowicz

    Great product and excellent customer service.

  234. Evita Binam

    Thermometer initially did not display correctly, but customer service responded promptly and was able to trouble shoot. All displays work and sync correctly now. I have not tried using it yet though.

  235. Desmond Norquest

    Very handy for use in kitchen and also on the grill

  236. Dorethea Eastep

    We use it all the time. Love it and it is very accurate and easy

  237. Andrew Dingess

    I am sure the ThermoPro TP12 is as wonderful as the single probe unit.. I have not had the chance to use this one yet…I really needed the 2 probenunit

  238. Danille Delhierro

    Have used twice so far but works great and is very accurate!

  239. Ethan Lamoore

    Great product works well.

  240. Michell Katen

    I bought this as a gift for my husband who smokes ribs, etc. He had one similar to this in the past and loved that one but one of the wires on a probe came out. I chose this one because of the lifetime replacement on the probes. He has not had much time to use this as it did not arrive as expected-it was delivered over a week later than it was supposed to but we are very impressed by the quality of this so far.

  241. Ahmed Tassey

    Good thermometer for the price! Have used in my smoker and also for a garden room (which ive actually been more pleased with than my accuweather ones lol

  242. Margert Pretty

    Worked great for 4 months. The meat probe stopped working. Contacted ThermoPro. They replied; We are not the manufacturer with a link to buythermopro.com. Have had no reply so far. Will update if anything changes. UPDATE. While shopping for another thermometer I stumbled upon this same TP12 on Amazon. It now comes with life time probe replacement.. I sent them an E-mail and they sent me a new probe.

  243. Owen Sarinsky

    We ordered this shortly before New Hears to use for a Rib Roast. It appeared to record correct temperatures and was simple to use. We have only used it once but so far so good.

  244. Kendra Maisano

    Easy to configure both probes to gather consistent grill and food temperatures. I want to add that I received a quick response to my support question from the company.

  245. Gail Muran

    Works as advertised, no complaints whatever.

  246. Gretta Schneeman

    Works so well! I just love how I can go to another room and still keep track of what is cooking in the oven!

  247. Elroy Montezuma

    Used it on a venison roast set it for 165 for 1 hour and it was done in 45 minutes it was absolutely perfect never over cook venison again it was actually Gourmet great product like the remote thanks

  248. Farah Forbs

    Works great!! The probe stopped working after 3 or 4 months, I used it once a week during that time, but tp-link was quick to replace my probe and transmitter in a couple of days. Very pleased with the customer service!!

  249. Ashley Mcleod

    Very prompt customer service. Very satisfied.

  250. Fumiko Schlembach

    Product seems just fine. Quick shipping, no issues. Given as gift, but have not heard anything negative about it since.

  251. Nick Bennefield

    Used this in my convection oven with a $95 Prime Rib Roast. Set it for Medium and it came out perfect. No more guessing, no more having to stay right on top of my cooking. Does exactly what I want it to do. Very satisfied!

  252. Izola Bedney

    Very cool device, we bought this for our smoker so we would avoid lifting the lid to check the meat temperature, we popped in the probe and the main unit just sits outside the smoker, the wireless unit sits inside the house with us so we do not even need to go outside. I definitely recommend

  253. Chi Plympton

    Awesome customer service! This is a great value product. Could not be happier!

  254. Ada Loudermilk

    Exactly what I needed for Home Brewing. No longer need to run up and down stairs to check temps!

  255. Brad Ferreyra

    Works great! Awesome to not have to keep checking for changes in temp!!

  256. Stormy Tague

    Have not used yet but looks and feels good I will update when I get a chance to use it next weekend

  257. Randy Channey

    I purchased this when I bought a pellet grill. The product was easy to use and accurate. I used it several dozen times over the summer. Unfortunately, the product began giving false (high) temperature readings. I contacted customer service and was quickly run through a repair plan, but that did not work. Within a few days, the company sent me a replacement, no charge, which has worked very well. Although there was a product failure, customer service was right on the spot. I would definitely buy from this company again. Happy grilling.

  258. Viviana Gooder

    My husband used it as he smoked ribs and, being the first time he used it, he double checked with a regular meat thermometer which verified the probes temperature reading when the ribs were done. With outside temperature around 20?? it was great to monitor the temperature on the receiver while indoors! Also, the continuous beep when the proper temperature was achieved continues to beep until you shut it off – you will notaccidently miss it and overcook your meat.

  259. Samual Rowray

    Great for smoking in the backyard barbecue. Bought 1 for my father and 1 for my son for their backyard barbecue.

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