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ThermoPro TP19H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Waterproof

(408 customer reviews)

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  • Ultra Fast & Accurate】Cooking thermometer features 4.3″ food grade stainless steel probe with a precise sensor provides 3-4S response time with an accuracy of ±0.9°F(±0.5°C) and a wide temp range of -58°F – 572°F(-50°C- 300°C); 
  • IP65 Waterproof & Calibration】Cleanup takes just seconds, as the water thermometer has a IP65 waterproof rating that means you can wash the liquid thermometer under running water with no concerns; 
  • Large Backlit Auto-Rotating Display】2.0” crystal clear, backlit screen provides superb clarity for when reading the temperature in all light conditions; 180° reversible display will rotate automatically depending on the orientation of the grilling thermometer;
  • Motion Sensing ON/OFF/WAKE/SLEEP & Lock Function】Chef thermometer is always ready when you are, engineered with advanced motion sensing technology which powers on the probe thermometer when the probe is withdrawn, powers off when retracted, sleeps when set down for 90s and instantly wakes up when picked up;
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ThermoPro TP19H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Waterproof

Cut out all the guesswork of cooking by getting the ideal food temperature in an instant!

  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x Cooking Thermometer
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Manual

Waterproof Instant Read Meat Thermometer TP19H

Keep overcooking or undercooking your meat? The ThermoPro TP19H Instant Read Thermometer is the perfect solution to put an end to this problem and always ensure your foods are cooked like a pro! With an accuracy of ±0.9°F, and a temperature reading speed of 3-4 seconds, you’ll never go back to cooking meat without this device! The grill thermometer also features a foldaway probe for storage purposes when not in use and as easily as it is stored.

  • Response Time: 3-4 seconds
  • Temperature Range: -58 °F ~ 572°F (-50 °C ~ 300 °C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Temperature Units: °F or °C
  • Display: 180° Auto Rotating Display; Auto Sleep Mode; 90 seconds of no use, wakes up when picked up
ThermoPro TP19H Instant Read Mmeat Thermometer Features

Fast & Accurate Readings

Features a step-down probe with a highly precise sensor to retrieve readings within 3-4 seconds; High precision sensor is accurate to ±0.9°F; Temperature Range: -58°F to 572°F (-50°C to 300°C).

ThermoPro TP19H Lock Temps function

Lock Function & Backlit Display

Lock button locks the current reading even after pulling out the probe from the heat source, to help you keep your hands away from the heat and read the temperature safely; Backlight LCD screen assists you reading the display in the dark.

ThermoPro TP19H Status

Motion Sensing ON/OFF/WAKE/SLEEP

Unfold the meat thermometer to turn on, and fold back in to turn off! Turns off automatically if the probe is extended when no use for 90 seconds,auto turns back on when picked up. It helps extend battery life!

IP65 Rated Waterproof

IP65 Rated Waterproof

The grilling themometer produced with a durable, IP65 waterproof ABS plastic casing, to easily clean under running water.

Calibration Function

Calibration Function

Recalibrate the instant read thermometer after a long period of use for higher precision, making this a purchase which lasts a lifetime.

Store Anywhere

Store Anywhere

Strong magnet inside the back of the folding thermometer, allowing you to magnetize the unit to your refrigerator door, barbecue rack ; Use the large hang hole to place on a kitchen hook.


Q: I have the Model TP-19H today when I tried to use it the display shows – – . – – degrees. I put it into a ice bath to calibrate and the temperature still did not display. I replaced the battery and the temperature still in blank. Is a reset required of this thermometer or is it broken?
A: Sorry to hear about this, it sounds as if the unit might be faulty, please contact us by email/phone with your order information for a replacement.

Q: I cannot get the screw out to install the battery
A: Is the screw stripped? Have you tried various sized screw drivers?


408 reviews for ThermoPro TP19H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Waterproof

  1. Bryan Wollschleger

    This is a great instant read thermometer. I use it for mostly my smoker but for food in the oven as well. I have had this item for about 8 months and mine did go bad. The Thermopro rep was extremely helpful in getting me a replacement for the defective one. the whole process took about 2 min. I am very pleased with this product overall.

  2. RBK

    Don’t give it as a gift, my failed after half a dozen use, but to replace it they needed the order number.

  3. dg_40

    Somehow water got in it, even though I always hand washed it. Won’t turn on. Guess I’ll go back to the thermapen.

  4. Carl H

    Garbage. Takes 7 to 10 seconds at its fastest to get a reading and even then the readings are not accurate.
    Company uses a knockoff name to remind you of a well known ThermaPen brand. I didn’t expect perfection for the price but this thermometer is not instant read it literally takes as long or longer than a regular thermometer. Amazon should force the seller to rewrite the description or ban the product. Returned for full refund from Amazon – Waste of time and a complete piece of trash

  5. LL

    Wish you could choose the color, other than that it’s an excellent and accurate instant read thermometer.

  6. Abel Serrano


  7. John Longron

    The best

  8. G. M. Drummond

    You just can’t beat this thermometer for the price. Seems to be very accurate. Love the magnet for attaching to the side of the grill. Love the light for when it’s a bit darker. I would recommend this to anyone. It has made me want to grill more.

  9. RANDY

    Love this . Checked accuracy it was right on the money hi and low . Bought 2 others for my boys .

  10. Pierre LeBear

    Really nice thermometer that does what it is supposed to do and seems accurate. I’m getting better results at the barbecue. Good price.


    easy to read, quick turn on, good comfortable size, reasonably priced

  12. roman

    Thanks, very good product I am very pleased with everything

  13. Smile

    Give the thermometer an A on how it’s built.

    Pic. 1) Opened & on.
    Pic. 2) Back opened up, battery partially in.
    Pic. 3) Bottom view, probe closed. Does NOT come with tape measure; though screwdriver included.
    Pic. 4) Front view, probe closed.
    Pic. 5) ~45° Picture.
    Pic. 6) Back of box it came in.

  14. Larry Taylor


  15. MK

    Very happy with this thermometer & would recommend. I like the way the prob folds down against the base & the orange color is easy to spot in the drawer.

  16. Edward Kappaz




  18. Happy Zorro

    I like this lightweight, water resistant and easy to read little buddy.

  19. Nicole

    Easy to use. I like that it has a light and is magnetic.

  20. Kevin McPeek

    Pretty quick read but seems to have some variability when using. Huge improvement over my last one that burned the labels off because it took so long to read. I’m a lefty so the display that rotates automatically is great.

  21. Kyle Conley

    Easy to use. Temperature reading is accurate and works as it should. Very pleased with purchase

  22. Irislady

    If you want a accurate temperature this is the one to buy. How many cheapo thermometers have you bought at a discount store and after one bbq season your gonna need another? Don’t cheap out ever again. It’s easy to read it’s fast and it’s sturdy . So worth it

  23. A sdr

    Good quality product. reads temperature really fast and accurate

  24. Amazon Customer

    Accurate and easy to read

  25. D Macc

    I tested this against two of my favorites and it’s – one degree.

    It’s easy to read in the dark or bright sun light.

  26. Keith


  27. Sharon

    Wildly inaccurate. Not worth the money.

  28. Donald Rozema

    product did not work. Changed batteries twice and product would never come on.

  29. HJ

    Gave this to my husband to replace our old probe thermometer. We use it for meat and have been using it for 3 months so far. He raves about how much better this one is compared to our old one. We’ve checked the accuracy several times by comparing it to our thermostat and it’s always accurate. I’m going to buy another one for my mother.

  30. Jon M Phillips

    Great thermometer for the kitchen and the grill. Instant read thermometers I’ve had in the past were so slow to read the hair in the back of my hand would start to since while holding them in place before the temperature would stabilize. Not this one, jab it in the start and within 3 seconds your have a stable temp reading.

  31. martin m slobodnik

    Very nice easy to use

  32. Judy A.

    easy to use

  33. Dav

    I love that it’s waterproof. I have been waiting years for water proof thermometer that I can put in the dishwasher. Well worth it.

  34. Kindle Customer

    Get one

  35. Hope O’Hara

    Quality product

  36. Mark

    Works well. Fast reading speed and easy to read. I like the folding probe design.

  37. Sarah Fisher

    This works fine but for BBQ, you have to open the grill to poke your meat. After we used this, I realized I probably should’ve gotten one that can sit in the meat and I don’t have to open to grill to check…

  38. Mvr

    So far so good. Very easy to use and store. I was concerned on a few reviews I saw but overall was good. I have had no issues woth accuracy or peeformance.

  39. Will Honeycutt

    We have a competition BBQ team. These are the best for the money hands down. I use these at home, camping, and on the competition circuit.

  40. John S. Derby

    Good product easy to use love it

  41. Steven R. Haglund

    Great for grilling and smoking meat.

  42. Matthew P.Howley

    I worked in food service for 30 years. This is my dream thermometer. I checked the calibration right out of the box using both an ice bath, then boiling water. It was spot on at both temps. Thanks.

  43. karen sprague

    This is not an “instant read” thermometer. It takes a very long time for it to tell the actual temperature. A cheap bimetal thermometer does a better job.

  44. Paul Busscher

    So easy to use, rapid read!

  45. Clelia Schindler

    I thought once you turn on the pro, it should automatically go to “0” . It automatically goes to “73”. I was cooking a steak at the time. Would not use it. I am very disappointed I really like to use it.

  46. Michael


  47. BDAWG

    Takes the guess work out of grilling various cuts of meat. Assures doneness without drying out the food.

  48. Neil G

    Could respond quicker but does a good job. Glad I bought it.

  49. Eric

    This Temp – reader has just been great.

  50. Chris

    well built and accurate for all your thermometer uses. Lighting also is a plus when grilling on an overnight or low light

  51. Dan1947

    Looks, feels and is a heavy duty instrument. I love the magnetic mount too. which allows keeping it handy…I hang it on my over-stove microwave door. And best of all, it reads quickly and accurately.

  52. Trina M. Brown

    This is a fun and must have for your grilling/BBQ needs

  53. rparrish

    This thermometer is easy to use and easy to read. As far as accuracy, I have nothing to compare it with, so I have to trust its readings are correct.

  54. Shannon Holbrook

    Works great!!

  55. John H. Krueger

    Easy to use and clean. And, of course, accurate.

  56. OregonNative

    Works great! Handy tool no doubts about the food being done!

  57. Aimee V.

    This thermometer is exactly what we needed. It’s easy to use, durable, and accurate. I love that it’s waterproof and is quick to register the temperature.

  58. Larry K.

    It’s accurate, simple to use, safe and reasonably priced. Would happily purchase again.

  59. Cube Life

    Accurate, easy to use, magnetic and turns on by opening and turns off by itself. It’s my trusty sidekick while using my Traeger.

  60. Nathan Selters

    great meat probe. Temp is very accurate. Easy cleaning. Happy customer

  61. Ebagz

    Only negative is the recommended temperatures are set too high for our taste. We reduce by 10 degrees to get the doneness we like.

  62. ATrailblazer

    It works and works well. I love that it is a magnet that sticks to the fridge as well. It instantly reads and is very close to other thermometers I tested against.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Great thermometer. Excellent ergonomics. Live the easy to read screen. The magnet is a definite plus…keeps it always handy. Just not sure how accurate it is. I purposely have not re-calibrate as I wanted to see how it worked out the box. I will probably try the calibration soon.

  64. Amazon Customer

    I would definitely recommend

  65. liveridedie

    Works great, feels sturdy

  66. Alvin Lau

    I washed the metal part of the thermometer under the sink and wiped the whole thing with a sponge. After a couple of washes, the thermometer stopped working, only displaying dashes, and there is water under the black cover, which is visible under the “waterproof” cover.

  67. David Trigilio

    For years I have been frustrated using BBQ forks that take forever to show accurate temperatures for meat on the grill. Finally , found one work that functions quickly and accurately. Had it about 2 months now and very pleased.

  68. Jan W.

    LOVE this thermometer! Works perfectly

  69. DC

    So far works great

  70. hurricane

    Replaced 15yr. old unit

  71. Nick

    It feels like an expensive thermometer but at a fraction of the price. I love the magnets and the flipping display.

  72. Craig Finetti

    There were so many to choose from and frankly some were really expensive. This one is awesome and not too expensive. Truly instant read. My steaks are cooked better now

  73. valtid

    It’s easy, fast and I love it.

  74. Matt

    My go-to thermometer. Works great.

  75. C Mej

    No longer use any other thermometer in the house! Easily fits in your pocket and has a magnet strip to leave on the grill or other magnetic surfaces.

  76. Rafael

    Great thermo pen for the price and pretty accurate at the same time. Good for someone not looking to spend to much on a thermo pen.

  77. Amazon Customer

    Large display

  78. Andrew C Morcos

    This product says it’s waterproof but stopped working the moment it got wet. Broken.

  79. Karl Horvath

    Better than expected and works great!

  80. JohnR

    Worked great until yesterday – easy to use and read. Temperature suddenly started reading about double and changing batteries didn’t help. Not very reliable.


    I contacted the manufacturer – very GOOD customer service. Since Amazon had refunded my purchase, I couldn’t get a replacement, I went ahead and bought another of the same based on my conversation with customer service. I can get a replacement if there is another failure from the manufacturer anytime during the warranty period. I raised my rating to 3 starts only because of the possibility of failure – again, great customer support.

  81. CrazyG

    I find thermopro products are some of the best I ever used and this one did not disappoint. sturdy and the probe can be positioned in many different angles to help get int tight places when grilling. Love that it is magnetic so you just stick it to the metal and it is there when you need it.

  82. Capt. Jerry Driver

    Folds away when not needed. Has a magnet that sticks it to my Traeger.

  83. CB

    Product is exactly as described and included a small screwdriver for the battery compartment. Have only used once since just purchased,but numbers are easy to see and reading was accurate. Like the design with folding probe. Extended warranty is a plus.

  84. Judy Koehler

    I have one and decided to give as a shower gift!!

  85. Edward P Samprakos

    And I love that it displays right side up no matter which way I hold it. Great product.

  86. Mark F.

    This is a life saver. I use it for a pellet grill and it’s so much easier. I haven’t experienced any negative issues.

  87. Jon M. Homer

    Fast and accurate, turns off when closed quickly

  88. Amazon Customer

    Very nice thermometer and easy to use. Quality product.

  89. MontBay Mont

    So glad I finally got one of these. Taking internal temp while grilling has made my meats better. I really like the big display on this unit and how quickly it reads temp.

  90. macdoc

    Good quality accurate, easy to use

  91. dennyb45

    Excellent quality easy to use and extremely quick

  92. WireHead

    Nice big LED that is back-lit orange. So can easily be seen. Temps are very accurate. I use this thermometer all of the time with the Ninja Foodi Grill Pro. Works better than the Foodi included temp probe. When I first starting using, I wasn’t aware that the reading would flip. So I was always awkwardly holding in my right hand trying to get a reading upside down. However, the display will flip over when switching hands. How awesome. That was a big DUHH on my part. Love this little guy! Oh, can be washed right in the sink & has a magnet if you want to stick to the fridge or oven door.

  93. KB

    doesnt work

  94. William Meriwether Black

    Recommended by the on-line show Cooking in the Raw.

  95. Jordan

    Outstanding product and super fast delivery. Love it!

  96. William Beegle

    Use this product to replace a meat thermometer that was inaccurate. Like the Thermopro for the large temp. display and the accuracy. Easy to handle.

  97. JJC

    works as described and is very well made. I should have bought this one first. I recommend it.

  98. pghfriend

    I wouldn’t call it instant read. It floats around for a bit but for the price, it seems like good product.

  99. Brian

    Failed after 5 uses over 45 days. Began reading 170° when meat was still raw.

  100. Susan Vargo

    Great thermometer

  101. James P. Davis III


  102. Johnb212

    This is a great item for outdoor grill people. I now know more and have more control and confidence in what I’m doing.

  103. James McMillan

    One of the best that I have used. Easy to use and read. Give one a try…..

  104. Amazon Customer


  105. Popken56

    Great thermometer for all type cooking. Folds for easy storage. Automatically turns off when closed. Easy to read readout. Magnetic back for storage.
    Would recommend to anyone who uses a thermometer for grilling, etc.

  106. fpink3

    I bought this thermometer after purchasing a less expensive ThermoPro TP03 model. I liked the TP03 so much I decided to try this more expensive model for a second kitchen. It has features I will never use. It’s slower to use than the cheaper model because there are more buttons to press by mistake. It looks like the TP03 is out of stock on Amazon. Too bad. Search that one out. It’s a great instant read thermometer. Reads FAST, has a VERY legible backlight display.

  107. Steve Caywood

    Easy to use and perfect for quickly measuring the temperature.

  108. ETet

    Making great yogurt using this.

  109. ER. Lee

    Nice and easy to use. Very fast response time of readout. Best thermometer I’ve found.

  110. anonymous33

    this makes cooking meat to safe temp very, very easy. I like it.

  111. Steven Sarniak

    Very good meat thermometer- magnetic to stick on the side of the fridge too

  112. TD

    Nice display and quality, does not state it but has a calibrate button behind battery, Wish it read a little faster to temp, takes a good 15 seconds to display max temp, other than that its nice thermometer,

  113. John R

    Excellent product I recommend for anyone who cooks meats

  114. Patbain

    Seems to be very accurate nice unit long range on the Bluetooth.

  115. Amazon Customer

    I was greatly impressed by the follow up customer service right at the unboxing. A treating card with a 10% discount in your next purchase. 3 Year warranty included, and even a small screwdriver for installing the batteries!
    These people care for their customers.
    I do recommend

  116. Chris McCrary

    Nice that it wakes back up as soon as you move it. AND that the screen auto flips depending on angle.

    Nice easy display and quick numbers too.

    Would purchase again.

  117. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, large readout, accurate! I like how easy it is to use and keep clean.

  118. Cesar Marrujo

    Awesome product love that there is a magnet to attach to the fridge easy to wipe clean 🧽

  119. mike

    Love it insta read for the times you don’t need use the probes.

  120. David Stanton

    Stopped working after a month of regular use. Bought a traeger and that this was a great addition to it. Worked great at first but after about o month of using it a handful of times every week it just stopped working. Pretty disappointed. Wouldn’t recommend.

  121. D. Mo

    This device is extremely convenient. The magnet allows me to place it on the side of the fridge, so it is always available for quick access. Water proof makes cleaning a cinch. Backlight is amazing, and the auto shut off feature is extremely convenient.

  122. heraldo

    This is a nice therm. for it’s budget price point. It is modeled after a brand that is about One Benjamin. This brand is a commercial kitchen brand, not that you have heard of it, but it was made to be used in a commercial kitchen. And this one is almost a clone of it in durability. Just not as fast as the other.

    I do recommend.

  123. richone

    There are more expensive meat thermometers out there but this one seems to do all that we want at a very reasonable price. We did pay a bit more to get one that is waterproof. It provides a quick reading, that is easy to see. It folds nicely so you don’t have to worry about stabbed accidently. The company communicated with us to make sure that we were satisfied.

  124. Michael E. Steen

    Great buy! Works great with my pellet smoker.

  125. MLF

    Worked great, really easy to use, didn’t lose much heat in the smoker checking temp.

  126. DV

    Checked calibration and was spot on out of the box. Quick readings and easy to see the display in sunny and low light conditions.

  127. george fangmann

    This product was challenging to get battery in place and the it didn’t work at all👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  128. Derek Pike

    This is my first meat thermometer. Instructions and use are pretty clear. As I dont have anything to compare against, I’m not really sure what this does and doesn’t do other than the obvious. It does what I need it to do though by measuring internal temperature of the meat on my grill.

  129. joselobo

    I really like this thermometer. Easy to use. Large back lit display. Magnet back. Instant results; accurate. Recommend!

  130. Kenny C

    It’s a lot larger than i anticipated but that’s ok. It’s fast, accurate, “waterproof”, and i love the magnet.

  131. LJB

    So easy to use it’s ridiculous. It’s accurate as can be and I don’t know why I just didn’t buy this when I started smoking meat in the first place.

  132. christy

    My husband got this for his new grill. He’s very excited about it and loves pulling it out to check the temperature on everything.

  133. Line cook Steve

    Little big. Definitely not gonna fit in a sleeve pocket. I’m ok with that though works well I get between 33.5 and 31 degrees depending on how much and where the ice is touching the probe. Fairly happy with that out of the box. Feels good in my hands and it takes AAA batteries so it will pay for itself in a few battery changes compared to buying watch batteries for a smaller unit.

  134. Amazon Customer

    The thermometer was bought to replace one that never worked well. We were impressed with the speed and accuracy of this one. It also feels so much better made than the one it replaced.

  135. Wizone

    My wife loves this thermometer. I hope she let’s me use it when I bbq.

  136. C.Kullman

    Best one I’ve used so far after having a couple of different brands and styles.

    What I liked most with this one, is the probe is thinner than others, making it easier to stick and very fast. This one is extremely accurate. I’ve done countless triangle tests with 2 others over 2 months now, and this one has been the most consistent. Additionally, this one has all of the features you could ask for on a quick read thermometer. I especially like that it uses AAA batteries, so it’s more practical to replace when the time comes.

  137. Applesauce

    The ThermoPro Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer is perfect for my grilling needs. It works quick and is easy to read. I like being able to stick it to my grill while using it outside. No worries about it falling on the ground or getting dirty.

  138. Paul Shults

    Excellent product.

  139. Reviewer

    This thermometer is awesome! The digital display flips over for an easy read and makes it easy if you’re left handed or your hands are full flipping meat. I like the fact that it has magnets on it so I can put it on my fridge. No more digging for a meat thermometer in the cabinet or drawer. Also for an added bonus, it shuts off when you fold the probe back into the shut position which will save your battery when you’re not using it. Love this product.

  140. JB

    This product has an excellent user friendly design, simple to use and re-use. Large easy to read display with backlight makes checking the temp a snap. To use, simply open the probe and the device turns on, takes only about 2 – 3 seconds to get a temperature reading. Once you have, either leave the unit idle and it will turn off in 90 seconds or clean and fold down the probe. I have another thermometer like this but it isn’t as good, not as fast, have to press a small button to turn it on or off. This unit is mostly plastic so it is not the type you leave in the oven, it is an instant read, meaning about 2 to 3 seconds for it to read the temperature once inserted into the food.
    Whether you cook a lot or a little, having an instant read thermometer is important so your food comes out done to your liking. This is a very good instant read thermometer.

  141. REL

    Works as described. No issues.

  142. Jim C.

    Easy to use. Nice that it can be washed.

  143. Marjorie

    Love this and it’s magnetic to stick to your smoker!!!!

  144. Patrick Deason

    It’s a very good thermometer if a bit slower to read than I would have thought.

  145. Customer X

    Reads different temperatures each time. Never consistent. Waste of money. Don’t buy!

  146. Kindle Customer

    Love it!

  147. RGV

    The magnet – I love it, stays next to the stove on the side of the fridge – no need to dig through a drawer to use it. Always ready when you are.

  148. JWS

    like just about everything about it in this price point, however “instant” is definitely not a fitting tag for this. Seems to take from 5 to 10 seconds to get a stable temp

  149. Colecat134

    This is the perfect replacement for my broken glass thermometer which I used for frying and cooking. I thought I had read that it did have a clip, but it did not. However, it situated nicely and works exactly as I had hoped. I love that it has magnets so I can hang it on the frig rather than getting lost in the drawers. And being waterproof is great for cleaning, especially after frying. It also takes the place of my meat thermometer, which didn’t read as high as this one does.

  150. Bella

    I hated my last thermometer as I was already asleep afraid the water would ruin it so when that happened I decided I needed a waterproof one and decided on this one. It reads quickly (I don’t know if it’s as quick as it claims) and there a nice light option. You can also hold the temperature for a few seconds if you’re taking a rest somewhere you can’t easily see the thermometer. It will turn off when you close it, although I wish it would turn off if you just left it open as I often have it open after cooking. The probe fits nicely in the side and doesn’t come undone accidentally. I have been washing this under water since I bought it and it’s been perfectly fine. The large display makes the thermometer very easy to read too. I will recommend this to anyone looking for a thermometer.

  151. Jeff

    Great product. Accurate and Quick. Lets you check a temp and get out so you don’t loose much heat for smoke. Great product at a great price.

  152. William R. Delano Jr.

    Easy to use very intuitive

  153. Crose621


  154. Kip Brueger


  155. mclv

    Seems to be a good thermometer (just received it) but unfortunately the battery compartment doesn’t close completely so it is not flush with the rest of the thermometer.

  156. Sockster

    When inserted into a piece of chicken or steak, the temperatures never leveled off…they “danced” to all different numbers constantly. Impossble to figure out when something was done. Very disappointed with this product

  157. Ranman

    Seems to be working well

  158. Amazon Customer

    Very nice product. Will us often.

  159. Mchrist

    Love it, easy to use.

  160. Kevin H. Devin

    Loved the unit, was great until I accidentally dropped on the floor in the kitchen. When I opened it up to check it, I noticed the segment area closest to the lock button was now dead. Very unfortunate as I feel a device like this should be able to withstand something like this. Bummed.

  161. Stephen Crosby

    The instructions are simple and largely idiot proof. I appreciate that as I get older.

  162. Mike Dufficy

    Get this to go with the whole smoker thing. Works well and very pleased with it.

  163. H

    I assume it’s accurate. It’s quick and has a large easy to read display.

  164. Eric Steele

    I like the on/off function when the wand is extended and closed and the “flip over” display when the device is turned to another angle. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, but I have no problem reading the temp.
    I am using it for determining the right temp for activating yeast and in the preparation of macarons.

  165. Brian

    I regularly BBQ at work this is exactly what I wanted and needed.

  166. Jimbob

    I used to check temperature of med rare sreak….It worked well

  167. MLC

    does just what you want it to do with Accuracy !!

  168. tdewey440

    Thermopro makes a great product, I own others and this is by far the best.

  169. Daisymandi

    Great thermometer for the grill and cooking meats in the oven. Used it for the temperature of water for pizza dough.

  170. Mac10games

    This is the best meat thermometer I’ve ever had. I’ve had other cheaper ones that crapped out on me quickly. Get this one! You won’t be disappointed. It’s very easy to use. It’s magnetic so it’ll stick to the refrigerator.

  171. Crystal Sanchez

    Fast and easy to use.

  172. A. Teng

    Fast reading (in about 1 sec) and easy to read.

  173. Amazing Amazon Customer

    This is actually my second Thermo Pro thermometer. My first one was the TP-03 and I used that one several times a week for almost 3 years. I am only replacing it because my sister in law submerged it in water when she was visiting. It actually still works, but only reads in Celsius. That’s why I bought the water proof version this time. Although there was nothing really wrong with the old one, this one sure is a step up. The display is super easy to read and it’s cool that the digits flip upside down so you don’t have to worry about how you hold it or insert it. The auto on and off function is cool too, and you can lock in a temp so you do t have to try and remember what the temp says. Which is helpful to me because I’m forgetful and easily distracted. If you register it on their web it has a three year warranty. Not that you will actually need it. They make a great product that is built to last.

  174. Kindle Customer

    I’m impressed by how quickly and accurately this ThermoPro registers the temp. I like that it is completely waterproof so no fears of washing it after use. I really like the larger display that lights up when used. Overall, very happy with this thermometer.

  175. rlh1236

    Just used this for the first time last night on steaks on the grill. I took the steaks off when the temp registered 135 ( chart on back says 145 for medium rare), and then let them rest. I did not cut into them before resting them, like I usually would, but there was no pink after about 5 minutes of resting. Luckily the steaks were still good. Could have been user error, but I am glad I did not leave them on any longer!
    It did register the temp quickly tho!

  176. Brian L Koepke

    Love it

  177. David C. Long

    My second thermopro purchase. Easy to read, and rapid response.

  178. CCulley

    Hoss, this meat thermometer is the cats pajamas! Large display easy to read, nice size. threw out the old dial thermometer after this bad boy!

  179. Carrie

    Great product, super easy to use & read. First chance to use it was on this 10 lb. turkey I smoked in my charcoal kettle. Came through like a champ.

  180. Bill Allen

    I use this, mostly, for checking the internal temperature of bread, but it works well on meat too. It measures the temperature pretty well, is easy to use, and the display temperature stabilizes quickly. It can hang from a hook, and it has refrigerator magnets too.

  181. shaun

    This is a great thermometer. Full stop. Water air meat under the tongue or up your bum. It’s fast and accurate and the feel, features, and thoughtfulness of the design are matched by the execution of the product. The textured finish, anti skip pads, sealing door, metal machine threaded door plate, on & off button integration into the thermistor snap, presence of a waterproofing seal between the plastic clam-shell halves, all speak of great design. Its made in China, but this company clearly sends a complete specification and their contract manufacturers follow the spec. First class all the way. I’m kinda stunned- so much product on the big river has become garbage or outright counterfeits. This is the real deal. BTW I bought it for fly fishing where the tradition apparently calls for totally inaccurate cheapo fake mercury bulb thermometers at the same price- Even Orvis sells garbage. Bravo ThermPro!! Wow.

  182. Rowhard111

    Those 4 stars are honest ratings, but the Claimed Ultra Fast, 3 – 4 sec B.S., What they don’t say is, 3 – 4 sec. for a 5° climb., do the math, it equals a pretty warm hand.

  183. speedgeezer

    A very useful and well-designed and -built product: very sharp-pointed probe, completely secure and safe in the non-use position; large backlit numbers; quick read. We especially like that temps are given in tenths, making it easy to sneak up on critical candy temperatures (BTW, in regard to cooking sugar, this reader completely solves the problems of our traditional, glass-encased spirit thermometer: no fogging; no guesstimating coarse tick marks, complicated by parallax errors). Very prompt receipt, too, if that matters.

  184. Ben McCollum

    LOVE IT. It’s the only thermometer I use now when I cook. I’m an executive chef and have to monitor food temps during service … this thermometer is fast and easy to read, easy to clean, and fits in my chef coat pocket.

  185. jimb

    Great thermometer. Instant On, Auto Shutoff, easy clean and quick read. Some have complained it takes too long to get a reading. I’ve never waited more than 2 seconds on a brisket, tenderloin, or chicken. Seems good to me. Comfortable to use, feels sturdy when holding it. Accurate readings. You can spend way more for higher end models of this same brand if you like, but for the money, this is perfect.

  186. Johnny

    This is a replacement for a different brand. The other brand kept flipping the reading upside down and I could not read it easily. I was concerned this would have the same issue. It doesn’t! This one is perfect! I tested it in boiling water and it read exactly 212 F and then in iced water and it read 32.2 F. Very accurate and very easy to use. I like the amber back light also. It makes it extremely easy to read.

  187. Don Bon

    I bought this ThermoPro Instant-read Digital thermometer to replace an older ThermoPro that I managed to break and I am impressed at all the minor improvements that were made. It is slightly larger with a good feel in my hand. The digital readout is larger and brighter. It has an integrated holder to hang it up if you wish and is magnetic, which seems handy. The unit powers on when you open the probe (the older one had a button) and it defaults to Fahrenheit. I loved the old one until I used the new one. The accuracy is good and the reading is quick as was my previous unit. I applaud the folks at ThermoPro for taking a good product and making it better. This a necessary cooking tool that lacks no features, at a great price.

  188. Tyler H

    Thermometer automatically turns on/off when opened/closed. Able to get instant results from the temperature of the meat. I think this device will result in better food. Example when cooking chicken I feel like we always over cooked the chicken to make sure it was safe to eat. Resulting in dry poor quality chicken. Now, we know when the chicken reaches the recommended internal doneness = better tasting chicken. Highly recommend this product

  189. Cesar Jimenez

    Easy to use and calibrate.

  190. Douglas LeCount

    Excellent product. Worked fantastic. What a great product!!!

  191. H Brown

    easy to use

  192. Amazon Customer

    The product worked great , received yesterday and used it right away. My only concern is that it was suppose to have been made in the USA and yet the box says made in China . I’ll see how the product continues to work and update my review if necessary

  193. Jennifer Bishop

    I love the motion sensor, the color, and the speed. I love that you only have to open and close it to turn it off and on. Finding the small button to turn it off and on with other products was very annoying. The water proof is awesome, but I usually just wipe it off with alcohol wipes. It is a bit big, but still fits in my pocket. I use it for work and at home.

  194. TinMan

    Easy to use

  195. Amazon Customer

    Wish it came with a case.

  196. Amazon Customer

    Great product but for an instant read thermometer it is a bit slow to register the correct temp.

  197. James Skinner

    recommended by bbq experts, used on my first brisket, made cooking mush easier. A MUST for every kitchen!

  198. Glen

    Works great! Gives temperature quickly for accurate and safe cooking of meat. Highly recommend.

  199. Shawn steed

    Works very good love it

  200. Joywana


  201. Chris K

    This is the first digital thermometer that I didn’t have trouble using it the very first time. It was so easy to use and read that even my husband liked i

  202. Grant

    turning on when the probe is extended and off when it is shut is a nice feature. Easy to read and temp more accurate then other thermometers I have tried.

  203. jimb

    Great thermometer. Instant On, Auto Shutoff, easy clean and quick read. Some have complained it takes too long to get a reading. I’ve never waited more than 2 seconds on a brisket, tenderloin, or chicken. Seems good to me. Comfortable to use, feels sturdy when holding it. Accurate readings. You can spend way more for higher end models of this same brand if you like, but for the money, this is perfect.

  204. Leo

    Thermometer is very efficient, turns on when you flip the probe , nice big digital read out, turns off when you fold the probe closed

  205. Jason

    Very well made and works extremely well, seems much better made than many I have seen in box stores that cost more. I couldn’t be happier.

  206. L. Carter

    We use this every time we cook meat and recently when cooking simple syrup. It replaced an old digital that never seemed to work well and died after some water damage. This new one is waterproof and much easier to use. The light comes in handy too when grilling outside at night.

  207. Alfred Dorsey

    great thermometer, only downside is a tool is required to change battery

  208. Amazon Customer

    Worked great! Worth the $20

  209. Gustavo Perez

    I love this thermometer easy and fast to use

  210. Jason K

    Auto on/off instant, and I mean instant, read thermometer that makes grilling so much simpler. Thanks to our friend for recommending this. We have tossed our two older school food thermometers. Don’t consider, just buy this.

  211. Amazon Customer

    Love this thermometer, well made and easy to use

  212. Xavier

    Just what I thought it was

  213. Jonny

    Very satisfied. Excellent quality and ease of use. Save yourself $80 on a high end thermopen, and buy one of these.

  214. Tallguy

    I’ve only used it a couple times, but it works great. Much better than the old school food manual thermometer I had where you have to leave the probe in the food for a min or so to get a reading.

  215. Elvira Getty

    As priced point less than half of Traeger Price

  216. Beth

    I like that it reads so quickly! My last thermometer took about 10 seconds to get the temperature and this one is almost instant.

  217. C W

    Only lasted 3 months. Won’t be buying this brand again. When it worked it was decent! What a shame.

  218. Amazon Customer

    Surprisingly does everything well. First a warning: Great intention to prevent battery cover screw from being lost, a retaining clip is present inside cover. REMOVE the clip. It prevents proper alignment when replacing cover as it holds screw fully extended and can lead to stripping threads when trying to tighten. With clip removed, alignment and securing are easy. IMPRESSIVE features!! Calibration was perfect as received. Response time to stable temp is very rapid, 3 to 10 seconds!! Auto Sleep/Wakeup function works well to save battery life. Lock temporarily holds temp long enough to get a good look. Light provides easy reading in dark. Magnet can hold unit to metal refrigerator or cool part of stove. An unadvertised useful feature is the use of two black rubber pads on the bottom to prevent the unit from sliding when placed on a smooth surface. Centigrade/Fahrenheit button is on bottom of unit and requires about a 5 sec hold to avoid unintended changes. We have the TP-20 for in oven/bbq use too and have been very impressed with it as well.

  219. ibbmw

    This the first instant read thermometer I have used and it is working great. I love it.

  220. Mike

    I love this thing. So many of these probes are inaccurate or poorly designed. This one is perfect. I’ve had it for months and I am very, very pleased. The magnet is a nice touch as well. It sits on the side of the fridge and is within arms reach whenever needed.

  221. Penny Millikan

    We absolutely love this instant digital read thermometer! We grilled chicken and it came out perfect! So juicy!

  222. GlitterPukee

    Good product but sharp edges. The device is unfortunately uncomfortable for me to hold. I’ve got bad hands to begin with but it was much larger than I was expecting haha v

  223. Sean

    Haven’t used it yet but did test couple of different ways for accuracy. The quality in my opinion as a technician is good. Bright display is an advantage in the dark. The back magnet is working perfectly on side of my refrigerator. Is it really 2 to 4 seconds? Probably not but fast enough for me. Is it really water proof?don’t wish to try it and definitely are other ways to clean it. Just don’t understand why they include a junk broken screw driver that doesn’t work.
    Just in case if yours needs calibration, look YouTube for simple ways.

  224. Ryan

    Exactly what I needed to throw down on the grill.

  225. Don Bon

    I bought this ThermoPro Instant-read Digital thermometer to replace an older ThermoPro that I managed to break and I am impressed at all the minor improvements that were made. It is slightly larger with a good feel in my hand. The digital readout is larger and brighter. It has an integrated holder to hang it up if you wish and is magnetic, which seems handy. The unit powers on when you open the probe (the older one had a button) and it defaults to Fahrenheit. I loved the old one until I used the new one. The accuracy is good and the reading is quick as was my previous unit. I applaud the folks at ThermoPro for taking a good product and making it better. This a necessary cooking tool that lacks no features, at a great price.

  226. David Garner

    Great tool. Fast and accurate

  227. Villanman

    I bought it for grilling. Automatically turns on when you open it up, quickly read your temp. Reads the same temps as my remote probes I use for smoking. Not much else to say other than it works like its supposed to. I love the built in magnet.

  228. wigrow

    As advertised. Happy with my ThermoPro. Works great. Has a great magnet.

  229. Wallace Ching

    Had one that just broke over time..updated replacement

  230. Dreamer23

    I do a LOT of baking, and proof a LOT of yeast, and this thermometer lets me monitor my water temp instantly before proofing my yeast, to get it just right. Very fast readings, and the large, clear display is easy to read. I love this thermometer…

  231. Kelly Mcdougald

    So easy a caveman (if he needed to) could use it!

  232. Wade Armstrong

    I like this thermometer. One of the things I like best about it is that it takes a regular AAA battery. I will not have to buy a much more expensive “button type” battery like my last thermometer used.

  233. Johnny

    This is a replacement for a different brand. The other brand kept flipping the reading upside down and I could not read it easily. I was concerned this would have the same issue. It doesn’t! This one is perfect! I tested it in boiling water and it read exactly 212 F and then in iced water and it read 32.2 F. Very accurate and very easy to use. I like the amber back light also. It makes it extremely easy to read.

  234. L

    It is very quick, and is magnetic so works well with my grill. The light feature is nice also. Sturdy, definitely recommend.

  235. Cliente Amazon

    This thermometer looks great, however my unit is not accurate when it is hot, it works fine when put in iced water, however it is useless for meat as it is off by more than 50F when hot, I tested it with my old thermometer. I tried calibrating it and it didn’t solve the issue. Also, I contacted customer service a week ago with no response.

  236. David W Brinton

    Was simple to use

  237. David L

    Temp is wrong

  238. Glenn M. Wishon

    My history with analog “instant read” thermometers has been sketchy. I was looking for a unit that would tell me if my sourdough bread was over 208 degrees F. This does the trick marvelously, and so for chicken and steaks on the BBQ, room temperature, water temperature. Dunno about durability after only a month, but so far I’m hooked and I bought a second one.

  239. Amazon Customer

    Works like a champ. Very well made.

  240. Amazon Customer

    Great tool

  241. Micheledzw

    This thermometer makes it easy to cook any meat perfectly.

  242. bennett

    Works great

  243. Scott Davis

    It works great. Huge well lit numbers. Buying one for camping and for my friend.

  244. Adele Reische

    Easy to use.

  245. Ronald Wisher

    Awesome product. If needed customer service is outstanding. Order 2 more for Father’s Day gifts.

  246. Bob Deschene

    This thermometer has a large display, turns on when opened and reads temp quickly, does everything I want to to do extremely well, very happy

  247. dan k kissling

    Use this thermometer almost every day. Seems very accurate,very easy to read
    Water resistant, easy to clean. Appreciate very long sharp probe.

  248. Tom

    Works as you would expect. Display is large and easy to see. Unit built to last for years.

  249. P. Davis

    I love the instant read. No waiting for the needle to move like with my traditional thermometer!

  250. becky1965

    I had thermometers in past that broke after few uses. This is durable and easy to read.

  251. BigSteve77

    Very well made and easy to use.

  252. Lisa Salvhus

    Just as described, a little longer probe would be good but it does the job, just the same

  253. Pyrate

    Very nice Thermometer. Feels solidly built.

  254. Andrew J Ippolito

    Easy to use
    Easy to read
    Waterproof-couldn’t ask for more

  255. V. Sweet

    I’ve only used this a couple of times, but compared to my other supposedly instant read thermometer, this one really is instant.

  256. Gramps

    Bought this for bread making but it also comes in really handy for cooking plant based meats and burgers where it can be hard to tell from visual clues when they are done.

    Can’t really speak to the accuracy but no reason not to believe it.

  257. User54

    I have w different blue toon thermometers but I use this one as the final arbiter. Just ordered a second one.

  258. J.J.

    This is even better than expected. I have only used one time but so far so good. I like that the thermometer turns on when you open it and it requires AA batteries instead of the smaller “watch-size” battery

  259. Duke

    The temperature reading is about 1-2 degrees off, nothing to worry about though–they include instructions on how to calibrate your digital thermometer. I would recommend to anyone looking for an inexpensive, digital meat thermometer that actually works great. It is also magnetic and sticks right to my refrigerator with no problems, and the magnet is strong enough that it doesn’t fall off.

  260. Randy B

    I bought 4 of these for my coworkers for Christmas they liked them so much I had to one for myself.. Accurate and fast.. I like the auto shut off and on features and easy to read display that auto rotates..

  261. Claudia S Walls

    Great product!!! Package arrived next day as promised. Easy to use and quality thermometer.

  262. Amazon Customer

    I bought this mainly for water temperature, for bath water etc, it is very accurate, and easy to use, nothing to complain.

  263. steve preckel

    Just got this over the weekend and put it to use right away on some chickens. I can’t believe how fast the reading was!!! Highly recommend for anyone who BBQ’s a lot.

  264. Erik Martinez

    Get it while it’s hot is exactly the point! Reads temp in 3 seconds or less and adjusts to your line of sight I.e. the numbers flip if you turn it the other direction.

  265. Db

    Very easy to use. Only used it for 3 days but so far it works great.

  266. Dwayne

    Item as described, accuracy seems to be almost perfect. Only time will tell about durability.
    So far so good.

  267. i8aapple

    This is my 4th probe thermometer and it’s a quick read that lights, measures, sleeps and turns itself off in 90 seconds not 10 minutes if left untouched. My first thermometer was analog, had a fat probe and kinds slow but accurate enough to be included in my international flight attendant gear. My second was a cheap digital with an odd button battery was fine until I dropped it and never found all I gave up looking for all the pieces. Number 3 was the least expensive ThermoPro that in a move box I haven’t opened yet. I decided to buy another ThermoPro because I hate overcooked meat and I’m using it as an alternative to a normal thermometer to take my temperature during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, I stick it under my tongue for 5 or 6 seconds, press hold and read my temperature (today it’s 98.8°). It’s easy and feels solid when held and it’s well calibrated right out of the box. The battery compartment requires a screwdriver to open – and they include a small quality Philips head screwdriver (I’ll include a picture). They also include their support phone numbers. The only con I’ve seen is their recommended temperature for pork. They say 170°, however the USDA has lowered the safe temperature to 145°. There is a PBS Create cooking show (America’s Test Kitchen) that reviews kitchen accessories and ThermoPro remains their number one pick. The strong magnet makes it harder to misplace and it was QC’ed by number 2. Buy it. You’ll like it whether it’s your 1st digital kitchen thermometer or your 4th.

  268. Elation

    I’ve had this thermometer about a week – TP19H. It works as advertised. I was a bit weary from some of the negative reviews. Rest assured, there is nothing low quality about this item. The needle has a nice stiff movement feel to it so it stays put for easy temp reads. The magnets are strong. Overall, it feels like a well-made device. It even comes with a mini screw driver and an easy-to-register 3-year warranty. Being that this cost a fraction of the ATK competitor, I feel like I got a steal of a deal. If something changes, I’ll report back but I don’t anticipate any issues at this point.

    I’m going to have to drop a star due to the receiving unsolicited emails after registering my product. I did not see an option to opt in or out of these mailings. Registering a product should not mean instant spam (even if some feel the subject matter is handy – such as free recipes).

  269. Tracy L Treman

    For the price, this one can’t be beat. Fast and easy to read. It only take one AAA battery so you don’t have to go looking for those little and expensive wafer batteries. It even come with it’s own screwdriver to get at the battery compartment and a built in magnet for hanging. Very well thought out.


    Ease of use and accuracy is phenomenal

  271. JRW

    Nice design, easy to read. Like the magnet to stick to side of the fridge with. Battery compartment cover closes with a little screw so won’t be losing that and they threw in a tiny screwdriver and the AAA battery.

  272. Joe

    This temp gauge is the real deal, very sturdy and the magnet is really strong.

  273. L. Elaine

    I keep this attached to my refrigerator, easy to grab when I’m making yogurt or fixing a steak or burger. Works like a charm. I’m wondering how I survived in the kitchen without this for so long. Works very well.

  274. Hawaii

    The ThermoPro digital instant read thermometer is everything I’d want in a digital kitchen thermometer. It’s larger than I thought I’d want, but this is great when taking the temperature of super hot liquids. The display is very large, and easy to read. It’s backlit. The AAA battery is user-replaceable, with a small cross point screwdriver (included). The battery compartment has an o-ring, to keep the water out. It turns on when you unfold the probe, and off when you fold it back. The magnetic back holds it securely to a refrigerator. At first, I thought this thermometer was slightly overpriced, but since it’s perfect in almost every way, the price is justifiable. I love it, and just wish I’d found it earlier. Highly recommended!

  275. dan parham

    Just what I was looking for, easy to use and temp was perfect . Works so well I just ordered another one as a gift.

  276. John G.

    I’ve only used it once so far, but it’s what I was looking for. Sturdy build, should be durable. Haven’t checked accuracy, but gave good result on roasting chicken thighs. Happy with purchase.

  277. Eugene E.

    The absolute best quick read thermometer I have ever had. The kitchen store have them, but they are noting compared to this one. Its sturdy, easy to read at all angles and best of all, it has a long probe so you won’t burn your hand! I know it’s a little expensive, but I won’t need to keep replacing the little batteries on the others or replacing them at all because the tips become inaccurate.

  278. JC

    Time to upgrade our old ThermoPro. This one seems beefy. I love the magnet, auto on/off, auto display orientation, temperature guide on back, and sharp tip.

  279. Tom Jacques

    Accurate out of the box (tested it in boiling water) and easy to use and read. When a tool works as designed I use it. This will get used every time I smoke or grill.

  280. EddieN

    Pure awesomeness!!

  281. Robert S Keller

    Bought mine to make yogurt. It is probably good to roast meat too. Just remember that the thermometer is instant read. Bob

  282. AW596

    I totally recommend. Great product at great price.

  283. Osa

    Been fighting with the cheap meat thermometers from the typical retailers. Decided to buy one of these. Such a big difference, should have bought one years ago. Plus it uses a normal battery, not those hard-to-find batteries.

  284. Amazon Customer

    Thermometer is easy to operate, folds down for easy storage, and easy to use.

  285. Doc T

    I found that the construction of this device is better than others. This display goes off when you fold the probe. It has a powerful magnet that allows you to store it on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface.

  286. David

    I love this thermometer. It is quick, accurate and easy to clean. As an added bonus they currently have a promotion if you complete some posts on social media they will enter you in a contest and send you another! So it is almost a BOGO special.

  287. David V.

    Like the look and feel of the thermometer but took 12 to 15 seconds to give me an incorrect reading on the ice water which was off by 2 degrees. I will try to calibrate after reading the instructions included but would have been nice to get a correct reading from the opening of box. I have had no luck with the few instant read thermometers I have bought in the past Guess I will continue using my manually adjustable coil thermometer. Disappointed.

  288. Jarvis

    Don’t need to reference the manual or anything, just stick it in your meat and it will work. Already calibrated and highly visible readings from different angles. Has recommended meat temps on the back. Strong magnetic back so i just leave it on the fridge. Best part is that its waterproof so you don’t have to be extra careful when cleaning.

  289. C. Nandor

    Love all the features. Accurate. Easy to use. Magnetic. Water resistant. Turns on when I need it to (opening it or just lifting it). Great price. Perfect.

  290. Yako210

    Way faster than my last one! Only complaint is that the backlight goes off too quick. Easy to turn back on though.

  291. Brittni p.

    Easy to use and reliable.

  292. Charles C.

    Was tired of the little metal stick thermometers messing up, upgraded ( not a huge upgrade) to this one and loved it, fits in pocket perfect for a day off bbq and yard work, if not just use magnet and place close to pit.

  293. Greg O

    Love this product! Very easy to use and read. Quick read out. Plus it’s waterproof, so it easy easy to clean without worrying about damaging it.

  294. RFT3006

    Very happy with this thermometer. Was an up grade from the one we were using.

  295. Scott Hufnagel

    Works good

  296. Keith carter

    I have two of these. One at my house and one at hunt camp. Very easy to use.

  297. Jordan

    I had the thermometer for 3 months and it quit working. I loved the easy of using the product. I think it’s a great product but I must of gotten a defective thermometer. The customer service experience was excellent! I told them of the problem and they had a replacement sent out within 48 hours. Highly recommend them!

  298. Wayne

    It works very well. It’s fast and easy to see the large readout. Something else I discovered is that you can use it to take your body temperature.

  299. Michael Adkins

    What a great meat thermometer! Accurate reading in a couple seconds. My old one took 30 seconds to max out. My favorite feature is how it turns off automatically when closing the meat probe down.

  300. Muskie AEvans

    Works great. Does what it should. Very happy with this purchase.

  301. Sara Downer

    fast accurate readings the backlit display is nice as well can’t ask for much more for a $20 ish unit. 3 year warranty on this and customer service is great I had it come apart on me when i was cleaning it after about 4 months of use called them and they sent me a replacement free of charge right away no questions asked.

  302. Heather

    Exactly what I was looking for , good build quality and great price

  303. Mike Beall

    Quick and accurate.

  304. Amazon Customer

    Accurate and nice features for and inexpensive unit. Worked nice and reading was quick.

  305. Eric Mathis

    I am a professional chef, I used it 5 days a week during dinner service. The first one worked well enough until it came up all dashes in the middle of service. It just stopped working. I called complained they sent me a new one and with in a month same thing. Two broken in (over used?) in two months. Terrible.

  306. Karen

    Love the product! I don’t know why I went without for so many years!

  307. David shinkle

    Best bang for the money

  308. Joseph Kappler

    Quality easy to read,use and clean

  309. Christa

    Very convenient and easy to use. Cleans easily also

  310. JR

    We bought this product for use in the kitchen. It has a large easy to read display, appears well made and is very well priced.

  311. Aaron A. Shettler

    No issues at all.

  312. Jamesmazon Customer

    I am a proud owner thank yoi

  313. Stanley Wilson

    It performed very well. We love it!

  314. K. Hawkins

    awesome product

  315. Dan:

    Accurate and easy to use. My only issue is the length of the probe. I use it on a wood burning grill, you better be fast reading it. It the best instant read thermometer I have used, just be cautious if you use it over a high heat source. Not the fault of the product.

  316. Sadie

    My husband grills regularly and will use the fancy, Bluetooth, app-based meat thermometer with half a dozen probes – nothing against those, they work great! Particularly when cooking a large brisket for HOURS.
    We bought this handy little meat thermometer “pen” for all the other times he cooks – a quick steak, chicken breast, pork chop – the smaller items, when we don’t want to set up the big fancy thermometers. This handy little pen works great. There’s even a quick reference chart printed on the back of it with the USDA temperature guidelines for doneness. I would recommend this thermometer to anyone who wants something quick, simple, and efficient.

  317. Scott Gillies

    This is the best instant read thermometer I’ve ever had.

  318. Larry H.

    So far it seems to be very accurate so I don’t ruin any meat dishes.

  319. Brian James

    Easy to use. Works great. Thats all I want from any item I purchase. This is worth the buy.

  320. Zwelch559


  321. Bea Graham

    Exactly what i expected.

  322. E. Horstman

    A great product. I like it better that the other digital thermometer that I have that cost $100.

  323. Amazon Customer

    Excellent for frying

  324. Ryan

    Awesome product. Liver the water proof setup

  325. Lynn Ciolli

    Well made, easy to ready even in the dark at the barbecue. Quick and accurate readings.

  326. L.Britt

    I love this digital meat thermometer. It’s really accurate and fast. And also it turns off when you close down on it, I absolutely love that feature !!!! I have mine on my refrigerator. It’s magnetic. So cool. Lights up to with a push of the button. I highly recommend this product. I will never be without one of these , never !!!

  327. Marsha Gillentine

    Wonderful and easy

  328. wearetheshaws

    Best instant read thermometer I’ve used yet!

  329. Kindle Customer

    Very quick and easy to use. Now I know when my meat is cooked completely on the inside without cutting into the meat.

  330. BD in Jacksonville

    This is supposed to be instant read…not so much. No faster than my old Taylor probe. Accuracy is close enough for cooking but a little off using ice water test. OK for everyday cooking but may not use for something requiring accuracy like sugar, for example. Could be more ergonomic, but I like the handle size, overall length and the backlight.

  331. Jay

    Product was great at first… very easy to use and read. Problem is, it’s made poorly, the needles is held onto the body by plastic fitting. That plastic fitting snapped with hardly any kind of pressure, so now the needle just pops out exposing the wiring inside. Waste of money. 3 uses.

  332. “phantomvette”

    Great product!

  333. Cosimo’s People

    Did a lot of research on instant read thermometers before purchasing this one. We have a ThermoPro probe thermometer that’s several years old but has served us well, so it’s no surprise that this one is good. Upon receipt, I boiled water (making altitude and pressure adjustments for our city), and the resulting temperature was accurate. It’s fairly large but comfortable to hold and easy to read. I like the auto-rotate feature and the fact that I can use the magnet to stick it on the side of the fridge, instead of digging through a drawer for it. I especially like that it can be calibrated; that was a definite must-have for me. I don’t always get 3-4 second readings, but it’s not terribly far off. I’ve recently taken up bread making and bought the thermometer specifically for this purpose, though I’m sure I’ll use it for a lot of other cooking and baking needs. I registered the unit and now have the extended warranty, which gives me some peace of mind. The price was reasonable, and it does everything I need, so I’m happy with the purchase.

  334. reader 1

    Easy to use, long probe makes checking food temps easy. Even with my tremor, I am able to check food temps without burning myself. The magnetic back keeps it conveniently on the fridge. Fold away probe works well to keep clean while not in use. Would buy again.

  335. Natalie

    I bought this because our stupid one was saying the meat was done but then we’d cut in to it and wasn’t done! This one is perfect! It turns on when you open it to use it AND its magnetic so we keep it stuck to the hood vent instead of taking up space in a drawer.

  336. Ben McCollum

    LOVE IT. It’s the only thermometer I use now when I cook. I’m an executive chef and have to monitor food temps during service … this thermometer is fast and easy to read, easy to clean, and fits in my chef coat pocket.

    Highly recommend

  337. speedgeezer

    A very useful and well-designed and -built product: very sharp-pointed probe, completely secure and safe in the non-use position; large backlit numbers; quick read. We especially like that temps are given in tenths, making it easy to sneak up on critical candy temperatures (BTW, in regard to cooking sugar, this reader completely solves the problems of our traditional, glass-encased spirit thermometer: no fogging; no guesstimating coarse tick marks, complicated by parallax errors). Very prompt receipt, too, if that matters.

  338. Amazon Customer

    Good qualty, easy to read, very compact, easy to clean.

  339. Ron F.

    The display is very easy to read, and instant temperature reading for meat is really great!
    Completely satisfied in choosing the ThermoPro for my grilling needs!

  340. Midnight Smokers Backyard BBQ

    Does exactly what is supposed to do highly recommend this product

  341. Meredith Zachary

    Great instant results

  342. Scott

    Thank you for a quality product.

  343. Fran

    Works like a charm and well made.

  344. Amazon Customer

    Awesome little thermometer! Idk why i never got sooner!

  345. Deanna

    I like that it is magnetic and stores easily, and brightly, on my fridge. The display is lit and clear. I like that it is waterproof….I left it the first day, outside by the grill, and it rained. But it is fine. My husband was griping about me getting it until he saw it on the fridge. I heard him say, “cool!”

  346. customer

    Maybe I got a lemon but it would not work with name brand battery (Duracell and energizer). Tried several new batteries but only the cheap battery supplied in the package would work. Seems to be design issue with the contact point on the battery terminal. Product seemed to work fine with the supplied battery but I returned it. Not going to hassle with finding a working battery when the original dies.

  347. CP-FL2

    Worked great first time use.

  348. Tony f.

    Nice big readout….very easy to use and great for bbq

  349. Adam Kacenjar

    Initial impressions: Great build quality, accurate readings. Compared to the Javelin Pro, it didn’t read quite as fast, taking about 6-7 seconds to lock into the temp in an ice/water calibration test, where as the Javelin got there in 3-4 seconds. While the faster read of a Javelin Pro ($50) or a top-end Thermapen ($80-$100) come at much higher price tags, if you don’t mind waiting 3 extra seconds on average for an accurate reading, keep that money in your pocket. I paid $16.99 at time of purchase and given the competitive landscape, this product provides tremendous value.

  350. Paul Wharf

    Worked as planned. Hope it last.

  351. molarman

    Works like a pocket knife ; open to use and close to turn off. Couldn’t be any simpler!! Really good product.

  352. Michael

    Simple easy to use food temperature. Love the auto rotation. Works flawlessly.

  353. Tyler H

    Thermometer automatically turns on/off when opened/closed. Able to get instant results from the temperature of the meat. I think this device will result in better food. Example when cooking chicken I feel like we always over cooked the chicken to make sure it was safe to eat. Resulting in dry poor quality chicken. Now, we know when the chicken reaches the recommended internal doneness = better tasting chicken. Highly recommend this product

  354. Mr. J

    It does the job

  355. ben jobe

    Bought these for all our restaurants and I must say that this is incredibly well made. We put these through the ringer every day and they out perform every other thermometer we’ve ever used. Could not be happier with ThermoPro!

  356. Jim M.

    Thermometer worked great right out of the box!

  357. Dennis J.

    The device appears very sturdy and well-made. It even came with a tiny Phillips screwdriver to open the battery case. Plus a magnet which would allow one to be stuck on any ferrous surface in a handy location.
    My only concern is that it isn’t really instant-read. Depending on the starting temperature, it could take a few seconds to stabilize the probe temperature after insertion. I learned this while grilling rib steaks on a Weber kettle. Next time I’ll use an OveGlove to hold onto the thermometer!
    I am pleased with my purchase nonetheless. Better than anything I’ve had before.

  358. mc

    Loved this product, but it broke after one wash. Says it’s waterproof, but it is not.

  359. Dinomighty

    So easy to use and like the immediate readout.

  360. Kitten

    Great meat thermometer. Came with little screwdriver for battery compartment. Works much faster than most ive used. Has a magnet, so i can stick one to the bbq and one inside on my vent hood. Light can be turned on or off, and it automatically shuts off when closed. Would buy again if i needed more than 2!

  361. Deborah Wolfgang

    Can’t get it working. Need customer service please.

  362. mcguire

    Like the magnet, can stay on fridge, always available.

  363. Kathy

    The best ever!!

  364. Norma

    A gift. My daughter-in-law is very happy with it.

  365. DN

    Works great would definitely recommend

  366. Jeffrey A. Shaffer

    Works great and the back light is a really smart idea.

  367. Jessica S. Kelly

    Great gadget! I bought two, one for my son, another one for my husband since they both enjoy grilling.

  368. Barb

    This is one of the best Christmas gifts we received! It is fast and accurate and very easy to use. I would recommend it to everyone!

  369. Judy

    works great

  370. Linda DeFrancesco

    I have killed many thermometers just by washing them. This one is water proof!! So far, everything has been right on the mark temperature wise.

  371. A. Taylor

    I’ve had a handful of these instant-read thermometers. Most were in the $15 range so this one is a few bucks more. This guy is well made, easy to use, and I like the details like the narrow pointer and auto-flip display.

  372. ELM.NYC

    I presume it is accurate- it gives temperature quickly & is easy to read and wipe clean. Odd grip end but doesn’t take away from the comfort & likely adds to stability of thermometer.

  373. R Spokis


  374. matthew j garland

    Probe broken at folding point after second use. One steak and one pork shoulder and the probe snapped. Tried to fix it with a dab of glue but it didn’t work. Waste of money.

  375. D. Schroeder

    Love the magnet feature. Don’t have to rummage through drawer to find it.

  376. DH

    Works great

  377. Niki4nu

    Overall, great product! Very easy to use!

  378. Kenneth M Krok

    Good product

  379. Amazon Customer

    I have already recommend this item to my brother. It is that good

  380. M. Ward

    Worked right out of the box, much better than the cheaper alternatives

  381. Joseph Condon

    It works

  382. Annie E. Schavelin

    I bought this for my husband when he grills. I love the large print numbers and it is nice and fast.

  383. William Miller

    Great instant read thermometer

  384. ruben

    Quality stuff
    Love it

  385. diane G.

    My recipes was Celsius Didn’t know how to change from Fahrenheit

  386. Grant S. Hawkins

    This is perfect! It fits all of my needs for cooking. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a a fast read device!
    Thanks Sam the Cooking Guy!

  387. Donnie M Downs

    Love it. 🤗

  388. Amazon Customer


  389. C Clemons

    Sooooo happy that I ordered this handy gadget. Bought it for candy making. Works like a charm.

  390. Linda Lehman

    Like that the readout lights up. Very easy to use.

  391. PMart

    Only used it a few times but so far really like it. Good solid construction. The lock and light feature is nice. I bought this to replace an ink-bird that didn’t even last a year.

  392. Ean D

    Feels very sturdy and has been very reliable.

  393. Ryan

    Easy to use and accurate.

  394. Eric

    Worked very well, exactly as advertised.

  395. Amazon Customer

    I love this Thermometer. It turns on when I pick it up and turns off when it is closed. It makes cooking steaks so easy.I would wish all steak lovers to get one. It also works great on pork chops.

  396. Joseph R Schrift

    I’m very pleased with this thermometer. It’s very accurate and the magnetic back is a great feature. Looked at more expensive brands, this one is a great value. I bought two more for my kids.

  397. Michael lee hunt

    Works great so far. Exactly what I needed for the holiday meals.

  398. Toni

    Fast and easy to read,

  399. Craig Healey

    Great product at an awesome price! Easy to use and read with excellent accuracy!!

  400. Kris

    Worked as advertised when cooking chicken

  401. Ann

    Works quickly and is very accurate

  402. AlanE

    Easy to read and use

  403. Brock D Leavitt

    Works great! Perfect size easy to operate.

  404. David M.

    This thermometer works perfectly and I have no complaint with it.

  405. rcs

    I actually bought this model thermometer as a gift for someone. I already have two ThermoPro kitchen thermometers, so I’m quite confident that this one will be equally good – which is to say, excellent.

  406. DJS_82

    ThermoPro has made a number of instant read thermometers that have led up to this one. It’s not the fastest or the most high tech but it feels solid and reliable. the battery compartment has a rubber seal. I gave it a rinse in the sink and it survived. I have it sitting on the side of the refrigerator to take up less space in the kitchen utility drawer. Great price for the solid design.

  407. Dls

    The best for the price

  408. Irv

    Compact design, automatically turns on and off by rotating the probe out and in. Magnetic to store on refrigerator, display rotates with unit so it is always right side up. Stable reading in 3 or 4 seconds, great purchase.

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