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ThermoPro TP-25H2 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

(81 customer reviews)

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  • Extended 500ft range】: Wireless Meat Thermometer Bluetooth features the most powerful Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide a strong, reliable connection to track temps 500 feet away; 
  • Easy-to-Use APP】: The multi-functional food thermometer APP is packed full of useful, but still easy to use features to meet the needs of a beginner or an experienced pit master; With USDA preset temperatures, custom temperature settings, timers and ambient temp range setting for your grill or smoker all controlled via an APP;
  • Remaining cook time estimator & Pre-temp alarm】: Digital food thermometer for cooking uses an advanced algorithm to accurately estimate how many minutes are left for your cook to reach the target temperature which is helpful to plan your meal; Set a Temp Pre Alarm to receive a timely notification when the meat temperature is 5/10/15 F away from the target temp;
  • Precise probes with winders】: Our step-down design dual probes ensure the most precise readings be it measuring two kinds of food or ambient grill/oven temperature. With a probe temperature of 15.8℉ to 572℉ (-10℃ to 300℃) and accuracy of1.8°F/1°C, you will be able to cook any type of meat to perfection; 
  • Informative Temperature Graph】: View your cooking temperature history in the form of a graph for all probes to help you better understand trends and temperature fluctuations throughout the entire cook;
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Simplify your cooking experience with Smart APP!

ThermoPro TP-25H2 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with dual Probes

Thermopro TP25H2 wireless thermometer uses the latest in 5.0 Bluetooth technology to offer the most stable connection between the device and your smartphone. The ThermoPro BBQ APP has various functions to help you eliminate guesswork while cooking to produce those restaurant quality meats time and time again. With dual probes you’re in control of every detail, be it your food or ambient temperature of your grill.


  • Remote Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
    Temperature Range: 15.8°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Food
  • Preset USDA approved temperatures: Poultry, Beef, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham, Fish, Lamb, Turkey
  • Various doneness levels: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Package Contents:

  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Digital Bluetooth thermometer
  • 1x Probe Clip
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x Food Temperature probes
  • 2x Plastic Winder


ThermoPro APP simplifies your cooking experience with the assistance of artificial intelligence!

ThermoPro APP simplifies your cooking experience with the assistance of artificial intelligence!

  1. 9 Preset Temperatures, Doneness Levels and Create Your Own Presets!
    Programmed with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat with their various doneness levels; All preset temps can be altered to your own desired taste or create your own new preset profiles for your favorite recipes.
  2. Temp Trend Graph
    Smart app generates a temperature graph in real time to view your cook results via a different way and export this graph to help you optimize your cooks!
  3. Algorithmic Estimated Cook Time Left
    ThermoPro’s app stands out from the competition by being able to calculate the estimated time until your meat is cooked to perfection, which helps you manage your time better.
  4. Create a Timer
    Set a timer for vegetable side dishes or set a timer for each probe to remind you to flip the burgers in 5 minutes!
Out of Range Alert

Out of Range Alert

Never walk out of range without knowing! If the receiver is out of range of the transmitter, both the transmitter and your smartphone will begin to alarm. Your smartphone will also vibrate to ensure you will always be in range to continuously monitor your cook.

Rechargeable Battery

Our TP25H2 uses a powerful rechargeable, long lasting lithium battery which is powered by a commonly found USB Charging Cable (Included), so you can always conveniently charge via your PC, laptop, phone charger or power bank. Save money on batteries!

Multiple Placement Options

The intelligent body design of the thermometer provides endless placement options, a kitchen hook, magnetic back or the flip out countertop stand to fit any grilling setup.

Tidier Storage with Probe Winder

Tidier Storage with Probe Winder

No More Mess! Probe winders put an end to messy probe wires in your drawers. With the TP25 probe winder, store neatly!

81 reviews for ThermoPro TP-25H2 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

  1. Garance A. Drosehn

    Great product. Bought for gift. Arrived quickly!!

  2. Guy Marsden

    Easy to use. Very accurate.

  3. carolyn

    Just what I was looking for!

  4. Rachel

    Solid build
    All components are well

  5. Paul R. Piersall

    I absolutely love this thermometer! It’s easy to read, has quick results and is always on the dot with accuracy!

  6. Mark R Sullan

    Great product! We had a cheaper one for years and finally decided to upgrade!

  7. Mindy Connell

    Worked great used it in our Christmas Prime Rib came out perfectly.

  8. Vanelli

    Works great

  9. Byrnes Household

    Excellent! Works great!

  10. Gail Denman

    Great product. Love the ease of use. Saves many trips back and forth to the garage. The long range is fantastic.

  11. LFras73

    Bought it for my husband. He seems happy with it. He uses it regularly and I hear no complaints.

  12. Dawn M

    This exceeded my expectations! I use it with my Traeger smoker and have perfect results every time!

  13. Gtoms

    Chicken thighs, baby back ribs, boston butt roast, ribeye steaks, and even baked sweet potatoes. All came out perfect without my being tied to the grill, oven or even once my slow cooker. What a wonderful product! I’m going to fire up my smoker this weekend and expect a perfectly smoked ham and potato casserole.

  14. Terry L Henderson

    First time using it, smoked pork shoulder. Very handy device. I love that it’s app controlled and you can monitor the trends over the cook cycle. The alarm when youre out of range can be disabled. Im excited to use it more

  15. Mike Scheirer

    A great Dual Probe thermometer. Easy to use & read. Setup with the App was easy. The App however is useless. Keeps crashing, loses all cook info. Have tried reinstalling – no better. 5 stars for the Thermometer, 1 star for the App. 🙁

  16. Garth G

    I tried it for the first time yesterday in my smoker. The range was good through my brick walls. The battery life was plenty long. The graphing function anyone who smokes needs is there. The indicated temp was within 2 degrees of two other sources so all in all I am very happy. I will follow up if anything goes wrong

  17. Robert Johnson

    I’ve used this ThermoPro unit a couple times and it works perfectly! The App is neat and is fairly user friendly. The graph is a cool feature to track the temp of your smoker/grill along with the temp of your meat, but you have to keep the app pulled up on your device in order to have continuous tracking on the graph. When you close the app it loses the data and starts over (unless there’s a way that I’m not aware of to keep this from happening). It’s not a deal breaker as the unit is solid and the battery is outstanding. I used it for an overnight pork shoulder in 0-10 degree temps and it worked just fine. Definitely recommend.

  18. T. Mulligan

    I ordered this thermometer in a spur of the moment. I loved the idea of being able to see the temperatures on my phone via bluetooth. I received the thermometer and it looks well made and has many capabilities. Unfortunately for me, I just felt that I wouldn’t use it enough to warrant the $60 price tag. I returned it.

  19. Pal117

    Wanted something to verify temps of gas grill, works great. I can keep the right temp and know when to pull the meat off. Only draw back is that the blue tooth will kick off any other device working with iPhone. So you can’t stream music and connect to this unit simultaneously. Range is great. I can get 2 houses down the street without loosing signal.

  20. Michael D. Gartman

    It works great, but the range is more like 50 feet. I’m sitting in my living room, less than 50’ from my grill, and it keeps disconnecting.

  21. Ryan Leonberger

    Great product. Easy to use. My only complaint is that the range for the Bluetooth isn’t wider. Other than this, I am glad to use it.

  22. Alison Shuker

    So far so good! Used a few times. One for my ambiance temp in the smoker and one for my meat. Love that it blue tooth’s to the phone and my range worked well through out the house.

  23. Kimberly K

    Used this product to cook a beef roast, it allowed me to cook without effort, it was accurate and cooked the meat to medium rare, the way I like it. Eliminates the guess work in cooking and allowed me to not have to get up and check the meats doneness. Easy to use.

  24. Glen B

    This is wonderful! The accuracy is good and the range too. The alerts are a bit loud but that can be necessary if you’re frequently away from your phone.

  25. Shane Benefield

    Love it but 500ft is a stretch. Mine disconnects at about 150ft

  26. Sandra A. Coopman

    absolutely love. I love that I can keep an eye on everything without running outside to the smoker everytime. I works great.

  27. bruce c pinkerton

    Fabulous product. Works exactly as described.

  28. carolyn

    Great product. Bought for gift. Arrived quickly!!

  29. Rachel

    Easy to use. Very accurate.

  30. Jason carter


  31. Brandon johnson

    Super easy to use works great

  32. Jason Ruben

    Love the product

  33. Sean

    Great product.

  34. Pavel S

    Good accurate readings

  35. Christal conaway

    Easy to use

  36. hernando torres

    Excellent product, used in within 10 min of unboxing it

  37. Maurice Moore

    Purchased for my Green Egg. Very easy to use.

  38. Jackson Nung

    Good display. Works great with the app. Synced up fast. Worth every penny.

  39. w leis

    Love it

  40. Jason

    Very accurate thermometer and very easy to use/connect to bluetooth! Highly recommend!

  41. Ace C

    I like it easy to readAccuracy

  42. Cynthia Lindemann

    This product works as expected

  43. Marysa

    It was a gift so I don’t have any pics but he did text me later that night and loved the product.

  44. JMF

    Like: phone ap, gives you portability.

    Cons: range is not the greatest, line of site works well but house wall and becomes an issue.

  45. Roy Hampsten

    Really easy to set up and use.

  46. Dawn Olsen

    My husband loved it! He used it to smoke ribs and chicken and said it made the process much easier

  47. Michael Victor Whitson

    Yea buy it! Cheap, easy to use and accurate! My go to since I got it for either of my grills.

  48. Robs

    Hard to mess up a steak with this thermometer! First time using it and the end result was perfect. Should have gotten this a long time ago. Highly recommended!

  49. Gene Jenkins

    Works great. I’ve been using my smoker for several years and had a thermometer that I thought was good…until it broke and I got this one. I love it!

  50. Daniel Kuehn

    Works as advertised

  51. todd

    east to use, pairs with I phone easily

  52. jg

    Long battery life, good range, and easy to use. Does everything as advertised.

  53. spring palmer


  54. Henry

    I tried a few others brands and this one was the easiest to set up and use. I didn’t even need to go to the instructions. You don’t have to stand by the grill the whole time waiting for your food to cook since the app tells you when it’s ready.

  55. Martha G. Libby

    Took a bit to figure out how to use. Once I did, it was amazing. The steaks we cooked turned out perfect!

  56. Tristyn

    Very easy to use, feels solid and we’ll build, usb-c charging is very nice. Only downside is it has disconnected a few times while still appearing to show the temps in the app. If temps seem to be staying the same for an usual amount of time, just close out and reconnect.

  57. Vinnie702

    Works great

  58. Jeri Sue

    Received quickly, was a good gift

  59. Tony Shirley

    Very accurate, even at low warmth, and whatever thickness

  60. Shawn Robinson

    Works great! Nice being able to monitor two temps.

  61. Jeremy

    This makes cooking on a smoker really convenient! The only flaw I have with it is the signal drops a lot. However it always reconnects a few seconds after I open the app.

  62. rmorgan

    Got this to use with my Traeger grill. Works great and the app is easy to navigate!!!

  63. Rafal (Raf) Los

    It’s just great.
    Makes cooking the perfect steak or burger simple.

  64. firewife

    I have used it several times
    Great so I don’t have to babysit the smoker
    Works well

  65. Bill McCarthy

    Easy to set up and use. App a bit confusing on how to set a temp which is not on their list.

  66. Trish Evans

    I like this product but once in your house anything over 15 feet is going to be spotty and disconnect and reconnect.


    Super cool toy, used about 10 times so far…. still going strong, super accurate.

  68. William

    Thermometer works great, but the Bluetooth connection needs major work. If you are more than 20 feet away, the app loses connection.

  69. Bradley S.

    Really simple and easy to setup. Like it so much I bought another for my dad who is always struggling with other meat thermometers

  70. Steph45013

    So far I have used this twice. Once with a pork loin and once with steak, both turned out great. App is easy to use and it’s easy to connect to WiFi.

  71. Ryan jordan

    Wow this product was a true delight to use. First time using was during a 14 hour brisket smoke and instead it kept me up to date on the internal temp every step of the way. Will be using this for every future smoking jobs.

  72. Dave R.

    This is exactly what I was looking for…an accurate, easy to use thermometer! App is so simple & straightforward. It’s easy to connect to your phone, set temps & alarms….everything in a small, rechargeable package & at a great price!

  73. Mike H. Brandes

    It works alright, but sometimes the Bluetooth sensor in the transmitter drops out and my phone starts freaking out, otherwise it works ok. App isn’t the most amazing.

  74. Barbara H. Llera Miranda

    There is nothing worst than overcooking an expensive steak. Sadly I found out the hard way. After searching around was very tempted to get a completely wireless unit, but decided this would be a better deal since it has two probes instead of one. The connection to the cellphone is good and the app is very easy to figure out. So far it works great.

  75. Mike Whelan

    Been using a pen temperature checker for years. Decided it would be nice to manage temps a bit closer when smoking and grilling multiple items. This is the answer. Great construction, easy to use, easy to clean and useful iPhone software. Just the right amount of bells and whistles and none of the gimmicks… Very happy.

  76. Baney

    Haven’t used yet. Seems complicated and more expensive than I needed for this kind of purchase. Still using my cheaper one that works great. Wanted to try this upgrade but haven’t taken time to read through directions

  77. Adam S

    One of the reasons I bought this was because of the claim of working to your phone over 500 feet this however is not the case… Maybe half that distance. The basic function of this however is very good. Temperature is accurate and pretty easy to use. Very impressed with the rapid charging of the unit it completely charged in less than five minutes. Still a good deal, but not as advertised

  78. scs

    Like other have posted, the wireless range on this is no where near 500ft. I get closer to 15 ft with mine, so I turned the “disconnected” alarm off. Temp accuracy registered 212F or 213F in boiling water…spot on. For reference my Thermapen registered 211F. I can live with +/- 1 degree F. Wish it came with an oven temp probe, but can always pick that up separately. If wireless connectivity is important for you then this isn’t what you want. But if you want an economical “leave in” thermometer, and you don’t have an issue walking to your oven, grill or smoker to check the temp, then you can’t go wrong with this unit…especially for the price.

  79. Justin P

    Got this right after it came out and trusted it with Christmas Prime Rib and I was not disappointed. The app is decent and I love watching the temp over time graph. There is even a timer based on the curves that has been very accurate so far.

    Tried to grill some steaks in the middle of winter and the grill got slightly out of control as I fought the winds and temps, hit about 700F and the probe I was using failed, all it would show was “FFF.” Saved the steaks but the probe was shot, cleaning it and reseating did nothing. Customer service sent me another under warranty, but I worry about long term resilience of the probes if 1 or 2 minutes at 700F is enough to fry them.

  80. Ken A. D

    I bought this to sync it to my smart phone.and it worked perfect it comes with 2 probes ,i cooked two beer chickens in my grill and had both probes into the chicken so i could monitor the temp,it worked perfect the alarm went off when they reached 165 for chicken and bold Numbers on the unit as .Iwell on my phone I was sitting in my living room and my grill is 100 feet away , so the bluetooth worked very well. Very Happy

  81. John W Steelman

    Having read numerous reviews that chastise ThermoPro for overestimating effective Bluetooth range, I offer the following advice – it’s true, 500′ is inaccurate advertising, but buyers should be more savy to advertising and would be well advised to tone down their senseless entitlement. Know the limitations of your technology. Which Bluetooth device do you own that has a 500′ range? Hmmm? Get real. Bluetooth works fine, but don’t expect a 500′ range. And why would you even need it?

    This device works perfectly within 200′ unobstructed and pretty well within approximately 100′ through brick walls. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, accurate remote sensor for your smoker (and don’t need to play 18 holes while you’re smoking meats and veggies) this ThermoPro is a good buy.

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