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ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Monitor

(586 customer reviews)

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  • Face Icon Comfort Indicator】Humidity temperature gauge features face icons to indicate DRY/COMFORT/WET air condition quickly to notify you to adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier accordingly and ensure you will always live in the most comfortable environment!
  • High Accuracy & Fast Refresh】Temperature and humidity sensor is highly accurate to ±1 Fahrenheit/Celsius and ±2%-3%, making it ideal for measuring fluctuating readings like in a greenhouse; Digital indoor thermometer refreshes every 10 seconds to keep you updated about the latest changes in temperature and humidity readings;
  • Compact Display with Large Numbers】Thermometer indoor outdoor features a compact LCD display with large bold numbers, allowing you to read the termometro digital from any angle and distance; Fahrenheit or Celsius selector;
  • Multiple Mounting Options】Humidistat has 3 mounting options – Tabletop Stand / Magnetic Back / Hanging Hole, place the wall thermometer anywhere you wish such as living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office and cellar;
  • Multiple mounting options】Humidistat has 3 mounting options – Tabletop Stand / Magnetic Back / Hanging Hole, place the wall thermometer anywhere you wish such as living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office and cellar.
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ThermoPro TP49

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity

With highly accurate readings and a wide measurement range, TP49 is the perfect home thermometer to keep your family’s living conditions optimal. Room temperature monitor features a face icon indicator to show the comfort level to ensure you’re always aware of changes to your home/household with just a quick glance. With multiple mounting options, you can put the device anywhere, it can be used as baby room thermometer, desk thermometer, refrigerator thermometer, reptile thermometer and more!


  1. Temperature range: -58°F-158°F (-50°C~70°C) , Accuracy: ±1°F/°C
  2. Humidity range: 10%-99%, Accuracy: ±2%-3%
  3. Comfort indicator: DRY, COMFORT, WET
  4. Temperature display unit: °F/°C selectable
  5. Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °F/°C
  6. Humidity Resolution: 1%
  7. Refresh rate: 10 seconds
ThermoPro TP49 Indoor Temp &Humidty Monitor Banner


ThermoPro TP49 Thermometer Humidity Monitor Feature

Fast Response and High Accuracy

Room thermometer and humidity gauge refreshes every 10 seconds to keep you updated about the latest air condition changes, so you can avoid discomfort. Inside thermometer with smart sensor, provides high accuracy to ±1°F/°C for temperature and ±2%-3% for humidity.

ThermoPro TP49 Comfort Level

Comfort Level Indicator

Always be aware of the changes in your home with just a quick glance at the comfort level icon. Know when to dehumidify or humidify now!

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Indoor temperature and humidity monitor is powered by one powerful and commonly found AAA battery that provides 18-24 months of battery life and when you do need to change the battery, it’s easily replaceable.

ThermoPro TP49 Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

ThermoPro TP49 Package Contents:

  • 1* Temperature and humidity gauge
  • 1* AAA battery
  • 1* User Manual

586 reviews for ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Monitor

  1. Marcos Freitas

    Nice at first but after two months the display started faulting out, put new batteries but display still bad

  2. Aerdnna

    It’s smaller than I had hoped, but it functions well.

  3. Musical GrandPa

    An accurate monitor that does not take up space. Easy to read and inconspicuous.

  4. D. Bill

    Very small. It needs to be made much bigger as it is hard to read from more than a few feet away.

  5. Evelyn

    This device is perfect! It’s very easy to read and is very sensitive. I needed it after moving to the East Coast to test out humidifiers. It comes with a AAA battery and is very efficiently packaged. The color is beautiful. Awesome!

  6. Gabriel O.

    Easy to read. Accurate temperature and humidity. It comes with a battery and has a magnetic back. Very small so it doesn’t get in the way!

  7. Patrick Y.

    It’s a cool little cheap gadget. I don’t know how accurate it really is but I like having it.

  8. Ronald

    Great product, accurate and easy to use. Very affordable price and wicked fast delivery. Thank you!!

  9. BaldCats

    I bought two for a big room, and at about twenty feet apart, they have the same reading

  10. Rae M.

    This was smaller than I expected but that’s actually good because I needed it to fit on my plant shelf. I have tropical plants that need 55-65% humidity but until this I was just guessing. I believe the temperature is accurate because it reads the same as my thermostat. I found that with how often I’m running the humidifier that it’s staying between 55-65%. When it gets drier in the winter this will be great to have so I see how often I need to run the humidifier. I recommend this for plant rooms and greenhouses. It’s given me peace of mind.

  11. Sandy Chen

    Used as an indoor thermometer and it worked great….until it didn’t…two months in…I had originally thought that the battery died but the screen still failed to properly display the figures after a battery swap. Amazon customer service was great and will be refunding my purchase, but it is still a pain to have to repackage the thing and take it to drop off at Lowes. Don’t be me. Save yourself the time and trouble and go with another product that is more reliable.

  12. Tasnim Arpita

    I got this to check the humidity level if my plant area. I have a lot of tropical sensitive plants and they need to in a certain humidity lever to thrive.
    I noticed within 24hrs of using it that the humidity reading totally off.
    But I wanted to try it for a few days before giving a review.
    As it shows on the picture the humidity level is 96% Which Is totally absurd. I have it in an open location with lowest set up of humidifier. At the max it could be 65% not to mention 96% would totally uncomfortable for me.
    I have noticed it give readings if 78% (Which is not the actual weather we have) humidity when i have the humidifier off for more than 24hrs.
    Right after when turn on the humidifier the reading would go down to 56%.
    So this totally a waste of money if you want to check humidity level of your house.

  13. michael a carlson

    arrived at my place quickly and works just fine .easy to use

  14. WMM

    Good deal for the price.

  15. Dave wheeler

    Plug and play very easy

  16. John

    Worked as expected.

  17. TWull

    Arrived on time and was as expected. Would order again.

  18. Atsy

    Using it to monitor humidity in my den where I have a number of tropical plants. Display is easy to read. Back light would be a nice bonus but not I understand that’s unlikely at this price point.

  19. Hi Temp

    for the price it works great!!

  20. AJ Riley

    I got this little guy during the heat wave this year, been a good way to track the heat throughout the day and when its ok to open the windows for when its cooler outside rather than warmer.

  21. Pendragon’s Folly

    I am not sure how accurate these are. They are at least close. I wasn’t looking for anything super accurate. I just want something within a degree or two that is easy to read. These fit the bill and were not expensive (bought two).

  22. Dee

    Bought this during a horrible summer. I was curious as to the temp in my house and after buying this thing I realized I NEEDED an air conditioner STAT if I ever planned on sleeping at night.

  23. CheryL

    It even came with a AAA battery and a magnetic mount on the back. The smiley face when you are within the right humidity range is a bonus. I would definitely recommend.

  24. Bookworm

    I bought this thermometer/hygrometer to use with a chicken egg incubator I built with my kids. Temperature and humidity requirements for hatching eggs are very specific. A couple of degrees too hot or too cool could ruin the whole thing. We hatched 9 out of 10 viable eggs, so I’m going to assume this device gave accurate readings.

  25. Carol Woods

    This is a great value. If you are looking for this to no further. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  26. Jessica

    They were pretty accurate however one is already broken. I had left one out on my covered porch while it was raining and it literally broke from the humidity. The reader itself did not get wet it just read 100% humidity and then the screen got stuck and hasn’t worked since.

  27. Richard Kacik

    Can check the temperature on the lower level of the house while the HVAC thermostat is on the upper level.

  28. Bob D.

    It’s a thermometer . Seems to be accurate and is easy to read for my older eyes. I bought it to compare the temperature in various rooms to balance the heat and air conditioning air flows.

  29. ceferino rivera

    Small Indoor Thermometer -easy to read & I find it to be accurate.


    dis thing is guud! Tells da temperature right and da himidity is really goos to read bc it has da smiles face if its the goodnhumiity. Accurate, easy for read and da warm. Thanks!

  31. kathy B.

    Love this little guy
    It gives you an instant read.
    It’s so small and sits up, if you like.
    My husband was obsessed with it always being “On” so he took out the battery so it wouldn’t burn out – The battery should last 18 months! Calm down Robert.
    I like the smiley face indicating a comfort range.
    All of the trees next to our house were taken down – which was great – but now we’re roasting
    This little unit gave us a read of 116 degrees instantly
    And a great price too
    You can’t go wrong

  32. Pete from East Tennessee

    Humidity monitor for guitars.

  33. Jackie L Kinnear

    Would order again.

  34. DAP

    Love this small hydrometer and thermometer combo. Easy to read and has handy hanging slot. Also stands up on bottom if it’s on a shelf or counter

  35. wheatbix

    This little gadget is super convenient and well made. I love how small it is, that it uses a AAA battery, the display doesn’t have too many numbers that I don’t care about, and it can be displayed multiple ways (it has a magnet, a hole for a nail, and a stand). It’s very versatile and because of its size, it can pretty much be used anywhere. I even can just put it in the pot with my begonia to check the humidity around it. Seems to be pretty accurate so far. Cannot speak for longevity, but it’s very inexpensive and working well so far.

  36. Victor M. Caquias

    me agrada mi nuevo producto

  37. SSP

    Small and sits easily on a table. Temperature is accurate when I compare with the old fashioned mercury raising thermometer. I wish I had brought the one which supports recording the max and min values during the course of 24hrs.

  38. kancherla s prakash

    great product to know how dry your home or apt is, very helpful for eczema patients

  39. JK

    Like the size and the price. Check room temperature to compare inside and outside temperatures.

  40. Jason

    Great value, cheaper than others but the quality is definitely good. The measurement is precise and the design is great. Definitely recommend!

  41. Jason Trimmer

    As described

  42. staner

    Item was just as described! Easy to use and easy to read! Very useful and can use it anywhere in our home! Totally recommend it! Excellent product and brand! Thank you!

  43. Jason Flom

    I got this for our baby and I’m so glad I did. Inexpensive, seems to be accurate and it gave us such peace of mind knowing the temp since I don’t trust myself as I run hot.

  44. Silvie133

    Got two. Temperature reading between the 2 is within .3 of each other. I like the size, easy to read display and the fact they can be table top or magnetic mounted.

  45. omallie

    I have 3 rooms that have dials for electric heat. These dial only indicate low and high. These thermometer aid me in having the dial set for the heat temperature I want. For the price they are the greatest

  46. Fmasri

    Every room in our house has its own different climate so I bought two of these to monitor them. However, I am not sure if they are accurate. As you can see in the picture, when I compare their reading with my old sensor, one of the two sensors’ temp reading is exactly the same as my old sensor and the other slightly off. As for humidity, the new sensors give the same readings while my old sensor gives 10% lower. So I am confused 😐.


    Easy to read

  48. Steve Markgraf

    I’ve had it in my van for months now and it’s pretty great. Very easy to read, good battery life, and the magnets are plenty strong. No complaints

  49. John E. Dennis

    I bought this in order to keep informed of humidity level inside an old combination gun safe. Works great!
    Magnet located on back of units it to be “mounted” to inside face of door.

  50. Gregg

    Not even close to accurate. Read about 5 degrees high and about 8-10% low on humidity. Left it sit out for awhile thinking it would settle out to something close, but it never did. Returned.

  51. Bob

    Nice gauge … a little small and hard to read out my patio door while it sits on a table … I’ve got a shield in back of it so the direct sun will not fall on it … seems to work fine.

  52. Tyler Hendricks

    Seems to be very accurate. Small so can hide it within a room! We have it in our nursery so we can make sure the humidity and temperature are safe for the baby!

  53. Joe G

    Small but works great

  54. Kindle Customer

    2nd one works just like it should right out of the box.

  55. Andrea

    Super accurate, super tiny, love this!

  56. fablulu

    I love its simple and clean design. It works great for me. So far I can tell that the temperature is accurate, not sure about humidity because I don’t have another device to compare. But it seems alright!

  57. Rebecca

    Much smaller than expected,however, this is a great room thermometer. Purchased to take around the house with me so I can make sure where I am the house is always at a comfortable temperature for my newborn.

  58. Lucy Litteral

    Garbage. I bought this thermometer to help me regulate the temperature in my chick brooder. First day the temperature reading jumped seven degrees in a couple of hours without any adjustments to the heat lamp. I chalked it up to the temperature of the room. Second evening the temperature reading started falling below 90 degrees. I hadn’t done anything to the brooder and the room temp hadn’t changed. Within a couple of hours the temperature reading leveled off at 86 degrees. The chicks acted warm but I was panicking because they’re supposed to be at 95 degrees for their first week. I was worried my ceramic heat bulb was failing and the chicks would get cold overnight, so I got out an older thermometer that has proven accurate and added it to the brooder next to this new piece of garbage. The proven thermometer read 94 degrees in just a couple of minutes and stayed there. No wonder the chicks hadn’t acted cold. If I had trusted this thermometer and adjusted the brooder temperature accordingly I could have cooked the baby chicks alive. If you need an accurate thermometer that you can trust this isn’t it.

  59. ELIZABETH Bigwood

    Works well, is smaller in size than I expected but it works fine.

  60. BT

    It didn’t glitch out on anything and it works and it keeps me warm when I’m working it’s a great product

  61. sharingiscaring

    I compared the reading with my other thermometers and they are consistent.
    Regret the purchase because the screen is too small.

  62. NK

    It takes a long time for the thermostat to show. In this day and age of instant results, waiting for the thermostat to show the real temperature in the room feels like an eternity. Alternatively if you want to leave it at a place and it sits there all the time then I guess you are ok. However there is no backlight, meaning you can’t read the screen if the room is dark. I will have to first get out of the bed, turn on the light, read the screen and then turn off… again too much for me.

  63. Christopher England

    Haven’t had this long but already using it quite a bit. I don’t have a way to check the accuracy and don’t care if it’s not dead on. Just put a battery in and stick it on something.

  64. Mary

    Handy and accurate temperature readings! I bring this around whenever I take my hedgehog out just to make sure the air isn’t too cold for it. Also serves as a good general thermometer for the room. The price is also right!

  65. HaikuReviews

    Cheap but maybe works,
    Nice stand and hanging options,
    Could use a light tho.

    Updated review. Initially it showed 84 in my house when it was obviously around 70. Now it seems like it has been showing a more accurate temperature but I can’t confirm for sure. Im giving it the benefit of the doubt and assuming it just took a while to update because the parts were still warm for a couple hours after shipping. Maybe its accurate. Need to get another brand to know for sure, lol.

  66. Steven Race

    Nice display and size. I wanted it to work but was not accurate at all. Moved it inside and outside to test temp and humidity.

  67. ArmorXIII

    What can I say. Already opening it I can tell it’s a dud. It’s not reading right. Numbers are cutting off and I had to tap on the screen to work. If I weren’t a patient person I would have chuck this across the room.

    2/10 Very disappointed

  68. JMC

    So far I am quite satisfied with this product. Reasonable price. Recommended.

  69. Taylor Ray

    Bought 2 of these, put them side by side and within a couple of hours the temps were exactly the same and humidity was 45% on one and 46% on the other… that’s a bout as accurate as I would hope to get from a thermometer that costs a couple bucks a piece. Both of these match my thermostat as well so it’s good to know everything is accurate.

  70. C Hamilton

    Arrived fast. Helps maintain room temperature for patients.

  71. LRB, NYC

    Whenever I visit my elderly mother in her home, I feel as if I’ve stepped into a steam bath. But she’s perfectly comfortable and resists my plea to turn on the air conditioner. I ordered this indoor thermometer and placed it on a shelf nearby her usual seat where it won’t be in her way, but remains readily visible. It worked! Now she sees I’m not exaggerating when I insist on AC and my visits last a lot longer!

  72. Luis Bolanos

    Cheap and effective

  73. Matty

    Trying to cool down my attic. Knowing the precise temperature really helped us know we were on the right track.

  74. Kindle Customer

    Great value. Definitely would buy again. It’s small but very easy to read. Because of the size it is portable and easily moves from room to room but you can mount it if you prefer it to stay in one spot.

  75. Carol Westhoff

    This fits anywhere-very.easily.

  76. HappyCappy

    Always matches the temperature on the air conditioner.

  77. WattsHerName

    Outstanding product!
    Easy to read. Small, portable.
    I love seeing the humidity reading along with the temperature.

  78. John Red

    Compact, easy to read. Humidity lecture is on point, temperature may vary by two degrees.

  79. Dean Crow

    I bought this for my small camper to check and set the temperature of my AC and heater. It is the perfect size and very easy to read. You can mount it 3 ways, strong magnet, stand and screw slot.

  80. Robin


  81. David Leavenworth

    Not quite as large as I expected, bur I can still read it from across the room.

  82. Mike S

    Used in conjunction with AC wall thermostat

  83. Kindle Customer

    The temperature readings seem to be accurate according to the other thermal devices I have around. I mostly got it to measure humidity, however. I have no other objective measure to compare it to, but according to my skin and breathing, it does seem to be somewhat valid.

  84. E.S

    Very easy to use and read. It reads 2 digit warmer than my other thermo.

  85. Reviewer45

    Does the job I need it to do. Simple setup. Good price. Have only had less than a week.

  86. Stephanie Post

    Bought in May now realized it is inaccurate. Replaced battery,no change. Very disappointed

  87. John

    Just like advertised. Even is magnetic.

  88. CDAWG

    It works great! It seems accurate. It matches 2 others I have from a different manufacturer fairly close! Good for the money and it looks cool on my night stand!

  89. Jaime

    great thermometer. I just wish it was bigger but I am very happy with the read out.

  90. michel M

    It is good.

  91. SBGirl

    Just what we needed to tell huniduty in bedroom. Easy to read and nice small size.

  92. K. Davis MD

    This device meets our needs, was low in price, arrived timely and in perfect condition. I would buy it again.

  93. Engineer

    I bought one of two brands. I like this one better. It is a little larger, and has more mounting options. It looks a little more solid too.

  94. goodadvicegiver

    This may not be 100% accurate with its readings, but gives a good general idea of the temp and humidity in a room. I like that it has a stand or you can use the magnet on the back to mount/display it. I’ve done both.

  95. Rudy Penn

    Simple to use, and works just as advertised

  96. Melissa

    Works as intended. Compare to any brick and mortar store. Same price, free shipping, and you don’t have to spend a few hours wandering/driving around to multiple stores.

  97. Namiko

    Smaller than I thought but I’m happy with it. It’s small enough to put anywhere but big enough to not loose it and read it. When I moved it closer to my desk humidifier to humidity goes up so I suppose that means it works. It also reads above 75 when I’m hot and under when I’m cold so I guess it’s accurate. Very cute and nice and I love it.

  98. Jay

    The product worked fine…until it didn’t. 75 days after purchase date, the Hygrometer looked like the photo. Sad day. We tried new batteries, but there’s no coming back from whatever happened here. It was never dropped, only sat inside a grow tent, measuring Lion’s Mane Humidity levels.

  99. Dominic David Fuller

    I compared the readings on this to 2 other units PLUS my house unit and it seemed to be off going either way randomly. Possibly got a lemon?

  100. JimStream

    Best deal–large digits, accurate. Delivered fast.

  101. Miaoux

    Have had it since June, it has already failed. Not the battery, battery still has some juice, but the screen and numbers either dont appear at all or partially appear. Less than 6 months old. Do not recommend.

  102. K. Planellas

    A little smaller than we expected but works great

  103. wiseshopper

    Not accurate or even close. Compaired temp with 2 other indoor thermometers and wall thermostat. Device was off by 4 – 6 degrees. Humidity outside is very high, around 75%, according to local weather, device read 44%.

  104. Luciana Pedreira

    Really good! And resistant! It fall down the water in the first day using it and it is still working!

  105. MGM

    Small and accurate.

  106. Anna

    Seems to be pretty accurate. Has a magnet and kick stand so multiple options for placement. I use it for tropical plants and is easy to use and read.

  107. Kornelia

    Garbage. Stopped working after four months. I’m assuming it’s from moisture. I don’t know if I’m expecting much but moisture meter should be a little more resistant to moisture damage.

  108. Cathy

    Easy to read and accurate.

  109. Eric B.

    Seems accurate, after it acclimated for a while, and readable. Would be nice if it had a light to allow viewing when it is dark.

  110. SW Utah

    Got this to put in our RV. I like it, it seems accurate and it is easy to read in spite of its small size

  111. Ty Tea

    This thermometer is straightforward and reports exactly what it needs to: temperature and humidity. The display has large numbers and the only button on the back toggles between F and C.

  112. S H

    I’m not sure if it’s perfectly accurate since it’s the only device I have, but both temp and humidity make sense with how the room feels to me, and I don’t need it to be insanely accurate for my purpose. The humidity did rise by 20% when I started running an evaporative humidifier so I know it’s not just stuck on one number or anything, lol.
    Overall great. Seems durable, LOVE that you can hang it neatly on a nail, display is a little smaller than I expected but that’s my bad as it’s stated in the description. Very handy to see the temp/humidity at a glance. I may see if Thermopro makes larger ones, but the size is my only issue really.

  113. Annon

    I had high hopes for this and bought for my incubator. Was not only inaccurate compared to 3 others, but now the digital display doesn’t work. Only used it a few months. Cheap product thats not worth the price. Junk. Junk. Junk!!!

  114. 1967Cuda

    easy to read display

  115. Lisa

    Works as promised.

  116. Helga


  117. linda johnston

    Nice and small easy to read

  118. Sabrina Freitas

    So far, so good. Using it in an acoustic guitar case and the readings seem accurate. Will update if anything changes.

  119. Diane Gammill

    small size with big easy to read numbers. It’s size makes it easy to put anywhere.

  120. John D. Paden

    Used this in our house for general applications and for determining when to paint. Seems to work very well. I wish it had a clock readout… but that’s obviously not the products fault just something to consider.

  121. Sara

    When I turn it on and place it down, the screen turns off. Maybe mine is defective or something but it’s very frustrating because at the slightest touch, my screen turns off

  122. Joanna

    I wanted something to show the humidity in my house, and this works perfect.

  123. Calvin

    For the value, it does the job. Great product and shipped on time.

  124. Babs2010

    Best little indoor thermometer! I wanted something small and this is perfect. I will be ordering more for my house.

  125. mle

    The battery comes with it.. put it in and
    WALA your room temp and humidity reading is on the screen
    So easy , small and I love it
    Would recommend it to anyone.rsp. If there is someone having trouble breethig..

  126. Gee Willikers

    To give a good reference of size

  127. SassyAZgirl

    It’s much smaller than expected

  128. James M. Betschart

    It fit’s my needs perfectly.

  129. Kindle Customer

    Easy to set up, easy to read. Using it to monitor the room my Double Bass and guitars are in.

  130. Val Hulz

    The indoor thermometer works exactly as advertised. Large display easy to see. It’s accurate.

  131. Reverie Rose

    Perfect. Purchased to make sure my chicken coop stayed warm enough for my chickens and has never failed me. It’s incredibly durable and easy to clean also.

  132. Darlene Wilkins

    Seems to be a degree or two off.

  133. Keesh

    I’ve had two different ones develop a defective screen. One lasted only 2 weeks.

  134. Murat Yessenov

    Its good

  135. NW

    Items arrived as described. Fast Ship.

  136. Robert Z

    Had a technical issue with the first one, however ThermoPro were as good as their support stated and shipped a replacement. Very happy with this one and easy to read at a distance and operates on regular AAA batteries. A real plus. Thank you

  137. Joanna

    A lot smaller than I thought it would be. Fits in the palm of my little hand! But does a great job. No issues.

  138. Softball mom

    Great product.

  139. Patrick Patterson

    I got two of these and overall am very satisfied.  Can’t beat them for the price.  It would be nice, and I would have paid a few dollars more, if they lit up in some way so you could see the figures in the dark.  I put the two side-by-side and within a few points they read the same.  Not a deal breaker at all.  Still a very good deal!  Worth the investment.

  140. James S.


  141. E.R.M.

    Perfect…..tells temp. and R.H. instantly and is more accurate than my sling psycrometer……and these don’t break. Arrived swiftly and well packed. Thanks. Ed

  142. Brian Beach

    Perfect for we’re I needed it to go looks great nice big numbers clear to see

  143. Dorothy Busick

    I’ve been using this hygrometer/thermometer inside my juvenile ball python’s tub and it’s been completely accurate with temperatures and humidity. It worked straight out of the box, never had to fiddle with it. Overall, a good purchase!

  144. vlotty

    This is a hygrometer, which is key to making sure you keep your house/room at a good level of humidity throughout the year. Too humid in the summer, and you can encourage pests and mold or floors may expand, too dry in the winter and your nasal passages will crack making it easier to get sick. Thermopro’s humidity sensors do the job and not too expensive at $10/ea.

  145. Jess

    The product is fantastic. Works better than I imagined for the price. I was skeptical at first of the accuracy, because it’s hard to imagine how simple it is, you just pop a battery in that’s provided and wallah it’s suppose to give you an accurate reading of temperature and humidity! And I feel that’s exactly what it does! I would run the shower and soon as steam would circulate, the humidity would change right away, such a great senser! It also has great water resistance. Not only that, they also have amazing customer service! The director of customer service reached out to me via email about a week later, and just was making sure everything was great with the product and his demeanor you can feel is one of someone who truly cares about their customer and satisfaction of the customer from their product! And I admire people like that. So I have to say 10 stars for you guys. Thanks Mark!

  146. Gail Robinson

    This product is used to monitor humidity levels in our facility. The product seems to work fine and seems to be very accurate.

  147. wgm

    works perfect – a value !

  148. Oscar

    A very good product, nice design, good price, very useful.

  149. djtoby44

    I set my house thermostat at 72 and the ThermoPro was 72. Easy to read–not in the dark, though.

  150. Adrian Márquez

    Easy to read, simple, but way WAY smaller than expected. Still it’s a good product overall.

  151. Dave

    Great item! Fairly accurate! Love to know the temp and RH in the home and esp.compare temp on my thermostat.

  152. Key West Bare

    Used this product for a week and found out that is was not accurate

  153. Rebecca Storey

    We use this to monitor our wine cellar. Only have used for a short time, but so far, really pleased with it. It is easy to read.

  154. daraishiacalip

    Doesn’t have instructions on how to change it to Fahrenheit

  155. Ben Goldberg

    Have had this device for only a few says but so far so good. Seems accurate and easy to use. Set up was user friendly and magnet works well. Like it very much so far.

  156. ShopperNo755

    Works very well for my bearded dragon vivarium. Small & accurate.

  157. Alan Brock

    Easy to read. Can be hung on wall or placed on your desk. Has read out for F or C. Also displays humidity.

  158. Ted S Hakerson

    I’ve had this thermometer for 6 months and really like it. I’ve checked it against other thermometers I know to be accurate and it is consistently within 1 degree. The back lite is a nice feature. Just lightly touch the lower left-hand corner of the display and the back lite comes on. After a short time, it shuts off automatically. The large display is easy to read. Very inexpensive good indoor outdoor thermometer. I’d buy it again.

  159. JohnB

    I bought two of these for comparison with the two accurite sensors I already have. The accurite sensors have disagreed with each other from day one by over 25% on relative humidity. Curious if either was accurate. Turns out neither of the accurite sensors are accurate. Devices shown in the picture. Even right next to each other the accurite sensors read 26% different from each other.

    Compared the thermopro readings outside to the weather forecast. Within 1% of what the current weather reading was.

    Very happy with these little guys. Highly recommend.

  160. val

    I just started using it and don’t have anything to compare the temperature with however it appears to be maintaining. It is easy to read with the large numbers

  161. Cbush

    Super product! Small and actuate.

  162. N.J. Bell

    No-nonsense temperature and humidity, in number big enough for me to read without glasses. Temperature reads in F or C. Very please with it.

  163. Mary

    Love it! Very small and simple. Just what I need.

  164. Jan

    I replaced an old, larger one with this small thermometer. My son saw it, said wow, I got one on Amazon that I didn’t like – i like yours better. So he returned the other one and got one just like mine; I have the white one and he now has the black one. It’s very accurate. We also compared it to our air conditioners and saw that the digital temp in the A/Cs are off. Ha!

  165. Liv

    Love this thing, I got it to read the humidity levels around my plants and it seems to be pretty spot on most of the time!
    Super easy to use, it’s pretty foolproof since it works automatically and I like that a lot.

    It was definitely way smaller than I was expecting it to be but I don’t mind.

    Overall, love it! Just expect it to be a tiny little thing lol

  166. Kimber

    I threw out the battery that came with it and used a Duracell battery.

  167. LINDA

    This little item does exactly what I want it to do. I purchased 3. I had a problem with one and the company replaced it for me, when Amazon would not because it was over 30 days. That is what I call GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

  168. Sondoa

    Clear display. Humidity reading is nice with smiley face when in normal range or sad face when too high which alerts me to switch A/C unit to dehumidify

  169. Mike B

    Simple, looks nice, works well, great small footprint!

  170. LiLi

    Very accurate and handy hygrometer. Perfect size. Highly recommend if you simply want to know your indoor humidity, nothing fancy.

  171. RObinreves

    I have 2 Aloecasia Polly house plants that are my pride and joy. So I need to know if they are getting enough humidity. I don’t know just how accurate this is but it gives me an idea.

  172. Michael E.

    This is a great little thermometer/hygrometer. It has a big screen with large digits that you can read from across the room. It’s solid with a sturdy, fold-down stand. I’m not a big fan of the chrome ThermoPro label on the front. It seems a bit gaudy, but that’s a small complaint. I can’t really speak to the accuracy of the hygrometer, but it seems to register the same temperature that my thermostat is set for, so my guess is that the temperature reading is pretty accurate. One nice feature is that it takes regular AAA batteries rather than the watch type batteries that most of these small thermometers use. It’s also very reasonably priced. What else is there to say? I will probably buy another one for a different room.

  173. Allon

    when humidity raising above 60% reading is incorrect (below 8-10%)

  174. Barefoot Lady

    I have an inexpensive humidifier and this gadget lets me know exactly how it is working. Keep it on my desk year round.

  175. Burnie

    Just what we needed to verify humidity and temperature at nighttime in our bedroom. Good price and well made.

  176. Kellie brummitt

    I love this reader. It helped me realize if my animals were to cold in the AC

  177. Suzy

    Nice little item. I use it to monitor the conditions in my reloading room. Small size, but easy to read screen.

  178. john a. kornegay

    Convenient size,can place anywhere.easy to place for a quick humidity check

  179. Michael

    I love that it tells you the humidity as well. I use the thermometer in my 9 month old daughters room and it helps me determine whether or not we need the humidifier

  180. David H

    Nice large easy to read display.

  181. brown61dawg

    Nice thermometer, easy to read. I use it in my shop so it has plenty of places for the magnet to stick to.

  182. PeaSnap

    The humidity gauge stopped working within 30 minutes of use, which is what I needed it for. So it is basically useless to me.

  183. blakebart

    Two out of four I purchased became faulty after several days. As you can see in the picture an LCD segment is missing, rendering the meter unreadable. The two units were being used in separate bathrooms, with humidity around 80-ish percent, and they just don’t survive in that. The other two were in bedrooms and they continue to work fine. This to me suggests the manufacturer is releasing hardware that can’t survive in the environment it is meant to measure. I’ve returned both and am purchasing a different brand, not interested in replacements after experiencing a 50% failure rate, even if the sample size was only four units.

  184. MRG


  185. aunt Ee

    Works perfect exactly what I wanted.

  186. Research Services Unlimited (Consignment)

    Easy to use and accurate for temprature and humidity

  187. Amy Boyd

    Sat it on my home thermostat to compare degrees

  188. Katherine

    Works great

  189. Michael A. Wilkes

    Good gauge

  190. chance

    This device is perfect for my bedroom.

  191. Jason McKinley

    This is the best hygrometer I have had. Small, accurate, and as far as the price. You just can’t get this quality for this price. Definitely recommend this product

  192. BenJamin

    Very good gadget to have, work out of the box, easy to read and understand temp and humidity display.

  193. A. Bright

    I bought 2 of these thermometers for my crested geckos. A week went by and one of the thermometers went crazy! Part of it worked, well part of it didn’t. I replaced the batteries, but it was obvious before I replaced it, it was broken! However my their thermometer is still working fine. So, it’s a 50/50 if you get a good one, or if your thermometer breaks in a week or less. Very disappointed in this buy! Do not buy, unless your willing to take the risk!

    Update, so even though one of them broke quickly, it was very accurate before it died, and the other one is still doing fine, and still is very accurate with the humidity and temature.

  194. Upstairs People

    This thing is a piece of junk that rusted out and stopped working after not even two months of use. The one I used before I ordered this one lasted for years and never had any issues with it until it just died one day. I use this thermometer to measure the ambient air temperature while I am proofing bread, it sat on my counter next to my sourdough starter. It was not abused at all. It started to rust and i was like…..ok I can deal with a little rust but then it turned from Fahrenheit to Celsius all by itself and will not turn back no matter how many times I press the button. I am American and never learned to read temperatures in Celsius. It’s too late for me to learn now because I am too old and too dumb. Only buy this if you like to throw money in the garbage.

  195. Maverick

    tells the temp and humidity well

  196. John Bowen

    Works great

  197. campc-yah

    I wish I would have gotten one with a lighted background so I could see it in the dark. The little emoticon indicator faces are also hard to see from a distance. I like it.

  198. Momofthreemiracles

    Easy to use. Accurate. Great price.

  199. Sheila B.

    It’s great

  200. Pamela E. Sims

    Would have liked it to be back lit so can read in the dark.

  201. Frederick C Oelrich

    We use it to help regulate humidity in house. Great product for price.

  202. Tyann Wilbanks

    I am very pleased. I keep this on my desk because my office is not air conditioned. I can let my boss see how warm it gets in here

  203. DRJ

    Very satisfied with this product. Simple and easy to read.

  204. Jane

    I like that this is portable around the house and that it’s easy to read and is accurate. It’s also nice that you can choose C or F for temperature.

  205. MeMom

    It’s small, it’s accurate and it works.

  206. Stacie Larabell

    Nice device, good size. I’ve wanted one for years. Happy with my purchase

  207. Joao P. Gasparian

    It’s a slow reading but it works. Some complaints must come from this slow reading but it works.

  208. deniseokc

    This little thermometer works great in my office. It seems to be very accurate
    I’m happy with my purchase

  209. D.Elizabeth

    Very easy to use & perfect size, I wake up and can see the numbers from my bed assuring me that my houseplants are at a good humidity level & are in the perfect temperature

  210. Rio

    This product does exactly what I needed it to do. Having a chameleon, it is important to have the accurate reading of humidity and temperatures during the day and night. This product is a lot better than using the traditional dial gadgets. Perfect size and easy to read, and it delivered fast!

  211. Kathleen C.

    Perfect for what I needed. Like that it gives me a smiley face when I’m in a good humidity range.

  212. SHARI M.

    Not much to review about it. It does what I wanted, temperature and humidity. No need for large weather stations, this is compact and perfect.

  213. Diane B. Denormandie

    I was concerned that it might be too humid in area I wanted to place my sewing machine. This little gadget was perfect for answering my question.

    I did not rate two questions because (1) I have no idea if it’s accurate. I’m hoping. (2) Warmth????

  214. Jacob young

    I purchased to keep an eye on the inside temperature of my PC.
    I did not know this at the time but it does have a Magnet on the back so it worked out great!

    Also keeps an eye on the Humidity as well. Absolute perfect for my needs.

    1yr box Warranty and you can add more if need be.

  215. Megan Roberts

    I bought this little thermometer to measure the temperature and humidity in my dog’s whelping box and I am VERY satisfied. It is very easy to assemble as it comes with a battery and it is very accurate. Definitely gets the job done!

  216. Arthur Nelson

    Works fine and doesn’t take up much space.

  217. Melissa Papke

    I bought this temperature/humidity gauge for my office and I just love it! It’s small, but the readout is nice, big, and easy to see. Just two numbers…temperature and humidity. I opened the box, popped in the included battery, and it was good to go. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!

  218. Beverly S. Thompson

    I received this small humidity and temperature monitor promptly and found the setup to be very easy. Its small size makes it unobtrusive and I believe it is accurate so far. I wanted it to determine the humidity in my bedroom so I would know when to operate my room humidifier to help my sinuses at night. Warranty registration was easy but I fear I will now be spammed by revealing my email address to the company. I will edit this review in the future if anything changes.

  219. J. BEAM

    Easy to read, I keep it next to my recliner in the den.

  220. RDM

    This thermometer was easy to read but not accurate so decided to return the item. Return was easy with full refund.

  221. CC

    Temperature is accurate but humidity is not. Humidity reading did not agree with other humidity gauge that I have so I tested this one using the salt method I found online. Found it is reading 6% below the real humidity. Not worth keeping if it’s that far off.

  222. Carrie M

    Does what it says

  223. MUMZ

    Put the batteries in and instantly worked. Lets you know with smiley face or frown if humidity is good. Also has temp. reading. Size is small and yet can easily read numbers.

  224. Jane Pianowski

    This hygrometer works very well. I was always wondering what the temperature was in my bedroom, especially during the winter, and if it was too dry or not. I have gone through a chilly spring and now a hot summer with it and I can definitely see the difference in the humidity in the room. It gives me great information to work with, and I will probably buy a humidifier for the winter.

  225. Bruce Abshagen

    We wanted to keep track of humidity in house, which we can now. It’s smaller than I’d like but it does the job for us.

  226. SmAll foot

    Measure humidity in different rooms of my house

  227. Harry M. Jorgensen

    The product is exactly what I wanted for my summer cabin at a great price.

  228. Marjorie Brink

    inexpensive – easy to use

  229. wnklee

    Excellent product, excellent price!

  230. manz

    I guess it accurate? Based just on feeling. Got it to regulate my room temperature for little newborn kittens. Has the option to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit which is nice. The numbers are clearly displayed and pretty big. I can easily see it from across my room from my dresser.

  231. Catherine S.

    No set up. Just put in battery. Nice and small.

  232. Kayla

    Does just what it says. We were very surprised by the size though. A lot smaller than expected.

  233. Boston K

    This little gadget is a nice small size and you can basically put it anywhere you want. I really like knowing the temperature and humidity level in my bedroom because at this time of the year I have my a/c on and I can see exactly how it is performing on different days with different heat levels outside. If it lit up it would be even better but it is fine as is.

  234. doreen

    I bought one of these and took it on a cruise with us so when the room was too hot or too cold I could report it without being wishiwashy. It worked perfect and is easy to read. The second one I bought for our summer home and it wasn’t accurate. It didn’t reduce the temp at night even though it was cool inside and the auto thermometer reported very cool temps outside. When the seller contacted me and asked how I liked the product I was honest and they replaced it. Excellent customer service. I would buy one again knowing the product comes with excellent customer service. I would have returned it but sometimes amazon requires I take the package to a UPS Store and not an UPS agent which requires I drive 15 miles and the UPS store has terrible customer service so I was going to to take the $10. Loss

  235. Crystal

    Product was fine. They give you a website to register for extended warranty and a code for a 10% discount on another product from their company. Neither one worked. Makes me question the prodect and the company.

  236. George Klepper

    Yes would recommend.

  237. T.W.

    Slightly small.

  238. Pidge

    arrived overnite- just as described- seems to work perfectly-

  239. Mr.Ken

    Love it, great price, fast service !!

  240. Fred Carter

    Great product, simple as making Grandma’s famous Apple Pie!!! Comes with a 1 yr. warranty. Went to their website to register product but page didn’t work. Contacted Tech. Support and it was fixed in a day or so. Haven’t tried to register but I will tomorrow.

  241. joanne sawyer

    I purchased two different brands of hygrometers for my basement-mostly to compare. If they matched the numbers, I figured they were accurate. I run a dehumidifier which displays humidity level and it matched both hygrometers I purchased. Happy with this item and would definitely recommend it.

  242. Emilio navarro

    Works great and does the job

  243. Holly Simon

    Loved this thermometer! I used it in my small incubator to hatch 8 little ducklings. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

  244. VolleyballChic

    Bought this product to use in conjunction with my dehumidifiers built in monitor. They both read different levels but are separated by 30ft in my crawl space where moisture levels are different because of where water entered my crawlspace. Very happy with this device and would recommend andor purchase again if needed.

  245. Kristen

    Currently it’s 66% humidity outside, we have had a lot of rain and my hygrometer is reading that my humidity in my home with the ac on is at 70% which is impossible. I use this for my business and it is letting me down because it seems faulty.

  246. maureen

    Temperature seems pretty accurate but reads 99% humidity in my bedroom. Not very impressed, but it for 2 features and only get one?

  247. cdea

    The product appeared to work just fine. It was used in our greenhouse. It was easy to set up and registered the temperature and humidity until several days ago, when it suddenly registered a garbled 20.5/0 1. Changed battery but problem persisted.
    Had less than one months actual use.

  248. Jill Chapman

    I purchased two of these and side-by-side the temperature and humidity readings are close enough that I consider them reliable. Most importantly, they use AAA batteries and not expensive button cell batteries.

  249. Montessa

    Fast shipping gauge size and magnet is strong love it

  250. Triona

    It was fantastic for a week… then, then the 1st number of the humidity display stopped working – as I purchased it specifically for humidity, it’s now useless. Unfortunately, as I didn’t open it immediately, even though it was only used for six days, it’s no longer eligible for return or exchange.

  251. Sasha Graham

    I actually got this for my reptile tank, and I could’t be happier!
    I can get an accurate reading on temp and air moisture on the tanks without any guess work with the analog readers.
    The numbers are rather large for an easy read, but do not have any LED to read when dark.
    The magnet is also a plus, as I can stick a magnet on the outside of the tank to hold it proper..no messing with sticky back adhesive strips that will possibly come lose and could harm your animal.
    Even if this thermometer fell in the enclose there is nothing that can get stuck to your animals to hurt them.

  252. FrableFamilyof9

    This is my second opinion for my incubator temp and humidity control. I love this because it gives me an accurate reading below. My incubator does not have an humidity checker so, this helps me gage where I am at. I am highly pleased with the results and how it has helped me maintain temp and humidity.

  253. Ray A.

    Very easy to set up and start using. insert battery, select C or F and it’s ready.

  254. Greg Y.

    Easy to start using…just insert battery and change the temperature type C or F and read the results.

  255. Pat

    Easy setup, just insert battery. A backlight would make it easier to read in a dimly lit room . Overall I got what I paid for.

  256. Psydrop

    Small enough I can set it on my hand plane rack, but large enough to read at a glance from several feet away.

  257. Dick M

    Only had it one day. Seems to work very well.

  258. M

    Seems pretty accurate. My bedroom tends to get dry so I have a humidifier. However sometimes it gets too humid so this thermopro is very helpful in guiding me on what I need to do. I recommend!

  259. Summer swimmer

    Great little gadget

  260. Beverly Light

    Easy to set up, easy to use. Just what I needed.

  261. Merrilee Berndt

    I ordered two of these. One for upstairs and one for down. I love that they are small and can either set on the desk or hang on the fridge. They work great.

  262. Rachel Allemann

    Display now working. Problem of no display corrected itself after reinstalling batteries several times.

  263. cynthia pea ch

    I really like the thermometer – it so easy to set up – just put in the battery that comes with it. Temp is accurate and the plus is the humidity.

  264. Michael P

    I use it to monitor the temp and humidity in a 3 season room. It works accurately but is so small you have to get up close to read it. I wish I had looked more closely at the size.

  265. victor castillo

    Muy fácil de leer y usar

  266. Shari-Lou

    Product works well and is small and compact.

  267. Laurie Orinick

    Bought it about 1 month ago and it’s Working perfectly in with my chicks and ducklings.

  268. marty lockner

    easy to set up, great for monitoring a bedroom

  269. A. Shipovsky

    Works great.

  270. Hayden peters

    Easy to use but the magnet on the back is somewhat weak, not strong enough to hold to your grow tent frame, atleast my frame.

  271. john

    Works as advertised.

  272. Sara Dorland

    Liked it so much we ordered another one! Very easy to read and large numbers

  273. Bonnie Graham


  274. Chris

    It works and is easy to see. I don’t know if it’s accurate cause that would require a second thermometer and I don’t care that much.

  275. A. Anderson

    Working well! I’m using it in my incubator.

  276. Susan Griffin

    Simple info presented clearly

  277. Karen M. White

    Works as described. Numbers are big . Magnet on back allows you to stick it in place.

  278. K

    Perfect in our sunroom. I like the magnetic feature too.

  279. roudee

    For the price and my need, it was perfect.

  280. Alex Becker

    The product is smaller than I thought

  281. Charles

    Wonderful little device
    Very accurate and easy to read and set up

  282. James R. Canning

    Good little thermometer. Hard to check indoor accuracy but I’m perfectly happy with it.


    Works perfect for my needs. In bedroom with humidifier for a more accurate humidity measurements.

  284. Celeste Taylor

    Got the product to check to see if my thermostat was reading correctly. Glad it was able to help me figure out it wasn’t. I like how it gives you multiple options for where to place it (e.g., kickstand to stand alone, notch to nail it on the wall, magnetic to put on something metal).

  285. Drew from Milwaukee

    Originally bought for a snake cage, I’ve been using it to check the temp in a fridge, the temp in each room, and will be taking it camping. Very portable, it seems to match up with our other digital thermometer. Not sure of the humidity part, never checked that out, but the temp works great.

  286. Rob

    I use this meter to monitor the RH in my RV. The readings go up & down throughout the day. I can’t speak to the accuracy because I don’t have a standard to compare it to. So long as it consistently bounces between 35 & 50 I’m happy.


    This is my second one… works great!

  288. Inna

    This little simple gadget gives accurate reading the same numbers as another one I have.

  289. tex-teressa

    Works really well. Fast accurate readings that are easy to see. Using it in a chick brooder now but will keep it for other purposes.

  290. Richard Philip Stymans

    Great product, however the barometric pressure it shows is consistently low. If it was accurate, we would be in a constant hurricane. The good news is that if you just disregard the actual reading, the trend that it shows does give a pretty good forecast of what is coming. Presure drops, storms coming, pressure rises, sunny skys. Wish there was a way to calibrate this readout of barometric pressure.

  291. Trudi

    Love it! It is exactly the temperature gauge I wanted. Reads temperature and humidity. Small, handy, with multiple ways to mount it. Very, very pleased with the ThermPro Indoor Humidity & Temperature Moniter. Oh, did I mention the great price! A great value!

  292. Maddie Strickland

    Easy to use, comes with instructions on how to read properly

  293. sue peck

    does a great job

  294. Paul Hard

    I have two in my rv. They’re always within a degree and a percent. Good value

  295. LaVonne Gantzer


  296. jasseline h

    This helped us so much during the winter, so so much my baby was so stuffy because the air was so dry and this helped us determine how long we had to have the humidifier on for

  297. James Lo

    Product did not turn on. I thought maybe it was just an old battery that they sent me, but still wouldn’t turn on with a fresh new battery. Cannot return cause my son tore up the box in to pieces.

  298. Jen

    Only worked for a month or so, some water dripped inside the fridge on it and it stopped working

  299. Antonio

    works really good now i can keep track of the humidity and temp to know how my axolotl tank is doing definitely a product i would recommend

  300. Customer

    The product is not working. The temperature showed LLL didnt matter how many times I tried to reset it

  301. esther c

    Disappointed. Bought 2 of these. Can’t handle being in an incubator for long. The numbers do not fully show. This happened to both. Should’ve bought the ACU RITE. These I’ve had for years and still going.

  302. Diver Brad

    This product worked well enough, even though it was very dim making it hard to read from a distance. Even with the dim screen I likely would have given it 4 stars because it is accurate and inexpensive. What dropped it to one star though was the fact that it lasted EXACTLY 1 day past the Amazon return period. I’ve read other reviews that half the screen died quickly and the same happened to me, top half of both number sets is dead, so it looks like it is not an isolated incident. Going to contact the company tomorrow as it is still under warranty, will update this review if they make it right.

  303. Michael P.

    Simple and easyto use

  304. Vernon Holmes

    Nice looking small easy to read

  305. Karen Khachatryan

    Work properly

  306. Fernando

    I bought this thermometer reader, put a fresh AAA battery, and the unit never turned ON. I futher contacted the manufacturer Thermo Pro and they replied that “they were very busy to answer my inquiry”. I lost 10 bucks what can I say?

  307. jason

    The thermometer itself is pretty small but the numbers displayed are large enough to read easily.
    Just simply displays temperature and humidity. A small button on the back to change temperature units
    between F & C. Not sure about the accuracy.

  308. M. Harty

    I purchased this item because I had recently also purchased a small bedside humidifier and wanted to make sure that I was keeping the indoor humidity levels at a proper range. This hygrometer works great and is easy to read.

  309. Jim Frackenpohl

    Very well made.
    Clear instructions
    Seems very reliable

  310. Samantha

    Was This made for ants? It’s so tiny.

  311. Marlene ruby

    Put in the battery and it’s working. Large print is easy to see. Temperature in F and C.

  312. Kristine

    Does the job! Simple, but very useful. I love how there’s different ways of displaying it too.

  313. Nathan Wesche

    It takes MINUTES to adjust to a temperature. I think the description specified several seconds, but when I put it in a room of my house that I knew was in the low 60’s (Fahrenheit), it took a solid few minutes for the temp reading on the thermometer to go from like 73 to 61. That’s certainly not ideal if I want to use it to compare temperatures in different areas of my house.

  314. Ali L.

    Smaller than I expected but perfect to bring room to room with us to monitor the indoor temperature for our newborn.

  315. Ramil

    So far temperature readings were accurate and display easy to read.

  316. Kindle Customer Worcester

    Love it! Unobtrusive but easy to read! The only set up was to pick C or F and put in the supplied battery. Seems to be very accurate. My old one was way off and I was blaming my new air conditioner! Love that it has 3 ways to hang or stand it. Inventors are brilliant to think of all these great features. Thanks for the battery too. Will probably order more next month. Will tell friends too. Thanks to Prime it came in one day!

  317. PS

    Just as expected- no surprises!

  318. sawman

    Great price. Temperature is accurate, but humidistat is not. If I wouldn’t have thrown away the packaging I would have sent them back.

  319. Ryan

    Small little thermometer works awesome for my needs!

  320. Rich Borges

    Put in battery and worked right out of the box. Little button on the back is
    to change from F to C. Stays within 1 degree or less from my wall

  321. Amanda Baker

    I love having this in my home! It eases my mind know the humidity. Perfect small size and works great! Also love the smiley for comfort levels.

  322. Emre Kara

    It works well

  323. Rachel Williams

    Love this! Great for humidity reading in my lash room

  324. Doxies

    Got some humidifiers in house and these seem to do the trick to check humidity levels. I like that the are magnetic so I can put them hight so kids don’t get to them.

  325. R. Whitacre

    I ordered one of these to track the humidity and temps in my sons crested gecko tank and it works great! I ended up ordering 2 more for our bearded dragon and leopard gecko tanks. So far no issues. When I received the first one, the seller included a discount code for future orders. Unfortunately Amazon didn’t recognize that code. I still went ahead and purchased more because they are a good value for the money and very accurate.

  326. Barbara Kerrin

    I wanted an indoor thermometer with humidity display and this works perfectly ~~ I now have two..!!
    I keep one in the living room and one in my bedroom for a reading on whether to use my cool mist humidifier. This helps me sleep so much better!

  327. Patty


  328. Ankita D

    I live in Utah where weather can get extremely dry or may be it’s just me. Keeping an eye on this helps me run my humidifier from time to time.

  329. Paristian

    I dont know what is right or wrong. Dont buy from this company.

  330. Theodore F. Schaaf

    Changing from C to F could be easier; but,do not use often.

  331. Brittany Stone

    The product works great. We tested it against our home A/C temp reading and its accurate. Happy with this purchase.

  332. Spoonman

    I brought 3 – for the shop – the garage – and the barn. They all registered the same. I’m very pleased

  333. Ratna M Rijal

    it is very small and screen is dark

  334. Maria

    Great refrigerator thermometer

  335. AWeaVer

    Works great in our chicken brooder when we first got chicks and needed to know a constant temp in the nest.

  336. readanlearn

    The same numbers come up on my de humidifier so this is an accurate device. Thanks

  337. Qut Anna

    As you can see in the photo, they’re smaller; smaller than I expected. However, once I set them out, I realized they’re size makes them unobtrusive while still being easy to read (the numbers are nice and big).

  338. SunuS

    Nice design, easy to read, accurate and the battery included. Just open and go!

  339. SPCLK

    very accurate. exactly what I needed to monitor my small pets room temp.

  340. Jay6

    I use this to determine the humidty level in my plant room. Works perfectly with no issue. Just dont let it get wet

  341. Angelworld

    This is a very nice little digital temperature gage and humidity gauge. I would buy it again. I keep it on my nightstand so it is not too large to fit a small space.

  342. D. Davis

    While the jury is out on the durability of the battery (I’ve only had it a month or 2), it’s a good tool for temps, one that you can mount just about anywhere. I actually prefer that it does not light up–the battery will last much longer that way, and I can read it even in low light.

  343. Matthew Harris

    While this has all of the featured I wanted, including a large display, after about five minutes of use, the face indicator stopped working and has not worked since.

  344. Solangel

    Me encantó el Higrómetro y su tamaño es muy práctico, puedes llevarlo fácilmente. Ademas te da una garantía de 3 años y una tarjeta de 10%off en próxima compra.

  345. SR

    Its accurate and worth the price.

  346. ActiveMI

    I live in Florida where black mold is an issue . This device is perfect for me to track humidity levels in my residence. Comes with a battery, degrees can be changed to F or C, and it’s so compact that is lt does not take up much space.

  347. Lester J. Lester

    Well worth the money

  348. TBS

    Very nice product

  349. Deborah909

    It does the job at a reasonable price.

  350. ellis

    I purchased this for the humidity reading. It’s small, not complicated, and seems to be working just fine.

  351. Uncle Walt

    I purchased six of these to monitor the humidity and temperature in dry boxes for photographic equipment. To obtain a *rough* estimate of their accuracy, I installed the batteries and set all six units on a table to let the temperature and humidity stabilize. (NB: This was in my home, not under laboratory conditions. So my experiment provides only an estimate.) After 15 minutes, all six read within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit of one another. And on all six, the humidity reads within 1% of one another. For my purposes, that is extremely accurate!

    The devices are very easy to use. Just install the batteries, and you are ready to go. Press the button on the back of the unit if you want to switch to Fahrenheit. The manual is great. In addition to clear instructions, they took the trouble to include detailed specifications, care instructions, and disposal instructions. The company’s customer service phone numbers, e-mail address, and hours are all included in the manual. This looks like a very well-run company.

  352. Elizabeth

    I’ve been looking for a product to read the temperature and humidity inside my bedroom. I had one from a different brand for years and it kept breaking. This one is lightweight, it’s small, it’s compact. I put it on my nightstand and the numbers are large and easy to ready. I will definitely buy more.

  353. meg peterson

    It was somewhat smaller than I expected. My fault I didn’t take much notice of the measurements!

  354. Henry Zamarripa


  355. Barbara A. Hudak

    This thermometer is exactly as described. Works well

  356. David E. Holtzinger

    Exactly what I was looking for. Something simple that sits on my counter.

  357. Yvette

    I like that this is small but digital screen is large. It seems to be pretty accurate and love that it tells you the humidity level within my home.

  358. Knowledge is the Key

    Just what I needed for a discreet roomtemp/humidity check,

  359. Emiliany

    Voy a ser mamá primeriza y quería comprar un humidificador para mi cuarto, pero informándome supe que era mejor comprar este tipo de producto para saber si tú casa necesita un humidificador o un deshumificador (que es lo que necesito en mi caso), así que me ha quedado como anillo al dedo.

  360. M. F.

    It’s pretty small and the numbers are big enough and very visible/readable. It’s more accurate than most products I found for the same price. Let see how long a battery will last. It has a magnet in the back, screw hole provision if you want to hang it, and an integrated stand to stay on a desk/table; so very practical overall. Not sure if it is weather proof, probably not. I would like that they state which actual sensor model it is using, other than stating the accuracy, but other than that, excellent.

  361. Kevin L Spinner

    Perfect for my grow house and is very accurate

  362. Laura McWatters

    Very simple to use. Will work perfectly in my incubator.

  363. Jus10CASE

    This small device is so easy to open, install battery, then choose F/C setting (Fahrenheit/Celsius), & that’s it folks!!!!
    I love it… very compact, BUT large #’s that make it easy to read from other side of my tent! This does exactly what it’s supposed to do

  364. Ariel S.

    Loved the small size and that I came with a battery! Perfect for any room, even has a magnet on back to use on fridge.

  365. sas

    Easy to use. Bought two different varieties and set them side-by-side. The numbers they displayed were the same, so it appears to be accurate.

  366. Jason C.

    Our thermostat is upstairs and downstairs is usually cooler. We bought to replace an older temp display, different brand, that is huge and ugly. This is so nice! It is small, inconspicuous and just as accurate as the old one that is 6x the size. We use to monitor the temp downstairs and use our WiFi nest thermostat to get it to a comfortable temp down there. I like this better than the sensor for the nest and it is waaay cheaper you just have to control the nest instead of a sensor doing it. I really like this brand and the simplicity. Will buy this brand again and recommend for its accuracy. I tested with the nest sensor before returning and the old temp display and it was just as accurate as the others.

  367. Ted J. Bourne

    Tried 3 different batteries. None got this simple thermometer to work. Hope the replacement will be better. Must of been made in Wuhan.

  368. emily hopson

    When I received it it didn’t display tempature or humidity correctly. I reached out to the company and they told me it was displaying the “lll” because it couldn’t read the humidity but that doesn’t make sense because it displayed that as the temperature and 80% humidity (which I knew wasn’t right). Ended up just getting a refund from amazon.

  369. Mark C.

    It is easy to read, easy to operate. Seems to be accurate.

  370. Jizzy


  371. Maddy

    This product is perfect for what I need . Have many humidity loving houseplants. So simple put the batteries in boom done .

  372. Lois Wolfe

    It works well and my husband likes to be able to see the temperature every day.

  373. mike p

    Great little thing works just as it should

  374. Holly

    I ordered two of them. Love them.

  375. Norman G.

    Easy to read

  376. Dean


  377. Kenneth Weber

    Bought two units. When next to each other there are slight differences but not significant. Will buy again if needed.


    Very nice display and easy to read. It is also very sturdy: I unintentionally left it outside all night and it got wet with the rain but it kept working very well!! No issues until now (although it is not supposed to get wet)

  379. Shuhhh ny uhh

    It broke within the first week. Now I’m left wondering if it’s 71 or 79 in my house. This was a huge ripoff.

  380. Jax

    Perfect. Well made, sturdy, accurate, and unobtrusive. Just pop in the battery and you are good to go.

  381. Lexy

    Pretty much exactly what is described ! Works well !

  382. Louis Luciano

    It had the features I was looking for. It did not work correctly when I received it but I was very happy with how easy it was to return it for a replacement.

  383. Matt P.

    Easy to use and works great!

  384. Elizabeth Dewey

    I purchased this item because the picture made it look easy to read. Shame on me for not looking at the dimensions!! It is 2 ” x 3″ and you need a magnifying glass to read the temp.


  385. Florida

    Working as expected. But I should have checked the dimensions. Came with battery and coupons. Easy to use.

  386. kaye basedow

    I think it’s accurate, but this is the only thermometer I own. I live in a dry state, so the humidity face is always sad.

  387. Jeremy Kirby

    This was used in a terrarium. The display stopped working after four months.

  388. In Da Store

    Just perfect

  389. Gabby

    So far it seems to be working great. It even has a little magnet so you can just stick it on the fridge. It seems accurate so far, I’m glad I ordered it!

  390. Mike troutt

    It’s way to small for that price how it did come with the battery I just think it’s to small and you can get a better one and bigger at Walmart for the same price

  391. klgotta

    I would order again. Great for inside or out

  392. Luke Hebard

    Super easy to use. Literally just turns on with the (included!) battery. Pretty sure it’s accurate. I live in Phoenix so it’s very helpful to know how much humidity to keep in my room to keep my plants happy. Simple but great product, so far!

  393. AMoran

    I absolutely love this. I use it in all different rooms of the house. It’s accurate & I like that it brings it own battery.

  394. JDP

    Appears to be working well so far. I bought 2 of them and they both read about the same as each other. They were within 1-2 degrees of my thermostat and fairly close on humidity %.

  395. Steve Smolek

    Working great. Gave it 4 stars, beause its a lot smaller than the picture, but then i should have checked product dimensions.

  396. Michael Leone

    A good product. The screen is a little hard to see from any distance, since it’s so dim, but that is a function of the type of display.

  397. Mikeee

    Small, compact, easy to move to different areas of the home. I use it primarily for quick checks of humidity and temps in different areas of my home. It is small enough to stay out of the way. If you’re looking for all the bells and whistles (WiFi, z-wave, etc) this is not for you. But if you’re looking for something quick and easy that will not break the bank, this is it.

  398. hector

    This is a garbige that this people got from wish and sold it to me.
    It took almost the same time as wish and its trash as from it.
    The size is small, too small, unlike the pocture.
    Do not buy this BU…S…!
    ITS hot as hell in the room and it still mark 77
    The first day work.just fine. After that it gat stuck on 70s. No higher than that.
    It coulb 90. And this bulll. Still mark 77 or 78.
    I wont even wast my time to return it. They could keep my money. But they wont get a peney more from me and I want to make sure it wont get yours either. Please do not get it.

  399. Mercedes Felicia

    Love having this in our apartment with newborn. Small and reliable.

  400. iamasis

    Works well inside. Easy to use & came with batteries.

  401. Henry Zhang

    Fast detection,
    Nice display, easy to read
    Small body

  402. T. Lee

    I am temperature-sensitive; I used them to monitor the temperature in the rooms of my house. So easy to read and easy to use is very important to me.

  403. James R

    Bought this to use in the refrigerator to monitor temp and humidity around dry age steak project. Works great, temp is accurate with another thermometer I used to verify. I like the compact size yet display is easy to read.

  404. steven bange

    i received this within 2 days. it’s smaller than expected, but has high visibility. it’s being used in an orchid aquarium, so the magnetic back is ideal, since i can stick a magnet on the outside and have it ‘stick’ to the glass. works great!

  405. Vanya

    The first day I got it, I accidentally submerged it in water and I thought it was dead for good. Whoops. After an impatient hour, I slipped the battery back in, to see if it would work, and it did!! The temperature was correct, however, the humidity was at 99%. So once again, I thought it was damaged forever. But to my surprise, the next day, the humidity reading was correct! (not 99%!)

    Good enough for me!!

  406. michael d gilbert

    easy to use decent price

  407. Kevin Shuter

    Very accurate and agrees with another brand. Like that it uses common AAA batteries batteries.

  408. Alison Moreno

    We just recently got chicks and I was nervous about the temp in the brooder so I needed something small and sturdy to toss in there. It’s super easy to use and read and it’s small enough that it’s not intrusive to the chicks. They actually like to sleep on it🙄. It was a little slow to get to the right temp and I have no idea if it’s accurate but I haven’t killed any chicks yet so🤞🏻

  409. Toni Anne

    Just perfect for measuring humidity in basement. Love the magnet option too!!! Just perfect. Thank you !!

  410. rlecuna

    Lo compre porque mi termostato Nest me estaba dando valores de humedad muy alto y me tenia preocupado, pero cuando llego el ThermoPro TP49 me quito esa preocupacion, porque resulto que el Nest estaba dando falsos valores de humedad. Lo recomiendo para descartar errorres de otros equipos.

  411. Johnnie R.

    I just recently bought a humidifier for my Chronic Bronchitis. This thing has really been helpful, so I wanted to get a second one. The concern is I didn’t want it to go over 60% humidity for condensation to develop especially living in the southern part of the United States. I purchased this little gadget to help me monitor the humidity and it is accurate, easy to set up, and perfect for my needs.

  412. Yu Zhao

    Very satisfied!

  413. S. Kinney

    Good little thermometer and great price!


    Does the job well and for half the price than others

  415. Jarene Young

    You are going to be amazed at the accuracy from such a small instrument! Very accurate and easy to read!

  416. Dennis K

    Bought 2, easy to set-up, just put included battery in and set in location of your choice. Works great, would buy again. (My brother wants one.)

  417. Steven Greene

    Very happy with this. As far as I can tell, provides accurate temperature and humidity. Handy size, but easy to read. Nice magnet to stick on the refrigerator of other locations plus a nice little fold-out stand.

  418. Hamburger

    Nice, convenient size and extremely easy-to-use design. My only complaint is that it is too easy. You simply put a battery in and that’s it, no power button. It does have a button to switch between C and F, but no other functionality. I just wish it had a power button to conserve battery, but it only takes one AAA and I can always take the battery out in between uses if needs be. It also seems very accurate which is an obvious pro. Overall I am very satisfied!

  419. Jessica Gonzalez

    Item comes with the battery and it’s very accurate so I would recommend . It is small but it was what I was looking for and I can see the numbers perfectly fine

  420. Garen Smith

    Keep far away from water lol but put I. Right spot and does well

  421. Silvia Reyna

    Perfect! Just what I needed for my plants.

  422. Allen

    Needed something which seemed to be more accurate than the temp/humidity gauge on my thermostat. This fits the bill. The same highly accurate instrumentation that I borrowed from a relative which proved my suspicion that the thermostat was well off shows that this thing is within 0.5 degree (F) and within 1% RH of total accuracy.

    This is smaller than it looks in terms of overall footprint, but the digits are nice and big.

    Nothing to operation, stick the included battery in, press the F/C button on the back to change to F (default is C) if you want F.

  423. DamienHungry

    Works great

  424. BadBobbyGamerBBG

    I use this in my bedroom with a humidifier & my gaming desktop pc
    it’s nice to have it because it shows me the amount of humidity in my room so i don’t end up destroying my computer.
    & it works very good.

  425. Cheryl

    I have had this for months now and wanted to test it out thoroughly before writing my review. I’m happy to say that it is absolutely accurate! I have compared the temp reading to other thermometers in my house and this little one is spot-on. It has a nice strong magnet that holds it right where I want it. It comes with an attached stand that you can use if you want to place it free-standing on a desk or cabinet. It is easy to read with a big display. I’m ordering another one for another room. It arrived on-time and as expected. Definitely recommend this product.

  426. Marie

    I was able to use this product for about a week before it broke. I used it to measure the temperature and humidity in my aquarium. I made sure that water didn’t get sprayed on it but after about a week it stopped working. I wish I could return it but the it is too late. Would not buy or recommend.

  427. Lifeguard Station

    I bought one of these ThermoPro TP49 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometers. It seemed to work well, so I purchased a second one in black color. Both are TP49. Well, the second (black colored) unit is consistently 4% or 5% lower than the white colored unit. Both measurements should be similar. I assume the hygrometer is not the best quality so the measurement varies. That is not helpful to determine the actual humidity level. Now I have to locate a more accurate hygrometer. I wish I could return the first unit. It is past 30 days.

  428. Jill Rice

    Love this so much I bought another one for school

  429. BleusChat

    I like our first one so much, I’m ordering two more!

  430. Debby Perks

    It does the job. Perfect size and love the magnet

  431. Brittany

    It was smaller than i expected. It fits inside my palm. But still super easy to read. Works great

  432. TKS

    If it were cheaper at $5-$6 then I would give it 5 stars!

  433. Anthony

    This product actually gave an accurate reading of the temperature in my room. Before I bought I was walking up at night with extremely dry throat. I got the thermo pro and made a few adjustments to the temperature based on the reading and I doing a lot better now

  434. Hingiswins.

    Small-accurate-easy-to read-looks good while taking little space

  435. emar

    love this. I’m always and cold so I put this in my bedroom to have the correct temp while I fuss with my heat lol

  436. Richie O

    Works exactly as advertised. Very small. Easy readout and accurate. Easy mounting.

  437. csm

    Small and inexpensive. Cannot vouch for accuracy, doesn’t match outside humidity on the weather apps, but that may not be a good test. I am using it to check crawlspace humidity so hope it’s close to right.

  438. Kristy A.

    Takes forever to register large temperature changes. Started at 72 and 20 minutes later it’s at 38 and still falling. Would have expected faster results.

  439. nicole niedermayer

    I bought this because it was a two in one for temps and hygrometer for my baby crested geckos enclosure. We have had it for a couple months now and I have tested it with my bearded dragons probe thermometer and it is only off my .2° humidity is extremely accurate and right on. I highly recommend this product for reptile enclosures.

  440. Leslie

    Great to keep tabs on what the actual temperature and humidity is in your home.

  441. Photobill

    Small size, multiplayer placement options and easy to read. Simple to use.


    Easy to read, small, just what I wanted !

  443. Elizabeth Chipman


  444. Fritz373

    Excellent little temp/humidity indicator. Can hang it on a wall. Has a magnet on the back to attach to a metal surface and a flip down stand on the back. Does degrees in C or F.

  445. Barbara J. Lewis

    Product is used to monitor indoor garden humidity. That it also registers temperature is very useful.

  446. W. Mather

    seems to be accurate, easy to read

  447. daydreamer 26

    love it gona guy another one soon
    a bigger one works well temp and humidy

  448. Teresa Anderson


  449. mg24

    It tells me the Temperature and humidity

  450. JC

    If it had a light I would have rated 5 stars. Works great just hard to see in low light.

  451. Marissa

    So I decided to buy this Thermopro thermometer on amazon because I couldn’t ever tell what my ac temperature was at so I decided to buy this and it’s amazing !!! So helpful because just the other day it was hot in the house and I lowered the temperature under 60 degrees!!! And it was still hot well this thermopro saved my life and i got my ac unit fixed !!! This thing does come in handy so that way I know not to have it to high or to low ! Thank you

  452. Casey Wagner

    Works great

  453. Pegleg

    A great tool for my house to monitor temps and validate my desire to turn the heater UP!

  454. Robert Hoffman

    Works great out of the box

  455. Dionysus Zagreus

    Seems accurate to my thermostat and another, outside thermometer I’ve compared it to. It’s a little dark which makes it harder to read from a distance. Overall good.

  456. Linda Sutherland

    Perfect. Size, ease of use, cost. Could not be happier. Install battery and set to Fahrenheit. Done.

  457. Christopher J. Stathas

    I got 2 of them and they both read the same temp and humidity. I am so happy and pleased to have gotten these for my snake tank. Now I can trash the others that where way way inaccurate.

  458. Thomas L.

    Extra benefit giving you humidity level as well.

  459. It’s me Celia

    Convenient, user friendly
    I got this for my baby, I needed to know if his room had the right temperature and humidity.
    It works perfectly!
    Even if you don’t know what
    You’re doing, it gives you a happy,
    Worry or sad face, to know if you’re on track!

  460. Stan K.

    Small, doesn’t stand out like larger digital ones. Accurate with large numbers.

  461. Dean

    Simple, affordable, and accurate. It’s basic but it works very well and is quite accurate. For the price you can’t beat it. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for something straightforward and simple.

  462. Nathaniel Dugan

    I bought two of these to put in each end of my grow area. They are a good addition to my digital 110 AC thermostat. It never hurts to have a backup reading for quality control.

  463. David

    I have 3 of these and their humidity readings are within 1%; temperature readings within 0.5 deg. They are small enough to fit inside a music instrument case, e.g. violin or treble viol.

  464. Josh

    Work as described

  465. judy

    Would buy again.

  466. Madison Fontenot

    This works well but a lot smaller than I thought it would be. There also isn’t a way to turn it off.

  467. Kristen Rodriguez

    I have this small thermometer in my chicken incubator, and it is amazing! I don’t trust the “Little Giant” built in thermometer and humidity gage on my incubator, and this thermometer is amazing at showing the correct temperature inside. The humidity seems great as well. It was 10% and then I added a bit of water and it jumped to 48% (and the standard gage on the incubator has consistently said 48%) I’m hoping to get my hatched into 90-100%, and this thermometer is amazing. I’ll order another for my brooder in about a week

  468. Joanne C

    I love this thermometer! Besides giving me the room temp, I love that it’s magnetic! It fits perfectly on my frig! I plan to purchase more for the other rooms in the house!

  469. Peach Peach

    I was drawn to the simplicity of this humidity thermometer. Keeping the correct humidity wards off illness, so I bought one for each of my grandchildren’s rooms. It works great!

  470. Alison

    Exactly what I was looking for to monitor humidity in the dry winter months. Very accurate and I moved it from room to room. Perfect size.

  471. Lisa J

    Gets the job done well. Thanks!

  472. DHinCal

    Works great and good size.

  473. Ben Natali

    Great indoor garden temp gauge

  474. Lady V

    It is being used in the basement.

  475. BREEZY

    On my desk. It does the job and looks great Very happy

  476. Dave

    led display is more than adequate. Seems to be accurate, but I have no way to test that. Small money, decent product.

  477. chicagobullsamazon

    Shipped fast, and worked just fine right out of the box. It actually looks better than in the sample picture. Super compact, but numbers are big so you can see from across the room. The little happy/not happy faces next to the hygrometer are cute, but it’s a bit too small to see from a distance. Can select either Celcius or Fahrenheit for temperature with button on the back.

  478. Gus

    I love it, it does what it’s supposed to. Nothing to complaint about, just love.

  479. Amanda Brandt

    I like it, easy to see.

  480. robin

    Perfect and simple

  481. HRK

    High quality item. I initially purchased 1 but purchased 2 more.
    Easy to use. Size is perfect and includes the battery as well.
    Let’s see how long it lasts.

  482. KVH

    Easy, simple, clear display!

  483. Marilyn Schaler

    I wanted this for my bedroom. It is perfect, small, easy to read and easy to set up.


    Great buy. Just what I was looking for