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ThermoPro TP60SW Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

(81 customer reviews)

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  • Informational】: Weather stations wireless indoor outdoor records all time/24 hours max and min temperature and humidity readings; wireless thermometer indoor outdoor with temperature trend arrows indicate whether it’s getting warmer or colder near the remote temperature monitor.
  • Smart design】: A temperature and humidity monitor can display the readings from up to 3 temperature sensors to monitor different locations; additional sensors can be ordered.
  • Wide temp & humidity range】: Inside outside thermometer hydrometer measures indoor outdoor temperature and humidity percentages simultaneously; Indoor/outdoor temperature range: -4°f to 158°f (-20°c to 70°c); humidity range: 10% to 99%.
  • Hands-free monitoring】: Wireless thermometer outdoor with strong signal penetration humidity sensors to get the temperature and humidity records from 200ft/60m remote range away; tabletop or wall-mountable design; powered by aaa battery (included).
  • Wide applications】: Indoor/outdoor hygrometer wireless ensures proper temperature and humidity control, which has important skin, allergen and other health benefits, thermometer digital can be placed in the baby room, nursery, cellar, basement, warehouse and greenhouse.
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Thermopro TP60S Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Temperature Gauge Humidity Meter, 200ft/60m Range

Thermopro indoor outdoor humidity monitor gauge equipped with professional grade sensors is a perfect choice to get accurate measurements.

Using TP60S digital thermometer hygrometer to ensure proper room humidity control has important skin, allergen and other health benefits by inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites and other asthma inducing agents, perfect for you to improve room comfort and stay healthy.


  • The bold, easy to read LCD screen displays the current indoor outdoor temperature and humidity percentages.
  • With a temperature and humidity percentages trend indicator arrow and daily high and low information.
  • Display stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable.
  •  Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity.
  • You can simply reset the temperature and humidity.


  • Transmission range up to 200 ft. (range maybe shorter based on interference present)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Temperature range: -4°F~158°F (-20°C~70°C)
  • Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%
  • Temperature tolerance: +/- 2.0°F (+/- 1.1°C)
  • Humidity tolerance: ±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%
  • Base station unit (Receiver):2.6″(Length) x 3.1″(Height) x 0.8″ (Width)
  • Remote sensor (Transmitter):2.4″(Length) x 2.8″(Height) x 0.78″ (Width)
ThermoPro TP-60S Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x base station unit (Receiver).
  • 1 x remote sensor (Transmitter).
  • 4 x AAA size batteries (included).
  • 1 x manual

Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Gauge Features:

  1. The bold, easy to read LCD screen displays the current indoor outdoor temperature and humidity percentages.
  2. Temperature and humidity percentage trend indicator arrows and daily high, low information.
  3. Display has a builtin tabletop stand and wall mount.
  4. Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity.
  5. Reset the stored temperature and humidity information.

NOTE – Synchronize Remote Sensors

  • Position the remote sensor near the base station
  • Install batteries into transmitter and receiver
  • The RF signal icon (located on the upper left of the base station display) will flash
  • Wait for a moment or press TX button in the outdoor transmitter
  • The remote sensor temperature/humidity will appear
  • Each time the batteries (either base station or remote sensor) are replaced or base station/remote sensor lost connection, make sure to follow the synchronization process to pair and re-connect the base station and remote senor

Wirelessly Track Multiple Locations

Temperature and humidity gauge displays readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors that can as far as 200ft/60m away from the base station. With the long range, feel free to position your sensors anywhere that best suits your needs. (Additional sensors are available for purchase)

Portable with Two Mounting Choices

Monitor the current indoor humidity & temperature with accuracy to within ±1°C and ±2~3%RH combined with a lightning quick response time, which takes measurements every 30 reconds to provide you the most up to date and accurate readings available.

Multiple Placement Options

Indoor hygrometer features builtin tabletop stand and wall-mount to allow you to place your indoor thermometer wherever is most convenient for you and your home.

81 reviews for ThermoPro TP60SW Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

  1. William E. Walsh

    Small, does not take up a lot of room on your desk or counter. Set up was immediately successful.

  2. ocean side

    Wish the display had a little more contrast, especially as the batteries get weaker, but works well enough.

  3. K. Brawn

    I was hesitant to buy this after reading some other reviews about its accuracy, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. When I opened it, installed the batteries, and let it sit next to another thermometer, it showed a difference of about 8 degrees. But as it sat over the next hour or so, it balanced out to be exactly the same as the other thermometer, and held that for well into the next day. It’s been outside now for well over 3 months, and it’s reading very accurately. I’m guessing it was just warm coming out of the box (it was delivered on a hot day) and just needed a little time to acclimate. It’s working perfectly now.

  4. Divelbiss

    This seems sorta OK but it is MUCH smaller than expected. OK i did not pencil out the measurements, but the picture made it look much bigger. It seems to work, I’m not sure about it’s waterproofness yet.Often Amazon shows a ‘person’ holding an item to get an idea of size. They probably did not do this as you would not be able to see the thermometer :-)It does seem to work…

  5. Mark’s Amazon Account

    Just purchased. Easy to install. Working well so far.

  6. Daniel I. Neukom

    Tricky setup. Had to do it multiple times. Finally got it right. Still not sure how. Readout is somewhat small. Bigger screen would help. Seems to be working fine now.

  7. WindyValley

    Works well, simple to install, simple to synchronize, only grief is that it is small and hard to read across a room of any size. Would be great on your desk or next to your bed.

  8. Thomas Tilley

    It looks and works great but it is too small to be read from a distance.

  9. Azinaz

    This replaces a very similar ThermoPro unit that died because the rain got to the outdoor sensor. The new sensor appears to be the same, so I suspect it will not be more resistant to heavy rain/wind/splash than the last one.Accuracy is of course hard to assess. It is usually within a degree or two of the Weather Channel temp for my area, but I have a shaded garden with trees, and the official temp from the airport is taken in a wide open desert area, and 5 miles away.That said, there was a 2 degree F difference between the inside and remote sensors when measured side by side indoors. But this is not a highly accurate weather station! It will tell you when conditions are hazardous for sensitive plants.Humidity measurements have so far been very close to the Weather Channel numbers.Very easy to set up. Outside sensor placement can be problematic depending on your yard, available shade, reflected heat etc. An available shade device from the manufacturer would be very helpful.

  10. Tom Tompkins

    Great Product

  11. Bob T.

    Nice overall unit, probably works great for those in the southern tier, but here in New England, and about 12 other states, it gets a lot colder than -4 degrees F ( model TP60S lowest setting. I will still need my mercury thermometer for winter months

  12. Brandon H

    I bought this to replace a similar system that was about 15 years old. This works extremely well. My favorite feature is how it shows if the trend of the weather is going up or down. The outside unit is small and seems to last well in the elements.

  13. David Lathrop

    It was well packaged and was received on time. The only problem was that it was missing 2 of the 4 batteries.

  14. lowayne vaughn

    To see the temp outside

  15. Craig L

    I had an AcuRite wireless with temp/humidity, and used it for 15 years to decide about going fishing. The outdoor sensor finally died, and I bought another AcuRite. Turns out it wasn’t very accurate — more like AcuWrong. I looked around and found this TermoPro, and I’m glad I bought it.First of all, it reads the temperatures in 10ths of a degree. Secondly, it gives the humidity both indoor and outdoor (which is why I buy these gadgets). Third, you can replace all the batteries without undoing any screws — not like my old AcuRute. Fourth: It uses AAA batteries, but only two in each piece.In the past, up in Wisconsin, we used Lithium Energizers for the outdoor sensor, with temps in winter often around -25 or more wind-chill. Alkaline won’t work in those conditions, so only 2 AAA is a bit more affordable, maybe.Recently, I had to test my HVAC thermostat (turns out it had to be replaced), so I was using a very accurate digital thermometer, with decimal degrees. At the same time, I had the old AcuRite base station near to that thermometer. I saw that without the 10th degree display, I “thought” the temperature inside was a whole degree off. Using the decimal number, I saw that the thermostat would read the “on” temperature when it was over the 0.5 mark (rounding up and down).So I got this unit, and for the fun of it, set it up with batteries, and placed both the base station and the broadcast sensor next to each other, and next to the basic thermometer. It took awhile for the ThermoPro to become “acclimated,” but I was busy so didn’t think about it for an hour.Results (we’re still using A/C here, now in the South): Test thermometer now reads 77.2 inside. ThermoPro reading 76.1 as the Indoor temp on the base station six inches away. ThermoPro “outdoor” sensor shows 77.1 six inches away, also inside at the moment. So about 1 degree off in the Base. I can live with that, since I have the other thermometer too. Outdoors looks pretty accurate, within half a degree.ThermoPro Base Station reading 52% humidity Indoors. Radio sensor shows 49% “outdoors,” right next to the base station (about 2 inches from it). Humidity is pretty hard to read, though, so I’ll trust the outdoor humidity reading “mostly.”As I’ve watched, I notice the two units do swing up and down a bit. When the A/C kicks in, cools the room, then kicks off, the temperatures and humidity tend to come with 0.5 degrees and % points.All in all, it’s a pretty decent unit. I like it a lot more than the new AcuRite I sent back, especially with the decimal point. Is it totally accurate? No….not for $17.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Works as advertised

  17. David T

    I have used many wireless outdoor thermometers and this is the easiest to set up. Plug in the batteries and press the TX transmit button on the outdoor sensor and BOOM, you are done. Why no one else has thought to include a TX button to update the base receiver immediately, I do not know. Most have you RESET the base RX and the Outdoor TX and it is still hit or miss if they will work together – AND the reset buttons are usually hard to get to and you have to use a toothpick or something to poke around inside on the printed circuit board underneath. The Reset and the TX buttons are easy to depress on this device.

  18. Giacomo

    It’s will worth the money for a quality instrument. I read it for delay input as to the weather in my area.

  19. lv2fidl

    This is a relatively inexpensive but accurate indoor/ outdoor thermometer. We keep it in our bedroom, so that when we get up in the AM, we can check the outdoors temperature & make our decisions as to what clothes to wear. So far, it’s been working great! We’ll see how it works when the temperatures drop in the winter. But so far, we’re very pleased with it.

  20. JP Giarde

    Out door temp is off by 10 degrees compared to 2 other outside thermometer s. Reads higher than accurate in the shade. Otherwise knowing that I can figure out real temp but I would not buy another one.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Seems to work great. We had one before that didnโ€™t work as well, but this one seems to be doing better.

  22. Vince Koot

    Easy to set up/use and appears to be very accurate.

  23. Linda

    Very handy!

  24. thomas sweetland

    Simple to use, accurate however it could be a little bit larger. The display is fairly good but if you have vision issues it needs to be close by. I would buy again.

  25. Ron

    Close enough for our RV, which is where we are going to us it for. Not a bad price for and in-door/outdoor, humanity thermometer.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Indoor and outdoor sensor aren’t exactly accurate but close enough. I bought this to use in my RV and its perfect. Mounted a 3m hook to the exterior and hung the outdoor sensor on it.

  27. Amazon Customer

    I installed the temperature and moisture in and honey warmer and dehydrator and it has worked great. Perfect for checking the box without losing the heat.

  28. Us at Duckspot

    I use this to know when to close the windows if its gonna be a warm day, one sits on my desk, hangs just inside my blinds so it measures the air coming in through the window. Once that outside air is the same temperature as inside, close to keep cool.

  29. R. Blumer

    It works perfectly transmitting info at 100 feet thru thick walls. Changing the battery is a bit tricky, read instructions carefully.

  30. J D M

    It was cheap and easy to use. I just wanted a temperature readings and nothing else and this does the job. When I go to the kitchen sink and look out the window I always wonder just how hot it is and this little thermometer does all I need and seems to be accurate.

  31. Sharon M.

    I was curious if our A/C thermostat was accurate. It has been accurate, within a degree, for both inside and outside temps. Easy to read.

  32. Joanne

    I bought this 2 weeks ago and it worked great, then the remote sensor failed and no longer accurately measures humidity. So happy with this product to begin with, but very disappointed now.UPDATE: Intek is sending me a new unit – their customer service department contacted me promptly and have shipped a replacement. They were courteous, pleasant, and efficient.

  33. Deborah Vance

    Has temperature and humidity inside and outside which is handy to know but is very small and the inside unit does not have a stand so it has to be affixed with a rubber band or by some other method. We’ve a couple of good rains that it survived outside. I would buy it again. –Steve

  34. Jean P Castle

    Reading the temp on my deck where most of my houseplants spend the summer

  35. Doctor 1

    I’m replacing a wired digital thermometer/hygrometer that, for a decade, worked without an issue. The ThermoPro TP60S is much smaller than I expected. The sensors being used aren’t the most accurate. When both the indoor/outdoor pieces are left next to each other, they should be pretty close in temperature; ideally within half a degree of each other.

  36. Virginia Flower

    I am basically pleased with this set. The directions for inserting batteries weren’t clear but I did find a You Tube video demonstrating the process and off I went.

  37. Lucy Harris

    The one we had stopped working we ordered this one to replace it.We like this type very much

  38. Matty150

    Big numbers, easy to read but the temperature and relative humidity are a bit confusing. No need for RH inside. Although I just purchased this item, I am hopeful this thermometer will last a long time.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Edited Feb. 7, 2018 I am leaving my original review below so you can know the whole story if you desire. I originally gave it one star because only one of the two I ordered worked and I was not having great communication with the seller. I am changing to 4 stars. The item is not perfect. But few items are. And as long as a seller makes good on a defective one, I feel they have done all I could expect. One day after I wrote the one star review, I was contacted by the seller and notified that a new unit was going to be shipped out that day. It was, and I received it today. It works as it should. Is it a top of the line unit? No! But I did not pay for a top shelf unit. The price was good. The device about what I would expect for that price. And the seller stood behind the purchase. I appreciated that. 4 stars for the combined item/experience rating. I am content and would buy another one if I needed it.I am still in negotiations (or at least communication) with the seller over my defective unit. Depending on their customer service, I might edit my review. But so far, I am not holding my breath for a friendly resolution. I needed two units of this sort. So I ordered one of these and waited until I saw how well it worked before I made a decision on ordering a second one. The first one seemed to work reasonably well, so I went ahead and ordered another. What a mistake. These are supposed to show the temp and humidity in whatever space they are placed. So, if working correctly, the outside unit and the inside unit should read the same (I’d settle for close to the same) if you placed them side by side in the same environment. When I did that with the second unit and let them acclimate for an hour the indoor unit read 30% humidity and the outdoor unit read LLL. I contacted the seller, and after 4 days they returned an email and said that the unit that read LLL did so because the humidity was too low to read. Well, if that is so, why did the indoor unit sitting right next to it read 30%? So I put all 4 units side by side. 3 said 30% and one said LLL. I contacted Amazon and they said and for the first time ever was disappointed at their response. They said I could not return it under the normal 30 guarantee. They said to try and work it out with the seller, which does not seem likely based on what communications we have had so far. They said that if that did not work out that I should try under the A-Z warranty. I don’t know exactly what that is, but I am about to find out and give it a try. But the moral of this story is that these are mediocre at best. And unless something changes from what I have seen so far, customer service is less than mediocre. So if I had it to do over, like you do if you are reading this, I would look for a different unit. AND ABOVE ALL, BEWARE THAT AMAZON WILL NOT TAKE THESE THINGS BACK!!! A sad commentary since they are normally good about such things and I saw no warnings on the listing that I could not return it.

  40. kamala marin

    I bought this to see the temperatures outside. This has been very adequate for showing me the temperatures. I was expecting the extreme temperatures this year to kill this but have been pleasantly surprised at how good this has been at telling the temperature and humidity. I can just hope this will keep holding up during winter

  41. Jo MaMa

    snow, ice, sun. This is our second purchase. They seem to last 3 yrs. The price is reasonable.

  42. Patches

    The only thing important to me is that it works. I placed the outside unit under the roof eaves so sunlight could not get to it. Also away from the house wall. Previous item was off by a few degrees, possibly because of the above. Wall could have absorbed some heat from inside or maybe some trapped heat on the outside.Inside temp right on the money. I placed the inside unit next to the outside one and the readings were the same. I supposed that means it worked. I don’t know about the settings because it came set as I wanted.

  43. GregO

    The unit far surpasses the old Weather Channel device I had. I like the large display and I’m finding the humidity reading (both inside and out) is both interesting and quite accurate. I recommend it.

  44. Amazon Customer

    This was easy to instal, easy to read and confirmed accurate with other thermometers. If I need another I would buy it again.

  45. Camera Bug

    I returned the first one since it seemed more inaccurate compared to my other gauges. The second one was better. It’s laughable that these digital thermometer show temps to within a tenth of a degree. None of them are any where that accurate. Nevertheless, I would recommend this product.

  46. F. Yancey

    Works well and seems to be accurate. Not extremely large, but easy to read !Batteries last about a year before needing replacement.

  47. a-Wannabet1

    I am disappointed after two years that this thermometer has stopped working properly even with the batteries changed when I looked at it it was made in 2007 I purchased it in 2020 Iโ€™m not surprised that itโ€™s dead and Iโ€™m very disappointed that I was given something so old I was happy with it while it worked but getting old stock is very disappointing Now Iโ€™m out a thermometer

  48. Doris N.

    this replaces an old system we had for over twenty years, this one also gives both indoor and outdoor humidity which we really appreciate. Nice compact easy to read thermometer station.

  49. Flo

    Compact design makes it easy to install. Shows tempature and humidity at a glance.Good price!

  50. lumpkin

    With 116 temperature here in the Sacramento Valley, this recording thermometer is great to have. One feature that would be handy would be to have a push button to backlight the temps so that when I stumble out at 2 AM to open the windows, I could easily read the temps without using a flashlight.

  51. RainGuy

    For someone of my age, this device is a marvel of modern electronics. To be able to read temperature and humidity with good accuracy, to be able to do it remotely and record high and low values, is just amazing for a little, inexpensive gadget. But does it really do what they claim? I have compared the indoor and outdoor sensors next to each other, and compared to the reading of our thermostat, and get agreement within 1 degree. The situation for humidity is more complicated. If you are interested, details will follow, but my conclusion is that the accuracy is pretty good although probably not within their claimed 2% accuracy at mid-range humidity. Based on past experience, I suspect that If you require totally reliable 2% readings you will probably have to spend a few hundred dollars on a high-quality sensor.Communication with the remote unit appears to be moderately reliable even for my particularly challenging application, where I need to get readings from inside a chicken coop that is almost entirely surrounded by wire mesh (hardware cloth) which will shield radio waves. There were no problems at all when the sensor was outside the coop.This review is written based on 5 weeks experience with the unit.***************Notes on humidity testing. With the two humidity sensors right to each other, I saw the readings disagree by 4% to 6% over the course of an afternoon when humidity ranged from 40 to 45%. This indicates that at least one of the units does not reach their claimed accuracy and I tried a test in a small sealed container which included a little dish of salt slurry. This is supposed to give 75% humidity. After 6 hours the two readings were 71% and 67%, after 25 hours it was 74% and 69%, and after another day it was 75% and 73%, which is within specifications. Presumably it took a very long time for the humidity to build up. But 6 hours later the readings were 76% and 71%, where the low reading is out of spec. It seems as though one of the sensors is sometimes out of spec but the test was a bit ambiguous and the exact interpretation is made hazy by the limited resolution of the readout.This review is based on 5 weeks experience with the unit.

  52. Scott sammons

    I really like this. I use it for camping and also to monitor fridge temperature. Not always a sure thing in a camper.

  53. KenW

    The thermometer has been operational in gentle weather for 1 week. The ‘setup” was easy. It appears to be working as advertised. The outside transmitter is placed in accordance with the instructions and is adequately protected from severe rainfall. The indoor display is receiving without any problem. The outdoor temperature and humidity readings are very close to the Weather Service.

  54. mary

    Out of package works by perfect

  55. theratman

    Easy to read easy to set up

  56. Seamus

    Like everything but with screen was slightly larger

  57. susan c hurley

    This is the second one I have had and it works great !?,

  58. Kathy (SCV Nurse)

    I can hang it up or it will stand alone. It’s small with large print and I can put it anywhere and take it with me it I travel for quick temperatures if I want. I have it linked with its little partner right now so I know temps in different areas. Works great. And priced well.

  59. Dan O

    I reviewed this device earlier and stated that it would not connect to the base. The seller asked me to replace the batteries. I did and the device is working properly.

  60. Amazon Customer

    For the price of this unit, we thought the size would be readable from across the room. The outdoor humidity reading has not been correct since we set it. Not very satisfied with this product and will keep looking for another.

  61. Cathy White

    Had to call ThermPro customer service for help syncing the base unit and they were very helpful.

  62. teresa munlin

    This thermometer seems to be accurate and is so much easier than having to go outside and check the weather conditions. Easy to read from inside on these hot days

  63. Amazon Customer

    very accurate, easy to read, the transmitter and receiver synced quickly. Overall I`m happy with my purchase.

  64. Kmack

    I bought this several months ago to use while camping. That way I could see how much warmer I could get my tent that outside (spoiler alert, not much so now I have an insulated tent). When I first set it up, it did not seem to want to sync after following the steps in the instructions. I left it alone for 30 minutes and it started syncing. I tested the range some around the house before camping and it worked well sitting outside with the base inside and upstairs (about 20 ft away). I found I liked having it on my desk while I work, so I use it every day now and pack it when i go camping. I may get a second one because it’s very inexpensive and I can keep one in my camping gear (ahem, because I’m lazy).

  65. W. C. Dougherty

    I am pleased with this product as it has provided exactly what is needed. It is compact, accurate, has large very readable numbers and has consistently perfomed well.

  66. Patricia C.

    The the easy indoor component is small enough to fit anywhere!

  67. DW

    The unit is easily to read and seems accurate. Only drawback wish it had magnets on it so i could put it in the refrigerator

  68. Ivan Hrvatska

    Problem one. The unit comes with two sets of AAA batteries. One of the sets of batteries was DOA and it took me too long to realize that the problem wasn’t the base or the remote, but the batteries. Once I put a fresh set of batteries in the base and the remote everything worked. Or appeared to work, which brings us to problem two. Sitting next to each other the remote consistently displayed a temperature 1 to 2.5 degrees higher than the base. Humidity was also off. The base displayed a humidity level that was 6 to 8.5% higher than the remote sitting next to it.

  69. Cotteridge

    The item arrived quickly in good condition and was as described. It is working well.

  70. Carol U.

    This is a very easy to read and accurate thermometer.

  71. Will

    Batteries last for a year – at least.. Very accurate..

  72. Purpleb

    Seems accurate. Easy to set up. 4 batteries needed, 2 are supplied. Oddโ€ฆwish it were a little larger. Can handle multiple outdoor sensors but Iโ€™m using only one.

  73. Doug

    Affordable price, easy to set up, great accuracy and impressive range.Very interesting to see how the exterior humidity ranges during the day.

  74. debi

    Great product no worries

  75. Amazon Customer

    just what I wanted

  76. Larry

    Easy to read large numbers. Not sure of how weather resistant it is.

  77. Mike122

    Excellent directions. Just took a few minutes to set it up. Working well, easy to read.

  78. Roger M. Lohse

    I liked it is made by Taylor. I get inside temps and humidity. Need that info here in Florida.I would prefer it be a little bigger but it works as described. Would buy again.

  79. Peter M.

    Sensor received with thermometer gave obviously incorrect readings. A replacement was promptly sent which seems to be working and providing correct outdoor temperature readings. Accuracy is difficult to gauge without a calibrated thermometer for comparison, but at least it agrees with another thermometer within the stated accuracy.

  80. Gary

    The perfect tool I use to keep track of my greenhouse temps.

  81. dwc

    The included batteries were no good. Had to buy and install my own. Other than that, I’m please with this product.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


TP60 Specification

Temperature Range


Base Station

-22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)

Remote Sensor

-40.0 to 158.0℉(-40.0 to 70.0℃)

Temperature Tolerance

±0.5℉(±0.3℃) from 32 to 158℉(0 to 70℃)

otherwise ±0.9℉(±0.5℃)

Humidity Range


Base Station

10% ~ 99%

Remote Sensor

10% ~ 99%

Humidity Tolerance

±2% from 20% to 80%,otherwise ±3%

Refresh rate


Base station

30 seconds

  Remote sensor

Less than 60 seconds

Sensor Type


Transmission Range*

300ft (100M)

Wireless Technology

ASK 433Mhz

Display Base Station

LCD, 2 1⁄8 Length x 1 3⁄4 Width inches(54.0L x45.0W mm)



Unit Size


Base Station

 3 1⁄8 Length x  2 5⁄8 Width x 1 Height inches

(79.0L x 66.0W x24.0H mm)

Remote Sensor

 2 15⁄16 Length x  2 1⁄2 Width x 15⁄16 Height inches

(74.0L x 63.0W x23.0H mm)



Base Station

3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)

Remote Sensor

3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)

*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment

Instruction Manual


Notes on cleaning

Separate the device from the power supply or remove the batteries before cleaning. Only use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the device. Do not use any cleaning fluid to avoid damaging the electronics.


  1. One base station unit (Receiver).
  2. One remote sensor (Transmitter).

Although the remote sensor is designed to be rain- proof, the remote sensor must be always placed upwards so that rain won’t get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the senor which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature and humidity more precisely and quickly.   

Indoor Base Station (Receiver) Features


  1. Outdoor temperature
  2. Outdoor humidity
  3. Indoor temperature
  4. Indoor humidity
  5. Stand
  6. Channel/SYNC
  7. °C/°F/All time/24
  8. MAX/MIN/Clear
  9. Battery Compartment
  1. LCD display: Displays the current outdoor humidity/temperature and indoor humidity/temperature.
  2. Battery Compartment: Holds 2 AAA batteries to power the unit.
  3. Tabletop and wall-mounted design.
  4. Indoor Temperature range: -4°F~158°F(-20°C~70°C).
  5. Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.
  6. Temperature display unit: °C and °F selectable.
  7. Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F.
  8. Humidity Resolution:1%.
  9. Low battery indication.


CHANNEL/SYNC: Press once to display the temperature and humidity readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors; Press and hold this button to enter the synchronization mode. MAX/MIN/CLEAR: Press once to display the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity; Press and hold to clear the history data. °F/°C/ALL-TIME/24: Press to select the temperature display in ºC or ºF; When the display shows the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity, press this button once to set the maximum and minimum data record time interval between ALL TIME or 24 hours. Note: Both ALL TIME and 24 hours represent the time since you last time manually cleared the history data or installed a new battery.

Temperature & Humidity Trend

  1. temperature & humidity increase trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in an increasing trend.
  2. flat errow - temperature & humidity no change indicates the temperature & humidity is in a no change trend.
  3. temperature & humidity decrease trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in a decreasing trend.

Outdoor Remote Sensor (Transmitter) Features

  1. TX LED
  2. Wall hanging hole
  3. RESET
  4. TX
  5. Channel 1.2.3
  6. 2*AAA battery
  7. Sensor detection port
  1. Battery Compartment: Holds 2 X AAA batteries to power the unit.
  2. Rain-proof and wall-mounted design.
  3. Outdoor Temperature range: -58° ~158°F (-50°C ~70°C).
  4. Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.


  • Selector (1,2,3): Slide to set Channel 1,2 or 3.
  • RESET: Press once to reset the remote sensor.
  • TX: Press to send temperature/humidity data to the receiver manually.

Battery Installation and Setup

  1. Open the battery compartment of the remote sensor as below Figure; TP-60 Battery Installation and Setup
  2. Slide the channel selector switch inside the battery compartment to your desired channel. For the first remote you may select any channel, for additional remotes select any unused channel;
  3. Insert (2) AAA batteries according to the polarity markings. Replace the battery compartment cover;
  4. Open the battery compartment at the back of the base station and insert (2) AAA batteries according to the polarity markings. Replace the compartment door;
  5. Press the °F /°C button at the back of the base station to display the temperature in °F or °C.


  • Do not mix old and new batteries.
  • Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon zinc), or rechargeable (nickel cadmium) batteries.
  • For maximum performance in normal conditions we recommend using good quality alkaline batteries.
  • If the battery power is low, there will be low battery icon showing on the base station display.

Synchronize Remote Sensors with The Base Station

Please note: each time the batteries (inserted into either base station or remote sensor) are replaced or base station/remote sensor lost connection, make sure to follow the below synchronization process to pair and re-connect the base station and remote sensor:

  1. Position the remote sensor near the base station;
  2. Once the batteries are installed in the base station, the RF signal icon. (located on the upper left of the base station display) will flash for 3 minutes, indicating that the base station is in synchronization mode: it is waiting for remote sensors to be registered.
  3. If 3 minutes have passed after the batteries were installed in the base station and the RF signal Icon is no longer flashing, press and hold the CHANNEL/ SYNC button on the back of the base station for 3-4 seconds until the RF signal icon is flashing again to set it back in synchronization mode;
  4. Install the batteries in the remote sensor and wait for a moment or just press either the TX or RESET button inside the remote sensor battery compartment, the remote sensor temperature/humidity will show on the base station display which indicates the synchronization is complete.
  5. If you have additional remote sensors, repeat the above steps to register the remote sensors (up to 3 remote sensors can be registered with one base station);
  6. If you have registered more than one sensor, press the CHANNEL/SYNC button on the base station to select the remote channel you want displayed permanently on the base station. Press CHANNEL/ SYNC button until you observe a circular arrow on the base station LCD display under the channel number. The unit will then auto-scroll, changing from channel to channel every 5 seconds.

NOTE: If you have additional remote sensors, when you are synchronizing remote sensors with the base station, the unit will keep changing from channel to channel in the first three minutes, after that you can select any channel you like or auto-scroll mode.

Place the Base Station and Remote Sensor

  1. The indoor base station (receiver) should always be placed in a well ventilated indoor area and located away from vents, heating or cooling elements, direct sunlight, windows, doors, or any other openings.
  2. The remote sensor (transmitter) can be placed on a flat surface indoor or outdoor. Make sure the sensor is within the transmission distance from the base station and with minimal obstructions.
  3. The base station and remote sensor can both be wall mounted.

NOTE: Although the remote sensor is designed to be rain-proof, the remote sensor must be always placed upwards so that rain won’t get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the senor which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature and humidity more precisely and quickly.

Maximum & Minimum Recorded Temperature & Humidity

  1. Press MAX/MIN/Clear button once to display the highest indoor and outdoor temperatures/humidity recorded since last reset. MAX is shown on the display.
  2. Press MAX/MIN/Clear button again to display the lowest indoor and outdoor temperatures/humidity recorded since the last reset. MIN is shown on the display.
  3. To clear and reset the max/min records, when either the MAX or MIN record is shown on the LCD display, press and hold MAX/MIN/Clear for 3 seconds.
  4. When either the MAX or MIN record is shown on the LCD display, press ALL-TIME/24 button once to set the data record time interval between ALL TIME or 24 hours. Note: Both ALL TIME and 24 hours represent the time since you last time manually cleared the history data or battery installation.


Question: Does this show the outside humidity as well as inside?

Answer: Yes, and seems consistent with what is being reported locally (through other services) .

Question: Will this transmit through a steel gun safe?

Answer: Absolutely not, even with holes in the metal. That’s why they shield from radio waves with copper screen. From professional electrical engineer, retired.

Question: How do you attach the outdoor sensor?

Answer: It has a nail hook built-in for hanging. You could also use adhesive materials to stick it to a surface.

Question: Does the inside unit have a lighted display?

Answer: no it does not .  

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP-60S Features 4

ThermoPro TP60S

ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP59

ThermoPro TP65 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP65

ThermoPro TP90 Smart Wireless Indoor Hygrometer WiFi Thermometer Compatible with Alexa

ThermoPro TP90

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Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Alexa capability No No No Yes
Backlight display No Yes Yes Yes
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No Yes No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator No Yes No Yes
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only
Mobile app No Yes No Yes
Range 200ft 260ft 200ft -
Remote Yes Yes Yes No
Remote sensor TX2 - TX2 -
Temperature humidity alerts No Yes No No
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No Yes

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