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ThermoPro TP920W Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

(133 customer reviews)

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  • Extended 500ft range】: Wireless Meat Thermometer Bluetooth features the most powerful Bluetooth 5.0 technology to provide a strong, reliable connection to track temps 500 feet away; 
  • Easy-to-use App】: The multi-functional food thermometer APP is packed full of useful, but still easy to use features to meet the needs of a beginner or an experienced pit master; With USDA preset temperatures, custom temperature settings, timers and ambient temp range setting for your grill or smoker all controlled via an APP;
  • Remaining cook time estimator & Pre-temp alarm】: Digital food thermometer for cooking uses an advanced algorithm to accurately estimate how many minutes are left for your cook to reach the target temperature which is helpful to plan your meal; Set a Temp Pre Alarm to receive a timely notification when the meat temperature is 5/10/15 F away from the target temp;
  • Precise probes with winders】: Our step-down design dual probes ensure the most precise readings be it measuring two kinds of food or ambient grill/oven temperature. With a probe temperature of 15.8℉ to 572℉ (-10℃ to 300℃) and accuracy of1.8°F/1°C, you will be able to cook any type of meat to perfection; 
  • Informative temperature graph】: View your cooking temperature history in the form of a graph for all probes to help you better understand trends and temperature fluctuations throughout the entire cook;
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Simplify your cooking experience with Smart APP!
ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with dual Probes

Thermopro TP920 wireless thermometer uses the latest in 5.0 Bluetooth technology to offer the most stable connection between the device and your smartphone. The ThermoPro BBQ APP has various functions to help you eliminate guesswork while cooking to produce those restaurant quality meats time and time again. With dual probes you’re in control of every detail, be it your food or ambient temperature of your grill.


  • Remote Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
    Temperature Range: 15.8°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Food
  • Preset USDA approved temperatures: Poultry, Beef, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham, Fish, Lamb, Turkey
  • Various doneness levels: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done
Chef Guy Mitchell
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Package Contents:

  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Digital Bluetooth thermometer
  • 1x Probe Clip
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x Food Temperature probes
  • 2x Plastic Winder


ThermoPro APP simplifies your cooking experience with the assistance of artificial intelligence!
ThermoPro TP920 Features

ThermoPro APP simplifies your cooking experience with the assistance of artificial intelligence!

  • 9 Preset Temperatures, Doneness Levels and Create Your Own Presets!
    Programmed with preset temperatures for 9 types of meat with their various doneness levels; All preset temps can be altered to your own desired taste or create your own new preset profiles for your favorite recipes.
  • Temp Trend Graph
    Smart app generates a temperature graph in real time to view your cook results via a different way and export this graph to help you optimize your cooks!
  • Algorithmic Estimated Cook Time Left
    ThermoPro’s app stands out from the competition by being able to calculate the estimated time until your meat is cooked to perfection, which helps you manage your time better.
  • Create a Timer
    Set a timer for vegetable side dishes or set a timer for each probe to remind you to flip the burgers in 5 minutes!
Out of Range Alert

Out of Range Alert

Never walk out of range without knowing! If the receiver is out of range of the transmitter, both the transmitter and your smartphone will begin to alarm. Your smartphone will also vibrate to ensure you will always be in range to continuously monitor your cook.

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

Our TP920 uses a powerful rechargeable, long lasting lithium battery which is powered by a commonly found USB Charging Cable (Included), so you can always conveniently charge via your PC, laptop, phone charger or power bank. Save money on batteries!

Multiple Placement Options

Multiple Placement Options

The intelligent body design of the thermometer provides endless placement options, a kitchen hook, magnetic back or the flip out countertop stand to fit any grilling setup.

Tidier Storage with Probe Winder


Tidier Storage with Probe Winder

No More Mess! Probe winders put an end to messy probe wires in your drawers. With the TP920 probe winder, store neatly!

133 reviews for ThermoPro TP920W Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe

  1. LB

    Great digital thermometer. Purchased to use in our neighbor’s smoker to keep an eye on the temp. Setup is easy on an iphone. The display is easy to read and will display current temp and can setup alarms. I have used it on the smoker, BBQ, oven, and in a pot for candy. Has worked perfectly. Would recommend and repurchase.

  2. Derek

    Great piece of equipment!

  3. Mike

    I have used this a few times since it was replaced, the first one was DOA out of the box. The second one range is clear line of sight, not in a house 30ft away. The bluetooth and app work well as long as within range. I smoke alot, wish it had smoker settings, but ambient for each proves as a work around.

  4. M.M

    The ambient temperature is inaccurate by about ten or so degrees, however the meat temperature is much more accurate, usually being within five. I鈥檓 happy with the purchase.

  5. R. Williams

    This thing just works. I cannot think of anything I would change. I would recommend it to anyone.

  6. Alex

    It works great. Temps are accurate. App works great for setting alarms and thresholds. Connection sometimes disconnects if I’m working around the house and such. To be expected since bluetooth just doesn’t work though walls very well. But that being said, I place two probes in the smoker above and below the meat to monitor the cabinet temp, place another 2 to place in the meat if I want. I can sleep soundly knowing my briskets are being watched.

  7. K. Hunt

    Once set up, custom settings, the temperature was very accurate. The audible alerts provide great reminders.

  8. Neil Helgeson

    It could use a mode called “OVEN TEMP.”

  9. jyount

    works well

  10. northernexplorer

    What a great tool for grilling! Just remember you’re connected to the thermometer via bluetooth, so if you get in the car to run an errand, the beeping is that the app is disconnected from the thermometer 🙂

  11. Sameer Razeq

    Its good for home use, accurate as expected , but it is not 500ft range much less, I used it in my kettle bbq at the balcony it did not cover all rooms at my apartment less than 80ft , i had to stay at the living room almost 50ft away , maybe in the open area is better . But for the price and the accuracy its a great buy and i would buy again.

  12. Mike Patano

    This dual probe thermometer is simple to set up and really easy to use. I used the ThermoPro to smoke two Picanha roasts and they were awesome. Wireless feature had a good signal to my phone and app was easy to use. Hope it lasts a long time.

  13. Jeff

    I have a manual smoker and this wireless thermometer has been amazing to keep track of the smoker temp and meat temp. It allows me to go do other things and be able to keep an eye on temperature and get warnings for high and low on my phone. The distance is great, even for when I go into my house with multiple walls between my phone and the transmitter. It has also made my timing on normal grilling better as well. I can get the meat off the grill as soon as it hits temperature and not overshoot it by poking it eventually with a non-transmitting thermometer. I definitely recommend getting it.

  14. Mad dog aka Ali

    I only issue I have with the unit is that it will constantly disconnect from the wifi. After I reset the app, it will continue reading the temperature. I am never more then 35 ft from the bbq pit.

  15. John W Steelman

    Having read numerous reviews that chastise ThermoPro for overestimating effective Bluetooth range, I offer the following advice – it’s true, 500′ is inaccurate advertising, but buyers should be more savy to advertising and would be well advised to tone down their senseless entitlement. Know the limitations of your technology. Which Bluetooth device do you own that has a 500′ range? Hmmm? Get real. Bluetooth works fine, but don’t expect a 500′ range. And why would you even need it?This device works perfectly within 200′ unobstructed and pretty well within approximately 100′ through brick walls. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, accurate remote sensor for your smoker (and don’t need to play 18 holes while you’re smoking meats and veggies) this ThermoPro is a good buy.

  16. Diiittttllll

    The device itself works well but I can’t get the Bluetooth to sync on Android or iPhone. Which was a factor in why I picked this specific product.I’ve reached out to support multiple times but never get a response.

  17. MarkChass

    This device works very well. The mobile app, which has terrible reviews for some reason, worked for me just fine! You sick in your thermometer, go to the mobile app, set the meat you’re cooking and wait for the annoyingly loud beep. No seriously! I was on a phone call with my earbuds in, and the beeping was blasting through my skull. I had to unlock my phone, go to the app, and tell it to stop. Shutting off the thermometer did not work! Caveat EmptorThat little hiccup aside, I like this thermometer. Granted, it’s the first one I’ve ever owned. I’ve always used the digital sticks you can’t leave in the meat and I guess when things are ready. Having something that tells you right away is very awesome.My biggest complaint however, is I don’t seem to be able to set my own temperature. What if I just want to stick the thermometer in the grill and have it tell me when I hit a temp? Like I’m about to smoke meats and I need the fire to die down a little before I hit the grill. Well, I just have to monitor it. What if I want my meat to come off the grill a little early and rest up to the right temp? Doesn’t seem to be a way to do it.So yes, big step up from a stick thermometer, but I’m sure there’s better models out there to be had. However, for the price and ease of use, I think it’s a good purchase.

  18. Amazon Customer

    I have tried many brands from the very inexpensive (cheap) to more expensive bluetooth thermometers for my smoker and grill. However without a wifi network at my house, even the very expensive thermometers did not have enough range to allow me to be anywhere in my home while while using my smoker or grill.This one here does it. The range within my 1300 square foot ranch style home is more than adequate to maintain signal throughout my cooking cycle.The app is easy to follow and set up. The USB charged battery sustains a very long cook cycle.All in all, this thermometer is more than well worth its cost.

  19. jsb5717

    I really like the idea of this device. I also like it’s ease of use. However, its range is a huge let down. Claims up to 500′. But phone in my pocket, in the house (BBQ outside), maybe 40′ away…disconnects. It will reconnect when I take it out of my pocket…but dang.Fix the range thing and this is a killer device…and worth 5 stars.

  20. Saltwatersal

    Neat little gadget. The 4 probes make it easy to read ambient smoker temp as well as up to three meat temps for accurate monitoring. The phone app is easy to set up and use and it gives off loud alarms when temps go out of programmed limits.

  21. lakerman34

    This is great if you plan on hanging around the grill during a BBQ or a smoke. It’s insanely accurate with temperatures!My only issue (and I wouldn’t really call it a small one), is that it claims it has a range of 500 feet. After about 150-200 feet, it loses the temperatures. The range just isn’t that great.Still, a nice product.

  22. S. Mcauliffe

    I’ve had other wireless thermometers but this one is near perfect.#1 and more important than I gave credit is NO Batteries!Good range. Yes this seems to stay connected to my phone anywhere in my house.Easy to read display. The temp numerals are about 3/4″ high, easy to see even with my old eyesTwo probes, when slow cooking food, it nice to know the temp of the grill along with the food.App seems easy to use.The only con is the alarm has two setting. Silent and loud as heck. I wish you could change the alarm sound or even just control the volume. I don’t need my neighbors knowing when my brisket is done if you know what I mean 😉

  23. Lindsey Rose

    Bought this for my boyfriend so he can get regular accurate reading on smoked meats while he’s working on other projects throughout the day. Works great.

  24. Pedro L. Soto

    I make cheese and this thermometer is the best I’ve ever had.

  25. John Stutson

    It is a good tool to have

  26. Sterling Bradley

    I hardly ever write a review but I loved using this product, especially with the range (500ft) was working better than I could get from the probes that’s built into the pellet grill/smoker.I had a problem where one of the probe leads did not work and the other probe was displaying a HHH.Within 1 day, the customer service department sent me a new one for replacement. For those who are looking for a great 2 probe thermometer, this should be your choice.

  27. Lowell A. Isenberg

    If you are like me, running back and forth to the grill is a pain. And,inevitably, it’s raining, snowing, hot or terrorized by flying creatures. With this thermometer, put two dishes on the grill and turn the TV and wait until the dishes get up to temperature. My only question is………….why did we have to wait so long for a solution to the race to the grill. The other benefit, you can forget checking the grill temperature as 90% of attention goes to the dishes that are grilling versus constantly turning up and down the controls.

  28. James H Baraw

    Did a great job for my smoker, tracks temp over time. With the app, you can set alarms and graph temperatures over the duration.

  29. Rob

    Was looking for an additional more accurate meat thermometer for smoking meat. The factory probe seems to be not accurate even after repeated calibrations. This thing is amazing and simple to use. The dual meat probes allows you to check 2 different things at the same time. Highly recommend.

  30. Thaddeus

    Gave it a 5 stars but want to also mention that one of the metal probe handle got unseated from the metal probe as I was pulling the silicone probe needle cover from the other end so to use it. This exposed the flexible weaved cable connection with the probe. Pushed the metal handle back and it seems to get “seated” back again. No harm done.

  31. Robert from florida

    Seems to work very well.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I have used it only once so far in the smoker pellet grill. The thermometer functioned exactly as I expected it to. I really appreciate the variable timed Temp Pre-Alarm. It gave me plenty of time to get to the grill before a critical temperature change in the recipe arrived. So far I really like the thermometer and I look forward to discovering other uses for it.

  33. nick costello

    Overall this is a very good product has a few Corks And the probes are somewhat cumbersome. But that’s just nitpicking. It comes with two probes. I would recommend buying this item the Bluetooth app is a bit of a pain sometimes but it does the job well. Definitely recommend this item if you are a serious griller/smoker

  34. RIF

    Worked as advertised

  35. HEB boomer

    i am usually digitally challenged. this was easy even for meliked it so much i bought one for our son’s familygreat product/great price

  36. RI Gamer

    Works well as long as you don’t expect the stated range. Maybe over an open field, but not in my backyard.

  37. Robert

    Have only used it once, and really like it. Liked being able to read each piece of meat, and its accuracy. Bluetooth work perfectly anywhere in my yard. I just need to learn all of the features, to improve my skills.Glad I purchased it

  38. RSsc

    I bought this to use when i grill. Bluetooth has pretty good rage. Temps seem to be accurate and all of the functions you get with the device are nice. Temp tracking over time is nice to see any huge spikes in temperature. Easy to read and clean.

  39. Jacob

    Works great, seems pretty accurate. Would recxomend

  40. Juan Gonzales

    I like the two ports, I use one for ambient temperature and the other for my brisket on a smoker. Only problem is, the bluetooth connection constantly drops. I mean constantly, like every minute. My phone or iPad can be within a few feet and it still loses connection. That’s a bit of a bummer, especially when smoking brisket in 100掳+ heat. If I wasn’t beyond the return period, I would return it. Fortunately, the display is big enough that I can see the temps from my door without having to go outside as much. Otherwise, readings seem accurate.UpdateThey reached out to me and sent me a new one. No bluetooth issues whatsoever. Turns out it was a defective unit. New unit works perfectly. Highly recommended.

  41. Tony

    Typical ThermoPro quality. I like it! I have quite a collection of their gear now.

  42. Walter S. Early

    Using this will improve you cooking performance with consistent results time after time

  43. Ken

    Large display makes it easy to monitor temps while relaxing with a beverage. Will download app next

  44. crystal

    Works good. Very accurate results. I’m happy with the purchase.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Pretty good need to figure out making the probe it self Bluetooth to the control and then transmits to the phone. But dealing with the tc wire is probably more accurate and response better. Over all great item. Works really good from a distances. And I really like in the app you can set an alarm for a certain temperature and it will alarm your phone when it reaches that temp. Great product would recommend to anyone.

  46. O1 hodge

    I do a lots of grilling and this unitHas worked well for me

  47. Justin P

    Got this right after it came out and trusted it with Christmas Prime Rib and I was not disappointed. The app is decent and I love watching the temp over time graph. There is even a timer based on the curves that has been very accurate so far.Tried to grill some steaks in the middle of winter and the grill got slightly out of control as I fought the winds and temps, hit about 700F and the probe I was using failed, all it would show was “FFF.” Saved the steaks but the probe was shot, cleaning it and reseating did nothing. Customer service sent me another under warranty, but I worry about long term resilience of the probes if 1 or 2 minutes at 700F is enough to fry them.

  48. AL

    The wires get in the way a little bit while moving items in the smoker.

  49. Tristyn

    Very easy to use, feels solid and we’ll build, usb-c charging is very nice. Only downside is it has disconnected a few times while still appearing to show the temps in the app. If temps seem to be staying the same for an usual amount of time, just close out and reconnect.

  50. tom mcnamara

    Works great

  51. Karen A. Augustyn

    After several inaccurate readings on my grill, I didn’t want to chance having my brisket not turn out and it came out perfect! This is very easy to use and so convenient.

  52. Garrett

    Bought spur of the moment for a first time smoker. Pork shoulder butt. Ended up splitting it into two pieces so the two prongs were convenient. Takes forever to smoke a butt. Having the custom temp alerts was great for letting it sit outside while I sat inside. Very accurate. Highly recommend.

  53. John Gartee

    kind of hard to store the probes…but completely worth it because of how well this thing works. I’ve kept the plastic wrap mounts to avoid kinking the wires. excellent bluetooth range and pairs very well on my galaxy note20 ultra 5g.

  54. Craig Putt

    Great product. I only wish that I purchased it sooner!

  55. alta

    Easy to use, excellent for larger pieces of meat. Used the older models before and extremely happy with it!

  56. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  57. Julia L.W. Detwiler

    I ordered the 2 probe option and I love it! The signal doesn’t go 500ft, but it goes far enough that I can monitor my smoker from the comfort of my couch. I use one probe with the clip for ambient temperature in the grill and the other in the meat I’m smoking. The battery still has 4 bars after 24 hours of use. The probes are a little hard to get clean, but I don’t care how they look as long as it works.

  58. Migraine Man

    Device works great. Very flexible. App is ok. The range is limited to standard Bluetooth range. No way to the claimed range.

  59. Amazon Customer

    It accept two probes and I think that is good enough to check for ambient temperature and check any meat .you can also create your custom range or temp to check also accept other brand probes

  60. BhuddaPest

    This meat thermometer has done everything I have asked of it and done it well. First, I opened the box and looked at it a spell and it performed this function very well. It sat there in the box, looking pretty as ever. Then I took it out of the box and turned it every which way in my hands. It did this perfectly as well. Then I took the two probes and inserted them into the unit and they went right in!At this point, I began to move it about as I looked it over again. Still no disappointments in its performance. If I had any doubts about this thing鈥檚 performance at all, they were removed when I pulled the probes out of their receptacles and the unit accommodated this as if such activities were designed in!My final experience with the meat thermometer came moments later when I slid the unit back into the box and closed everything up. Yessir, you guessed it; this thing just kept on doing exactly what I asked of it.I will update this review when I ever get the opportunity to actually turn it on and use it

  61. Butoman

    This thermometer is amazing. With 4 thermometers you can keep an eye on every type of meat you are cooking and the grill temperature as well. I have a 22 Weber grill and I’ve smoked 3 briskets, a few tri tips and a pork butt using the thermometer. The app needs a little work I think but it’s easy to set an alarm for a specific temperature or if the temperature goes above or below a specific temperature. You can create your own profiles for temperature. The alarm on the device itself is pretty loud.i have to mute it at night when smoking. It also has a backlight on the device itself if you don’t have access to the app.The only knock I have on the app is that you cannot multi-task. If you switch to another app for me it losed connection sometimes and the temperature graph gets restarted on when you got reconnected. Wish there was a way to save your history and graphs. Overall great product and would recommend to anyone

  62. Bud

    Product received appears as advertised.

  63. James

    This is a great low cost way to watch your meat cook. Easy setup and connection. Wish I had found this years ago.

  64. Mochaman

    Large, easy to read screen and quick setup

  65. Les Stahl

    Had to return first unit (different than this one) due to misinterpretation of the capabilities of the unit. Received a response from company representative and got everything corrected. Order this type and are most pleased with the unit.

  66. John

    Very nice and easy to use product

  67. Tim

    My old thermometer was an LCD display that was on a fixed probe that was no more than 4″ from the sensing tip. Before the chicken got to 165 degrees, the LCD failed because of the heat exposure! I bought this new model to replace it and that it does. It has nice long and strong cables so the display sits outside the grill on the side-table, or could attach to the nearby wall. The Weber grill has holes perfectly located to feed the cable into the heated area. That part works great.I didn’t really buy it for the Bluetooth connection to my cell phone. I downloaded the app and gave it a try anyway, but I didn’t have the patience to take the time to actually use it. I just don’t need it.So the device 100% solves my problem, but I can’t review the remote functions.

  68. Andrew R.

    This is a very great thermometer for a beginner like me. I used it for my first time ever smoking anything and it worked very well. The app has alerts you can set that tell you to check if the temps in the ambient get too high. A nice graph shows how consistently the internal meat temp is cooking to know if you are cooking at a good temperature. The only downside to this would be that It does not seem to reach as far as advertised through Bluetooth. Otherwise very good thermometer for a beginner and for the price!

  69. Michael Macks

    easy to use, able to monitor via bluetooth on my phone

  70. Rick

    Great way to get good results when grilling. The Bluetooth wasn’t strong enough to reach my living room. I have to go into my dining room to get a connection.

  71. Johnathon fuller

    Just received today it looks like it’s well built the probes are nice yeah built the probes are nice it sinked right up to my phone and brighten up to my phone and it was accurate up to the point on it so far so up to the point and so far so good I hope this works out will definitely be a rupee customer it will definitely be a rupee customer if it does

  72. Patrice Dellaro

    Works great and arrive quickly and in time

  73. R. Knobel

    Used right of the package. No issues. Works well. Does what it supposed to do.

  74. D K

    Unless you can keep time with a Metronome, you going to have trouble turning this device on. Otherwise, it is great.

  75. Curtis Shepard

    I have found that any device that issues claims of distance capabilities never measures up to real life use and this unit is no exception. From outside to inside the house I can about 40 feet, outside a 100 feet.It is accurate as I checked it against a mechanical dial meat thermometer.I have had no issues with the app.I really like the two probes and use one for the meat and the other for the weber temp.

  76. David L Crockett

    Very good product that doesn’t require a smart phone to use.

  77. Etta Ann

    Just used it today on a smoked brisket. I love the two individual probes. Temp was accurate. There are no directions for use, but with a little trial and error, I figured it out. The blue tooth was a great feature with a good range. Nice way to keep track of what the meat is doing. I am satisfied with this purchase.

  78. Keith

    Long leads. Good probes.

  79. Josh Voyles

    This seemed to be more accurate at first, but def slipping quite a bit over the first month of usage. I bake chickend and pork tenderloins a lot and like to know the right temp to pull it out of the oven, vs non stop checking. The probes are becomming super sensitive and reading either really high, or really low (which causes the meat to get overcooked). I have been using both each time I cook to watch the temperatures and have noticed that they work better if not fully inserted all the way into the meat, but even still they are reading off, like 50+ degrees with one saying the meat is done and the other saying we are 50+ degrees away from being finished. I check it with a separate thermometer and thats how I know they are way off. Too bad, as I really thought I would like this, everything else is good, app, thermometer, etc – just the probes or reading part sucks….

  80. Brandon

    It reads Temps fine and is easy to use. The Bluetooth range on the other hand sucks so don’t plan to check the temp from your recliner unless your smoker is in the living room.

  81. Amazon Customer

    phone connected easily and works very well for a great low price. Very pleased so far.

  82. MrLDH

    More then I expected!

  83. Douglas

    It worked

  84. Mey鈥檚

    Blue tooth signal is weak,to get full range you must be in a open area

  85. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used this ThermoPro unit a couple times and it works perfectly! The App is neat and is fairly user friendly. The graph is a cool feature to track the temp of your smoker/grill along with the temp of your meat, but you have to keep the app pulled up on your device in order to have continuous tracking on the graph. When you close the app it loses the data and starts over (unless there’s a way that I’m not aware of to keep this from happening). It’s not a deal breaker as the unit is solid and the battery is outstanding. I used it for an overnight pork shoulder in 0-10 degree temps and it worked just fine. Definitely recommend.

  86. ungrecco

    I want to love this thing, but the inconsistencies are too great. The app disconnects from the device often and doesn’t auto reconnect.. so, if you’re expecting the temp alarm to ring while working… you may end up with dry and/or burnt food. You can’t just leave it and forget it. If you stay on top of it, it works great. Def not leave it and forget it device.

  87. derjac

    Grilling, whether propane or pellet, this thing helps make it a breeze. Yes, the Bluetooth only goes so far. It has been accurate and hasn’t failed besides being out of range – and then it reconnects right away. You can adjust the temps and ranges, and create your custom range for alerts. Battery lasts a long time, I haven’t had to charge it since buying 6 months ago. I would buy it again.

  88. Bob Markey

    Received it yesterday afternoon and used on a pork roast yesterday evening. It paired to my phone in 10 seconds. The readout on the unit was visible form approximately 25 feet away. The interface in my iPhone was brilliant. It did not looked connection in my house. Definitely buying for my friends.

  89. Thomas Conroy

  90. Madina

    I made delicious meat.

  91. codecypher

    The thermopro is a good price but the app just lacks so many essential features.

  92. Forrest Lyman

    I would give this product 5 stars for the price. It’s replacing a $200+ meter that was hard to setup and did not work any better. The only problem I have had with it is it is not waterproof, at all. I dripped some juice from my butts on the way out of the smoker, and it somehow found its way into the unit. I took it apart, cleaned it, and let it dry completely. Works fine again.

  93. PM

    This is a great Bluetooth thermometer, the battery is rechargeable and lasts for a very long time, and the range of the Bluetooth is great. I can be inside my house, upstairs or downstairs and remain connected.The app is okay, nothing fancy but it graphs the temp and you can get a variety of alerts.The probes are pretty good, the best part is the piece they come with to coil the wire and store the probes.

  94. Kent Krueg

    I love my new Thermopro that they sent! Great company that stands by their product.

  95. eric hartzog

    The Bluetooth feature was the a major reason I got this product. But after using it several times I’m a little disappointed. It disconnects every time my phone screen closes. Then to reconnect I have to turn the base off then back on and reset the app on my phone. Also the probes are unusually long. Like 8 inches long, which are awkward in my average size smoker. But the temperature is accurate.

  96. awesome

    Tested it only once. Will have to see how it performs over time. So far so good. No complaints.

  97. Loretta

    This is a gift for Christmas.

  98. Jeni

    I own a much simpler version of this and I adore it. Decided to gift one to my brother and my boyfriend as they both love to cook and want to get into smoking meats. Anything big that you need to cook this is a godsend. The added perks are what made me purchase it.

  99. Cody P.

    Works perfectly and so does the app. Only complaint is the Bluetooth range is good for about 50 feet.

  100. MEJ Jr


  101. Michael A. Davis

    Only had a chance to use it a few times, but so far I like it and it’s easy to use.

  102. bloads2001

    Only used it once in the smoker…accuracy and ease of use were great. I had to mark it down by one star on ease of use since the range was not as good as I had hoped. My iPhone 13 lost connection when I was across the house…only about 100′ line of sight, but there are a lot of walls in the way. I had rested the display/transmitter on top of the smoker hopper, so that might have impeded the range…next time, I might place the transmitter on a table next to the smoker and see if the range improves.

  103. Lauren E Sands

    Works very well and the bluetooth connect is solid.

  104. Amazon Customer

    Have been charcoal grilling for years and finally decided to move up to a pellet smoker recently. My first multi meat session went way beyond my expectations. Did some spatchcock chicken and pork butt and this little device performed flawlessly. No more guess work and multiple trips to check temps. Thanks ThermoPro.

  105. V. Lee

    Love the thermometer but having some problem with losing Bluetooth connect between grill and house probably my internet not the thermometer

  106. Parvib

    This is a great product for an avid smoker or griller. Our experience has been good when considering the alarm system, the temperature control and the app is very easy to understand and control. We use this everytime we smoke and grill, a quality product.If you are hoping to walking around your house while this is connected to your phone, think again because its range isn’t very wide. We live in a rambler style house, 1000sq ft, and it does not reach from the back patio to the bedroom which is within talking distance with windows open. We set up the app on a tablet and left the tablet closer and checked that instead of our phones. This is nothing negative, but you have to plan a little if you want to smoke overnight or if you are having a party. Its like a bluetooth speaker, if the attached person walks away from the speaker it starts to crackle and disconnect so the phone needs to stay near the speaker. If you have this attached to your phone, keep it close.

  107. Evan

    It works. Not much else to say. It was within 1 degree of my other meat thermometers. The app is a little dinky and unpolished but it works fine, especially considering the price point.

  108. Christopher W.

    Very accurate and reasonably priced. No more opening the grill or smoker to manually check the temperature and risk loss of heat from the cook.

  109. Mike Busch

    Works well in my smoker and my grill. Easy to setup and use the App on my phone too.

  110. Brian G.

    Took a little to figure out how to use it with the app. Wasn’t bad. So far, so good.

  111. navyman

    Great product, works great!

  112. Bit Ogre

    This is great if you are going to use it with a Smartphone. All the features that make it worth the cost are in or require a Smartphone. But, with that in mind, the range is great and the Android App is easy to use.

  113. Charles F. Tutt

    Every grill is different and comes with a learning curve. I love my new pellet smoker BUT I never got a perfect steak, smoked chicken, or salmon until I got my ThermoPro TP930 and now EVERYTHING I smoke comes off perfect. I wouldn’t want to be without it.

  114. Kimball

    The interface with the phone app is really nice! You can store temperatures by name and recall them from a list on the app very easily. So far, temps appear to be accurate. I have only used for roasting beef, turkey and potatoes and everything turned out perfectly. Connection from oven to the phone works well throughout the entire house.

  115. Jax

    So much easier than the maverick ET-733 that I used to have.More accurate and easier to read.A far superior product.

  116. P. H.

    I hate being stuck at the bbq. This unit unchains me. Perfect results everytime. I suddenly look like a pro overnight! Cooking by temp works everytime for me.

  117. Stanton

    This product works well but constantly lost connection to my phone even when very close. As a stand-alone device it works great.

  118. Randy Card

    So worth the money to make sure your cook is perfect. I use it every day.

  119. R. Buckley

    I love taking out the guesswork in grilling food on my grill. No more just setting the time to grill, but instead setting the desired temperature.

  120. RD

    Put it in an ice bath and it got down to 33F (32F would be freezing) but only if I agitated the water by storing with the probes.It was easy to download the app, set an alarm for an ice bath, and the loud beeping from both the unit and my phone let me know it finally hit 33F (while I was stirring). The alarm went off again when I turned the unit off and wouldn鈥檛 stop until I silenced it – slightly wonky, but other than that a good unit.

  121. Joe Taranto

    Great thermometer for BBQ at a good price. Bluetooth adds huge convenience.I purchased to use on my Weber Kettle grill for smoking. I use one probe for ambient (grill) temp and the other for the food temp. Works great and really convenient that I can check the temps from my phone and /or be notified when temps move outside my selected range.The only annoying thing is that the alarms go off when i open the grill to check the food or spritz the meat. But at this price i don’t see away around that.

  122. Tom A.

    Great price and it works perfectly

  123. Mike H

    first use was to cook a prime rib …. turned out perfect.

  124. Jim E.

    My old thermometer I could set the temp but didn’t have the alarm on it. Now with this I don’t have to keep running to the grill to see the meat temperature! Its right on my phone. And the alarm is a good reminder in case I get into a project and forget to check it.

  125. R. J. Young

    Easy to set up, worked great on my traeger.

  126. Gene

    I bought this with the intent of making grilling easier as I could set temp specifics and timers for myself. The app works fine and the temp probes also work fine. The issue is that with the wiring it’s a pain to grill with since they get in the way and when you want to flip your meats over you have to pull the probe out and put it back in. It also really doesn’t work for thinner cuts due to the weight of the probe. And when you close the lid of your grill it pulls on the probes.Then you have to use gloves to remove the probes due to them getting really hot, obviously. I find that using a hand held probe that I stick in at need is much easier.I’m giving this 3 stars because it does exactly as advertised. I just don’t enjoy using it because it’s a pain.

  127. LC

    Good at first, but mine stopped charging after 3rd month. I don’t grill often so I was actually surprised. Other than that, it was a great product.

  128. Adam

    I have been using a digital probe thermometer and would lose heat and smoke in my grill having to open and close the lid to check temps. The ThermoPro allows me to keep the lid closed and get very accurate readings in real time. Syncing to my IPhone 11 is as simple as making sure Bluetooth is on and hitting the Bluetooth button on the ThermoPro. Syncs up in a second. You can set the device to alarm based on the type of meat you are grilling. It will alarm when you reach the proper temps on your phone and the actual ThermoPro device. The probes are not wireless, this ThermoPro comes with two wired probes that connect to the ThermoPro. The wires are very steady and I have used them for over 50 grilling sessions and no sign of disrepair. I have recommended this product to everyone that I talk to about grilling. Easy to clean and the original package makes storage of the device easy to pack away. Highly recommend

  129. Nicole M Lane

    First time use and meat came out perfect better then before

  130. Amazon Customer

    read above comment

  131. Howard A

    I like the simplicity. Download the app to your smart phone (one time). Put the probes in your smoker and meat and turn it on. Then open the app, let it pair with the transmitter and you instantly see temp readings. The app is really well designed and easy to read.My only problem has been getting 2 or more walls between the thermometer and my phone. Blue tooth doesn’t like that. Easily solved by just changing location of my phone.

  132. scs

    Like other have posted, the wireless range on this is no where near 500ft. I get closer to 15 ft with mine, so I turned the “disconnected” alarm off. Temp accuracy registered 212F or 213F in boiling water…spot on. For reference my Thermapen registered 211F. I can live with +/- 1 degree F. Wish it came with an oven temp probe, but can always pick that up separately. If wireless connectivity is important for you then this isn’t what you want. But if you want an economical “leave in” thermometer, and you don’t have an issue walking to your oven, grill or smoker to check the temp, then you can’t go wrong with this unit…especially for the price.

  133. Bob Brown

    Works as expected. Easy to setup.

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Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP920

thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

ThermoPro TP20 Package

ThermoPro TP20

ThermoPro TP25

Price $49.99 $52.99 $29.99 $31.79 $56.99 $60.41 $59.99 $63.59
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes No No Yes
Calibration feature - No No -
High low temperature alarms Both High Both Both
Lock function - No - -
Mobile app Yes No No Yes
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 2 1 2 4
Range 500ft 300ft 300ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof



Wireless Range: 500ft

Temperature Range:  15.8°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 1° C/F
Response Time: 4 Seconds Refresh rate
Probe Dimensions: 8″ Probe Length; 40″ Cable Length
Display Dimensions:
Product Dimensions:
Battery Type/Life: 1 Lithium ion battery
Water Resistance: N/A
Warranty: 3 Years


Q: Is this the same as the TP920 but a different color?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I connect one phone to multiple TP920’s?
A: No, you can only connect the thermometer with 1 phone.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: No, it is rainproof though. We recommend placing it in a bag if its a heavier downpour.

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