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ThermoPro TM01

(357 customer reviews)

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Digital Timer with Countdown Touchable Backlit

  • Count-up/count-down timer】Program your timer up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, using the digital timer count-up or count-down function to monitor different timing events such as cooking, exercise, control video game time, kids’ activities and meetings. 
  • Touch sensitive backlight】Our kitchen timer features a touch backlight button located on the top of the timer, making it easier to adjust settings with the conveniently placed buttons or check the time in dim light conditions; Backlight stays active for 10 seconds unless there’s further operation, ideal for conversing battery power. 
  • Super loud alarm & Silent mode】Loud ring kitchen timer ensures nothing will be forgotten! 4 volume levels for you to choose from to meet your specific needs such as watching TV while waiting for count-down; Enable the silent mode to avoid disturbing others.
  • Multiple placement options & Portability】Place your cooking timer in the position which best suits your needs either with Tabletop Stand or Magnetic Back, allowing for the most convenient placement in your home; Small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Mini clock】 With a tabletop stand and magnetic back, you can monitor the time anywhere in clock mode, even while a timer is simultaneously running.
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The ThermoPro TM01 multifunctional timer

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer with Countdown Touchable Backlit

The ThermoPro TM01 is multifunctional timer which start countdown & countup timers while also still displaying clock at the same time! With the large display design and touch sensitive backlit feature, you’re able to read the timer in any light condition and viewing angle. Do you often forget about those vegetable side dishes while you’re preparing an elaborate meal? Don’t worry, this cooking timer will sound an adjustable alarm to alert you when food is cooked to perfection.

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer Features 1

Countup and Countdown Timer

The Digital Kitchen Timer Clock can set both a count up and count down in a range of 1 second to 24 hours. The countdown timer is the ideal helper for when cooking those timed vegetable side dishes, baking, barbecue and the count up feature is perfect for monitor your exercise time, homework, and video games.

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer Features 2

Clock Mode for Daily Use

You don’t need the timer all the time? Our kitchen has a builtin clock mode to provide you the time whenever you need!

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer Features

Alarm with 4 Volume Levels

With the 67-94DB alarm volumes, this ensures you can adjust the alarm to meet your needs. Going to be preparing food close to the alarm? You can set the alarm to the low volume level. Want to watch TV as your pasta is cooking? The highest alarm volume level will be sure to alert you that your food is ready! No more overcooking or undercooking!

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kit

Touch Backlight & LCD Display

Illuminate the display with a light touch on the conveniently placed backlight button to easily adjust settings timer settings or check temps in dim light conditions. Backlight stays active for 10 seconds unless there’s further operation to conserve battery power.

Multiple Placement Options

Multiple Placement Options

Depending on your home and your preference on where to place the timer, we offer two mounting potions for you either with the tabletop stand or the magnetic back to magnetize to your fridge or other appliances.

Ideal Mini Size with Large Digits

Ideal Mini Size with Large Digits

Small enough to fit in your pocket, letting you easily bring the timer around with you anywhere! Although mini, our Large 2.8” Crystal Clear LCD display with huge digits allows for viewability at any angle.

ThermoPro TM01 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Kitchen Timer
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

357 reviews for ThermoPro TM01

  1. philip gerace (verified owner)

    I love my new ThermoPro TM01 Digital Timer. I am impressed by the overall quality and the number of features on a timer in it’s price range. I love that the sound level can be adjusted, that it can be set either vertically or horizontally. I think this may be the best overall value in a kitchen timer available, and I’ve done a lot of research. Got the best price and 2 additional years of warranty buying from ThermoPro. Look no further.

  2. Yolander

    Loud alarm if you need that. Easy to set and good, strong magnet. Using it for broken stove timer and placing it on vent hood above stove is perfect out of sight placement. Can hear this guy on loudest setting anywhere in our house! Would make a great sleep timer as it would probably wake someone out of a coma! 😉

  3. MrD

    ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer is The Best Digital Timer. I have been researching all available timers and this model meets all my needs. It has a large display, adjustable 4 volume levels including mute and great orange highly lit display. I bought 2 to replace old manual & other digital kitchen timers. I recommend this model

  4. John Clayton

    Loved this timer from the 2nd I opened Package. Looks super nifty. Large and clearly defined numbers, and it is so easy to set. I especially loooooooooooooooooooove (!) the volume intensity. No need to wonder if you heard it. You will and it is yet another SUPERB aspect of this top notch Timer. As they say, “Don’t leave home without it.”

  5. qb

    This would be a great timer for grilling outdoors. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to hear the timer from across the yard. The only problem is that I wanted a timer to use in my basement. Even at the quietest setting, I can hear the alarm upstairs, which makes it unfit for my use. I love ThermoPro products, this appears to be another quality one.

  6. Nathan Muleski

    Need a very loud timer for home brewing. This thing can be heard over two very large propane burners running full blast. It’s also large enough to see from across the garage. Wish it had a feature that would allow it to start keep counting up from 0 after the silencing, but great beyond that.
    I’m unsure of battery life but it’s been going for a few months so far.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Clear to read at any viewing angle and the display functionality is intuitive, easy to use. I wish the volume control had a lower setting for the lowest range.
    I returned the other timer that was not “Clear to read at any viewing angle”. You pay for what you get.

  8. Ian

    Just what i wanted

  9. R. Torres


  10. Ray

    Works great for timing espresso shots

  11. Linda Lappa

    We are very happy with this product.

  12. wayne cheveldave

    Easy to read and so far very accurate yes I would buy again

  13. JYC

    Magnets are strong too. Not perfect but stronger than most others.

  14. Smilie

    Great little timer. Easy to set with both hour and minute buttons. Easy to read. Loud alarm. Works great.

  15. Tommy Genobli

    I like this. The numbers are easy to read, it was easy to set up and I like that it has a clock and back light. The volume selection is also important. I wear headphones while I exercise and usually don’t hear the alarm go off but I will with this one.

  16. D Poirier

    I’m very pleased with this purchase! I purchased this to replace one that I bought years ago that quit working. I read the reviews prior to purchase and the only complaint I found was that it was loud. It is loud (volume is adjustable) but that’s fine because I can hear it when I’m in the basement or vacuuming, etc. It’s a bit thicker than the one I had, but the magnet is much better; I’m sure it won’t fall off my fridge door – it has a little stand; you can also set it on the counter. The main reason I chose this one was because it has hours, not just minutes – great when you’re cooking a turkey or something you need to time for a few hours (a lot of the timers only go to 99 minutes). I also like that it’s an amber backlight; it’s different and it’s pretty. It also has a clock function. Love it!

  17. Claudia L.

    For my kitchen

  18. Georges E.

    Très utile et facile a employer

  19. Ivan R. Vulicevic

    Great item!

  20. Bernd Pohl

    Only issue for me is the timer alarm is very very loud

  21. Leo Wang

    Good product

  22. Bill

    Easy to use plus magnet makes it possible to store in a save place when not using

  23. Olga Dedovskaya

    Very loud sound, but it depends who will use

  24. John B.

    Works just fine.

  25. Bobby C

    Great clear #s on the screen, the timer is loud so it can broadcast throughout your home or classroom.

  26. Amazon Customer

    very well made like it

  27. emilie

    Lauter Alarm, einfache Bedienung

  28. conscious shopper

    Compact little clock. Good value.

  29. dan mason

    The timer is quite accurate, easy to read, lights up, and the alarm is very easy to hear. It also has a volume control on it.

  30. Donald Legg

    I do not know why so many bad reviews, yea the alarm is loud. You car turn it down .

    All in all a great timer

    Would recomend

  31. Diane

    Luminosité excellente, garde bien le temps, précis. Seul inconvénient le son est trop fort et trop aigu.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I’m very satisfied with this timer. I put it in the laundry room to notify me when my laundry is done. Can hear it clearly.

  33. Ben R

    Love this clock/timer, it works as advertised. Easy to use, nice display. I am using it more than I anticipated.

    Only con would be that the lowest beeping sound level is still too loud. Would like it to have a couple of lower beep settings.

  34. Sherry McLean

    Has all the features I wanted – adjustable volume, easy to read, clock mode, easy to use. The volume on all my previous timers was too low and not adjustable. This is the best one I’ve had and seems durable and well made.

  35. jean-francois

    Very nice timers but the sound of this thing is like a smoke detector insanely loud and will disturb all your neighbors.
    This is a real turn-off because even when you set it at the lowest volume it’s loud like a smoke detector.

    Everything else is perfect.

  36. Anita

    It feels solid and the magnets work.
    Easy to use
    3 different volume settings (yeah!), however, it beeps every time you push the button to set, which if I was setting for 30 seconds, I’d hear 30 beeps. But wait, you can hold the button until it reaches 30, so not so annoying! To turn volume off while setting, must flip over to access volume setting.
    Looks like the “standing part” that allows it to stand was never added.

  37. Georgie Yerxa

    This is a great timer, nice size, easy to read information. The back light feature is very nice. We use it primarily for cooking times and it has worked out very well.

  38. Gwen Harman

    Received the timer this week. I love the size of the numbers…easy to read from a distance! I also love that it’s magnetic and I can attach it to my fridge or stove. It has several settings for sound level which is great. Thanks for including batteries with the purchase! That meant I could use it as soon as it arrived! A handy tool in my kitchen!

  39. Client d’Amazon

    J’ai acheté ce minuteur pour l’utiliser dans le cadre de mon travail (massothérapie). J’aime que je puisse éteindre complètement le volume et qu’on puisse passer du mode minuteur, à chronomètre (il y a aussi une horloge). Facile à ajuster. Le seul petit point manquant, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de fonction pour l’éteindre. Quand je ne l’utilise pas, je dois donc retirer les piles. À chaque fois que je remets les piles, la sonnerie moyenne retenti, et je peux vous dire que c’est quand même assez fort!

  40. Mango666

    Feels well made, looks great and is easy to use without having to bother with instructions. Large illuminated display is easy to read. The beeping is loud but that’s exactly what many of us want. I’ve lost count of the times I didn’t hear a timer going off because I was busy in another room. This sucker is obnoxiously loud and makes sure you get off your butt and tend to your business. The volume *is* adjustable anyways. Highly recommended.

  41. Alexis Houston

    I really appreciate the large numbers and touch feature backlight. Great timer!

  42. William I. Dube

    PROS: I actually bought this alarm to use as an alarm clock. Okay so I can’t set the exact time, but I can set the exact sleep or work time before this alarm goes off up to up to 1 second shy of 100 hours in the future and that is a lot of time. I like that the light goes on easily with a touch sensor. It is a little confusing why a touch sensor was used for the light, but who cares it works. Light goes on when you push a button or touch anywhere near the light bulb image at the top of this alarm. I have bad tinnitus first from the NAVY, then cancer, and yes I’m getting up in the years too so it is much louder than it used to be. When I was younger I could get up to the drop of a pin. Now it takes more than my old Seiko alarm clock can produce sound wise to get me up. THIS ALARM WILL FIT THE BILL. I’m confident it will get me up in the morning even set to its lowest level as that is close to as loud as my smoke alarm. Okay here is a tip. If you don’t like the noise just use the button in the back to turn off the noise there is a silence feature, but you will have to turn it back on after you set the alarm or when the alarm goes off there will be no sound just a switch to the count up timer after the alarm runs out. I’m very excited about finding a quality made product that will do exactly what I want and get me out of bed that said, if you are one of these snooze types you only have one minute of alarm then silence so GET OUT OF BED if you are using it like an alarm clock like I will. Two AAA batteries are all that you need to have this little beast wake you out of a sound sleep, or get you to go to the kitchen before you cake burns. Because of the construction I would expect this alarm to be able to take some heat. I like that this has a clock feature, but the clock makes me want to have more. (maybe a real alarm that you could set, but count down timer will be fine for me) Lastly in the PROS and don’t be surprised, but this alarm lets you know it is ready right from putting in the batteries as you will get a beep on that last battery in.

    CONS: Clock function and Count down timer only function. Yes this alarm will count up but you can not set a time that it will count up to like some alarms. Very small point. Also since there is a backlight I think there should be maybe a flashing backlight feature while the alarm is going off as there is none. The numbers blink, but the light is only because you have touched the timer/clock.

    Okay I’ve run this through it’s paces you have the pros and cons from a user perspective.
    I just wish it didn’t take me so long to find this great countdown timer.
    Yes I’d buy this again and recommend to friends.

  43. Michael D Talotta

    We bought this kitchen timer because the timer on our oven is barely audible and often we wouldn’t know the food was done. My wife was baking cookies using this timer and I was in the other room watching tv. I thought there was a kitchen fire and the smoke alarm was going off, but it turns out the cookies were done. This timer serves the purpose we bought it for!

  44. Lynda Scrivner

    Easy to tead

  45. tericay

    I needed something really loud I could set for over 12 hours. This was it

  46. Gerry

    Looks durable and loud.

  47. Ysh Hao

    I like this feel very sturdy and durable. The alarm is a little too loud.

  48. turtle6

    It is a little loud but the alarm cannot be missed

  49. Sherrry


  50. Diane Bruso

    Not as loud as I thought but Works well!

  51. Amazon Customer

    Love this alarm, it is super loud, love the back light feature

  52. Amazon Lover

    We purchased this timer to replace the built-in unit in our range when the range died . We had to wait over a month to get delivery on a replacement, and it made us crazy not to have a clock or timer in the kitchen. This little unit served our purpose very well. Accurate and very easy to use.

  53. Dragonheart

    Wow! What and alarm on this timer. If a regular kitchen time is in the next room , forget it! no way will I hear it. But the ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer with Touchable Backlit and Count up Countdown Timer is not a problem. The first time I set it my wife was unaware I bought a new timer. When it went off she jumped up yelling the fire alarm is going off. This is a great timer!

  54. johnfior

    This digital kitchen timer would be perfect and a great deal. It has all the features you could want. It even has four volume settings (Silent, Low, Medium, Loud). However, the Low setting is annoyingly loud. Way too loud! Medium and loud are worse. Maybe good for other uses, but too loud for the kitchen. Otherwise, easy to use, easy to read, and the count up after your time has expired is great to see how much time has elapsed after your ringer went off, in case you missed it, though I don’t see how that would be (unless you used the Silent setting, in which case, why buy a timer?).

  55. Mary A.

    It does not turn off, so battery like will be an issue

  56. R Leinbach

    My other timers can’t go longer than 1 hr, this on goes to 24 hrs and a very loud chime. Easy to use.

  57. cookswithbooks

    exactly what we needed

  58. Brian

    I use this to time my workouts and it works well. Would recommend.

  59. MetalheadMissy and Jimmy

    This guy is great when I am not using alexa being she’s in the bedroom on the fire tablet in charge mode and I can’t hear her from the craftroom or living room etc. I like that this is back lit and loud. I can hear it down to other rooms in our apartment. easy to figure out and set. Its accuracy is spot on with whatever i am cooking or whatever cooking device I am using even though some devices have their own timers I don’t always hear them from down hallway especially if i am running some type of machinery in the craftroom . This I hear it’s excellent.

  60. Tyke

    I purchased this item, but not on Amazon, but still wanted to write a review. This timer has four volume settings: mute ,low, medium, high. The highest setting is definitely loud but that’s necessary if your in another room. The low or medium setting is just right if you’re in the same room. When setting the time it does beep but is isn’t loud or annoying, if you press and hold the button it beeps once and counts rapidly, when it gets close to the desired time stop and just add the last few minutes or seconds. The magnets seem to be strong enough to hold the timer in place on the refrigerator when your pressing the buttons. The build quality appears to be very good. Taking the batteries out when not in use isn’t a big deal, but If it had an on off switch I would have rated it at five stars. It’s still a good cooking timer for all my needs. I definitely recommend it as a good choice for a cooking timer.

  61. Jermaine Allen

    Fast delivery works great

  62. Amazon Customer

    Like the back light feature.

  63. Richard Zepp

    It works fine.

  64. Robert

    Love this timer. Works great!

  65. asad zafer

    Really good.

  66. Ed Ruff

    Easy to use and works great.

  67. Rachelle

    Awesome addition to my kitchen. Sweet and simple!

  68. Jude

    I love it but even the lowest noise setting is too loud

  69. Brandon Ruiz

    Love this thing

  70. Sara Meyst-Saffran

    Needed a loud ringer and I got it.

  71. Gerry Bendig


  72. Isabel Garrote deBlanco

    Excellent. Large numbers. Loud

  73. Karilu

    So far love it! So easy to use!

  74. charity webber

    Nice big numbers and easy to use.

  75. Joyce Rasmussen

    No changes

  76. J. Gordon

    Easy to use
    Loud ring
    Very sturdy

  77. Jo a rosenblum

    Very accurate,and easy to read

  78. Amazon Customer

    liked timer because while small it does an excellent job. I have limited counter space so anything I place on it must really do its job.

  79. Avonda Johnson

    I love the light on it, easy to see.

  80. qamar hassan


  81. Amazon Customer

    easy to use

  82. Peggy Whitaker

    A timer in my kitchen.

  83. Keith Schmid


  84. Joe Zugg

    Works great. Even my retarded step son can use jt

  85. William A. Rhoads

    It is loud and we like it

  86. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product. Love it.

  87. Shirley Humphrey

    I would like it better if light
    would stay on all time.

  88. Craig Raffaelli

    I love the size. I love that in runs on aa batteries. Easy to replace when needed

  89. Benzion Benzeev

    Excellent timer and clock for the kitchen

  90. THE HENS

    Son uses it for saxophone practice and very easy to set.

  91. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  92. LAMadison

    Compact, and I love it

  93. Jeff Homer

    This timer was exactly what I was looking for. It works great.

  94. Steve haney

    Worked very well

  95. d.n.e.

    like how timer retains setting for use over and over

  96. laura rubino

    The buzzer even at the lowest setting in very loud!

  97. Douglas D.

    Ease of use

  98. PAN999

    The buzzer was nice a loud and you could adjust the sound level.
    It is the best I have purchased.

  99. Amazon Customer

    The timer has a very loud “ring” that we can hear from other rooms. We use it to remind us of when we need to take the dog out.

  100. Ann

    It seems dependable and I am using it for dispensing my eye drops which I use several medications regularly at this time.

  101. Douglas D Pickard

    A one-button CLEAR would have been nice.

  102. Alysa Correia

    It works well but is very loud.

  103. Ed

    Even at the low level the alarm is very loud. If you want a timer with a loud alarm try this one.

  104. Eric Schram

    It is easy to work with and IT’S LOUD and wakes me up ! !

  105. David Hall

    I did not like how loud the beep is.

  106. Staxx

    It works well. Stays put.

  107. golfer boy 66

    really liken this timer, easy to use

  108. David N.

    Countdown timer is great. Resets back to the time you prgrommed in. Clearly visible.

  109. Amazon Customer


  110. Lonnie Rush

    Very loud. Like a Fire alarm. Scares my dogs(
    Other than that it’s very comfortable to use.

  111. jacks

    What’s not to love great price, work’s great easy set up!

  112. Christine Borromeo

    Easy to use. 2 volume settings are a plus. Strong magnet keeps it attached to fridge or stove without slipping or moving.

  113. Zeno!

    It fits the bill

  114. Jayhawker

    It is good to be able to hear the alarm but ability to turning it down is limited. Would buy again.

  115. Amazon Customer

    So glad I got this. The buzzer is loud but I use on silent mode, mostly on clock setting, so good to go.

  116. Lorraine McMillon

    Great product and as advertised! No issues.

  117. Jeanne DeVries

    Works well, loud enough to scare you until you’re used to it

  118. Alla

    I like it, nice design and size but very loud sound.

  119. Carlos Antonio Checo Domínguez

    Easy to use, and nice for the price.

  120. David Inglett

    The alarm is loud and that’s fine by me.

  121. Motorcycle Instructor and ADV Guide

    With alarm on, every touch of any button (ie setting timer) causes the very very loud beep

  122. John Benson

    Very easy to read. Love background light. Would buy again.

  123. David Twyford

    liked the big digits

  124. Alpha&Omega

    Excellent quality item !!

  125. Pappy

    I am hearing impaired and have tried numerous kitchen timers. This one is loud enough that I have no problem hearing it unlike the others I have tried.

  126. Martin F.

    Works great, accurate, convenient. Only drawback is the bell is too loud even turned down to its lowest level.

  127. Marshall Ellis

    I like that it’s easy to read and use,the alarm is loud.I use the timer for umpiring baseball and softball.

  128. Diane Bartkowiak

    It has all good features and does what it said. For the money its a perfect little timer , no complaints.

  129. Alexander M.Voogd

    No doubt, you can hear it go off.

  130. Grandmother

    I like this timer in every aspect, except that the volume is way too loud. You can turn it down, but the lowest setting is still very loud. It sounds like my home alarm.

  131. B.J.

    would buy again

  132. Ronald Berger

    I’m using the timer in the kitchen. It’s easy to use and is very accurate if used properly. I like the magnet on the back and like that it uses AAA batteries which are simple to replace.

  133. GOLDIE

    Very well made!

  134. Kevin McNichol

    Very easy to use, good display. But the alarm is LOUD, even on its lowest setting and ear shattering on its highest.

  135. Mae Fairfield

    Easy to use, actually has hours and comes with batteries!!

  136. Donna L. Phillipe

    Works fine

  137. troll

    so far very satifyed

  138. G Man

    Large. Easily readable display, volume is loud but can be muted. I use it to time coffee roasting, and use it as a clock as well. Very happy with this purchase.

  139. Jamise

    Perfect. Just as described. Easy to use and read!

  140. Lizzy

    Works really well for kids during distance learning, helps them move on from activity to the next.

  141. Amazon Customer

    accurate and very loud alarm! recommended.

  142. Denoris W.

    Very good I like that it has volume control

  143. Larry

    Great for hearing impaired.

  144. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to read and loud enough to hear! I’m very happy with this product

  145. Thomas E. Burr

    Good clear display, good alarm control, enough functions BUT a “clear” key would be a real plus, replacing the “press two keys at once procedure.

  146. zapblimp

    Totally responds to my needs for setting alarms for various functions!

  147. Anonymous

    Wow! Freakin loud!

  148. Amazon Customer


  149. Frank T

    Simple to use and works very good.

  150. Marvin N. Peyser

    I’ve purchased others. This one is the best I’ve ever had.

  151. Mesquite

    product mostly used for cooking

  152. joseph Vilicich

    Works as advertised

  153. Amazon Customer

    Good, but too loud. Also I wish there was a way for the light to stay on.

  154. Kindle Customer

    It was easy to read and the alarm was loud.

  155. Lisa, North Carolina

    I bought these to use in my business to keep up with project times and help track the hours it takes us to complete them. They work as expected and are saving us from the need to write down times worked.



  157. Paint Girl

    I find it easy to use & read. Love the volume control on the timer. Glad I purchased this.

  158. rita c

    First of all . . it WORKS. I like all of the features including the volume on the beeper and i love that when you miss turning it off it counts up. Convenient light. Easy to figure out. Wish i had bought 2 of them.

  159. J. Nobles

    Can read #s without my glasses! Can hear the beep clearly from another room.

  160. Betty Mangum

    I liked it.

  161. Tony Chaney

    A really great timer in ALL respects!

  162. Mike Florian

    I love it. Even an old guy like me can hear the alarm and it’s easy to use and it’s a handy clock.

  163. Amazon Customer

    well constructed

  164. John S.

    Works well and has some nice features. Read the instructions carefully before trying to use it.

  165. AMAZONGAMERE0SQ1234534

    The timer is easy to use and accurate.

  166. HMT

    Great timer 👍

  167. Rick H

    Works OK and it’s loud enough to be heard over other noises

  168. Bobby Priest

    Liked it so much bought a second one a few days later

  169. Patgram

    The display is bright, alarm loud (three settings) and it is user friendly!

  170. Amazon Customer

    Works good, Easy to use and loud

  171. Amazon Customer

    Timer is nice. I can hear it from another room. It has volume control.

  172. Christina

    Counts up and counts down as described. Alarm way too loud so just turn down or mute.

  173. Ester McCarthy

    Just received this timer I needed one with loud volume. This one has 3 volumes. Exactly what I needed. Has Hours, Minutes and seconds. Easy to read and to program. Has light and magnets. I’ve bought several timers for more money and this is the best one for me.

  174. Charles and Beth Coulter

    Everything works as expected. I’m simply using it as a timer for client calls so clearly not to it’s full potential.

  175. EMILIO

    No lo use a última hora

  176. Nick

    Like the backlit display

  177. Jo

    Works great. Easy to set. Only thing, wish alarm was not quite so loud.

  178. V Golden

    Easy to configure and use…. large display makes seeing much easier…..

  179. Patty D.

    Easy to read!

  180. brenda

    Very good product. Easy to use, didn’t even need instruction manual to start using.

  181. Amazing customer

    Easy to see display, easy to use!

  182. Don A. Piraro

    I use the timer for a daily meditation period. This product is perfect for this: It does not tick; it takes ten seconds to set it and the alarm is quiet and discrete.

  183. Linda

    Perfect! Easy to operate. Ring good and loud.

  184. Linda Amarante

    I have used it for cooking and exercising.

  185. Amazon Customer

    Works great

  186. LML

    It works as expected, is loud enough that I don’t miss it amidst other kitchen noise, and it’s small but easy to read.

  187. Megan L. McIntyre

    Love this. Easy to use

  188. Amazon Customer

    No more burnt toast

  189. Avril Green

    Had to check it a bit to see how to turn the sound down

  190. Justin Watson

    Straight forward and easy to use.

  191. William Hackwell

    Great product and price

  192. Alyssa

    The timer is easy to use. The magnet is strong so it actually stays on the fridge. I like that it has volume control when I don’t need the beep to be loud.

  193. B Simmons

    We are using this outside to time games. It is backlight so it is very easy to read. When the description says it is loud you can here it clearly while outside from 100 feet away. Only negative is it has not off button. When I pack it the button get pushed and it comes on.

  194. Delhooters

    A quality product that is easy to use and durable looking.

  195. John K. Tillman

    Simple to use. Very convenient sit on counter or stick it to appliances.

  196. justGene

    works very well

  197. daddy-o


  198. Jim

    Very nicely designed and well built timer.

  199. Thomas L. Yahne

    Timer is really good.

  200. Mikey

    Very handy. Magnetic mount is strong! And, the “time up” beeper is LOUDER than I expected, even with volume on Low setting.

  201. connie klein

    Large display and easy ti see any where in the kitchen

  202. INFERNO

    Using it as a timer inside of a racecar. The display is big and easy to read and buttons are easy to use while wearing gloves. I’m sure it’s good at cooking related tasks as well.

  203. T

    Easy to use but does not have an off switch. Have to remove the batteries to turn it off I believe. The magnets work great!

  204. tigs

    Easy to use, and easy to read.

  205. Anthony W.

    Easy to use, orange back lighting to see even in limited lighting and keeps accurate time to! Loud clear alarm of which the sounding can lowered or raised! One of my best Amazon purchases!

  206. Jay

    It’s simple to use and my daughter loves using the timer when she takes a shower. The numbers are big and easy to see.

  207. yrobles

    I used this product for timing my daughter on potty training and it’s so helpful to keep track and also makes her aware that once it beeps it’s time to go potty..really satisfied with it..

  208. Susan S

    Best timer I’ve ever purchased

  209. Ron Diehl

    Very easy to use. Loud enough to hear even if you not right in the kitchen.

  210. millie

    Love it and would definitely buy again.

  211. Noe E.R.M.

    good product

  212. Linda

    Bought this because I needed a timer with a back light. Works great. Not complicated. Very loud, even on lower volume settings so this would be great for someone who is hard of hearing. Only issue is it took almost a week to get it compared to the other things I ordered.

  213. John & Barb Jansen

    I like to have one in each of my rooms.

  214. Kindle Customer

    Bought this as a gift for our massage therapist. She loved it.

  215. Luis G.

    I use this timer for my workout. It is effective and very simple to use.

  216. Andrew Michael LeRoy

    Works great. I like the touch light up feature, and though it gets pretty loud, you can change the volume settings.

  217. Dave

    Great kitchen timer. Lightweight, good ergonomics. Love it

  218. M Sito

    Bought for my son, seems to be working

  219. Harry Broker

    Large easy to read display. Can run the timer and clock simultaneously and switch between them in the display. Backlight is nice when needed. Magnets seem to work fine, mine is on a microwave door. Buzzer is loud as others have mentioned but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Very easy to use, I threw away the user manual after first read.

  220. A P

    I wanted a good, old-fashioned timer that also displayed the time including the seconds. This fits the bill. It’s easy to use, it can count up, count down, and the alarm is plenty loud.

  221. MoonLord

    …and I love it. ‘Nuff said.

  222. Sphinx99

    This is an excellent, easy to use clock and timer. Certainly easier to use than built in timer on my oven.

  223. Paul B.

    Great outside for the BBQ

  224. Pat Chapman

    Love that it uses AAA batteries and that the display is easy to read. Great feature is the volume control but the quietest is still too loud for our small house. My neighbors can even hear it beeping on the lowest volume setting.

  225. Sunny

    I use this mainly as a clock on my fridge, with occasional use as a timer. I take it about the house with me when I need a clock or timer. I’m very satisfied, though the beeping is rather loud.

  226. ShayMaySza

    Love everything about this timer even the night light just dont like the sound.

  227. S. Smith

    I needed a replacement timer and this one was easy to read and use.

  228. A. Gueco

    Very easy direct product description.

  229. Sandra

    Easy to use very loud sign.
    Also its not that small love it.

  230. BMG (CT)

    You can’t miss hearing this timing. There are 3 setting for sound and even at low, it can be heard from a good distance. I would definitely buy again. My only complaint, I sometimes push the hour vs minute button when setting the timer.

  231. Jarrett L.

    Got what I ordered and it arrived on time. The numbers are very easy to read and it has a mute feature, which I didn’t intend to use, however, I’m glad it has one because this little sucker is LOUD.

  232. Susan

    Timer alarm is a little too shrill

  233. Angels 28

    A little too loud. No adjustment

  234. John S

    I bought this to use as a count down exercise timer and the alarm works as hyped…….it’s LOUD. BTW, the magnets are handy too.

  235. barbara baldwin

    The alarm only has 2 volumes. Off and loud. Besides that its pretty good.

  236. Jerry Seery

    I bake a lot and need a second timer. I love this thing, use it a lot! Easy to use and loud enough I can hear it in other rooms.

  237. Amazon Customer

    This is an easy to use, simple timer and it is LOUD. I keep it on the lowest volume setting and I can easily hear it even outside my apartment.

  238. Native Mainer

    This timer was easy to set up and easy to use for displaying time as well as using as a timer for cooking. Excellent value so far.

  239. keith McFarlin

    great product-wished it sounded longer after time out

  240. Diego Maselli

    Nice magnet feature. Adjustable noise level, from very loud to regular. Simple, yet very functional and affordable. I have bought 8 of theses for multiple reasons (work in the lab to measure time of experiments, to regular kitchen timing).

  241. Charles Le Normand Jr.

    Couldn’t turn off. Battery has to run down.

  242. Brian

    Nice and loud. Has a nice look and easy to use.

  243. C. Pilvinsky

    We were in desperate need of a new kitchen timer. This one is really nice and easy to read.

  244. John Nolan

    I like the back light for grilling after dark

  245. James P. Brown

    But the alert tone is LOUD! I wish it had more volume control range.

  246. illumbloss

    This is so loud it gives the fire alarm competition. 🙂 If you’re looking for a LOUD alarm, this is it!

  247. mac3

    Large numbers. Loud [adjustable] alarm. Count-down or count-up.
    Does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

  248. William Gates

    Very nice product exactly what I need

  249. Amazon Customer

    I like the ease of use, the big buttons, and big numbers. Works great

  250. Aaron J OConnor

    The magnet holds it in place. That is important. It is easy to read. It is loud on highest setting.

  251. p.p.

    Hard to figure out how to clear after alarm goes off. It has a pull out stand which makes sense after you figure it out. It is now my fav alarm timer.

  252. Kam45impala

    Love this timer – you for sure will not miss the alarm when the timer goes off as even on the low volume it is loud.

  253. David C. Biddle

    Setting the timer is intuitive; setting the time, not so much. I had to read the instructions in order to set the time.

  254. c p

    Excellent timer, however, the ring tone is exactly the same as my pet’s invisible fence tone and is certainly loud. My dog’s reaction makes it impossible for use it. Not the fault of the timer just the circumstances of pet ownership.

  255. Anthony F. Hatem

    Like the layout and display. No on off switch and alarm does not adjust low enough.

  256. Tamma Smith

    We brought it to use as a timer and it’s just great. I like how it look on my frig too

  257. Mark

    This is perfect for intermediate fasting. Sticks to the side of the refrigerator too.

  258. A&W-KF

    Re: ThermoPro TM01 Digital

    Better than expected.

  259. A Miller

    Great large display. Great mounting and viewing options for the price.

  260. Y. W.

    When the timer went off we thought our smoke detector was going off. It’s loud even on the low setting. BUT I really think this is a good thing. Being busy and sometimes loud in our kitchen it’s good to hear the timer. It’s also easy to go from timer to clock with one push of a button.

  261. Beth McPhail

    Very easy to use it does have loud ringer which makes it easier to heat

  262. A. Lane

    I use this timer to help with my autistic son. He does well with timers. I like that you can adjust the volume and it digitally counts down as well.

  263. elchiefo

    The main things I like are the ease to use, the east to read numbers, and the loudness of the alarm.

  264. Cordelia Jane

    This is would be the perfect timer if it wasn’t so load. There are 3 volume settings, the lowest is eardrum shattering. I think it’s meant to be heard from a box burried in the yard.

  265. L. Regan

    The speaker wasn’t working on the first timer that was shipped. A second timer was promptly shipped out which I received within 3 days. It is very simple to use, has a large display, adjustable volume and can fit into a pocket. I’m very happy with the timer and the service provided.

  266. Eric Johnson

    Even on the quietest setting, this timer shrieks. That may be needed in a busy commercial kitchen but at home is too loud.

  267. Amazon Customer

    Really LOUD !!!
    My cat and my dog went hiding while I was setting the alarm level

  268. Gayle

    Great timer but a bit confusing in set-up
    Back light not very bright

  269. Alma Navarro

    Very well made with quality materials, not a single complaint, I ‘m glad I bought two, one for my husband’s use and one for the kitchen.

  270. Darrell

    Numbers are easy to read and this thing is loud. Definitely has plenty of volume to be heard anywhere and over a multitude of noises in our 3 child house

  271. stevie

    Large number, easy to set up. Alarm is loud, even on the lowest volume setting.

  272. Megan

    Right out of the box I was impressed with the quality. The beep is a little loud but that is fine. Well worth the money to get this timer. I will think of the company in the future.

  273. tjones155

    The VERY best timer I have ever purchased. I have tried several and this one is head and shoulders above everything else on the market. It was well worth the price and I HIGHLY recommend this item.

  274. Edward F. OConnor Jr.

    This so much better then, I thought it would be. Easy to use and loud enough to here.

  275. Kikky

    Much better quality than expected, better than the old pyrex one we have.
    Adjustable alarm noise – very loud!
    also has clock mode

  276. Justin Pierce

    Using this as a game timer for umpiring softball. Very loud and very durable. magnets are strong to attach to fencing or posts. I also tested in kitchen at home, so probably good for its intended purpose also.

  277. jim262

    Works great as a grill timer. Magnet assures that it will stay put. Large display assures that it can be read.

  278. D. O’Brien

    For hard of hearing folks, this one is loud and clear. It was especially useful because the “hour” feature which most timers do not have.

  279. A.Grubb

    Easy instructions for use. I like it has an hours options for timers. It will help me keep track of meat and my smoker better than my old timer. The backlight is a major plus as well!

  280. Franny F.

    Accurate and easy to use. The only drawback is that the sound it makes, the beep, sounds like my fire alarm 🙂

  281. K. Clark

    I use this product to time (count down) my rest time in between weightlifting sets. I cannot wear a smart watch because my weightlifting gloves cover my wrists. I give this 4 stars because I wish the light would stay on constantly.

  282. j. woods

    I already have a ThremoPro 2 probe temp gauge I use with my smoker/grill. So when my kitchen aid kitchen timer broke that I could not replace with the same model. I looked to ThermoPro for a kitchen timer and found the TM01. I am satisfied with it.

  283. Marigrah60


  284. Marie

    Used this for first time today making cookies. It works great and is an accurate timer. Would recommend it to anyone who cooks.

  285. Gregory Vrana

    I’ve used this timer for a few days. I like that you can adjust the beeper volume, I just wish it had a lower setting–it’s quite piercing when I am near it. The display is very readable. The timer is easy to set.
    To reset (zero out) the timer you push two buttons simultaneously. I’m used to a single button, but I suppose it’s harder to accidentally reset the timer. I do wish it had two timers instead of one. I’d give up the clock feature for an extra timer.

  286. Ruth M.

    Easy to use, great magnets for fridge or range hood. Good size and easy to read. But, it is loud. Even at lowest setting, it’s very, very loud.

  287. sailbumalan

    Large screen make it easy to read. It is easy to set. I like the fact that when not being used as timer, it has a digital clock. ….only negative…… the volume control does not go low enough.

  288. Gina

    Affordable – digital kitchen timer in good working order, the display is big, easy to read. My only issue is the volume is very loud (even at the lowest setting)! It beeps annoyingly loud every time I hit the buttons to set the timer, and If I mute the volume it defeats the purpose of the timer, so..

  289. P. Breckenridge

    My Dad gave me the secret to devices and machines: Read the Instructions. It pays. This is one excellent, versatile timer.

  290. AC

    Great timer for the kitchen or anything else you need. Solid construction and the orange background is very clear. The only improvement maybe the beep sound is very loud even at the lowest setting. But this is a great buy.

  291. Brian Vialva

    Bought this a while back, and use it regularly. My small catering business has increased sales. My biggest seller being my fried chicken. Using this device helps me ensure the right amount of cooking time for each batch. The beeping sound volume can be controlled, and two batteries last a long time. Definitely worth buying.


  292. Dan C.

    Easy to set timer. Accurate! Purchased 2, one for outside grill. Left it outside once on the grill and it later was rained on. Not waterproof! Some of the numbers segments no longer function. Maybe a small plastic bag would have been a solution.

  293. Daisy70

    Loudest good for hearing impaired!

    Why is Amazon/ seller not allowing my review? I’ve reviewed this multiple times. Please post!

  294. AJ Schiavone

    I dont want to give this item a bad review because it seems like a great little timer. Though I must give a WARNING to dog owners. The beep/alarm sound on this is identical to a smoke alarm going off that needs a battery replacement. My dogs went into an absolute panic. It is unusable in my house. It beeps every time you set it, every number you push. You can turn volume off but then it serves no purpose. I would highly recommend this product for a home with no pets and/or someone with hearing loss.

  295. JBTek

    The volume is adjustable but it still is way to loud to be in the same room with.
    Other than that, it’s easy to read from a distance and is accurate.

  296. TallMansWife

    Effective but REALLY loud!!! We lowered the volume and put several pieces of tape over it but it’s still too loud. Otherwise, it works great. I like that it can stand alone or attach to the oven with its magnet.

  297. Gee BeeM

    I like this timer. I wanted one that would beep loud. This one is ear-piercing loud though even at the lowest level. Also this timer doesn’t turn off at all and it’s always on (wasting the batter)

  298. Joyce

    This timer works perfectly but it is extremely loud. When it goes off in the kitchen you can hear it from most of the other rooms. I really like the timer and all the functions but do wish it was not as loud.

  299. coastie2014

    There is a button to adjust volume but nothing changes when the button is pushed. Alarm is loud…too loud and cannot turn it down. Other than that…good product.

  300. Energize

    The timer on our stove broke, so we needed a timer for cooking. You need to read the directions, but after you do, it is simple to use. The beep is loud, but I like that because you can hear it from another room. You can change the mode to clock when you are not using the timer. I am pleased with the purchase.

  301. Disappointed One

    So far I love this kitchen timer. It has a big display and is backlit, has a magnetic back and also a little kick stand for placing on the countertop. The only issue is with the volume being very loud even on the lowest setting. It beeps even when setting the time and when it goes off it sounds exactly like my smoke detector!

  302. Thuan Vu

    Ok. So it is a good timer. But I have to return it because is WAY too loud for me on its lowest setting. It makes the sound similar to the sound that your fire alarm makes when it needs a new battery. I really wanted to like it because I like the brand.

  303. B.L.

    Likes – loud alarm, visual display, low cost

    Dislikes – alarm volume adjustment, timer settings: to set 59 minutes you have to push the minute button 59 times!

  304. wayne b.

    For a kitchen timer, this is definitely a full function and well thought out device. It seems well built and sturdy. I broke my previous timer because I dropped it. This ones feels like it should survive a fall. This timer is a little more complicated than most kitchen timers to operate, but the manual was very helpful in getting started with this timer. It is easy to operate once you learn it.

  305. AM

    It’s volume can be turned up really loud. You can be in another part of the house and hear it – I really like that. It is easy-to-use and especially easy to read. Anyone would like it.

  306. Randy

    This little kitchen timer has all or more features you would want. I picked it because it had a magnet to attach to my refrig. and many many others did not. It is easy to figure out how to use it, and quick to set up.

  307. C. D. Castillo

    Timer works great and love the clock mode too! Looks great on our dark stainless fridge and easy to see. Pretty loud but great for my husband that has hearing problems. Very happy with it!

  308. CBC in Austin

    This neat little timer ( up, down, with adjustable volume tone alert) is easily mounted to a metal surface near your cooking space or using its own built in stand is just big enough for easy readout but not so big it’s cumbersome. I display the time via its clock feature and set the timer for various cooking needs. Love that it uses commonly available cheap AAA batteries with long life performance and power eating backlight only on demand with touch sensitive switch atop the timer. Great price, too. What’s not to like? Recommended !

  309. Michelle Bell

    If you need a loud alarm this is the one. I loved everything about this timer except how loud it was. Even on the lowest setting I couldn’t take it and it freaked out my dog so I am returning and trying a different one.

  310. Hinotefanatic

    I really wish I’d read more reviews before buying this. It sounds exactly like my home smoke alarm going off. My dog is literally still shaking 30 minutes later and that was just after putting the batteries in it. Guess it’ll have to find a new home. The timer, not the dog.

  311. edgeman2001

    Good quality timer that’s easy to use and easy to hear. I use it on the deck for grilling and can easily hear it if I go back in the house to get something. A must have if you want consistent quality when cooking out.

  312. cleocreek

    Aside from still being piercing loud at its lowest volume setting, it’s a good product. I wouldn’t purchase again though because the low volume setting sounds like a serious alarm occurrence in my apartment building. It’s anxiety-inducing for me.

  313. Michel

    As reviewed previously, the timer produces a sound that is surprizingly loud, which is an advantage for that device. Other advantages include big numbers on the display screen (easy to read, especially at night), efficient light to illuminate numbers (that even appear to be motion-sensitive). The device worth the price: I ordered more than one, and use one of them to wake up each morning, as the timer possess hours, in addition to minutes and seconds.

  314. D.C. Small

    It would make more sense to me to have a switch that changed modes from “Clock” to “Stopwatch/Count up” to “Timer/Count down.” As it is, you have to be taught how to use it and how to clear the display. That means someone can’t just pick it up and know how to set the time or reset it.

  315. Movieskinny

    Very nice timer and clock. Needed a second one to help out my old Timex. Display is not 100% readable, which means, it dims at various viewing angles. Not enough to take off a point. Timer will also do hours and minutes.

  316. Lawrence W. Stephens

    The timer is very easy to use and is working great. There are two downsides. One: The beep at its lowest setting is way two loud. Two: It beeps when you press a button which is also unnecessary loud. I was able to cover the beeper with a plastic cover and plastic clip from my old timer, which reduced to beep volume. Much better.

  317. Knife Guy

    This unit is very loud, has 4 volume settings, even on lowest it was louder than I needed. If you pull out the rear stand, you can add a layer of cellophane tape over speaker compartment…ahhh, just right. Very easy to read!

  318. bcc

    Overall i like the timer, great volume if you are working away from the kitchen while something is in the oven since on the highest setting you can hear it from across the house. the one thing i dislike is that the timer beeps every time you press a button and the beeps are LOUD, so to set a 45 min timer you have to listen to it beep 45 times. not a deal breaker but something i wish i could disable.

  319. DAB

    I really like this timer. It is easy to read, easy to use. The only thing I dislike about it is that the volume is very very loud and the buzzer is very annoying. Tge volume can he adjusted, but even the lowest setting is way way too loud.

  320. Bill J. Nix

    We had two wind-up timers that worked fine. But they could not keep up with the cooking time if it was more than an hour. This one will not only do that, easily, but will function as an extra clock when you have the need for one.

  321. Carmen

    This is the best timer! I had problems hearing our old timer and this one is loud. There are volume settings so you can change it. I have it on the lowest setting and it’s plenty loud.
    I also like that it lights up and the numbers are large.

  322. Mrs E

    This is one of the best timers I have found anywhere for all around good purpose. It lights up, timer goes up to 24 hours, easy to read and easy to operate, and we’re not in use it’s a clock. For the money you can’t beat this jampacked helper

  323. Judy E Schultheis

    It’s great! I generally use it only on the quietest setting, but I have taken it to the playground for my grandson to know when we have to leave, and he can hear the loudest setting just fine. He sometimes ignores it, but he can hear it.

  324. J. Ross

    Well made, appears to be quality. Easy to change batteries, (has two). Pleasant amber backlight stays on for ten seconds, which is useful. Just got it, so cannot speak to accuracy or durability. However, it seems like a quality piece. Timer range is 24 hours. Planning to use it for timing 2 hour driving intervals.

  325. Rita Brundage

    This is the best timer I’ve ever bought! It’s accurate, easy to use, and has a “beep” that can be adjusted for loudness…at maximum volume, it sounds like big truck backing up! It can be heard easily from another room or if you have a sleeper who sleeps through alarms, you can be sure this will wake them up!

  326. Ron W.

    The timer works great and is easy to use. I only have two minor issues;
    1. the volume is extremely loud, even on it’s lowest setting.
    2. It would have been nice if the batteries were rechargeable.
    Otherwise I love the large numbers, back lit screen and ease of use.

  327. tom

    I have but one complaint. The alarm is piercing. If you are asleep you will be traumatized by the stabbing racket it makes. It will send your heart into overdrive.

  328. JD

    As others have noted, the ThermoPro has a very loud beep when it goes off. I can easily hear it from the other room. I find it a very useful tool. It’s very handy to be able to set myself a timer that will remind me of an exact time so I don’t miss whatever it is I need to remember. It’s very well made, great quality, a purchase I’m glad I made.

  329. Foxfooted

    Easy to use. I can program it for as long as I need to bake or cook anything. Timer is loud enough to hear all over the house. That’s good, cause what else is a timer for really? You can change the sound level for whatever makes you happy though. I have it mid level. Easy to program. I didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to make it work. Lights up and has pretty big display. It’s a good timer.

  330. Townie

    I wanted loud, but not so loud that it’s unnerving for me and my pets. Also, in having to either push the button repeatedly to increase minutes or hold the button down to increase them rapidly, I overshot the mark. There seems to be no way to backtrack to reduce the number of minutes when you’ve added too many.

    I’m keeping it mainly because there aren’t many good options, and it does work.

  331. Tom

    I recently purchased this handy timer and wrote a review. Since I discovered I was constantly taking it from the kitchen to the bathroom, I just purchased this clock/timer again … and will probably get a third one to add to my camping gear equipment.

    I really like the large back-lit display.

  332. Robert Kippley

    The beep is so loud that it hurts my dog’s ears. I have tried numerous times to adjust it according to instructions, but it is stuck on loud. I don’t use it anymore.

  333. Don

    I now have 3 different Therm^Pro products and they are all very very good, excellent quality! The indoor/outdoor temperature gauge, instant read thermometer, and 2 of these timers. My wish list would be that this include a ‘simultaneous’ count-up and count-down timers. You can only do 1 or the other at the same time,,,, maybe but I do not think this is possible. Otherwise simplicity at its finest 🙂 🙂 Keep up with the excellent products.

  334. David Venne

    Pros: Easy to use, strong magnets keep it securely on the refrigerator, good backlight, and it’s nice that it shows you how much time has passed since a missed alarm.

    Cons: At first it seemed a little loud, even on the low volume setting. Some tape helped bring it down to the level we wanted. Even after the tape mod it’s loud enough to hear from almost anywhere in the house, which is just what we wanted.

  335. D&A

    Easy to use. Large numbers. Stays in place, doesn’t wobble when pressing buttons. The beep has three settings and it’s loud even on the lowest setting. I like that it goes back to your original set time. It also has a clock mode if you want to use it as one. Overall great product. ThermaPro makes great products. You will not be disappointed.

  336. James T

    I like the loud volume when the timer goes off. I can hear it 15 feet away in the kitchen. It calls my attention to something I’m boiling on the stove & is the main reason I brought this timer. The only disappointment is that it is a single alarm timer. I’m looking to buy a duel timer which is more practical.

  337. Paul M. Kankula

    This has to be one of the finest timer engineering examples that you can find, if, your hard of hearing..! When you press the start button, you have to have normal hearing in order to hear its beep that indicates the timer has actually started. However, when the alarm goes off, the high & very-high volume settings can be heard by someone who is hearing impaired without any problem. Even the extremely hard of hearing — it’s like a smoke detector’s volume.

  338. Vicki L. Reynolds

    Great timer and a super price considering all the options. I purchased this timer to use as a cooking timer with my new propane stove which does not have any clock or timer functions. It has a big display, is easy to read, has a terrific back light, and bonus I did not even know until setting it up — it functions as a clock when not in timer mode!! I especially like how loud it is – I can be in one end of my house, 4 or 5 rooms away and can still here it going off!

  339. Dustin Burt

    We recently purchased a stove without a built in clock or timer. I has no idea how much I glanced at that clock until it was gone. This was a great replacement. My biggest fear was the heat from the stove top and oven melting the plastic. Rest easy, this timer can withstand the heat. I did not have to read the manual because the controls were so easy to use.

    My only complaint is the lack of the ability to leave the back light on. I realize that this would limit the battery life. A trade I am wiling to make. Still, months later the batteries are still going strong without needing a replacement.

  340. J. L. Mcclure

    This is the perfect kitchen timer for me, accurate, easy to use, easy to read, and—regardless of what others say—not too loud on the lowest volume setting. Perhaps those who have complained that it is not easy to use or too loud haven’t read the instructions or taken the time to learn that it has several volume settings. Personally, I love it and use it every day. I use it for steeping my tea, for timing canning processes, hard boiled eggs, baking, and everything else in the kitchen.

  341. Smalltown Baker

    They seem to be heavy duty, but not exactly user friendly. And the volume ranges from silent to loud to extremely loud no in between. I do like that once you go past your your timer it continues to count that is a wonderful feature especially because I bought them for my children as electronic timers. . I would have easily looked past my little complaints if it had been just a few dollars cheaper. Upon receiving it and using it I’m not convinced it is worth the money but that’s just me. It is a very nice timer that works very well. If you’re okay with the price I don’t think you will be disappointed!

  342. John C.

    I got tired of dealing with other cheap timers that weren’t very durable, and would turn off by themselves if you just tapped them. Until I found this one, this is the best overall kitchen timer I have dealt with so far. However in my opinion it has one very big flaw that the other timers didn’t have, and the other reviewers have stated. It was designed way too loud especially on the lowest volume setting. Despite what I hoped, it quite literally is a fire alarm. So seeing how I wasn’t going to have my cake and eat it too, I decided to sound dampen it while on the lowest volume setting with 4 small cotton balls. I sandwiched them in between the flip open stand and the timer including over the beeper area. I then taped over it all on the bottom part of the timer, keeping the cotton balls compressed and stand tight on them with some strong clear tape. It stays magnetized just enough to stay on the fridge, but the sound is now doable. Weird fix, but it was easy and it worked. If your willing to sound dampen it, I would recommend it, otherwise you will have to keep looking for a good timer.

  343. AmazonRainforests MakeClouds

    Purchased 2 of these but at different times. The first one is 5 stars, awesome. Havent figured out all of the features or hows but its great already. The second one is 2 stars, unpleasant. The thing is this seems like a settings difference and different people would probably invert the ratings. So the difference between the two I ordered is that the first one I can leave its volume set to max (click round button on back multiple times and leave it) but when there is no key beep to speak of (or fairly quiet one) so when setting the alarm you do not go deaf (or alternativley if you are hard of hearing you dont hear a beep every time you press a key). With the second one if I leave the volume set to max then each key press generates a beep at FULL Volume which is deafening when you have to press 10’s of keys to get to your desired ring time. This is very very anoying but if i was hearing impaired I might like it. So the complaint i have is that the key beep volume should be settable (which it very well might be but i havent read up on it yet). I am really hoping its a setting that I havent learned yet instead of a firmware change. It kind of acts like the newer one has a much smaller load resistance for keys. This may or may not be a thing but its what it remind me of. I am still hoping that it is a setting that I will find if I read the directions or press enough buttons to find. Its a good timer but it really depends on your use case and your needs.

  344. Bea

    A little hard to set up. Read the directions! It doesn’t work like others. Volume is extremely loud. I’m using it mostly for a count up timer, so I’ve turned the volume off. As others have said even on the lowest volume every press of the button is a loud sharp annoying beep. I don’t think I’d use it for a kitchen timer but for my purposes it will be fine. I like the touch back light. It’s nice and solid,, not flimsy like some of the others. Resetting the timer to zero is a little weird, but I found if I put my finger over all the buttons indicated in the directions I can clear it quickly.

  345. Kiddoka

    The product is low priced for digital timer, has the basic features required (sticks well to frig, has kickstand, display is backlite, counts down, counts up and is also a clock), easy to use and appears to be well made. I haven’t had it long enough to evaluate its robustness or longevity. My initial impression however, I would recommend it. Given the caveat that you wanted a loud alarm. There are three levels of loudness: Loud (busy kitchen with a lot of activity), Very Loud (in the next room watching TV) and Extremely LOUD (died and need a wake up call). It may not be for everyone, but it is a defining feature that I wanted.

  346. GLT

    Great product with only one personal problem. Even at the lowest setting above off, the alarm is loud. That’s as it should be. I suffer from sound sensitivity and wish it were a bit more quiet OR had more than 4 settings for the speaker (‘barely hear it’ would be nice for me), but then it wouldn’t work for most people. Great if you’re not in the kitchen. Repeat to last setting on ‘stop the alarm’, which is handy for multi-batch baking. The backlight (nice and bright backlight) button works even if you’re just near it, which with floured fingers is a good plus. VERY EASY TO SEE AND READ. i LIKE IT.

  347. beadygirl

    Didn’t remember that this also had a clock function (which I would never use) but my husband (70+ & hard of hearing in both ears) really likes this timer because…the digital numbers are large (maybe an inch high), lighted background and has volume adjustment for the timer beeper. I set this on the loudest setting. He was using it tonight and, when it went off he was right next to it and commented, “well, I can hear this one”! The first timer he can actually hear when he’s more than 20 feet away from it. Thank goodness! Would buy it again just because of the volume adjustment feature.

  348. M. B. Hawkins

    I’m very pleased with this timer. I was looking for a timer that had an ‘Hour’ button as well as ‘Minutes’ and ‘Seconds’ — and I needed to be able to hear it from another room (I’m hearing impaired). This baby nails it on all counts. It’s easily as loud as the smoke detectors in my apartment (but has a volume control so you can tone it down to your liking). Plus it’s easy to read. And if you’re in the dark, you just touch the top frame — and the dial lights up. It has two small magnets on the back which hold it well to my stove hood, or there’s a little easel stand on the back if you want to set it on the counter. It does everything it’s supposed to do — and does it well.

  349. Happily Retired

    This clock/timer has a highly legible LCD display that illuminates for 10 seconds with any button press. The alarm tone is distinctive and can be set to 3 different volume levels (loud, louder, extremely loud) or muted. The magnet is extremely strong and the device can easily be controlled with one finger while attached to a ferrous metal surface without worry about tilting, slipping, or falling off. My preference would be have the option to mute the beep accompanying any setting button press regardless of the volume selected for the alarm. The only way to mute the setting button press beep is to cycle through the volume settings (which produce their own beeps), select the mute setting, set the alarm, and then re-set the desired alarm volume. However, given the price, this device is a good value.

  350. Marcia K

    This is an excellent timer/clock. It is exactly what I wanted. It is very easy to use and has a great display that is easy to see. I would have given it 5 stars, but it is SO LOUD!! The volume is adjustable, but is almost unbearable even at the lowest setting. The manufacturer should really do something about that. It would greatly improve the product!

  351. J. M. Nelson

    Excellent timer with settings up to 99:99:99 in 00:00:01 intervals. Unfortunately, it has only one “voice” with three volume settings measuring 85dB, 94dB, 106dB. For those unfamiliar with the dB unit, 3dB change represents a doubling or halving of sound volume, and normal room conversation is nominally 72dB. An alarm at 70dB would be easily noticed in most settings, and options for 70dB, 76dB, and 82dB would be more than adequate for most any healthy environment. This device ranges from loud, to irritating, to almost damaging.

    Update July 2020.
    Just received my third unit, which has confirmed that signal volume levels are partially determined by battery and partially determined by internal variations. Still like it, but wish the low volume setting was less reflective of battery level. In addition, included batteries seems to be running down faster than I had expected. Still, it has lots of timing options for the price. I’d buy again.

  352. Dan Y

    I have a Made In China wall mounted microwave oven, this thing will beep 4 times real loud when heating is done, then continues to beep every 30 seconds until you finally open the door… so ‘loud beep PTSD’ is my thing. When I got this ‘timer’ I had seen somewhere some person showed how to open up the case to expose the circuit board. I only use this timer to check the run time of my rc truck, so I have no need for a beeper. Here’s what I did to silence mine, caution there’s no going back once you do this, do this at your own risk.:
    1) Opened up the rear stand part. Once open, you will see two small philips head screws, I removed the screws…
    2) I Separated the case from it’s center line carefully. Once you get it open, you will see two thin wires dangling across to the other case section.
    3) * Here’s the critical part, no more beeper ever again after this… cut with a pair of scissors close to the solder joint on the circuit board (remove batteries first) where those two wires from the beeper/ Piezoelectric Disk is, then cut the wires totally off from the beeper on the case. voila. No more beeper ever again.
    Everything else still works, I re-installed the two AAA ( included) and set the clock, and used the timer for timing my rc truck’s runtime per battery. Great display for the older eyes. Love it… when it’s silent…
    * This may void your ‘warranty’ but I’ll take my hearing health over any waranty.

  353. Gene P. Louie

    My wife and I purchased +20 various timers in the past 25 years. She used them for timing special ed reading and math tests. I needed them for UVB treatments for my psoriasis of the palm and feet, cooking, reminders, and alarm. The models varied from the expensive WESTBEND ($30+) to Chinese-made no names ($5). The best was the former – the old models in the 1980s. However, current changes and cheap components rendered it a poor buy.
    The Therm Pro is the successor to the king. At the moment, it is the best. Here are the “good” and “bad.”
    1. PRICE: $11 is cheap.
    2. FEATURES: The window is huge. So, the LED numbers are readable and clear. Operating the unit is not as intuitive as the WESTBEND. After consulting with the user manual, it is not a problem. There is a backlight; volume control has four loudness settings; four tiny rubber pads in the back prevent slippage; and the power source employs cheap AAA batteries. The alarm is loud, enough to hear through doors, flooring, and 50′ away.
    3. WARRANTY: One year is standard. However, the warranty is extended to three years after website registration.
    4. 10% DISCOUNT CERTIFICATE: This is for a future purchase.
    1. Two small magnets are not strong enough to hold the timer on the refrigerator door.
    2. Instead of a hard plastic body, use hard rubber. This will guard against accidental drops and make the device water resistant.

  354. Beejay

    I would have given it a 5 except for one “flaw”. If you go past the time you want, let’s say you need 10 minutes and you accidentally hit 11 minutes, you have to clear the timer and start over. You can’t back it down one minute. That’s fine for 10 minutes, but if need 50 minutes, and have to start over, it’s a hassle. The timer is very accurate. The alarm is loud so I can hear it in another room, the back light is a great feature, the magnet is heavy enough and it stays put on our fridge. The design is nice and the numbers are very large. It’s easy to use and I would buy it again if I needed another.

  355. Brian

    I purchased on of these for my mother. After I used hers, i purchased one for myself.

    It is LOUD. Id does kind of remind me of the tone/pitch of a household smoke detector.

    The backlight is really cool and easy to activate by just placing your finger over the lightbulb graphic.
    It is not actually a button (doesn’t move) but it detects if your finger is there and the backlight comes on for a few seconds.

    Did I mention this is LOUD. It has three volume settings, in a normal house, you will use the lowest setting. If you use it outdoors or in a really large open area (like a pole barn) you will like the loud volume.

    It is surprisingly well engineered and has quality recessed magnets.

  356. Steve-o

    This is not only a clock, but it’s also a timer. You can start from 0 and use it as a timer counting up, or you can preset a time and let if count down. The volume can really get up there. My wife just walked in from across the house and asked me what the “beeps” were. Once it goes to zero on a count down, it will continue to let you know how far past “0” you went. The display lights up when you touch the “light bulb” on the front, and the back has a flip-out to let it stand up like a picture frame. This is perfect for me as I work from home and need to keep up with my hours. It also has two magnets on the back so you can place it on medal objects.

  357. D. J. Stone

    I ordered this and received it the next day. It’s easy to set and use, and even has a clock when you’re not using the timer. Only one downside: Sweet Jesus, the alarm is L-O-U-D. I mean incredibly loud. Stupid loud. It has 3 settings, and even the lowest level sounds like a smoke alarm going off right next to your head. I literally put a piece of Gorilla tape over the alarm port to quiet it down some. It’s still really loud, but I can put up with it. I can’t imagine anyone needing the 2nd or 3rd level unless you wanted to hear it go off while you’re still at work, or you’re cooking on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. If you buy one, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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Q: Does this have a clock and date feature?
A: No, it does not.

Q: How do I turn off the timer?
A: Remove the batteries.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: 3 Years

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: No, it is not.

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