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ThermoPro TP07

(201 customer reviews)

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Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

  • Smart backlit screen】: BBQ thermometer has 3 backlight colors to provide a visual indication on how close your meat is to being cooked to perfection. Once perfectly cooked, the unit will beep and flash to alert you that the meat has reached its desired temp.
  • Hands-free design】: Wireless digital kitchen thermometer has a range of up to 300 feet, easily monitor your food in your living room or even longer distances like your backyard, enabling you to track your cook with ease while handling other tasks.
  • Preset temperature settings】: Wireless Cooking thermometer is programmed with preset temperatures for various doneness levels recommended by USDA. All Preprogrammed Temperatures can be reprogrammed to set cooking temperatures to suit your personal taste.
  • Simple setup】: Transmitter and Receiver are pre-synchronized at the manufacturing facility, no synchronization/pair required once your cooking meat thermometer is received. Simply insert batteries included in the package contents and the units are ready for use.
  • Timer mode】: Digital kitchen timer features countdown and countup ability, up to 23 hours, 59 minutes. Monitor all dishes during your meal preparation including those timed vegetable cooks!
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ThermoPro – Cook Like A Pro Every Time!

TP-07 Digital Wireless Thermometer is a perfect choice to accurately monitor your meat remotely. Stop going back and forth from indoors to outdoors to check up on your meat, and instead monitor it from 300 feet away! This wireless meat thermometer doesn’t just have an alarm, it also has a visual indication with the 3 different backlight colors to keep you aware of your meats’ progress.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Digital Cooking Thermometer Receiver
  • 1 x Digital Thermometer Transmitter
  • 1 x Food/BBQ Temperature Probe
  • 4 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x Manual
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Smart Backlight Display

Backlight color will change on LCD display as the meat gets closer to being cooked to perfection. This provides you with a visual indicator and allows you get ready to take the meat off at that mouthwatering doneness. With just a quick glance at the receiver, you’ll stay informed on how close your meat is to done.

8 Meat Presets and 5 Doneness Presets

Programmed with 8 different meat presets: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Ground Beef, Veal, Lamb, Fish and Poultry. Coupled with 5 Doneness Presets, you’ll never have to look up or try to remember the exact temperature for Medium Rare Beef.

Countup & Countdown Timer

No need to set or purchase another timer to keep track of your side dishes. The TP07 will keep track of all your vegetable dishes with the count up/countdown timer while still monitoring your meat temperature.

201 reviews for ThermoPro TP07

  1. Brent Bunch (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a pellet grill. I had the choice of a standard model with 2 built in meat probes or the deluxe one with wireless remote readout meat probes . The price difference was a whopping $250. My $30 TP07s wireless probe lets me view the meat temperatures from inside my home. This is especially nice when it is below freezing outside or when I’m watching the Olympics on TV. I have used Therm Pro meat thermometers ever since I graduated from Chef school years ago. Good stuff.

  2. Eldon Payne

    My Therm Pro TP-07 turns on to show a temperature of 117Deg F and does not change to the room temperature when the probe is plugged in. Is there a way to recalibrate the unit?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this issue.

  3. Eldon Payne

    How can I recalibrate the unit?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the probes of this device cannot be recalibrated.

      If you are experiencing accuracy issues, please contact our service team at

  4. Roger Kipwell

    I’m really impressed. This device is very easy to use. I’m very impressed by the quality and speed of customer service. I needed a new temp probe and one was on its way to me in a day or two.

  5. John McGregor

    I had one Thermopro and found it excellent when grilling so I bought another one for the cottage. Recently I noticed that the readings were out about 15 F. Contacted Thermopro and they promised to send me a replacement. Excellent service and an excellent product

  6. John

    Do any of the thermopro thermometers permit time/temperature data to be downloaded? In, say, a .txt or .csv file? thanks

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, it is not possible to extract or download information or data from any of our devices or apps at this time.

  7. Lynn

    Can this be used to check temperature of oven?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, the TP07 probe can be used to measure/check the temperature of an oven.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, the probe of the TP07 device can be used to measure/check the temperature of an oven.

  8. Christopher Sholes

    great thermometer. Accurate and allows you to travel around with remote while you cook. a must have for the serious BBQ chef. works great for steaks as well as long low and slow smoker.

  9. Rodger Wilis

    Best thing I ever bought. This thermometer works great anywhere in my house and is very accurate this is a must for anyone that has a grill

  10. Sheila Yeatman

    This thing is the BOMB!!! It works great rain or shine and even in cold temps. Now I don’t have to walk outside to check the temp of the meat on the grill. While that may sound lazy, it gets old walking out to check the meat when your grilling for 18 hrs. Its perfect for all types of meat and comes with great preset temps for different meats. You can also set your own temps if you like. I love this thing and will be buying more for my family members and myself, cause well we love to grill different meats at the same time!

  11. Della Aquino

    I used it for the first time this week cooking chicken in the oven and it worked just as it was supposed to.

  12. Jeffrey Bazar

    Used first for a Luau style pit roast, but now I use it in the oven, for making yogurt, watching stews, all sorts of things. Super handy with the remote!

  13. Adalberto Nicoletta

    I bought another one of these as a gift because I enjoyed mine so much. I use it some in the kitchen, but primarily for grilling and smoking. It is much more accurate than the thermometers that came on my smoker and bbq grill. It’s also got a handy remote that’s got pretty good range. When I smoke a brisket overnight, I’m able to bring the remote with me upstairs and not lose connection

  14. Luz Honberger

    Didn’t have to stand right at the food while cooking.

  15. Douglas Ence

    Great product with AWESOME customer service!

  16. Blake Lepper

    Worked for a while, then the thermometer stopped syncing with the remote display, and recently the probe failed. I had this for 19 months. After I contacted the seller with my issue, they sent me a replacement immediately. Excellent service.

  17. Geraldo Sant

    Simple to use as well.

  18. Verna Crichlow

    Excellent product. Get the perfect done-ness every time.

  19. Reyes Layel

    Works great. Super product.

  20. Lavon Radell

    I love this wireless meat thermometer. Use it mostly when I am cooking on or in the grill and it makes me much more confident that the food is cooked right.

  21. Max Nichell

    Used for the first time yesterday. Worked great. Very easy to use. Completely satisfied.

  22. Robyn Beston

    I give theThernoPro a 5 star rating. I like the wireless feature and the temperature setting features, it is easiness to use and setup. it is really great for outside grilling.

  23. Edgardo Cunnigham

    Great job – really nice to barbecue and tell the temperatures with out constantly sticking a meat thermometer – great service – great product

  24. Dona Deubler

    We used it for a Prime Rib roast and it worked great. We are very happy with our purchase!!! Love it

  25. Roosevelt Smedes

    Works great. had one probe go out after about 4 uses. The company sent a new probe free with in a week.Has been working great since.good service

  26. Elizebeth Gaffigan

    the remote digital very happy with it,works well.

  27. Bradley Silvester

    Exactly as described, great product! Work well

  28. See Athey

    That unit connects wirelessly to the main unit you can clip to your belt or set down next to you. It will show you the probe temperature and beep when the meat reaches the set temperature.Works great,

  29. Tod Gendusa

    Great thermometer. I cook something on my smoker almost every weekend and this thermometer is so far accurate and reliable.

  30. Kimberli Talor

    This has made BBQing so easy and consistently cooked the food perfectly! High quality, easy operation and perfect size to find easily but not too large to cause a clutter. Great units!

  31. Robbie Basemore

    So far this thermometer works great.

  32. Cordie Elkind

    I picked this out for my mom for her birthday. She is excited to use it over the summer. She really liked the piece she could have with her.

  33. Kermit Hunsaker

    works great,durable and easy to use

  34. April Shearn

    Love all the functions, and the accuracy.portable

  35. Winfred Pilla

    Good range, easy to read screen, and easy to program.Works very good.

  36. Berry Youngers

    works great and is very convenient over it

  37. Lucien Tacderen

    Incredible product.

  38. Devorah Knowles

    The range was also impressive between units, I brought the monitor to the opposite end of the house and it still stayed in contact with the thermometer. works great.

  39. Blake Housner

    The best one I have owned thus far. The temperature display on the probe unit is a nice touch and responds instantly. You do not have to carry the main unit with you if you choose not to. So far a great product! Love it very much

  40. Marni Utterback

    This my second meat thermometer from thermistor and they have both been good. Would still be using my first one had I not gotten it too close to the grill and meted it. Even then it worked for almost a year afterwards. Love the newer one, this TP-07, works pretty much the same, but the pairing of the sensor and the remote is so simple. I also love the color changing of the remote, it is makes for a quick at-a-glance check on how close we are to being done.

  41. Gaylord Goehringer

    Just used it in my smoker. I got way more distance on this remote than on the one the smoker came with. Two thumbs up

  42. Alden Wenning

    I just used our new ThermoPro wireless digital cooking thermometer forthe first time. It worked great. The instructions were easy to follow. All the parts are well made. The screens are easy to read.

  43. Reanna Pacitti

    Only used it once but so far so good. I like the option of the remote monitor.

  44. Kami Garibai

    It looks real easy to work. I have not use it yet.

  45. Duncan Mccally

    This unit has been incredible and should be a must have kitchen tool for every kitchen. Works great in BBQ and Oven.

  46. Efrain Maloy

    it is portable, versatile and accurate. Work great

  47. Antonio Silleman

    Used a handful of times in different applications – oven, BBQ – and with different meats.Seems reliable, remote and sensor sync quickly so there is no delay in temperature reading.Blue/green/red system is more useful than the actual temperature. Most meats are "done" 10 degrees before the sensor changes, and will continue to cook after removed from heat, so I pay more attention to the green light than the temp.Purchased for 40% off… That is the appropriate price range.

  48. Gaynell Gillingham

    Use it all the time. Works awesome.

  49. Evan Muto

    Have not used it much yet but so far so good

  50. Merlin Beckey

    Bought this as a gift for friend. Works perfect! They also have fantastic customer service. Would buy again!

  51. Madalyn Filipski

    I am now cooking the perfect medium rare roasts in the oven and steaks on the BBQ. It works perfectly and I never have to leave my armchair until it tells me that the meat is done.

  52. Wilbur Wrotten

    I ordered a wireless thermometer in the past which was only a few dollars less than this sale, and it was complete junk in comparison. But this is great. Very happy with the product and It is results. I recommend this product.

  53. Gonzalo Lendon

    Perfect tool for beginner or expert griller

  54. Senaida Ronnie

    Easy to use & it seems to be accurate. I recommend this product.

  55. Roselle Zimmel

    I have only had a chance to use this three times, it works wonderfully! Chicken was moist; ribs were moist and tender; and brisque came out of smoker, just as it reached its tender, moist best!

  56. Adam Bersaw

    Works as advertised. You need to be sure you get the probe right in the center and then figure out the right time to flip it over.

  57. Tomas Borah

    Thermometer works very well. The hanger has let go from the handle of the smoker.

  58. Matilde Evanchalk

    Good product. fast shipping and an excellent tool for that perfect meal.

  59. Alissa Libel

    Great product that works well.Easy to use

  60. Kerry Frentzel

    The probe is great that I can take the main into the house and still see temps on meats smoking.

  61. Antony Rinnert

    Great product, once you set the meat, your taste, and walk away, using the other as pager or carry around until the screen turns RED while it beeps letting you know its done. Love it

  62. Jasmin Vandelaare

    Received this product sooner than I thought. Got an e-mail to make sure everything got there and to thanks me for purchasing the product. Excellent customer service.

  63. Angelina Meneley

    Works great…used it for the first time on inch and a half pork chops. They were cooked to perfection. Came ready to go- no programming was required. Easy to use and very accurate!

  64. Fredric Hanes

    Works great, The probe needs to be pushed firmly in place or it will beep continuously.

  65. Tommie Siracusa

    I have used this product at least 10 times in the last month, both to spot check chicken as well as leaving it in a pork butt for 6 hours while it cooked. The unit has functioned flawlessly. I am able to smoke/cook foods outside while staying warm inside (it is been snowy here of late) with the wireless transmitter. I would definitely purchase this item again.

  66. Octavia Kenniston

    cooked a turkey to perfection on the bbq with this gizmo. worked like a charm!

  67. Maryln Byrom

    It works well and is easy to clean. Probe is quite sturdy.

  68. Riley Sala

    Very happy with the probe – and its lifetime warranty.

  69. Alton Arnholtz

    Really nice thermometer. Probe is quite sturdy. Have not had any issues with connectivity.

  70. Eddie Coples

    Great product!!! easy to use

  71. Tamika Genna

    Use it many times. Works awesome.

  72. Ulysses Bookman

    good product ,good price !!! I have recommend this product to coworkers and they have since told me how much they are enjoying their ThermoPro product.

  73. Josh Mcconnell

    Easy to use!

  74. Stephnie Baell

    This product was great for my first use of it with bbqing chicken. I did not read the instructions before I used it, so that means It is just that easy to use. I-Tronics has followed up with a couple of emails from the Director of Customer Service with helpful tips and even offered a better warranty than listed in the manual. "Lifetime Replacement Probe Warranty and all our units include a 5-Year Replacement Warranty.

  75. Carmelina Berrigan

    Ordered it a couple years ago and used occasionally (not a professional). Great tool and remote. The probe stopped working recently and contacted the manufacturer. They sent a replacement. Works fine now. Good service

  76. Enoch Looi

    Works great. I tested the range to be over 200 feet. Nice long metal shielded probe. Pairing the remote unit to the probe is very easy and does it automatically. Temperature scales for all types of meat and fish. For the money; this is a great buy.

  77. Joel Ingemi

    Love having the remote so I do not have to keep walking over to check the temperature. Made a Prime Rib that came out perfect using this product. Highly recommend it.

  78. Tasha Prosperie

    Excellent product. It is by far the best probe I have ever used.

  79. Herlinda Brodish

    Easy to use works great

  80. Ernesto Koscielak

    Works great!! Will buy one as a gift for friend.

  81. Bryan Cortner

    Great, easy to program.

  82. Katharine Parle

    This is my fourth such device from this company, one for a gift, two for my homes, one (this one) a warranty replacement. Outstanding quality and customer service.

  83. Arlen Augustin

    This has been the best kitchen purchase of my past two years! Easy to use, straightforward to read….awesome. I would buy again if I had two ovens!

  84. Orville Bardoner

    grreat product.

  85. Marlen Angst

    Worked well has a great range!

  86. Angelita Winesett

    Great quality and accurately displays the temperature.

  87. Darnell Gillentine

    Works Great Fast Delivery Worth The buy !

  88. Christian Brodowski

    The ThermoPro TP-07 is an excellent buy for the money. I have used it with my grill and love that i do not have to keep opening the door and letting the heat out to check the meat temp.

  89. Martina Palhegyi

    do not know why the one person said it was cheap construction because it certainly is not! It is extremely well made and rugged. I have used it in my oven as well as my smoker which can be very temperamental when it comes to controlling temperature. I really like the added feature of the window that changes colour as you approach your set temperature and goes red if you exceed. Nice touch! The support for it is outstanding. The people that built this are a small company and have really done their homework to get it right the first time. I have used it from Brisket to sausages and everything in between and it works flawlessly. Strongly recommend it especially to anyone that is smoking or BBQing large chunks of meat where internal temperature is critical.

  90. Janet Lowden

    Great product that works well.

  91. Shon Frese

    Good price, easy to use, accurate. Perfect for my money.I highly recommend!

  92. Alberto Schlechten

    I have used the probe twice so far. I have to say that I am completely satisfied with it is operation. Pairing out if the box was a great feature. I would most certainly recommend this product. My steaks we are done to perfection.

  93. Keli Gassman

    Works Great. It is by far the best probe I have ever used.

  94. Roxie Housler

    Used one time so far.. worked as it was supposed to. I will update if I have issues

  95. Andres Pensinger

    Very good product! Easy To work with! Great customer service

  96. Dudley Musty

    Great Product A

  97. Jessenia Skovlund

    Arrived quickly and works as expected. Was not going to buy wireless at first and could have therefore spent less, but glad I bought this. Seems well made.

  98. Janyce Cuevas

    I use this for grilling. This works well for what it does, however I wish it also included an option to also read the ambient temperature inside the grill itself. A lot of times, the temp gauge that is built in with grills is not very accurate or goes bad over time, so this feature would help ensure the food is cooking at the right temp.

  99. Porfirio Nearing

    For the price this works great We are using it all the time.

  100. Rey Sivic

    Delivery was quick, and this device works very well….perfect temperatures every time! love it

  101. Selene Delilli

    The rubber band around the device is clever because I dropped it a couple of times. Did some cold smoked salmon using this as a temp controller and have to admit best smoked salmon ever do not bother buying super expensive ones this works great and is super easy.

  102. Lupe Risner

    Bought this to use with my pellet grill for smoking meats. Has worked great the couple times I have used it and cleans up easily once finished.

  103. Virgilio Ahmann

    I bought 2 of these, one for my son and one for myself. We are very pleased with both of them. I had another from an other maunfacturer, the probes were junk and did not last more than 2 meals. Returned for refund.These work well, and are easy to use. The probs appear to be very robust and should stand up many barbecues. Thannk you for improving the quality of the meals I am serving.

  104. Cyrus Faraimo

    Works great. Good range with the wireless monitor. No need to spend lots of money on any high priced thermometer system. The cable is small and does not effect the seal of the gasket on my Green Egg.

  105. Eugena Strojny

    So far product works as advertised came really quick.

  106. Alida Lapuerta

    works great, best meat thermometer out there

  107. Dennis Mcduff

    Great thermometer and great company!

  108. Jed Pizzi

    Great customer service and these temp probes work well

  109. Jaqueline Kleve

    Great product and what a great company to deal with A . The personal e-mail was a nice touch!

  110. Sterling Mulzer

    Seems the company cares as they thanks your for business. Nice to see.Cheers

  111. Kermit Elliott

    This wireless remote meat thermometer is really nice to use on items in the oven or on the grill.

  112. Lizabeth Liano

    Works great for smoking my chickens. Highly recommend this thermometer.Very fast shipping. And great company to deal with. Thank you.

  113. Cassie Sugai

    Stay inside while you smoker does it is job out in the snow!

  114. Jewel Pelcher

    Just love this unit. No more guess work and works perfectly.

  115. Young Moulder

    I have used this 3 times so far since I got it (about 2 weeks ago from writting this) and I love it. Easy to turn on and off. Accurate temperature. I love that I can hang it on my grill and just carry the receiver with me

  116. Carlos Reich

    Product works great – sort of wish I had ordered dual probe – one for meat other for smoker – delivered even sooner than I expected. It is sturdy, its accurate and its intuitive to use.

  117. Alexis Liljedahl

    This wireless remote meat thermometer is really nice to use on items in the oven or on the grill. Having the remote allows me to keep track of the meat while doing other chores.

  118. Rueben Flori

    Perfect for the barbecue temperatures are right on the money love this product

  119. Bennett Chaffer

    Perfect thermometer

  120. Laila Sampey

    This purchase was as a gift for my colour blind friend that cant barbecue worth beans because he cant see any colour variations. I already have one and I have had three previous thermometers. i do not know why i thought I should frustrate myself again – but this one actually works, and it works well.

  121. Dakota Gayman

    Works great. Cooked 15 lbs of prime rib and it all turned out perfect using this fantastic thermometer! Fast shipping

  122. Quinn Oesterle

    My cooking has never been better since I purchased this product.

  123. Antone Panitz

    Great quality and easy to use.

  124. Rosita Kantola

    I love it just ordered another one

  125. Roosevelt Bier

    Very handy tool to have!!A little difficult to program, but well worth the small investment

  126. Rolf Kassem

    Easy to use. Ive used it with the grill, stove, and oven. Perfect every time. You have to get the probe in the exact center of the meat, not too close to one side. It does not have to be very deep necessarily. Once you get your placement mastered, then this is a life saver. I love it!

  127. Danelle Mildred

    So easy to use!Love the wireless monitor.

  128. Edgar Favalora

    Great product as advertised, and I have recommended to followers on Instagram.

  129. Theodore Sjolander

    Really like this so far. Very easy to use and the temperature readings match my instant read thermometer which I have always trusted. Remote temp reader is a great option to have

  130. Candie Matthews

    I bought this product prior to Canada thanksgiving to make sure I would smoke the Turkey to the correct internal temp. Product worked great.

  131. Ardell Hessing

    Works exactly as advertised. Does the same thing as more expensive thermometers. Fast reading

  132. Jarod Souder

    so far I have used it 2 times, accurateand works well

  133. Thomas Cumings

    I really did not expect much but the ThermoPro TP-07 remote digital thermometer amazes me! All I have to do is stick the prob in the meat and go back inside and set the wireless remote for the type of meat and how I want it cooked.I can do whatever I want to do because the remote notifies me when the meat is done from up to 300 feet away!

  134. Alaine Allenbach

    Wrote to customer service and they shipped a free replacement. excellent product, excellent support, thank you 🙂

  135. Carol Muyres

    Works great. Remote temp reader is a great option to have. Never miss a temp, portable

  136. Buster Lestelle

    I am very happy with this products performance ! Ideal for doing yardwork , hanging at the neighbours , etc while cooking . Much better than cheaper remotes , I have tried 2 other models that actually were not that much cheaper ( $10-$15 ish ) . Was also pleasantly surprised by the vendor ( I-Tronics ) .

  137. Dominic Dillahunty

    Works great easy to use. Having a remote with alarm is nice.

  138. Lovetta Mccallun

    Very happy with this wireless thermometer. Bought it thinking it would be great for BBQing in the summer but have been using it as my oven thermometer for roasts, chicken etc. Super easy to use and I love the "taste" function for perfectly cooked food.

  139. Kecia Steagall

    Great buy and good price, could not be more happy. Every good meat slinger needs one of these for ease and effectiveness.Definitely recommend this product

  140. Dick Devot

    I do not know if this product is good or not……bought it for a Christmas gift. Hope it is okay IF NOT will certainly let you know.

  141. Scotty Chapnick

    I bought this for my day for his birthday! He grills almost every weekend! He ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!! What he loves the most is, he can be anywhere, in the yard,garage or even the house and still know the temp. of the meat!! Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a gift for hubby!!

  142. Pasty Salassi

    Great thermometer. After some time the probe started showing bad readings.

  143. Issac Mcgarrity

    works well. Remote monitoring is a bonus! Used it twice and no issues so far.

  144. Walton Peredz

    it is an awesome product, if your not a very good cook on the grill

  145. Angla Cimiano

    Great product. Accurate to the degree. Fast shipping and great customer service.

  146. Lily Odonnel

    We love this item and it works great in our oven

  147. Ferdinand Oropeza

    Unbelievable fast delivery. At our door in less than 24 hours. Great product. Very easy to use. Every kitchen needs one.

  148. Carroll Teach

    We bought this thermo-pro item to use in our new smoker. This product was easy to start up and use. So far we have used it many time and it is worked great. Hopefully it will keep on working as it is for quite sometime.

  149. Virgen Budz

    Delivery was great! The item looks good. It is for a Christmas present so had not been used yet.

  150. Solomon Faster

    The remoteis a verty convenient feature and works quite well. I would recommend

  151. Troy Boule

    Easy to set up, very accurate.

  152. Elsie Hamdn

    great thermometer for the price, cant go wrong!

  153. Contessa Chyle

    Great features. Great price

  154. Brian Legnon

    Purchased this as a Christmas gift to replace a thermometer unit my parents had used for many years which had stopped working just days before the huge annual family Christmas dinner. Big smiles in the morning when unwrapping it under the tree and after about 5 minutes reading the manual, we were off to the kitchen to place the thing in our 28 pound turkey already cooking for our big dinner. Worked beautifully. Easy for even my 75 year old parents to use and yielded a perfectly cooked, moist and delicious turkey for our 34 guests to enjoy at this year is family feast. one needs to shut it off so the batteries do not run themselves down between uses. Otherwise, quick to set up, a snap to use, very accurate, and all around a great product! (Amazon shipping was super quick, as I have come to rely on, as well.)

  155. Eloy Boyan

    Works great, easy set up!

  156. Keitha Tosh

    Incredible value and worked great.Easy readings available and very accurate.Truly recommend tgis product.Great warrenty and customer care that follows after purchase.

  157. Melodee Wisenbaker

    Product works as advertised and was very easy to use. I cook with it every time,helpful

  158. Kirk Grout

    worked perfectly and very easy to use

  159. Mack Stade

    My wife absolutely loves it and so do I.

  160. Maxie Holtzen

    I use it mostly in my smoker but works great for regular oven use as well. Love love love!!

  161. Filiberto Koska

    Purchased this to use with a smoker. Works great and love being able to see the temp/time, etc without having to venture outside OR open the smoker and ruin the magic inside. Great product. Would highly recommend (and already have, in fact!)

  162. Lenard Kloppenburg

    Well made – works as advertised.

  163. Tresa Matthias

    AMAZING. I love this device. The wireless function works great and so many different functions.

  164. Tai Noens

    Works great. The long distance range is great for outdoor grilling. Would like to see a better display screen.

  165. Reinaldo Lutfy

    Quick delivery and nice product. Good service!

  166. Elmo Walzer

    I have only used this thermometer once to date, but it worked great. It has better range than my old one and I like the features better.

  167. Karena Cajas

    Nice little product. Does everything as advertised.

  168. Lonnie Freyre

    works great..really easy to use alot of hassel

  169. Coy Lipan

    the temperature reading and the guidance it gives you while cooking is great. Meat is always perfect using this.

  170. Terrence Elwell

    This design is great! The portable thermometer is very convenient. Fast shipping

  171. Adela Melder

    Use with my BGE and it works very well. Standing up to rough handling.

  172. Maryjo Thadison

    This thing works great. Easy to use

  173. Raymond Galam

    Works great! easy to setup, fast and accurate!

  174. Otis Cicoria

    This device frees me from having to keep looking in the oven to check doneness. I can tell when a roast stalls, and tell when it is ready. Nice long cable to reach out of oven.

  175. Garnett Politowski

    Works Great!!! Smoked beef was cooked to perfection. Not getting quite as good a range in the signal as they list. I am going to change the batteries that came with it to a name brand and see if that helps. But the temperature reading and the guidance it gives you while cooking is great. Meat is always perfect using this.

  176. Curtis Bramel

    works perfectly just a s advertised

  177. Arlie Hentges

    Just another amazing product from Thermopro, easy to setup, fast and accurate!

  178. Theo Latassa

    So easy to use and the timer goes with you no matter where you go!Very good purchase!

  179. Shemika Grossen

    Excellent quality, love the rubber surround, broke our last thermometer by dropping less than a foot. Range to remote was paramount in the decision.

  180. Kendrick Defrance

    This device came as advertised. Works great, is extremely convenient, and is accurate.We have used it for beef, pork loin, and chicken so far and every dish has turned out perfect.Thank you I Tronics!

  181. Shaunda Pauline

    Have not used it yet, Looks good, Will try it out on the barbecue for the first time one of these days.

  182. Adolfo Galardo

    Great product. Just bought a second one as a gift. Very pleased with both the quality and service.

  183. Chanell Stgermaine

    The unit was received as advertized, and so fast shipping.

  184. Gail Oney

    Awesome. Rometo great as advertised!

  185. Cristin Beedy

    Arrived quickly. Seems to pair properly. came already paired to remote.

  186. Johnson Lesuer

    Works exactly like advertised .

  187. Regena Wheelock

    Take the guessing work out and cook anything perfectly !!

  188. Brooks Gauna

    good product, Certainly helped to elevate my BBQ game!

  189. Albertha Posley

    Very happy with this unit. Very reasonably priced for the good quality. Nice features such as the color changing screen.

  190. Sergio Kedzierski

    Worked great, good range from the base to the remote. Was able to sit inside and easily check the temp on the meat on the grill.

  191. Glenna Royal

    we have not used this item yet. it was exactly as described.

  192. Elden Lucis


  193. Georgie Beaureguard

    Easy to use! Having the wireless remote has saved me quite a few trips up and down stairs between my home office and the kitchen. I am very happy with this purchase.

  194. Christoper Vashaw

    Bought as gifts, the folks we purchased them for really like them.

  195. Kandis Moad

    great product, make cooking easy now.

  196. Jesus Broxton

    Works great and very accurate. I have used it both with oven and in my smoker with no issues.

  197. Sherley Montgonery

    Only used once so far. I bought one a number of months ago, cooking great and have been very happy with it.

  198. Connie Heryford

    I have only used it a few times but It is simple to use, accurate and works as advertised.

  199. Johnnie Delavergne

    I use this in my pellet grill every time I cook. It is accurate.

  200. Blair Brau

    Great product. and I love the color is on the display.

  201. Melissa Gailes

    I bought the ThermoPro for my dad as a christmas present. We were confused as to how to use it and put the small plastic piece attached to the probe in the oven… oops, it melted. We contacted the company and they were very accommodating. They sent us a new piece and it works great! Definitely recommend this product.

  202. Delbert Abdullah

    great , easy to use!

  203. Elsie Jarrar

    Works very well! I bought this one as a gift for a friend. I am sure he will be happy with it.

  204. Augustine Gerardo

    It arrived as stated, good service!

  205. Christi Rager

    BBQ season is just starting, I have only used it a couple of times but so far so good.

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TP-07 Specification

Temperature Range

14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)


±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%

Sensor Type


Wire Probe

Total length: 47 inches (1200mm)

Probe length: 6 inches (155.5mm) 

Refresh rate

4 seconds

Transmission Range*


Wireless Technology

ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe




LCD, 1 9⁄16 Length x 1 3⁄8 Width inches (39.5 L x 34.5 W mm)


LCD, 1 Length x 1 3⁄16 Width inches(25.0L x 29.5W mm)



Unit Size



2 11⁄16 Length x 4 15⁄16 Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches

(68.0L x125.5W x 28.0H mm)


 2 11⁄16 Length x 3 5⁄8 Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches

(68.0L x 92.0W x 39.0H mm)




3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)


3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)

*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.


Question: Can i use the Thermopro TP07 to measure oil temperature on a deep fryer?

Answer:  Yes.

Question: Is it possible to set a minimum AND a maximum temperature?

Answer: No, the TP08 has this feature.

Question:  I’m a little confused on how the alarm works. The description on the item on the site says one feature is alarm, however in the manual there is nothing that shows how to set the alarm, just timer. it’s a bit confusing to me. please explain

Answer: Hello, The alarm is always active and will beep once your current temp reaches your set temp or if your timer expires.

Product Comparison

Product Info
thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

ThermoPro TP-09B Digital Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP09

ThermoPro TP08S

ThermoPro TP-829 Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP829

Price $29.99 $29.99 $19.99 $19.99 $39.99 $39.99 $48.59 $48.59
Availability In stock In stock In stock Out of stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature No No No -
High low temperature alarms High High Both Both
Lock function No No - -
Mobile app No No No No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes No Yes
Probe quantity 1 1 2 4
Range 300ft 300ft 300ft 1000ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes No Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof

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