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ThermoPro TP09

(111 customer reviews)

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Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

  • [300FT remote monitoring]: Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer Monitors internal temperature of meat from 300 feet away; receiver beeps when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature.
  • [9 Temp presets]: Digital Cooking Thermometer with preprogrammed temperatures include 9 types of meat and poultry; All Preset Temp can be reprogrammed to set temperatures to suit your personal taste.
  • [Wide temp range]: Grilling thermometer measures large temperature range from 16°F to 572°F (-9°C to 300°C) with high accuracy ±1.8°F/1°C.
  • [Long probe & Timer function]: Food thermometer with 6.5″ long Step-down probe. Probe and wire can withstand up to 716°F; Batteries Included. Count up and down timer for timed cooking, never worry about food burning.
  • [3 Year warranty]: Although the sensor probe is rigidly produced, after a long-time period of use, few units may experience incorrect temperature reading issue caused by improper use. We will provide you a brand-new sensor probe, free of charge!
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ThermoPro: Cook Like A Pro Every Time!

The ThermoPro TP-09 is a Wireless Meat Thermometer that allows for you to be mobile, while the cooking thermometer monitors your meat temperature with precision. With the belt clip, there’s no more back and forth to the oven, grill or smoker, just let the alarm warn you when the meat reachs your desired temp. If you’re an experienced cook, then set your temperature with our easy to use layout. If you’re new to the kitchen, then don’t worry as we have approved temperatures and doneness levels.


  • Temperature Range: 16°F to 572°F (-9°C to 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C)
  • Probe Length: 6.5″ food grade stainless steel probe Cable Length: 40″ stainless steel mesh cable
  • Remote Range: Up to 300 feet
  • Display Size: 1.3 x 1.3 inches (34 x 33 mm)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Meat, Food.
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Thermometer Receiver
  • 1 x Thermometer Transmitter
  • 1 x Temp Probe
  • 1 x Manual
  • 4 x AAA batteries

Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat (Poultry, Beef Well, Veal/Pork, Beef Medium, Ham, Beef Rare/Fish). No longer need to remember correct temperatures for different meat. Just cook with preset and professional temp!

Prefer your own desired temp? can also set it manually!

Heat-resistant & Accurate Probe

With a probe with a high accuracy of ±1.8°F/1°C, and a wide temperature range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C) plus a durable probe wire that can withstand up to 716°F (380°C), to allow you to enjoy any type of meat with the most delicious results.

Countup & Countdown Timer

No need to set or purchase another timer to keep track of your side dishes. The TP09 will keep track of all your vegetable dishes with the count up/countdown timer while still monitoring your meat temperature.

Flashlight for Night

Wireless meat thermometer with LCD display features a flashlight function, making cooking easier in dim light conditions and superbly simple to use.

111 reviews for ThermoPro TP09

  1. joeknapp1 (verified owner)

    Bought a portable pellet grill. It worked perfectly. It is nice to be in the house and know the temp of what I am cooking. Very accurate. I compared to a hand held thermometer I have. Very happy

  2. Jason culp

    If you buy this wireless thermometer, be ready to buy new probes for it on a regular basis. I’ve gone through two of them in less than one year of use. The last one didn’t even last through two uses.
    Other than that I think this is a great thermometer. It’s easy to use and it has a long range. The probes just don’t let very long at all.

  3. Eric Pelot

    Works great, but goes thru batteries like crazy!

  4. Garrett Mcgavock

    I’ve used this several times over the past month and it’s holding up great. Love the wireless functionality.

  5. Lyda Brasfield

    I don’t know how anyone can grill/smoke without a wireless temp gauge! I use this in my green egg, the oven, etc. Once I put the monitor in front of one of our security cameras so I could watch it on my smartphone while away from the house! It’s easy to use and is working well a year later.

  6. Cheryll Rodarte

    Excellent product. The different program modes make it easier to cook like a pro. I really like how accurate the temperature settings for taste. I would recommend this product because it is made by a great company and the price is unbeatable.

  7. Cameron Sumbera

    I do a lot of smoking and slow cooking. Bought one of these for my home in FL this past winter and loved it. Came north to CT home this summer and had to get one for here as well. well worth the price, love it.

  8. Minerva Beker

    Husband loves it as he smokes a lot of meats. Very accurate and the meat is perfectly done!

  9. Toney Majic

    I will never BBQ without this again!

  10. Christina H

    I wish I had gotten a chance to use the product. The features look great! It was more than 90 days past the purchase date before I used it the first time (it was a gift). The first time I tried to synchronize it, I noticed the receiving end of the connection where the probe plugs into the transmitter was loose, and it read LLL and then switched to 186 only seconds later (probe not in meat, just laying on table). Thankfully, the symptoms of a bad connection were included under the Helpful Hints section of the manual, so no headache there. I’m just disappointed that I didn’t notice earlier that the one I got didn’t have a durable connection. Do I rebuy and risk the chance of getting another broken one, or do I pick a different thermometer?

  11. Lenny Saam

    Use this when I am smoking meats. Wonderful not having to open the smoker and checking the temp. easy to read and to use.

  12. Wanda Trinklein

    I am very happy with this thermometer, only thing i wished was that it would sense smoker temp too, all in all though great product for price

  13. Edmond Kipps

    Purchased this and loved how my meals improved with an accurate reading. Prime rib in the oven and grilled chicken to perfection. Sadly it stopped working after a few months of use. After contacting customer service, I have a new unit and back cooking and baking with confidence. Love this unit.

  14. Tarah Longwell

    Nice Product, something my wife was extremely happy with. Would recommend this for anyone that loves grilling.

  15. Clayton Harig

    We used it. Worked great and price was right. The temperature was right on from 53F until it was done. The wire was in the full heat of the pit.

  16. Isabella Meeuwsen

    the item is easy to read and to use Small and easy to carry with you .

  17. Truman Wall

    Unit easy to operate and works well. Nice price.They should consider a longer connection cord, but other than that, a nice unit.

  18. Pansy Engessor

    The remote function is great so one does not have to be at the grill to know when the temperature is reached. Works as advertised!

  19. Lynn Glodich

    The best customer service on Amazon! Some time ago the probe stopped working. They immediately shipped me a brand new product. Blew past my expectations! I am a happy customer!

  20. Valery Molacek

    Accuracy, great

  21. Claudio Hanigan

    Using it this week. Did some steaks last weekend and a large pork roast earlier today on the grill – must say that I am very pleased with it both times. It took a little experimenting to get the probe in just the right place, not too difficult – then worked like a champ. Add to the fact the lifetime warranty on the probe and you can not go wrong especially since It is less than $20. Now just to see how well it holds up over time.

  22. Dorine Devonshire

    The first thermometer that I received was damaged in shipping, I contacted the company and they sent me out a new one right away, great customer service! This thermometer has many setting which are great and you can even program a temperature instead of going by programmed meat temperatures as most thermometers are.

  23. Loyd Mullinax

    I purchased this for my Grill and must say I put it through some serious tests the first time I used it. I cooked 2 whole beer can chickens, a slab of ribs and 3 steaks. After they were all reading the correct temperature I even used 2 other manual the thermometers to verify that the ThermoPro was accurate and it was spot on. For use on ANY Traeger or Electric grill ofor any kind I would highly recommend this product. Truly makes it, set it and forget it when using the Remote read out attachment.

  24. Doretta Glisan

    Although I received this in February I did not use until 6-14-17. The unit had stopped working after 6 hours in a brisket in my smoker. Worked fine for 6 hours. I thought the warranty, like many electronics was 90 days so I thought I was out of luck. The company contacted me and informed me the warranty is FIVE years. They are extremely nice and soon a replacement was on the way.Every company and every product can have a problem. The test of a truly great company is how they deal with addressing the problem. This company is FANTASTIC. I will be looking for other products they produce!

  25. Alec Stallion

    It is a little funky to get the hang of he communication linkup. Initially you will get weird reading if you do not follow exact steps to set up the communications link. Once you figure the steps it is an invaluable product. It is the best I have every purchase Price is extremely reasonable.

  26. Ozella Erath

    excellent units, works great

  27. Hilario Newmon

    Great product works perfectly and very simple to use.

  28. Yolande Duett

    This is a great thermometer. at a very low price. Keep the probe and wire out of the water and does not crush the wire when closing the cover or door and this thing is bulletproof.

  29. Levi Lothridge

    A Great! The base is a lot lighter than i thought it would be but other than that I highly recommend.

  30. Gaynell Cullinan


  31. Nestor Allbert

    Love this product, easy to use

  32. Veola Karapetian

    Great product! What a tool, very intuitive, useful

  33. Joey Neave

    Easy set-up and my husband likes the alarm feature that lets you know what It is reached a certain temperature. It was so great to not have to go check the temp, bc he could leave the thermometer outside and have the alarm inside the house with me.

  34. Milda Bloye

    Used for first time smoking 4 slabs of ribs and worked great!!! Love it!!!!

  35. Denis Johanns

    This thermometer is great product! I used it today to cook a tenderloin. I put the probe in the meat and got to smoking. Very accurate on temps. I used a second thermometer to confirm consistent temps.

  36. Melita Bascas

    Worked like a Gem. Had a group over for BBQ. One of the items on the Menu was Beer Can Chicken. Set it up on the Weber, plugged the probe into the Breast and went about visiting with my quests. Every so often I checked the temp on my receiver that I kept in my pocket. When the Beeper went off and it was up to temp I checked the grill. The Chicken was perfect.

  37. Kelly Meyerhofer

    This is a Very impressive unit! I mostly use it for my smoker. My old one (different make) did not have much range. This one has at least twice the range! My other one had an LCD display on the sending unit And receiver. After thinking about it, why would you need 2 displays? Just more bells and whistles to break. The only knock is the fact that ThermoPro put a dim little flashlight on the end, instead of using it for a backlight for the display which would be more valuable to the user.I does not usually write reviews but I like sharing good things with good people and rely on the reviews before I buy something.If you are looking for an affordable remote, this is the one!

  38. Kathie Grace

    Shipped fast, works very well.

  39. Ray Atamian

    Have a greater wireless range (300 vs 100 on the other unit), work great, we picked this one.

  40. Lavona Paswaters

    Arrived on time. The item looks just like the picture and works great. We bought this for the multiple settings and range, and are happy with it.

  41. Marcelino Frohwein

    I really like the convenience of being able to monitor the temperature of whatever I have in the smoker and doing other tasks at the same time. The instructions said that it has a 90 day warranty but shortly after receiving it I got an email from the manufacturer telling me that the unit has a five year warranty and the probe has a lifetime warranty. The entire unit appears to have a solid construction, the handheld part fits nicely in my hand and the belt clip is not the flimsy, easily broken type I haveseen on other devices. Very nice product!When we came south for the winter I left my ThermoPro at home. Upon discovering this, I ordered another one. It is proven to be just as accurate as my original purchase. With the accuracy and convenience provided, this is a very good value.

  42. Perla Ferriolo

    So far it works well. That is a positive.

  43. Jim Stakley

    Just received this item yesterday. Threw some meat in the smoker and tested with an over thermometer and this item. They were within a couple of degrees of each other. Range seems nice also. Happy with the purchase.

  44. Sheryl Nuzzi

    The product arrived on time and as described. It was easy to set up because they provide clear directions. It has been used once and the result was perfect for us.

  45. Leonard Brannigan

    So far this works great. It actually picked up a long way away from grill. Makes it a lot easier to keep up with temp of food without having to open the grill over and over. Love it so far.

  46. Clyde Scriber

    Great thermometer ! I have only used it a little but can tell it works as described and will surely help me be successful in my future cooking.Great company to deal with.

  47. Antonia Anestos

    Fathers day for my dad, my father in law, and my husband. They each love theirs! Works great, meat comes out perfectly!

  48. Kimiko Davern

    could not be happier that I bought this item, especially for the price! Works like a champ. I love the fact that I can keep watch on the temperature from my arm chair watching TV!!

  49. Antione Colina

    I bought this to use in my smoker, and it worked very well. The instructions are easy to follow, so I took it out of the package and had it up and running in just a few minutes. I used the program mode and also used the timer feature.

  50. Dianna Kaz

    This product work as advertised.

  51. Cortez Scroggin

    I haveused the ThermoPro TP09 several times. The wifi feature is really handy. You does not have to be tied to the grill when slow cooking something like a brisket for several hours. The timer is handy for things like steaks and burgers.

  52. Zetta Releford

    As advertised desciption. Works great. No more extra done or rare meat. I Bought one for my parents and they figured it out with just a little help.

  53. Joey Turmel

    Great product and seller

  54. Tegan Duston

    Nice product, I already own one I keep in our RV.

  55. Rod Wojtanowski

    Great for cooking large pieces of meat. Sit down, enjoy an adult beverage, watch TV; it beeps when It is done. Excellent !

  56. Theola Dudak

    Very flexible and easy to use in regards to programing. Have recommended this to others

  57. Miquel Espinel

    We love it! Unfortunately the probe began malfunctioning after the return period had ran out. However, I contacted i-Tronics and they did not disappoint. They provided instructions on resetting the device, which did not solve the problem, but then sent us an entire new unit.

  58. Terry Jerrel

    It is very convenient and accurate. It is nice to sit inside and watch television and jnot have to worry about over or under cooking the meat.

  59. Randal Shaban

    Used this twice on meat in the smoker. Easy to set up and use. Seems to be accurate. Like it

  60. Shavonne Curney

    Love the mobility! Portable

  61. Lorenzo Brennan

    works great

  62. Dawne Wardman

    It is EXTREMELY competitively priced on amazon for what you get, though. My customer support interactions with this manufacturer have been really good on multiple models, and I appreciate that. I was just offered an unsolicited lifetime warranty on the probe INCLUDING wear and tear. It was unconditional and did not require me to write this review. It did, however, motivate me to go ahead and write a solid review since I have used one for at least 3 years now and have given another as a gift. You can get higher end sets from another manufacturer, but It is going to cost you at least 3 times as much for a one probe system. This one is great for when I want to quick cook and does not want to pull out my bigger dual probe system.A couple of tips and minor workarounds:-Sometimes, when you boot up the remote first it will not sync with the probe. Turn the remote off, start the flashing of the base using the side button, and turn the remote back on…within 30 seconds this syncs my probe every time.-If you are concerned about probe accuracy, do the ice bath and boil tests. Quick directions: boil water to rapid roll and place tip of probe fully under liquid. It should approach 212F or 100C. I can usually get it about 1-2 degrees of that and this is the extreme high end; for low side, place crushed ice in a glass cup/container and just a little cold water (as little as you can manage and still allow the probe to slip within the ice)…let sit for a few minutes for water. This bath does not normally get to OC or 32F no matter how good your thermometer is but it should come close. I can get within 2 degrees with this, and that isprobably pretty close to real temp.-Avoid kinking the probe wire, as it can shorten the life of the probe. You can pinch the wires in a lid and usually it will not damage the probe but It is a risk I does not take. Wires can be routed through vents if away from the heat source or you can drill a small hole in the wall (I do this in my grill just below where the grate sits but not in my cabinet smoker…I use the exit vent for the cabinet smoker. These probe tips are universally sound for pretty much any temperature monitoring system you use.Bottom line: I am pretty centrist on ratings (does not like to give too low unless I absolutely hate it and does not give too high unless I am very impressed), but this one for the price is excellent.

  63. Dwight Rodriquez

    Mark, I hope to use it this comming weekend, and looking forward to it. From what I ave seen so ar it looks great.

  64. Pearly Mattera

    I does not know how far the remote will reach, but for sure at least 40 ft. that isas far as I havebeen. I love it..

  65. Brett Stoia

    Great product. Plenty of range and easy to clean up.

  66. Chantell Grzybowski

    Excellent product and company service great

  67. Arlie Brisendine

    I love my Thermo PRO. It is easy to use. Love it

  68. Detra Vanorsouw

    This item arrived as described and was very pleased as to how easy it was to use. Works great!. I have used it while grilling Chicken and Beef so far and everything was cooked to perfection. I will not grill again without using this thermometer. The wireless also worked well as I had the Grill out front of my house and was able sit out back on my deck and visit with friends without any worries that my food was going to be over cooked.

  69. Neville Zahm

    This meat thermometer is great! It is very easy to set and works perfectly. We have used it in our smoker so far, and have no complaints at all. The temperature was accurate.

  70. Lilian Seidling

    Great price and functional thermostat

  71. Judson Louris

    worked perfect in my smoker. range is good, even through brick walls. had an issue with the probe, contacted the manufacturer and a replacement arrived within 3 days. would definitely buy this product again.

  72. Mollie Pangallo

    ThermoPro TP09 works like a charm. Ensures that meat is cooked to perfection. Best part–the cook does not have to stand over the oven or grill! Would recommend this to a friend.

  73. Brooks Gascoigne

    Used several times making prime rib and a top sirlion roast. they came out perfectly medium rare. Sorry I never bought one sooner. GREAT. I like it so much I bought a another for my mom-in-law.

  74. Sharell Kobayashi

    works great love this would buy again !

  75. Stanley Benejan

    I haveonly use it twice so far, but it is work great! I does not have to go outside to check on it because the ThermoPro has a wireless readout you can carry around with you.

  76. Shannan Witterstauter

    Good product, works well

  77. Alfonzo Kuo

    Works excellent, super pleased

  78. Pansy Gundy

    have not got to to get the probe and monitor to work together yet!

  79. Greg Rappl

    Definitely worth the money and so easy to set up!!!!! LOVE IT!!

  80. Juliet Naderi

    Great product, easy to set up and use !!Best thermometer ever!

  81. Joel Voitier

    If only my dad had had one of these when I grew up … No more running to the grill or smoker to check the temperature of the meats I have on. Easy & intuitive to use and so convenient. Even came with batteries. Very nice

  82. Luvenia Chaumont

    A great product. Plenty of settings for different kinds of cooking. Used in smoke and it did great.

  83. Brice Stolpe

    Works great I have two of them. The only negative thing that I have to say is keep the probe away from your dogs!!

  84. Suanne Hapke

    Delivered as promised, used a few times now and works perfectly, have done a couple of briskets on the grill and have turned out great. Fantastic product for the price. Recommended

  85. Damon Facchine

    Really nice and easy to use it

  86. Dreama Losano

    I used it for the first time in my meatloaf. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. Needless to say I did not need to cut into the meatloaf to check for doneness. I used it on Ribeyes and they were perfectly cooked as I wanted.

  87. Leonardo Ferran

    Great tool for perfectly cooked meat! Highly recommended

  88. Carroll Osterhout

    Excellent product!! Would recommend!! Love it very much

  89. Oren Flewelling

    Looks great. It programmed itself. Easy to use

  90. Rima Pedrin

    1 hours into cooking temperature stop reading remove batteries from transmitter checked all connections still no readings. Shut remote unit off and on couple of times still no temp. Removed batteries reinstalled, unit working great now. I like this digital unit and I would recommend this Wireless Cooking Thermometer

  91. Johnie Neal

    the thermometer is very accurate. I like that it has an alert that beat when your me reaches the current temperature so I no longer have overcooked or undercooked meat which makes me feel good because I know I am feeding my family meat that is properly cooked. I like that that thermometer stays in the meat for the whole cooking process and it is very easy to use and understand. This thermometer has made cooking easier because it takes the guesswork out of it and very happy with the purchase and would recommend it I received a retail sample on this item for testing and review

  92. Kimberli Soldan

    I bought this unit to use with my electric smoker. Unfortunately I did not get to use it for several months. When I finally fired up my smoker, I could not get the thermometer to work. It would show all the readouts on the receiver except the temperature. I contacted ThermoPro & they sent a new unit, no questions asked. Got it in 2 days. Awesome customer support! The new unit I received works like a charm. Easy to set & great range. Batteries seem to last a long time, too. I like mine so much I bought one for my friend!

  93. Rodrigo Piascik

    Great thermometer for the price and is very accurate. The syncing is very simple, just turn it on and it syncs automatically. I like the features it has for meats and very easy to use menu and controls. does not go by the picture as the wire for the thermometer is a lot longer and very sufficient length. You can not go wrong with this setup.

  94. Marhta Pilant

    Works great so far, better range than other models I havebought, thank you

  95. Eugenio Dawn

    Awesome thermometer. Works great and does not have to keep checking the grill or smoker. Portable

  96. Narcisa Banister

    Everyone seems to like this one, so I ordered one.It has a lot of features that I was not expecting.It works well.

  97. Zane Rensen

    I have used this a couple of times, but so far so good. As suggested, I drop it in the center of the meat, set the timer and play around in the garage until the alarm goes off. There is standard presets for USDA recommended temps for various meats (beef, poultry, lamb, etc) but if you like med rare, you can easily set a manual temp.I still use my stand-alone probe, but this is a great tool to give you peace of mind to do other things while your (place meat here) cooks!

  98. Toi Szypowski

    Does everything claimed. Works in both Celcius and Fahrneheit. The sender attached to the probe puts out the temperature reading about every 5 seconds and to switch off or on needs and extended push of the button (2 – 3 secs). The receiver is very friendly in that it beeps to announce that it is on when you press the side button for 2 secs. I use it with custom temperature setting mostly but there are lots of temperature presets for various meats (rare, med, well done). Very accurate compared with other temp probes I own. Love the fact that I can walk away from the stove and read the temp of what I am cooking while watching TV in another room. It is possible to set a timer countdown and still monitor the temp at the same time – neat.

  99. Collin Fortgang

    Just what I needed. Works great and the price is nice

  100. Karima Attilio

    Excellent product . Easy to use and right on the money. Absolutely love it

  101. Teodoro Badgett

    This works great so far! Thank you!

  102. Gaye Bronder

    This wireless thermometer does the trick, my mom bought a cheaper non wireless one, and she was complaining about reaching in the hot oven to stick the prob in and wait 15 secs for it to register. Well with this one, she can jam the prob in close the oven again and see it wireless. You can also just set it to the side of the oven and keep the prob inside your meat etc and just monitor it form afar.It even has a small led flashlight on top that isa great feature, and it came with batteries that is always a plus in my book.Overall this is pretty cool and high tech, after reviewing this I gave it to my mom & dad, they will probably use it more than me. I did receive this product as a free sample so that I could provide my best evaluation. I hope my comments will help you make an informed decision.

  103. Davis Mesiona

    Was going to send it back but after installing new batteries and the second I was going to but it back in box light started flashing on base. It works perfectly so far so good.

  104. Nicholle Ficht

    Nice that I does not have to keep going outside to check my smoker every 5 minutes, seems to read temp accurately. recommend it

  105. Reyes Asta

    Excellent thermometer for the price and is very accurate. The syncing is very simple, just turn it on and it syncs automatically. I like the features it has for meats and very easy to use menu and controls.

  106. Nana Szczepkowski

    Great product and a great price! Easy to use and accurate. Wireless is super convenient. Portable

  107. Art Biancuzzo

    This is a great units. Plenty of settings for different kinds of cooking. Used in smoke and it did great.

  108. Jenifer Maggi

    Received the item a few days ago and already used once. So far so good 5 stars. Love it

  109. Otha Illies

    This is a must have for bbq-ers! The past 3 years I have smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and every year has been nothing but guess work! Is it cooked all the way? Is it under cooked? Better over cooked than undercooked right? But this year, I made the extra investment to buy this AWESOME digital thermometer with alarm. It worked as described. It took out the guess work and added stress of cooking this holiday.I recommend this units!

  110. Nickie Boscarino

    Works great and at a nice price.

  111. J. C. Foster

    Have used it only once so far temp seemed to be accurate only thing I have to figure out is the auto shut off which I dont like in the middle of a slow long smoke price was right for product

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Instruction Manual

Receiver Features

ThermoPro TP-09 receiver features

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – Displays all icons, temperature and timer. See LCD diagram for detailed information. Belt Clip – Battery compartment clip allows you to be mobile. Clip the receiver unit to belt. Battery Compartment – Holds 2 AAA batteries.


  1. MODE – Press to select thermometer or timer mode. Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter Synchronization/Pairing mode.
  2. HR▲– In timer mode, press once to set hour. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the hours will increase by 10 hours per second. In thermometer mode, press once to increase the temperature value. Press and hold it for 2 seconds, the temperature value will increase by 10 degrees per second.
  3. ºF/ºC/ starter – Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the receiver ON or OFF. In thermometer mode, press once to select temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  4. MIN▼- In timer mode, press once set minutes. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the minutes will increase by 10 minutes per second. In thermometer mode, press once to decrease the temperature value. Press and hold for 2 seconds, the temperature value will decrease by 10 degrees per second.
  5. MEAT- In thermometer mode, press to select meat type, PROG (program), GBEEF (ground beef), GPOUL (ground poultry), BEEF, VEAL, CHCKE (chicken), PORK, POULT (poultry), LAMB & FISH. In Timer mode, press it to switch between hour/minute timer to a minute/second timer and back.
  6. START STOP – In timer mode, press to start or stop the timer.
  7. TASTE – In thermometer mode, press to select the meat taste level, RARE, MED RARE, MEDIUM, MED WELL and WELL DONE.
  8. Light ON/OFF – Switch to turn on or off the light.



    ThermoPro TP-09 LCD

    Transmitter Features

    ThermoPro TP-09 transmitter features

  9. Battery Compartment – holds 2 AAA batteries. Sensor Socket: plug in for stainless steel probe sensor


    starter – Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn the transmitter on or off.


    Installing batteries

    Open the battery compartment of the receiver and insert two u201cAAAu201d batteries with correct polarity. Open the battery compartment of the transmitter and insert two u201cAAAu201d batteries with correct polarity.

    Turn On/Off Unit

    • Press and hold ºF/ºC/ starter button on the receiver for 2~3 seconds to turn it ON or OFF.
    • Press and hold starter button on the transmitter for 2~3 seconds to turn it ON or OFF. When the transmitter is turned on, the indicator light will flash every 10 seconds. When it is turned off, the indicator light will stop flashing.

      Synchronize/Pair Transmitter and Receiver

      The transmitter and receiver need to be synchronized or paired before using. There are two ways to do so: Option 1:

      1. Insert the stainless steel probe into the plug in of the transmitter.
      2. Open the battery compartment of transmitter and insert two“AAA” batteries. The transmitter will automatically keep sending the temperature reading to the receiver for synchronization/pairing.
      3. Then open the battery compartment of receiver and insert two “AAA” batteries. The receiver will enter Synchronization mode which is indicated by flashing Reception Signal icon on the display. The synchronization mode will last for 60 seconds.
      4. Wait for a moment until the temperature reading shows on the receiver display, it means the synchronization/Pairing is complete. Your professional remote cooking thermometer is ready for use.

        Note: The transmitter and receiver are only required to be synchronized/paired once whenever batteries of the receiver or transmitter are replaced.  If the batteries are already installed in the receiver and transmitter, you can use Option 2 to synchronize/pair them:

        1. Insert the stainless steel probe into the plug in of the transmitter.
        2. Turn on the transmitter by pressing and holding starter for 2~3 seconds. The transmitter will automatically keep sending the temperature reading to the receiver for synchronization/pairing.
        3. Turn on the receiver by pressing and holding ºF/ºC starter button for 2~3 seconds.
        4. Press and hold Mode button for 2~3 seconds to enter the synchronization mode which will last for 60 seconds.
        5. Wait for a moment until the temperature reading shows on the receiver display, it means the synchronization/Pairing is complete. Your professional remote cooking thermometer is ready for use.

          Auto Off feature

          The receiver will turn off automatically if it hasn’t received the temperature signal from the transmitter for more than 30 minutes, a beep will sound for one minute before it shuts down. However, the Auto Off feature will be automatically disabled if the timer is running.  The transmitter will turn off automatically if the temperature measured is always lower than 50ºC (122ºF) in 120 minutes.

          Using the Timer

          Count down 

          1. Press MODE to select timer mode. The upper display will show a small TIMER and 0:00.
          2. Press HR and MIN button to set the timer. Press START/STOP button to start countdown. “▼” will blink for every second.
          3. To stop the countdown process, press START/STOP button. The “▼” becomes solid.
          4. . Press HR & MIN buttons together to clear the setting back to 0:00.

            Note: The minimum setting for the timer is 1 minute. When the timer counts down below 1 hour 1:00 the display will change to 59’59” to indicate, 59 minutes 59 seconds. The seconds will be shown counting down then. When the countdown reaches 0’00” the timer starts counting up and it will beep for 60 seconds. The timer and “▼▲” will blink. Press the START/STOP button to stop beeping. When the count up reaches 23:59:59 (59 seconds are not displayed) the display will turn to 0:00, the unit beeps and “▼▲” will blink for 60 seconds. Count up 

            1. Press MODE to select timer mode. The upper display will show a small TIMER and 0:00.
            2. Press START/STOP button to start count up. The “▲” will blink for every second.
            3. To stop the count up process, press START/STOP button. The “▲” becomes solid.
            4. Press CLEAR button to clear the setting back to 0:00.


              • Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
              • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
              • Not Intended for Use by Persons ages 12 and Under.
              • Clean the stainless steel probe and dry thoroughly after each and every use.
              • Do not immerse the probe or wire in water. Use a damp, soapy cloth to Clean.
              • Do not use the receiver or transmitter in the rain. They are not waterproof.
              • Do not expose the plug of the stainless steel probe or the plug in hole of the transmitter to water or any liquid. This will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
              • Do not expose the receiver or transmitter to direct heat or surface.
              • Do not use stainless steel probe in microwave oven.


                • Always wear a heat resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe sensor or wire during or just after cooking. Do not touch with bare hands.
                • Keep the stainless steel probe sensor and wire away from children.
                • Wash the metal probe tip with hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. Do not immerse the probe in water while cleaning.
                • Wipe the transmitter and receiver with damp cloth. Do not immerse either in water.


Question: I understand that it only measures to 482u00b0 F, but will the probe (and wire) stand up under higher temperatures?
Answer: Hello, The Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716u02daF (380˚C).

Question: can I get extra probes ?
Answer: It only comes with one probe. The probe is sold separately as well so you could by extras. I believe they run about $10 on Amazon.

Question: Can I use this unit to monitor the cooking temp for a smoker? As in the ambient temperature ?
Answer:  Hello,u00a0 Yes, this can be used to measure ambient air temperature.

Question:  What kind of thermometer (digital, probe etc) is recommended for frying foods or measuring water temperature?
Answer: For typical deep-fat frying (fish, chicken, etc.) I find it best to use a digital thermometer equipped with a clip or holder allowing it to be attached to the side of the fryer so that neither the thermometer nor it’s probe touches the fryer.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP-09B Digital Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP09

thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

ThermoPro TP-829 Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP829

ThermoPro TP25

Price $19.99 $19.99 $29.99 $29.99 $48.59 $48.59 $59.99 $59.99
Availability In stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No No Yes
Calibration feature No No - -
High low temperature alarms High High Both Both
Lock function No No - -
Mobile app No No No Yes
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 1 1 4 4
Range 300ft 300ft 1000ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof


Wireless Range: 300ft
Temperature Range:  16°F to 572°F (-9°C to 300°C)
Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 1° C/F
Response Time: 4 Seconds Refresh Rate
Probe Dimensions: 6.5″ Probe Length; 40″ Cable Length
Display Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.3 inches (34 x 33 mm)
Product Dimensions:
Battery Type/Life: 4 x AAA batteries
Water Resistance: N/A
Warranty: 3 Year

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