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ThermoPro TP50

(116 customer reviews)

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Temperature and Humidity Monitor

  • Air comfort indicator】: Humidity meter with humidity level icon indicates air condition — DRY/COMFORT/WET, allowing this humidity sensor to ensure you’re always aware of changes to your home/household with just a quick glance.
  • High accuracy & Quick refresh】: Inside thermometer has a high accuracy of ±2~3%RH and ±1°F, making it ideal for measuring fluctuating readings like in a greenhouse; Data measurements are updated every 10 seconds to give you the latest changes in the environment.
  • High & Low records 】: Accurate hygrometer digital thermometer displays high and low temperature & humidity, always get ready to the changes of the environment.
  • Healthier home & Environment】: Thermometer hygrometer with temperature and humidity monitor ensures proper indoor humidity control has important skin, allergen and other health benefits; Can also be as a refrigerator thermometer, freezer thermometer, reptile thermometer, soil thermometer, humidor hygrometer, cigar hygrometer and more.
  • Smart design】: Indoor room thermometer features a tabletop stand to place the temperature monitor on your counter or use the magnetic back to attach to a fridge; °F/°C Selector; Powered by 1 x AAA battery (included).
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home humidity measure

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor with Temperature Humidity Gauge

With highly accurate temperature readings (±2~3%RH and ±1°F) and a wide temperature range from -58°F to 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C)humidity range from 10% to 99% RH, the humidity meter TP50 is the perfect household device to keep you and your family’s living conditions optimal.

Not just reliable readings, the temperature and humidity monitor is equipped to give you daily updates on the record humidity/temperature high and low of any given day, allowing you to compare the current readings to those of the past.

Another convenient feature is the unit with extremely sensitive humidity sensor will quickly inform you of the comfort level (DRY, COMFORTABLE, WET) in the room based off the humidity.

The digital hygrometer TP50 is easily portable and has a stand for table top use or a magnet if you wish to have your device attached to a household appliance!


  • 2.7″ smart display with large numbers allows you to read easily and move the device from location to location
  • The humidity temperature gauge displays all-time high and low records for both humidity and temperature
  • Magnet on the back can be attached to the refrigerator or any metal surface
  • The humidity gauge features a kickstand and sets the device upright at an easy-to-read angle
  • Press the button on the back to switch between °C and °F and hold for 2 seconds to clear the  record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature readings


  • Temperature Range: -58°F ~ 158°F(-50°C ~ 70°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°F
  • Humidity Range: 10% ~ 99%
  • Humidity Accuracy: 30%~80%: ±2%, out of range: ±3%
  • All Time High and Low Records
  • Refresh Rate: 10 seconds
  • Face Icon Comfort Display: DRY, COMFORT, WET
  • °F/°C Selector
ThermoPro TP-50A+ 4

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x AAA Battery

Face Icon Comfort Level Indicator

Always be aware of the changes in your home with just a quick glance at the comfort level face icon. Know when to dehumidify or humidify now! With high and low record of all time, you can compare the current readings to those of the past!

Portable with Two Mounting Choices

The digital hygrometer TP50 is easily portable and has a stand for table top use or a magnet if you wish to have your device attached to a household appliance!

High Accuracy and Quickly Refresh

The monitor’s thermometer and humidity sensors offer professional-level accuracy to ±1°F/°C and 2-3%. Data measurements are updated every 10 seconds to give you lastest changes of the environment!

116 reviews for ThermoPro TP50

  1. Kyle

    I have four separate therm pro thermometers all in different places and locations, most common reading is 66.6 the majority of the time…. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Rachel Blythe

    I had a ThermoPro for over a year, but it stopped being accurate. Contacted company and was told they would send me a replacement, which they did within 4 days. So pleased with the customer service. Many companies just don’t bother.

  3. Nick Simms

    Very simple to use and great value for money. Thermo Pro are a good company to deal with. thank you

  4. Angela

    I purchased mine from Amazon and use it 24/7 in my pet hedgehog’s enclosure. I love that it logs the high and low of the past 24 hours so that I can keep tabs of what is occurring in her enclosure. Customer service is also great. I had an issue with the display just less than 2 years from the purchase date, and they offered to send a replacement promptly. This company really stands behind their products!

  5. Frank Orza (verified owner)

    Excellent. Very satisfied. Only hiccup was I was billed twice.

  6. Clay (verified owner)

    I bought to monitor my humidity and it has worked perfectly . Get to see the high and current temps to make sure my VAC is working properly so i’m buying another for the attic to see what is going on up there .

  7. Dennis (verified owner)

    Works good, reasonable priced, good quality product that’s easy to read and understand. It’s accurate when compared to my home’s thermostat’s temperature settings. Fast shipping and excellent customer service.

  8. Jesse

    I’m very happy with this thermometer. I bought two of these for my home. They are accurate, and the battery lost very long, almost 3months now.

  9. Waldo Lamax

    Wow that is such a great product, so easy to use and so accurate, I’m a very happy customer ?

  10. Jackqueline Desaulniers

    I ordered this thermometer to use at work. I really like the displayed info. I especially like the min and max readings as they are useful to show what’s been happening in the part of the office I sit in. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require set up when I take the battery out.

  11. Kristin Shikuma

    Using it in my Music Room to make sure it doesn’t get to hot in the summer and damage things.

  12. Rodolfo Horstead

    I have a huge bathroom with a very wide floor to ceiling glass block window facing south where I keep most of my houseplants on large open shelf units – plants everywhere. This low profile little unit constantly gives me a very accurate reading of the temperature and humidity level. It also tells you the highest and lowest of each that it has been so far in the room. I depend on it heavily and it has never let me down. For instance – if I take a very warm shower with the door closed – the humidity usually goes up about 10%. After the door is wide open – you can watch the level slowly go down. And the temp is usually right on. You can use it anywhere in the house to keep a check on temp and humidity for whatever purpose. One of the best buys I have ever made.

  13. Jenelle Tingen

    I got this thermometer to see the temp in my trailer, and it serves the purpose. I kind of like the fact that it has a magnet back so I can get it up and out of the way. It’s a simple device, nothing fancy, but it helps.

  14. grfu (store manager)

    I bought three of these monitors (2 for gun safes, 1 for wine room) and they are all working well. They were simple to set up and use, but the company also provides instructions (including an online video). Shipping was prompt and customer follow-up is excellent. If I run into a problem down the road, I’ll revise my review, but I’m happy now. Well worth the price.

  15. Dorsey Battiest

    Works perfect. good deal price and quality

  16. Columbus Thixton

    Super cheap and seems to work well. Compared it thermostat and they both read the same temperature. Love the magnetic mount since I have it hanging on a metal board. Temp seems slightly slow to update but it gets the job done

  17. Alden Linza

    Satisfactory product.A similar but different brand of thermometer/humidity meter has been tried before, and the result is an inaccurate Celsius thermometer with internal conversion.

  18. Carly Dufrane

    “It looks good,” smiley said. “it only happens when the humidity is above a certain point, but I am not sure.”We bought for our newborn so we could monitor the temperature more locally. Arrived on time and very appropriately priced. I would recommend if you want something inexpensive that "does the job".

  19. Larry Fantauzzi

    This device is very useful for those rooms away from the air-conditioning thermostat.It also keeps your room moist, which is important for people with respiratory problems.

  20. Edie Levett

    This is the perfect product for maintaining temperature and humidity, especially for newborns.Lightweight, very accurate, portable, with a battery and a very low price!Four months later, I can still say It is good, and very good.recommended. You will not be disappointed.

  21. Marco Orso

    Perfect work

  22. Charis Noboa

    It looks amazing and it works

  23. Ernie Boldue

    Love it.

  24. Monnie Miron

    Great little moisture meter.Smaller than I expected, but very useful.

  25. Leopoldo Bovard

    The price is cheap but the quality is amazing!

  26. Ignacia Grosshans

    They work very well.Good value.

  27. Reynaldo Jennie


  28. Cayla Ioele

    Great hygrometer, very recommended

  29. Zachery Weck

    I need this as my basement check for humidity and its size enough to connect easily to the wall.

  30. Millie Sklar

    Works well and as advertised. Fast shipping A

  31. Bobbie Cuddihee

    I bought a ThermoPro TP50 digital hygrometer to determine the humidity in my bedroom.I like it to be about 2.5 inches by 3 inches, because it does not take much space on my dresser. It started working upon inserting the accompanying battery. I have had no problems withit. The hygrometer arrived on time in good condition. I have owned it for about 4 months now. To me, the humidity readings seem to be in the ballpark. I cannot attest to degree of accuracy as I have nothing else to measure humidity. The thermometer seems to be correct as the bedrooms temperature is always one degree below my thermostats reading. That makes sense as the bedroom is at the opposite end of the house from the furnace. All to say, I am happy with the purchase.

  32. Tona Barette

    Simple setup.I like it to include batteries.Unlike the akrette brand I bought last year, It is more expensive without batteries.

  33. Federico Emory

    It is a little bit small, but it works very well

  34. Clare Thraen

    Would you recommend it to a friend

  35. Wilford Breiter

    Good customer service, good product.

  36. Tamesha Strate

    Good customer service, good product, good price.

  37. Hector Tags

    Great product!I loved it. I bought two!Great work.It is like advertising.

  38. Tia Mellas

    It is easily to set up.

  39. Sebastian Languell

    I really like the accuracy of 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit, although it might be a bit too much.(0.2c is enough!)Humidity and temperature readings also seem accurate.The price of this is about the same as the price of any other worse unitprecision or accuracy.I liked it so much, I bought 5 of them: one for each of our 3 bedrooms and for my wifes and my offices at work.

  40. Lanora Pettes

    Good quality

  41. Andres Spitzer

    Very simple and straightforward.Easy to read, but not abrupt.It is highly recommended

  42. Wilhelmina Barnhart


  43. Broderick Anene

    Very well product

  44. Mindi Dittmer

    good product !

  45. Cortez Foeller

    My sister has been wanting one for some time.I like to look at the table and know the temperature and humidity.It also helps determine whether the thermostat is accurate!

  46. Molly Mcclaughry

    Light, compact, very easy to read and work well.I also like the thin magnet attachment on the back.

  47. Scott Bradick

    It worked perfectly and as expected!

  48. Keena Weissenborn

    Accurate, easy to read.High quality price!

  49. Waylon Zaro

    This unit works perfectly!!Read the following horror stories about other portable thermostats.I ordered two other thermostats, one with the wrong temperature, and the second with the wrong temperature, which is 10 degrees too high.

  50. Lynn Karroach

    The price of a good product.Let us know that when humidity drops, you need to humidify your guitar (or whatever it is you are tracking humidity for

  51. Grover Phaymany

    Hygrometers are easy to read and have useful information about past humidity and temperature levels.Simply press the part of the screen that you want to reset.My acoustic guitar is also very accurate and helpful!

  52. Sharika Norsen

    I like it.The packing is small and easy to install.The display is easy to read and the only setting is to press a button to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit.Super simple!

  53. Williams Weissberg

    The husband loved it

  54. Bethanie Schomas

    Is advertising.It is been a month.

  55. Lynwood Gershman

    The product can be good

  56. Felicia Sutler

    Easy to build, accurate, very useful information, very valuable.

  57. Pierre Norse

    We use this in the rooms of toddlers.He has allergies and It is helpful to use a humidifier.We want to monitor how humid the weather is, so we can make sure his room stays comfortable.

  58. Aura Salee

    It said what it would do.

  59. Gregg Chopp

    Looks accurate and reliable.So far I have no problem.

  60. Judi Jodoin

    Work is very good

  61. Graham Beer

    These products perform well when used and the company supports their rare defective products.

  62. Santana Gell

    After reading the article about unreliability of humidity readings of dehumidifiers, I bought this product, and I think it will help me use dehumidifiers more effectively.Satisfied with the hygrometer!

  63. Burl Forseth

    Fast shipping.Great product.Work well!Thank you very much!

  64. Ruby Thede

    This is a great product.I am going to buy two more and a few more for Christmas.

  65. Pablo Lowin

    Use it as an incubator, and it works well!

  66. Desire Fluegel

    The thermostat is now working.There was a problem with honeywells server.I did not know there was a problem, so when I could not make it work, I was frustrated.It would be great if honeywell could communicate with those customersproblems that the problem was with Honeywell and not their thermostat. So far so good now.

  67. Clayton Pearyer

    How it works.Easy to use.

  68. Kathrin Gollhofer

    Well done.

  69. Giuseppe Claessens

    Every room in the house and office is hot.

  70. Angla Bloes

    Easy to read, put in the battery, it starts!So far so good, but I only have a few weeks, so I will keep watching!I am glad to have an office to keep the humidity at home.

  71. John Galbiso

    Easy to set and easy to read.Arrive early!

  72. Sharlene Eisert

    Time will tell you how long it lasts.

  73. Anton Mealy

    It is a pleasure to buy something like this.Install the battery (including) and start working immediately.Recommend this product to friends and family.

  74. Glinda Wagg

    nice product !

  75. Antwan Burel

    This is easy to set up.Just turn on the supplied battery and It is ready.We use this in the babys room because the thermometer on her baby monitor reads very high.I am relieved to know that her room is comfortabletemperature for her.

  76. Mallie Seckington

    My spouse often complains that the temperature on the second and first floors of our new home varies greatly.I bought this to get some hard facts.She had to admit the difference was only two or three degrees.Thank you TermoPro

  77. Melvin Vitela

    I have two now.Great equipment!Stand up or stick to metal (magnets on the back) and love the Hi/ low temperature readings!

  78. Sylvia Lawley

    The size is good and the work is not very conspicuous.Really, I do not know anything about products I do not like.Delivery is timely, even including batteries.It is easy to read and program.It is easy.

  79. Dorsey Blanc

    TP 50 works well, but It is small, and That is fine.

  80. Janeen Despres

    Very accurate good product.

  81. Gustavo Flahaven

    We like our new stuff.How it works.My girlfriend USES it a lot.She is middle-aged and often feels her temperature is too high.It helps her determine the heater, or A/C.Ha ha Glta

  82. Georgiana Venditto

    Great product.I have been using TP60 at home for six months.I bought two 50 cents for my mother and sister.

  83. Stewart Lanfair

    Seems to work quite well!

  84. Jin Kown

    Good products used in my fridge and oven to ensure proper temperature for safe and proper cooking

  85. Major Maruca

    Fast delivery, project description

  86. Jonna Osbeck

    Compact, useful, accurate.I bought two and left them in my bedroom for two days with two more expensive and probably more accurate thermometers/hygrometers. They all displayed the same temperature and humidity. A rough test, but good enough for me.

  87. Anthony Wilhoite

    That is the kind of expensive product we are looking for

  88. Pilar Semaan

    Good quality

  89. Julian Tadman

    Love this little thing!I always try to find the right temperature. It works.

  90. Frederica Fleischner

    To be strong.

  91. Angelo Vetri

    The hygrometer was taken out of the box directly.I recommend this product.

  92. Kim Streets

    It works well for a less expensive watch.I am happy with it.

  93. Edmond Kyner

    Like a champion

  94. Heike Tortorice

    So far, no problem.No setup is required.

  95. Valentine Hardon

    I enjoy the size of this device and how easy it is to read. It comes with a battery as well!

  96. Ngoc Gaton

    Great work.So far, we know the humidity levels in Colorado.

  97. Otto Bukovac

    I love it.It is very accurate.

  98. Staci Cuizon

    Fine workmanship and convenient size, as advertised.If it lasts long enough, It is going to get five stars, but I do not know yet.

  99. Bobby Raw

    Great buy!!!!

  100. Shawana Braulio

    A convenient, one-week interior thermometer is expensive.Prefer high/low temperature reports.

  101. Curt Mcandrews

    Big screen and very clear reading.Absolutely recommended.

  102. Launa Lavecchia

    We bought two of these for different room, one did not work, did not show the exact figures, so we got in touch with the seller, It is easy to cooperation, then send us another, the effect is very good. We relied on these a lot in the winter to have a general idea of the humidity so we could use our humidifier appropriately.

  103. Ariel Mahon

    This is a big deal.Easy to set.I like the choice of magnets, making it easy to relocate in my greenhouse.I ordered a second one for my daughter in her greenhouse.

  104. Delta Lippert

    Well done.

  105. Hyman Turkin

    Great gadgets!I used it to test the humidity in the piano room.It seems accurate and consistent.When I see the smiling face on the screen, I feel very excited, which means the humidity is comfortable.It is easy to set up.Use only one battery.

  106. Marisela Rohrs

    We grow a lot of tropical indoor plants.We already have two of them and plan to buy more to monitor the humidity in different rooms of our house.Very happy.Fast shipping.

  107. Chance Dilauro


  108. Roberta Risden

    I loved it, so I bought a second set, mainly for use outside.First I put it next to another unit of the house, and within half an hour, they saw the same humidity, less than a tenth of a degree Fahrenheit.

  109. Don Lighty

    Good effect, super light weight.In a green house, in front of a camera.This thing is a life buoy!

  110. Kecia Biancaniello

    Easy to set.Easy to use.Easy to read.Reading is astonishingly accurate.recommended

  111. Antonia Ard

    Very clever design.

  112. Valeri Lafond

    The equipment is simple, intelligent and accurate.Good product.

  113. Max Jillson

    I have bigger TP55, and this is smaller.This one has a magnet or a small foot frame.I do like these two, but the temperature between them can be 5 or 6 degrees.The temperature is always very close.I must buy a humidifier now

  114. Roxy Buhrke

    Accurate and good method of tracking indoor temperature.

  115. Nathaniel Bruk

    Good job

  116. Frankie Voytek

    This is good!We have a rabbit. It is amazing to measure the humidity and temperature in his pen.In this way, we can make sure he is more comfortable.

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TP50 Specification

Temperature Range

-22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)

Temperature Tolerance

±1℉(±0.5℃)from 32 to 140℉(0 to 60℃)

otherwise ±1.8℉(±1℃)

Humidity Range


Humidity Tolerance

±2%from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%

Sensor Type


Refresh Rate

10 seconds


LCD, 2 1⁄8 Length x 1 3⁄4  Width inches(54.0L x45.0W mm)



Unit Size

 3 1⁄8 Length x  2 5⁄8 Width x 1 Height inches

(79.0L x 66.0W x24.0H mm)


1.5V (1xAAA Battery)

Instruction Manual

Notes on cleaning

TP-50 Notes on Cleaning

Separate the device from the power supply or remove the batteries before cleaning. Only use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the device. Do not use any cleaning fluid to avoid damaging the electronics.


  1. Display: Displays the current humidity and temperature, and record maximum and minimum humidity/temperature.
  2. °C/°F/Clear Button: Press once to change the temperature display to either °C or °F. Press and hold for 2 seconds to clear the record maximum and minimum humidity/ temperature readings.
  3. Battery Compartment: Holds one 1 AAA battery to power the unit.
  4. Comfort Level: 3 icons: DRY, COMFORT, WET.
    • If humidity is below 30%: Dry.
    • If humidity is between 30% to 60% AND temperature is between 68°F ~ 79°F (20°C ~ 26°C): Comfort.
    • If humidity is above 60%: Wet. Elsewise: No icon.
      1. Totally wireless tabletop and magnet- mountable design.

        Before first use

        1. Insert or Replace Battery: Insert one AAA battery with correct polarity ( ) and (-) as indicated.
        2. Do not immerse product in water.
        3. The humidity and temperature monitor is now ready to use.

          Care of your Humidity/Temperature monitor

          • Do not leave exposed to extreme high or low temperatures since this may cause damage to electronic parts and plastics.
          • Remove battery if planning to store for more than four months.


Question: Any way to calibrate temperature?

Answer: No, there is no way to calibrate this unit. If it is far enough off compared to a proven thermometer or hygrometer that it requires calibration to fall within the manufacturer’s stated percentage of accuracy then it is defective.

Question: Is it display also Date and time?

Answer: No it does not.

Question: Can i reset the comfort range? 79 degrees f is much too high to be comfortable imo?

Answer: The comfort indicator will only apply to HUMIDITY not temperature. 30-80% is typically seen as a comfortable range for humidity. Temperature comfort will vary between individuals, humidity typically does not.

Question: can this be used in a hermit crab habitat?

Answer: I think you should be able to put it in there without any issues!

Question: Will this malfunction in high humidity? i want to use this in a brazilian rainbow boa terrarium and condensation is typical?

Answer: The location I am monitoring typically runs about 75 – 85%. The other day, I discovered a water leak when I put the monitor in a new location. A couple of hours later, it was in a puddle with water drops all over it. Today it seems to be working just as it always has. So, I would say it seems to work well in high humidity.


Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP-50 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP50

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity

ThermoPro TP49

ThermoPro TP-55 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP55

ThermoPro TP-60S Features 4

ThermoPro TP60S

Price $11.99 $11.99 $8.99 $8.99 $15.99 $15.99 $19.99 $19.99
Availability Out of stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Alexa capability No No No No
Backlight display No No Yes No
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator Yes Yes Yes No
High low records Yes No Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor
Mobile app No No No No
Range - - - 200ft
Remote No No No Yes
Remote sensor - - - TX2
Temperature humidity alerts No No No No
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No No

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