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ThermoPro TP08BW

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Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

  • 300ft remote range & Hassle-free setup】Wireless meat thermometer monitors your food and grill temp up to 300 feet away giving you the freedom to tend to more important matters while cooking unlike with bluetooth meat thermometers which limited range of only 100ft; BBQ thermometer is pre-synchronized, simply insert batteries and the smoker thermometer is ready for use!
  • Dual probes for food and BBQ】Meat thermometer oven safe with highly accurate stainless steel food probe and oven/ grill/ smoker temperature probe, to allow you to monitor both food and ambient temperature simultaneously, making the turkey thermometer especially suitable for long smokes or grilling sessions.
  • Food & Ambient temp alarm】Set your desired food temp and HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel smoker thermometer will flash and beep to remind you if the temperature ever goes out your set range; HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills and BBQ
  • Convenient kitchen timer】Grill thermometer features countdown and count up timer that can be active while also monitoring meat temperature; no need to waste money on purchasing an additional cooking timer to keep track of your side dishes, our kitchen thermometer takes care of everything!
  • High accuracy & Wide temperature range】Cook anything with ease with wide and accurate temp range: 32°f to 572°f (0°c to 300°c) and high accuracy of 1. 8°f ( 1°c); Probe thermometer features food grade stainless steel probe with step-down tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly, can display both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.
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83 reviews for ThermoPro TP08BW

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to read and easy to use. Perfect for smoking multiple meats at the same time.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Love it damn good price to. I can smoke something and sit in my living room and drink a beer. Lol

  3. Hannah M.

    The thermometer comes with a receiver which is VERY nice for smoking long term on cold days. You can stay indoor while doing your cooking outside. There is a function that the device will beep continuously when reaching a certain temperature or if the ambient air temp goes below a certain temperature. This is very difficult to setup and sometimes it was activated without me realizing I had done it. This functionality didn’t seem to user friendly. I wouldn’t call this an instant thermometer though. It takes about 10 seconds for it to read the temperature and will slowly increase. (i.e. if the meat was at 110, it would read 80…90…104…106…110 over 10 seconds). This means you have to have your grill or oven open for a longer period time than I would like.The meat probe after 10 months had stopped reading accurately. It read that indoor was 91 degrees (it was 68), and temperature of meat out of the fridge was in the 70s and 80s. I called customer service and without any hassle had one delivered to me. There is a 1-3 year warranty on the product. Not having to send in my old one, provide proof, or any additional emails was very nice and shows they stand by their product. I haven’t received the new probe yet, so I cannot say definitively if it was the problem. They suggested that the gap where the probe meats the mesh wire is the issue. If water gets into that area, it can malfunction.Pros:was very accurate (till malfunction)convenient remote reader displayambient air temp as well as meat probe.great customer servicecons:meat probe stopped working after less than a year (could have been my fault when cleaning)annoying temperature alarms that are difficult to manageSometimes the device turns on randomly when no one has touched it.And if it is on and you pick it up, it can randomly turn off. (Even when you just put in new batteries)

  4. Unhappy customer

    This thermometer is so easy to use! Love the extra remote receiver! My husband is always working on something else while grilling, now he can do so and not worry that he will overcook the meat. Absolutely love it.

  5. Chris

    So simple to use. Terrific range. My outdoor kitchen is quite a ways from my house and the controller with the alarms stays connected. Probes are heavy duty and built to last. Great product.

  6. DRL

    This certainly works well. The two units certainly stay connected way at long distances as advertised.The one glaring weakness of this unit? And its a big one to me – the default mode for this thermometer after its turned on is the alarms are silenced. So you can get your cook all set up – temperature ranges, ideal cooking temp, etc but if you don’t hit the button to enable sound then its all for naught. Believe me, it’s an easy thing to overlook with everything that’s involved in smoking meats. I’ve had this thermometer for over a year, and while I don’t barbecue everyday, I’ve used it quite often. There are many times where Ive looked over at this thing well after I’ve gotten my cook started that my temperature is overshot by like 10-15 degrees with nary an alarm going off. Seasoned smokers (ha!) know that once your overshoot your temperature, it’s pretty difficult to get down.Something that has happened to me more than once related to this issue? Changing the batteries during a cook. The unit has the memory to remember your temperature settings but for some odd reason not your alarm preference. If you change the batteries out while in use, you power it back on and it defaults to alarms off.I will say that once you get over that huge shortcoming, it’s a pretty good thermometer.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I read reviews, lots of good and bad, good out numbered the bad, so 8 bought it. I’ve used this a dozen times so far no problems. I watch my bbq or smoker from my couch with remote receiver. I would recommend this thermometer.

  8. Amazon Customer

    They linked great! Even trying it under my tongue!

  9. Havertown Pa

    Update to the Review 2/28/2019So the support from thermo pro reached out to me and said they would send me a new unit. I got it today, put the batteries in and it worked no problem! I think the device I initially had was faulty. I noticed on the new device the probes clicked in, on the faulty device they did not click in so there was definitely an issue w/ the contacts. Long story short (probably too late for that), customer service is awesome, contact them if you have any problems they will make it right!So I purchased this to use with my BGE and cooking pork shoulders, brisket and my Thanksgiving Turkey, thinking that I’d be able to plug the probes in and monitor from inside the house. Used it one time for the test turkey in clear weather (no rain) and it worked okay, batteries wore out and had to change mid-cook, that is not Thermo-Pens fault (I dont think). On the day of TG, I had everything set up and the probes would NOT register. I played around w/ them for a while, no luck. Called tech support and the WERE OPEN on TG, good work Thermopen!! They sent me new probes but had to use my analog thermo for readings. Got the new probes in a few days, have not done any cooks outside where I need the unit but today I was doing an Italian Porchetta in the oven and I set the unit up and it is still reading LLL., I am not sure if its another set of bad probes or if the unit I have is faulty. I reached out to customer support and am hoping they get back to me soon. I really want to like this unit and use it effectively but if I cannot getting up and running the next time i use it, I am going to return and try something else.

  10. Theresa

    I used in my electric smoker! It worked GREAT!

  11. Amazon Customer

    With my new kamado grill, temperature monitoring is the key to getting the results I want. This ThermoPro equipment does the job and requires no skill or effort on my part.

  12. DA Scarborough

    Used it once and performed as described. Recommend getting this if you want to make sure your meats are cooked internally to a specific temp.

  13. wvgo

    This thing works great! When I’m not using it for cooking…either on the grill or in the oven…..I use it to monitor my heat pump. One probe in the return and the other in the supply. The batteries last for weeks in the transmitter and I just turn the receiver on when I want to check the delta T. Lets me check the efficiency of the heat pump and if it needs service.Wonderful product and the wireless range is amazing…my heat pump is in the basement and I can monitor it from the second floor.

  14. Kris

    Excellent product. We use it regularly.

  15. Captain Bob

    I used it to monitor the temperature of each of the two tri tip roasts I was smoking. They were different sizes so they each required different cooking time. As each roast came to temperature the alarm sounded. At the time I was about fifty feet away from the smoker. It was easy to use, to clean and did a wonderful job. There is no need to open the bbq or smoker periodically to check the temperature. I highly recommend it.

  16. Jon B.

    Short of having an app for your phone, this unit delivers. Nice alarm, and easy to use!

  17. James Presley

    works great 1 yr so far no problems does use up battery’s though

  18. Shift

    The only reason for this 4-star is that it feels cheap. Otherwise, it is a great product! I have only used it twice but so far so good. Need a cheap dual probe remote temp sensor? This is your product! Note, this is NOT wifi or anything that can sync to your phone. I also did not purchase this for the wifi/phone capability. I just wanted a cheap remote temp sensor and this seemed to fit the bill. I testing this in my kitchen while the smoker was out back about 60 feet away. Signal did have to travel through 2 walls. Worked great!My only gripes about this:- Probe wires are mesh wire. This is great in one sense, but they can tangle easily. Since they do not have a high temp plastic coating, I am betting that they can become dirty or greasy easily but I have yet to have that happen. Not sure if the probes are dishwasher safe.- Cheapness. Obviously, I bought this knowing it was cheap and wasnt expecting otherwise. I am simply pointing out that the shell of both units are really cheap plastic. Buttons feel a bit flimsy. But you get what you pay for.

  19. jesse kaherl

    my only issue with this is that the probes have wires, but thats fairly unavoidable as far as i know. temp is accurate, easy to use, and having a minimum/maximum low/high temp option for the second probe is very nice.

  20. HoneyJ

    after much debate I decided to purchase this product because a fellow Traeger user said its all he uses… i couldn’t go wrong, rightOut of the box this thing is awesome, connected super easy with super long range, probes were perfect…. then the batteries died two weeks into use.I’ve tried several sets of batteries and that is not the issuethe wireless only works ten or so feet now and connection is spotty… it looses connection and just non-stop beeps at youthe probe for the Food is toast…. it just reads errorthe probe for the BBQ only goes to 250 and it stopsthis thing was only in use for three weeks before it gave out… the last two weeks I’ve had to use a instant read probe and I really hate that i know it could be so simple if the product just lastedI see others have had the company contact them and if so that’s pretty good product service and I hope to get the same… In all fairness i have not yet reached out to their company to see if there is something they can do…I hope to get a replacement and get back to how awesome this product was… if I get a replacement ill update my feedbackUpdate: I changed my rating from a one star to five star based on customer service, and now i know why my fellow Traeger friend told me to use this company. I never contacted the company via the hotline, they approached me because of my posting(i have three kids and a full time job i ran out of time once again to call the hotline for help). I have yet to get anything other than emails, but I am just so happy for the customer service I felt the need to take a second to acknowledge a good deed. Will update again

  21. Robert L Chalifoux

    I like this thermometer. It performs as described.

  22. Ted Ayers

    This product is of the highest quality, I highly recommend this in you cooking process.

  23. erik claassen

    Anything that operates on the same.frequency as the transmitter.will go on and off everytime it transmitts and the batteries life in the transmitter is a joke

  24. Anthony Winfree

    I bought this thermometer because I bought its little brother for my son for Christmas last year and he loves it.I just got a Weber kettle that I’ve not smoked anything in yet, just gathering the equipment. So far, the probes (put into the A/C vent) showed only a 1 degree difference (haven’t done a heat test yet) so that’s nice. I’ve not set the temp alarms yet but hope to in the next couple of weeks.

  25. Quality Seeker

    This is my second unit. I like this version because it is simple. It has the main controls on the receiver where they should be, unlike the newer overly big transmitter models. Although some buttons could use additional and better function descriptions. One important thing to note is the temps on the probes can vary by a few degrees; even in replacements you can get. The probes I got are within tolerance of 2 to 5 degrees of my other Thermopro products readings. I do wish they had a trimmer adjustment to calibrate them better if needed. I found many probe issues people had is because of getting the probe internals wet, crimping the wire in a door, getting the probe wire to hot, or not fully pushing the connector in.

  26. Mike Shore

    Shipped on time and received in good order.Why am I asked to rate gifts that I never see??

  27. Mr. T

    Two probes were enough for me. I usually use just one, to monitor the temp at the grate surface when smoking jerky, but I occasionally use the other one to monitor the meat (like when I am smoking a brisket).The alarms are nice – they can audibly notify you when either the grill or the meat or both get too hot or too cool.Range is great. I can start the grill, then keep the monitor with me on my riding mower with my white sneakers in my large yard, or at my hammock by the fire pit with a refreshing malt beverage. I have never lost connection, even when going to the neighbor’s house.Keep the instructions handy – I tend to forget how to set the alarms.

  28. Mcaroner

    Use this to monitor bbq temps for long cooks so I don’t have to be sitting in front of a grill watching the temp on the grill. It comes with 2 probes. I’ve just been using it for bbq and the other probe for meat temps. I don’t require a graph of the temps for my bbq. I just need to know that it cooks for a certain time or to a temp that I require. This will get it done for you accurately and for a great price. I tested against a $200 wireless therm that rhymes with ‘eater’ and the temps are in step, maybe +3 to 5 degrees at times. I gave back the fancy therm to my neighbor and use this without hassle or worry that I have to replace an expensive probe that I might lose or break.

  29. Douglas S.

    Easy to read very simple love them

  30. C. Yeiser

    Edit: 9/3/2016 – Received an upgraded product (TP-20). Similar in design, shape and color. First thing I noticed about the unit was that up and down arrow buttons on the face. That and the far easier method for programming shows that the manufacturer has put some thought into the redesign. Once I checked it out, I did an ice water test to compare accuracy to other devices. The TP-20 and TP-08 both were within 2 degrees of freezing (as expected for ice-chilled water). I am happy with the accuracy of the devices. The new product (TP20) is FAR easier to program and use. I am very happy with the upgraded product. I will to give theÂ

  31. Karl Stefanowicz

    Having a wireless sensor is so helpful. This does a great job. I have the grill on the main level and I can take the hand held anywhere in the house and still get a reading. Very easy to use and set up

  32. Pam Gewin

    I purchased this model of ThermPro for my son and his boyfriend, who are beginner smokers. Jim got Wilson a smoker, so I supplied the necessary accessories, which included a smoker cover, gloves, handling utensil, among the wireless thermo. Our friend recommended the ThermPro brand and we had witnessed its performance at a Turkey Day celebration before the Xmas I purchased this model. For a neighborhood like theirs, the smoker sits in the backyard with the transmitter hanging from the handles. It provides accurate, real-time temps of both the interior of the smoker and the meats within. It also has built in timers, countdowns, and temp caps for monitoring that sweet, sweet maximum of 210 degrees for smoking the best baby back ribs I’ve ever had homemade. My son is simply impressed with the performance of this model as a beginner’s entry to smoking. It’s had batteries swapped out for new once in the year they’ve had it, so it’s not quit in the middle of a smoke. The probes are easy to clean and fold back up for easy storage. They store it in the box it came in. It’s too handy not to want. But, for a seasoned or more experience smoker, this may be a step below your desired results.

  33. James

    I am confident of the accuracy and reliability of the measurements (food and bbq). I validated the readings out of the box, and it was within a degree of my standard (an instant read thermometer) , and read 213 for boiling water. The food probe seemed to be accurate from 38F to 203F, which was the range of the temperature in the brisket I cooked using the TP08.Syncing was as easy as advertised. The display is large and easy to read — I can read the temperature without my 2.5X reading glasses. The buttons are big, and the settings are easy to learn. Note that, if you get the US model, the instructions included images of the Canadian model, which has a slightly different arrangement of the buttons.The food probe was easy to push deeply into the brisket. Both probes clean up easily with soap and water. Setting Hi/Lo temp readings was easy, and the receiver remembered these readings after turning of the device.I have a couple of issues that prevented ascribing 5 stars:1) I wish the transmitter also included a back-light so that I did not have to carry the receiver or a flashlight when checking food and bbq at night.2) I have not figured out the stand for the bbq probe. My previous instruments used a different clip style, and I’m not sure how to use the included “clip”. It appears to be designed to hang on the inside of the grill wall. But I use the TP08 in a smoker, which does not have a surface for this style clip. And, I want to locate the bbq probe on one of the four racks, away from the edge of my smoker to get a central temperature reading.Ending on a positive note — When I received the TP08 (on time, by the way), I immediately attached the probes and turned on the devices. The probes were loose and fell out, and I was ready to return it. BUT, that same day, the seller, i-Tronics, had sent me an email which included helpful hints, such as “insert the probe as FIRM/HARD as possible into the device until a “click” is felt/heard”. Crisis averted.Highly

  34. michael milleman

    Easy to use and very accurate. I like that I can see both the meat temp and the inside of my grill temp at the same time without opening my grill and letting the heat out. Highly recommend

  35. El Hefe

    This has less functions than other sets I’ve used, but it works every time as intended. I didn’t verify the accuracy with a second thermometer, but the pork butt and the steaks agreed. Nice to be able to keep an eye on the meat and the internal smoker air temp at the same time from the comfort of my computer desk.

  36. David Bower

    I purchased this for smoking fish. Without it I had to keep going out back to check the temp / fire /smoke. And because smoking requires fairly low temperatures that meant checking it often. With the remote I can stay in the house and know if the smoker needs attention. The dual probes are nice because with the low temps the two ends of the bbq do read differently. (smoke/heat comes in one end from a side chamber).Appears accurate. probes left in same space read the same. Have also compared with a couple of other thermometers I have. Seems to work over a pretty good range. Have used it for hot foods but also for cold stuff like outdoor temp and checking output of an AC unit I was working on.The range seems pretty good. Have not tested limits but unit in back yard and me in house with doors closed works fine. And once that was even farther away – maybe about 75 feet and through two or three walls. Still read just fine for me.It might be worthy of 5 stars but this is the only unit of this sort I’ve owned so nothing to compare it to. But I’m happy with the purchase.

  37. chris meeker

    Simple to use first time I used it i cooked a brisket and pork but to perfection. It worked great

  38. Jared

    Works perfectly without any complaints. My only concern is the long-term durability of the cheap plastic enclosures. The rubber protector may help from bumps and scrapes but does not inspire confidence.For the price, I am very happy.

  39. Henry L. Dawson

    Worked as promised. I recommend this product.

  40. Kent b

    Easy to use,setup and read

  41. Michael K.

    Used this to smoke a pork butt on my grill. It’s very easy to set up and use. The probe provides a clear accurate display. I had one probe in the center of the meat, another on the grill for ambient temperature. I still have to learn all the features, but I would recommend this device.

  42. Susan D. Moench

    I have a Big Green Egg and got tired of burning my slow cooking and smoking meats. I was using the stock thermometer that came with it and realized that it was my problem. After burning a rack of short ribs I got fed up and did some research and found this wireless digital thermometer (ThermoPro TP08S). It was much less expensive than a lot of them out there so I was suspicious whether it would deliver. My first use was a whole wild caught sockeye salmon. Salmon has to be cooked precisely in order to taste moist without overcooking. I realized how worthless my BGE thermometer was when I used this product. The alarm went off at 300 degrees and my dial thermometer was still well below that. I readjusted the flues and brought the temp down. The meat probe beeped when it got to a perfect 130 degrees, but 15 minutes before the recipe said it would be done. Disaster averted. I’m smoking about five pounds of salmon filets right now. It is supposed to smoke at 150 degrees for 2 hours. The BGE thermometer didn’t even budge off zero and the ThermoPro thermometer was up to 170! I quickly closed the flues and am back down to around 150 now. The probe is at 120 so the salmon will probably be done sooner than the specified two hours. The last time I smoked salmon I overcooked it because the thermometer wasn’t accurate and I had to go by the specified two hour time. Had I had this thermometer I would have realized I was overcooking and ruined a whole grill full of salmon. The only problem I had was trying to figure out how to use it. The link they sent me had a video on how to use the TP08 not the TP08S. The buttons are different and I was going schizo trying to set it. Once I just listened to the video instead of looking at the guy punching buttons I realized they were different. I’m a typical guy and didn’t even think to read the instructions, but after reading them I was able to set it up without any problems. Bottomline: Great so far. If you have a Big Green Egg this is a must-have accessory.

  43. Thomas Berry

    I do like the kit and I use it almost every time I grill. There are a lot more higher-end kits and many lower-end kits. The only things I’ve noticed is that the temps that I’ll get on the grill itself, different than the thermal pen, and different than other leave-in thermometers. It’s a bit frustrating but I don’t know if that is just my experience. When I watch the pitmasters and other competition grills they will also say that the temps for their thermal pens and digital thermometer are different, so don’t hold that against ThermoPro.There are actually quite a few features so I highly recommend reading the manual so you can set alarms and better know how to use the thermometer. It’s not as easy as just opening it and inserting it into a hunk of meat. That being said, if all you did was put in batteries, set up the probes, and turn it on, you would be able to use it. You’d just miss some of the other more advanced features that make it great.

  44. Derick L

    A great product that prevents you from frequently opening the grill to check the status of the cooking. Avoid loosing heat/cooking time etc.Without the book/manual, this model is harder to figure it out. Also there are not enough settings. Probably Designed for the professional who already know much about cooking and just need a basis temp setting.Ordered the ThermoPro TP20 – more user friendly and stress free. You can choose the type of meat and the taste preferred.To each his own. This is my honest review and rating


    I like that the display is large, clear and easy to read.I dislike that the buttons have too many functions. One is the correct number. It’s difficult to know when a button will do one thing or another.

  46. Amazon Customer

    I bought the remote grilling temperature unit two years ago – Thermo-Pro still stood behind their product and sent me a replacement for a probe that stopped working. The TP-08S is helpful, handy, works well and lets you monitor the temperature of both the Grill and the meat from the comfort of your home. I love it!!USING THE UNIT: This unit with the two probes makes it so much easier to track temperature of grill/BBQ and food without having to actually go to the grill. the two probes are solidly made, the remote unit connects easily and you can carry it around to know what’s happening in your grill – takes the guesswork out. The temperatures seem to be accurate – I tested them in my oven and the probes give readings that are close and consistent to the oven settings. I haven’t calibrated my oven, but any food we cook in it behaves according to the stated temperature so it’s good enough for roasting and baking. so the readings I got for the TP-08S are good for the grill.If you don’t want to crimp the probe leads in the cover of your grill, you can put them in through the air vents (if your grill has them) or cut a notch in the edge of your grill for clearance (look for youtube videos).CUSTOMER SUPPORT: One of the probes started giving bad readings and then stopped working (that’s why I gave 4 stars for accuracy). switching the probes between the two plugs showed that the problem was with the probe. I emailed ThermoPro and within one business day they emailed me back to tell me that they will send a replacement probe for free. Now THAT is excellent customer service !

  47. Amazon Customer

    I purchased the ThermoPro TP08 Wireless Remote Digital Kitchen Cooking Thermometer – Dual Probe for BBQ Smoker Grill Oven so I could monitor the cooking of a beef brisket that I was cooking on 3/09/16. I was cooking the brisket so that we could celebrate my father in-laws birthday. I have never been able to cook a brisket without it being tough and dried out. A co-worker recommended using a meat thermometer to monitor the internal temperature of the meat. He recommended a different brand that only monitored the meat temperature and had to be monitored at the bbq pit. I searched Amazon for digital thermometers and came across your product. I liked the fact that I could monitor both the internal temperature of the meat and the internal temperature of the bbq pit. Being able to monitor the internal temperature of the bbq pit was a big selling point for me especially since my bbq pit doesn’t have any thermometers attached to it. I ordered your first part of last week and received it on Friday, 3/08/16. I unpackaged the thermometer and became familiar with its operation. On Saturday morning, I lit the bbq pit at 4:30 am and started smoking my brisket at 5:30 am. I inserted the meat probe in the brisket and place the other probe in the bbq pit. I set a temperature alarm to alert me when the meat reached an internal temperature of 165 F. Let me tell, you I was very impressed on how easy it was to use the Thermopro TP08. I monitored the entire cooking process from inside the house approximately 50 feet away from the pit. I was able to prepare the other dishes that would be served with the brisket. When smoking a brisket the key is low constant temperature of 200 – 250 F for 7 to 8 hrs. Thanks to the wireless monitoring capabilities, I was able to tell when the bbq pit temperature got too hot, 300 F, when the wood flared up. That was a big plus because I was able to respond to the wood flare up and get the temperature back under control. Eight hours later, I successfully made the best brisket I have ever cooked. I got compliments from everyone on how tender the brisket turned out. Needless to say, the ThermoPro TP08 met and exceeded all of my expectations. I have enclosed pictures taken at 9:00 am of the TP08 as I used to monitor the cooking process. I give this product 10 out of 10 for ease of use, portability, convenience. All I can say, is thank you, thank you, thank you.SincerelyJoe

  48. Theotherone

    I used it only 3 times over the period of 2 months. Then it began showing the temperature roughly 24 degrees less than the actual or ambient temperature. So it is no longer useful. I then looked in my drawer where I had placed previous parts for thermometers and saw I had previously purchased another model from the same company. It looks like they sell junk to just get you past the return date and then malfunction. Beware of this product..

  49. Bud r

    Electric vertical smoker doesn’t keep temperature great and this lets me know.

  50. KateS

    Bought to use with our Traeger!! Absolutely love it!! Highly recommend!!

  51. bison smoker

    One of or maybe the best thermometer

  52. B. Orr

    Honestly, it looks cheap, it feels a little cheap, and the beeper on mine sounds like an injured bird, but the bottom line is this thing simply works! I’ve used it a half dozen times in my smoker and it has performed flawlessly. The hi/lo temperature alarms work well and it is reasonably easy to program. The temp probes tested accurate within a degree of my professional digital thermometers I use for my job. I have had no range issues with mine and have had a consistent signal throughout my house, even through several walls. I even keep the receiver with me on my riding mower when mowing my acre and a half property and it doesn’t matter what side of the house I am on, I never lose signal.The negative…..The plastic belt clip/desk stand on the receiver could be a bit beefier and it feels like I’m going to break it at some point. I agree with other reviewers in that it’s a minor pain that there is no temp down buttons and you have to scroll all the way around again to reset a lower temperature.In all, I am happy with this unit. Time will tell how it holds up but for the price, I am pleasantly surprised how well it performs.*****UPDATE******Well after about 25 cooks over a few months time both temp probes went out within a week of each other. I only use these in my smoker at less than 250 degrees F and never on a grill. I handle the probes with care and never get them wet so I was disappointed when they both failed at almost the same time after a relatively short time span. Also, prior to the probes not working, my unit began to randomly show me temperatures 400 degrees higher than it was then go back to normal. I assume that was an indication of the probe(s) beginning to fail but hard to say. When both probes failed they would either register no temperature at all or would read 30-40 degrees low. On a positive note, I contacted the company and they quickly sent me a new transmitter unit and two new temp probes which are all working fine for now. I am leaving my review at five stars for now since the company has been very responsive and that is hard to find these days. I cannot complain about the customer service I received. Time will tell however, if the new probes and unit hold up.******UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!!******4/4/2018 and another 25 or so cooks down in the pellet smoker since the last probes failed and BOTH probes have gone out AGAIN within the past few weeks! Same problems as before and I am very gentle with these things. The company just sent me two new probes and those are working fine, for now. I am still pleased with the thermometer in general and as long as the probes are working, everything works very well, and the company is responsive so still keeping five star review. Good thing there is a lifetime warranty on probes!

  53. Amazon Customer

    Hi, I’m Chuck Foster, News Director and product reviewer for WCNi News Service. Disclosure, I didn’t buy ThermoPro TP-08S for a product review. I bought it because the concept sounded terrific. But I was admittedly skeptical, particularly since its first use product was a 6-pound prime rib roast for Christmas eve dinner. Order was delivered on time. Packaging was good quality as were the transmitter, receiver and two stainless steel thermometers. Took about 10 minutes to figure out how they worked … after the 20 minutes I spent before reading the instructions. First thing I discovered was my BBQ’s built-in thermometer explains why some of my meat cooking’s did not go as planned. How do I know the ThermoPro units were accurate? I stuck the probes into my mouth and they quickly indicated 98 degrees! Enjoyed watching the cooking process on the wireless receiver … from the living room that was 60’ feet from the BBQ — and when meat temperature indicated 125 degrees, I took this golden brown, picturesque piece of cooking perfection off the grill, brought it to the kitchen counter, covered it with a piece of foil and watched the receiver track the post-cooking temperature rise another 7 degrees? It stopped at 132 degrees. A “rare-slightly medium rare” prime rib dinner was the desired target: BULLSEYE! Apologetically, I can only give it two-thumbs-up because that’s all I have. And Amazon only allows me to give this 5-stars. I’d have given more. In a sentence:: This produced delivered exactly what was promised, and I (and those who ate the prime rib) could not have been more pleased with the result!P.S. – I have already added the ThermoPro TP-08S to my soon-to-be-famous “Chuck’s Kick-A _ _ BBQ Prime Rib” recipe! 😊

  54. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had this wireless thermometer for a few months now and feel I have the basis for a honest review. I absolutely love it. I cook on my offset smoker almost every weekend, even through the winter months, and a good wireless thermometer greatly enhances the experience. A saying I’ve heard many times referring to BBQ is “If you’re looking, you’re not cooking.” This is because anytime you open up your smoker or any other indirect heat cooker, the temps drop and extend your cooking time. I can monitor the temperature of the food I’m cooking, and the ambient temperature in the grill at the cooking grate level without constant physical checks.This is a well built and accurate thermometer, and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. You can set a high and low threshold for your grill temp, as well as a target temp for your food. An alarm let’s you know if your grill needs attention for temperature control or when your food is ready to come off the cooker.Additionally, you can use the same features when you cook in your oven inside. I like the accuracy that having a running thermometer reading brings to roasting the Thanksgiving turkey, just as an example. No more relying on the time and temp chart that might or might not turn out the meal you want.In summary, I use this wireless thermometer with complete confidence, and the company stands behind their product and truly strives for 100% customer satisfaction. I will buy from them again in the future and highly recommend this thermometer in particular and this vendor in general.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Works great and reasonable price

  56. GH

    I bought this in November 2015. I really like it. It is advertised as 300 ft range. I haven’t tried that far but I have used it at over 125 ft including through walls and have solid signal from the base to receiver. 2 things keeping it from 5 star. I like the hi food temp alarm and lo grill temp alarm but wish they were slightly easier to set. the second is that the grill temp probe recently started reading a low temperature. I thought the temp seemed low so I tested it at the boiling point of water and confirmed with another thermometer. This confirmed the reading was inaccurate by about 25 degrees. I contacted the vendor and they responded within a few hours to say they would send a replacement probe. Good to know they are standing behind the product and I return to accurate temps soon. If this probe holds up longer term, that may push the rating to 5 star for the price. Having a digital reading of the internal temp of foods helps get consistent cooking results. Being able to monitor your grill from in the house is really nice because I use the grill in all weather, plus it leaves you more freedom to do other projects while your food is cooking. Just don’t tell any one how easy this makes grilling. Spring is almost here and you’ll want to be able to use the fact that you are grilling food as an excuse to sit on the patio and enjoy a beverage while you must tend the grill.Edit Nov. 1, 2016. The thermometer unit and receiver work great but I am not satisfied with the durability of the probes. As you see in the reviews above I had a probe failure soon after purchase. I am one year later and needing to replace both probes.

  57. David M.

    I bought this back in December and it worked great. I have a Komodo grill and I smoke quit often. This made it so.much easier (and more accurate) to monitor the temps.Everything was working fine till about a month ago. The grill temp sensor started going HHH occasionally. I read up on it and it seems to be a known problem. The HHH only happened now and then so I decided to roll with it.Now.on my last few folks, the grill sensor is giving off false readings. I just started my grill about 10 min ago and the sensor is reading HHH or 480. Dome temp on the grill thermometer is not even at 150.I’m going to call thermpro and see if they will replace it. If it works, the unit is great. Temps were accurate (I used a old fashioned oven thermometer to verify), the range is great. No issues….. Till I had issues.We will see.Update:Since the unit is still under warranty I called to see what could be done. The problem seems to be a familiar one that Thermpro is aware of.They sent out a new grill temp probe and I received it 5 days after the call. I have not used it yet.I changed my rating to 4 stars.

  58. Mary Hixson

    Great product.

  59. Swede

    I’m very happy with this product. Works just as described

  60. Jtylerh

    I’ve used a Maverick ET-7 for years and it has been a love hate relationship. After countless disconnects and RMAs I finally threw that Maverick ET-7 in the trash and bought the Thermpro TP-08S. I couldn’t be happier with this decision. My maiden voyage with the TP08S was a 17lb packer brisket. It never disconnected, I woke in the middle of the night and expected it to be disappointed per my previous experience with the maverick. I was elated to see it was connected and I really enjoyed the using the backlight button to read it in the dark. The alarms worked as expected and in addition to my meat temp alarm I was able to set a low and a high temp for the smoker which came in handy near the end of the cook when I had a flare up. The meat probe was accurate and I tested it against my ThermaPen instant read thermometer. I walked throughout the house and around our sizable property and found this stayed connected regardless of where I was. The first cook was 17 hours and it worked without a hitch. The probes are nice quality and cleaned up very easily with a damp cloth. I gave up on setting a timer in conjunction with the other thermal sensors but that is a small issue from a guy who just didn’t want to take the time to read the instructions for more than a minute or two. The price is right, its reliable and weather resistant. I cant see the point in paying more for anything else.

  61. Classy S.O.B.

    Checked the accuracy of the grill temp probe with an oven thermometer and it was spot on. Checked the accuracy of the meat probe with an insta-read thermometer and it was spot on also. Accidentally dropped the lid when the probes were in the grill and it didn’t affect anything, i was sure the wires would have been severed but they looked undamaged. Instructions are great and i had it up and running in a couple of minutes, with temp mins/maxes dialed in. Using this i was able to smoke my first turkey on a charcoal smoker that i had only used once before and it turned out perfect. Beginner’s luck, maybe, but this definitely helped me get the smoker vents adjusted correctly so the temperature was consistently in the target zone. Perfect for smoking because there’s a high and a low temp alarm for the smoker probe. I had it set so the low alarm went off at 230° so i had time to get more coals going before it dipped too low.

  62. Wesley Gibson

    Great product, works wonders while smoking meats. You can sit back for hours and just watch your temperature from a far!

  63. Matthew Schudel

    I just received the TP-08S, and upon initial inspection, it appears very good quality. It looks like a Klein multimeter build, plastic frame with sturdy rubber.But further examination shows the battery compartments and the clips on them are extremely poorly engineered. They are extremely flimsy. For $50 I’d expect a sturdier plastic, but this feels like a cheap Dollar tree toy. The clip is extremely weak, and the fact that they both attach directly to the removable battery covers leads me to believe I’d be lucky if one of them survives the summer. Save your money and stray away from this brand. I’ve had much cheaper that have felt more durable. Stay tuned for accuracy and usage review. Upon further thoughts, it may be the wireless capability that raises the price on this device. I have yet to test.UPDATE: Everything works pretty well. I’m very pleased there isn’t an auto-off feature. Long smokes take time without touching anything.Not happy with the clips as I originally stated. I’ve epoxied better magnets and brackets to them. The hanging bracket is ridiculously engineered. I’ve seen better clothespins.The only real problem I didn’t expect, was every time you shut off the unit you must repair it. It’s very easy but annoying. As stated in other reviews the user controls, button labels, and work arounds to set everything ate a little wonky, but if you can read English z or a few other languages that they provide the manual in, and have a bit of patience you’ll be just fine. I’d be much happier if this unit had better plastic case construction/molds and better clips/brackets. I’ve updated my review to 3 star because its functionality is as described.

  64. cuervo1800

    I purchased this about a year ago and have LOVED it! Read out is easy, alarms work great. My “gripes” are minor and may be more my “fault” or issue:1.) in setting up the temperature settings (high/low) to monitor — it’s not as intuitive as you might think, and I catch myself canceling what I just adjusted more times than I want to admit instead of “accepting” the changes2.) the meat probe is very “slick” and can be difficult to remove from the meat at times. This caused me to pull on the cable a bit more than I would like to, and this lead to the sheathing and cable beginning to pull out of the probe. Eventually this lead to probe failure – either by damaging the weld of the cables or by allowing water in the probe to ruin the connection.BUT – ThermoPro’s customer service is AWESOME! I looked my order back up in Amazon and found the CS email to ThermoPro – contacted them through email and let them know my problem. Within hours, they were asking me for a confirmation order number and my address to send me new probes since they are lifetime warranty items! I’m all set with them and should have replacements in a few days! Awesome customer service, and I felt like it warranted a good review to go along with the good product!

  65. Clayton Rocker

    This WAS a great product for a year and a half until both probes failed on the same day. Looking for replacements.

  66. Angela

    Let me start off by saying I have owned and used this unit for almost 4 months. After doing a ton of research on Amazon, BBQ and smoker forums, youtube, etc I decided to get the TP08. It was incredibly easy to setup and initially was very accurate. I bought it primarily to watch the grill and food temps while smoking on my Kamado. I was very impressed with the range of the unit and was able to go anywhere in the house (including the basement) and not lose the signal. The unit feels a little on the light side, but there doesn’t seem to be any quality issue with the transmitter or receiver.The unit worked flawlessly until about 10 cooks in and the ambient temp probe measuring the grill temperature started to jump wildly. At first, I thought my kids couldn’t resist the wonderful smells and went and opened the lid, but after watching it for a while, I noticed that it was the probe dropping around 100 degrees after a certain point (ex: the temp would climb to around 300 and then start reading around 200). I have always been careful handling the probes.I contacted the company and their customer service was fantastic. We walked through a couple troubleshooting steps and then they promptly sent me out a replacement. Unfortunately that only worked for 2 smokes and went out while I was smoking a 22lb Turkey for 40 people that were coming over in a few hours. I have reached out to the company again to see what the options are.Pro’s:Incredibly easy to setup and useHigh/low grill temp alarms as well as a food alarmFantastic range (much better than some of the bluetooth units out there)Great customer serviceCon’s:The original ambient temperature (grill temp) probe went out after around 8-10 uses. The company promptly replaced it and the new one went out after 2 smokes.Update 12/20/2017Talk about great customer service. The company reached out to me via a comment and replied to my inquiry to their support team. They wanted to make it right and promptly sent me out a replacement. I upped my review based on how quickly they resolved the issue and their top notch customer service.

  67. 1234

    Works very well. Two displays are a real bonus.

  68. John MacKay

    I have owned a lot of digital and BT thermometers over the years of cooking. This Bluetooth thermometer is simple to use right out of the box. Many of the Bluetooth thermometers have become difficult to learn the sequence of buttons you must push to program the dang thing! This is your thermometer is user-friendly! I recommend taking the batteries out between uses and keeping the unit clean to get the most life out of it.

  69. Larry

    I’ve had the external sensor sitting outside pretty much since July 2020 and have had no no issues. Its been sitting out in the snow and rain and no issues whatsoever. I changed the batteries once a few months ago. Honestly this thing is amazing.I got another high end “wifi” probe as a gift last year but doesn’t come close to this.

  70. M. Tate

    We use this for watching the temp of meat on the smoker. Works great!

  71. Photon713

    I am rating the transmitter and receiver as a 5, but, the instructional manual needs a little work, thus a rating of 4. First, the ports on each side of the transmitter (small unit) are numbered “1” and “2” as “Sensor Socket Holes”. “1” for the Food probe. “2” for the Barbecue probe. The Food probe is the sharp one, Barbecue probe is the blunt one. Putting a “1” or “2” on each probe would have helped. The little gadget shaped like a triangle can be used to insert your Barbecue probe into the holes and attach it to some out of the way grill location inside the heat chamber, usually on the metal grill. I didn’t care out Meat or Barbecue high and low temperature monitoring, just the Heat temperature and Food temperature. So, I was ready to go. I just needed to insert the probe into the meat and turn on both units. A lazy push on either ON/OFF buttons will take you somewhere else. A quick tap on each does the job. An immediate problem showed nothing but dashes. What’s that mean? Don’t know…the book doesn’t say. If you see anything on both units, they’re on. If you see a “LLL” or “HHH” the book says it’s waiting for room temperature? I think most will be cooking outside. Actually, it meant that the probes were not seated properly in the transmitter…squeeze them hard into the transmitter. Everything started working properly. The transmitter switches back and forth between food temperature and barbecue temperature and every 4 seconds updates the receiver. To switch back and forth between centigrade (C) or fahrenheit (F), just hold the OFF/ON buttons for 2 seconds to switch back and forth. Careful, the buttons are also ON/OFF if tapped.Finally, I was in business and getting feedback every 4 seconds as the Transmitter read the temperatures and transmitted them to the Receiver. Perhaps one day I’ll want to play with the upper and lower limits of temperatures or do some automatic timing, but, right now giving me back the temperatures every 4 seconds is magical. The temperatures broadcast were accurate when compared with other manual probes.I highly recommend the ThermoPro, but, strongly recommend you read and understand the manual where possible.

  72. chas tucker

    Pretty damn good

  73. Carla in Texas

    Stop working aftermaths months. Too expensive for that.

  74. D.S.

    Loved this thing while it lasted. We’re newbies when it comes to outdoor cooking, so relied on reviews when I chose the ThermoPro to use for our grill and smoker. Was very impressed with the features and quality. Used it a dozen times and it worked great. Just broke the bbq out for the first time since last year and my ThermoPro receiver unit is dead. Tried new batteries, but no luck. The base still works, so it still gets 3 stars. But now I can’t be lazy and watch it from my couch.

  75. geno

    My Thermo Pro TP-8 arrived today, I did a lot or research and reading reviews of all wireless temperature units. I put the batteries in, inserted the probe jacks it and fired it up, but one reading read HHH and then 572, huh…..Oh yeah…I guess you have to have the probe jacks in all the way, now we are working. I read reviews of people griping about the comparison of the temperature probes. I checked the ambient air temperature inside the house and Meat read 72 and BBQ temp read 73, well unit has a or – 1.08 accuracy, so that is a pass. Next into a pot of cold water turned on to boil: at the start: Food 68 BBQ 67, Food 152 BBQ 151, Food 224 BBQ 225, Food 250 BBQ 251, Food 300 BBQ 299, End of test…I also verified temps with another digital temperature probe. I’m satisfied it works for my uses in my smokers if I can get within or – 1.08 degree temp in both the meat and Smoker probes, I’m rocking and rolling, I can’t wait to use it.Cons: The temperature probes are touchy to insert and stay inserted, The belt clip on the receiver is rinkey dink, the little stand on the receiver is rinkey dink. Also when you put the batteries in the receiver it takes some fumbling around to get the cover back on with that little wire stand. BUT, I can live with those minor things now that I know about them.Pros: Good price, it seem to hold what the specifications say or – 1.08 degree for my smoked meats and my smoker’s temp’s it will work…..Final: I like it……Thermo Pro, I will post a update of its actual use when I get back to my smoker….

  76. Jacqueline

    We used this pretty regularly over the past year, I’d say once or twice a week. We purchased in April if 2021 and it died in April 2022. It didn’t actually die, but started reading temps wrong. No idea why, even bought a new probe and changed the batteries, still says that room temp is 108*. Disappointed because other than that, this was the best thermometer we have found.

  77. Jbug

    I like most things about this product. It was easy for me to program and it works like a charm. You can take the monitor quite some way from your barbecue and have good coverage. If it loses connection because of distance, it beeps to let you know. One of the biggest flaws, as a couple of other reviewers have mentioned, is the very short cable lines. I’m using mine and a Komodo Komado ceramic smoker and when you lift the top open, it pulls the unit with it because the darn cable is so short! I realize that is as long or longer than similar products but that only means they are all lame. That is definitely the most annoying part of this product and for what? How much more would it cost to give an extra 24 inches of length? So as it stands, I have a lovely cart that has wheels on it and the main unit sits on that except when I am opening the lid of my ceramic smoker and then I actually have to hold it in my hand or else unplug the darn thing, not convenient whatsoever. Another reviewer mentioned how it was very difficult to set a specific temperature because if you overshoot your mark you have to start at zero again. Yes, that’s been a problem for me too, but not as much as the first problem noted. Overall, I love this unit and it is well may, constructed beautifully, I accidentally left it in the rain and it was fine and dandy. However, the company would do well to read these reviews and hear these complaints. They are legitimate.

  78. Alan F.

    There are some very small changes that could be made to this product to elevate it to a 4 or 5 star product. As it stands it is a solid 3 stars. Honestly the price is the major redeeming factor here. I will break down the specific pros and cons.PROS:*Price: It is at least 15-20$ cheaper than comparable dual probe wireless thermometers*Easy pairing, good range*Both food and BBQ temp are displayed at same time on main controller*Grill clip is included for BBQ temp probe*Countdown timer function nice addition*Probes appeared to be accurate when compared to my other two thermometersCONS:*Button configuration makes zero sense, critical buttons are referenced in the instructions but not labeled on the unit. For example: Press F/C button to toggle between Fahrenheit/Celsius…ok got that but it is also the Alert button? They obviously can label buttons on two rows with a divider bar (like Start/Stop button) so why not have F/C // Alert on the button? Also Mode/Light button is the enter or confirm button to enter your target temp?? Why even have a light button? Make it Mode / Confirm or Enter*There are no UP/DOWN arrows; if you overshoot your upper range on food temp or BBQ temp you have to cycle through 575 degrees and back to 0 and then count up again. While it does cycle 10 degrees a second when you long press that is still a massive oversight in design. Also when you do hit your target temp you better be lightning quick on hitting Mode/Light to confirm your desired temperature or it will just reset to the last confirmed temp and you will have to do the cycle all over again. Seriously….who came up with that programming? If I long press a button to set the temp, it should just accept the current temp after that short period of inactivity.*Backlight button is pointless, if I have to grab the main unit to hit the light button I can most certainly read what the temp is. There shouldn’t be a light button at all, just make the backlight turn on briefly for ANY button press. The light should do something useful like flash when target temp is reached or stay on for 5-10 seconds for every 10 degrees closer the food temperature gets to target temp.*Probes are pretty dang short, another foot would have been much appreciated*There is no indication on the unit which plug port is for Probe 1 and Probe 2 (with it facing you probe 1 is on the right, 2 on the left FYI).*The rubber bumper is pretty loose like a cheap cell-phone case (the grey portion in the picture), however, without the bumper the unit would feel/look extremely cheap so I am glad for it.*There should be a magnet on each of the clips for the transmitter and receiver. I know I am grasping now but the devil is in the details on products like this.Overall I will keep the product because it worked and I don’t want to spend $75-$80 for a similar product. I just hope Therm Pro reads these reviews to implement product changes**Model Number TP-08 tested**

  79. Curtis

    I purchased this remote thermo because it lacked the significant percentage of negative reviews of other popular ones. Very pleased with this product.Works as advertised. Pairs without problems (many report problems with others).Great tool which allows you to accurately hit finishing temps without opening the BBQ and losing heat.Lots of pros already posted in reviews, so below are some of my cons:- Biggest: Temp settings increment up only. Inconvenient, esp if you overshoot your target temp and have to wrap all the way around again…- Alarm icons are small and its easy not to notice you dont have the alarm on- Oven high temp alarm cannot be set to low temps. For example, when cold smoking cheese, I want to know if temp exceeds 150F…no can do.- Curved food probe. Not sure why they do this, but can make it inconvenient to position inside BBQ and to stow.- Probe connections not marked to indicate which port is for food probe and which for BBQ probe. Minor, but inconvenient first few times as you have to look at product image to see which port to use.- On/Off button on remote is easily activated with just a light quick touch…can turn on easily in storage or off accidentally.- Multi function buttons are not intuitive as some functions not labelled on them.It would be a great enhancement to be able to save alarm profiles and recall them later. For example, save a profile for a food type (brisket, ribs, fish, cheese…) and then recall it later rather than having to set it all up manually again (with that inconvenient increment only navigation).Update March 8, 2016:Still very pleased with this product after many uses.Updated info re temp ranges:At least on the unit I have, documemted temp range settings vary from actual. Table below shows documented vs actual respectively.Food HI: 32 – 572F, 32 – 573FBBQ HI: 140 – 572F, 227 – 573FBBQ LO: 32 – 554F, 225 – 349FMy personal preference would not be to have arbitrary ranges, but allow the full range of temps from at least 0 – 575F. This would make the device more flexible and allow me to set whatever values are appropriate for what Im trying to do.For example, the BBQ temp ranges on my device make it useless for cold smokingA question was asked regarding using for beer brewing (on model 07, but my response below pertains to the 08). There are applications where this device could be used, especially if manufacturer would eliminate these arbitrary range limits. As is, only the “Food HI” range is relevant to brewing. For example, mash temps range from 145F to 165F so it could be used to monitor mash temps. Fermentation temps range from about 32F to 65F so could be used for monitoring ferm temps too.Question for vendor, can I update the firmware on my device so it matches documented temp ranges? Better yet, can you supply a version that eliminates these arbitrary limits?December 2016 Update:One full year and still very pleased with this product. Did have one temp probe go inaccurate on me. Bought a couple of replacement probes and so far no more failures. So, good to do occassional sanity checks on displayed temps to catch a malfunctioning probe.

  80. grampop

    Purchased as a gift they love it

  81. StarStruk

    Easy to read, easy to use.

  82. briana

    Used this for a brisket, salmon and chicken. Worked amazing! Nice to have the receiver and was Able to go about my day instead of hovering over the smoker.

  83. Manuel

    This is my first grill thermometer, and I can’t be happier. Easy to use, simple, it’s really upped my bbq game.UPDATE: So a few days ago, something happened that made me want to change my review. I was cooking some steaks and had a really hot fire zone. Turns out I didn’t notice that the side of the grill that I was hanging my receiver from was also the side against which the hot coals were banked. I was at about 400F on the indirect side, so needless to say, that grill was hot. This caused the back of my receiver unit to warp slightly due to the heat. It still worked fine, just looked sort of warped, and I worried that over time it could cause the back clip to fall off. I wrote i-tronics an email asking if they could ship an extra replacement part and they sent me a completely new unit! They were incredibly gracious and HUMAN throughout the whole thing. That may sound weird, but customer service nowadays relies too much on scripted answers and automated responses, and it’s refreshing to feel that you’re actually corresponding with a human being that understands your issues. So I thought it fair to add some more to my initial review.One of the top reviews on here says that the mayor issue they had was that, when setting timer, if they overshot their mark by mistake they had to cycle through 571 degrees to get back. I don’t know if we’re talking about the same item here, but I have not had this problem, since the unit I have (TP-08) has an up/down button for setting temperature. Another common review is that the buttons being double labeled is confusing for some. This, I guess, depends on each user, but I will say that even though english is not my first language, I managed to get used to setting up rather quickly.I am not a competition griller, nor do I cater, own a restaurant or use this product in any capacity other than as a backyard griller. In that regard, I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to get rid of the guesswork involved in BBQ, and wants to easily but drastically improve their BBQ game. Sure, there are other options with more probes, but I’ve cooked several pieces of meat at once using the TP-08 and have had no problem so far. For the price, and the simply OUTSTANDING customer service, I give this product five stars.

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Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
Sensor Type NTC
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Refresh rate 4 seconds
Transmission Range* 500ft(150M)
Wireless Technology ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Receiver LCD, 1 9⁄16 Length x 1 3⁄8 Width inches (39.5 L x 34.5 W mm)
Transmitter LCD, 1 Length x 1 3⁄16 Width inches(25.0L x 29.5W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size
Receiver 2 11⁄16 Length x 4 15⁄16 Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches (68.0L x125.5W x 28.0H mm)
Transmitter 2 11⁄16 Length x 3 5⁄8 Width x 1 1⁄2 Height inches (68.0L x 92.0W x 39.0H mm)
Receiver 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
Transmitter 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.


Question: Can I use the Thermopro TP07 to measure oil temperature on a deep fryer?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to set a minimum AND a maximum temperature?
Answer:  No, the TP08 has this feature.

Question:  I’m a little confused on how the alarm works. The description on the item on the site says one feature is alarm, however in the manual there is nothing that shows how to set the alarm, just timer. it’s a bit confusing to me. please explain
Answer: Hello, The alarm is always active and will beep once your current temp reaches your set temp or if your timer expires.


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Bluetooth No No No Yes
Calibration feature No No - -
High low temperature alarms Both High Both Both
Lock function - No - -
Mobile app No No No Yes
Preset temperature options No Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 2 1 4 2
Range 300ft 300ft 1000ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings No Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof
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