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ThermoPro TP08S

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Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer

  • 300ft remote range & Hassle-free setup】Wireless meat thermometer monitors your food and grill temp up to 300 feet away giving you the freedom to tend to more important matters while cooking unlike with bluetooth meat thermometers which limited range of only 100ft; BBQ thermometer is pre-synchronized, simply insert batteries and the smoker thermometer is ready for use!
  • Dual probes for food and BBQ】Meat thermometer oven safe with highly accurate stainless steel food probe and oven/ grill/ smoker temperature probe, to allow you to monitor both food and ambient temperature simultaneously, making the turkey thermometer especially suitable for long smokes or grilling sessions.
  • Food & Ambient temp alarm】Set your desired food temp and HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel smoker thermometer will flash and beep to remind you if the temperature ever goes out your set range; HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills and BBQ
  • Convenient kitchen timer】Grill thermometer features countdown and count up timer that can be active while also monitoring meat temperature; no need to waste money on purchasing an additional cooking timer to keep track of your side dishes, our kitchen thermometer takes care of everything!
  • High accuracy & Wide temperature range】Cook anything with ease with wide and accurate temp range: 32°f to 572°f (0°c to 300°c) and high accuracy of 1. 8°f ( 1°c); Probe thermometer features food grade stainless steel probe with step-down tip design to get temperature more precisely and quickly, can display both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.
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Simplify your cooking experience!

ThermoPro TP-08S is a Dual Probe Digital Wireless Thermometer that allows you to accurately cook by monitoring both your Meat and Oven temperature remotely from 300 feet away. Stop getting up and sitting back down to check on your meat and just await the TP-08S ‘s alarm when your meat is cooked to perfection or when the BBQ/Oven/Smoker is at your set temperature range.

  • Set your own temperature settings manually
  • Countdown and count up timer
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food
  • Remote Range: Up to 300 feet
  • Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C)
  • Set BBQ/Smoker temp range, alert will sound if outside set temp range
  • Rubber sleeve case
  • Backlight LCD Display; Lost link alert
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!
ThermoPro Thermometer Accurancy

High Accuracy & Wide Temperature Range

Temperature and humidity gauge displays readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors that can as far as 200ft/60m away from the base station. With the long range, feel free to position your sensors anywhere that best suits your needs. (Additional sensors are available for purchase)

Timer – Keep Track of Your Vegetables Too!

Countdown & Count Up Timer can be active while monitoring both meat and oven temperature. No need to purchase another timer to keep track of your side dishes, our wireless meat thermometer does it all! Timer also features an alarm to alert you when the side dish to ready!

ThermoPro Thermeter 300 Feet Remote Range

Monitor your Grill/Smoker/Oven Temp

Set the Max&Min temp of your Grill/Smoker/Oven to keep it within a certain range;

Features receiver pullout counter top stand, receiver belt clip, transmitter has wire to either hook on oven door or use as a stand.

ThermoPro Thermeter 300 Feet Remote Range

Long Remote Distance

With a long range of 300 feet, lets you to stop excusing yourself from company or missing that critical moment during the big game, all while still precisely monitoring your bbq and food temperature to ensure a meal that’s cooked to perfection.

213 reviews for ThermoPro TP08S

  1. Daniel

    Will the display unit keep working and measuring properly when the temperature goes down to -20C (-4F) ?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the device is not able to operate in temperatures this low and will stop transmitting data.

  2. Don

    I have a TP08S Digital Wireless Meat Thermometer which I am very happy with. But the temp is typically off 9-11°F regardless of battery strength . Is there an adjustment that can be made to correct the accuracy of the reading?
    — Thank you

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this issue.

  3. Alton Moody

    Can I use it in my kitchen oven

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, this device works great on ovens.

      For oven use you would insert your probe into the food or oven and run the wire of the probe to the transmitter outside of the oven.

  4. bjunk10

    I have had the TP08 for four years. It has worked perfectly and never let me down. It’s a must have item if you want to walk away from the smoker for a while. just set the low and high alarms and you are notified if something goes wrong. I wouldnt run my smoker / grill without one.TP08s brisket

  5. Ron Swafford

    I rarely review products or companies. I have been treated extraordinarily well by this company for several years. They absolutely stand by their products. They have been very helpful on line and responsive in repairs and replacement. Very unusual in today’s worldTP08s Prime Rib

  6. john

    I used this quite a bit over the last 2 years and have absolutely loved it. It makes barbecuing much more enjoyable. I recently contacted the company because I was getting some faulty readings and to my surprise they just replaced the unit. I was shocked that they would stand by their product like they did. Even if they hadn’t replaced it I would still give it 5 stars. I’ve told everyone I know they need to buy this if they’re serious about good barbecue and curing/smoked foods.TP08s for chicken

  7. John Baxter

    I purchased the TP08 in 2017, works as it should, and easy to use. Now since it was purchased in 2017 it came with a great warranty. Life time probe replacement and a 5 yr. replacement warranty on the device. I’ve had the meat probe replaced once without issue. This time when I emailed them that I was having issues again, they had me test the unit using a boil test. after replying to them with result they sent me a email saying my replacement had been sent. Today it arrived and to my surprise it was a new unit. WOW great service of a very good product.
    Thank You
    TP08s and ribs

  8. David Kinnison

    I purchased the TP08 unit in October of 2017. It has worked extremely well until a couple months ago when the BBQ probe started reading low. I check both probes out with boiling water to ensure that it was indeed faulty. Contacted customer support and they replaced the defective probe within one week.
    Not many companies stand behind their products as well as this. Thank you.TP08s and meat

  9. Jamie K

    This unit is a time saver used it in my smoker,bbq and my oven with all different types of meat. While the meat is cooking I am preparing other things or enjoying company. All I have to do is look at the receiver tells me the temperature and how much time great unit well worth the price.TP08s with TP99 case

  10. Larry Royce

    Got my TP-08s the end of last week. Could not wait to use it. First use was on a ham in the oven, then reverse sear burgers from the smoker. Using it again this weekend to smoke a porkbutt. Needless to say I love this thermometer and look forward to what to use it for next. I also have the TP-17 & the TP-18. All are great and accurate. Look no further for a GREAT thermometer at a fantastic price. Thermopro will always be in my cooking arsenal. Thank you for making such great products at great prices.TP08s

  11. Bradley Flowers

    Highly recommend this product. I grilled steaks with this product. I was able to monitor the temps from inside my home. Once they reached desired temp I removed from grill. Perfectly cooked. I will have to say this wireless thermometer gets an A . Very satisfied.TP08s pork

  12. Tom

    The handheld device for my thermometer quit reading the food temp contacted customer service and was relieved when they said they would send me a new one free of charge! They didn’t have the one I first bought in stock (TP-12) so they’re sending me a new TP-08! Loved my other thermometer and can’t wait for my new one! They’re customer service is amazing! Definitely a repeat customer to thermopro!TP08s before BBQ

  13. Josh M

    I have had the TP-08 for over a year. It works excellent. Personally I start my smoker around 10pm, hook up the TP-08, set the alarms and go to sleep.TP08s brisket

  14. Benito Voci

    I don’t know about grilling with it but it works great for my radio controlled hot air balloon. One probe is short and that gives me external envelope temp, the other probe is long and gives internal envelope temperature. I set the sender on a small piece of foam on top of the balloon. It took the heat just fine (130 f).

  15. Clay Wichern

    Works well. My smoker is about 50ft from the house. Still good signal. Fairly easy to figure out.

  16. Lesli Shorty

    This is a great thermometer for smoking/cooking meat. Love being able to sit on my couch and see what temp the smoker and meat is. Also need to say that the customer service was great. When my meat probe went bad they sent me a new one free of charge.

  17. Delana Sorber

    Have used this for over a year and love it. The probe, recently, stopped working. I got to looking and the probe has a lifetime warranty. I contacted them and was amazed at the great customer service I received. They sent out a new probe with no questions asked. I’m very happy with this purchase and would recommend to anybody.tp08s pork butt

  18. Madeline Simonett

    It a high quality product that works very well. The wireless feature with two probes is great for monitoring the inside temp from a distance and at the grill.

  19. Valentine Thay

    Was using a unit I purchased about a year ago and 1 of the probes failed… I contacted the customer service, problem solved… a new probe is on the way. Why purchase other temperature monitors that require you to buy replacement probes? The unit works perfectly, and with a life time probe replacement how can you go wrong…

  20. Jacquelynn Mountain

    We love this gadget!! Our smoker is off about 20 degrees and this gadget helps us smoke meat to the exact temperature needed. We’ve smoked coffee rubbed chicken, beef, salmon. Highly recommend!!!

  21. Emery Times

    I bought this for a friend who loves it works very well….

  22. Missy Albrough

    Great Xmas gift!

  23. Nestor Ruesga

    works as advertised, great product

  24. Gaynelle Mustin

    The fact that I can put my brisket on at 11pm and know if I have a flame out or anything else happens, Thermopro has got my back and will wake me up so I have a perfect brisket everytime! Customer service is also incredible. I reached out to them and within 4 hours, I was given a solution to a false alarm and problem solved. Great product and great company. James from Ft. Worth

  25. Val Attles

    My husband is a BBQ master and this thermometer makes grilling and smoking fun. No more running back and forth to the grill to check temperatures. It is been especially wonderful during the winter. We have the grill where we can see it from inside and the dual thermometer with remote tells us all we need to know without unnecessarily opening and closing the grill. One thermometer shows the grill temp and the other goes into the meat while it cooks. It has a decent range, but do not expect it to make it through too many walls. Often times we will perch the remote on the kitchen island and the alarm is plenty loud and the display is fairly large and clear.

  26. Jesusita Pomposo

    Gave to hubby as a Christmas present and now her won’t grill without it! He has even used in our oven inside the House!

  27. Ralph Marland

    Truly convenient. Checking long distance temperatures of my grill and meat has been very useful. Recommended for any serious bbq aficionado . I still have not figured out what the metal clasp is for and never felt a need to know.

  28. Demetra Sarjeant

    Accurate temps, buttons are slightly confusing. Gets the job done though

  29. Beau Guildford

    Excellent easy to use addition to my Weber grilling. Monitors grill and food temp from the convenience of my own easy chair. Gives me incredible control of cooking temperatures & time. Did an 18 lb turkey and it came out perfectly. Hope this product holds up because I really like it.

  30. Herta Vasque

    awesome thermometer for smoking meats, works very well at very long ranges.

  31. Kaye Segui

    Product worked great right out of the box.The range of the wireless receiver worked perfectly for my house.

  32. Ricky Liendo

    I do not know how you bbq without one of these. Great bang for your buck.

  33. Dominic Tusler

    Works great! Provided the temperature information needed. It monitored the temperature of the smoker I was using as well as the temperature of the meat. The door could be kept closed, instead of periodically opening the door to check how it was cooking and to check the temperature of the meat.

  34. Kathryne Bonetti

    This was a Christmas gift for my son. He really liked it

  35. Alessandra Nopachai

    Amazing thermometer! Sync was quick and easy. Use it all the time, highly recommend!

  36. Omar Desrosier

    I have had a different product that was three times the price and lasted one year. This product is easy to use. Works very well. Vastly superior.

  37. Werner Phelka

    Used this thermometer over the weekend to smoke a whole chicken and it was just as expected. Worked Great!

  38. Lilia Zeiler

    This product performed as advertised. I used it when I smoked a brisket and it well.

  39. Angelia Melendres

    Excellent product works great , much more accurate.

  40. Peter An

    I used it for the first time today. The remote monitor has great range (all throughout my house). I slow grilled/smoked a pork shoulder for 4.5 hours, and when the meat temperature reached 190 degrees, I checked it with my other meat thermometer and the reading was spot on.Having the second probe to measure grill temperature really helps, as I can measure the temp where the food is, instead of at the top of the lid where the built in thermometer is.The controls are easy to learn and use.

  41. Charley Cade

    used this for a full season works amazing. must have for smoking, also recommen for my friend, worked great too.

  42. Bunny Oliveros

    Works perfect. Had a slight issue with battery door, customer service and response was very timing.I would definitely buy again

  43. Maribeth Mchenry

    This is a great accessory to my BBQ. it works well and is accurate.Six months after purchasing I had a probe failure. I contacted them and they sent me a new probe immediately. Great customer service!!

  44. Gavin Galston

    We love and use the thermometers & probes all the time in our Traeger Smoker.

  45. Sonny Taghon

    Love it. Just set it and forget it in the oven and the BBQ. Makes big BBQ parties less stressful since you do not have to check food so often. Used it on the turkey for the holidays and it was perfect. Best Man Cooking Tool.

  46. Keiko Tease

    The remote feature is worth the price of admission…allows me to do other tasks while meat cooks.

  47. Aiko Crutchev

    Well Built, good guide for me.

  48. Harley Sincock

    Have only used it once so far. Everything worked as promised and temp was accurate.

  49. Von Toot

    Works great. I love using it. Use it all the time, highly recommend!

  50. Tiny Namdar

    Works great Nice addition to bbq

  51. Katina Kehoe

    accurate & works good. Great rangeTried it out tonight, worked like a charm

  52. Brendon Cowin

    Absolutely love this. So easy to use and am able to prepare some sensational meats. I have a Traeger and when you open the door you lose heat. This has completely eliminated this. Put it on and you can follow the temperature until you reach the temperature you want. Very accurate and the probes are guaranteed for life.

  53. Samual Witsell

    I received this free to test and it is awesome. It frees me up to do what I want around the yard or inside and I can monitor the barbecue at the same time. My family loves slow barbecued meat like the Bacon Explosion which is in the cooker for several hours.

  54. Mammie Rehmann

    Love this unit so much bought this one as a gift for a friend. Makes smoking on the Traeger a piece of cake.

  55. Danica Keena

    As a side note this thermometer really helped me understand just what is going on inside my kettle grill and also within the meat itself which helped me make our first meal that much better. With a highly engaging customer service team at our disposal I would nothesitate to suggest this item to anyone.

  56. Ambrose Wadlow

    Low temp sencor saved my Beef Tenderloin twice this weekend.

  57. Gene Belliston

    Great product, highly recommend!

  58. Leda Vanduyn

    I like it… but wish it was better built. The idea of the product is fantastic, keep an eye on meat temperature and grill temperature. The probes are poor quality and broke after only 7 uses. I had to order extra probes. The batteries last about 40 hours which is very good. Range is good reaches into my house about 50ft and 3 walls deep.

  59. Lizeth Gipp

    Purchased for monitoring my offset smoker does a fantastic job and accurate temp reads of meat and smoker temperature

  60. Isidro Kondel

    Only problem with the one I have is that it will not shut off and you have to remove the batteries.

  61. Lucio Roesler

    As an avid BBQer I have been wanting a good thermometer for a while. After reading many reviews I decided on the TP08 and I could not be happier. I use a kettle grill for everything from straight grilling to low and slow marathon cooks and the TP08 not only performed great and helped make my smoked Boston Butt a hit for the family.Full of features and well built, the TP08 feels like a great value.

  62. Sheba Rosenfeld

    I have not been able to use this thermometer on my smoker yet, but I did test it in some ice water. It measured 32 degrees on the smoker cook-box probe and 34 degrees on the meat probe. At one point, I had the receiver about 35 feet away from the probes through several thick walls, and it did not have any problems staying connected to the probes. Once I have used this for actual cooking, I will update this review, and it may be 5 stars then. I would say for the price, I am very impressed with this digital thermometer system.

  63. Laine Caltagirone

    Works as promised. Good price and quick shipping. Belt clip is useless, though.

  64. Norbert Seta


  65. Murray Stoehr

    I love this product … purchased because the thermometers on my grill stopped working.

  66. Denisha Keto

    do not know why I did not buy one of these sooner. I have a kamado style grill and this is a definite time saver. I am able to constantly monitoring the temp while I am inside of my house cooking or entertaining. Have the dual thermometers are the best – one for the grills temp and one probe for the meat. It also shows how the built in thermometer on my grill is inaccurate and show about 10% hotter than my Thermopro. This make a huge difference when you are smoking at low temps.

  67. Maricela Abrev

    Great product easy to use and accurate. Great services…

  68. Dick Condreay

    My husband absolutely loved it! Makes grilling so much easier!!

  69. Isaias Bolon

    Only used few times but so far very pleased. Excellent product, easy to use and accurate. Highly recomended.

  70. Nancy Konishi

    Quick shipping and is a good quality thermometer very accurate I love it

  71. Celinda Debrock

    Great Product, have buy the second for my family!

  72. Jeromy Goutremout

    I like the portability and freedom this gives you. I have no idea if it is accurate but it is close enough

  73. Charlie Sawada

    Great, accurate!

  74. Taunya Schabbing

    This was given as a gift to my brother in law that enjoys smoking/BBQ. He speaks highly of it and loves it. As a result, I bought a different model from ThermoPro for myself, but wish that I had gotten this one instead. It works well, has all the features I want at a better price than the one I chose for myself.Overall, the TP-08 has met my expectations. My only complaint is the cheap metal holder for using a probe as an environment thermometer. The holder requires having to be bent around to find a location on the grill or rack to remain stationary AND hold onto the probe. Hopefully that makes sense. I find that I am constantly fighting with making this feature work well.That said, the TP-08 works well and I enjoy using it regularly to ensure proper cooking.ThermoPro appears to be an outstanding company that stands behind their products. They reached out to me to ensure that I understood how to use the product and to ensure that I was satisfied while offering to immediately work to correct any problems. Shipping was very prompt as well.

  75. Elaine Fiecke

    exactly as described, works great, apreciate the remote

  76. Claudio Brossmann

    Very easy to use and very accurate

  77. Ignacio Arismendez

    Bought this for my husband as I was sure our BBQ Thermometer was not accurate. We verified the temp with this and another borrowed probe and the temp on the thermopro was bang on what the second probe tested. It does have a small learning curve and my husband went online to see if there were any videos (there are) and we were up in running in no time. No more hovering over the BBQ to watch the temp.A few days after our package arrived we received an email from ThermoPro and I figured it was an email fishing for a review. It was en email with additional instructions, contact information if we had any issues, and additional videos explaining how it works. I was amazed.

  78. Mona Badalamenti

    Picked this up for Holiday dinner because our double GE wall oven is not to be trusted [only 10 years old]. This device helped me figure out the bottom over runs about 15 degrees hot and the top runs about 25 degrees cold (depending on the temp set)! We also discovered the top oven stops producing heat when the light is turned on. Made for a perfect roast!

  79. Olene Karmo

    Works well so far. Used it for my smoker the other day. Range was better than I expected. Delivery was fast and customer service is excellent.

  80. Cortez Stehly

    Great product, I use it often!

  81. Kristopher Mirles

    Excellent tool, it takes the guess work out of the BBQ experience

  82. Earnestine Plover

    Great thermometer and especially warranty and quick response to have probe replaced. Read accurate temperatures and food came out to perfection. Highly recommended. The customer service was outstanding!

  83. Augustine Kotecki

    Very satisfied with the unit. I had a probe that went bad and within 2 days, they send me one free of charge.Nice services and not let the unit which you connect the probe in the rain for a long time. Water will get into it. It will resist water but is not waterproof. I dried mine and it works like a charm.

  84. Nathanael Sensor

    Purchased last march. Worked well for awhile then one of the probes stoped working. May have been my fault, do not know.. Contacted the company and got good working replacements in a time manner.

  85. Lavern Foor


  86. Trinidad Dahlem

    Love this thermometer. Programmable alarm/set points for both the smoker chamber and meat probes make long smokes much easier to manage (I can actually get a little sleep on those long overnight smoking sessions!) knowing that if the temperature gets out of range it will alarm and wake me up.

  87. Annabel Macknair

    Incredibly quick delivery. will not be able to compare to my Mavrick till xmas because It is a present for a friend. I love the warranty though.

  88. Eloy Truskowski

    Ordered item as a gift, and it arrived on time and as described. My dad says It is awesome!

  89. Merlin Sanon

    Is a Christmas gift, will review after Christmas.

  90. Kizzie Virgil

    husband loves it!

  91. Isaura Simoni

    Great thermometer! Accurate and easy to use

  92. Noah Brunsting

    Works exactly as advertised. A good buy!

  93. Quintin Gaspard


  94. Nelia Turman

    This is a great product! My chicken and brisket have turned out great this week. I can not believe that I did not purchase before now.

  95. Torri Mcpherren

    it is a new item for my wife for Christmas and will let you know here response in the new year….

  96. William Brodsky

    durable use it on a reverse flow smoker and it does well.glad I bought it

  97. Teodoro Erb

    We ordered two, good quality and fast delivery to Alberta. Ordered the case as well for storage in the RV.

  98. Denisha Linnert

    Solid build and seems to work as advertised. Price was good too.

  99. Ester Rousselle

    I have been very happy with this thermometer. It is accurate and the wireless range seems good. It reaches all over my house from the smoker in the backyard. I use it in the Bradley smoker, in the BBQ, and occasionally in the oven. For the smoker and BBQ, It is great to have the probe monitoring the cooking temperature to alert me if I run out of gas or there is some problem. It has a high temperature alarm so I am alerted in the case of flareups on the grill, or if grease in my smoker catches fire (which could be very, very bad).I do long smokes so It is good to have this unit monitoring things overnight. I can keep it by my bedside and check that everything is OK without getting out of bed.I have owned other thermometers, including 2 other remote ones, and none have worked very well. Most were wildly inaccurate and all died way too soon. This unit has worked very well for 2 years now.

  100. Kenny Willcott

    Great Product, Great Deal, Fast shipping!!!!!

  101. Luis Eisnaugle

    Great product would recommend!

  102. Elenore Bryand

    ThermoPro is easy to use and highly accurate. The BBQ probe stopped working correctly after 2 uses. I contacted the company and they promptly sent a replacement. So pleased with their customer service and quality of the product! Would definitely recommend this brand.

  103. Veola Ricks

    It is a Christmas gift, my friend love it, great!

  104. Bryon Welling

    Good product, works good

  105. Lyle Eng

    I love it its great, And the duo looks like great tool for the bbq

  106. Nakesha Matto

    We use this for smoking and it allows us to not sit on top of the smoker checking the temperature, able to do other things while food is cooking and its very accurate

  107. Isabel Bongiovanni

    Looks awesome. I bought it for my husband for christmas . she is always bbqin or smoking sonething during the summer.

  108. Wilton Dickstein

    It works fine. I like the on-off feature.Calibration on one thermocouple was 2 degrees F low at 210 F. The other was exact. Both are exact at 98 F.

  109. Jarvis Lape

    Used it a few times and so far it is an excellent product, Works great and has an excellent wireless range.

  110. Marissa Almsteadt

    Worked like a charm easy to use exactly what I needed spot on accurate

  111. Freddie Noyd

    This product is totally worth it. I use it outdoors on my smoker. It is really great during the winter being able to monitor the smoker and meat temperature from the comfort of my home. It is really accurate too.

  112. Fernando Safley

    This was purchased as a gift and he absolutely loves it! He uses it in his smoker and grill. Definitely would buy again.

  113. Marcus Norise

    Great product – works equally well on the BBQ or in the oven. I have tried in past! Had a probe fail after about a year – it decided that it was about 100F the instant it was plugged in…..but 2 emails to the itronics folks and my new probe was in the mail. Great service and no hassles. Highly recommend.

  114. Thuy Spitz

    Works perfectly! No issues whatsoever!

  115. Carolee Moler

    Great for the money, good service!

  116. Robert Schrantz

    I have used them recently for a 16.5hr smoke. Worked flawlessly. Even woke me at 4am when the temperature hit a temperature I preset that I set.

  117. Dana Sanderman

    Easy to use, does the job, making cooking easy now.

  118. Nona Gnerre

    AwesomeI can cook like a pro now

  119. Lucille Jaradat

    Great product! Works exactly as described. Fantastic follow-up from seller. Would buy from again.

  120. Elvin Mahaney

    Works great! It is pretty accurate. The wireless updates quickly. I tried it from about 40 feet (distance from the smoker to the receiver unit inside the house) and it worked fine. Takes a couple seconds to update but is constantly updating. Definitely recommend this for the grill masters out there!

  121. Isaias Branscombe

    Just received my new ThermoPro TP 08S. . I have not had a opportunity to use it yet,but I am very happy with the quality of the product. Reviews looked good so,we will give it a try.

  122. Hollis Ruley

    Works pretty good. 300 feet no way but 50 feet not too bad. Drops connection occasionally. It is nice to know cook temperature compared to smoker temp.

  123. Antonia Campione

    Works great and has been very reliable. New to the smoking craze thanks to a Christmas gift . I do not want to screw up,so this thermometer should help keep me in the good books. Also the product arrive early which was a bonus.

  124. Kevin Huckabay

    So far this wireless remote digital cooking thermometer has worked great. It seems to be built to take a beating and appears to be very accurate. Time will tell as I usually replace these about every six month because they just quit working.

  125. Malcolm Macpartland

    I try it for the first time yesterday and really liked it. Very accurate and work very well even if the temperature outdoor was -25C.

  126. Arnita Boie

    Bought this for my son-in-law he loved it!

  127. Joella Meltzer

    Fast delivery and the thermometer works great, Build quality is excellent and does not feel like I could accidentally break it.

  128. Hugh Fernette

    Excellent product. Works very well. Instruction manual easy to understand. No problem setting the programs.

  129. Mario Vaquerano

    Really Nice product ! A must for smoker cooking! Reported temperatures have always matched my quick read thermometer and meats have come off the grill excellent leading me to the opinion that it is very accurate. Definitely recommend this item.

  130. Keva Alborn

    Great price and fast shipping. Product works as advertised.

  131. Donnetta Mettenburg

    The manufacturers warranty is better than most. So far I am a very happy camper !

  132. Salvador Meester

    There ThermoPro TP-08 is a welcome addition to UDS smoker set up. It affords me the ability to monitor burner temperature and food temperature wirelessly from any place in my home as well as to program in high and low temperature alerts. This frees me up during the process of smoking foods and eliminates the need to be constantly checking my smoker during a process which my 4-8 hours or more in length. I found it easy to use, with an almost intuitive basic set up and so far very dependable.

  133. Mack Domann

    This is an awsome product….works great and gives instant temperature resultsFast shipping as well.

  134. Shanelle Gawronski

    Works great, foods perfect temp every time. Meat probe stopped working but it was promptly replaced no questions asked.

  135. Yasuko Tafel

    Perfect , just perfect. Has low and high temperature alarms.

  136. Ervin Aycox

    after my post of the first review I got an email from the vendor right away, either trouble shooting problems. I told them I would not email them if I have not tried the trouble shooting, I do not want the run around. Right away the sent an email to confirm the resolution to my problem with the product. And it is now resolved. I can honestly tell you that they take their product very serious. They believe in their merch… will buy again just for customer satisfactionI was really excited about this product. Received it work okay.

  137. Mose Sieracki

    Works great, I love the high low bbq temperature function.

  138. Erna Sonny

    Good Product!!

  139. Dayna Kitchenman

    Excellent product. Works as advertised.

  140. Rudolf Lajza

    Love this thermometer, it is very accurate, and has a great range.

  141. William Hool

    Product was delivered very quickly. I used it for the first time and it works exactly as advertised. No more opening the lid of the gas barbeque to check if if the burners were blown out by the wind at lower smoking temps.

  142. Torie Lanouette

    I use this all the time with my Weber Smoky Mountain. Very good unit!

  143. Amparo Kreissler

    Great Product! It was gift to my husband. He very likes it, told me that the most importent thing for smoker ;). Very conviniet. And delivery was very fast.

  144. Mitch Barer

    Used this and loved it works great!!!

  145. Mohamed Bensberg

    Works really well. I use this for my smoker. Very precise and useful

  146. Marica Debenedetto

    Great product. My steaks are consistent now that I cook with this thermometer.

  147. Hailey Mongrain

    Excellent, my husband loved it.

  148. Leonel Grime

    Love this thing, can monitor grill temps from the opposite end of my house. Transmitter has been out in the rain and snow on several occasions with no issues. Recommend this product to everyone.

  149. Blake Ambrosone

    Came as ordered and works great so far, used it for some chickens and they came out perfect.

  150. Ione Ghianni

    Seems to keep the temperature accurately and I like the rugged feel of it. Someone needs to design a better way to keep the probe unit attached to your grill or smoker.

  151. Keith Landgraf

    Buy for husband, Once he figured it out, He uses it while cooking in the oven and on the BBQ.

  152. Chester Cerdan

    The ThermoPro TP-08 works as advertised. First off, I dropped it right out of the box on my concrete patio. The rugged exterior was a little scuffed but it still worked. It is easy to read and operate. Once turned on it synced in no time. The smoker is about 15 feet from my patio to inside my kitchen where I placed the unit. I would recommend the ThermoPro TP-08.

  153. Jeremy Souffrant

    Awesome. Love it! Does what it is supposed to do.

  154. Dennis Payen

    I love this thermometer

  155. Corrina Czerno

    Just received TP08 and used it smoking a prime rib. It surpassed my expectations.I would recommend this product highly.

  156. Milo Hermens

    Love this! Bought another as a gift.

  157. Melvin Konruff

    Showed up when they said and works great

  158. Magdalene Horsfield

    Works great,fast shipping

  159. Torrie Czolba

    Very well made and easy to use.Would definitely recommend this product.

  160. Jacob Macauley

    Have only used it once so far. Everything worked as promised and temp was accurate.

  161. Jon Heintz

    Takes the guess work out of cooking and guarantees safe food cooked perfectly. Accurate!

  162. Hertha General

    Works awesome

  163. Ocie Brasch

    Excellent service.A further email outlining warranty and contact information for inquiries. Great customer service which I have already mentioned to others.

  164. Lloyd Lambeth

    Totally improved my smoking skills on my Weber kettle. Would highly recommend this for long cooks.

  165. Arlen Wolkow

    Super happy with this product. Had a small problem with the ambiant probe and contacted the costumer service and a replacement probe was in the mail the next day.Highly recommended product/seller!

  166. Shin Hollibaugh

    I wish I had one of these years ago. I recently bought a Char Griller Akorn and wanted to get a digital temp reader. This is awesome, I can get a reading from inside the house. You can even set it up to beep at you when It is at the desired temp.

  167. Pamella Iatarola

    Seems to be better quality than most other wireless thermometers out there. Used it for the first time, and the temp was accurate compared to a good quality conventional bi-metal probe thermometer.

  168. Mathew Lebert

    Product has been working great so far. Setup was simple. Price was on point.

  169. Deshawn Wojtowich

    I bought this as a gift for my son and he is over the moon. He said it was easy to set up and works like a dream. I was very impressed with the contact from the supplier which included a thank you and offering a discount coupon.

  170. Bulah Suns

    Awesome machine once you get the hang of it. This thermometer is super easy to use. Probes can be kept in the meat while cooking which makes it even more convenient. Wireless receiver with audible alarms allow you to work around the house while your food cooks. No more having to run back to your smoker to check temp.

  171. Mellie Magliocco

    High quality and accuracy (compared readings to a Liquid in glass cooking thermometer)

  172. Alonso Hofler

    This is my third ThermoPro. The other two are still working fine, need another one for my third smoker. A lot better range than my old remote thermos! Goes through our low-E patio doors without dropping the signal and very easy to set custom temps. I did put heat shrink tubing around the probes where the wire enters the probe, had one of the probes break right there. No problems since!

  173. Teddy Sibounma

    So far I am extremely pleased with my wireless thermometer. Would buy from I-Tronics again in the future.

  174. Shelly Raub

    Have only used it 2 times so far and it has worked flawlessly so far ,very accurate and easy to use.

  175. Emilia Boulton

    Great product and service from i-Tronics. I had a bbq probe stop functioning properly and i-Tronics were quick to ship me out a replacement.

  176. Rocky Sconiers

    Works great and tested accurate.This is my go-to cooking thermometer for my Smoker Oven.

  177. Corey Schwinn

    Now I dont have to check the smoker every 15min!

  178. Keiko Freker

    I used it for the first time today. The remote monitor has great range (all throughout my house).Having the second probe to measure grill temperature really helps, as I can measure the temp where the food is, instead of at the top of the lid where the built in thermometer is.The controls are easy to learn and use.

  179. Emerald Christaldi

    Works nice.looking forward to try it for real. Great product and customer service.

  180. Hobert Sylvester

    Works great. gave 3 of them as gifts, and kept one for myself

  181. Eddie Kesterson

    This thermometer has been great. One of the two probes was not reading correctly after about 8 months (and countless uses), I contacted the company and they promptly sent out a replacement probe.

  182. Debrah Connard

    works great!

  183. Barrie Krenik

    Excellent thermometer with remote unit. Use mainly in my BBQ with long slow cooked meats like brisket and shoulders. Can keep an eye on the temps from anywhere in the house.

  184. Rich Jayroe

    Impressed with the customer care and follow up. Working great so far. We have only used it twice, but it has good connectivity and seems to very accurate.

  185. Derek Manino

     I have had my TP08 for about a year now, and it is fantastic! It was accurate right out of the box, and still is. It is also rugged beyond belief! I have left it outside in the rain for several days, and even in the snow, and after changing the batteries, it worked just fine!

  186. Mildred Gulini

    This is fabulous! I smoked a pork roast for 14 hours without opening my Big Green Egg. I could not be happier with this purchase.

  187. Marybeth Kihn

    Love it! Sometimes takes a couple times powering up the remote in order to sync but no biggy.

  188. Shane Czajkowski

    We love it,easy to use and understand. Very good product,and was delivered just as it was supposed to be. Very happy with this purchase.

  189. Bettina Rerko

    Bought this for my Father for Christmas. He immediately used it, and has not stopped since. Very accurate in temperature and link to base is not an issue. He had one from a big name company prior, and the initial connection at startup would be a pain with constant button pushing and removing and replacing batteries. This one, as soon as you turn it on, It is connected and ready to go. Definitely a must have for cooks of all kinds

  190. Kindra Puna

    Used it for the first time yesterday worked awesome! Very easy to use.

  191. Tommy Otter

    Have had thermometer for a week, have not had a chance to test meat probe yet, but needed something to give me an idea of what temperature my overpriced Italian gas oven was actually burning at. That, it seems to do well.

  192. Terry Dieffenbach

    If a customer needs one this is the one to get

  193. Tai Gerathy

    It appears to be OK, I have not used it yet.

  194. Damon Sliva

    So far so good, but only used it once checking the temp of my sap for making syrup. I like the range the unit has and ease of use. Time will tell when warmer weather hits when I will be grilling/smoking much more food, tough to rate at this time. Maybe later when I use it fully I will have more to say whether positive, negative or both. So far good product out of the box.

  195. Brooks Reither

    so far so good used only once but it did what it was supposed to do we will see this summer how well it stands up in the long hall

  196. Anthony Conninghan

    Temp readings seem accurate, have not used it in a grill yet. but works in the oven.

  197. Waltraud Eckersley

    I just received this product a couple of weeks ago and tried it out for the first time this weekend. I have had more expensive Remotes where the probes stopped functioning after about a year or two and were expensive to replace.So this weekend I did ribs on the bbq. I used the bbq probe along with my trusty Maverick. Over the 5 hours of cooking, both probes were within 1 deg of each other. So I know that the ThermoPro was calibrated properly.Summary, so far so good and the price is exceptional. Easily worth the money if this system maintains for the next couple of years. I will be promoting this unit to my friends who bbq.

  198. Augustine Vanwoert

    Works well. Needed for smoking a brisket.

  199. Wyatt Bolins

    Works well. Works perfectly and the clip on the temperature probe unit fits perfectly on the pellet hopper

  200. Vannessa Wulfing

    One of my probes stopped working and they sent me a new one right away, good servive

  201. Luci Schlesser

    Shipped right away and arrived a couple days later. Received thermometer exactly as stated and in perfect condition. Only used once so far, but easy to use and very accurate! Wonderful product and highly recommended! 5 stars all the way!

  202. Isiah Dreggs

    Used it for the first time Superbowl Sunday….flawless. (2) 10 lb Boston Butts and (6) racks of ribs on the smoker and everything came out great! I have had a few remote thermometers and this by far is the best one I have used.

  203. Odell Furne

    4 3/4 stars nothings perfect. Arrived quickly and undamaged proved matched up with an old known thermometer. I Like the swivel clip on the transmitter but the belt clip is hard to reach to pull out from the casing. It was easy to read and learn to use did not use the instructions. like the rubber protection and that being orange is easy for me to see. Looks simple and practically designed for long use. The company seems that they are the do like your business. Surely would but from again and refer them to others.Now, the negative side Looking through the listings I thought that the ca just meant it would have Celsius too but then i found out it meant not having the food temperatures built in. My fault should read better

  204. Julienne Mcgehee

    So far so good. Helping me make grest foodies.

  205. Dulce Briden

    My wife loves it and she is very picky. Results are fantastic and with the remote she is not constantly going back and forth from living room to kitchen.

  206. Hassan Glauser

    Losses signal easy but quickly reconnects. Changed batteries after one tri-tip smoke, and one spatchok chicken. Otherwise, it works great!

  207. Max Cuba

    I bought this to use in conjunction with my Traeger Elite 22.

  208. Loren Argudo

    Works great. Takes all the stress out of smoking a large piece of meat without constantly having to open the lid.

  209. Daryl Lasorsa

    The shipping time was outstanding when ordered, I did have a problem with the food temperature probe being off by what I believe to be about 10 to 12 degrees and when I contacted the company they had new probes in the mail to me within a day.The only improvement that I would like to suggest is on the grill clip for the heat temp probe. The current one does not position easily or stay in place that well.One other item is there is no low battery signal and I have no idea what kind of temperature reading I will get when they start to go low. Hopefully that will not happen in the middle of a long smoke.Overall, a great product for indirect grilling and smoking.

  210. Isidro Howorth

    Excellent piece of equipment.Easy to use and works like a charm.

  211. Suellen Yake

    Awesome. Easy to use and works like a charm. Very pleased with it. Very accurate and easy to use.

  212. Norene Dacunto

    Received this a few weeks ago, only used for first time today. I use a charcoal smoker which can be a hassle maintaining the correct temperature and use to have to constantly monitor it. Now I can go about with the rest of my cooking and walk away from my smoker. Very easy to use. Love it.

  213. Quintin Durun

    Got this thermometer after reading good reviews for it on a BBQ Facebook page I follow. Nice bonus is the wireless range. I can go to our basement, 50 feet away from the base, and it maintains connection without issue. Two thumbs up!

  214. Merilyn Suominen

    I have used man different temp probes in the last couple of years. This is one of the most convenient and accurate probes I have ever used.

  215. Malcolm Sorrow

    A great addition for any person wanting to perfect the art of bbq. Allows consistency in temperature without losing heat by opening hood.

  216. Pearly Koziel

    Get the perfect cooking every time, oven , bbq. I was surprised my bbq temp showed 600 but was only 375. Customer service was excellent!

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Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
Sensor Type NTC
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Refresh rate 4 seconds
Transmission Range* 500ft(150M)
Wireless Technology ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Receiver LCD, 1 9⁄16 Length x 1 3⁄8 Width inches (39.5 L x 34.5 W mm)
Transmitter LCD, 1 Length x 1 3⁄16 Width inches(25.0L x 29.5W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size  
Receiver 2 11⁄16 Length x 4 15⁄16 Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches (68.0L x125.5W x 28.0H mm)
Transmitter 2 11⁄16 Length x 3 5⁄8 Width x 1 1⁄2 Height inches (68.0L x 92.0W x 39.0H mm)
Receiver 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
Transmitter 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.


Question: Can I use the Thermopro TP07 to measure oil temperature on a deep fryer?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to set a minimum AND a maximum temperature?
Answer:  No, the TP08 has this feature.

Question:  I’m a little confused on how the alarm works. The description on the item on the site says one feature is alarm, however in the manual there is nothing that shows how to set the alarm, just timer. it’s a bit confusing to me. please explain
Answer: Hello, The alarm is always active and will beep once your current temp reaches your set temp or if your timer expires.


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ThermoPro TP08S

ThermoPro TP-09B Digital Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP09

ThermoPro TP-829 Wireless Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP829

ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP920

Price $39.99 $39.99 $19.99 $19.99 $48.59 $48.59 $49.99 $49.99
Availability In stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No No Yes
Calibration feature No No - -
High low temperature alarms Both High Both Both
Lock function - No - -
Mobile app No No No Yes
Preset temperature options No Yes Yes Yes
Probe quantity 2 1 4 2
Range 300ft 300ft 1000ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings No Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof

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