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ThermoPro TP200BW

(74 customer reviews)

Indoor Outdoor Wireless Thermometer

  • 500 Feet Remote Range】: With up to 500 feet in wireless transmission distance (no obstructions), this outside thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature indoors and outdoors.
  • Supports to 3 Temperature Sensors】: Indoor thermometer for home supports up to 3 outdoor temperature sensors, freely monitor the temperature in different locations such as room, yard, cellar, greenhouse, garden, etc.
  • Rainproof Sensor】: Room thermometer indoor/outdoor thermometer wireless sensor features rainproof design, allows you to monitor outdoor temperature even in rainy days.
  • High Accurate Readings】: Temperature thermometer outdoor with compact LCD displays large digits of indoor-outdoor temperature, accuracy up to plus and minus 2 Fahrenheit; Fahrenheit & Celsius selectable.
  • Multiple Mounting Options】: Remote thermometer wireless features 3 mounting options to allow you place it anywhere: Durable stand for tabletop, strong magnet for metal surface, hanging hole for hook.
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74 reviews for ThermoPro TP200BW

  1. Karen Brux

    It is accurate

  2. Tom

    Wanted to use in detached garage 23 feet from kitchen window put sending unit on shelf in garage .There is only two walls that the signal has to go though (the garage wall in not insulated) the units are synched. I have two other indoor/outdoor thermometers in the house and they work.Switched one sending unit to the garage and it works also.Must be the unit.That signal should be able to penetrate two walls.I find the value of this to very limited almost to the point where it I could have bought a reg. thermometer and walked out to read it,which I”m doing.I’ll get my steps in!

  3. Catherine A.

    Simple to use and easy to read.

  4. L. Palmer

    I bought this for my 85-year-old dad. He has always been obsessed with temperatures. Although he has A/C in the house, he likes to conserve energy. As soon as it’s cooler outside than it is inside, he opens all the windows. I’ve always had this thermometer and really like it, so I bought him one. It reads the exact temperature as the thermostat on the HVAC controller. The outside is more accurate than “Alexa” whom he used to depend on. The only change I would make, especially for the elderly, is to make it clearer if the top or bottom readings are inside or outside. The LCD screen shows it in small print, but it would be nice if it had it clearly written on the housing it comes in. I had to take a sharpie marker and write IN and OUT next to the LCD screen. I placed the outside unit on a pine tree, just off the back porch, so it’s not in direct sunlight. This is a product that will always be in my house.

  5. sdavis

    Works very well for a thermometer.

  6. John Gwiazda

    Does the job as expected. Digit are clear to read. Seems to be reasonably accurate.

  7. Eileen Will

    read out is very easy to read and wireless make it easy to place anywhere.

  8. William L. Vanasse Jr.

    Batteries easy to install. Small unit

  9. Dawn

    I keep this on the windowsill in my kitchen so I can check the outside temp when I am getting ready for work

  10. Kathy (SCV Nurse)

    It’s magnetic or it will stand alone. It’s very small with large print and I have it on my refrigerator. I have it linked with its bigger partner right now so I know temps in different areas. Works great. And priced well.

  11. Jane C Ellison

    Receiver very small. Need to go up to receiver to read temp. Works well & not a problem to install.

  12. Lazarus

    It works but it is painfully slow adjusting to a new temperature. I’m waiting 10+ mins for it to adjust when the temperature changes. It seems accurate once it has adjusted, it matched what my weather app was saying it’s just slow.

  13. Marion S. Selby

    i like the compact and easy to setup nature of this device. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.I was sad that it wouldn’t transmit from my garden green house, but was prepared for that because a small outbuilding is in the way… the device description indicated that although it will read for 500 feet it may not work around impediments. This held true for me.So I just put it as a general outside temp reader, which is nice to have. The price was right for this nicety.

  14. Carrie J. Williams

    I’m glad I purchased the ThermaPro. The price was good, the setup was easy. And the range is impressive. I also appreciate the portability.

  15. S.D.

    Wish I had purchased a larger size. It’s too small to see it from anywhere in the room. You have to be right next to it to read it.

  16. Prime Keeper

    It works as expected, though the accuracy is not yet determined.

  17. Ken

    This is accurate to within a degree. The connection is much better than my old one (15 years old) from another brand. I own some other ThermoPro products so I expected the excellent quality. My only complaint is the display is rather small, though that is both a plus and a minus.

  18. D. Mackmick

    Had it in the living room but was a little hard to read, especially in the daytime. Moved it to the bedroom night stand and it works very well there. Replaced this one with their temp/humidity one and that one is easier to read in the living room

  19. techfan

    It is straightforward to install, and finally, I can check the indoor and outdoor temperatures easily

  20. Woody

    I worked and on for two days to get the sender to send the outdoor temp to the base unit. It was a no-go. I was about to trash can the whole outfit. Before I did, I decided to try some new brand name batteries. What! It works as advertised through two walls. Don’t use the batteries that came with the package.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Used it in homeA little small but works good

  22. Marc Leone

    Nice design. Clear readout. Like the magnet in addition. Looks nice on the side of my frig. Accuracy seems good.

  23. .

    Does what it’s supposed to do.

  24. Showtime

    Nice device. easy to set up.

  25. me

    i like having 2 location i can monitor. easy to read

  26. Jake Hammer

    Very slow to update the temperature from the remote sensor. Took an hour to go from room temp 73 to 40

  27. Harvie L. Christian

    Worked great from Apr 2, 2022 to 16 Jul 2022. Batteries died. Put in one set of new batteries and still didn’t work. Put in another set and it worked as advertised.

  28. John

    The first warning sign was when the two temperature sensors read several degrees apart while literately being right next to each other. The next was when the sensors varied from other sensors placed in close proximity. Finally the outdoor sensor can read high when in direct sunlight (apparently it is 120 degrees outside…).I guess it is easy to use and comes with everything you need. But only expect a vague reading.

  29. CraigM

    Works well

  30. John Boyle

    I wasn’t expecting this to be this small but it has a magnet on the back so we stuck it to the fridge.

  31. Diogenes

    Now have 2 identical units… one in the front (morning sun) one in back (evening sun). Both work well under conditions where the old (different brand) units failed constantly.

  32. Mr.1675

    Bought this to see how hot my attic was getting as well as my garage. Put the sensor up this morning and looked at the reading at 4:00 pm and it was 127.2 deg in attic and 95 deg in garage. I now have numbers to work with. A good buy for the price.

  33. Patricia Brazil

    Like everything

  34. Private

    Purchased item for car/tent camping to be able to check weather inside/outside of car.. Works great, very happy with item. Would buy again.

  35. Luke S

    This indoor ThermoPro thermometer with an outdoor sensor is the second ThermoPro brand unit I’ve tried. I was pleased with the accuracy of their digital thermometer/hygrometer but wanted something to display outdoor temps wirelessly. This fits the bill perfectly and has a decent range of up to 500 feet as claimed. The outdoor sensor is located in our backyard at around 80 feet from the indoor display inside our kitchen.The inside display unit is a little smaller than my other Thermopro but the digits are still large and easy to read. The outside sensor is actually dimensionally bigger and takes two AAA batteries as does the indoor unit which are all included. To help get accurate readings, I attached it to an old bird house under a tree to protect it somewhat from direct sunlight and therefore giving elevated temperature readings. I initially tested the sensor and display next to each other and got different readings however, they began to equalize after several minutes had passed. The sensors do appear to take some time to start to produce accurate readings so when first setting up or changing batteries, count on inaccurate readings for at least the first 20mins. The outdoor sensor still reads between 0.5 – 1 degree off but is within the stated tolerance of the units. I did compare the readings to my other ThermoPro and they were within 0.5 degrees for the indoor temp.Overall, this accuracy is fine for most situations and for the current price of $17.99 it’s a good feature having the wireless remote sensor and the option of having up to 2 other sensors to work with the main display.

  36. Betty Phares

    Can check outside temps from our family room. Shows inside home temp as well as temp in our backyard. Very neat gadget. We like it.

  37. Amazon Customer

    Accurate, compact, easy to read and fairly priced.

  38. bryan05

    The thermometer works very well. It is small, but that’s okay because it was very cheap.


    Not that accurate

  40. Amazon Customer

    Great little thermometer. Even smaller than I expected. We put one in each room of the house. I definitely recommend

  41. Amazon Customer

    This thermometer displays accurate temperatures. My only criticism would be that the display unit is smaller than expected and slightly hard to read.

  42. principal vic

    Purchased this product from the company for a similar price several years ago. Paid about the same amount for a lesser product with less features. Next time, will consider a different manufacturer.

  43. Ray

    I have been using these for about 8 months. Allows me to monitor temperature outside, on back porch and a freezer. Great range, easy to set up. My only complaint is it is difficult to buy just the remote sensor on Amazon. Different sensors are listed that don鈥檛 have the range. Batteries (2 AAA) last 4-5 months. Very satisfied

  44. Mike Taxman

    The unit was simple to set up and perfect for keeping track of the temperatures in my attic. I use fans to keep the air circulating in and out of soffit venting and this unit with multiple (up to 3) external zones is just what I needed. Well made.

  45. Doug Palmer

    Meets expectations

  46. Amazon Customer

    Just want to take a minute to write about this product. Super simple easy to set up. Amazing product for under 20 dollars. Can’t put a price on glancing down at temps while making morning coffee. Knowing outside temp before leaving house in the morning is great. No need to open phone and look at apps when this is next to my coffee machine.Highly recommend! This company is amazing and I’m guessing all there products are just as nice.Make the purchase you will be satisfied for sure!!

  47. Paul

    It very hard to find a mounting screw that is small enough to fit and long enough to bite into anything. I used a commercial double back tape to secure it along with a screw.

  48. michael a. burns

    Home outdoor use.

  49. Donna

    Was looking for a thermometer that was indoor and outdoor to use in my camper. This will work perfectly,

  50. Lynnette

    Like it

  51. phylsyl

    I have bought a lot of Thermopro products, and they all work fine. I purchased 3 of these and the only problem with them is their battery usage. It seems like the displays go through a set of batteries about once a month. That is the reason for the 4 stars versus 5. Other than that I would recommend this product.

  52. Rich M.

    Easy setup. We use it to monitor walk in cooler temps. Works in metal cooler with no issues. Picking up a few more for other coolers.

  53. Matt

    The display is easy to read even in low light and the temperature reading is accurate.

  54. Skykels

    Wish the display was bigger…..

  55. Al Atwood

    I have used this item for a couple of weeks & and seems to be very accurate on inside & outside temps, very easy to set up. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is because the screen is a little too small for me.

  56. Cyhber Sr

    A simple outdoor/in-door digital thermostat that deliver with an easy-to-read display. No extras, just the temperature in tenths and fahrenheit or celsius.

  57. Diane Brown

    Good for keeping track of the temperature.

  58. Richardson

    Great price. I placed the outside remote next to the base unit for 24 hours and the remote unit was consistently 1 degree warmer. Close.Unit Size and display was smaller than expected.Appears to work great.

  59. KaysWay

    My old indoor/outdoor thermometer was getting very old so replaced it with this one. I like the looks of this one much better than my old one. Seems to be pretty accurate.

  60. Derek A. Bottorff

    Does what you would expect it to do.

  61. Katie

    I just wanted to see the difference between indoor and outdoor and have a better idea what the temp really is inside. I think this seems pretty accurate!

  62. don

    very easy too use

  63. ATown

    Was looking for an indoor/ outdoor thermometer for our RV and this works great. The indoor unit with temperature display has a magnet on the back to mount it on our kitchen range hood. The outside sensor is water resistant when mounted on a vertical surface which works fine as I have it mounted on the inside surface of an outdoor hatch cover and open the hatch cover when setting up camp.

  64. Harold Little

    very accurate/ easy to install outside portion

  65. Jennifer Schubert

    Works well.

  66. Michael V

    Failed after 5 months. Customer service reached out and quickly rectified the situation. Thank you

  67. SUSAN C

    The numbers are large enough to make reading the temperature easy. Would most definitely buy again!

  68. Jill Bostwick

    No dislikes

  69. lisa weitz

    Hard to program too little to see.Very cheap workmanship.Tired of buying items made in China

  70. mrs D

    Easy setup

  71. Marilyn T

    Needed a new indoor/outdoor thermometer. Seems to be working fine so far. Will see what happens when we get some rain! Hopeful!

  72. Jim Segelhorst

    If there is a dislike I have to say the battery life. The battery lasted on 3 months since purchasing. Once I change battery I will see if it last longer. It is accurate, my nest thermostat and the indoor temperature are identical

  73. Lynne L. Ott

    Very easy to read.

  74. Amazon Customer

    This is the second version of this device I have had and it was even easier to use.

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Temperature Range
Base Station -22.0 to 140.0℉ (-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Remote Sensor -40.0 to 158.0℉ (-40.0 to 70.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±0.9℉ (±0.5℃) from 32 to 140℉ (0 to 60℃) otherwise ±1.8℉ (±1℃)
Humidity Range
Base Station 10% ~ 99%
Remote Sensor 10% ~ 99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2% from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Refresh rate
Base station 50 seconds
  Remote sensor 50 seconds
Sensor Type NTC
Transmission Range* 500ft (150M)
Wireless Technology ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Display Base Station 1 7⁄16 LCD, 1 1⁄2 Length x  Width inches (36.5L x39.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size
Base Station  2 1⁄16 Length x  2 5⁄8 Width x 13⁄16 Height inches (55.5L x 66.0W x 21.0H mm)
Remote Sensor 2 15⁄16 Length x  2 1⁄4 Width x 15⁄16 Height inches (74.0L x 63.5W x23.0H mm)
Base Station 3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)
Remote Sensor 3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment


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