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ThermoPro TP30W

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Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun

  • Highly accurate】Designed with the latest thermopile sensor technology, to allow infrared laser thermometer gun to provide the highest accuracy up to ±1.5%; Improve the accuracy of the IR thermometer gun by adjusting the emissivity from 0.1-1.0 according to the surface material being measured;
  • Ultra-fast】With a distance to spot ratio of 12:1 and a response time of <500Ms, this allows the infrared temp gun thermometer to quickly provide the most accurate temperature readings of any target even at great distances;
  • Various usages】Pyrometer utilizes infrared technology which can measure a wide temp range of -58Fahrenheit~1022Fahrenheit / -50Celsius~550Celsius, enabling the heat detector to measure various objects’ surface temp from a safe distance, especially above boiling point and below freezing point; Use the temperature gauge while preparing foods, performing auto maintenance, home repairs and a host of other tasks; 
  • User-friendly】The thermometer digital displays MAX/MIN/AVG temperature of the last scan, perfect for measuring AC vents or car engines; Thermal gun features a backlit LCD screen, that automatically shuts off after 90 seconds of no use to conserve battery; 
  • Commonly found batteries】 temperature gun is powered by two powerful and commonly found AAA batteries that provide long battery life, when the low battery indicator remind you to change the battery, it’s easily replaceable than other batteries. NOTE: This digital thermometer is not designed for taking Human Body Temperature.
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75 reviews for ThermoPro TP30W

  1. david f taylor


  2. s jones

    quick and easy to get temperature of paving stones

  3. Lisa R

    This was an impulse purchase but I’m glad that I got it. I use it every time I shallow fry, no more guessing. I find it to be very accurate. I’ve checked the temperature of my freezer, refrigerator, and thermostat to see how accurate it is, and to me it is as accurate as it gets. I have seen some reviews about the temperature jumping around, but that only happens to me when I don’t let go of the trigger before moving it around, or if I hold onto the trigger longer than necessary.

  4. tim wright

    Like the thermometer very much. Works great and meets all expectations.

  5. Mike R.

    Works great on my blackstone griddle

  6. John L.

    Three things stand out with this thermometer. 1. Adjustable emissivity… so you can check everything from auto parts to human beings. 2. It uses AAA batteries… no more searching for a 9 volt in the kitchen drawer. And 3., it was less than 20 bucks! Highly recommended!

  7. Amazon Customer

    So far it seems to be consistently low by about 10 degrees F in the range of -5 to 70F. Ice water reads much closer, but everything else is off, even when trying different emissivity values. I will continue testing. I bought this to test how even the heating is across my pellet grill so I’m not too concerned about it being dead on as I will be comparing relative differences.

  8. Mauricio

    Lo use par a medir temperatura en distintos puntos de parrilla,

  9. J. Overturf

    I use this to get a good idea what temp my Quisinart griddle is. It seems accurate enough for what I use it for. Also, being orange, it’s hard to lose and it is easy to read.

  10. Anthony Spilotro

    This is a good deal for the money. 20 years ago one of these would have been close to $200. Overall the quality looks good. It’s made of sturdy plastic but is light weight. It looks like it will last. I like that it uses AAA batteries and not 9v like some of them. I used it to check some older heated pet water bowls against a new one I had just bought. Some of the older ones are 20 deg. cooler so I can put those in a more sheltered area. It’s been interesting checking heating vents around the house and checking which windows and doors are the draftiest. I plan on using this in the kitchen and also the grill and smoker too.

  11. john


  12. Denis Johnston

    Great for the $$

  13. Milbram

    It cheaply made but does as advertised

  14. Tom in Oregon

    Kinda hesitant to buy because of the cheap price. Been using a Taylor 9306 for 20 years. The Taylor has more functions but it costs $80. Never did know how close to accurate the Taylor was. My main use is cooking. BBQ, Grilling and Gummy Bears. You gotta know the first thing I did was compare the two! One degree difference. For $20 I now am confident Plus the Thermopro is easier to read and has better scan functions. I do own more Thermopro products and do find them reliable and priced fair.

  15. CMP

    I was concerned about accuracy, but after testing it against other thermometers as best as I can, it seems very close if you set the emissivity properly (instructions included). This device measures surface temps only.

  16. Kelley Wood

    Great for monitoring the temperature of wheel bearings.

  17. robert fennelly

    accurate and fast

  18. Ryan

    Great price

  19. K.D. Lane

    I purchased two of these, primarily because I like my ThermoPro TP-08S and expected it to be a great product. The warranty was also a plus in my decision. I have only opened one and put it to use, comparing it to my already owned Etekcity Laser Grip 1080. The first marked difference is the ThermoPro TP30 case smooth sureface compared to the Laser Grip 1080 with a tactile surface (on the grip). The second difference is the batteries they take. ThermoPro = AAA’s. Laser Grip 1080 = 9v The last is the adjustable emissivity “feature”. ThermoPro has it, Etekcity Laser Grip 1080 does not. I use my LaserGrip in the kitchen to check skillet temps before cooking eggs and before searing steaks in cast iron pans. It’s also useful to make sure my cast iron pancake griddle is at temp before cooking pancakes. Temperature reading between the ThermoPro and the Etekcity 1080 vary from ~4掳F to as much as 20掳F depending on where you set the emissivity on the ThermoPro. I didn’t buy this to play with an emissivity feature. What would be nice is a procedure to calibrate the unit, as it set it and forget it. At this point I’m considering sending both ThermoPro TP30’s back for a refund.

  20. Jim

    The thermo pro works like a charm and is easy to use. Glad I got it. I have had no problems.

  21. Charles S.

    the included batteries were dead upon arrival. very cheaply made plastic gun housing.

  22. ROBERT H.


  23. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    This is a fine product and the price is right but if you plan on using it outdoors in any kind of sunlight forget about it. There is no backlight and it’s almost impossible to read. Otherwise it works great.

  24. TLS

    Does good job of taking temperature on my grill

  25. Stephanie Collins

    I use this to keep an eye on my Bearded Dragons basking spots! Works great!

  26. Corey H

    Works good but kinda large for what it does.

  27. Keith TD

    I bought this infrared thermometer gun for my outdoor griddle but as soon as it arrived in the mail, I started checking the temperature of everything. One thing that stood out quickly were cold spots around windows and door bottoms. Even though we thought our house was buttoned up purdy good, we changed how comfy it feels just by sealing off a few places we didn’t know were problem areas before we got this gun. It works great on the griddle too!

  28. VJ

    We are using it for checking temperatures in a compartment in our RV and it does exactly what we hoped it would

  29. Fredrick E.

    It helps me while making candy.

  30. Rudy Utulo

    Nice to know the supply air & return air temperatures

  31. Shauna R.

    works well

  32. Robb

    Works good so far

  33. Amazon Customer

    if the liquid is moving the temperature can be misleading.

  34. Amazon Customer

    Works just as advertised.

  35. Paul S.

    worked great got perfect readings

  36. Odelia M. Patterson

    My husband wanted this to use on his new Blackstone griddle. He uses it for checking the surface temperature before cooking. He said that it works well. He has not dropped it (yet), so the durability hasn’t been tested.

  37. M. J. Gilmer

    Easy to use. I bought this for my soap making hobby but also find it is very useful for cooking. It is very easy to use turn off and on and I am finding it accurate.It is easy to change from centigrade to Fahrenheit.

  38. Craig J.

    ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun Non Contact Laser Temperature Gun is easy to use and fast. Just point and pull the trigger and get an instant temperature reading. I love it.

  39. brownsa

    Got this for help with trouble shooting hot things. Works great and seems pretty accurate for my needs. Bonus. The laser site is a big hit with our cats.

  40. Michael R. Church

    This product is inexpensive. I have shot it side by side w/ a more expensive brand and it was w/in .1 degrees almost every time. I do a lot of cold water, cryo and cold shower therapy. This is the main reason I use it. Measuring skin temperature before and after treatment l.

  41. William Langan

    Very accurate and a must for my griddle cooking.

  42. P. Arnold

    Works great!

  43. derrie

    Great product! So easy to use!

  44. F. Mills

    Easy to operate. Precise. I like the dual laser and the functions MAX MIN and AVG

  45. daughter of 2

    Works great. Easy battery replacement.

  46. Amazon Customer

    It works well, is priced right, and uses the inexpensive AAA batteries. Also the company says they stand behind the instrument to insure satisfaction and invite customers to call if they have any questions.

  47. Buzz Wood

    This is a well made product. Easy to use. I like it and found many things to use it on.

  48. Steve K

    Got a new Blackstone grill and this device is awesome for determining surface and food temp. Point, click and presto. Great product.

  49. 706 Photo

    I bought this as a toy mostly for me to check the temperatures on our new stainless steel smokeless firepit. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a more robust or accurate model. This little jewel works great. I would rate this a 4.5 stars. Accuracy is excellent when used in the parameters outlined by the manufacturer. I was not expecting it to be this good. Ease of use is A+. Great tool for the price.

  50. Turko Gee

    TP30 is built very sturdy. I also have the TP20 for BBQ……….ThermoPro make some great products that perform very very well. I would highly recommend anyone to consider a ThermoPro device.

  51. Unanimouse

    Very good value and works as it should

  52. Chuck S

    This thing woks great, especially for the price!

  53. Mercedes

    Purchased for my husband and he really like it.

  54. chassell

    Provides temperature for various uses quickly and without contact. This is a great replacement for meat thermometers and similar heat measurement instruments without touching the substance. No worry about contamination.

  55. Tom

    This must have been a returned item. It was supposed to come with 2 AA batteries, it did not!! The battery compartment was supposed to be open, it was closed!!

  56. Warren Mills

    When I got the package with the thermometer in it the box was damaged. Upon using it, the laser that indicates where the target is doesn’t work. Also it does not allow me to adjust the emissivity. So two of the features of the thermometer don’t work. I would recommend you do not purchase this item.UPDATE: The company selling this item contacted me quickly and has already sent me a replacement. I’ve upgraded the rating to reflect this.

  57. Valenium

    Used already once. To check th ex temp I could pan temperature during changing transmission oil.

  58. BaileyB

    Got this to measure temps in my reptile tank and it was the cheapest one I could find. It works great, seems fairly sturdy and accurate, and doubles as a toy for my dog (she LOVES to chase the laser dot). I recommend this to everyone I know with reptiles if they don鈥檛 already have one.

  59. Amazon Customer

    For the price it’s great. I was just looking for a good ball park temp of my frying pan before use.

  60. Jesse Hernandez

    Works great for quickly reading temps around the house, in the oven and on the stove. It’s not a scientific instrument, I just want to get within ~5 degrees of whatever the temp actually is, and I think this does the job. I haven’t played with the adjustable emissivity feature, but it’s there if I need it which is nice.

  61. JGinFL

    For people who like to cook, this lets me know the right temperature of cooking oil, water, etc. It’s easy to use, fast read. A must for all cook.

  62. RM

    Accurate and easy to use! Works great and fast shipping!

  63. Gilbert Gilmore

    Thermometer Gun was purchased for wax temp in candles, works fine.

  64. G Money

    It’s great, simple to use and a great, intuitive tool!

  65. Jacq

    Trigger seems to have ‘play’ in it…..doesn’t provide a solid feeling. Appears to work but not sure how long it will last. Use it for a pizza oven and the upper temp may not go high enough for the oven.

  66. Joebutcher

    I purchased this in January of 2021 and have used it 3 times a week since then to check the temperature of my cast iron baking pans for baking bread. I have also used it between those times to check the temperature of my Kydex that I have in the oven for my sheath and holster making projects. It is fun to play with it to check the temperature of objects in and out of the house. I have had to change the battery in it but that’s all I have had to do. Works great would highly recommend it.

  67. rick rinella

    I’m using this product to read meat temps on the grill. It’s fast n easy & I feel safer about poultry & pork cooking to the right temp!

  68. Amazon Customer

    I got this for my husband to use while grilling on his Blackstone. He said it works great and has had no issues.

  69. path501

    The display is amazing. It appears to show the correct temperature. It comes with everything needed to get started right away.

  70. Cheryl Brackin

    Just an addition to my cooking tool box.

  71. Michael Keegan


  72. Deven Bhan

    I bought 2 of these & have been using these to see temperatures during cooking including on frying pans and cooking oils etc. These work much better compared some similar devices I used before.

  73. Janice Futak

    We bought this to verify the insulation effectiveness on our house. Worked well.

  74. craig murray

    Readings fluctuate quickly and over a wide range of readings.

  75. Amir

    Works great for use in the kitchen. No more guessing about whether a pan is hot enough.

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TP30 Specification

Temperature Range -58 to 1022℉(-50 to 550℃)
Tolerance ±3°F (±1.5°C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
Response Time 500ms
Sensor Type Thermopile Sensor
Distance-Spot Ratio 12: 1
Display LCD:7⁄8 Length x  13⁄16 Width inches (22 L x 20 W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 6 Length x 4 Width x 1 11⁄16 Height inches (153 L x100 W x42 H mm)
Power 3.0V (2 x AAA batteries)


Q: The Thermo Pro TP-30 its safe to measure human body temperature? there’s any risk if used for human temperature mesure?
A: We do not recommend using this to measure human temperature, it is not designed to do so.

Q:Can this thermometer be used on a Blackstone griddle?
A: Yes, it can.

Q:Can this be used to take temperature of a person?
A:Hello, This device is not meant for human use and cannot be used to accurately take the temperature of a person.

Q: I recently purchased an infrared thermometer directly from Thermo Pro and would like to register the product (once I receive it) to increase the products warranty..I assume I can call the (800) number and register it thru a customer service rep. Why can’t the product be registered at the time of purchase since I have established an account? Please advise me as how to get the best possible warranty for this product and a reasonable expectation of what to expect as to the quality of this item. I have purchased other products and for the most part I am well satisfied. Also how is the warranty enforced if a problem should arise ? Thank you in advance for your response
A: Hello, You can register for warranty at the following link. After filling out the required fields your device will be registered for 3 years.

Q: Can this be used on a human – pointing it at the forehead for a temperature, or is it designed for non-medical use?
A: Sorry, this is not intended for human use, it will not read accurately.


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