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ThermoPro TP359W

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Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

  • Large backlit LCD screen】: Room thermometer features large numbers on a 3.5 inch backlit LCD screen to inform you of the real-time temperature and humidity at a glance. 
  • Instant APP alerts】: When the temperature or humidity exceeds your preset limits, or you’ve gone out of range of the room thermometer, the APP will immediately push an alert to your smartphone to keep you on top of your environment, so you can adjust the thermostat or humidifier accordingly to regulate what matters most: greenhouse, hatching room, cellar, bed room, bathroom.
  • Highly accurate】: The indoor thermometer humidity gauge has a built-in advanced Swiss-made sensor that provides an outstanding accuracy of ±0.5F and ±2%. 
  • Temperature & Humidity chart】: Our easy to use APP contains a dynamic chart which with the pinch of your finger can zoom in and out to view the temperature and humidity at any hour within 24 hours. 
  • 260ft/80m remote Bluetooth range】: The TP59 smart temperature and humidity sensor features an advanced 5.0 Bluetooth chip to provide reliable signal strength and achieve a range of 260ft/80m, allowing you to obtain real-time temperature and humidity from the ThermoPro sensor APP anywhere in your home.
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72 reviews for ThermoPro TP359W

  1. tiffany h.

    The best part is that is has an app and you can view it from your phone at any time and program it with an alarm to know if it reaches higher or lower than you want it to.

  2. AU

    Purchased several and placed in different areas of the house and several in the basement.Had humidity issue in basement due to storm flooding so needed to check the levels.Easy to pair with the phone App and keep track of the data historically.Works perfectly.

  3. Sal1953

    Nice easy to read device. The app allows you monitor trends.

  4. Ryan

    I ordered a product to tell me the temperature in my apartment. My thermostat does not feel it’s important to be precise with the temperature. Being accurate is essential when trying to win an argument on if the apartment is too warm or too cold. I sent money for a device to tell me the precise temperature and it does exactly what I asked for.

  5. Jean Watz

    How do I know this is accurate? I do not know, but it goes along with the hourly weather predictions and at least I know when to turn on a theater in my greenhouse. I gave 4 stars because I have to step out onto the deck and point it at the greenhouse to get a temperature reading on my app. They are only 75 feet apart. So that is a huge disappointment.

  6. Shawn Hart

    ThermoPro thermometer and hydrometer works well for my terrarium. The capability to get tracking information via Bluetooth directly to my phone is pretty awesome.

  7. Bob H.

    humidity and temp

  8. Kat R

    Works great and connects easily to my phone via Bluetooth.

  9. E. A. Jacques

    A fellow indoor grower told me about these and I just had to have one. I have a pretty good size indoor growing room and like to keep the environment controlled when it comes to temperature and humidity. Prior to this purchase I have used the regular ThermoPro hygrometer thermometers for years and they have served me well. But being able to see the temperature and humidity remotely is super convenient – especially when I have seedlings growing in the humidity dome and need to monitor the conditions more closely. It’s also nice being able to see the historical data through the free app. My grow room in on the second floor and opposite side of the house from where I spend most of my time and I have never had a problem connecting with the device. It was also very easy to setup.If you have an indoor garden and need to monitor the environment, this little device is a must have….and you can’t beat the price. I plan to get another one soon so I can monitor the conditions in the humidity dome and grow room at the same time. Very cool indeed.

  10. Mohammad Hamdan

    Humidity reader is not accurate at all, I have tested it outside to make sure I am not wrong. The humidity outside was 66 yet it displayed 50. Inside it is displaying 45 LOL while you can easily notice that it is not because if the Air Condition is off you will sweating like hell. They should have provided a way to calibrate this thing, too bad I have bought 2 of it and both of them are displaying the same result.

  11. S

    Works well but the app is a little difficult to use. I have two and I would like to just be able to Tap a button and update and see them both. Instead I have to pick each one manually then wait for each one to update. The app creates charts showing humidity and temperature over time which is nice but they are small and difficult to read. Stll good value would recommend.

  12. Albert Overall

    If Inside temp and humidity level is important to you this does the job. Good value and all the above.

  13. D Rock

    I keep it on the nightstand so I can monitor the temperature during the night in the bedroom when the windows are open without waking my partner. I like sleeping in a dark room. I appreciate how easy it is to turn on the soft light in the dark and see the temperature and humidity without lighting up the room.

  14. Jess

    I grow quite a few of rare and valuable tropical houseplants. All of which require higher humidity levels than the norm and this thermometer makes it extremely easy to monitor the temperature and humidity level in my plant room for maximized results. It is small enough to be positioned in between my prized possessions with high level of accuracy!! The best feature, is I am able to check in on the necessary levels multiple times throughout the day, from anywhere right from my phone!

  15. Garance A. Drosehn

    The house I live in has two problems with humidity. In the summer the humidity inside the house can get up over 85% (there are unground springs right next to the house). In the winter the humidity inside the house can drop under 10%. So I’ve bought a lot of humidity sensors over the last 8 years, and put them in different rooms around the house. The shortcoming off all the sensors I have bought is that I have to walk around and look at each sensor to read it.So for me, sensors which will send the data to my cellphone is a najor improvement. My cellphone can store that data and show graphs of both temperature and humidity. You can pick from a graph for the last 24 hours, a graph for the last 7 days, or a graph for the past year. I have four different sensors, and all four show up in the app. And the sensors talk directly to your cellphone via bluetooth 鈥?there is no shipping the data off to some company’s web site and then needing to register with that web site.I expect this is ThermoPro’s first attempt at an app for a cellphone, and there are plenty of improvements that could be made to it. And right now it has a bug where *sometimes* the app will crash when you have the app download all the latest data from a sensor. It does download the data and save it correctly, and then maybe 30-40% of the time the app will crash. I have been sending debugging-info to the company, and they say they’re looking into the problem. But even after that irritating bug is fixed, I have other ideas for improvements the app.Initially I bought three of these and have been happy with them (except for the app crashing). It then occurred to me that this sensor could also be very useful for another problem at my house. My refrigerator will be working perfectly fine for 8-12 months, and then over the course of maybe two weeks the average temp will go from 40F to 60F, usually without me noticing it. The problem is just that it needs to be defrosted (even though you won’t see ice anywhere in it). I have put other sensors in the fridge so I can monitor the temperature, but of course I have to *open* the refrigerator to check those. I also have to remember to keep checking, and after six months of it working perfectly fine I’ll get pretty lax about checking. The sensor ends up buried behind food, etc. And before I know it, I’m drinking milk which is nearly room-temperature.So I put one of these sensors in the refrigerator, and I’m very happy to see that the bluetooth signal still makes it to my cellphone, without me needing to open the refrigerator. So I’ve bought another sensor to do full-time duty at monitoring the inside of the refrigerator. And I expect to buy a few more sensors in the next few months, for other full-time duties. I think the company says you can have up to 10 of them.As to the accuracy of these: As I said earlier I’ve been buying a variety of inexpensive sensors over the past 8 years. And to be quite honest, I don’t trust any of them to be 100% accurate when it comes to humidity. But I still own all those sensors, and these new ThermoPro TP59 Wireless sensors seem to be about as accurate as the other sensors I own from other companies. At least they have been so far. I still doubt they’re 100% accurate, but I’ll be happy enough as long as they’re consistent. By that I mean that if they say the humidity is 34%, then I want to be confident that the humidity is lower than at times when the sensors say the humidity is 40%. Maybe the humidity is really 30% instead of 34%, but at least I can depend that the humidity really is going lower if this sensor claims that it’s going lower. I have owned my sensors for just a few weeks now, so I can’t really say how reliable they will be over the full range of humidity that happens around my house!

  16. Superchief

    Large easy to read numbers. The light comes on to the touch and leaves very quickly. Perfect

  17. UT77PLM

    My biggest complaint is that there is 1) no easy way to log the info you are receiving via Bluetooth, and 2) there is no version of the app to run on a PC. The app is on my phone that goes home with me at the end of each day, loosing the ability to log the data. I don’t care if this cost more, I just need access to the information.

  18. Patti

    Small easy to read room thermometer and humidity levels.

  19. J. Muetzel

    A very nice weather instrument, sets up very easily to Bluetooth, letters are big and easy to read, the back light is bright. And the accuracy of instrument is very good.

  20. David Kelly

    Does what it should, easy to setup.

  21. Jenn

    I purchased this item with the intent to use it in my pop-up greenhouse. The screen is easy to read & the light function is wonderful! The kickstand is stable & supports nicely. However, I constantly get a “connection fail” when checking the app and I’m about 20 feet away inside. So it’s a great concept, but not really usable for my purpose.

  22. Lisa R. Riggs

    We purchased this monitor specifically to alert us if temperature dropped too low in our greenhouse, but it will not transmit or alert unless we walk outside our house. Our greenhouse sits less than 250 feet behind our house in direct view. The back of our house is an entire wall of windows and French doors, so the only “barrier” is glass, yet it will not transmit to our phone unless we walk outside. This totally defeats the “alert” feature for which we bought it.

  23. vtwakeboarder

    I almost bought a competitors product which was much cheaper…but I got creeped out reading that it piggy backs off your phone for internet access… The data is stored in the cloud and you have to create an account and log in to get it.I didn’t have to create any account to use this ThermPro device. Even with WiFi and cell data off, I can open the app on my iPhone and see temperature and humidity graphs for the past month.FantasticThe display is easy to read, I haven’t had to recharge or replace batteries yet.

  24. BookLover

    I used this device as a replacement for another similar item I bought from Amazon, which was total garbage. This little thermometer connects effortlessly through Bluetooth to my phone, and I can track my car outside from inside my house (which is why I got it). Great battery life and signal so far.

  25. Juan M. Garcia

    Extremely easy to set up and read. I should have bought more to have around the house. App is easy to link and set up and easier to read.

  26. NoK

    Easy to monitor from my warm bedroom. I can turn on my heater and wait for it to reach a comfortable temp.

  27. K. Scott Phillips

    Works as advertised! I have mine set up in my Greenhouse 100 ft away, has a 3 to 10 second delay to receive signal, not a big deal!

  28. Neesie

    Learned a whole lot about humidity lol! Great gadget to have.

  29. Barbara

    Using this to monitor the humidity in our crawl space. The app works perfectly and is easy to install and to read. Extremely satisfied with this purchase.

  30. Thomas McDonough

    Good buy

  31. Jason Moultrie

    The battery usage is incredible, I’ve yet to change them. These are a great low-cost solution for historical records in temp/humidity sensitive areas. I have one at home to adjust my humidifier, and also use them at at work all the time. Being able to get accurate readings on temperature and humidity for server environments is important, but clients don’t always want to spend a couple hundred dollars on more permanent solutions, so this is imo an acceptable minimum.Edit: well over a year now on the same batteries. Just now getting a low battery warning.

  32. William White

    Love the bluetooth feature!

  33. Nancy Groening

    I used this to monitor the temperature on the windowsill where I keep my plants.

  34. Jesse

    Bought a second one so that says it all.

  35. Roy

    Great Product

  36. HMBar

    I love being able to check this with my app.

  37. nancy giroir

    Works well. Sometimes slow to load but gets the job done and I like how it shows you a trend over the last 24 hours or 1 week. I would buy it again

  38. Kindle Customer

    We bought this Hygrometer just to see the level of humidity in the air and this was the year to have it, because it has been unusually hot and humid.

  39. Matt Koster

    Buy this over anything else for the price. It’s solid, does what it says and the bluetooth connectivity is all you need to avoid opening a grow space, especially in the Winter months. Just a great product.

  40. GMP

    I like that it gives you multiple ways to keep track of temp and humidity

  41. Luis Anaya

    Displays more info then what i need but it works good no problems yet

  42. Alan Nichols

    I use it to monitor humidity in my crawl space. Bluetooth reaches only one upstairs room, but it does record and updates when the phone is close enough.

  43. MJ

    I’ve used these to get an idea of how hot areas of my house and backyard get. The app is easy to use, the screen on the product itself is easy to read, and the price is very reasonable. I actually started with one and bought another because I liked it so much.

  44. Kindle Customer

    It was easy to pair with my phone and I like the ongoing chart/graph that I can view on my phone from anywhere.

  45. Mike

    works well

  46. Michael J. Baham

    Good large display, easy to setup. Bluetooth connection is short distance. Biggest problem for me is the connection update is slow.

  47. FJM east coaster

    I like the app. Do not have to walk down the basement to see what temp and humidity is. I should have bought 2.Will be buying another. Need an outside one for my balcony.

  48. Amazon Customer

    They are easy to read and set up. Glad to have them. Told daughter in Wyoming about these and she will set up three in her new house.

  49. Bert in Chicago who is a happy and loyal Amazon Customer. :-)

    First: Don’t trust the URLs in the printed material. They give you 404 errors. Why the manufacturer doesn’t use a web server redirect statement to keep the printed material URLs active, I don’t know. It shows a lack of respect to the customer!The biggest offender – for me – was the 3 year warranty extension. Yes, if you register you get a 3 year warranty! Yet, the URL to the offer doesn’t work, as found in the printed material. Obviously, their web master and marketing group aren’t talking and thus fail to do a good job.Fortunately, the engineers (both electronic and software) did a great job on this unit! I keep track of multiple units on multiple devices (phones and tablets). The only downside is lack of FiRE HD TABLET support!Why can’t they support the Amazon Fire HD tablet? While I’m into Android phone and tablets, my Son and his husband love the Amazon 10″ tablets. Given the Fire OS is basically Android, why they didn’t do a Fire OS version is beyond me.This unit worked out so well, I’m looking at the Alexa enable version and an indoor / outdoor model. (Again, if they support Alexa, why can’t they support Fire OS)?!UPDATE; I have been using it for 3 months and have two feature requests. I encourage all who agree with me to submit to their support email address your own feature request (one per email).Request 1: Export feature using the CSV file format. While it is nice to have this data on your phone and/or tablet, being able to analyze it using a spreadsheet program would be outstanding!Request 2: Support for Windows and Apple laptops and desktops/workstations that support Bluetooth. Windows and Apple computers have better displays and should also be able to gather and display this informatoon. Yes, again I don’t understand the lack of Amazon Fire OS support.Four stars because there is room for important improvement.

  50. Guybo

    Simple to use and like the data history with Bluetooth upload to iPhone. It has a built in stand or a magnet to mount on metal. Built sturdy. The history is easy to clear by pressing the c/F button (on the left side) and the Clear buttons (right side) at the same time for about 5 sec. The display will blink when the data is cleared. This is handy when relocating the thermometer in a different location and want to collect fresh data.

  51. Bob Langford

    Nice Bluetooth option that sends data to phone

  52. Wayne W

    I’m using it in my greenhouse and works very well. I compared the temperature to several other thermometers I have and it was within range. I placed it both of my refrigerators to verify temp and humidity. The APP was super easy to download and use on my Android phone. Has a good graph and alarm set points. Don’t know how long battery will last, only time will tell. I like the Therm Pro device.

  53. R. Starr

    Recently got a larger safe and outfitted it with an Eva-Dry dehumidifier that needs to be recharged at some interval. Since I don’t know how often that I will need to recharge the humidifier, I wanted a way to monitor the humidity inside the safe without having to open the door to check it. This unit works great and I can check the app on my phone to keep an eye on the humidity.

  54. F. Ransom

    I’ve been tracking the temperatures in the main part of an apartment versus the bedroom addition, which has tended to get too hot in the summer. I put one of these in each location, and I can just stand outside the building to get the current temperature and humidity at both locations wirelessly and download their readings for the last week to the online database. The BlueTooth wireless connections works effortlessly, and the graphical display of each device’s temperature history on the iPhone app is really useful. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Gives humidity level inside the house.

  56. WJT

    Seems accurate and like the Bluetooth connectivity.

  57. Amazon Customer

    Freedom Matters Fools!

  58. George

    Great units. I gave mine a few days to get acclimated to my areas and they were accurate. Great customer service.

  59. Bradley B.

    Big bright screen, easy to read. I like that it has temp AND humidity. The problem is with the app downloaded to my phone. Takes a long time to update the temp and humidity (about 20 sevonds) but that is usually after 2 or 3 failed attemps.

  60. Amazon Customer

    Works great easy to read. The app is very easy to set up.

  61. Steve Corwin

    Easy to read and very accurate.

  62. Lawrence L. Schiavo

    good stuff

  63. chris incorvaia

    Works great no complaints here works so good I ordered another one

  64. Centaurium L.

    It’s accurate, I have multiple hygrometers to compare with. Bluetooth can take multiple attempts and minutes to send the data report, but the live readings are good enough. Guitars are happy.

  65. Edie

    This was a fantastic investment. I can monitor my greenhouse temps without having to go out in the cold. Lol. I really enjoy the convenience this offers. Great value.

  66. anon

    Cold weather, snow, now warmer and snow melting here. I hope it is accurate!

  67. Michael in Southern NJ.

    …..but if you are using it to set up a dehumidifier, like I did, for the price its very helpful. Your body can’t tell the difference between 53 or 52 % relative humidity but this unit can so its helpful in tweaking the humidistat level on your dehumidifier which save you money. There is not much need in the typical basement to get the humidity too low because the dehumidifier uses unnecessary electricity.

  68. Win

    Good reading from time to time, esp as weather fluctuates here in Ohio. Readable enough from a good distance, however, there were instances of delayed/loss connection on bluetooth which needs for me to restart the device, and connect to my mobile phone app.+/- 2% ppts difference on tempetare in Celsius, and +/- 5% ppts on humidity

  69. Anne Deloire

    I tried another brand before this one, and there is no comparison. This product works exactly like it should. Bluetooth connection achieved in the app, not the iphone settings. Quality product and app. Highly recommended.

  70. Az Customer

    I have several setup around the house interior and one outdoors. This has allowed me to better balance our central A/C by appropriately by adjusting the duct vents. It’s very helpful to contrast the interior units to each other as well as the outside temp over time.I’ve not had any of these for more than a few months so I can’t comment on their reliability but other ThermoPro products I own have been problem free for years now.Suggestion for ThermoPro – Fantastic(!) if you could provide an option to superimpose all unit graphs with color differentiation.

  71. J. Milstein

    The app has some minor bugs and a couple of design decisions that annoy. One annoyance is that the app stops logging when it is not active. Then when active again it has to catch up and sometimes fails to do so. You can force it to download the missing data. Why not keep logging data when inactive? Also, I see no way to export the logged data.

  72. Angela D. Lance

    Keep up the great work. Excellent product

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