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ThermoPro TP605W

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Dual Probe Instant Read Meat Thermometer

  • Two in One Thermometer Design】: With the unique two-in-one design, enjoy a food thermometer for any situation; The enhanced instant read food thermometer is ideal for temping steaks and the wired probe thermometer with alarm prevents preventing an overcooked turkey.
  • 3-4 Second Read Time & Highly Accurate within ±0.9°F】: Digital meat thermometer features a lock function to lock the food temperature on the display, so you don’t need to linger over the hot cooking surface.
  • 180° Auto-Rotating Backlit Display】: This meat thermometer for cooking and grilling has a large rotating backlit display making it perfect for either hand or when taking temps in tight spaces.
  • Easy to Use & Rechargeable Battery】: Cooking thermometer turns on by simply unfolding the probe, feels like an extension of your body; Built-in rechargeable battery saves you money and time.
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating & Convenient Storage】: Simply wash the waterproof thermometer under running water; Features magnet and a large hang hole to store it anywhere; Special bottle opener design for the BBQ thermometer.
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55 reviews for ThermoPro TP605W

  1. SarahT

    This meat thermometer is great. It is a good size, good weight, is super easy to use, and very convenient.To turn it on, you simply open the probe; to turn it off, close it. It is super fast to get the temperature while cooking, I didn’t have to wait at all for it to reach the final temperature. The probe is long enough to not worry about getting burned, and you can grab the handle to pull it out of the meat, so you don’t have to touch anything hot at all.It uses a AAA battery, which is included, and a little screwdriver to open the battery compartment that is also included. A little more inconvenient than a slip-off cover, but a small price to pay for the convenience of a AAA battery instead of a button cell. I imagine it also helps protect the battery from grease or if it gets wet when washing it.It is so convenient to use and put away. It folds up, automatically turning off (so I don’t forget), and has a magnet that I just snap onto the hood of the stove, so it is always right where I need it. All I have to do is grab it, open it and get a very fast reading.I am very happy with this thermometer and happily recommend it.

  2. Klatu630

    Delivery was quick. Battery installation was a bit of a pain. First thing I did was check it with boiling water. My reading was 211.4F. Certainly accurate enough. Actually, takes about 5 seconds or so to get a good reading. Fast enough for me but not super fast. I do like the magnet so it can just be stuck on the side of the fridge.

  3. Mike Raymond

    I like the fact its easy to read and the back is magnetized. It sticks to the side of my grill. I’ve only used it a couple of times, and the 1st time was with Pork. I put it in the pork, it read it was done. I cut the pork, and it wsnt close. I still need to use it a few more times

  4. Sue

    My wife uses this type of meat thermometer all the time and recently had one died on her (not the battery, the unit stopped working). Bought this to replace it. Nice easy readout, does auto shutoff which we wanted. Temperature works as expected.

  5. Nikki Marie

    This is pretty basic, works fine. Reading is close to or as the same as other ones I use. I like to use a few to get a good gage on meat when smoking.

  6. QueenB

    Easy to use, works well, effective.

  7. Mike

    My go to instant read thermometer.

  8. J Scarbro

    I waited to submit a review, wanting to use my new meat thermometer for barbeque. I loved this item. It was so simple..meat on the grill this item made sure I had juicy cooked meats. I was able to make sure the ribs were done and the beef tri tip roast was a perfect medium rare. So simple to use with fantastic results. I recommend this themometer. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. K

    Simple to use! The backlight is helpful and makes it easy to read the temperature. I also like that a battery is included so I could use it right away.

  10. igor

    As the title suggests, if you are looking for fast readings, this may the best thing you can get under $30. I have tried the typical spread of $20-40 instant-read thermometers over the years, and this one comes closest to the “instant” claim. For checking meat temperatures, this gives you a stable reading in around 3 second. Even ThermoPro’s own step up from this model (the IR/probe combo) gives you a slower probe reading.Build quality is great, as expected from ThermoPro. The battery compartment is sealed with a rubber gasket, and the battery door itself uses a captured screw (so you wont lose it); a nice touch for a sub $20 product.I cant find any negatives, this is the best affordable instant-read thermometer that I have used. Pretty close performance to the original [pro grade] Thermapen (which is still going for $60).

  11. Steven

    Easy to access and use. Takes only a few seconds for a relatively accurate reading. The magnetic holder is a nice touch.

  12. Tiffany

    I purchased this thermometer to replace an older, more expensive thermometer that broke only after a year. Right out of the box this device works really well and seems sturdy. Happy to find an accurate, and inexpensive thermometer that seems built to last.

  13. Brett Wells

    Easy to operate and large temperature font.

  14. Cathy D

    Husband wanted a fast read meat thermometer for grilling. Product is great, accurate and easy to read! Very happy.

  15. Dan

    Super-easy to use. You literally pull out the probe and it turns on. The reading is almost-instantaneous, easy to read, and accurate. Just push the probe back into its starting point and it turns off. Really, really good.The only downside of this thermometer is its size. It’s much longer and thicker than the other simple cooking thermometers I have. If you have lots of storage room then this is a no-brainer. If drawer space is at a premium, you can find a much smaller thermometer, although lacking some of the ease of use this one features.

  16. mdisher

    I have a handful of these and this is the nicest one of the 3 that I currently use. Super nice quality, fairly quick read as well. Accuracy validated.I was worried I ruined it. Had it stuck to the inside lid of a portable smoker. Got halfway through a 400 degree steak grill before I realized it was in there. It wouldn’t power on until it cooled off, then worked like a champ.Highly recommend.

  17. antattack

    The good, opportunities and overall impression:The good-The temp probe is nicely protected when folded into the handle.Fast.Accurate.Big display.Easy access to change from F to C.WaterproofOpportunities:It has a hold function, but there really is no reason for this function to exist.It uses one AAA battery. It might be nice to have a rechargeable integrated into the device.I like that this device comes in colors. I can confirm that the device is sufficiently waterproof to handwash including dunking the whole thing in water.Overall, this is a very nice thermometer.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and provides instant readout. Magnet holds it to the grill when it is not in use. Super handy. My steaks and burgers are much better now that I am not over or under cooking them!

  19. Paul C. Roethele

    I’ve been grilling a lot more this year (we bought a side of beef for the freezer, and my wife bought me an outdoor griddle). I had some kind of meat thermometer that had all kinds of settings, and modes, and different probes, and I don’t think I ever figured it out after a couple of years. I wanted a one-piece meat thermometer that I can stick in the food, and it tells me the temperature. That’s what this does. That’s all I want it to do. Seems sturdy and I was able to figure it out right out of the box. I’m happy.

  20. Two kids mom

    This one has some features my other one does not. It uses a AAA battery rather than a button cell (I prefer this, as I have those on hand always). It has a magnet to stick to metal (and it does hold) and it is more waterproof (easier to clean). It also turns off after 10 min.This is a good and solid thermometer that has some extra features that many do not at a good price.

  21. mystery book lover

    Checked the temp with an in-home mercury thermometer and it is right on to the degree!Super easy to use, just unfold and check meat temps in a hurry. Like the design of the unit, I also like the bright orange color, nice for using around BBQ in case you drop it, will be easy to spot and find. Very happy with the thermometer.Read out is very fast. Happy with how quickly I get a reading.

  22. Zhero

    Batteries are included so you can use it right away. Has been accurate and has an auto shut off which I found out on accident. Forgot to close it completely, but it shuts off after awhile so batteries not compromised. Great tool to have in kitchen.

  23. Ed

    Five Stars.Great accuracy.Illuminated dial with Auto-Off.Nice handy size.Folding feature.Batteries included.

  24. Nate

    Easy to use and read.

  25. Rosemary D.

    This is a typical digital meat thermometer with one difference – it operates on a AAA battery. I’ve had sveral of these (ruined some by soaking in water by accident) and this is the first one that didn’t use a watch battery. I’d prefer the AAA battery or a rechargeable thermometer.All of the functions work as described. As far as I know the temperature is accurate.Recommended.

  26. Kathy

    Let me start off by saying I have been spoiled by my $100 Thermapen M4 thermometer; it is determines the temperature super fast and is known to be very accurate.I got this Thermopro thermometer to take with me on camping trips and when staying at AirBnBs since I don’t want to risk losing my Thermapen.I ran some tests using hot water heated up in the microwave to test the Thermopro’s accuracy. I also calibrated the Thermopro using the included instructions.The Thermopro definitely takes up to 30 seconds to lock on to a temperature and it performs poorly at low temps. It performs better at higher temps that one would expect to be using it for (e.g., over 130 F). It does seem to slightly overestimate temperatures when compared to my Thermapen.If you are just looking for something to get a decent but imperfect estimate of the temperature of whatever you are cooking, the Thermopro will work for you. If you need something more precise and consistent, then I highly recommend investing in a Thermapen.For my purposes, the Thermopro will be good enough for BBQs at campsites and staying at AirBnBs.

  27. Paredes Fam.

    Very easy to read with the light feature, and always very accurate. Very satisfied with purchase!

  28. C. Wilson

    Really impressed with this thermometer. Easy to use and read. Comes with the battery and screwdriver too for convenience.

  29. Rick E Lampinen

    Back lighting is a real plus when grilling out side at night.

  30. Pete Chen

    The meat thermometer is a must for the BBQ season. This thermometer comes very handy. The build quality is great. I tested it with my other thermometer, it seemed accurate. There are many thermometers on the market with exactly the same features and operations. I assume they all use the same chips. The price is good. You may want to give it a try.

  31. Marty R

    We’ve owned a similar “instant read” meat thermometer for several years, and prefer to use it when cooking (cooktop, oven, BBQ, or Ninja Foodi cooking), but it was starting to get a bit “flaky” so we got this one. I like this one better than the old one for several reasons: the refresh rate on the temperature is faster than the old one; the light automatically turns on for about 10 seconds when the probe is activated by swinging it out, so there is no question that the temperature is readable; the numbers are made with wider LCD segments so that they are easier to read; and, to my amazement, it can actually be single-point calibrated for temperature! I cross-compared the readings from the two devices and vs. my expectations using ice-cold water, hot running water, cooking fish, chicken, beef, and potatoes, and (when the old one is working OK) they both read within less than 0.5F of each other. This one is better because it shows the temperature faster (the faster refresh rate helps), the light comes on automatically (or it can be turned on manually with a button, if you want), and the readout is easy to see and read. I was surprised that this thermometer can be used as it is, out of the box, with very good accuracy, but if you want to recalibrate it, you can do a one-point calibration at the freezing point of water (they explain in detail how to do this). If you later change your mind, you can either recalibrate it again, or switch back to the factory calibration. For whatever reason, the manufacturer decided to use an AAA battery for power rather than a disk battery, like a CR2032. A round cover for a disk battery is easy to design with a seal, which works well as long as the cover is tightly closed. The AAA battery cover here is also supposed to seal, but I had some difficulty getting it to go in and seal properly after inserting the battery, since the small stainless steel screw resisted going into the female threads at a bit of an angle (the screw is captive in the cover, so it must go in even as the cover must also be inserted at the other end). The device comes with a small Philips-head screw driver (which I really did not need, since I have a full set); I finally got it tightened down, but I was concerned about cross threading the screw. I’ve also had some bad luck with AA and AAA alkaline batteries leaking (even from a major manufacturer whose name starts with D), so I’ve switched to other makers. If the AAA alkaline in this thermometer leaks, it will likely ruin the device, so I’d personally prefer that manufacturers of devices like this which do not need a lot of power capability, mostly just a high-quality voltage source, would use sealed button cells instead. Of course, the AAA alkaline batteries are cheaper and widely available, so that would be an advantage to the manufacturer and the user…unless it leaks.

  32. Thom A

    We like this thermometer so much more than the previous one purchased. You get almost instant readout without waiting on the reading to rise.

  33. E. Hayes

    Thermometer came in nice packaging with everything needed to get started.I had to remove the battery compartment screw (with included screw driver) and place the included battery in the battery holder. It was one AAA battery. The included battery is a pretty crappy battery, but I guess it will get you stared. Would be nice if they included an Alkaline battery.The screen is nice and big. Nice amber backlight. Easy to read. Fast response. Besides the crappy battery, it’s a great thermometer! Even has the recommended temperatures on the back!

  34. James V Russo

    Reads temperature very quickly.

  35. dallase

    It does everything they say it does. I stick it to the front of my Traeger grill because it has a built in magnet, so I always know where its at.

  36. John L

    Works great. Quick response to temp changes. Large read out.

  37. Kevin W.

    I have a pen style ThermoPro thermometer that I really like, but it’s hard to read the temperature. I love the design of the TP605. It’s got a large, easy to read display and a bright backlight. I also like that there is no on/off switch and no separate case to keep track of. It has a much easier to replace AAA battery instead of button batteries. They even included a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment with.The reason I took off one star is because it hunts for the temperature. When I placed the two thermometers in the water, the pen style hit the temperature within 2-3 seconds. The TP 605 really never did settle on one temperature like the pen style did. It would stop on a temperature, then slowly go up a degree or two, then down a degree or two. It never did settle on one temperature.

  38. Tim C.

    I’ve used many different styles of this type of thermometer and this is the best I’ve ever used. It reads very accurately, it turns on instantly once opened, it’s easy to read, it’s big enough to handle but small enough to fit everywhere I’ve wanted it to go, the magnet on the back is beyond convenient, it’s easy to clean, the battery life is fantastic… I could not imagine anything else I’d want in an instant-read thermometer. This is a simple kitchen gadget, it just does everything it should as close to perfect as it can.

  39. Ronald Drake

    Easy to read; temperature readings within a couple of seconds.

  40. Al Tagliaferro

    Easy to use.

  41. Eastongirl45

    Works great easy to use and clean

  42. Pampakes

    I had originally invested in a laser type thermometer thinking that is what I wanted. While it is, I realize I’m missing what the INTERNAL temperature of things are. That is important when eating chicken. I was recently invited to dinner where they used this style thermometer and that’s when I realized I needed this one. It works perfectly and is compact to fit in a drawer with valuable real estate. I like that suggested meat temperatures are listed on the handle. I can’t remember things like that so it is nice to have a cheat sheet handy!

  43. Missy Farber

    I like the size and ease of use of this thermometer. Now I will know when the roast is done. Not sure about the air fryer. But the thermometer works flawlessly.

  44. Julie

    Our old thermometer wasn’t reading right anymore, decided to try this one. When smoking/grilling we use a Weber Bluetooth thermometer to keep an eye on things and then a manual one for checks here and there. This read right along with our Weber system. Works great.

  45. Grandma Bert

    I needed to replace a broken instant read thermometer. The new one arrived within a couple of days.

  46. Linda L. Regli


  47. D. Lai

    There are dozens of these type of mid-level, plastic, pen thermometers on the market. So the little details count when comparing it to others. Overall, it’s a great upgrade from my old 5 year old grill thermometer in all areas.Pros: Included AAA battery and a mini screwdriver to open the battery compartment. 2 little rubbery nubbins on the back for grip. The metal probe swings out and in with a nice assuring click. Large backlit screen. Waterproof for washing. Fast accurate reading. It takes about 3 seconds to “lock in” the temperature after sticking it into the meat.Cons: None that I can think of.

  48. CC

    I really enjoy this instant-read thermometer. I calibrated it by sticking the probe in boiling water. It read exactly 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Last night, I used it on roast chicken, and I took it out of the oven a bit sooner than I might have otherwise. Our chicken was juicy and flavorful, with a nice, crisp, crunchy skin. This is my go-to thermometer from now on!

  49. D. M.

    We had a different model of this that my fiance broke the arm on but he can be rough with things. It was black and white. His first impressions of this one are that it’s sturdier than the last. He likes that the battery compartment has a screw, he said the old one would pop open sometimes. It came with a tiny screw driver which is considerate of them. It turns on automatically when you extend the arm the other one did not. He says the arm feels more substantial. Magnet is a tiny bit weak in my opinion but it didn’t slide down the fridge. It will only magnetize vertically since there is one magnet on the end and the weight makes the rest of the unit point downward. Waterproofing is nice for cleaning purposes. Overall he likes this better than the last one and we are loyal to the brand.

  50. JwHw

    I am a busy baker for two coffee shops and I use a thermometer for all sorts of things. It’s accurate, quick, easy to read and seems very solidly built. I like that it turns on automatically when you unfold it and it stays on for a nice length of time. I think it’s solid and I’m glad I’ve added it to my collection.

  51. Miz J

    Simple and easy to use thermometer. It has all the basic features, back lit, programable alarm, waterproof, quick read and accurate. So easy to use it is great for professionals and novices alike. The price is reasonable and this works well. I recommend it.

  52. Daniel L

    I’ve always enjoyed ThermoPro products and have found them to be very nice quality and accurate. I was in need for a second instant thermometer that I could travel with (I grill in a few locations), so I picked this one up. The first thing I noticed was the included AAA battery. I was instantly a fan! I always have AAA batteries, but never have spare button cell batteries lying around, which is always a bummer when something that uses them dies. That means stopping what I am doing and running down the street to the local hardware store – not a huge deal, but annoying when it’s your instant thermometer and time is not on your side!I also saw it came with a little screwdriver to take off the back cover to install the battery. Honestly, I could have done without that personally. It’s got a tiny handle that I found uncomfortable to use, so I just went to one of my more full size screwdrivers. Great for the off chance someone buys it that doesn’t have a screwdriver though.Upon getting the battery installed and turned on, the first thing I did was take out my other instant thermometer, and plunge them both in boiling water. They were almost identical in speed and readings. I then stuck them in ice water. The TermoPro was the quicker of the two to settle on the temp. Next thing I did was BBQ up some chicken and test it there too. Not really much to test after the first two tests; I just happened to be hungry! It worked very quickly and I didn’t get sick, so accurate too!I love this new ThermoPro and it will replace the thermometer in my drawer, and that will become my traveling one (I use the one at home more, so I want the ThermoPro there).I would easily recommend this instant thermometer to anyone!

  53. nickfranzen

    Good thermometer good quality fair price

  54. Dan Leithauser

    I have a significantly more expensive ThermoWAND that biggest feature is its quick less than a second read time. It also takes, like a majority of these types of thermometers, a CR2032 wafer battery. I am sure I am not the only one who gets tired of these wafer batteries. Those wafer batteries can be harder to find than regular AA and AAA batteries, along with being more expensive and not as long lasting in most uses. This is why I wanted to get this ThermoPRO “instant read” thermometer…. it takes a AAA battery (included). Yay!Comparing the ThermoWAND with this ThermoPRO, both read about the same temperature =/- 1 degrees F, both read almost instantaneously, and both turn on and off when you pull out (or push back) the folding probe. The display on this ThermoPro is larger and more visible. Why spend 5x more on the ThermoWAND? I do not know. For the money, the ThermoPRO thermometer is near perfect. No more wafer batteries to look for at a critical moment in your chef activities. I would get it just for the AAA battery power source!Highly recommended.

  55. Dan

    What I Like:- Pull out the probe to turn it on, tuck it back in to turn it off. Can’t get much simpler than that.- Display is backlit and super-easy to read. Nice large numbers for the aging eyes!- Readings appear to be accurate.- Simple to operate.What I Don’t Like:- Surprisingly large. With the probe folded in, it’s still over six inches long and nearly 3/4″ thick.Overall, though, I’m really happy with this thermometer. It’s accurate, easy to use, and easy to read, and that’s what matters most to me.RECOMMENDED.

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Availability In stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Auto rotating display Yes No Yes Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calibration feature No Yes Yes Yes
High low temperature alarms High - - -
Lock function Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe length 3.75″, 6.0″ 3.9″ 4.0″ 4.25″
Probe quantity 2 - - -
Response time 3-4 seconds 3-4 seconds 2-3 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off Yes No Yes Yes
Waterproof IPX5 IPX6 IPX6 IP65


Temperature Range:  -58°F~572°F (-50°C~300°C)
Accuracy: ±1.8°F(±1°C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C) otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
Response Time: 2-3 seconds
Sensor Type: NTC
Probe Dimensions: 304 Stainless Steel, 4.33″ (110mm)
Display Auto-Rotation: No
Backlight: Yes
Display Dimensions: LCD, 1.57″ x 0.78″ (40m x 20mm)
Product Dimensions: 6.29″ x 1.33″ x 0.82″ (160mm x 34mm x 21mm)
Battery Type/Life: 1.5V (1 x AAA Battery)
Water Resistance: Splash proof
Warranty: 3 Years


Q: Can I put this in the dishwasher?
A: No, even though its splash-proof and safe to wash under the sink, we do not recommend washing this in the dishwasher.

Q: What happens if I accidently break it?
A: Contact our customer service team! We’ll be sure to resolve this in a timely manner!

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