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ThermoPro TP65W

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Thermopro Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

  • Large backlit touchscreen】4”large LCD display features a backlit touchscreen, making the indoor outdoor weather station easier to read in dim light conditions and superbly simple to use.
  • Wireless temperature and humidity monitor】 measures indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity percentages. Capable of displaying the readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors to monitor multiple locations. Temperature displayed in °F or °C.
  • MAX & MIN records】All time/24 hours MAX & MIN temperature and humidity percentages recorded and displayed on humidity gauge. Temperature/Humidity trend arrows indicate whether it’s getting warmer or colder or more humid near the remote sensor.
  • 200ft Remote range】indoor/outdoor thermometer wireless with 200ft/60m remote range, capable of strong signal penetration (enhanced 433 MHz); Tabletop, wall-mountable and magnetic back design.
  • Multiple placement options】Digital outdoor thermometer, features a magnetic back to allow you to easily attach to any metal surface; a hanging hole for hooks;tabletop for any layout situation, which help you place your outdoor thermometer anywhere to fit your home’s needs!
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61 reviews for ThermoPro TP65W

  1. Wide Awake

    Nice little unit. Don’t know about the accuracy since I have little to compare it to. It’s always at least 2 degrees off from what my thermostat reads. But it’s close enough for me. I really like the size. Small enough to be unobtrusive, big enough to be easily read.

  2. Barbara

    The ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is a good product with respect to accuracy and ease of setup. I purchased two additional sensors and they synced easily. However, I am disappointed that this device has quite a limited range. I want one sensor on the front porch lower railing on the north side of the house. The other is on the back porch on the south side of the house. Even if in virtual line of sight with the main unit equidistant between the two outdoor sensors, it will not read both. I have to move the main unit sufficiently close to one of the sensors for it to read the temperature transmitted. This is not acceptable.

  3. RJN

    I generally like this thermometer. It does what I want, temperature and humidity inside and out. I wish it had only one channel instead of three. That feature is only good if you have more than one remote thermometer, which I’d bet is infrequently the case. Sometimes it continuously cycles through the three until I somehow get it to stop on the right channel.External unit just stopped working after 3.5 years. Two sets of new, completely charged batteries got completely discharged, both times in just a day, so it apparently has a short. I expected it to last longer.

  4. pgh

    I bike ride early mornings and I really need to know the outside temp in order to dress appropriately. My phone weather tends to be surrounding areas and not accurate to where I live. This digital thermometer reads the temperature right at my home. The monitor was very easy to install as I just used Velcro to attach to my outside wall. I also like the size of the indoor display as it is easy to read. Make sure you check the actual size as many look large in the photos but have small screens. Batteries are included so just put them in and turn it on. Give it a little time to connect to the outside monitor.

  5. D. Small

    Temperatures in the city can vary wildly from one neighborhood to another, and there aren’t any decent weather stations within about a mile of me, so I wanted something to keep track of the temperature out in my back yard, where I have a 4-season food garden.This was very easy to set up and the remote sensor was easy to pair with the base station. Including charging time for the remote sensor, I had the system up and running within 2 hours. The remote sensor appeared to be dead when it arrived (no response when pushing the power button), so it seems like the charging time is really fast…under 2 hours off my laptop. When I put the remote sensor out in my yard, about 50 feet away, there were no problems with reception.However, I left the sensor right next to the base station inside my house for about 6 hours after I paired them, and it read almost a degree higher the whole time. Knowing this, I’ll add a degree when deciding whether to cover plants. It’s clearly not perfect, but it will do knowing the approximate variance.

  6. Avid Shopper

    Learning how to use this thing took a little while, but it has worked fine for a couple years. I glance at it many times a day. I want to say I could not live without it. A tip: avoid using the light. If you aim your finger very carefully at the light icon on the screen you might hit it and get light. More likely you will hit what is next to it and get channels changing out of control or centigrade readings, either of which will leave you lost and hopeless in the dark! Instead I use a little flashlight that I keep handy for a variety of uses.

  7. Jonathan Light

    Wish display was larger so I could read the temps without having to walk over to it – but seems to be working well .

  8. Lackenbauer

    Mounted it under a tree on a fence under a 2×4 support. Mostly in the shade.However sun hots it a few hours a day so then I gather the sun hitting the fence warms it and it gets quite off.Are we supposed to mount it in permanent shade. So where in a tree.Also during wildfire it kept saying much cooler than all the stations.Otherwise it seems okay.Wish it had an option for a plug in power supply for the indoor reader.

  9. Leo

    I was a little hesitant at first however, this little system (TP65A base unit & remote outdoor wireless sensor) worked quite well. It does exactly what I wanted. 1) Show me the indoor temperature & humidity. 2) Show me the outdoor temperature & humidity. I only subtract a star of accuracy because the reported temperatures were always about 1-1.5 degrees F off from various references I used. Not enough to be worried about. Here in northern Vermont, knowing what the temperature and humidity is quite important. The remote unit has worked quite well in our sometimes harsh weather. I do have the remote unit mounted is a somewhat sheltered location outside but from -29 F to 85 F in the past 6 months no problem. I just recharged the remote unit for the first time and replaced the factory-provided batteries in the base. Back in business! In fact, I just purchased a TP55 unit for my newly (recently) created home office in the basement to give me easily readable feedback on the temperature.

  10. J. Baker

    Very accurate. Easy to set up. Placed near our bed so we can see the outside weather temperature. Large numbers and easy to read.

  11. Anonymous Andy

    The model is average in it’s design, functions and accuracy. Although mounted on a western wall, in the eaves under the overhanging roof of my house and out of direct sunlight, the unit still gives a less than accurate air temperature reading (by a margin of at least 5-10 degrees) when the western afternoon sunlight warms the rear wall of the house; even though the sunlight is not direct but is filtered through very dense pine trees! The base unit display is not easy to see clearly; the blue back-lit light is NO HELP in illuminating the characters on the screen! This is a poor design feature and has been remedied in the newer TP67 which is back-lit by a bright yellow light, as pictured in the listing promotion. This yellow light serves as a contrast to the black characters on screen and makes them much easier to read on the newer TP67, than the TP65 that I purchased. Unfortunately, I purchase the TP65 in November 2019 for $26.99 and just four months later, I note that the newer version TP67 is selling for just $6 more at $32.99; while the TP 65 that I bought for $26.99 is now marked down to $19.99! It looks like it was bad timing on my purchase; had I known that the TP67 would be available, I would have purchased it instead. Don’t make the mistake I did by buying the TP65; get the TP67 with more features and greater display clarity instead. Not to mention an additional feature of the remote sensor having an enclosed rechargeable battery; a design improvement over the TP65, probably because weather fluctuations wear down customer installed batteries so readily.

  12. Doug W.

    I like this. It is working well for me. After reading the reviews, my biggest concern was accuracy of the remote satellite units. I bought the TP65A and one extra sensor (for a total of two remote sensors). As in some of the reviews, setting all three units in one spot yielded different readings. Before returning the whole lot of them, I let them sit overnight. The next day they had stabilized and they all read within a degree of each other. When I set up the two units, one outdoors, another in a back room, they took a couple of hours to get acclimated but then were easily close enough to the readings of other thermometers to definitely be useful to my needs. So I bought a third TX-2 and have all three remote channels running and working well.My only wish: you can’t find the ‘light’ button on the touch screen in the dark. I wish it was illuminated with just a low-glo LED.

  13. JKC

    I wanted a unit that measured indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity and displayed min/max for the last day. This does that, but you have to push a button to see min/max, which I don’t like. It displays temperature to 0.1 degree F, which provides an illusion of precision but stated accuracy is only +/- 2 degrees F. Comparison to a laboratory thermometer shows that the outside thermometer is right at the upper limit of this tolerance band (inside is better than that). And I constantly find myself looking at the display and rounding off the reading to the nearest degree: Ah, 73.8, that’s really 74 degrees. I’d rather not have the useless tenth degree display and use that space to constantly display min/max, so I don’t have to push a button to see it. Comparison of the humidity reading to humidity calculated from a wet-bulb thermometer shows that it’s right at the stated accuracy limit, or perhaps a little beyond it. Summary: best I could find, but not great.

  14. Texas gal

    I usually read reviews before making my purchase and this ThermoPro is exactly what 4 star reviews say. I just wanted a ballpark temperature read and this is about 2 degrees off which is fine with me. Display is large and easy to read. Now I see a lot of reviews saying temperatures do not stay and keeps disappearing. I found out if you click on the sync button, this will stop the device from looking for other synced ThermoPros as you are able to have up to 3. I read complaints the backlight makes the the numbers hard to read. Let me assure you, the backlight is excellent and the numbers are very easy to read. My picture does not do this justice in the dark. Overall, I am very happy with this product. If you like my review please rate. Highly recommended!

  15. Narissa C.

    Love the wide screen with touchable function.It’s easy to install (just follow the tiny booklet) and easy to read the measurement. Also they provide batteries, no fussy to find any extra battery once receiving. So I can get them set up right away.The tricky part is where I live has a lot of rain with the high level of heat and humidity. Finding a corner to tuck the remote sensor outside is at awkward place (as photo shown)Shipping was fast (less than 2 weeks to Thailand). And I’m satisfied with this purchase.

  16. FJ

    I give this thermometer an overall rating of three stars mainly because of the terrible range of the wireless sensors. They only work pretty much if they are in the line of sight and are not more that 10-15 feet away.First thermometer that I received, I placed the outside sensor about 25 feet away on my covered porch and the main unit on my fridge just around the corner. Few minutes later the two were un-paired and no outside reading was displayed. I tried to pair them, but same thing would happen. Then I brought the outside sensor, paired it and left in the next room overnight. Same thing, in the morning it lost the connection and no reading from the sensor was displayed. Thinking it was a defective unit, I exchanged it for another whole new thermometer/sensor with Amazon. Unfortunately the new unit does exactly the same thing. The only time sensor would still remain connected is if I place it outside of my window in the kitchen with direct line of sight and no more than about 10-15 feed away. So any claims that the sensor works at the longer ranges are completely false and a huge downside.Other than almost useless range of wireless outside sensor, the unit has nice and large readout display.

  17. JC Moretta

    I have owned this for several years. I love it!We remodeled our kitchen & I can not find the piece so I bought it again! Now the first one will show up!

  18. SMLman

    It worked fine until the remote battery depleted. I recharged it and did a hard reset. At that point, it started cycling between two false temperature readings and then a blank “– –“. I tried doing several more hard resets. (Go into sync mode and then hold down the power button on the remote for a few seconds). Didn’t make a difference.So I sent an email to customer support explaining what I did and the several hard resets I tried. Their suggestion was that I do a hard reset. I replied and told them that I’d already done this several times. Then… radio silence.So my only option appears to be to buy a different thermometer and hope that THEY honor their warrantee.

  19. dachiri

    I was concerned about it size being small and difficult to read. Turns out the numbers are large and bold, very Easy to read. I’m 72, that makes a difference for me. I have the sensor outside 3′ away from another outdoor thermometer, they read the same temp, the indoor unit also matches the thermostat. As for the outdoor unit being weatherproof, I won’t know because I put it where it won’t be rained on. But we have high humidity here so we’ll see. I’ll recommend this to anyone

  20. Pat Traynor

    Nice thermometer for around the house with up to 3 separate sensors. So far working great. Nice size for seeing across the room. Only negative would be that you must touch the screen in a specific spot to light it up. In the dark, sometimes take a little fumbling. Wish that it had a full-time illumination option for the dark hours of night and wish it would record and retain some history for multi-day or multi-week reviews. I probably should have stepped up to the next more-featured item for those options. But overall, this is a nice little unit for the price.

  21. LabLover

    Easy to read and set up. Appears to be accurate. Now if it would just make it a little cooler here in Southern California, I’d buy 2 more.

  22. Guido

    Measured against a UEI DTH Digital Psychrometer, Humidity on both indoor and outdoor sensors read 10% high. Otherwise seems to work OK on initial use. Having the slide switch with three RF channels is a big improvement over the Acu-rite 00609SBDIA3 unit it replaced, though the Acu-rite was more accurate on humidity, usually within 2%.Update: July 18, 2019: Still working well. The humidity sensors might actually be more accurate, perhaps 5%. They take some time (30min?) to adapt to a change in humidity. Have not had to change batteries. No interference or reception problems with the transmitter 20 feet outside a wood frame brick veneer suburban home.For those reviewers with problems, I sympathize with you. I’ve been through three Accurite units with much worse reliability. If you want reliability, get an old-fashioned alcohol thermometer. These devices are marketed for convenience not reliability. If you are a hacker, consider a Dallas Semi one-wire sensor on a long cable. That’s probably what I will do if this ThermoPro unit fails.Update 11-1-19: I ordered another and the transmitter was not working on arrival. Manufacturer sent me a new set. Transmitter and two receivers have been working reliably for 2-3 months now. I continue to recommend this product over the Accurite. I took the defective transmitter apart, no apparent reason for failure and workmanship was good.

  23. cwr717

    I guess $10 cost or so per year of service isn’t horrible but I expect better.Our base unit stopped displaying despite brand new batteries. Or more accurately it would for a few seconds display every lcd readout then go completely blank.When it worked it seemed pretty accurate but periodically the base unit would switch itself to a different channel than the one set on the remote requiring a correct channel re-election to get it to display an outside temp and humidity again.

  24. Tom Servo

    For what it cost, the unit is a decent value. Over 18 months, I rarely had reception issues at sub 60 feet to the remote sensor. The batteries in the indoor unit had t be replaced several times over the 18 months while I only had to charge the outside USB sensor unit twice maybe. However, now, the outside unit does not charge any longer. Without USB power connected, it won’t even power up.I opened it up and found a standard 18650 3.7v lithium battery in there. It measures 0 volts after 2 days on the charge cable. The battery is glued in so you can’t easily replace it without risking damaged sensor wires or breaking the circuit board. It also is a battery cell with a charge protection board bonded to it, so even if you manage to replace it, it actually is cheaper to just buy a complete new remote sensor. Sad.Other findings: the advertised range of the remote sensor is grossly overstated. Even at under 60 feet and through just one glass surface, the signal often went away for hours at a time, only to then work for weeks without a glitch. Interference? The “history” function button on the indoor unit does nothing, and max/min values are only stored between battery changes. Apart from that it does what I need it for.For the money this is still an acceptable unit. I’ve had other remote thermometers for more money and this one has actually been the best so far. My rating is based on the unexpectedly short life and inability to replace the battery in the sensor. I recommend to go with the AAA battery powered sensor instead.

  25. Barton D. Mather

    I was very complimentary about this scale when I first got it. I still am!!One thing that I forgot to mention in my first review is that in addition to large bright numbers that are easy to read, you can step off of the scale after weighing yourself and it will hold the numbers for a brief period of time so that you can bend over and read them while standing next to the scale if you have to.Still a great scale.[I have nothing to do with the company and don’t know anyone there. I rarely write reviews — but this scale deserves special recognition.]

  26. Fishmonger

    After almost 3 years the outdoor sensor went bad and would not work. I called to complain even though it had been years-I expected it to last a little more than that. They sent me a new sensor within days with no problems whatsoever! I did not expect that but what a nice surprise! You can buy this product with confidence-they are a reputable dealer that stands behind their product!

  27. Robert Sweeney

    I like the unit- easy to set up and read and appears fairly accurate, with a decent price but wish they would last longer. The out-door sensor failed the first year. The base (indoor) unit failed after 3 years.

  28. Rob Potter

    I’ve had the TP-65 up and running for about a week and all seems to be working well. The outside sensor is mounted on a cement block wall, the inside readout on an inner wall. The sensor/readout are about 8ft distance and the signal goes through the block wall and an inside sheetrock wall. No problems with the wireless connection. The inside and outside temperatures seem spot on. Inside tracks the thermostat. There is a Weather Underground station about 6 houses distant, and the outside temperature tracks exactly. I wasn’t sure about the outside humidity at first. The inside seems correct and is fairly stable, but I have no independent way to verify the reading. The outside humidity mostly tracks the WU reading, although midday my humidity reading is sometimes lower than theirs. But overnight and mornings they track pretty well. So overall at the moment I’m satisfied with the performance. The only negative was mounting the outside sensor. The screw head opening/slot is rather small and finding something (no screws provided) to mount to a block wall that still fit the opening was a challenge. The inside display I mounted with a picture hook, no problem. Setup was easy. Read the directions, installed the batteries and connected the two units in around 15 minutes or less. So far so good. We’ll see how well the batteries last, especially in the outside sensor. Live in central FL, so the cold won’t be an issue, but the humidity might.

  29. R. Henderling

    I waited about a week before I wrote this review just to see how it worked and the accuracy of the units. I ordered one extra transmitter to keep a track of the temperature in my garage, since the garage faces north and is always cold. I also needed to know what the humidity is in it and also during the summers, how warm it gets in there since I keep my home-canned goods and other staples in my “garage pantry”. I also needed to know the outside temperature and humidity measured on the north side of the house. We have another sensor that gives us the temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. on the southwest side of the house. Now, back to these units, it took them between 3-4 minutes to “settle down” and give me a true reading. Of course, reading all the other reviews, I paid close attention to what others said, and I was patient. I compared the ThermoPro units to the one we have existing in the house, my WeatherBug App on my phone, and the TV broadcast, amazingly, all of the readings on these three units were identical. The TV broadcast was way off. Even NOAH was the same as these three units. (I just wish I was getting the salaries the TV personalities get to make “educated guesses” and be wrong 50% of the time (lol).)Back to the units, the transmitter that comes with the receiver does not have screws on the back to install/change the batteries, reset or manual transmit. It just has a cover, which fits quite snugly. The additional transmitter does have the two tiny screws at the back for the battery compartment. If you change the batteries atop a paper towel, the chances are slim you will lose the screws. And just in case you do, you can either purchase new ones or, as a quick fix, you can use some scotch tape to secure the back. Problem solved. I did take up the suggestion of another reviewer to use Velcro to attach the transmitter(s) to the walls so that they will be mobile. Loved the idea. Installed my two transmitters with Velcro and am very, very happy where I placed them. The receiver is on my vanity so that it is easy to check the outside and inside temperatures while getting dressed. The readout is easy to see having large numbers. The background light is exactly as picture, but I don’t need it since I’m asleep at night or have the light on in the morning. I do have the readouts in the scroll position and that is a terrific feature if you have more than one transmitter. This little unit has the capacity for three transmitters, but because I have two, the third channel has blank lines (obviously) and this gives my husband and myself, the visual to know that after the blank lines appear, channel 1 is the next readout (outside temperature) and channel 2 is the garage readout.Simple to install, immensely accurate and totally affordable. I totally recommend this product.

  30. Phuong Huynh

    good product, seems like the outdoor sensor may be the weakest part, however not bad this is the 2nd one I have bought.

  31. Henry

    I bought this item in Oct. 2020. Now the remote sensor is dead. I charged it for 24 hours, the orange color appeared on the sensor during entire charging. I am not sure if it is charged. I then tried to turn on/off by pressing the power button. No light displayed. The main station does not show any data from remote sensor. I am very disappointed.Additional note: I contacted the customer and they sent me a new remote sensor and it is working now. I am very happy. Thank you!

  32. Bob Graham

    I’ve had a number of indoor/outdoor thermometers over the years, starting with the old wired type where you had to figure out how to get a little probe thru the window or wall to measure outdoor temperature. The improvement to wireless sensors was great, but a lot of them didn’t hold up very well over time. This model is easily one of the best I’ve had in terms of accuracy and overall quality.The first thing I always do when purchasing one of these devices is to power it up indoors and let it sit for a while to check out how well the indoor and outdoor readings compare when both sensors are sitting next to each other. For this one, the two temperature measurements were within a few tenths of a degree of each other, and the humidity measurements were within 3%. Checking the temperature readings against a mercury thermometer of known accuracy, the readings were within a degree, at least at indoor temperatures.Batteries last a long time and are easy to change out, range is sufficient to reach our chosen display location at the kitchen desk, and the touchscreen backlight comes in handy regularly when ambient lighting is pretty low at night. The display is also large and easy to read. The backlighting relationship to the LCD display is unfortunately not what it should be in that it limits the viewing angle. While the unlighted display is great from any angle, the lighted display is almost unreadable when it’s tilted back on its stand, so you need to view it from straight ahead or above. Not a huge deal, but it could certainly be improved.I recently purchased two more of these units to keep track of the temperature under outdoor blankets while doing some concrete and mortar work now that outdoor temps are falling below freezing at night. They have worked great for this purpose, plus it provided an opportunity to compare the readings from three units. The readings are surprisingly consistent! Right now, with the three remote sensors sitting side-by-side for a little test (see attached photo), the outdoor temperature is reading 15.4, 15.4 and 16.3 degrees F (yes it’s cold out there), and the three outdoor humidity readings are 60%, 61% and 61%. The indoor sensors, again with the units sitting side-by-side, are reading 67.6, 67.5 and 66.2 deg F (yes it’s cool inside, too) and the humidity readings are 17%, 21% and 22% (pretty dry with the furnaces running so much this morning). Humidity readings in the range below about 25% are always more difficult to read, so the 5% variation is not very significant. You could not ask for better consistency and this is a big reason for rating these things 5 stars when I would otherwise have dropped a star for the display backlight issue.Bottom line: The TP65 is the best performing wireless temp/hygrometer I’ve owned. Accurate, nice design, large display, capable or reading up to three remote sensors. Highly recommended!

  33. Frank E.

    I wanted to have a second outdoor thermometer. So my wife could see the readings upstairs in the bedroom. I have had my old Radio Shack thermometer for many years and it still works fine but the ThermoPro TP65A has a couple of extra features.The old Radio Shack unit needs new batteries every few years 3 to 5 years.The ThermoPro TP65A has had new batteries every six months both inside receiver and outside sending unit. The outside unit got damp inside once. It sits next to the old Radio Shack unit which has never been damp inside.Bottom line for me, ThermoPro TP65A is low cost, works well and likes new batteries every six months. Oh, use DuraCell and you will not be changing batteries before six month has passed.

  34. Jake

    As many other reviewers have done, I set the indoor and outdoor units next to each other to determine if they read the same. I also added a digital meter into the equation to see how accurate the readings were. Before beginning testing, I did install new, copper-top batteries in both units and let them sit for 24 hours.According to the manual that came with the instrument, the accuracy of the unit is +/- 2 degrees F, so at the 68 F one of the units could be 66 F while the other could be 70 F, and it would still be within the stated specification. So my variation of 0.7 degrees difference – 0.01% – was pretty amazing for a household device. I did watch the readings over a period of 48 hours and sometimes they were right on, and sometimes off by a degree, but they averaged the 0.5-0.7 degree difference.Part of the reason I purchased this as opposed to the unit Amazon says is the newer model is because it shows both indoor and outdoor humidity. Note from the pictures that both units measured the humidity as the same. As far as accuracy, using a weather app for my location I see that the humidity is 51%, while the outdoor meter now reads 42%. That’s within the +/- 2% specification of the unit.That’s the good news. On the other hand the range between the two units could be better. We have a wood frame home and the outdoor unit can barely reach 30 feet before it loses communication with the indoor base.Overall, I have to say that I’m very pleased with my purchase. I’d certainly recommend the ThermoPro TP65 to others.

  35. TC

    I bought this digital thermometer last year so that I would have accurate indoor and outdoor readings where I live. Temperature can be several degrees higher or lower than the nearest NOAA monitoring station. It worked fine until about 10 days ago until I noticed it was reading about 4 degrees too high compared with my car thermometer, and with bank and other community display thermometers.I contacted the seller through the Amazon button for that under the order, and they responded in about a day and a half, which I thought was pretty impressive. After some back and forthing explaining the problem and why I thought the unit most likely had some hardware issue, they very kindly wrote back and explained that they would replace the unit free of charge. It was under warranty but still, there was no argument and they didn’t even ask me to send it in to verify an issue. Given that an unscrupulous buyer good have reported a problem in order to get a free second unit (you can have up to 3 outdoor remote units that all report to the in-home base unit), I thought that was quite generous.So, from my experience this is a reputable company with a real desire to do the right thing and take care of their customers. Having tried to run my own business that way, that made a very positive impression on me. I would recommend doing business with this company without hesitation.

  36. RCJETN

    We really like this gadget. It’s attached to the refrigerator and I hung the transmitter just outside the kitchen window from a palm frond (in the shade all day). It’s the first thing we look at when we enter the kitchen. Here in Arizona, it’s important to know if you’ll be able to make it to the mailbox and back without dying from heat prostitution. By the way, we never use the light as the light from the kitchen window is enough to read the display. Plus, we’re senior citizens and always in bed by 7:00 pm, so won’t be checking on it after dark.

  37. Amazon Customer

    This indoor/outdoor digital wireless thermometer was purchased as a replacement for a Radio Shack thermometer 10 years old that had finally died. The new products was easier to set up than the old one and immediately began working. The display is very easy to read and accurate when compared to another source. It is a good value for it’s price.

  38. JUDITH

    I’ve had this unit for 2.5 years and it’s basically just okay. I like the magnetic backing so the control unit mounts on the side of the fridge. It’s easy to read and setup/connection is simple. Battery life is fine. I’m using mine inside and have the sensor in the basement to monitor humidity, so I can’t comment on the durability for exterior use. My main issue is accuracy. My sensor and main unit are consistently off by about 6-7 degrees and 6-7 percent humity when side by side. That’s pretty egregious, in my opinion. I don’t require perfect accuracy for my application, but it’s ballpark, at best. Maybe I shouldn’t complain at this price point? I’m not sure. If you buy this unit, I’d just be aware you shouldn’t expect it to be very accurate.

  39. MrEd

    We have has this unit since April, 2019 but it died today. Screen is lit but is not receiving Information from the sender unit, apparently. Will try another type/model. Yes, we did change the batteries in each unit and tried changing channels, etc. Tried resetting it all. Nothing works.

  40. Rick

    This unit was so easy to set up – one sensor is included but I ordered another one so I’d have two. Both the base unit and the sensors were a snap to set up, worked from the get-go, and continue to work seamlessly. I like the larger readout on the base unit, which I can easily see from across the living room. Living on Long Island it’s important to keep a dehumidifier going in the basement during the summer. Now I can monitor the temp and humidity levels in the house, on my enclosed porch, and in the basement from the base unit [I left it so that it cycles through the readings every few seconds]. Very pleased with this choice. Products were delivered as expected, without damage, Can’t speak to it’s weather resistance because neither of the sensors are outdoors.

  41. Lewis W. Henslee III

    Batteries don’t last long and within a year they have lost the ability to pair or read accurately. I’d gladly pay more for better quality that would last. I have an old one, over 20 years old, 4 times the size, batteries lasted over a year, but I lost the sensor during a garage remodel. But that sensor kept sending me the temperature from where ever it is for months. Must have fallen into a box somewhere.

  42. robert bleidt – streaming media executive

    I bought this unit to monitor the crawl space temp under my home, it gets 30 below in the winter out here where we live and I put one under the home by the main water line from the well to see if it gets below freezing on those cold days, lucky for us it never gets colder then 32 degs F which is good for us, I purchased extra remote monitors and put the others in strategic places and I鈥檓 able to monitor all the areas on on screen and for that reason this unit gets great ratings, works perfectly, I only have two negatives on the main unit, too small a screen and if you have big fingers it鈥檚 pretty easy to touch other icons on the screen when touching the backlight button.I have the main unit in our bedroom and I have to use the backlight a lot to read the screen and I think that is probably the reason for the short 3 month battery life in the main unit.To sum up the review I would buy again, it does exactly what I need and so far the external monitors work flawlessly, but a bigger screen would be better and an option for an AC adapter would be nice.

  43. David Jolly

    Works well but touch buttons on screen for various functions, an improvement over the ones on the back of older units, are small and often result in undesired changes. Specifically, when trying to turn the light on in the dark I often inadvertently change either the channel, start the sync mode, or change the readout from F to C. Once the screen back light comes on these can be changed back but a nuisance.

  44. randy21m

    I bought this one as a gift for my parents because I love mine so much! It’s great to see the inside and outside temperatures easily… and even the humidity and whether that is falling or rising. We have ours stuck to our fridge (it has a magnetic back) and the light feature is very handy too. So far ours is a few years old. If it were to quit working I would buy another immediately.

  45. Nick

    The basic task of an indoor/outdoor thermometer is to tell you if it’s hot or cold in either place. This product works well, but is not very accurate. When I first got it, I placed the outdoor sensor next to the indoor sensor and saw they were 4.5 degrees different. I thought perhaps the sensors needed to stabilize, so I let them rest next to each other for several days. They did indeed get closer together, but are still over 2 degrees apart. Either one sensor is way off or both of them are inaccurate. I decided to keep this as the reality is that +/- 2 degree accuracy is good enough for my purposes of knowing whether to put on a jacket or short sleeves before going out.I’m not sure if any of the other inexpensive digital thermometers would be more accurate. Perhaps you will need to spend much more to get accuracy. Note that I like the company ThermoPro and have two of their thermometers for cooking, both of which I would give five stars. So perhaps this particular product is just an anomaly or ThermoPro puts better quality sensors in their cooking thermometers.

  46. John Borders

    I’ve tried 6 or 7 different indoor-outdoor thermometers. By far the ThermoPro TP65 is the best. Its well built and feels very durable. Its easy to set up. I attach velcro to mount it outside. The makes it much easier to remove when you need to change batteries. The inside base unit is easy to see. It has a back light to view in poor lighting. That is a big plus. The back light shuts off automatically to conserve battery power. It also has a memory the records minimum and maximum temperatures for a 24 hour period and all-time high and low temperatures. You can delete these at any time. The temperatures and humidity readings are very accurate. Using the correct batteries is VERY important. Alkaline batteries loose begin to loose power when the temperature reaches 40 degrees. at lower temps they cease to function at all. When I received my device I discarded the batteries included and used LITHIUM-ION batteries. These batteries work very well ate extreme low temps and last much longer. The inside unit will show you when the batteries are low. You can also tell when the batteries are low when the inside unit does not show the temp. When replacing batteries replace the batteries in the outside transmitter AND the inside base unit. This makes it much easier to remember which batteries you replaced in which unit. It also takes the guesswork out of knowing which unit needs new batteries. Look no further. Purchase the ThermoPro TP65 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I highly recommend this product.

  47. Michael Bobeck

    I got his to help regulate my cold room for my bonsai. Calibrating the main station to the remote sensors was easy and seem accurate.

  48. A Bombich

    After doing a lot of research, I went with ThermoPro Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer because they had a product we really liked, plus the company has a good reputation for quality. When we had a small problem, their online support team jumped on the problem and solved it right away. After using the product for over a month I can say I’m very happy.When the product was set-up and working, I tested the base unit and remote sensor by placing them next to each other and in the same room as my house thermostat. Both ThermoPro components matched perfectly and matched the house thermostat. So I was pleased. Then I placed the remote sensor outside and it’s been recording the temperature really well. The humidity reading looks right, too. But I don’t really know how to test for that.The remote transmitter is easy to use and I like the way it’s charged annually by a USB charger. I don’t have to fool with batteries. The base unit gives me just the right amount of information without being too cluttered. I’m thinking of buying a couple of more transmitters so I can record temperature readings in the garage and the bedroom.

  49. Rachel H.

    I’m actually going to take a bit of time and write a review, because I really think this product deserves it. I’ve only had it for around two weeks, but so far, so good.I got this wireless thermometer for a bit of an unconventional purpose; as a wireless way to monitor temperature and humidity (mainly humidity) in my Crested Gecko’s vivarium. The setup I have really doesn’t allow for devices with cords/probes, and reviews for thermometer/hygrometers that were actually made for pets were pretty dismal. So, after seeing this new ThermoPro product with great reviews, I decided to give it a try (my gecko has a pretty big viv and he loves exploring new things, so the addition of a small sensor wouldn’t bother him).The outdoor sensor seems to be working great thus far, no major erratic swings in readings at all (unless I do something to make it change, like misting the viv). It’s waterproof, but you do need to have it upright so that water doesn’t enter the sensor at the bottom. It has a little hole at the top that I threaded a paper clip and string through so I could hang it on a vine. It also has a bright red light that flashes every 30 seconds or so when it sends data to the main monitor, which I worried might bother my gecko, so I carefully covered the solid plastic and red light with dark painter’s tape, leaving all the sensors and compartment-opening-points still exposed, and now the light is not noticeable at all, unless you’re really hunting for it at just the right angle. Adding the tape did not affect the temp/humidity readouts at all; they stayed the same after applying the tape as they were before.The main readout monitor itself is really nice. It took me a few tries to really get the hang of the controls, but since there’s only 3 buttons to tap, it’s not that hard. Touch screen is hyper-sensitive, and the backlight (which I thought I would never use) actually is handy since it’s positioned in a room that gets hardly any light after sunset, and the numbers can be hard to see if I want to check them in the evenings. But this room is exceptionally dark; the contrast on the readout is more than enough to be easily read in a normally-lit room.As far as accuracy goes, I have to say that it is accurate simply because it says the same things several of my other gauges do. I have one mercury-style thermometer, one analog thermometer, one thermometer/humidity laser gun, and one analog hygrometer. Between all those devices, the numbers really don’t change. If anything, I would say my temp gun is the least accurate, but only because it isn’t measuring the temp of the air, but the temp of the material it’s pointed at, which varies greatly. Therefore, its accuracy is not quite in the same category. At any rate, I just got up and checked all the gauges, and they’re identical to what this ThermoPro wireless device says. I find it hard to believe that so many different devices could all be wrong in the exact same way, so I believe this one is accurate.Setup was fairly quick and simple, and took way less time than the directions indicated; so much so that I set it all up twice just to be sure I did it right the first time. Same results, so it looks like it’s all correct.All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great little device, and I’m glad I got it. It gives me peace of mind to know that everything’s the way it should be in my gecko’s home with just a quick glance at the screen (which I placed on a nearby bookshelf), and I love knowing the temperature/humidity of my own home, since I did not have any sort of fancy thermostat before (old baseboard heating). I also like knowing that multiple sensors can be registered, so if I ever want to actually put one outside, I can get one and easily do so. If anything changes, I will update this review, but as of right now, I am very happy with my purchase. 🙂

  50. Gregg K.

    Over all this is a great product. Easy to connect additional transmitters, sold separately. Only problem we have encountered-we placed one outside the house for an exterior monitoring and one in our garage. The one in the garage would loose contact if we placed the receiver on a wall within the house, but worked when we placed it on a windowsill on the side of the house the garage is. But in doing this it affects the interior temp and the black lettering on a gray screen becomes difficult to read during the day with the outdoor lighting is brighter than the interior lighting. It does have an option to touch a button to turn on a backlight which only last a short time and then turns itself off. I just like not having to put my hands on my thermometer to read it!

  51. Grace Hill

    Like others have said, 3 degrees off +/-

  52. Joe #1

    After seeing so many bad reviews for clock/temp/humidity combo devices, I decided to just get a dedicated indoor outdoor thermometer, since this one was well reviewed. After using the unit for a while, I can see why. It seems to be well built (ditto the outdoor remote) and the numbers are big and easy to read despite the overall compact size of the indoor module.The “touch screen” is quite sensitive, and you need only barely brush the buttons to activate them, which is nice since I have the indoor module propped up on a slippery surface.There are several nice features on this for the price: temperature and humidity trend arrows for both the indoor and outdoor readings; a bright blue backlight; three channel operation; min/max settings for both all time and 24-hour periods.Where this unit loses a few points is in the execution of the multi-channel operation and the mix/max feature. It can support up to three remote sensors, and show any one at a time, or scroll automatically through all three. That’s super useful, but if you only have one or two sensors, it still will show the unused channel with “–” readings. The time that each channel is shown while it’s in scroll mode cannot be set; each only stays on for a few seconds.More annoying is the min/max temperature feature. When you press the button, it defaults to the minimum and maximum for all time (which is defined by the last time you cleared the memory), which is not very useful, since it does not show a date when said min/max temps were recorded. They could have been weeks or months ago. Press the button again and you can see the min/max temps for the last 24 hours, which is a far more handy feature and the mode I wish it’d go to first.More great features: the kickstand is handy (but only works at one angle) and there are some magnets on the back for attaching it to鈥?something metal.Despite those minor quibbles, I’m perfectly happy with this little temperature unit. No idea how long it’ll last on the included AAA batteries, as I’ve only had the unit for a few weeks at this point. My outdoor unit is about 30 feet away through a brick wall and wooden fence and it has not lost sync once. The indoor temperature and humidity readings are surprisingly close to other temperature units I have around the house, too.All in all, a good product for the price.

  53. CW

    I now have two remotes outdoors and the small indoor display. Accuracy is very good: all three devices indoors placed within an inch of each other read within 0.1 deg F of each other and a standardized mercury thermometer.A nice feature is that you can set the display to continuously cycle through up to three remotes. Like most of thermometers of this ilk the display requires the right angle to be readable: on a nightstand I have to grab the display to turn on the back light and read the display. Also, the touch screen functions are a bit close and it is easy to accidentally switch between continuously cycling and static view on one remote sensor – and C vs F units. Moving the backlight touch point away from all other settings would be an improvement. when trying to view at night.Another good feature is that the newer remotes have a rechargeable battery which seems to last much longer than the replaceable batteries.Overall I would recommend this product for excellent accuracy, the cycling feature, and remote sensors with rechargeable batters. For this I would give it 5 stars. Because I find the units touch screen difficult to use, particularly at night, I would deduct 1.5 stars. So my score would be 3.5 but Amazon does not allow that hence my score of 3 stars.

  54. Diana O’Rourke

    Really great to know the temperature outside before venturing out. A small problem is that it is easy to touch the wrong icon at the bottom of the screen when trying to turn on the back light. You can change channels or F to C unintentionally.

  55. DK – Tampa, FL

    I like the thermometer and the wireless feature, I didn’t like it cycling through three different outdoor monitors when I only have one monitor and having to wait to see the temperature on that monitor. It is now only showing the readout from the one monitor. I also like the magnet on the back of the indoor monitor , I have mounted it on the refrigerator.

  56. Jennifer Kurylo

    If you want easy-to-read indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, and don’t need another clock, this is a very nice choice. The digits are large enough to read from across the room. The channel number, however, is small. If you use multiple remotes, you’ll need to be close to see which one is being displayed. Controls are touch-screen, operated by tapping on icons rather than physical buttons. There’s a manually-operated backlight if you want to read the screen in the dark. You won’t be able to see the icon that tells you where to touch to turn the light on unless it’s light enough that you don’t need it, but it’s easy to memorize the position.The base station has a typical mechanism, oddly called “all time,” for viewing and resetting the maximum and minimum temperatures. It has another function, called “24 hour,” that assumes you don’t reset manually. The manual describes it incorrectly, but I experimented with it and found it works like this. Suppose you reset the maximum and minimum manually at, say, 11 AM. Then from that point until 11 AM the next day, the 24-hour function reports the maximum and minimum since the reset, exactly as the “all time” function does. Then, assuming you never reset manually again, the 24-hour function will reset itself automatically at 11 AM each day. Looking at the 24-hour maximum and minimum will always tell you the highest and lowest values observed since the most recent 11 AM.If you like the 24-hour function, you will never want to reset the device manually. There’s no way to reset the “all time” maximum and minimum without restarting the 24-hour function. If you use it that way, you will normally want to look at the 24-hour maximum and minimum rather than the all-time maximum and minimum. However, displaying the maximum/minimum always defaults to “all time” and you have to make another button press to see the 24-hour values. Not a big deal, but an odd design choice.The unit I received had a defective humidity sensor in the base station. The company provided a replacement at no cost to me and with minimal hassle.

  57. winskel

    I bought the TP 65A with one TX-2 transmitter in November 2018 and subsequently, a second TX-2 in April 2019. The range on each transmitter was very good for the distance placed. The first transmitter was placed in my greenhouse 70 feet away and the second was placed in the garage approximately 55 feet away, respectively, from the TP 65-A wireless receiver. During winter 2019/2020, temperatures were as low as 5F and summer 2019/2020 temperatures reached higher than 110F. Both transmitted the temperature and humidity very well with no issues. Batteries were periodically changed, four months average using duracell, as they took a beating with the range in temperatures. The LCD display on the TP 65-A can be read clearly while the backlight is very useful at night. TP-65A allow easy switching between TX-2 transmitters at the press of a button, very simple and easy to use. However, recently, the TX-2 lost signal and I had to call ThermPro tech support for assistance. Tech support was unable to fix the transmitter via the phone and essentially replaced the TX-2 for free. All I had to do was provide the original order number from Amazon. I am happy so far with the product and the fact that they were able to replace the TX-2 without hesitation.

  58. Rollin River

    Needed to replace an older wireless outdoor thermometer that finally gave out. Did quite a lot of searching on the internet and decided the ThermoPro TP65 was a good fit for what we wanted and at a reasonable price. Purchased the product on Amazon in Nov. 2018. We like the easy-to-read screen and the accuracy of the temperature readings seems to be right on. We liked the screen light at first, but soon stopped using it. Often when I have to get up in the night I like to check the outdoor temperature as I’m getting back in bed. The screen like works great, but the problem is at night you can’t see the light button to turn it on, so you have to “feel” for it. The channel button is right next to the light button so if you touch that by mistake you lose the outdoor temperature reading. It took several frustrating events to figure out what was happening. Once we figured that out, I just use my phone as a light source to read the temp at night. Then in March 2019 the unit suddenly stopped registering the outdoor temp. Tried new batteries in both units and following the instructions for syncing the two over and over again. No luck. Finally called customer service. CS had me go through the procedure of battery removal, replacement and syncing yet again. Still no luck. CS then said they will send me a new TP65 set, don’t even have to return the old set. Now that’s customer service!

  59. BlueStreak

    For some reason it escaped my attention that the remote sensor does not use rechargeable batteries. Maybe it was because the last two Thermopro units I bought did and I made an assumption this one did too. Otherwise it seems to work well, but yet to see how long the AAAs included last. Batteries are suddenly doggone expensive, so I hope they hold up.

  60. Terri

    So far I’m very pleased with the TP65. It’s a nice size – relatively small and discrete, but the display is very readable. It’s nice to have indoor and outdoor humidity; some similar units from other manufacturers don’t.Installing the batteries in the display unit is simple. Installing them in the remote sensor is another story. The sensor’s battery compartment latch looks like it was designed by someone that had never designed one before. It took some time and effort to figure out how to open it.Too early to know anything in regards to how it will hold up. I’ve had several similar units from another manufacturer that I liked, but none of them lasted more than a year or two. I’m hoping for better luck with this one.Had the unit for some time and I’m still pleased with it. The only drawback is battery life is relatively poor. A set of AAA batteries in the display unit only lasts about 6 months (why they didn’t use AA batteries is a mystery, battery life would have been much better). The sensor batteries typically last less than 6 months.As some others have noted, one source of confusion is when the display batteries are changed, the unit starts continuously cycling through all 3 channels. Pressing the channel icon on the screen a few times will select a channel and stop the cycling.

  61. Kindle 2

    Remote is in crawl space and display is in dining room. Using Energizer Lithium batteries. Set up was easy. The remote is next to an inexpensive Accurite analog hygrometer. I do this so each can validate the other, and I feel comfortable that the readings are relatively accurate — they are. Both have nearly identical readings. These items have been in use for nearly 5 months now and are working perfectly. I use them in conjunction with a Homelabs 3000 dehumidifier. This setup is working perfectly, as I can now maintain crawl space humidity at a range of 50-54%, after having sealed foundation vents with 2″ foam board. And this is in Wilmington, NC, adjacent to the NE Cape Fear river, on the border of a riverine forest (aka swamp) where the humidity is quite high. Will come back to report on battery life and any problems. Right now – highly recommended.

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TP-65 Specification

Temperature Range
Base Station -22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Remote Sensor -40.0 to 158.0℉(-40.0 to 70.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±0.9℉(±0.5℃)from 32 to 140℉(0 to 60℃)

otherwise ±1.8℉(±1℃)

Humidity Range
Base Station 10% ~ 99%
Remote Sensor 10% ~ 99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2%from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Refresh rate
Base station 30 seconds
  Remote sensor Less than 60 seconds
Sensor Type NTC
Transmission Range* 300ft (100M)
Wireless Technology ASK 433Mhz
Display Base Station LCD, 3 1⁄10 Length x  2 1⁄2 Width inches(79.0L x 62.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size
Base Station 4 3⁄8 Length x 3 3⁄8Width x 1 Height inches

(110.0L x 85.0W x 25.0H mm)

Remote Sensor  2 15⁄16 Length x  2 1⁄4 Width x 15⁄16  Height inches

(74.0L x 63.5W x23.0H mm)

Base Station 3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)
Remote Sensor 3.7V(1 x 18650 Built-in lithium rechargeable battery)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment

Instruction Manual


  1. One base station unit (Receiver)
  2. One remote sensor (Transmitter)

*Although the remote sensor is designed to be rain- proof, the remote sensor must be always placed upwards so that rain won’t get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the senor which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature and humidity more precisely and quickly.    

Indoor base station (receiver) features

TP-65 Indoor base station (receiver) features

  1. Large LCD display
  2. Outdoor temperature
  3. Outdoor humidity
  4. Indoor temperature
  5. Indoor humidity
  6. Four Touch Buttons :
  7. SIDE
  8. Stand
  9. Magnet
  10. Wall hanging hole
  11. Battery compartment


  1. LCD display: Displays the current outdoor humidity/temperature and indoor humidity/temperature.
  2. Battery Compartment: Holds 2 AAA batteries to power the unit.
  3. Tabletop and wall-mounted design.
  4. Indoor Temperature range: -4°F~158°F(-20°C~70°C).
  5. Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.
  6. Temperature display unit: °C and °F selectable.
  7. Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F.
  8. Humidity Resolution:1%.
  9. Low battery indication.
  10. Four touch buttons.
  11. Backlight.

Touch Buttons

CHANNEL/SYNC: Press once to display the temperature and humidity readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors; Press and hold this button to enter the synchronization mode. MAX/MIN/CLEAR: Touch once to display the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity; Press and hold to clear the history data. °F/°C/History: Press to select the temperature display in ºC or ºF; When the display shows the maximum or minimum temperature and humidity. Touch this button once to set the maximum and minimum data record time interval between ALL TIME or 24 hours. Note: Both ALL TIME and 24 hours represent the time since you last manually cleared the history data or installed a new battery. temperature button : Touch once to turn on/off backlight. If you do not press the button for 15 seconds, the backlight will be automatically turned off.

Temperature & Humidity Trend

  1. temperature & humidity increase trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in an increasing trend.
  2. flat errow - temperature & humidity no change indicates the temperature & humidity is in a no change trend.
  3. temperature & humidity decrease trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in a decreasing trend.

Outdoor remote sensor (transmitter) features

TP-65 Outdoor remote sensor (transmitter) features

  1. TX LED
  2. Wall hanging hole
  3. TX
  4. RESET
  5. Channel 1, 2, 3
  6. 2 AAA battery
  7. Vent holes
  1. Battery Compartment: Holds 2 X AAA batteries to power the unit.
  2. Rain-proof and wall-mounted design.
  3. Outdoor Temperature range: -4°F ~ 158°F (-20 °C ~ 70 °C).
  4. Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.


CHANNEL Selector (1,2,3): Slide to set Channel 1,2 or 3. RESET: Press once to reset the remote sensor. TX: Press to send temperature/humidity data to the receiver manually.

Battery installation and setup

tp-65 Battery installation and setup

  1. Open the battery compartment of the remote sensor as below Figure;
  2. Slide the channel selector switch inside the battery compartment to your desired channel. For the first remote you may select any channel, for additional remotes select any unused channel;
  3. Insert (2) AAA batteries according to the polarity markings. Replace the battery compartment cover;
  4. Open the battery compartment at the back of the base station and insert (2) AAA batteries according to the polarity markings. Replace the compartment door;

Note: Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon zinc), or rechargeable (nickel cadmium) batteries. For maximum performance in normal conditions we recommend using good quality alkaline batteries. If the battery power is low, there will be low battery icon showing on the base station display.

Synchronize remote sensors with the base Station

Please note: each time the batteries (either base station or remote sensor) are replaced or base station/ remote sensor lost connection, make sure to follow the below synchronization process to pair and reconnect the base station and remote sensor:

  1. Position the remote sensor near the base station;
  2. Once the batteries are installed in the base station, the RF signal icon signal icon (located on the upper left of the base station display) will flash for 3 minutes, indicating that the base station is in synchronization mode: it is waiting for remote sensors to be registered.
  3. If 3 minutes have passed after the batteries were installed in the base station and the RF signal Icon signal icon is no longer flashing, press and hold the CHANNEL/SYNC button of the base station for 3-4 seconds until the RF signal icon is flashing again to set it back in synchronization mode;
  4. Install the batteries in the remote sensor and wait for a moment or just press either the TX or RESET button inside the remote sensor battery compartment, the remote sensor temperature/ humidity will show on the base station display which indicates the synchronization is complete.
  5. If you have additional remote sensors, repeat the above steps to register the remote sensors (up to 3 remote sensors can be registered with one base station);
  6. If you have registered more than one sensor, press the CHANNEL/SYNC button on the base station to select the remote channel you want displayed permanently on the base station. Press CHANNEL/SYNC button until you observe a circular arrow on the base station LCD display under the channel number. The unit will then auto-scroll, changing from channel to channel every 5 seconds.

NOTE: If you have additional remote sensors, when you are synchronizing remote sensors with the base station, the unit will keep changing from channel to channel in the first three minutes, after that you can select any channel you like or auto-scroll mode.

Place the base station and remote sensor

  1. The indoor base station (receiver) should always be placed in a well ventilated indoor area and located away from vents, heating or cooling elements, direct sunlight, windows, doors, or any other openings.
  2. The remote sensor (transmitter) can be placed on a flat surface indoor or outdoor. Make sure the sensor is within the transmission distance from the base station and with minimal obstructions.
  3. The base station and remote sensor can both be wall mounted.

NOTE: Although the remote sensor is designed to be rain-proof, the remote sensor must be always placed upwards so that rain won’t get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the senor which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature and humidity more precisely and quickly.

Maximum & minimum recorded temperature & humidity

  1. Press MAX/MIN/Clear button once to display the highest indoor and outdoor temperatures/humidity recorded since last reset. MAX is shown on the display.
  2. Press MAX/MIN/Clear button again to display the lowest indoor and outdoor temperatures/humidity recorded since last reset. MIN is shown on the display.
  3. To clear and reset the max/min records, when either the MAX or MIN record is shown on the LCD display, press and hold MAX/MIN/Clear for 3 seconds.
  4. When either the MAX or MIN record is shown on the LCD display, press ALL-TIME/24 button once to set the data record time interval between ALL TIME or 24 hours. Note: Both ALL TIME and 24 hours represent the time since you last time manually cleared the history data or battery installation.


Question: Are the outdoor sensors weatherproof?

Answer: Yes, but not waterproof.

Question: Will they ever be available again? Will the TP-60 sensor work with the TP-65?

Answer: Yes, the TP60 sensors would work. We just don’t offer the TP-65 sensors yet as the unit is new.

Question: Can multiple base units work with the same sensors? For example, I would have 1 base unit at separate locations, but still connected to the same sensors. Is this possible, or will they only work with one base unit at a time?

Answer: Yes, of course. They will work with multiple base stations at the same time.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP65 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP65

ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP59

product image

ThermoPro TP63

ThermoPro TP90 Smart Wireless Indoor Hygrometer WiFi Thermometer Compatible with Alexa

ThermoPro TP90

Price $26.99 $26.99 $18.99 $18.99 $25.99 $25.99 $39.99 $39.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Alexa capability No No No Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No Yes No No
Calibration feature No No - No
Comfort indicator No Yes No Yes
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only
Mobile app No Yes No Yes
Range 200ft 260ft 200ft -
Remote Yes Yes - No
Remote sensor TX2 - TX4 -
Temperature humidity alerts No Yes No No
Waterproof - - IP65 -
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No Yes
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