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ThermoPro TP829

(155 customer reviews)

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Super Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes

  • Best in class 1000 feet range】: Equipped with the strongest and most reliable in RF technology, grill thermometer extends range further than ever before. With 1000FT of freedom to take care of other tasks while your digital food thermometer monitors your meat as it cooks to perfection
  • Extra large, backlit LCD display & Built-in timer】: The wireless thermometer features a large, backlit screen that displays both the set temp and the current temp of all four probes at the same time.
  • Four color coated probes with winders】: Use the smoker thermometer to monitor 4 different kinds of meat or grill/smoker/oven with 4 color-coated probes and quickly identify which probe is inserted into which piece of meat more easily.
  • 10 Preset meat temps & Smart alarm】: Featuring 10 different kinds of preset temps and various doneness levels recommended by the USDA, smart thermometer ensures you will cook to perfection.
  • BBQ mode & Multiple placement options】: Set your desired HI/LOW temp range when monitor the ambient temp of your grill or smoker and know exactly when to add more fuel.
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ThermoPro TP829 Super Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer
ThermoPro TP829 Thumbnail

ThermoPro TP829 1000FT Digital Meat thermometer for Cooking

Grilling thermometer features best in class range to 1000FT to eliminate the hassle of missing perfectly cooked meals while you are away from your cooking appliance. Remote thermometer with four color-coated probes can monitor 4 different kinds of meat, or the smoker/grill/oven’s temp simultaneously. It also help you quickly and easily identify each meat’s temp. With smart alarm function, feel free to mingle, do chores or chat with friends without ever having to physically check on your food!

  • Remote Range: Super long of 1000 feet
  • Smart Temprature Alarm
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
  • Backlit and Large LCD Screen
  • Countdown & Count Up Timer
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Low Battery Indicator
Thermopro logo

Enjoying your guest’s company, never fret about having to constantly check on the meat.


  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 4 x Probes
  • 4 x 3A batteries
  • 2 x Clips
  • 1 x Manual
ThermoPro TP829 Various USDA Preset Temperatures
Highly Accurate Color-coated Probes

Highly Accurate Color-coated Probes

Baking thermometer has upgraded 6.5″ Super Long food grade stainless steel probe with ±1.8°F/1°C accuracy in a range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C) to detect the core temp of meat. Quickly identify each piece of meat’s temperature with the 4 color-coated meat probes.

Countdown & Count Up Timer

Countdown & Count Up Timer

Countdown and count up built-in timer with two time duration options (99min 59sec, 99hr 59min) of this oven safe meat thermometer will help you manage all aspects of the meal including those vegetable side dishes which cannot not be cooked for long time.

Backlit LCD Display

Backlit LCD Display

Wireless grill thermometer features with backlight LCD displays which makes it superably easy to view the temperature in any light condition, even at night. Celsius/Fahrenheit Selectable.

Large Screen to Display All Information

Large Screen to Display All Information

The huge 3.4 inch display of the smart meat thermometer shows all 4 probes’ current temp and set temp simultaneously. No need to press buttons to access different information, and the big digits allows you to be always informed with just a quick glance.

Multiple Placement Options

Multiple Placement Options

The intelligent body design of the oven meat thermometer provides three placement options to fit any grilling setup: a kitchen hook, strong magnetic back and the flip out countertop stand.

Tidier Storage with Probe Winders

Tidier Storage with Probe Winders

No More Mess! Food temperature thermometer comes with probe winders to put an end to messy probe wires in your drawers, store neatly!

155 reviews for ThermoPro TP829

  1. Joe Camaratta

    Great product!! Works as advertised. Probes allow monitoring smoker temperature, and temperature of meats.

  2. Adventures With Jill

    I bought this because I was smoking a brisket and boston butt on an offset smoker. I monitored the temperature at meat level, the point and flat of my brisket and the pork. It was the best brisket I’ve ever made. Managing the smoker temp and bringing the meat to 203F were the key to a successful smoke.Since, I used them for perfect medium rare 2″ ribeyes, full pork belly and pull off the bone St. Louis ribs.Cleaning and storing is a bit of a pain. There are plastic rollers for neat storage of probes. The box and plastic tray could be more sturdy. That makes storage a hassle.We live in an apartment. So, the grill is too far to use Bluetooth or WiFi. The RF works quite well with another apartment between the grill and the living room.I would certainly buy again.

  3. Kaptainkaveman

    Other than one finicky probe ita perfect. I have used the two probe version and like this set up more for multiple racks.

  4. jantree

    Very easy to use and the 4 probes make smoking meat very easy.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Loved it

  6. christopher foster

    I have a smoker business. Foster bbq & catering Llc. Already had some of these and they got melted( my fault) found theses and ordered got very fast. I would know what to do with our them.

  7. Paul Green

    Thermo Pro 4 probe meat thermometer is perfect. It accurately measures your meat temps and takes the guess work out of your BBQ process. I definitely recommend this product my first was flawless. There is only one downfall, is the probes are a little long but they work great.

  8. Gary Spear

    Very nice thermometer! Like the four probes because you have enough for food monitoring and ambient temperature. The storage holders for the probes are very convenient. Excellent range!

  9. Kindle Customer

    Missing probe and no customer support contact after two attempts to get this resolved. No link on Amazon for return. Left two messages with Thermapro and they are dead silent.I finally reached Thermapro by phone, forget email they seem to get lost. They were helpful and not only corrected the missing part but sent an entire new unit.

  10. JK

    Just what I needed. You can’t go wrong.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Can do 4 meats at a time!! Very accurate. Easy to use. Remote monitoring is great. Cook meats from my recliner.

  12. beeman

    This is a great investment. I had probes in all the important spots for three different meats. The temperature is fairy on point as well. No regrets on this purchase.

  13. Evil_Twin

    This device works great with both my grill and oven. The meat temperature presets are so helpful and easy to use that now I have no excuse for ever over cooking a steak or under cooking chicken or pork and with being able to monitor four things at once you can do all at the same time. Being able to sit anywhere in my house with the wireless display and know exactly what the temperature is on whatever I’m cooking has both made me a grill master as well as freed up time to doing other things than sitting by and watching my meat. Whether your a new or seasoned cook this device will change your life and the taste of your food. I highly recommend this to everyone, I even bought a second one as a gift for my brother. Buy one, you won’t be sorry.

  14. J. Brown

    Boiling water test right out of the box showed 211F on all probes. Just as simple as popping in the batteries and plugging in the probes. Remote unit synced immediately and showed temps quickly. Overall very happy with it.

  15. D. A. Deters

    No complaints

  16. Joseph

    Worked as intended. Very easy to use and works great for smoking or grilling.

  17. M. Rio

    Easy to use. Quick read of the user manual has you using this quickly and not complicated at all.Accurate to 1 deg between all 4 probes and boiling hot water test of 212 deg.Good reception ( Reciever Unit is well within 100ft of my grill though) can not comment on long range claimsPractical length of wire on probes.I’ve used this on my Smokin-it, Rectec and Char Griller.I used probes as needed to monitor meats and grill temps. You can decide on any of the individual probes how you wish to adjust set / monitor tempsUsing the ‘BBQ’ setting gives user defined hi/lo temps. This is a nice feature in my opinion available to all the probes. Has audible alarms.Water resistant ( not waterproof) and uses AAA Batts.Comes with batteries ready to install.The units look well made, good tactile buttons and clear easy to read screens. Has backlight if needed.Comments on reviews say the item auto shuts off after two hours. This is true if the unit temp is below 40c. That is 104F.I think that is only relevant for those who may cold smoke. I don’t.Item has a card included to contact customer service with phone numbers etcI had considered the Thermoworks but balancing out value, accuracy, and reviews about customer service chose to go with ThermoPro. The price was 60 dollars cheaper.Pleased with my purchase

  18. Susan G. Daniels

    I received this item last month and used it for the first time last weekend. The only issue I have is that when I unwound the probes from the reels, I had a hard time getting probe #2 off. I assume these are wound by hand at the factory. In this particular case the probe wire was badly kinked in the middle so the assembler must have pulled it as tight as they could to get more slack and fit the plug in the wheel. The result being a badly kinked wire in 2 spots. I straightened it out as best I could but suspect the life of this probe has been lessened to some degree. I smoked a brisket and the unit performed well but only used probes 1 and 3. The receiver did turn off twice overnight but the next day it stayed on.

  19. Charlie Barnett

    Used them for the first time tonight. They are awesome. Only thing I would recommend is when you are about 5-10 degrees from your desired temp to take what you are cooking off as the temp was will keep rising for a bit.

  20. JoeH

    The accuracy is fantastic. The range is amazing I had my son bring it up to the third floor in the front of the house and it was still reading accurately. I keep my smokers in the back of the house and the distance is far.

  21. Robert Peters

    Really accurate, excellent range, easy to use

  22. David Ragsdale

    This is a really nice thermometer for bbq. Wish there was a phone app for it, so I could leave the house during a 12 hour cook and know what’s going on with my grill. I do have a birthday coming up soon.

  23. Dennis

    Like the multiple temps, seems to work as expected.

  24. scott reddoch

    Love it. After 2 weeks 1 led would not light. Snapped a picture and sent it to customer service and they sent a new one, no hassle.

  25. Tulsa Brick

    I had a single channel ThermoPro for many years that worked well it had a bad experience with a grease fire. I knew I wanted to move up to a multiple cannel unit for use with my Hasty Bake Smoker and found this one.Had to review the instructions several times to get to being able to set the high and low temps on all 4 channels. That done things went well. I’ll need to review again before I start next time.I used all 4 channels one for the smoker, 1 for a slab of ribs and 2 in a pork butt. Next time I’ll only use 1 in the pork butt. as it turned out at first the 2 probs were almost 20 degrees F difference, as the hours passed the temps equalized.

  26. Alyssa Zuther

    My smoker is very far away. There is a metal building and 2 brick walls between my house and the smoker. This has functioned through 2 smokes equaling roughly 20 hrs without skipping a beat. It’s easy to use. You choose the meat/function of each probe and the desired taste medium/medium rare/well done etc. Based on your choice it sets the target temp for that probe and the alarm goes off when reached. Honestly, this is easily 4 times as good as the Meater Plus. It doesn’t send to your phone but the phones Bluetooth signal is only reliable for 30 ft outdoor (no walls). This guy works on a proprietary RF signal reliable up to 1,000 ft. Mark my words, all wireless probes will be RF when serious cooks catch on. The product is amazing, if you came here for a cookout, you’d be amazed once you got my meat in your mouth.

  27. Mike diehl

    My food is always done just right.

  28. Thomas G. Bachman

    easy to setup and read.

  29. Jeff Ricketson

    Works great easy to use

  30. Christopher W Ludwig

    I’ve gone through many temp probe set ups and most leave me wanting more. So far, this is been the best I’ve used and it works quite well. I like the fact that you can run four probes at one time, haven’t done that yet but I have run two and it was a simple task to manage that. Easy to read and intuitive to set up I’m hopeful that this is the last temp probe purchase I’ll have to make. Haven’t had it long enough to know about it’s long term reliability but so far so good.

  31. JAC (Just A Customer)

    I use a non wifi Green Mountain Daniel Boone pellet grill…. so keeping tabs on the grill and meat temperatures requires more babysitting…. I got this Bluetooth temp monitor to make it easier to do that… and it worked flawlessly! Highly recommend this product

  32. V. Patterson

    Everything works well so far though we just received it and have only used it a couple of times. Our only issue is that our grill and smoker aren’t right up close to the house so we have some connectivity issues.

  33. Hank R.

    I called the customer service number (YES they have one) and got a message that they were closed for 3 days due to a Canadian holiday BUT I submitted the website form and actually rec’d an EM reply within hours. If you exceed 550° the probe will be destroyed (which I may have done) and this makes it unusable for much of what I wanted to do but it works just as advertised otherwise. I thought the reading would stop short of 600° but didn’t think the probe would be destroyed. The last reading was 550° and then HHH. I could not have exceeded 550° by much. The trans/rec’r units certainly feel high quality. I am keeping it and will just have to use something else for 550°+.

  34. TAMMY

    Good quality build and easy to use. The distance between the thermometer and wireless read out is great!


    Excelente producto, se ve muy buena calidad

  36. Nova

    Yes I really like this thermometerI had their plastic single thermometer, but after three years it just melted. I really liked it too

  37. Amazon Customer

    Worked exactly as described.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Love mine! Had to come back to leave a great review. If you are searching for a BBQ thermometer, look no further because this one is great!

  39. Reggie Martin

    Haven’t used it yet

  40. Randy Gatenbee

    I’ve used a 2-probe ThermoPro for several years for when I’m smoking food. Recently we’ve started to smoke more things at the same time, so you get various temps depending on the rack your stuff is on. Having the 4 probes to cover all my racks allow me to monitor and be alerted on different internal temps for different things. Color coding makes it easy, and the readouts are easy to read. Highly recommend this product!

  41. OTostado

    Plenty of probes, good ranges

  42. Lori A. Avila

    This was a gift for my husband and he really Likes it. Thank you

  43. Jeremy A.

    Had a big birthday party grilled several chickens all at once, worked as advertised, the big question is how long it last, have bought similar and their lives expectancy was only a few weeks to a year… so only time will tell.

  44. Mike D

    Sometimes 2 probes are just not enough. These work great. Once you learn how each size, type of meat, and cook type affects the coast you will be spot on every time.

  45. Great potatoes

    I put the batteries in turned it on, read the instructions and it works great!

  46. Howard R Smothers

    I smoked 3 different meats to perfection due to this devices accuracy

  47. Pam Darling

    The hubby is happy with it used it on the pot boss

  48. Adam

    I was hesitant to buy because of the reviews about this shutting off after 2 hrs. But mine did not. I had it on for 8 hrs while boiling maple syrup and monitoring the temp for when it would rise to 215f and take inside for final boil. Worked perfectly. Tried on chicken and pork on the grill and worked amazingly. Nice to have another probe to leave in the open air on the grill to monitor the grill temp as well. The buttons weren’t SUPER intuitive to change settings but I managed. Sure I could have pulled up the instruction on time one, but I got lazy and was already out back and had to futz around a bit with it to change the limits on all 4 proves.Only con is after using one probe in the maple syrup bucket for probably about 24 hrs total, that probe is currently reading 1-2 deg higher than the other 3.

  49. James Wensink

    I bought this thermometer so that I could cook on my Big Green Egg while remaining vertical on my couch. All alarms worked as advertised and temperatures were accurate. It saved several steps and most importantly the Brisket was good!!! Seriously I recommend anyone wanting a remote cooking thermometer to consider this device.

  50. Phart

    very handy, and seems to be quite accurate so far. I only wish that the smaller device, that sits at the grill had the magnets on it like the larger remote portion does.

  51. Runswithscissors

    Have only used it once. Put double probes in a London Broil. Work great. Have probes on my pellet but like redundancy. Finish off with a Thermo Pen.

  52. Michael McGunagle

    Have only used this once but seems to be operating the way its suppose to.

  53. Rich

    So originally i had a cheap wireless from Walfart… after realizing they all used the same frequency and no encoding i decided to purchase something a little nicer. This definitely seems to fit the bill! I dont care about wifi or BT, if anything that’d be worse with the stucco on my house. I got the this due to the 1000ft range. I don’t go anywhere near that far but i wanted something that would make it through the house. First thing is this has “pairing” so even if a neighbor has the same unit they wont interfere with one another (i assume at least, no way to test this one). Easy to set up (you shouldn’t have to pair out the box but it tells you how to repair in the manual just in case), love the hi low temps for when i want to smoke and keep the grill within a range and set a temp for the meat or meats. Presets for if you aren’t as picky. Easy enough to set up each probe. Love that the alarm is nice and loud. The transmitter gives you the temp so you could just use that on its own if you are hanging out near the grill. Temp seemed right on for me set it to 120 and it looked about perfect when i pulled the steaks. Does exactly what i need without breaking the bank. Definitely worth the money.

  54. BT

    This is a great item. I especially like that there are 4 probes and you can use one to check the temp on the grill. This is especially handy when you need to keep a constant temp.

  55. Chelle

    I bought my husband a smoker and all of the cool stuff to go with it! I purchased several things but this is a review on the probe. It is very accurate! To confirm this I compared it by using 2 other products I purchased for him to see which one he felt most comfortable with. It’s easy to use, water proof (but I wouldn’t trust that! We don’t have a table for it to sit on but there is a built-in hook on the back. I purchased a strong magnet and it worked great. The probes are pretty thick and it was easy to push it right into the chicken breast. While the Pitboss probes cord turned colors on its first use in the smoker, I was very surprised this one did not. I took the remote control all over my house which is about 2500 sq. ft. and it never lost signal.Pros:Love the colorEasy to useGreat connectionAccurateProbes were thick and sturdyColor codedCords didn’t change colorSplash/waterproofCons:No built in magnet

  56. Chris


  57. Jimmy Mac

    If you like to smoke with real wood without the new automatic feed smokers, this is a great tool. It is easy to use, has preset temps or you can program in your specific temperatures. The 1000 foot range is great as my smoker is back behind my pool and I can keep the base unit in my kitchen to monitor both the smoker temperature and the meat temperature. With 4 probes I can also watch 3 different pieces of meat so all are done to perfection. You can set high and low alarms for the smoker temp so it lets you know when your temperature is off and you can make adjustments.

  58. Justin dimas

    This was recommended to me by a friend since I started smoking. I’m happy with it so far. Especially having the info right beside me without having to go out and check Temps.

  59. K



    Monitor several cuts at the same time easy to read and use

  61. LeAnn Nelson

    Seems to work really well. Only used it a couple of time haven’t had any issues. Love the 4 probes and that they are color coded so its easy to keep them lined up.

  62. JUDITH

    Works well

  63. Dusty F.

    I didn’t get to try it out with food yet, but the product came in an open box with only 2 out of the 4 probes. I tried contacting ThermoPro last week on their website contact form and have yet to get a response back. Will update if this is resolved.Update: Seller sent the missing probes, everything is good now

  64. Old Smokey 710

    Works great and a must have for smoking meat.

  65. Lacy Kelly

    You can sit this in the house and still know what’s going on outside in your smoker. Reasonable price and great product. Love how I could buy a storage case for it.

  66. Gary T.

    Simple to use. Like the four probes.

  67. Clayton wise

    I use this weekly when I smoke briskets and pork loins. I can keep an eye on the temperatures from inside the house easily. So far it has kept connection over 40 yards and 3 walls away.

  68. amazonbuyer

    Takes the guess work out of internal temp and wireless features keeps me from going outside repeatedly.

  69. The Food Doctor

    Excellent bit of kit very easy to use, accuracy is great and great value for money would highly recommend

  70. Big Dogg

    Very functional and accurate.

  71. Bill estes

    Everything on this order was great thanks

  72. V

    Very easy to use. Multiple probes color coded make it very useful fro different types or sizes of food being cookedatthe same time. Very good price.

  73. Josh Fendley

    Easy to use and accurate. Tested it to see the alarms when the temps hit too high or low and it works. No complaints really. There does seem to be about a second delay between the main unit and receiver but that’s not really an issue.

  74. Rico Brewer

    Just what I needed for my back yard bbq

  75. D. scott

    Love the function of this device. It works as advertised and as far as I can tell it’s accurate. Do yourself a big favor and watch the video on YouTube that shows how to set it up and operate it. The communication between the transmitter and receiver worked perfectly right out of the box. The only con I have is the sensor plug that plugs into the transmitter is a little bit flimsy. But overall, a great product.

  76. Jeff Woods, Mr

    I have tried different wireless meat probes and thermometers in the past, ranges stating 300′ to 500′, never had good luck with them because the stated range doesn’t work. This ThermoPro 829, 1000′ range works like a champ. I highly recommend this unit if you grill, or smoke a lot.

  77. bromosapien

    I love this product, especially since I don’t have to download an app to give China access to my phone. It does what it advertises. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that it’s a little annoying to navigate through the menus and program it. Also, beware. It has a warning on it, and common sense would tell you not to touch the probes with your barehand while grilling, but when you are cooking 5 different meats and doing 10 things at once you will reach in and grab the probe without thinking about it and burn the heck out of your hand. So make sure you keep your grilling gloves close by.

  78. Robert C.

    Liked a lot great to use

  79. Thomas J.

    I’ve only used this unit once, but it worked as it should. It was a good price for the product

  80. From Dixie with gloves

    Super handy, but will auto shutoff which can be an issue on an overnight cook Only used once so far. Worked great. It was an 19 hour overnight cook. I was worried about the auto shutoff so I set my alarm for every couple of hours.

  81. Amazon Customer

    This is the second ThermoPro TP829 that I have purchased sometimes I need more than one unit and 4 probes. I used this one to smoke some porkchops the transmitter base unit and smoker was about 100 to 125 feet away and I was in my living room which there was 3 walls between the transmitter and the receiver, and I got no interruption of the signal whatsoever. I would recommend this meat thermometer to anyone who has a smoker, grill, or for baking meat in an oven. This is the best meat thermometer I have ever used.

  82. RD

    I’ve used it five times. Ambient temp reads higher than actual. Meat temp reads lower than actual. I’ve verified with three instant reads and two other WiFi units!

  83. carl lane

    It’s accurate and easy to use. It saves me from going outside to check the temp every 30 minutes

  84. Chuck H.

    Easy to use and read.

  85. Page Ralston

    This is my 2nd purchase from this brand and both are easy and awesome to work with my grills.

  86. bart t skalsky

    Worked perfectly

  87. Black Dog

    If you’re smoking especially, you need one of these to control pit temp and to monitor the meat. Guessing is not an option if you want to serve good food.

  88. Dog Lover

    This is an excellent tool. Works great and you can measure 4 different items at once.

  89. Tina Thorpe

    This is awesome … we love that they are all metal rather than the silicone and metal mix. I’ve used in the oven and our smoker, extremely accurate and I love having the separate monitor without having to use a phone app that constantly disconnects. Absolutely love these!

  90. Mike B.

    I love this meat thermometer. I bought it to replace one that worked pretty well for years, but it was really difficult to program, and eventually both probes failed. I decided to upgrade the unit rather than replace the probes.This one is SUPER easy to program, and way more accurate. When I’m smoking meat, I like to track the temperature on different levels, so having 4 probes is wonderful. The range of the receiver unit is great.As for the seller, they also get 5 stars from me. You can tell a lot about a company by how they deal with a problem. After a couple of uses, one of the probes failed. I could still use the unit just fine, but it was annoying to lose one of my reference points. I contacted the seller, i-Tronics, and they immediately verified my warranty status and sent out a replacement. Someone this easy to deal with is someone I want to deal with.You will be happy with this meat thermometer.


    Can’t tell you how convenient this thermometer is! Excellent product. Makes my smoking meats so much easier! Can monitor several meats. Highly recommend!!!!

  92. Scott M Derosier

    Easy to use and accurate as measured by boiling water and ensuring all 4 probes read the same thing at the same time in the same spot (they were within 1°). Range is as advertised. My barbecue is a long ways away and through 6 walls (one wall is the exterior and one wall is full of wires and electrical panel).

  93. Jacob Dill

    Much like other reviews say, this does shut off after a few hours of use. I personally don’t mind, and just plan to turn it back on. It’s very programmable and easy to set the different probes. The alarm work when the temperatures go outside of the limits, but can also be silenced when you need to. Signal works to at least 100ft through a wall or two without problems. Super useful for smoking, and knowing when you hit the key temperatures.

  94. TAF

    Great Wireless Meat Thermometer that is as accurate as my instant read thermometer.

  95. Philip J. Cacace

    I love the ability that I can now use up to four probes when using my smoker.

  96. John M Sisco

    Lets me know what is going on in the smoker

  97. Mike M.

    This device lets you monitor temperature of meats on the smoker / grill from inside the house. Very handy when the weather is nasty cold out. I would buy this again.

  98. SHREK

    Every cellphone app all work on bluetooth.. this device works well past the distance limitation of blue tooth. Plus add value is the device works so well I can set temp alarms

  99. DV

    How can you avoid the unit automatically turning off during a long cooking session (4-8 hours)?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      This unit should remain on throughout this time period.

      If it is shutting off automatically, there may be an issue with the device.

      If so, please contact our service team at

  100. almartz68

    Love it. Now I can keep an eye on temps, set a timer n everything needed to cook different meats to perfection :)Easy to use. Convenient.

  101. Lynn Wachholz

    This is like 4 completely separate thermometers in one. 4 displays and settings for each, rather than a shared display that swaps between probes. Very easy to use and large enough display for me to read. Now my son wants to upgrade to the model I have.

  102. al


  103. Pat Greaser

    I like it a lot but you still owe me an order of watermelon flavored Red Bull 24 cans that are 12 ounces. I love my thermometer though

  104. Taylor A.

    Excellent product. Kept accurate temps on a 23lb standing rib roast. Perfect rare throughout. Highly recommend

  105. Colorado79

    Very happy with this purchase. I like that it doesn’t require and app that wants access to all sorts of personal data. Works well and adds a level of confidence and fun to my cooks. I had a slight issue with missing probes and ThermoPro support was all over it! Very happy with the product and associated support.

  106. CSTEAM (store manager)


    Yes, you definitely would be able to use the TP829 in this way, as long as you were able to keep the cable and end of the probe out of the liquid.

  107. Dewey Olds (verified owner)

    This is a great product. It frees me from the work and let’s me enjoy grilling/smoking food. An 18 hour smoking session is easy now. My family and friends are all smiles at mealtime. And customer service is top notch. I heartily recommend this product!

  108. Sam

    I use this product to monitor the meat in my smoker. Has great distance you can travel and very accurate. With 4 probes, I can monitor smoker temperature and multiple points in a large chunk or multiple pieces like chickens.

    I had to contact customer service about an issue, it was resolved immediately and with no fuss. I was very surprised at how they handled it and have never experienced such good service from a company.

  109. Amazon Customer

    I like not having to get up and go outside and check the temp of my grill or meat. Plus the probes on my grill are not as accurate. Works great so far.

  110. Amazon Customer

    Gift for my husband and he loves it so far.

  111. Brian

    I use this Thermo Pro every time I use my PitBoss pellet smoker, or cook anything over wood, or gas. I use 3-different cookers and every time it’s a perfect cook.

  112. Maverick the engineer

    The goodAwesome versatility!1. You can set what meat you are cooking (chicken, poultry (turkey/duck/goose), beef, etc and also done-ness (rare, medium, etc) with alarms of when they are done! You can also set it to BBQ and manually input the temp you want to alarm at for anything your cooking.2. You can set one probe to be the temperature checker of your oven so that you know when to put your food in without having to watch your temp on your stove/BBQ.3. You can set the the oven/BBQ temperature in between a low temperature and a high temperature alarm. Especially great for people with traeger or other pellet grills (flame out and grease fires) or if someone accidentally turned off the oven.4. This comes with a timer also if you have things you want to time instead of measure the temperature.5. The accuracy is pretty good. We learned that our oven on convection setting is 50F lower than the non convection setting. It makes sense as most recipes are non convection versions and if you cooked something at the same temp using the convection setting of an oven, you would overcook the food. We suspected this but this thermometer confirmed it.The badThe plastic container that hold everything in the box is so fragile, that it just breaks apart in your hands. It’s either too thin or was exposed to some chemical that made it more brittle than a corn chip.

  113. Bryan R


  114. Jerry Smith

    The best part of smoking meat on my PELT smoker, I don’t have to go out to check the temperature of the meat with the wireless remote I can check it while I am doing other things it will beep whe it reacts the set temperature.

  115. Elvis Rivera

    I brought it. I am very satisfied with the thermo and yes I will recommend them to anyone. Very accurate! I am enjoying them now.

  116. Derek H.

    This was the first year that my turkey came out when it reached the correct temperature. All because I was able to monitor the temperature in “real-time”.

  117. Tim L

    Great product I like that it has 4 probes so you can monitor temperature of more than one item at a time. Good customer service

  118. John

    What case fits this thermometer?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, we do not currently have any cases specifically designed for this model.

  119. Juan

    Easy to read and use. Plenty of settings and really accurate. Have used it for Thanksgiving and steaks and everything is on point! The unit that you take inside with you will turn off after about 2 hours if left without moving a button. Great product over all and will make great gifts!

  120. Hot in Louisiana

    Smoking meat on my Oklahoma Highland

  121. Jim


  122. NOC

    I’m new at air frying whole turkeys for Thanksgiving, but this tool made it possible to deliver perfectly cooked, yet moist air fried turkeys every time. I placed the probes in the turkey, the transmitter (outdoor) instantly connected to the remote monitor. When each zone reached the desired temp, the alarm would sound and the turkey is done. Can’t get any simpler.

  123. MS

    I have nothing bad to say about this set, only that I wish it came with a zippered case to hold everything. I use the plastic insert from the original box, which works well. For the money, this temp monitor system has great range for a non-wifi connected system. You turn both units on and they are automatically connected. I’ve been using them for about 6 months now. The two units themselves seem well built, although I am hesitant to leave it out in the rain. I am very happy with the 1,000 ft range and don’t worry about being away from my grill/smoker. The alarms are loud, so I don’t expect it to be an issue if you walk away in the room reasonably nearby leaving the larger unit in another room (have not tested this but judging off of the default alarm sound). Something which I was happily surprised and didn’t notice in the description, but there is a collapsible metal hanger in the unit which you plug the probes into (smaller one). It is very convenient for me to hang the small probe monitor where I would place any other grilling tool. Well worth the money in my mind, and I’d recommend it to a friend.

  124. Kathleen Budicky

    The thermostat is accurate and efficient ! We use it in our new smoker ! No more standing around checking the temp ! Freed up time to do other things or just watch TV in a warm room and check when the thermometer beeps !!

  125. James Batenchuk (verified owner)

    TP 829 is an awesome product. Customer service is very good, excellent warranty !!!

  126. Atlantis

    This is a great product. This is my 4th grill thermometer and by far the best. I was looking at the type that display on a smart phone, but after review, it seems that most have software problems and/or don’t work properly, not to mention messing up your phone. This is the best situation that works & is reliable and NOT dependent on a SW app for your phone. I also purchased 2 extra curved probes for those cases where needed. See Recommended.

  127. Cress V.

    I love this thermometer. I am using the extended range today as I am smoking brisket for Thanksgiving, the transmitter is about 400 feet away and behind several layers of plaster walls and two layers of steel siding, working great.It only shut off once, when it hit the 12 hour mark, and that can be expected.The only time I had connection problems was when I was in my basement, with several layers of concrete block wall, and lots of dirt between the transmitter and receiver, about 350 feet between transmitter and receiver, even then, it got signal around 70% of the time.I am very happy with this thermometer and I would recommend it to others. I do wish that ThermoPro offered a hard carry and storage case for it, though.

  128. Barbara A nelson

    Easy to use. 4 probes give lots of options for cooking and accurate info on doneness!!

  129. yonathan garcia

    Lo recomiendo práctico y fácil de usar

  130. alp

    Easy setup and first usage worked well Looking forward to future usage

  131. Gun023

    The “shutting off” problem has been fixed on all of the newer models. Too much has been made of this thermometer shutting off after 2 hours. Yes, mine did that as well. Was it annoying? Yes, but I simply contacted them and they sent me a new one without this defect, no questions asked.I didn’t even have to send the old one in, so now I have a nice thermometer that I use for the oven.As far as the actual functioning of the thermometer, the signal range is legit and extends a lot farther than my older TP20 model.A solid remote thermometer with four probes with a signal range that can penetrate numerous walls and obstacles, this is a great buy.If you happen to have one of the older models with the shutoff glitch, simply contact customer service, they’ll replace it, no problem, they’re awesome.

  132. TJ

    So far everything I’ve used them on has been spot on, I even decided to get the TP19 for my instant read ThermoPro thermometer!! Will HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AND ACTUALLY THE DUO DOES AWESOME TOGETHER!!

  133. schwae

    Works great

  134. John W

    Works great, I already dropped it and it still works.

  135. Pen Name

    Having the four probes on one wireless platform is genius!

  136. Paul S

    Used once so far but it was great to have 3 probes that gave me a alarm inside while I was preparing other dinner items.

  137. Tim W


  138. Wandering boy

    This long range thermometer set is another in a long line of great products from this company. Very easy to set up and use, multiple sensing cables are a great addition to past models. Very easy to read display and when measured against other thermometers I have, and have used, very, very accurate. Great product.

  139. Phil Morrison

    Been looking for a thermometer for my smoker and found this one at a good price.So far has been a great purchase.

  140. Chat B 4 U Buy

    I’ve used thermo pro for some time. I find it very reliable and accurate. I use two different models. I have the TP-50 and this current model. I bought this one for the extended range. Works really well!

  141. Mike Jaus

    Very easy to set up and use. Seems to be accurate

  142. Amazon Customer

    This thermometer is awesome. Each probe can be set to a different meat with recommended temperatures, or a custom meat that you enter the temp, or a BBQ mode where you set high and low temp alarms. Setting functions are intuitive an easy. I found all the functions right out of the box without reading the book. AND a count up or count down timer. I’ve had remote reading thermometers for 15 years, this is the first with range. Can say it works anywhere inside my house and at 100 ft outdoors it worked fine.. Just buy it.

  143. CM

    Awesome! This is an excellent set up at a very reasonable price (compared to a very similar model). Used these with our smoker while cooking BBQ pork loin and chicken pieces for several hours. The accuracy was excellent (smoker is outside on lower patio and monitored the display from several locations inside house and outside around the yard to test the distance – worked great, no issues)! Set up was fairly easy to figure out and easy to read displays. Love being able to moniter up to 4 items if necessary and from a distance! Very satisfied.

  144. BotchedBoy

    Great thermometer! Definitely has a long signal better than the Bluetooth one I have. Easy to read and set. Only thing I wish is that it came with a case of some kind to keep it all together when not in use

  145. Tim W


  146. Mike Jaus

    Very easy to set up and use. Seems to be accurate

  147. Phil Morrison

    Been looking for a thermometer for my smoker and found this one at a good price.
    So far has been a great purchase.

  148. schwae

    Works great

  149. Pen Name

    Having the four probes on one wireless platform is genius!

  150. TJ

    So far everything I’ve used them on has been spot on, I even decided to get the TP19 for my instant read ThermoPro thermometer!! Will HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AND ACTUALLY THE DUO DOES AWESOME TOGETHER!!

  151. Paul S

    Used once so far but it was great to have 3 probes that gave me a alarm inside while I was preparing other dinner items.

  152. Guado

    As an electronics guy I would think following an instruction manual to set some temps would be easy. The pre sets work but custom temps are not as easy to set up. Very disappointed

  153. John W

    Works great, I already dropped it and it still works.

  154. BotchedBoy

    Great thermometer! Definitely has a long signal better than the Bluetooth one I have. Easy to read and set. Only thing I wish is that it came with a case of some kind to keep it all together when not in use

  155. Chat B 4 U Buy

    I’ve used thermo pro for some time. I find it very reliable and accurate. I use two different models. I have the TP-50 and this current model. I bought this one for the extended range. Works really well!

  156. Wandering boy

    This long range thermometer set is another in a long line of great products from this company. Very easy to set up and use, multiple sensing cables are a great addition to past models. Very easy to read display and when measured against other thermometers I have, and have used, very, very accurate. Great product.

  157. CM

    Awesome! This is an excellent set up at a very reasonable price (compared to a very similar model). Used these with our smoker while cooking BBQ pork loin and chicken pieces for several hours. The accuracy was excellent (smoker is outside on lower patio and monitored the display from several locations inside house and outside around the yard to test the distance – worked great, no issues)! Set up was fairly easy to figure out and easy to read displays. Love being able to moniter up to 4 items if necessary and from a distance! Very satisfied.

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TP829 Specification

Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
Sensor Type NTC
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Refresh rate 4 seconds
Transmission Range* 1000ft(300M)
Wireless Technology FSK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Receiver LCD, 2 7⁄10 Length x 2 1⁄6 Width inches(68.0L x 54.5W mm)
Transmitter LCD, 2 1⁄12 Length x 1 1⁄5 Width inches(53.0L x 30.5W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size  
Receiver 5 3⁄5 Length x 3 1⁄5 Width x 1 Height inches (143.0L x 81.0W x 26.0H mm)
Transmitter 3 3⁄10 Length x Width x 1 1⁄8 Height inches (85.0L x 77.0W x 28.0H mm)
Receiver 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
Transmitter 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.

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ThermoPro TP-829 Wireless Meat Thermometer

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ThermoPro TP27

Price $48.59 $48.59 $39.99 $39.99 $59.99 $59.99 $79.99 $79.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No Yes No
Calibration feature - No - No
High low temperature alarms Both Both Both Both
Mobile app No No Yes No
Preset temperature options Yes No Yes No
Probe quantity 4 2 4 4
Range 1000ft 300ft 500ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes No Yes No
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof

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