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ThermoPro TP930

(172 customer reviews)

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Wireless Meat Thermometer of 500FT, Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Color Coated Meat Probes, Grill Thermometer with Timer, Smart Meat Thermometer Wireless for BBQ Oven Smoker

  • 500 Feet Bluetooth Range】: Wireless thermometer for grilling features advanced Bluetooth 5.0 which supplys the strongest and most reliable connection to enable tracking temps from 500feet away; With disconnection notice, you’ll always be in range to monitor your cook from anywhere in your home or yard!
  • 4 Color-Coated Probes】: ThermoPro Bluetooth thermometer for smoker boasts 4 color-coated grill temperature probes which can track 4 different meats at once and ambient temp with an accuracy of 1.8℉, easily distinguish the temperature of different meats
  • Cooking Time Estimator & Pre-Alarm】: BBQ thermometer for smoker APP can predict remaining cooking time, help you better manage your time; Receive a pre-alarm on both your phone and smoker thermometer wireless when the temp is within 5/10/15℉ of the target temp, never overcook again
  • Professional USDA Preset Temps】: Bluetooth grill thermometer for outside grill supports 9 preset meat temps and 5 doneness levels recommended by the USDA; All of the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes, perfect for both new home cooks and experienced chefs
  • Rechargeable/Large Backlit LCD】: Rechargeable smart thermometer cooking can last for 8 months after fully charge; Wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking with a large backlit LCD for use in any light conditions; Auto-Off after 3 hours with no Bluetooth signal received
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ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling and Smoking!

Built with the latest Bluetooth technology, the TP930 meat thermometer for smokers offers the most stable connection to monitor your cook from up to 500ft away. With the 4 color-coated probes you can quickly distinguish different meat temperatures with just a glance. Cooking time estimator helps you plan your meal out in advance to ensure timely meals with your family. Our intelligent design makes our remote meat thermometer stand apart from the competition, perfect for BBQ and smoking meat.

  • Bluetooth Grill Thermometer Range: Up To 500FT
  • 4 Color-Coated Probes & Programmable Channel Names
  • Wireless Temperature Probe Range: 14°F To 572°F (-10°C To 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Large LCD Screen with Touchable Backlight
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Deep-frying
  • Preset USDA Temperatures: Poultry, Beef, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham, Fish, Lamb, Turkey
  • Various Doneness Levels: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done

Use the Smart ThermoPro APP to Elevate Your Cooking!

Enjoy cooking Like a Pro every time with our Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer

Disconnection Notice

Be alerted when you’re out of range of your smart Bluetooth thermometer. Receive an alarm and notification from digital wireless meat thermometer App when you’re out of range out from the bluetooth thermometer for grilling to ensure you can continuously monitor your cook!

Temp Pre-Alarm

Receive a pre-alarm on both your phone and smoker thermometer when the temp is within 5/10/15℉ of the target temp so you pull the meat off at the perfect time and the allow your meat to rest to hit that perfect doneness every time.

Variety of Alarms

Grill thermometer’s Bluetooth App is programmed with multiple different kinds of alarms for you to choose from. Give each probe or timer a different alarm to help you recognize each by sound.

Highly Accurate Probes

Meat probe thermometer wireless uses 4 commercial-grade stainless step-down probes, delivering a wide temperature range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C), and high accuracy up to ±1.8℉. Your meals will always be cooked to perfection.

User-Friendly Design

Super easy to read! Designed with touch backlight, big bold digits and ultra-clear LCD screen, digital meat thermometer for grilling monitors and displays temperature readings so clearly that it can be seen at a glance even under dim light conditions.

Rechargeable Battery

Powered by a commonly found USB Charging Cable (Included), Bluetooth meat thermometer wireless can be charged via PC, phone charger and more! With this rechargeable bbq meat thermometer for grilling, save time and money on not having to replace batteries.

172 reviews for ThermoPro TP930

  1. Kent Krueg

    I love my new Thermopro that they sent! Great company that stands by their product.

  2. Butoman

    This thermometer is amazing. With 4 thermometers you can keep an eye on every type of meat you are cooking and the grill temperature as well. I have a 22 Weber grill and I’ve smoked 3 briskets, a few tri tips and a pork butt using the thermometer. The app needs a little work I think but it’s easy to set an alarm for a specific temperature or if the temperature goes above or below a specific temperature. You can create your own profiles for temperature. The alarm on the device itself is pretty loud.i have to mute it at night when smoking. It also has a backlight on the device itself if you don’t have access to the app.The only knock I have on the app is that you cannot multi-task. If you switch to another app for me it losed connection sometimes and the temperature graph gets restarted on when you got reconnected. Wish there was a way to save your history and graphs. Overall great product and would recommend to anyone

  3. Jesse

    Worked amazing for my 5 hr beef rib low and slow on my smoker. Very accurate and amazingly priced!

  4. James H Baraw

    Did a great job for my smoker, tracks temp over time. With the app, you can set alarms and graph temperatures over the duration.

  5. Rob

    Was looking for an additional more accurate meat thermometer for smoking meat. The factory probe seems to be not accurate even after repeated calibrations. This thing is amazing and simple to use. The dual meat probes allows you to check 2 different things at the same time. Highly recommend.

  6. James

    This is a great low cost way to watch your meat cook. Easy setup and connection. Wish I had found this years ago.

  7. Craig Putt

    Great product. I only wish that I purchased it sooner!

  8. Curtis Shepard

    I have found that any device that issues claims of distance capabilities never measures up to real life use and this unit is no exception. From outside to inside the house I can about 40 feet, outside a 100 feet.It is accurate as I checked it against a mechanical dial meat thermometer.I have had no issues with the app.I really like the two probes and use one for the meat and the other for the weber temp.

  9. Patrice Dellaro

    Works great and arrive quickly and in time

  10. bloads2001

    Only used it once in the smoker…accuracy and ease of use were great. I had to mark it down by one star on ease of use since the range was not as good as I had hoped. My iPhone 13 lost connection when I was across the house…only about 100′ line of sight, but there are a lot of walls in the way. I had rested the display/transmitter on top of the smoker hopper, so that might have impeded the range…next time, I might place the transmitter on a table next to the smoker and see if the range improves.

  11. Juan Gonzales

    I like the two ports, I use one for ambient temperature and the other for my brisket on a smoker. Only problem is, the bluetooth connection constantly drops. I mean constantly, like every minute. My phone or iPad can be within a few feet and it still loses connection. That’s a bit of a bummer, especially when smoking brisket in 100+ degree heat. If I wasn’t beyond the return period, I would return it. Fortunately, the display is big enough that I can see the temps from my door without having to go outside as much. Otherwise, readings seem accurate.UpdateThey reached out to me and sent me a new one. No bluetooth issues whatsoever. Turns out it was a defective unit. New unit works perfectly. Highly recommended.

  12. Julia L.W. Detwiler

    I ordered the 2 probe option and I love it! The signal doesn’t go 500ft, but it goes far enough that I can monitor my smoker from the comfort of my couch. I use one probe with the clip for ambient temperature in the grill and the other in the meat I’m smoking. The battery still has 4 bars after 24 hours of use. The probes are a little hard to get clean, but I don’t care how they look as long as it works.

  13. Tony

    Typical ThermoPro quality. I like it! I have quite a collection of their gear now.

  14. Amazon Customer

    phone connected easily and works very well for a great low price. Very pleased so far.

  15. Amazon Customer

    read above comment

  16. K. Hunt

    Once set up, custom settings, the temperature was very accurate. The audible alerts provide great reminders.

  17. Danny Pozner

    The picture says it all. An ice bath should read 32 and it does. I have used this thermometer to make near perfect pulled pork on my gas grill.Worth the money and no need for the over priced wireless thermometers.

  18. Jacob

    Works great, seems pretty accurate. Would recxomend

  19. Mike Busch

    Works well in my smoker and my grill. Easy to setup and use the App on my phone too.

  20. behsounds

    Love it!!! It is very easy to use. Great feature is using your Smart Phone to monitor the 1 to 4 probes. It arrived on time and packaged great. I like the different probes that have different colors therefore easy to know which one. AND the price is affordable.

  21. R. J. Young

    Easy to set up, worked great on my traeger.

  22. Migraine Man

    Device works great. Very flexible. App is ok. The range is limited to standard Bluetooth range. No way to the claimed range.

  23. jyount

    works well

  24. Sterling Bradley

    I hardly ever write a review but I loved using this product, especially with the range (500ft) was working better than I could get from the probes that’s built into the pellet grill/smoker.I had a problem where one of the probe leads did not work and the other probe was displaying a HHH.Within 1 day, the customer service department sent me a new one for replacement. For those who are looking for a great 2 probe thermometer, this should be your choice.

  25. R. Buckley

    I love taking out the guesswork in grilling food on my grill. No more just setting the time to grill, but instead setting the desired temperature.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  27. Douglas

    It worked

  28. Keith

    Long leads. Good probes.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Have been charcoal grilling for years and finally decided to move up to a pellet smoker recently. My first multi meat session went way beyond my expectations. Did some spatchcock chicken and pork butt and this little device performed flawlessly. No more guess work and multiple trips to check temps. Thanks ThermoPro.

  30. Ken

    Large display makes it easy to monitor temps while relaxing with a beverage. Will download app next

  31. Saltwatersal

    Neat little gadget. The 4 probes make it easy to read ambient smoker temp as well as up to three meat temps for accurate monitoring. The phone app is easy to set up and use and it gives off loud alarms when temps go out of programmed limits.

  32. Jax

    So much easier than the maverick ET-733 that I used to have.More accurate and easier to read.A far superior product.

  33. Alfred Garcia

    This meat thermometer was a great buy. Two probes mean I can keep an eye on more than one piece of meat at a time, and the display is easy to read. The probes have long wires so I can put them in the oven with the monitor safely on the counter. I don’t think the app is a big help, though, so you probably don’t need that.

  34. HEB boomer

    i am usually digitally challenged. this was easy even for meliked it so much i bought one for our son’s familygreat product/great price

  35. John

    Very nice and easy to use product

  36. Bit Ogre

    This is great if you are going to use it with a Smartphone. All the features that make it worth the cost are in or require a Smartphone. But, with that in mind, the range is great and the Android App is easy to use.

  37. Madina

    I made delicious meat.

  38. Michael A. Davis

    Only had a chance to use it a few times, but so far I like it and it’s easy to use.

  39. navyman

    Great product, works great!

  40. Amazon Customer

    Was easy to setup and easy to use. Range is off but still served it鈥檚 purpose for the price.

  41. Michael Macks

    easy to use, able to monitor via bluetooth on my phone

  42. BHall

    Works great, it took me a couple of try to get my Bluetooth to connect. Once connected it works great!

  43. RIF

    Worked as advertised

  44. Amazon Customer

    I have used it only once so far in the smoker pellet grill. The thermometer functioned exactly as I expected it to. I really appreciate the variable timed Temp Pre-Alarm. It gave me plenty of time to get to the grill before a critical temperature change in the recipe arrived. So far I really like the thermometer and I look forward to discovering other uses for it.

  45. Bob Markey

    Received it yesterday afternoon and used on a pork roast yesterday evening. It paired to my phone in 10 seconds. The readout on the unit was visible form approximately 25 feet away. The interface in my iPhone was brilliant. It did not looked connection in my house. Definitely buying for my friends.

  46. Robert

    Have only used it once, and really like it. Liked being able to read each piece of meat, and its accuracy. Bluetooth work perfectly anywhere in my yard. I just need to learn all of the features, to improve my skills.Glad I purchased it

  47. Darlene

    Works as advertised.

  48. LB

    Great digital thermometer. Purchased to use in our neighbor’s smoker to keep an eye on the temp. Setup is easy on an iphone. The display is easy to read and will display current temp and can setup alarms. I have used it on the smoker, BBQ, oven, and in a pot for candy. Has worked perfectly. Would recommend and repurchase.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Like that I can measure and time cooking meats at the same time.

  50. Wesley K Nanamori

    Results in great steaks.

  51. Peter G. Ventura

    I ordered it to check oil while making chiles replenish. Perfect

  52. M. W. Taylor

    Easy to use. Love the text notifications.

  53. Garrett

    Bought spur of the moment for a first time smoker. Pork shoulder butt. Ended up splitting it into two pieces so the two prongs were convenient. Takes forever to smoke a butt. Having the custom temp alerts was great for letting it sit outside while I sat inside. Very accurate. Highly recommend.

  54. David

    It worked great! I used to to track the stall and when to wrap the meat! The brisket came out juice and tasty.

  55. Michael N Hepler

    Super easy to use!

  56. bopper979

    couldn’t be easier to use- I bought t a cheaper one and had to return it and glad I spent a few 4 more.

  57. R. Baker

    My last wireless oven thermometer died after 10 years. This was and is an excellent replacement! Very pleased with this product and it’s performance.

  58. Chris

    Great thermometer the Bluetooth seems to have pretty good range as well

  59. Sadie Ridgill

    Easy to set up the app. It is easy to use and accurate.

  60. Amazon Customer

    Great for smoking meats and fish etc.

  61. By Various

    I love the wireless connection to my phone.

  62. Marcia D. Gaines

    Did what I wanted it to do. Great job.

  63. Richard

    Downloaded the app and connected with Bluetooth with no problems. Like being able to sit in the house and monitor my smoker.

  64. Joseph E Pitoniak

    This unit is very well made, rechargeable via standard USB, and Bluetooth enabled. It’s accurate and easy to use.

  65. Tim Geiger

    I used it for my smoke house for making sausage and snack sticks at the same time

  66. David Brown

    Well-made and simple to operate. Having a corresponding app gives freedom from having to always remain close to the grill. ThermoPro scores a win!

  67. Amazon Customer

    So glad to have this now!! So easy to set up on your phone! Makes cooking a lot simpler!

  68. Theresa A. D. Adams

    So easy to use and easy to read

  69. Amazon Customer

    Perfect smokers companion. Bluetooth phone app connection is super easy.Wish I had this years ago.

  70. Vanora

    This thing is awesome. Did everything by feel until now. Never again! No more ruined meat/dinners around here!

  71. Kimball

    The interface with the phone app is really nice! You can store temperatures by name and recall them from a list on the app very easily. So far, temps appear to be accurate. I have only used for roasting beef, turkey and potatoes and everything turned out perfectly. Connection from oven to the phone works well throughout the entire house.

  72. Amazon Customer

    Pretty good need to figure out making the probe it self Bluetooth to the control and then transmits to the phone. But dealing with the tc wire is probably more accurate and response better. Over all great item. Works really good from a distances. And I really like in the app you can set an alarm for a certain temperature and it will alarm your phone when it reaches that temp. Great product would recommend to anyone.

  73. Robert from florida

    Seems to work very well.

  74. chase

    Really love this probe the Bluetooth feature is awesome

  75. RLP Systems

    Bought two. One I use when I travel and cook. They are easy to use and accurate.

  76. Preston Caveness

    Great thermometers. This is for my back porch grill and works great for smoking or steaks.

  77. Joe Taranto

    Great thermometer for BBQ at a good price. Bluetooth adds huge convenience.I purchased to use on my Weber Kettle grill for smoking. I use one probe for ambient (grill) temp and the other for the food temp. Works great and really convenient that I can check the temps from my phone and /or be notified when temps move outside my selected range.The only annoying thing is that the alarms go off when i open the grill to check the food or spritz the meat. But at this price i don’t see away around that.

  78. Amazon Customer

    I have only used once so far but very happy so far. Going to use on thanksgiving for a twice smoked ham. I lost signal a couple times but only for a couple seconds. Probes have a great feel and are long enough for large pieces of meat. I would buy again.

  79. David Daily

    I helps cook neat to precision, tri-tip, steak, pork chops

  80. Amazon Customer

    Idk, but this worked perfect for me. From the app the a perfect medium rare steak. 10/10

  81. S. Mcauliffe

    I’ve had other wireless thermometers but this one is near perfect.#1 and more important than I gave credit is NO Batteries!Good range. Yes this seems to stay connected to my phone anywhere in my house.Easy to read display. The temp numerals are about 3/4″ high, easy to see even with my old eyesTwo probes, when slow cooking food, it nice to know the temp of the grill along with the food.App seems easy to use.The only con is the alarm has two setting. Silent and loud as heck. I wish you could change the alarm sound or even just control the volume. I don’t need my neighbors knowing when my brisket is done if you know what I mean 😉

  82. Gary M. Burge

    This is a great tool. It really works well.

  83. MarkChass

    This device works very well. The mobile app, which has terrible reviews for some reason, worked for me just fine! You sick in your thermometer, go to the mobile app, set the meat you’re cooking and wait for the annoyingly loud beep. No seriously! I was on a phone call with my earbuds in, and the beeping was blasting through my skull. I had to unlock my phone, go to the app, and tell it to stop. Shutting off the thermometer did not work! Caveat EmptorThat little hiccup aside, I like this thermometer. Granted, it’s the first one I’ve ever owned. I’ve always used the digital sticks you can’t leave in the meat and I guess when things are ready. Having something that tells you right away is very awesome.My biggest complaint however, is I don’t seem to be able to set my own temperature. What if I just want to stick the thermometer in the grill and have it tell me when I hit a temp? Like I’m about to smoke meats and I need the fire to die down a little before I hit the grill. Well, I just have to monitor it. What if I want my meat to come off the grill a little early and rest up to the right temp? Doesn’t seem to be a way to do it.So yes, big step up from a stick thermometer, but I’m sure there’s better models out there to be had. However, for the price and ease of use, I think it’s a good purchase.

  84. mdiaz

    I didn’t know if this would work in my house because of the distance limitations of Bluetooth. It works great in 90% of my house, which is more than enough to make me happy. The app works great and really allows you to dial in different temperature targets.

  85. PM

    This is a great Bluetooth thermometer, the battery is rechargeable and lasts for a very long time, and the range of the Bluetooth is great. I can be inside my house, upstairs or downstairs and remain connected.The app is okay, nothing fancy but it graphs the temp and you can get a variety of alerts.The probes are pretty good, the best part is the piece they come with to coil the wire and store the probes.

  86. Cody P.

    Works perfectly and so does the app. Only complaint is the Bluetooth range is good for about 50 feet.

  87. Ryan jordan

    Wow this product was a true delight to use. First time using was during a 14 hour brisket smoke and instead it kept me up to date on the internal temp every step of the way. Will be using this for every future smoking jobs.

  88. J Jackson

    The app is awesome for keeping an eye on your temps. Two probes, easy to read them unit. Wireless works great. Easily customized

  89. Jeffrey cox

    Bought this to use for my first ever smoke. It was easy to set up and the app is easy to navigate. I sat on the couch and watched tv while the smoker did all the work and my phone alerted me whenever I reached above or below my temperature zone. Love it.

  90. Eric & Nicole Kramer

    Compared to my old one that died on me (different brand), this is a solid upgrade! Range is OK, but not great. Lose signal by going into the basement of house. Never more than 60 yards away, but not best signal inside. That said, the alarms are good and helps when doing a long smoke (12 hours or longer) with keeping temps in range.

  91. Adam

    I have been using a digital probe thermometer and would lose heat and smoke in my grill having to open and close the lid to check temps. The ThermoPro allows me to keep the lid closed and get very accurate readings in real time. Syncing to my IPhone 11 is as simple as making sure Bluetooth is on and hitting the Bluetooth button on the ThermoPro. Syncs up in a second. You can set the device to alarm based on the type of meat you are grilling. It will alarm when you reach the proper temps on your phone and the actual ThermoPro device. The probes are not wireless, this ThermoPro comes with two wired probes that connect to the ThermoPro. The wires are very steady and I have used them for over 50 grilling sessions and no sign of disrepair. I have recommended this product to everyone that I talk to about grilling. Easy to clean and the original package makes storage of the device easy to pack away. Highly recommend

  92. Sid


  93. Amazon Customer

    It was easy to set up and use

  94. ColinSlattery

    Works well.

  95. A. Davin

    Thermometer works well. There is even an estimate for when your food will be ready. The husband loves it.

  96. T. Alexander

    Grilled meats are coming out perfect. Fish, steak, chicken are all perfect now!!! App is excellent too. I highly recommend this product for the quality, ease of use and price.

  97. Dennis Gallant

    it was easy to use and read, I am using it at camp!

  98. Robert Graham

    I use it to determine when my smoker has finished cooking the meat I cook

  99. LkOzark

    The unit works well, was easy to start using, and the App works great. I would definitely recommend it.

  100. Richard Bray

    Take the guessing out of all meat cooking! Perfect doneness every time. With a little practice you can master grilling like B. Flay!

  101. Jeff

    I have a manual smoker and this wireless thermometer has been amazing to keep track of the smoker temp and meat temp. It allows me to go do other things and be able to keep an eye on temperature and get warnings for high and low on my phone. The distance is great, even for when I go into my house with multiple walls between my phone and the transmitter. It has also made my timing on normal grilling better as well. I can get the meat off the grill as soon as it hits temperature and not overshoot it by poking it eventually with a non-transmitting thermometer. I definitely recommend getting it.

  102. Lowell A. Isenberg

    If you are like me, running back and forth to the grill is a pain. And,inevitably, it’s raining, snowing, hot or terrorized by flying creatures. With this thermometer, put two dishes on the grill and turn the TV and wait until the dishes get up to temperature. My only question is………….why did we have to wait so long for a solution to the race to the grill. The other benefit, you can forget checking the grill temperature as 90% of attention goes to the dishes that are grilling versus constantly turning up and down the controls.

  103. Amazon Customer

    Works great indoors in my oven and out on my grill and in my smoker!

  104. Fishing King

    Easy to use. App works great. A must have if you need an extra temp probe!

  105. Ryan Goughneour

    product preforms perfect for what I needed. only thing is that I had to bend one if the probes to get it to fit in the air fryer. I used a small tube bender for harbor freight and bent one at 90 deg I the middle. now I can fit it in my air fryer no problem.

  106. Gary

    I will be looking at purchasing two more next month, for son-in-laws birthdays. Hope theprice on them will still be good.

  107. Barbara H. Llera Miranda

    There is nothing worst than overcooking an expensive steak. Sadly I found out the hard way. After searching around was very tempted to get a completely wireless unit, but decided this would be a better deal since it has two probes instead of one. The connection to the cellphone is good and the app is very easy to figure out. So far it works great.

  108. JC

    I have been happy with this purchase. I used it to replace the built in probe thermometer on my smoker which gave out quickly. This takes the guess work out of cooking to a safe temp. I enjoy the Bluetooth feature, alarm and preset target temperatures for specific types of meat.

  109. Patti Morlock

    Given as a gift to my husband for Father’s Day. FINALLY have perfectly smoked meat using this thermometer with multiple alarms.

  110. Clouders

    I’ve used the thermometer for a while now with only one complaint.The Good: It’s well made, good display (automatic back-lit), accurate. Love the two inputs.The Complaint: Bluetooth connection. Although it does connect to my phone, it doesn’t show that it is. Normally when a device (headphones etc.) completes the protocol, the status says “connected”. Not here. Suddenly the App displays the probe temperature. Not a big deal but odd.

  111. jsf

    Why did I wait so long.

  112. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for smoking meats. Frees you so you do not have to be constantly checking temperature. Gives opportunity to multi task.

  113. frank pascrell

    The Bluetooth range is perfect so you don’t have to hover over the grill all day checking temps. Dual Probes, Ambient and cooking temps are accurate with a long rechargeable battery life.

  114. Dawn Olsen

    My husband loved it! He used it to smoke ribs and chicken and said it made the process much easier

  115. Kimberly K

    Used this product to cook a beef roast, it allowed me to cook without effort, it was accurate and cooked the meat to medium rare, the way I like it. Eliminates the guess work in cooking and allowed me to not have to get up and check the meats doneness. Easy to use.

  116. Matthew D Cummings

    Incredibly easy to use and works like a charm. Incredibly accurate as well.

  117. Corbufan

    Great little unit. I used both of the included probes to maintain cooking temperature and ambient temperature for brisket I was smoking. He did a great job, and connected to my phone via Bluetooth without any problem.

  118. Mac User

    It works perfectly and the results taste great.

  119. Robert W. Schmidt

    Solidly built and very accurate. The app works flawlessly. Well worth the money.

  120. Brandtkm

    It is the perfect partner to pie pit boss smoker and my husband loves it.

  121. Dennis D. Gab

    Worked as advertised with great results

  122. Dennis

    Works well. I don’t get the distance I was hoping to get. Very happy otherwise.

  123. Mike Whelan

    Been using a pen temperature checker for years. Decided it would be nice to manage temps a bit closer when smoking and grilling multiple items. This is the answer. Great construction, easy to use, easy to clean and useful iPhone software. Just the right amount of bells and whistles and none of the gimmicks… Very happy.

  124. Jeri Sue

    Received quickly, was a good gift

  125. Rafal (Raf) Los

    It’s just great.Makes cooking the perfect steak or burger simple.

  126. hernando torres

    Excellent product, used in within 10 min of unboxing it

  127. Amazon Customer

    Works great. I found this to be an accurate and reliable tool. It was very easy to set up and very easy to use.

  128. BhuddaPest

    This meat thermometer has done everything I have asked of it and done it well. First, I opened the box and looked at it a spell and it performed this function very well. It sat there in the box, looking pretty as ever. Then I took it out of the box and turned it every which way in my hands. It did this perfectly as well. Then I took the two probes and inserted them into the unit and they went right in!At this point, I began to move it about as I looked it over again. Still no disappointments in its performance. If I had any doubts about this thing’s performance at all, they were removed when I pulled the probes out of their receptacles and the unit accommodated this as if such activities were designed in!My final experience with the meat thermometer came moments later when I slid the unit back into the box and closed everything up. Yessir, you guessed it; this thing just kept on doing exactly what I asked of it.I will update this review when I ever get the opportunity to actually turn it on and use it

  129. todd

    east to use, pairs with I phone easily

  130. Robs

    Hard to mess up a steak with this thermometer! First time using it and the end result was perfect. Should have gotten this a long time ago. Highly recommended!

  131. Jackson Nung

    Good display. Works great with the app. Synced up fast. Worth every penny.

  132. VoraciousWorm

    The app to use this device with a phone requires sharing your location info with Thermopro. The only way to use this with a phone is to allow Thermopro access to your private data. I called “customer service” and they were completely useless. After way too long on hold they didn’t offer to troubleshoot, just said to send it back, then hung up on me.I’ll never make the mistake of buying this brand again.

  133. Tony Shirley

    Very accurate, even at low warmth, and whatever thickness

  134. Vinnie702

    Works great

  135. rmorgan

    Got this to use with my Traeger grill. Works great and the app is easy to navigate!!!

  136. Daniel Kuehn

    Works as advertised

  137. Christal conaway

    Easy to use

  138. Henry

    I tried a few others brands and this one was the easiest to set up and use. I didn’t even need to go to the instructions. You don’t have to stand by the grill the whole time waiting for your food to cook since the app tells you when it’s ready.

  139. jg

    Long battery life, good range, and easy to use. Does everything as advertised.

  140. Michael Victor Whitson

    Yea buy it! Cheap, easy to use and accurate! My go to since I got it for either of my grills.


    Super cool toy, used about 10 times so far…. still going strong, super accurate.

  142. RHaas

    Prompt delivery. Works great

  143. Patrick

    It works great but the app is frustrating. I like the fact that you can see the temp vs time graph but my phone and 2 others will disconnect or close the app if you’re not viewing it after about 30 minutes. Range is decent but nowhere near the 500ft as advertised (maybe if you’re in an open field with no obstructions). Also, I figured I’d do some yard work while waiting on the cook and if you get out of range, a super annoying alarm comes on and cannot be silenced unless you stop what you’re doing, open the app back up, and dismiss it. Sure it’s handy but it’s irritating. I’m hoping they’ll release an update to the app to fix these nuances.

  144. Ken A. D

    I bought this to sync it to my smart phone.and it worked perfect it comes with 2 probes ,i cooked two beer chickens in my grill and had both probes into the chicken so i could monitor the temp,it worked perfect the alarm went off when they reached 165 for chicken and bold Numbers on the unit as .Iwell on my phone I was sitting in my living room and my grill is 100 feet away , so the bluetooth worked very well. Very Happy

  145. John W Steelman

    Having read numerous reviews that chastise ThermoPro for overestimating effective Bluetooth range, I offer the following advice – it’s true, 500′ is inaccurate advertising, but buyers should be more savy to advertising and would be well advised to tone down their senseless entitlement. Know the limitations of your technology. Which Bluetooth device do you own that has a 500′ range? Hmmm? Get real. Bluetooth works fine, but don’t expect a 500′ range. And why would you even need it?This device works perfectly within 200′ unobstructed and pretty well within approximately 100′ through brick walls. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, accurate remote sensor for your smoker (and don’t need to play 18 holes while you’re smoking meats and veggies) this ThermoPro is a good buy.

  146. Ace C

    I like it easy to readAccuracy

  147. Amazon Customer

    Very easy to use, and acurate

  148. Pedro L. Soto

    I make cheese and this thermometer is the best I’ve ever had.

  149. Bradley S.

    Really simple and easy to setup. Like it so much I bought another for my dad who is always struggling with other meat thermometers

  150. Gene Jenkins

    Works great. I’ve been using my smoker for several years and had a thermometer that I thought was good…until it broke and I got this one. I love it!

  151. Shawn Robinson

    Works great! Nice being able to monitor two temps.

  152. Martha G. Libby

    Took a bit to figure out how to use. Once I did, it was amazing. The steaks we cooked turned out perfect!

  153. Cynthia Lindemann

    This product works as expected

  154. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used this ThermoPro unit a couple times and it works perfectly! The App is neat and is fairly user friendly. The graph is a cool feature to track the temp of your smoker/grill along with the temp of your meat, but you have to keep the app pulled up on your device in order to have continuous tracking on the graph. When you close the app it loses the data and starts over (unless there’s a way that I’m not aware of to keep this from happening). It’s not a deal breaker as the unit is solid and the battery is outstanding. I used it for an overnight pork shoulder in 0-10 degree temps and it worked just fine. Definitely recommend.

  155. Mike Scheirer

    First time using it, smoked pork shoulder. Very handy device. I love that it’s app controlled and you can monitor the trends over the cook cycle. The alarm when youre out of range can be disabled. Im excited to use it more

  156. Terry L Henderson

    Chicken thighs, baby back ribs, boston butt roast, ribeye steaks, and even baked sweet potatoes. All came out perfect without my being tied to the grill, oven or even once my slow cooker. What a wonderful product! I’m going to fire up my smoker this weekend and expect a perfectly smoked ham and potato casserole.

  157. Paul R. Piersall

    Just what I was looking for!

  158. Dawn M

    Bought it for my husband. He seems happy with it. He uses it regularly and I hear no complaints.

  159. Robert Johnson

    I tried it for the first time yesterday in my smoker. The range was good through my brick walls. The battery life was plenty long. The graphing function anyone who smokes needs is there. The indicated temp was within 2 degrees of two other sources so all in all I am very happy. I will follow up if anything goes wrong

  160. Evan

    It works. Not much else to say. It was within 1 degree of my other meat thermometers. The app is a little dinky and unpolished but it works fine, especially considering the price point.

  161. Mark R Sullan

    Solid build All components are well Built

  162. Pal117

    Wanted something to verify temps of gas grill, works great. I can keep the right temp and know when to pull the meat off. Only draw back is that the blue tooth will kick off any other device working with iPhone. So you can’t stream music and connect to this unit simultaneously. Range is great. I can get 2 houses down the street without loosing signal.

  163. Garth G

    A great Dual Probe thermometer. Easy to use & read. Setup with the App was easy. The App however is useless. Keeps crashing, loses all cook info. Have tried reinstalling – no better. 5 stars for the Thermometer, 1 star for the App. 🙁

  164. Gtoms

    This exceeded my expectations! I use it with my Traeger smoker and have perfect results every time!

  165. Vanelli

    Great product! We had a cheaper one for years and finally decided to upgrade!

  166. Amazon Customer

    Excellent! Works great!

  167. T. Mulligan

    I ordered this thermometer in a spur of the moment. I loved the idea of being able to see the temperatures on my phone via bluetooth. I received the thermometer and it looks well made and has many capabilities. Unfortunately for me, I just felt that I wouldn’t use it enough to warrant the $60 price tag. I returned it.

  168. Lauren E Sands

    Works very well and the bluetooth connect is solid.

  169. Byrnes Household

    Worked great used it in our Christmas Prime Rib came out perfectly.

  170. spring palmer


  171. Roy Hampsten

    Really easy to set up and use.

  172. LFras73

    Great product. Love the ease of use. Saves many trips back and forth to the garage. The long range is fantastic.

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Product Comparison

Product Info

ThermoPro TP826

thermopro product

ThermoPro TP07

ThermoPro TP920 Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP920

ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer

ThermoPro TP27

Price $44.99 $47.69 $29.99 $31.79 $49.99 $52.99 $79.99 $84.79
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No Yes No
Calibration feature No No - No
High low temperature alarms Both High Both Both
Lock function - No - -
Mobile app No No Yes No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes No
Probe quantity 2 1 2 4
Range 500ft 300ft 500ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings No Yes Yes No
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof


Wireless Range: 500ft Bluetooth

Temperature Range:  14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 1° C/F
Response Time: 4 Seconds Refresh rate
Probe Dimensions: 8″ Probe Length; 40″ Cable Length
Display Dimensions: 2.6″ Diagonally
Product Dimensions:  3.7″ x 3″ x 0.9″
Battery Type/Life: 1 Lithium ion battery
Water Resistance: Splashproof
Warranty: 3 Years


Q: Is this the same as the TP25?
A: No, it has the same functionality but has a completely different appearance.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: 3 Years.

Q: Are color coded probes available for purchase?
A: Yes, only on amazon. The standard silver probes are available on our website!

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