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ThermoPro TP99

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Waterproof Shockproof Hard Carrying Case Storage Bag

  • Official ThermoPro case – A must have accessory】 Protect and store all your ThermoPro thermometer components in one place with the official waterproof, shockproof and durable ThermoPro case. We guarantee our devices will always fit in this case!
  • Protective EVA material】 Protect your investment as the TP99 storage case is made from shockproof, water-resistant, scratch resistant and dust-proof EVA material to ensure no damage ever comes to your wireless meat thermometers.
  • High quality zipper】Smooth 360 degree zipper, but most importantly durable zippers to open and close the case easily.
  • Smart & Spacious design】 Our case is specifically designed to fit multiple ThermoPro food cooking thermometers with separate foam storage spaces for each component of your wireless remote grill thermometer including the transmitter, receiver, probe, clips and batteries. 
  • Small & Portable】 Although spacious, we’ve kept the case at the ideal size and weight to make the TP99 storage case easy to carry with the comfortable handle and then toss into your car! 
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ThermoPro TP99 Storage and Travel Case for TP20, TP08, TP07 and ThermoPro Instant Read Thermometer

ThermoPro TP99 is constructed out of hard, high density EVA material to protect and secure your ThermoPro Thermometer wherever you store your device or go! The TP99 also contains an inner pocket to carry other grilling accessories or instant read thermometers. The spacious interior has foam inserts for batteries, probe clips, straight/bent probes; Keep all your BBQ accessories together!


  1. Inner soft foam inserts secures the transmitter, receiver, probe, clip and batteries of ThermoPro TP20/TP08/TP07;
  2. High density EVA coats the outside of the case and is highly durable to ensure your thermometer is never damaged!
  3. Soft grip handle has a nice hand feel and is convenient for when traveling
    360 degree zipper makes opening and closing simplistic;
  4. inner 9.5X4 inch pocket can store any other ThermoPro instant reads or BBQ accessories;

Perfect for Storage or Travel!

Small enough to fit just about anywhere while storing every single one of your ThermoPro devices easily. Plus, if you need to cook on the go, you can always bring your completely protected ThermoPro thermometers with you!

Keep Everything in One Place!

Stay organized with all your thermometers within your stable EVA ThermoPro TP99 case and stop scrambling to find your thermometer in a time of need!

360 Degree Zipper

Smooth, but most importantly durable zippers to open and close the case easily.

ThermoPro Logo
ThermoPro Storage Case TP99

Convenient Inner Pocket

Have ThermoPro instant reads you’d like to store? We’ve got the perfect solution with our 9.5 X 4 inch sized pocket to keep those safely stored together with your wireless device!

A Must Have Accessory

Keep your ThermoPro thermometers in pristine condition while making them last a lifetime with this protective case!

7 reviews for ThermoPro TP99

  1. John F Mentzel

    Did I make a mistake by buying the TP 28 with no storage available?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      We do have a case coming out in the coming months for the TP28, but the TP99 is not designed for the TP28.

  2. Shawn Gormley

    Will this fit the TP28B?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the TP28 will not fit properly in this case.

      We do not currently have any cases specifically designed for the TP28.

  3. Bern

    Is there a case for the TP826 thermometer?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, there is no case specifically designed for the TP826 at this time.

  4. Ryan

    Will this case hold the TP27b?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the our TP99 case is not designed for the TP27 and it will not fit properly.

      We do not currently have a case specifically designed for the TP27.

  5. Tim Folk

    Will the TP826 fit the TP99?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the TP99 is not designed specifically for the TP826 and it will not fit properly.

      As of now, we do not have any cases specifically designed for the TP826.

  6. John Aranza

    Will the model TP27 thermometer fit inside this (TP99) case?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the TP99 is not designed for the TP27 and it will not fit properly because of this.

      At this time, we do not have any cases specifically designed for the TP27 device.

  7. Kari

    Is there a case available for the TP25 meat thermometer?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, we do not currently have any cases specifically designed for our TP25 device.

  8. Jose Guzman

    Will this case hold the TP829 ?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, this case is not specifically designed for the Tp829 and will not fit properly.

  9. Al

    I have the TP08s unit and use it for grilling and smoking. More so for smoking. I don’t have the nice case, but I do keep it in the original box, when I am not using it. I had a problem with one of the probes, and ThermPro, replaced it quite quickly.
    I would recommend this unit to beginners and old time smokers like me.

  10. Charli Powers

    This is a great case for your therm pro. Definitely worth it & keeps everything nice & snug so it doesn’t bounce around if you accidentally drop it. Be weary of other cases that say they are compatible as the other cases only work if you have the angled probes, mine are the long straight ones on the TP20 & it fits like a glove

  11. Robert D.

    Keeping my BBQ thermometers has always been a concern of mine because I keep these “tools” in the garage along with my BBQ supplies and accessories. When I recently purchased both the TP20 Dual Probe Thermometer as well as the TP19H Instant Thermometer I noticed this case was available so I purchased it. Both thermometers, as well as the two probes and oven bracket fit nicely in this case. This sure beats storing the thermometers in a shoe box!!

  12. Marc E Kilgore

    I know… it’s a freaking carrying case. However, when you break out this thing to get your gear ready for doing some big meat on the smoker… well, everyone just kind of backs away in awe. LOL. You may have no idea what you are doing, but everyone will think you are the BBQ pitmaster of your city when you break this out. I use it for my Thermopro TP20, a couple extra probes, and a separate Thermopro instant read thermometer. It works great, and the zipper seems to be pretty solid. Looks like it will last a long time and seems to be well constructed.

  13. Trey Burnett

    Easy to program alerts and temperature set points through hand held device. No issue with synching the remote unit with the hand held unit. Like the overall quality and design. Seems to be accurate on both probes—internal meat and ambient grill temp. Love the carry/stow away case for all of the equipment.

  14. Anders Vognsvend Williams

    This storage unit for your cooking thermometer is great. Great quality and looks stylish but enough flair for it to stand out a little. Been using it for a few months now, and my only concern is whether the zipper handles will hold up in the long run, they are a little bit flimsy feeling and I get a sense that they could come off if not handled with care aka no children or drunk people which can be tricky at a BBQ (at least our BBQ’s). Would buy again but would love to see the zipper upgraded to a thicker variant with better grip.

  15. Joseph McCray

    I wouldn’t won my ThermoPro probe thermometer set without this carrying case. It is polyfoam lined with the perfect sized cutouts for securely holding the sending and receiving units, plus a nice compantment for the probes. It protects well, and cleaned up fairly easily from grease splatters. I did need a old toothbrush to get it completely clean, but was grill grease! Otherwise, if you own the thermometer set this is a much have, especially if you plan on taking it anyway besides your backyard grill. Since I am the designated chef any time I visit relatives, and especially the “Grill Sergeant” for cookouts and camping, I am pleased to be able to safely carry my probe set without worry of damage.

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Q: Which models does this store?
A: TP20, TP08, TP07

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: No, it is not.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: 3 Years

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