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ThermoPro TX-4

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Fitting Waterproof Transmitter Additional Outdoor Sensor

  • [Compatiable with all our devices]: Universal outdoor sensor is compatible with all ThermoPro indoor outdoor thermometer hygrometer — TP60S/TP62/TP65A/TP67A; Accessory only, can not be used alone
  • [Durable & Rechargable]: With rechargeable lithium battery technology to monitor humidity and temperature as low as -31°F/-35°C, assuring transmission in snow; Charging cable included;
  • [Waterproof & Multi-location tracking]: Sealed waterproof outdoor sensor assuring transmission in rain; With additional remote sensors, track environmental conditions in 4 locations at most; Tabletop or wall-mountable design; 
  • [Accurate readings & Long transmission range]: Using a 433MHZ signal, the additional remote sensor transmits temperature and humidity readings for ThermoPro indoor outdoor thermometer up to 200 feet/60m range; Temperature accuracy: ±2°F, Humidity accuracy: ±2~3%RH;
  • [Wide temp range]: Temperature range: -31 to 158°F (-35 to 70°C) ; Humidity range: 10% to 99% RH.
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ThermoPro TX-4 Waterproof Outdoor Sensor Banner

ThermoPro – Life Like A Pro!

Equipped with a professional grade indoor/outdoor sensor, ThermoPro outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a rainproof & rechargeable design and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. No matter you’re concerned about keeping your greenhouse suitable for plants, or just plain comfort, ThermoPro TX-4 transmitter tells you what you need to know about the outdoor temperature.

ThermoPro TX-4 Specifications:

  • – Remote Sensor *1
  • – Charging Cable *1

ThermoPro TX-4 Package Contents:

  1. 433 Mhz transmission frequency.
  2. Transmission range up to 200 ft. (range maybe reduced based on interference present).
  3. Universal Transmitter for TP60S/TP62/TP63/TP63A/TP65A/TP67A Series Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.


  • The remote unit should NOT be placed under the direct sunlight, it will heat up the remote sensor which leads to higher temperature reading than the air temperature which is supposed to be measured.
  • The remote sensor must be always placed upwards so that rain won’t get inside the sensor through the vent holes on the bottom of the senor, which functions to let the remote sensor detect the environmental temperature more precisely and quickly.

Synchronize Remote Sensors

  1. Place the remote sensor near the base station.
  2. Install batteries into the base station and the RF signal icon on the base station will flash.
    3.Select the channel, press and hold the ON/OFF button on the back of the remote sensor for 2 seconds.
  3. The remote sensor temperature/humidity will appear on the base station.

7 reviews for ThermoPro TX-4

  1. Stymeron

    How long does the battery last in the TX-4B before it needs charging?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The battery of the TX-4B should last 8-12 months on one full charge.

  2. WL

    If I were to purchase a longer cord, what specs would I need to look for. Is it a DC IN 5V; 2Amp cord?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The charging cable operates on 1V 1Amp and is a 5mm Barrel Jack.

  3. Donald Place

    I have a TP-63A indoor/outdoor thermometer and the outdoor sensor has died. Can I use either of the sensors listed in your Spare Parts section as a replacement

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Our TX-2 and TX-4 outdoor sensors are both compatible with your TP63A.

  4. Cihad Cavus


    The TX-4 works for the TP-68B?


    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      You would specifically need our TX4B for the TP63B.

      The TP63B works on a 915 mHz frequency, the TX4 operates on a 433 mHz frequency, and the TX4B works on a 915mHz frequency.

  5. myrdim

    The TX-4 works for the TP-65S?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, the TX-4 sensor is compatible with the TP65S.

  6. Isaac R Perez

    Flashing yellow light?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this inquiry.

      It sounds like your device may have an issue.

  7. Larry Bathgate (verified owner)

    I just purchased a TX-4, but it won’t pair up with the base station. I already have two remote sensors hooked up to the base, so I tried to pair the new one to CH3, but it won’t do it.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our technical support team at for assistance with this inquiry.

  8. William E Curlee

    I have a THREMOPRO TP63A. Which remote sensor should I order to go with the TP63A? None of the remote sensors that you have listed include support for the TP63A.

  9. Patricia

    My sending unit will not recharge. Can I replace the rechargeable lithium batter inside?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, you are not able to replace the battery of the sensor. This type of issue would covered under our warranty.

      If you would like us to look into replacing this device for you, please contact our service team at

  10. aka_waldojr

    Five stars for accuracy. One star for longevity. I have had two, and both died a little after a year; the unit stopped charging. It worked if I kept it plugged into a charger, but it died within minutes when I unplugged it.

  11. K. Adey

    I previously owned a different brand of wireless temperature gauge which failed, and I ordered the ThermoPro TP-67 to replace it. I was very happy because the quality of both the sending unit and receiving unit are so much better feeling and looking. They do not have that cheap, light feeling of my previous models, but feel sturdy and well built. The sending units are rechargeable, and the whole package was easy to set up. It also has a longer range than many competitors in similar cost range.

  12. Austin

    I use this to read temp and humidity in my snake cages. (I bough extra sensors since you can connect three sensors to the main unit.) It seems accurate but I have no way to know for sure. Regardless, this system is perfect for my needs!

  13. P. SOO

    Purchased this unit for my greenhouse. Seems to work well, but I cannot vouch for its accuracy; I can say that there is always a few degrees difference between the various thermometers I have (including old school non-Thermopro thermometers). I mounted a folded piece of sheet metal on the wall above this unit and its helps provide improved readings. Sun exposure will inflate the temperature reading otherwise.

  14. TruthTeller

    I bought this so that all three outdoor channels of my TP63A. When you register the warranty, this model does not show specifically, so I used the TP63 listing as it was the closest. It would be nice to add a timing cycle function for the external reads, as right now it is a long time changing between outdoor channels. I keep one on the back porch (outside temp), one in the basement to track humidity and one in the garage, which has many heat leaks. For the money, this is a great unit and add on sensor arrangement!

  15. Ember Blue

    I purchased this remote transponder to add to what I already have. I have a little girl and wanted to monitor the temperature in her room when she is sleeping at night. I already had the receiver which has a nice screen and yellow light for viewing at night time. This remote transponder works great. It paired up easily. FYI: if you have more than one remote transponder, you have to remove the pannel on the back and select which channel you want to use. My receiver will accept a total of 3 channels, but you have to individually tell each remote transponder what channel it is going to be. I had to call Thermo Pro customer service to find that out, and it was such an easy fix. On a side note, Thermo Pro customer service was quick and very friendly.

  16. Jellum

    Everything appears to be working fine & the accuracy is relatively very close to accurate.

    The only thing I would like to see on the External Remotes are visible temperature readings at the site where they’re placed which is away from the base unit, where the displays are reflected. In order to monitor the temperature in one of those remote areas I needed to add an old thermometer to insure the actual temp on the base is verified accurate in the enclosed/sealed well house. As long as there’s 110V current @ the remote transmitter, you can plug-in the USB connection to a 110 outlet with USB ports. That way your remote site will always be fully-charged & your readings will show up on your base unit. Remote transmitter only lasts a few days if it’s not connected to a 110V plug-in.

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Q: How do I know if the TX-4 battery has been sufficiently charged? How often do I need to charge it? What is the function of the light on the front cover? Sometimes it is red and sometimes it is green – what does this mean? What is the function of the power button on the back? How do I tell if the unit is turned on or off? I am sometimes away for many weeks and would like to turn the unit off then to save the battery.
A:The red light will turn green when fully charged. A full charge should last 8-12 months. The light is just a power indicator light. The power button turns on/off the sensor and it is used for pairing. There should be no light if the unit is powered off.

Q: Can the TX-4 be charged using a computer usb hub chaging port? Thank you
A: Yes.

Q: Hi Team, I bought an additional TX-4 transmitter last year. Worked fine until the battery went empty last week. I charged the transmitter via USB, the control LED went green after a few hours. Now the problem: the transmitter doesn’t turn on again. Am I doing something wrong? I’m simply pressing the on/off button, the channel is the same as before. Thanks for your help. Kind regards.
A:Sorry to hear this, please contact us directly by phone/email with your order information so we can replace this for you.

Q: I just purchased the TX-4 Remote Sensor. How do you recharge this sensor? What power output do you hook up to? Is it 5.0 volts? Does not tell me anywhere in the info. that I received.
A:Yes, it is 5V. It requires a 5.5 mm barrel jack charging cable.

Q:I have a tp 65 a indoor outdoor thermometer. I am struggling to find a manual. Can you tell me how I knows when the outside receiver is fully charged
A: The red light will turn green when it is fully charged. The manual can be found in the link below:

Q: How long should this battery last between charges? Model TX-4
A: This should last 8-12 months on a single charge.

Q: I have a TX-4 sensor How do I know it is fully charged? How long will a charge last outside (temps 0-100F)? Thank you
A: The red light will turn green when fully charged. A full charge will last 8-12 months.

Q: I received this as a gift 12/2019. The transmitter is not powering on. Seems not to be recharging. I have reset and changed channels
A:Please contact us directly so we can resolve this with troubleshooting or a replacement if necessary.

Q: I have a TPR65 and the outdoor sensor is reading about 15 degrees above actual temp. Humidity level seems correct. I have replaced batteries, synced the system, tried different channels-still reads high. Any fix or should I just order another outdoor sensor? Thanks
A:Please contact us directly by phone/email with your order information and we will assist you with this.


Temp Range
-31°F - 158°F (-35°C - 70°C)
Humidity Range
10% to 99% RH
±2°F (±1.1°C) | 30%-80%: ±2%, out of range: ±3%
up to 200 ft. 
Waterproof Level
Display Size
2.9" x 2.4" (7.4 cm X 6.1 cm)
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
TP-60S, TP-62, TP-63, TP-63A, TP-65, TP-65A, TP-67A

Indoor: Room, Kitchen, Attics, Basements, Crawl Spaces, 
Wine Coolers, Refrigerators, Cigar Cabinets, Gun Safes. 
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