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A Rib Roast Tie










  • 1 8-10 lb boneless rib roast
  • 1 spool of butcher's twine (must be long enough to use on the entire rib roast)

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HOW TO MAKE A Rib Roast Tie

  • Rib roast makes for an attractive, delicious centrepiece in any family dinner! But to make sure it comes out cooked to perfection and sitting pretty, you need some high-quality butcher's twine to keep it together. But tying a rib roast is no easy task, so in this guide, we show you how to tie a rib roast, and the entire preparation process!

  • STEP 1: DRY - Remove the roast from the packaging and pat dry on all sides using a paper towel.

  • STEP 2: TRIM - Begin trimming the roast removing any excess fat but be sure to leave a thin layer to protect the meat while it cooks. Square off the roast so it has an even oval shape for even cooking. Save the trimming to make beef tallow or to grind for burgers

  • STEP 3: PLACE - Lay out the butcher’s twine across the cutting board about every 3 inches apart. Make sure you have enough string to go all the way around the roast and easily tie.

  • STEP 4: TIE - Place the roast over top the butcher’s twine and tie each string tightly. To make this knot cross the two ends underneath each other 3 times then pull tight. Then cross the strings one more time and pull tight once again and the knot should hold tightly in place.

  • STEP 5: FINISH - Cut off the extra twine with kitchen shears then trim off the end of the roast to square it up. You can then cook the roast whole or cut into portions to freeze part for a later day

  • Now that you know how to tie it, turn it into a delicious meal!


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