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ThermoPro Review iReviewGear

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Today we’re proud to share a fantastic review from our friends at

These guys review all types of different gear, so don’t just stop at reading our thermometer review.

Anyways, enough talk from us, check out the review here:

Here is the story of the review writer Mike:

It is winter in my neck of the woods! During the cold weather I hate running outside to check the temperature of the meat I am smoking or cooking! Especially in the winter. When I opening the lid the temperature drops 15 degrees!
Walla, welcome the ThermoPro remote temperature meat thermometer, with preset temp guides and alarms. This thing has been a life saver to me, and is so easy to use. No set up at all required!

My first experience with the Wireless Thermometer was during a smoking and cooking session of 3 racks of pork ribs. The instructions said to cook for 3-4 hours or until the temperature reached 165 degrees.
I just stuck the probe in, came in the house, watch the meter inside until it was done. YES, I love it.

We appreciate the kind words, ireviewgear team!


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