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Hello ThermoPro Blog Readers,

We are proud to be posting a great mention from our friends at The Bearded Hiker about our brand! We are glad to see that Jaxx The Bearded Hiker love our products and really appreciated for him recommending his readers to use ThermoPro products to make the garlic sriracha burger roll. He loves to share his hiking and cooking experiences on his blog. Here are some quotes from thebeardedhiker:

Wrap up your roll in the foil and bake at 350° for about 25 minutes, covered. After 25 minutes, crank up the heat to 500°, uncover the roll, and bake for another 20 minutes to crisp up the bacon.

You want your roll to reach at least 160°, internal temperature. I like to use a meat thermometer once I unroll the meat – I have the ThermoPro and I love it.

If you would like to make a garlic sriracha burger roll on your next Saturday BBQ, just check out this really interesting recipe and use our meat thermometer to impress your friends: Garlic Sriracha Burger Roll

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